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The Beauty of Knitting, Sewing and Crochet


Where does the beauty come from? It isn’t necessary to travel around the world in its most quiet places to experience it. Beauty is always near us — you just need to want to explore it. And you can of course create it with your own hands and imagination: just a couple of movements with a knitting needle and a ball of thread suddenly turns into something remarkable, something that exists nowhere else in the world. And once you’ve created it, it will remain a unique and inexhaustible source of further inspiration. Also, it will warm your heart and your spirit every time you see it, as the scarves that our moms and grand-moms knitted in good old days.

This showcase is supposed to provide you with some creative ideas for knitting, sewing and crochet. We want you to get inspired for handcraft and creative arts. After going through this showcase follow the links in the end of the post, learn how to knit, feel inspired, turn off the computer, get to your family and start knitting! (You may want to take a look at our related post Handcraft Strikes Back: Buttons, Badges, Pins and Clips1, too.)

The Beauty of Knitting Link

needs some orange… 2

needs some orange... 3

Nadja Girod – motifs for knitwear4

motifs for knitwear5



A hat8

A hat9

Crocheted Pufferfish Pattern10


Handknit superwash cup12




Ice carnival16

Ice carnival17

Plush a Sketch18

Plush a Sketch19

betz white cupcake ornaments20

betz white cupcake ornaments21

Test Card Sweater22


Cuteable: Needle Noodles Neat Knits24

Cuteable: Needle Noodles Neat Knits25

Knitting Balls26

Google Reader27

Pod for the Queen of Wool28

Pod for the Queen of Wool29

Felted Rainbow Acorns30

Felted Rainbow Acorns31



Eye-pod and Night Light34

Eye-pod and Night Light35

Wool necklaces36

Wool necklaces37





McDonalds – Cosier42

McDonalds - Cosier43



flowers on felt background46

flowers on felt background47

Mortimer Mouse48

fall coasters49

fall coasters50

fall coasters51

pin cushion52

pin cushion53

i so fuzzeh54

i so fuzzeh55

Knitted Heart56

Knitted Heart57

Hansigurumi Owl58

Hansigurumi Owl59

The Eye of the Beast60

The Eye of the Beast61

Dandelion being cool62

Dandelion being cool63

the Momma and Baby Monster64

the Momma and Baby Monster65

Learn How To Knit Link

Below you will find a couple of useful resources that will help you get started with knitting: either by using illustrations or step-by-step-video-tutorials.

  • Learn To Knit (PDF)66
    A very detailed and extensive e-book about knitting, with illustrations and step-by-step-tutorials.
  • Knitting section on CraftStylish67
    Dozens of detailed tutorials and contents related to knitting.
  • Learn how to knit: free knitting videos68
    Grab your knitting needles and yarn, and learn a new knitting skill the easy way: by watching. Start by learning the knitting basics such as Long Tail cast-on and the knit and purl stitches. Those three techniques make up the vast majority of any knitting project, so pat yourself on the back.
  • Learn to Knit69
    Learn to knit here in the way that’s best for you — video, illustrations or detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • Knit 10170
    Whether you’re a knitting novice or just need to brush up on the basics, this quick refresher course will get you clicking.
  • Knitting on Craft71
    Knitting section on a popular magazine about traditional crafts.
  • Ravelry72
    A community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters.

Footnotes Link

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A regular contributor from Saarbruecken, Germany.

  1. 1

    Too much out of the box for me here..

  2. 2

    I do not think I like this alternate reality.

  3. 3

    interesting sunday post, really out of the box :)

  4. 4

    I want to learn knitting now!

  5. 6


  6. 7

    My other love beside web design is knitting and crochet! I’m glad you all posted this.. great article.

  7. 8

    WOW – these are fantastic!!! are these yours and if so do you have a book of instructions?

    Very inspiring.


  8. 9

    About half of these items are *not* knitting. I see sewing, felting, needlepoint, weaving, pom poms and crochet. Can’t help being a stickler about this, but there’s a whole community of knitters out there who are a lot worse than me lest you feel their wrath.

    • 10

      So glad you made this comment. All of these are amazing, but they are from many different craft-types.

    • 11

      Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Editorial)

      April 18, 2010 8:43 am

      You are absolutely right. Sorry for the inconvenience. The title of the article was updated.

    • 12

      Yes, however the page title is : The Beauty of Knitting, Sewing and Crochet

  9. 13

    WTF? Sunday to-do list – re-evaluate subscriptions.

  10. 15

    I love this diversion from the norm here. I’ve knitted for years and found crafts a great rest for my brain when I used to do programming and now when I’ve spent too much time at the compy running my online shop on Etsy and my website.

    (@ursonate – yes quite a few are other fiber arts. But those ones are just as fun to me as knitting. Crafts can be so addicting!)

  11. 16

    very nice

  12. 17

    What? Half of these things are crocheted/sewn/felted…? not knitting at all.

    • 18

      True! THROWDOWN!

    • 19

      Yes, there is knitting; that’s how one creates felt. First you knit a swatch of yarn then you soak and agitate it in hot water. The result is felt that can then be sewn together. That’s how they create boiled wool pea coats.

      • 20

        washing knitted items in natural fibres is technically fulling – and is not entirely felted.
        Fulling knitted items is only one method of creating felted items. whilst being knitpicky here, the felted items shown above are likely not knitted – I would hazard a guess that they are needle wet-felted.

