Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: May 2010


Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it. That’s why we have decided to supply you with smashing wallpapers over 12 months. And to make them a little bit more distinctive from the usual crowd, we’ve decided to embed calendars for the upcoming month. So if you need to look up some date, isn’t it better to show off a nice wallpaper with a nice calendar instead of launching some default time application?

This post features 40 free desktop wallpapers, created by designers across the globe. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free.

Please notice:

  • all images can be clicked and lead to the preview of the wallpaper;
  • you can feature your work in our magazine1 by taking part in our desktop wallpaper calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

So what wallpapers have we received for May 2010?

The End of Explorer Calendar

"For friends of MSIE, here is “The End Of Explorer” may 2010 desktop wallaper calendar, in a Variety of resolutions from 320?480 (iPhone) to 2560?1600 ! Hope you’ll find some size here to fit with your desktop ;-)" Designed by Benoit Chartron2 from France.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 103

A Designer’s Life

"That is what a designer sees on his real desktop, now you can see it on your computer." Designed by Mladen Milinovic39 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 1040

Focus on work

"This wallpaper design is supposed not to distract your attention, but to make you focus on work. This might work if you keep your desktop clean enough ;)" Designed by Andrei Verner52 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 1053

Play With Me

"One of my latest photographs taken on a beautiful summery day in the “golden hours” — I was lucky enough to capture our puppy and my sister, Sasha Bell playing on the lawn. I thought this would be a lovely wallpaper with a hint of the lovely summer we all deserver in the UK! No rain! Happy May everybody!" Designed by Olivia Bell69 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 1070


Designed by Björn Leek84 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 1085

May Happen, May Be

"”May Happen, May Be” is all about possibilities… we can all get out of our cages, maybe in may!" Designed by Thais Trizoli97 from Brazil.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 1098


"A grunge take on Rapunzel!" Designed by Cindy Zhang112 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10113


Designed by Pietje Precies129 from The Netherlands.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10130

May Flowers

"The flowers are blooming and it’s time to celebrate spring with this whimsical wallpaper!" Designed by thunder::tech146 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10147

Matilda’s Backyard

"It was May day Eve. The clock strikes twelve. The cat was asleep, the ladder cast aside and the book with a giant red apple opens." Designed by April Joy E. Jasmin160 from Philippines.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10161

May in Warsaw

Designed by Berenika Kołaczyńska175 from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10176

Chocolate Strawberries

"I always see a lot of photography featuring random fruit and lemons (a lot of lemons!) falling/splashing into water, and thought it would be cool to turn a photography “idea” into a vector looking design, but with chocolate and strawberries! Happy May :)" Designed by Rosanna Bell192 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10193


"I’m hoping for a bold and beautiful summer." Designed by Marc Allcock from England.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10205

Todo Sobre mi Madre

"With Mother’s Day looming in, I decided to make a tribute to a great film “All About my Mother”. For the Spanish version, please visit my DeviantArt." Designed by Ale Ibarra219 from México.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10220

Starbucks Coffee

"Everybody I know loves coffee… and for that matter, starbucks! Happy May!" Designed by Sasha Bell236 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10237


"This is a mother’s wallpaper theme." Designed by Ricardo Delgado249 from México.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10250

Curly Forest

"Catch a firefly in the twisty, curly forest." Designed by Chris Alexander (Yipori)258 from England.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10259

May be something else

"Thinking about May…" Designed by Fabio Toscani283 from Italy.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10284

Flower Field

"The U.S. National Archives has a photo stream on Flickr of images free for unrestricted use. This wallpaper was made from photographs taken for the Documerica project by the EPA in 1972. The flowers were from a field in Kerr County, Texas and Inks Lake, Texas. I wanted it to look like a painting. Link to original photographs304" Designed by Laura Sylvest from Washington, D.C., USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10305

