What Every Designer Should Do Right Now


While trying to balance the different areas of our life, there are things that we often forget and neglect to do. With today’s fast-paced society and the busyness of our every day, we tend to overlook some important things. I would like to remind every designer today about some of these tasks that we often put-off but are so important and necessary to get done.

1. Back Up All Your Files Now

"Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday." – Napoleon Hill

Back Up

I’m sure that you’ve heard this over and over again but how many of you have actually taken the time to actually do it? Just a few days ago, I read about a designer on Twitter who 1 lost some of his files due to some of his hardware malfunctioning. That is such a bummer. Let’s learn from his experience and let’s backup our files right away. How sad would that be to lose all your important photos, projects, documents and sensitive and irreplaceable data. I am guilty of this myself. I don’t even remember the last time I backed up my data. (Currently 483 GB of files) As I am writing this article, I am already buying an external hard drive to back up my files.

Another good idea is to not only backup your local files but to backup your website files as well. If you have a WordPress blog, make sure to backup2 your database as well. A few months ago, my blog was hacked but thankfully, I had a backup of all my files so fixing it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

By the way, if you only want to backup your important files and not your entire hard drive, then you can try using Dropbox3 as well. It’s one of the best apps that I’ve used recently.

Backup Articles and Resources:

2. Get Your Online Portfolio Up or Updated Now

"There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back." -Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

Show Off Your Portfolio

If there is one thing that a designer needs today, it is an online portfolio. No longer is just a physical portfolio enough, but with the internet, every designer needs a good looking online portfolio.

I have met so many designers who either have a portfolio that was updated years ago and full of old projects, as well as designers who don’t even have an online portfolio. When I’m reading through comments on different blogs and on this blog, I usually click on some of the author’s names to check out their site. A lot of the names that I click on take me to a page where it says, "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction." There is no excuse to not having an online portfolio. I know that we all suffer with the disease of never thinking our design is good enough, but we need to get over that and just get our portfolio up. (Believe me, it took me months to finally be pleased with my site and put it online.) Some graphic designers give the excuse that their web design skills just aren’t up to par but that is simply no excuse. Use the different sites out there where you don’t need to have web design knowledge in order for you to showcase your work.

List of Online Portfolio Sites:

3. Finish That Project Right Now

"What may be done at any time will be done at no time." – Scottish Proverb

Show Off Your Portfolio

We all have projects on the back burner. Maybe it’s a blog that you have been wanting to start. For some, it could be a client design that they are not particularly thrilled about doing. Whatever it is, you need to do it now. Sometimes, it would be helpful if we can just tune out the distractions around us and just find a way to finish that project now. Many designers are guilty of not getting their projects in on time. A survey on CSS-Tricks12 shows that 38% of the designers usually get their projects turned in late and they fail to meet the deadlines that were originally agreed on. This is a big deal. You can hurt your business by not getting your projects done and you can even lose your clients. So what are you waiting for? Finish reading this article and get started on that project.

4. Clean Your Desk and Organize Your Files Now

"Someday is not a day of the week."

Messy Desk

If you are like the average designer, there are times that you get very busy. In all that activity, everything that you do seem to revolve around your computer desk. It’s not uncommon to find scratch paper, pens, doodles, notepads, stickies, food wrappers, sodas, empty cups and other paraphernalia on your desk after working on it for 10 straight hours. A simple thing that you can do is before you stop working every day, take the last five minutes and just tidy up your desk and get it ready for the next day. This will greatly increase your productivity the next day when you start work on a clean and neat desk.

What kind of desktop wallpaper do you have? Oh what’s that? You can’t even see it. When we get busy, we tend to just drop files on our desktop and we neglect to put them in their rightful place. A messy desktop leads to an unproductive day because instead of knowing where everything is, you have to sit there and search for the file you are looking for. Here are some tips that I use to organize my desktop.

  • Simplify everything us much as possible.
  • Use folders.
  • Customize your icons.
  • Come up with a file naming convention that works for you.
  • Have a folder called "Sort Out" where you just put files that you just don’t have time to sort out yet. Then once a week, go through that folder and arrange it and put everything where it belongs.