        Anyway, love some of the photos.

    • 21

      Yes that is clear, the title of the page does read: The Beauty of Knitting, Sewing and Crochet.

  13. 22

    so what the connection this post to web develop ?

    • 23

      Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Editorial)

      April 18, 2010 8:44 am

      The idea of this post is to provide you with some creative ideas for knitting, sewing and crochet. We want you to get inspired for handcraft and creative arts!

      • 24

        Then start a handcraft blog.

        • 25

          Don’t be so sharp. Just imagine how you can use these ideas in design of the header of a website for example. Fun vector illustrations are widely spread, why not to use photos of a fun knitted creature?

      • 26

        Thank you for the great post, I love Smashing magazine for that it brings always something particular, often unexpected and always very interesting and inspiring. I’m just wondering why people are not able to value what they get (btw, regularly and for free)… This my comment, naturally, refers to Smashing, not to What The Hell.

    • 27


      April 18, 2010 2:18 pm

      This is about thinking out of the box. Loosen up a little bit a forget the coding. This is fun!!

    • 28

      Respect creativity in any form…

  14. 29

    A knitted videoclip: Tricot Machine – Les peaux des lievres

  15. 30

    have wonderful!!:)

  16. 31

    Karen Dickenson

    April 18, 2010 6:48 am

    Inspirational! Motivating me to go through my yarn and sort my needles.

  17. 32

    Fantastic, I feel inspired to pick up my needles, cast on, then cast off. Oh yes. Personally I like to combine web design and knitting at once. The warm and soft wool against my fingertips, inspiring those more feminine designs. You have to be careful not to stab yourself in the eye, but hey – its a risk we take.

    In fact, I knitted my computer mouse a nice little cover, it makes designing that little bit more challenging, but keeps the old mitts warm during those long cold nights in front of the screen.

    You guys don’t know what your missing. Honest.

  18. 33

    Some are really not knitted but nice thematic post anyway. Thanks for inspiration.

  19. 34

    In a high tech world it’s good to see people going back to a low tech alternative, especially stuff like the knitted typography. I’ve never been able to master knitting but sometimes I like to like to include things like embroidery, buttons and sequins in illustrations instead of just using the computer. Perhaps someone could make a website that looks like it’s been knitted?

  20. 35

    Josie McCormick

    April 18, 2010 7:51 am

    Wow! What a nice surprise to see this! As a design and application Instructor (aka professional nerd) and a knitter I often catch some grief for my Martha Stuart ways. But recently have found some like minded students in my Illustrator classes and have been able to blend the need for a design app with ways to create new patterns in knitting and cross-stitch. (*Note: not all the featured pieces are knittied). This is a great article to share with students looking for new inspiration at work and at play. Thanks for the post!

  21. 36

    If i wanted a post about knitting i would go to a website about knitting.

    Are you really running out of ideas that bad? this seems desperate.

    Copied from your “about us” page:

    Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development.

    • 37

      Nicole Dominguez

      April 18, 2010 8:49 am

      SM is going out of the box to show you how color and art can combine to create something beautiful. Much like design, no? Yes, it’s yarn work, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not inspirational. Stop criticizing. If you wanted web development, there are tons of other places for that as well. Are you going to hate on SM’s other inspiration posts as well?

      • 38

        I never say i hate SM, i even bought the book and i love it, and i criticize because is my right to do do it.
        I’m just asking for focus.

  22. 39

    Creativity, color, imagination, humour and inspiration. Perfect post for a sunday afternoon.

    I can only assume that all the moaners just want to copy other peoples web designs and have no interest in anything that might make them actually think outside the box.

  23. 41

    @Ramm Left-of-field, surprising content is a standard creativity-igniter (innovative information) for web designers and developers.

    I’m with @ojami and others who’ve already discovered that manual creative arts are both restfully productive and deeply satisfying — plus, they also balance-out and fuel more cerebral / intangible creative arts.

    Juliya in her insightful article is using luscious fibre arts pics to *inspire* as she said, not to sell the concept of knitting with dumbed-down, literal illustrations of knitted items. @innerwild

  24. 42

    Lovely post… As a knitter it’s great to see someone giving some attention to needle arts. I’d sugguest changing your word knitting to needle arts though because all of your examples are not knitted. Beautiful photos!

  25. 43

    I just bought a puffer fish :)

  26. 44

    I’ll have to forward this to my Mum; she loves all things yarn. :)

  27. 45

    I was shocked by the post about the photography of India, but this on is just awesome ! This is very creative and it can be a new art influence ! We can imagine a lot of uses of that objects, like decorate a shopwindow or the office of my agency.

    Really, it’s like pixel but on the clothes ! I am sorry for the purists of the web design and web developpement, but be creative and so be a good web designer start to discover new kind of art.

    So use your imagination and try to find the way to use it in clothing e-Shop or something.

    Good selection and good consistency compared to the photography of India !

  28. 46

    how about CULINARY ARTS next time, guys?
    exotic DISHES, then let us have a poll on which is the TASTIER

    how about origami next time, guys?
    exotic FOLDING, then let us have a poll on which is the TASTIER

  29. 47

    I learned how to knit from! Really great resource!

  30. 48

    LOVE IT!! I can think of a gui with knitted elements….


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