Thailand Kopipi

"May is when spring usually starts. May is also when we are all starting to think about a summer vacation.I would personally recommend going to Thailand Kopipi, it’s amazing and it’s also where this picture was taken." Designed by Liad Guez317 from Israel.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10318

Birds of Spring

"May’s a month of happy sounds,
The hum of buzzing bees,
The chirp of little baby birds
And the song of a gentle breeze."
Designed by Manish Jinwal341334 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10335

Mother’s day

"”My mother said to me, “If you become a soldier you’ll be a general; if you become a monk you’ll end up as the pope.” Instead, I became a designer and now this wallpaper is heartly dedicated to my Mother.”I Love U MOM…" Designed by Manish Jinwal341334 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10342

Lily Of The Valley

Designed by Upasana Jain354 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10355


"Root of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet. So, celebrate book month this may.." Designed by Upasana Jain555369 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10370

For all intents and purposes

"May, birth of one of the 20th century greatest inventions: Masking Tape! Let’scelebrate! celebrate!" Designed by Phidev Inc.384 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10385


Designed by Victoria Vlassova399 from Sweden.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10400

Playing the Guitar

"Let the strings write their own tune." Designed by Stephanie Lam412 from Australia.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10413

Retro Woman Thoughts

Designed by Lety Gidea427 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10428

Pile of Days

"I wanted to create a super-awesome calendar. So I started to build something, it looked quite neat, but then suddenly it collapsed into a pile of days. Oh well, that’ll work as well, I said to myself. Made with Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Rockwell Extra Bold." Designed by Jonas Lekevicius444 from Lithuania.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10445

Live your vision

"You live only once, so be persistent in what you do. Live your vision, that’s my motto and slogan…nothing else i wouldn’t add more. Greetings from Split." Designed by Klement Grgić467 from Croatia.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10468

May Sentense

"Just motivating sentence for May :)" Designed by Temeshi482 from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10483

Blue May

"”Blue May”… This Wallpaper began as an experiment, but
finally came out I liked as blue and light effects. Enjoy yourself!." Designed by Natanael Fernández503 from Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10504

Foliage Queen

Designed by Ritika514 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10515

Salt Lagoon

"On a recent backpacking adventure through South America I visited the driest place on earth where no rainfall has ever been recorded – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. I shot this at a salt lagoon facing the Andes (which I then jumped in to float around — no energy required to stay afloat when the water is this salty!)." Designed by Amy Rollo529 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10530


"The great American road trip." Designed by Design Kompany542 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10543

Book Month

"If you can read this, celebrate book month..” Designed by Upasana Jain555369 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10556


"Greece “Thargelion” name and i tried to expose elements culturalof my country, in name florist awarded May." Designed by Boian Cristian570 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10571

Colours of Life

"Just enjoy your life! :)Just enjoy your life! :)" Designed by Wouter Sioen583 from Belgium.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10584

Love You Mom

"I am Dedicating this calender to my Dear “Maa”. Maa I love you!" Designed by Sandhya Banshal620 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10621

May in Grey

"Grey is the name of our lovely cat.In the south, may is a grey month, actually, unlike the spring days of the north nowadays.In the south, may is a grey month, actually, unlike the spring days of the north nowadays." Designed by Gustavo Hiriart628 from Uruguay.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10629


Designed by Oxana Kostromina636 from Poland/Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - may 10637

Join in next month!

Please notice that we respect the ideas and motivation behind artists’ work which is why we’ve given artists full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience through their works. And this is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

Thanks to all designers for participation. Join in next month651!

What’s your favorite?

What’s your favourite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comments! And have a smashing May, folks!

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  1. 1

    I like “the pile of days” very much!

    • 2

      This is my favourite as well!!

    • 3

      +1 for “Pile of Days”

      Very close 2nd for “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” tribute. Really nice composition, perfect timing for mother’s day and outstanding movie.

