Weekly Wrap: The Redesign


It’s 3:49 AM as I am writing this post. I just recently came up with a new format that I would like to start here on Design Informer and it is called "Weekly Wrap." Every weekend, I will be writing a post about the best and most interesting articles/tutorials/reviews/freebies of the week. But the only difference from this and the other similar posts from the other blogs is that mine will not be in list form, but it will follow an article format. Oh, and I forgot, I will also be inserting little tidbits here and there about how my week went and what I got accomplished, etc. So anyway, here it goes.

The Weekly Wrap

This past week, I finally came out from hibernation and published a new post which was about running a design business1. By the way, the post was written by Duane Kinsey2. The reason for the long pause on the blog was because I was busy with work, freelance projects, and I was redesigning my personal portfolio3. It took me about two and a half weeks to finish the redesign. Could it have been because I stink at design4? Oh, and did I mention that I also played around with transparency5 on my new website? You can see an example of it here6. I also used CSS3 to connect the dots7 on my site. I am a little curious if my CSS renders efficiently8 and whether or not I’m using the best-practices9 with my coding?

Website Redesigns

I’m not the only one who redesigned my site though, Brian Hoff completely revamped his site10 as well. Apparently, Mr. Collis Ta’eed noticed that this was redesign week because he also redesigned Creattica11.

WordPress Logo12

Anyway, enough about redesigns, let’s talk a little bit about the community. If I remember13 correctly, there was a great "how to14" article that I read about moving your WordPress site15. Since we are on the subject of websites, let me as you a question. "Is your website responsive?16" Here’s another question for you to think about. Are All Graphic Designers Logo Designers?17 So which of the two questions do you prefer18 to answer?

Well, I just want to wish WordPress a Happy 7th Birthday19. I’ll end it with that.

Until next week, that’s a wrap!


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Former editor in chief of Designinformer.

  1. 1

    Haha… Good wrapping style Jad…

  2. 3

    Hi Jad, great redesign! Well done. How can you claim you “stink” at design? LOL… you’re great!

  3. 5

    Good idea!
    .-= denbagus´s Latest Entry – 12 Best jQuery Image Zoom and Tutorial =-.

  4. 7

    Hi Jad,

    I like this way of writing a wrap up, much more personal. It’s also nice that it’s short, usually everything I read are the longer articles these days, short ones like these are cool. Looking forward to your upcoming weekly posts.

  5. 9

    Good idea but i think it will catch up with you later, i also wanted to do the same thing. I did Best of the Week, on inspirationfeed.com a combination of new great webdesigns, tweets, web 2.0 tools and articles. Sounded like a great idea to me but, soon i found out i didn’t have the time, and work was in the way. But don’t let me discourage you, if you have free time on your hands this will workout nicely.

  6. 11

    Love the minimalistic style of Jad Graphics and the layout of the comments. Pretty genius!

  7. 14

    Nice little wrap up, Jad. I’m liking short, to the point posts lately as well. Nice work on the redesign of your site. The new Design Cubicle is so good. The new Creattica is nice, but I’m not sure I like the fixed header too well. I know it’s supposed to increase usability but it kinda drives me nuts.

    Looking forward to more of these. Keep it up!
    .-= Joe´s Latest Entry – How to compete with croudsourcing =-.

    • 15

      Yeah, I’m not really a big fan of the fixed headers, I do like fixed sidebars though. I did it for my portfolio site and also for Heart Directed.

  8. 16

    Nice Idea on the “Weekly Wrap” and I must say you are of to a great start. Seem like everyone is doing redesigns, I actually decided to revamp my portfolio site too, check it out when you have a chance: @ creativedonline.com
    .-= loswl´s Latest Entry – Best Tutorials for the Month of May =-.

  9. 18

    I just love your redesign. Looks nice.


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