5. Gather and Collect Design Resources Now

"Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible." – George Claude Lorimer

Design Resources

Every designer needs a good resource collection. I personally have collected tons of files and other stuff online and have organized an awesome resource collection that I use every day. If you take this advice and run with it, I guarantee that it will definitely save you time, money, effort, and headaches. Do it today! By the way, there are multitudes of websites online that offer up great resources for FREE! Just a quick Google search should solve that problem.

While browsing the web, you should always be searching for free resources, tips, tricks and other files that are available. The work that you spend to find new resources and inspiration will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Here’s a small list of resources that you should be collecting now. Whether you’re already a professional graphic designer or you’re just getting started, gathering these resources for your future use is definitely something that you can’t put off.

  • Actions for Photoshop
  • Brushes
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Ideas and Inspiration
  • Layer Styles
  • PSD Files
  • Stock Photos
  • Textures
  • Vector Graphics

What resources have you found helpful? I am always looking to add to my resources as well so please share your favorites in the comments section. Here are a list of articles that I found online that deal about resources in a greater and more in-depth way.

While these points all seem like they are very easy to do, you will be surprised at the amount of designers who haven’t done these things at all. I do suggest that you take a look at the list one more time and see if you need to do some of these things. By the way, I’m sure there are a lot of other things that could have been added to this list. What are your suggestions? What are some other things that designers should be doing today? Please leave your thoughts and ideas below. Thank you!


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  1. 1

    We often forget to do some small things that can mean a lot to us. That’s a nice reminder :)

  2. 3
  3. 5

    This is a much needed reminder! I keep my work backed up but the other tips are where I struggle. Messy desk and messy desktop. Time to get to cleaning!
    .-= Bill Chambers´s latest Blog Entry – My Open Windows =-.

    • 6

      Hey Bill, thanks for the compliment. Yes, it is definitely very refreshing to work on a clean desk and also, to have a clean desktop. I actually just re-organized my desktop before making this comment.

  4. 7

    i need to organize my resources! they are in a right mess!

  5. 8

    I’m guilty of some of these! ;)

    Backing up is more of a pain on Windows, Apple has made it much easier with Time Machine.
    .-= Ben´s latest Blog Entry – bkno: This weekend I finished my review of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing http://bit.ly/sonic-sega-racing =-.

    • 9

      Hey Ben, great point! Time Machine on the MAC is awesome! When I had a MAC at my old job, that’s what I used. Now, I just have a PC so I have to use some alternative solutions.

  6. 10

    This is all so true, the only one i don’t do enough is collecting resourses, I need to star tdownloading more of the links i see on Twitter and use all the stuff.

    • 11

      No need to worry Alan. What you can also do is just save the links to these resources on a bookmarks folder and you can just refer to it that way, or you can even use Delicious.

  7. 12

    Drop Box is an amazing app. Everyone should be using it. If you are not, then you should start right now.
    .-= Syed Balkhi´s latest Blog Entry – How to Add an Author Info Box in WordPress Posts =-.

    • 13

      I definitely agree with that. Dropbox has been a lifesaver for me time and time again. :D

    • 15

      Heck yes Dropbox is good. I’m working with it now and it makes things a ton easier!

      • 16

        If you ever need something a bit more robust than Dropbox, check out JungleDisk – it’s a desktop client that connects you directly to Rackspace/Amazon cloud storage as if they were network drives. We’re transitioning our entire system to this now, and it’s awesome for our purposes (4 people in 3 locations accessing the same files). And, having accidentally deleted a boatload of client files earlier this week, I can tell you that restoring is a snap.

  8. 17

    nice tips ;)
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    Thanks ! very good post Thank you so much.

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    I’m doing all of this today!


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    Yeh this reminds me to clean my desk.. thnak you.. what about you :)

    • 22

      My desk is actually pretty clean at the moment. But I do need to clean my desk at home. It’s getting a little messy, but nothing like the picture above. ;)

  12. 23

    Hey, I can totally relate to most if not all of these… good points, makes me wanna cram right now… thanks for sharing
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  13. 25

    Hi Jad……….

    Its great reminder that u done here. A big salute…really wonderfull… thnk u

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    Oh I burst out laughing at the photograph of the desk with all the coffee cups. I’ve *just* taken three of them to the garbage…*right* now.
    .-= Vanessa M Design´s latest Blog Entry – Business Cards Designs: Portrait or Landscape? =-.