    • 5

      The pile of days is indeed the most interesting because it is the only one which makes the month it self to the visual. the rest are disconnected from the calendar.
      but as a calendar it is not functional, unless this was the idea, and then it should have been coherent, which is not.
      there’s no hierarchy.

      anyway nice photoshop works, i think i’ll participate from now on. i’ll try to design rather then make wow effects.

    • 6

      Hey, thanks guys for these kind comments! Really appreciate (:

      @Vanzvik — the wallpaper is somewhat functional as calendar — every line of letters end with a sunday. I know, I know, it’s an excuse, but still (:

  2. 7

    Wow, Awesome Collection this month.
    I too love Pile of days. Saved and now using as my desktop Wallpaper. Many thanks SM and Flixic ! :)

  3. 8

    The End of Explorer Calendar is the best for its comedy value at the least. Great collection this month!

  4. 10

    Nice wallpapers !!! A Designer’s life is my choice for while.

  5. 11

    Wavular!! FTW

  6. 15

    The End of Explorer Calendar is my Fav ! Thanks Smashingmag !

  7. 16

    i like “Love you mom” by Sandhya Banshal. nice font!

  8. 17

    My favorite! The end of Internet Explorer!

    • 18

      Except that, to do “the death of Internet Explorer” properly, one needs large amounts of high explosive (tactical nuclear weapons would not be excessive in this case). It’s not for nothing that those who have long labored under its yoke know the bane of their professional existence as Internet EXPLODER.

      Very well done, M. Chartron!

  9. 19

    These are pretty cool. “A Designer’s Life” looks pretty much like my desk. Thanks!!!

  10. 20

    Definitely The End of Explorer

  11. 21

    I’m disappointed that the designer from isn’t featured here. You guys might want to update the post with his calendar that will probably be up tomorrow.

    • 22

      Smashing Editorial

      April 30, 2010 7:23 am

      We went through the list of all submissions one more time and indeed added 2 wallpapers that we missed during the final revision. Thank you.

      • 23

        Bassam Elbiltagi

        April 30, 2010 9:14 am

        i’ve sent my wallpapers and u guys sent me to make one more resolution for 1280×800, and finally i dont see my design.. i feel disappoint :(

        • 24

          Smashing Editorial

          May 1, 2010 12:28 am

          Bassam, I am sorry, but your wallpaper didn’t make it to the final selection. Sorry.

      • 25

        Ricardo Delgado

        April 30, 2010 1:35 pm

        Hi guys, you post my wallpaper but you didn’t post my credit information or link, i made “Mamayo” wallpaper, hope you can correct this,
        My name is Ricardo Delgado
        and the link is from deviantart:

      • 28

        Millicent Bowman

        May 1, 2010 2:48 pm

        Hey… this was the first month that my submission did not make the cut. Did you receive it – “permanent Life?” Do you have content restrictions? Please let me know for future reference. I enjoy designing and reading Smashing Mag.

    • 29

      Thanks a lot Sam for reaction :) I was on holidays so I didn’t follow what happens here. Thanks also to SM for fixing it so quickly.
      Have everybody great May! :D

  12. 30

    I like “A Designer’s Life” by Mladen Milinovic, also “Chocolate Strawberries” by Rosanna Bell and “Starbucks Coffee” by Sasha Bell. Are they sisters? I love coffee, even more now it’s autumn here in south hemisphere.

  13. 34

    Honestly this is brutal. I’m not seeing anything I like and normally there are a handful that I enjoy.

  14. 38

    I can not say which is my favorite, because I have many. I thank you guys for giving me an endless supply of fresh wallpapers each month. I downloaded End of explorer, A designer’s life, Play with me, Moto, Matilda’s backyard, Bubble bath delight, Chocolate strawberries, Fruitful, Pile of days and Thargelion.

  15. 43

    Matilda’s Backyard is my favorite XDD

  16. 44

    Hi ed. team,

    Can you please add 1368 x 768, I have widescreen HP laptop, none of these fits into my screen.

    Appreciated !!

    Thank you

  17. 45

    I have the wide screen notebook, 1366X768 but I never find the wallpaper on this size…. can anybody design on this size? or do I need to design myself?

  18. 46

    Thank you for featuring my wallpaper, Playing the Guitar!!

    • 47

      Akbar Hossain

      May 1, 2010 3:22 am

      It’s very nice!!
      Very Well Done Stephanie! :)

      • 48

        Stephanie Lam

        May 4, 2010 5:09 pm

        I sent through to Smashing Magazine the corrected files, but I’m not sure as to why the previews aren’t available nor are the downloads.

    • 49

      Loved the wallpaper, but the days don’t match for May 2010 :P

  19. 50

    :) Thank you so much for adding “Play With Me” I’m thrilled you all at SM think it’s worthy of being published in your fantastic wallpaper feature.

    Congratulations to my two sisters, Rosanna Bell and Sasha Bell along with everybody else!

    • 51

      German Vasquez

      May 27, 2010 8:53 am

      Hola Olivia, me encanto tu foto, muy natural; genial que tu familia comparte tu gusto por el diseño….GRACIAS EQUIPO SM

  20. 52

    Thank you so much SM for featuring 2 of my designs!!! “Bubble Bath Delight” and “Starbucks Coffee” :)

  21. 53

    Thank you so much for adding my “Chocolate Strawberries” wallpaper to this awesome collection…. You guys rock! Thank you :D

  22. 54

    I love the Retro Woman Thoughts wallpaper–it’s just a shame that the quality of the 1920×1440 version is low. :-S Was it checked before uploading?

  23. 55

    Hey guys,
    Loved this month’s collection, great crop. Downloaded the “Birds of Spring”, but the calendar isn’t May’s, it’s April’s… Oh, well, great thing there’s so much to choose from!

  24. 56

    A Pile of Days really stood out for me, and I loved the Chocolate Strawberries one as well. Well done, everyone, on an AWESOME collection!!!

  25. 58

    May Flowers is my favorite. Lots of good ones this month!! Thanks!

  26. 59

    OMG totally forget it was Mothers Day soon, you have saved my bacon :-)
    Love the designs – Todo Sobre mi Madre is my fav.

  27. 61

    Moto is both sick and downloaded to my desktop, nice werks!

  28. 62

    Very good collection this month.

  29. 63

    Nice collection this month. Ive gone with “The End of Explorer Calendar” by Benoit Chartron.

    Thanks to all.

  30. 64

    My congratulations and thanks for publishing all !

  31. 65

    May in Warsaw. Simply the best. Did you notice soldiers in background? Probably from may 1945, when the IIWW was over. And then, 60 years after, we have people playing and smiling… Great composition… with great meaning…!

  32. 66

    É difícil escolher…São de muito bom gosto, mas meu voto hoje vai para Love You Mom.

  33. 67

    first? oops! ;)

    I love this trashy wallpaper saga on smashing.
    This always cheer me up.

    It is interesting that few wallpapers is always outstanding, and most of them are totally trashy.
    And so on and on and on ….

    What happened with Smashing forum?
    Are forums dieing in general? Like newsgroups…
    And new fast growing social networking sites taking over the Internet?
    So what will be next?
    something much quicker and shorter and incomprehensible than Twiter I sopose…
    Maybe something like this:
    USER1: Fart
    USER2 @USER1: Fart, Fart
    USER3 @USER1 and @USER2: Fart, Fart, Fart

    Have a nice day

  34. 68

    Loved Matilda’s Backyard the best. It’s awesome

  35. 69

    I work at a library, Book Month is going on my work desktop. Thanks for a another month of hard choices.

    • 70

      @ Ginnyky:I am happy to see, that you really like my wallpaper that you will have it on your desktop whole month. I hope you will like my work in future as well. Thank you!

  36. 71

    Saved the chocolate covered strawberries :)

  37. 72

    Pile of days is just amazing!