  15. 28

    Need to do two from the list :)) And then to tick off two projects in the evening :) That’s a real pleasure.

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    Great post, especially the back up part was a good reminder…I allways seem to forget!
    .-= Robine´s latest Blog Entry – Freek de Jonge =-.

  17. 31

    Good, you’re great, and there are even more stuff needed to be done, regarding organize the project files itself, folder structure, etc…

    Thank you very much for the well organized article :-), God bless you.
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  18. 33

    I’m so guilty when it comes to the messy desk. Plus I will now make a backup and then tick it off on my Todo List! Ha! :)

    Useful tips as always and I love the pictures you chose and how you structured the article, makes it so easy to read! Thanks!
    .-= Nicole´s latest Blog Entry – Inspiration Overload =-.

    • 34

      Hi Nicole! I’m glad you enjoyed the article format. I’m really trying my best to make the content here on Design Informer as easy to digest as possible. By the way, I really like the illustration style on your website header. Great job!

  19. 35

    I regulary try to do these but i give up too soon.
    .-= Eli Prenten´s latest Blog Entry – Russian Photo Stock, images, photographers… =-.

  20. 36

    Haha, I recently lost my files too but its not 483 GB’s, just a few MB’s :(

  21. 38

    Jad, I don’t think I’ve ever read an article that motivated me to take action so quickly! :) I’m not kidding, by the time I’d finished reading this article, I had done a much-needed and way overdue backup of some important files.

    And now I gotta go do the other 4 things on the list! :) Thanks for the great reminders.
    .-= Louis´s latest Blog Entry – Inject Custom Ad Blocks Between Paragraphs in WordPress =-.

    • 39

      Hi Louis, I’m glad I can help. By the way, I’m a big fan of your writings as well. Great job on your posts on SM and WDD. I specifically enjoyed reading that satirical article on WDD. It was very funny but true at the same time.

  22. 40

    Excellent post. I especially like the quote “Someday is not a day of the week.”.

    I think it is important to have an automated way of backing up files as nobody likes to back things up and there are plenty of automated systems out there. Time Machine works fine for me.

    • 41

      Agreed. That quote is awesome!

      About Time Machine, it is definitely very useful and it saves so much time. I wish they had something like that on PC. Well, they do, but it’s nowhere as aesthetically pleasing and usable as Time Machine.

  23. 42


    You’ll never believe this but in the last week, ive had my computer completely crash and my domain hosting temporarily halted. (its all okay now)

    I was so glad i had just backed everything up. What could have been a major disaster has become just a small setback. I also recently updated my portfolio.

    This article is spot on. thanks for sharing

    • 43

      I’m sorry to hear that Preston. But anyway, I’m glad that you had everything backed up. I’m sure that was a relief to know that even though your computer crashed, that you had your files backed up. I know the feeling of losing all your files because it happened to me before.

  24. 44

    Some good tips!
    I think it’s very easy for us to get so deeply involved in our work, that we forget to do the routine tasks that we need to! And this article just reminded me, it’s been awhile since I’ve backed up my files.
    Thanks for the post!
    .-= Ryan Cowles´s latest Blog Entry – Hikes, Photo’s, Interviews, Wordle.. Updates! =-.

    • 45

      Yep, that’s exactly what I was trying to communicate with this article. These are just some very simple things that we all forget, and it’s always good to get a friendly reminder. Now back up those files. :D

  25. 46

    Great article Jad. I try to do most of the things you mentioned pretty regularly (but we all procrastinate at some point), but it is always great to be reminded of things that you need to do. I actually just plugged in my external HD to do another backup after I finished reading that section.

    Keep it up.
    .-= Lee Gustin´s latest Blog Entry – Amazing Illustrations of Justin White =-.

  26. 48

    lol good article i agree with all the points, number 1 is the biggest pane if you forget to do it, and 2 and 3 always get pushed back when you have lot’s to do.

    My desk always gets messy after a week of solid work, but feels good when you tidy up!

  27. 50

    Totally agreed!
    .-= Hian Battiston´s latest Blog Entry – Atualização Portfolio! =-.

  28. 51

    Brilliant article! I couldn’t agree more… unfortunately I haven’t updated my stuff, nor gathered the resources I need (although they’re waiting for me in Delicious)
    I just want to meet 3 deadlines and do the rest at the end.
    Guess we should schedule a day during the week to do all these things on a regular basis eh?