  38. 74

    I saved 4 to 7 wallpapers but i like the Oasis.

  39. 75

    My first choice was Birds of Spring, but the calendar is wrong. So it’s Thargelion for me.

  40. 77

    Thanks for nice collection

  41. 78

    What’s wrong wid May Calendars’ I dunu but looks same to me but good job keep doing it.

  42. 79

    I choose the “A Designer’s Life” thanks to all :)

  43. 80

    Nice collection tnx everyone :)!
    There is only one thing that bothers me…
    When i look at the “Mothers Day” im almost sure that i see a woman touching her beard !?!? is the problem in my head :) ?

  44. 81

    Blue May

  45. 83

    There’s a mistake in the ‘playing the guitar’ wallpaper. Namely, the first of may is noted as friday. Which should obviously be saturday (being today).

  46. 84

    I went with Chocolate Strawberries for the laptop @ home & will probably go with Thargelion for my work computer. I look forward to seeing the new collection each month! :)

  47. 85

    The best are:
    • Focus on Work
    • Play with me
    • May in Warsaw
    • Oasis
    • Mamayo
    • Flower Field
    • Playing the Guitar

  48. 86

    I’ve made this comment before, but I’ll mention it again…There needs to be more calendar options when it comes to the weeks starting on a Sunday (NOT Saturday!). And, after finally finding one that DOES start on a Sunday, Birds of Spring, the month starts on the wrong day of the week! May 2010, does not start on a Thurs. This submission shouldn’t have even been accepted!
    I started using these wallpapers WAY back because of the unique calendar wallpaper you offer. Lately, I am left extremely disappointed.

  49. 87

    Thanks Smash!!!!!!!!!
    Nice Collection…

  50. 88

    pattaya resort

    May 1, 2010 8:19 am

    I like the man kicked the IE Browsers appreciate each beautiful wallpaper of beautiful smashingmagazine.

  51. 89

    Thanks a lot for featuring my wallpaper.

  52. 91

    great collection!

  53. 92

    Jonas Lekevičius is the best!

  54. 93

    Pile of Days is wonderfull!

  55. 94

    Very great collection, some of them are really cute!
    My favorite is the Starbuck Cofee with the donuts, i downloaded it, thanks! ^^

  56. 95

    I chose the Birdhouses this month. I love the bright, cheery colors for May. :D

    • 96

      Pedro Martins

      May 4, 2010 7:14 am

      I also choose Birdhouses! Thanks for this lovely collection! Regards from Portugal

    • 97

      I ganked this one too! I can’t believe more people haven’t mentioned it!

  57. 98

    i like many designs here but i choose the Birds of Spring!

  58. 99

    Thanks for image of “Birdhouses”. It’s very simple, solar and joyful.

  59. 100

    I liked Birds of Spring but the calendar is wrong. May doesn’t start on a Thursday. Could we get this fixed and reposted?

    Until then, I guess I’ll look for another one…

  60. 101

    恩 ,我喜欢那个大西瓜,老外们 你们喜欢什么啊、

  61. 102

    Dear Smashing–Thanks a bunch for featuring “Wavular”!

    @Greg Rickaby Thanks for the compliment!

  62. 103

    GUD JOB~~:)

  63. 104

    Nice Wallpapers. I will definitely use one of them for my pc.

  64. 105

    Nicole Dominguez

    May 2, 2010 8:48 am

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the designer had no clue what he was doing or didn’t care about distorting the image when he decided to use SM’s layout in “For all intents and purposes”, I would of used it.

  65. 106

    Pile of Days is amazing

  66. 107


  67. 108

    I love the Smashing Wallpapers.. This month…’The End of Explorer’ Rocks……We all hate gives a loot of stress to UI Developers… lol… :)

  68. 109

    I love cats, so i choose May in Grey :D

    • 110

      Gustavo Hiriart

      May 20, 2010 12:35 pm

      i love cats too, that why i decided to do it. I am glad you liked it, thanks, and thanks for featuring it.

  69. 111

    My favorite!!

  70. 112

    Not a very impressive collection!!

  71. 113

    i like ‘Blue May’
    Very neat wallpaper…

  72. 114

    Each design is unique………. Mother Theresa design is my fav. Thanks for the post.

  73. 115

    I like Starbucks Coffee, Chocolate Strawberries ( nice vector and it seems delicious :D ) and Mother’s Day (this one is great!). good work!

  74. 116

    Excellent work!! I also want to be participate

  75. 117

    cool design. cool in the eyes. great win7 theme.

  76. 118

    I really could connect the days of the week in ‘pile of days’ calendar…
    Can anyone help?

  77. 119

    My favorite is Blue May, because it’s almost Indigo May :)

  78. 120

    Kashif M Qasim

    May 3, 2010 12:43 am

    Blue May is my favorite.

  79. 121

    The End of Explorer is the best! Thanks for this one…

  80. 122

    Thank u for the theme……. please update the calender theme… and make our days colorful

  81. 123

    well guys, I really like the wallpapers and I use one of them every month, but I think that as such a popular magazine shaping good design trends you should make a more strict selection of the works that you receive…
    I’m not trying to be unpleasant, cause you should give young designers a chance too, but just saying you can be more critical about the works you post.

  82. 124

    May in Warsaw is my favorite ! But I like Curly forest, Birds of spring, For all intents and purposes and Love you mom too !!

    Congrat’s to the designers !

    (and I agree with Aleksandra)

  83. 125

    My favorite “May in Grey” very nice collection.

  84. 128

    Sarah Monteiro Capassi

    May 3, 2010 6:09 am

    My favorite is “Focus on Work”. It´s a basic wallpaper, it has profundity and quite relaxing.
    Sarah M. Capassi – Brazil.

    • 129

      I chose Focus on Work for my May Calendar. Simple and to the point. Just what I need for this month. Thanks

  85. 130

    I like the Birds of Spring, but the calendar is wrong. I’m waiting for the author fix it.

  86. 131

    The calendar is incorrect on the Birds of Spring image. I just tried to convince a customer that today is May the 5th! Doh!

  87. 132

    Flower Field is really beautiful – I love the cheery little red ladybug! That’s definitely my favorite. I also love the floral designs of Thargelion and May Flowers. Play With Me is the cutest ever and a great photograph.

  88. 133

    Maybe this is more commonly done than I know, but ‘Birds of Spring’ is just straight use of a tutorial from PSDTuts.

  89. 134

    “Birdhouses” was by far my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. 135

    Sorry but Wavular should not be included. The perspective lines aren’t even close…. Some designs should be excluded

  91. 136

    Olivia Bell is great as always (I instantly knew it was her work) and her sisters did a freat job as well – what a family! :)

    I like “May in Grey” too, not typical for May but it is a great picture. As a photographer myself I like wallpapers with a good photo.

  92. 137

    I’m using Birds of May, but noticed the calendar days are off. Can it be fixed?

  93. 138

    Not a great collection…
    Also, several, including “For all intents and purposes” and “Play with me” only have 30 days… hmm…

  94. 139

    I love Chocolate Strawberries and Mother’s Day. But I noticed that Chocolate Strawberries did not have the date 31. Can this be fixed?

  95. 140

    Great wallpapers :)

  96. 141

    I very like all

  97. 142

    WOW. I’m like on image of SmashingMagazine. All image of Smashing is very very beautiful picture. But I prefer pictures than Chocolate Strawberries, Bool Mounth and Flowers Field. Thanks Smashing.

  98. 143

    The “Birds of May” is beautiful but the days are wrong. The layout for them is April’s. May has 31 days and starts on a Saturday.

  99. 144

    Lots of beautiful choices. I think my favourite ones are by the Bell sisters :)
    And for those who are disappointed with the calendar being wrong on Birds of Spring you can make your own version with this tutorial from PSD Tuts:
    Very cool watercolour technique.