    Thanks for sharing… and man I love your posts, so stylish Wow!

    • 52

      Thanks a lot! BTW, I think using Delicious is okay. As long as you have a system going, then it’s all good. Also, I do agree. I think we should take a few hours each week just getting organized and doing the mundane but necessary things.

  29. 53

    Yep…I need to print out this list!

  30. 55

    Good article. Very nice and thought provoking. Thank you.

  31. 56

    Some of those are perfect procrastination tools too!

  32. 57

    # Stop using stock photography

    • 58

      I actually like to use stock photography in some of my posts, as long as they can convey the message. Oh, and especially because I have a free stock photo account. ;)

  33. 59

    Good post. While my portfolio is just in the beginning of the Photoshop stadium. orz
    .-= Eugen R.´s latest Blog Entry – 「音機」/「ヲン」のイラスト [pixiv] =-.

  34. 61

    Hehe, my desk is a complete mess, so as my desktop :) and i didn’t make backup in while.

    Thanks for remind me Jad!
    .-= Nikola Lazarevic´s latest Blog Entry – 50 Classy iPhone Application Websites =-.

  35. 63

    Nice post !

    May I translate it in French to ensure the French designer community follow your advice ?

    Thanks in advance !

    .-= Khaz´s latest Blog Entry – Studio Khaz revu à neuf ! =-.

  36. 65

    Very Nice Article, love the simplicity of your explanations :)

  37. 66

    My desk was so full of piles of papers, books, sketches etc. I cleaned it one week ago, what a relief!

    But I still working on my online portfolio. I don’t have much free time, so I spend like 15min-1hour per day working on it. I’ll launch it before including all features, but the design at least must be perfect.

    I already have a deviantART, but it’s a shame present one as a online portfolio. It’s better to a designer to have a custom, personal portifolio. If it’s webdesigner… there is no excuse for don’t having one!

    • 67

      I definitely agree with you Camila. It’s good to have a personal portfolio, but it’s better to have a Deviant Art one rather than not having one at all. But I do suggest Behance, as it’s higher quality in my opinion.

  38. 68

    I’m guilty of never backing up my files. Thanks for the reminders :P
    .-= Jenna Molby´s latest Blog Entry – If you register your site for free at =-.

  39. 69

    Thanks for the reminders. I needed and appreciated it. I think that every designer needs a nudge every now and then. Keep up the great work.

  40. 70

    Here’s a tip for starting a resource collection if you’re not a freelancer:

    I used to bookmark or create Word Documents of articles and resources I found online and email them to myself, but that made accessing them between work and home impossible! Now I create a list of tutorials, articles, and other online resources I find in Google docs, and it works out wonderfully. I can access and edit the file at home or at work without it getting lost in my inbox.

    • 71

      Hi Katie. Great suggestion. I actually use Dropbox for my resources, so I can easily access them between multiple computers.

      However, recently, I’ve also been using Google Docs but for something else. I use it to jot down the ideas that I get about blog posts, and I use it to record different sites that I see that I want to refer back to again. It’s very useful.

  41. 72

    Awesome list, I always try to keep my file resources organized, but working on various computers tends to lead to resources missing or file version control a nightmare, so I tend to have a web resource USB key for all my resources that I just carry around with me. This works for my situation, how do you manage working on numerous machines. Also not all machines are networked together and bandwidth is an issue on one, hence the use of the USB.

    • 73

      Hi Thomas, a USB is a good solution. I’m horrible with those things though. I always lose them. I think I’ve lost about 3 USB’s. That’s why for me, Dropbox is a lifesaver. It’s one of my favorite apps.

  42. 74

    Good tips Jad, but how can I get that project done right now if I’m engrossed in reading this? :) I especially agree with keep your workspace clean and uncluttered. I’ve noticed a difference in my attention span alone if I’m sitting at a cluttered desk. It becomes hard to focus if my files and desk isn’t organized in my line of sight.

  43. 76

    DropBox is a life-saver. I realize that after loosing several hundreds of megabytes when my hard disk died.
    .-= Janko´s latest Blog Entry – Win a free license for FlairBuilder, wireframing and prototyping tool =-.