  100. 145

    Very nice wallpaper!!! Love the Maygirl….

  101. 146

    Like other people have been saying, the Birds of Spring calender is wrong. But I love the design!

  102. 147

    i love the pile of days :)

  103. 149

    For first time in a year & half, i can’t decide for 2 wallpapers and maybe i can download all and change every day of the month. both 2 things more, the calendar in the right isn’t proprely from mac users, beacouse our icons, they cover the calendar, just like a suggestion. Thanks again

  104. 150

    nice collection…

  105. 151

    I’ll be rockin’ the “For all Intents and Purposes” this month.

  106. 152

    I am beyond happy to be included on this Calendar collection! Thanks a lot SM, not only for your great articles+tutorials+news+and overall fantastic inspiration, but also for this opportunity.

  107. 153

    Please, you need to be more selective. Most of these are really bad. And, the people that whine about not making the cut, you need to stop complaining and improve your design work.

  108. 154

    Wavular, the Great American Road Trip?
    I would like to see how this can make it to the list….
    Then I clicked the link to Design Kompany, from that point I think I know why….
    A busy company with lots of works and clients will never have enough time nor resources to at least score a decent looking wallpaper. Their main interest is just profit and free publications.
    So kudos to the guys at DK for that wallpaper which I believe took so many of your precious hours with skilled resources, blood, sweat and tears.

  109. 155

    The End Of Explorer is so funny. =)

    I like it.. Thx for these collection!

  110. 156

    I love Thailand Kopipi coz i’m Thai ^^

  111. 157

    the calender on the birds of spring is wrong, which is sad because i love this one.

  112. 158

    Caught a Mistake

    May 6, 2010 6:46 am

    “May’s a month of happy sounds,
    The hum of buzzing bees,
    The chirp of little baby birds
    And the song of a gentle breeze.”
    Designed by Manish Jinwal from India.

    The above calendar is wrong. I think they used the month of April’s dates. Love the design and was going to use it.

  113. 159

    I love the wallpaper and look forward to checking out the new designs every month. But since when is the first day of the week not Sunday? I prefer the designs that use Sunday rather than Monday as the start of the week.

  114. 160

    thanks alot for these wallpapers
    “Focus on work” is my favourite!

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    I like them very much!

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    Thanks alot

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    Whats the chances of the END OF EXPLORER wallpaper being created for every month for the remainder of 2010?
    I think I could look at it all the way to December!!!

  126. 172

    Very nice crop of wallpapers, everyone. Being a web designer, I was immediately drawn to the “End of Explorer”! The “Pile of Days” was very unique too. Thanks for sharing!

  127. 173

    My “top 5″ :)
    1. May Happen, May Be – Designed by Thais Trizoli from Brazil
    2. Pile of Days – Designed by Jonas Lekevicius from Lithuania
    3. May Flowers – Designed by thunder::tech from USA
    4. May in Warsaw – Designed by Berenika Kołaczyńska from Poland
    5. Todo Sobre mi Madre – Designed by Ale Ibarra from México

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  131. 177

    marcella castro-Udia_Brasil

    May 13, 2010 12:53 pm

    Oi gosto muito da coleçao dos Wallpaper Calender deste site. E cada mes que passa é mais dificil de escolher qual o melhor. Ja tenho um coleçao enorme dos wallpaper daqui. Parabens pela ediçao . Esse mes escolho END OF EXPLORER como meu favorito. Os trabalhos do design Chris Alexander (Yipori) tambem me chamam muita atenção. Abraçus a todos os design que estao de parabens e ate mes que vem.

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    No wonder Mayday became the international distress call!

    Bad wallpaper! Bad wallpaper!!

    I downloaded another for the second half of the month, and wrote to Manish, congratulating him on a great design, but advising him to get his calendar straight!

    Thanks for providing this service to the community, SM.

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