  44. 78

    Great post Jad. I do backup my files. But gotta admit desk is a little messy.. I hear cluttered desk is a sign of genius?…lol
    .-= Kawsar´s latest Blog Entry – Stylish and Creative Wall Clock Design =-.

  45. 80

    I am soo guilty of #4 right now– thanks for the reminder!

  46. 81

    Eeep! OK Dad. ;p I am guilty of 1, 2 and 4. *sigh*

    Great reminder though! Thanks. :)

    • 82

      Haha, I do think that I sounded a little bit like a parent in this article.

      It actually reminds me of my mom when she tells me to go clean my room or throw the trash. :)

      Now go do 1, 2 and 4. NOW!

  47. 83

    Backing up is so important! I’m so glad of Time Machine and I don’t know what I’d do without it!

    Delicious is great for saving all those resources that you know will come in handy one day but don’t want to download right now.
    .-= Dave Jones´s latest Blog Entry – My Design & Development Process (Part I) =-.

  48. 85

    Resources, resources, resources ….just can’t say it enough! It is a no brainer that web developers and designers should at all times be adding to their personal collection of web tools. I definitely need to get my portfolio updated asap!! I’ve needed it like a million times in the past year, and well I didn’t ever get to really show mine to anybody. Just stupid…lost lots of potential jobs for that very reason…oh well get back in line. Thanks for the tips….this post was simple yet it did its job.
    thanks again.
    .-= Collin´s latest Blog Entry – PageRank Uncovered: Google’s PageRank System =-.

  49. 87

    Really nice article that lays it all out in a to-do list! Saves all of us procrastinators the effort of laying it all out… because we probably wouldn’t do that until tomorrow.. or the day after that… ;)

    Seriously though, very nice list and great addition of the resource links to help. Thanks!

  50. 89

    Great list but I would like to add one more i.e Take good care of your eyes!

  51. 90

    sounds like what a designer mom would nag about ;) clean your room!

  52. 92

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m sure I’ll get round to it tomorrow ;-)
    .-= Cre8ive Commando´s latest Blog Entry – 110 Excellent and Beautiful Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design or Project =-.

  53. 93

    I definitely need to do EVERY SINGLE ITEM that you mention!

  54. 94

    Great post.. I have noticed atleast one thing that freelancers don’t procrastinate on doing.. BILLING! :D

    I found a great online backup site which I find quite usefull, http://adrive.com. The first 50GB is free, its a great place to store documents, etc if you do not have an external hard-drive.

    A second point I’d like to make would be the simple fact that, cleaning your workspace regularly can be great for motivation. I notice that when my workspace is clean, I find it much easier to get motivated to work. If I am constantly moving around cups, papers, or anything at all, I find it breaks my concentration and I stop to clean a bit before I move on.

    I hope that helps.
    .-= nick Burd´s latest Blog Entry – Sorlie Arts – Digital Video =-.

    • 95

      Hi Nick, thanks for the link.

      Also, billing is definitely something that we shouldn’t procrastinate. The reason why I didn’t put that on the list is because this list was actually meant to be just things that designers don’t really do since they are so busy with client work.

      I might do another post later on about what designers should do now regarding client work and freelancing.

  55. 96

    This article is Spot on. I need to back up all my data now. You can never be sure of whats gonna happen on the web. Dropbox is definitely a life saver and a really worth app, although I got kicked out because of excessive bandwidth usage :(

    You are also right about keeping the desk clean. Nothing’s more gratifying than a tidy workspace. I always like to keep my desktop empty(not showing the icons), its better this way :) As they say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness :)

    I am immediately employing these steps. Thanks for the tips, Jad
    .-= Richie´s latest Blog Entry – 30 Logo Designs with Creative Use of Negative Space =-.

  56. 98

    Great tips.

    Funny you mentioned number 4. My desk, instead of cups, is full of pens, pencils, markers, and paper…I really need to tidy up. I’ve actually just got into the habit of backing up my files. I would hate to lose all my school projects.

  57. 100

    These days many of us are so busy that is easy to put off even the important stuff for another day.

    An additional point I would add is to make sure your finances are in check. I used to have all my receipts stored in a shoe box and was tracking expenses in Excel. Once I started to get busy it became absolute nightmare. So get yourself some decent account software (like Freshbooks), which will help manage your finances like a pro and save a lot of headaches.

    Another awesome post Jad!
    .-= Duane´s latest Blog Entry – Beyond the Brief – Undertanding a Logo Design Client =-.

  58. 102

    The key is organization. Spend a few minutes on being more organized, and save hours by being more efficient. Preaching to the choir, but it’s very nice to be reminded of those simple points. Thanks for the article Jad!

  59. 104

    I always download Freebies into a separate folder which is organized by categories… like icons, brushes, PS actions, vectors etc. etc… I think that’s a good practice when it comes to time saving… great article btw… It’s always good to remind things.. :)
    .-= gr8pixel´s latest Blog Entry – Checking wordpress for iPhone =-.

  60. 105

    You are so right with this article!

  61. 106

    Thanks for those tips…common sense, yet things we seem to just not get done often as we should.
    .-= Michael Hart´s latest Blog Entry – Special Offer: My Church Standard Package for $1,800! =-.

  62. 107

    The reminder just to back up your files was worth the read.

    I made this one of my the three featured links on my Design Thought of the Day blog:

    All the best, Ted

  63. 109

    Thanks for posting this!

    I do believe we designers should consistently do this everyday (or if not, as often as possible). Although cluttered spaces inspire some, we still need a clean working environment to be able to focus on whatever we are doing.

    I myself keep a “table” of document types on my desktop when I’m working with different projects at the same time. Once finished, I usually clean up the scraps and keep the backup safe and intact on a “Desktop Files” folder.

    Oh, and I do the same with my +fav links on my bookmarks tab (for easy inspiration access).

  64. 111

    And what about wireframing? hm…
    .-= Etienne´s latest Blog Entry – If you register your site for free at =-.

  65. 112

    Great Post Jad.

    You covered lots of points in this and i hope this post will make a change. (for me also :) Also I think a designer should always look to learn something new.

    Best of Luck….

  66. 113

    Thanks for the information…
    As one considering the very same, this is a very helpful article indeed.This article is a motivation for me in my future works..

  67. 114

    I appreciate the list! I’m pretty good about backing up files and collecting resources. Keeping a portfolio up-to-date can be frustrating when you want to make sure the photography of your work is perfect! And the hidden danger of resource collecting is becoming obsessed with organizing the resources and collecting more…then you never get around to using them!

    • 115

      Hey Chris, I definitely see a danger in just being a resource hog, but I do think resources are very important. I collect lots of resources, but am very picky about which ones that I download and save.

  68. 116

    I couldn’t agree more about backing up your files. I go a little overboard with mine by keeping a set on my computer, external hard drive and off-site. The WP-DB-Backup plugin is a life savior. I love how it emails me once a week and says “Hey, here is your entire database… just in case”. Great article Jad!
    .-= Shawn Ramsey´s latest Blog Entry – Understanding The Basics Of CSS3 =-.

    • 117

      Hey Shawn, the more different back-ups that you have, the better off you are. And yes, the WP-DB-Backup plugin is so awesome. I love getting those weekly emails.

  69. 118

    You just don´t know how much GOOD you´re doing to me with such a simple points…

  70. 119

    Novice here ! Glad to know ’bout this. Very helpful indeed.

  71. 120

    Great reminders! I have a habit of collecting design resources, but I have to also remember to reference them more regularly. :)
    .-= Yari´s latest Blog Entry – Happy Blogging: Suggestions for Your Design Blogroll =-.

  72. 121

    Beautiful post… Really really useful tips for any webdesigner. Thanks for sharing this.

    .-= Deepu Balan´s latest Blog Entry – Go Green – Showcase of 50 beautiful websites in green color theme =-.

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    Hi Jad,
    Read your very Post. Thanks for all nice tips.
    Recently I buy a 320GB Seagate External Hard Disk.
    Every Month I load my files from PC to External HDD.

    Thanks again.

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    thanks Jad !
    .-= billy´s latest Blog Entry – Ten Tons of Photoshop =-.

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    I am a startup and I also thought of collecting resources, but I am a little frustrated on how I should organize them. Like keep bookmarks in a bookmarking service or keep them in the folder right on my hard drive? What is your suggestion?
    .-= Kristaps Lazda´s latest Blog Entry – Parts of a sailing boat =-.

    • 126

      Hey Kristaps, well it’s totally up to you. I think it’s good to keep them online on something like Delicious but at the same time, download the ones that you will be using often. That way, you don’t have to go online and download it every time you need it. And it’s also good to have the links online just in case you are in another computer and you need to access the resources.

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    I still can remember I am in the middle of finishing my biggest project in my entire designing career and the light just went off. Arrgghhh

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    Awesome list. A lot of big picture stuff we don’t usually talk about from the trenches of creative work.

    Also, rinse and repeat often!!! If you go too long you could be in for a massive spring clean up like I’m knee deep in right now!

    Never again, though!

    • 133

      Jad, you sounded like my mom and that’s pretty cool, hehehe. Well, setting goals and priorities as well as a preference for being organized was also related to better memory and good opportunity. Thanks for these great reminders.

      Edward Young quotes

      “Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday, it is the thief of time.”

  80. 134

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  84. 138
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    I’d appreciate it if you stop telling me what to do, sir.

  87. 141

    Good idea using DropBox for back-up – ideal for day to day, with Time machine for weekly back-ups. I’m off now to back-up WordPress, thanks for the reminder!

  88. 142

    I’m not a graphic designer, but EVERY GRAPHIC DESIGNER and WEB DEVELOPER should read this… and ACT ON IT. No question.
    Brilliant, and good work Jad. Found this at @creativenerds on twitter.

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    I’d like to share something that I recently discovered. Computer file systems have a character limit in the file path. If one exceeds this character limit, it can cause corruption.


    I have my hard drives file system meticulously ordered in folders, but had no idea that doing this could ultimately cause problems in the long run. The further you have to drill down, the longer the path name becomes, so this is something to keep in mind regarding organizing your data.

    Some simple things can be done to resolve this. I’ve changed a folder called “Web Development” to WD here, because the folders that are drilled down into have longer folder names:


    Most everyone here is likely familiar with this. Here’s what a windows path looks like:

    .-= Sü Smith´s latest Blog Entry – Fostering Your Child’s Inner Geek =-.

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    I always make sure I backup my files, never really thought of backing up my website files. I have an external HD which i store my psd’s, ai’s and xhtml and css documents. This should be on every professionals daily routine.

    And gathering resources to improve your design’s or work is another MUST DO daily or weekly. Again good advice. I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference for my co-workers.

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    .-= Reido´s latest Blog Entry – Just a girl with her head in the clouds =-.

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    I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way over the years. So, I’m finally at the point where I am pretty diligent with all of the things you’ve mentioned. However, thanks for summarizing them into a list we can all live by. Learning the hard way isn’t pleasant when it comes to self-employment. It does work, though :) Thanks Jad!

    ps. Time Machine is definitely a life-saver.

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    My tip would be to get all your reading collected in one place.

    How many sites do you visit to gather all your news?

    Why not incorporate all the rss feeds into one page so you can skim and read them without having to open 100 sites. Check out netvibes.

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    after the pics with a many coffecups i just looked over the desk, i was in shock :)) And i love the “procratinators unite… tomorrow!” And not to mention the data backup…. but i least i got my 2TB eternal hdd 3 weeks ago :P

    good luck!

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    Great article, reminded me why I bought a Time Capsule in the first place. It certainly feels good to check off your list(s)!

    I’m off to back-up my data…

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    Hey Jad, you’re a legend!

    Thanks for reminding me to do the things I should be doing but never do :)
    Great post :)

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    Another would be to stop procrastinating reading great blog posts like this and actually get some things done!

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    Thanks for the post, Jad. I’ve bookmarked this page for the resources. A couple of things readers might find useful:

    Use your bookmarks/favourites, and put the links into folders for easy access.

    Get a desktop RSS feed reader. Free emails like Gmail offer them via Google (Google Reader) but Netvibes and Bloglines are just as good. Use the feed reader to keep you up to date with the latest posts from your favourite blogs. It saves time on surfing.

    There are free web hosts that come with gallery applications software. They’re fairly easy to set up and customising doesn’t take much effort. Failing that, get a blog (Google’s Blogger is free, and it’s not the only free one) and post your work there as and when.

    I hope that’s helpful, and thanks again for the resources and the tips.

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    it was very important and useful for me


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