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Magento, an open source e-commerce web application, is often a good choice for an e-commerce website. The system is quite powerful and the community around the product is strong, making Magento one of the first options to consider when choosing an engine for your online shop. In this post we present our first Magento-release: a simple and beautiful HelloWired Magento Theme, designed by HelloThemes1 and released especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The theme features a clean white background with a simple navigation that will allow you to customize the colors very easily.

The homepage of the theme features many interactive elements. To the left of the newsletter sign-up box you’ll find a jQuery-based product slider. When navigating on a category page, the theme features polished “Add To Cart” buttons; it also integrates a lightbox for preview images of your products and e-commerce icons ready to be used. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in all your projects.


Download the theme for free!

The theme is released under Creative Commons3. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.


Preview images

Promo blocks on the front page of the theme10

Multi-level drop-down navigation menu12

Category page14

Product page16

Large preview (Lightbox)18

“Further recommendations”-block20

Thank you, guys! We appreciate your work and your good intentions.


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  1. 1

    there’s a little layout issue on the cart page. the “proceed to checkout” button is not laid out correctly. update cart.phtml line 129 to include and :

    <li><?php echo $this->getChildHtml('methods') ?></li>

    gonna go pick items up that I threw across the room now.


    • 52

      vinh, can you explain exactly what you think needs to be changed? I just installed HelloWired and looked at line 129 in that file. The only difference is I have no tag. Is that what you meant?

    • 103

      I had to fix it by going into app/design/frontend/base/default/template/checkout/onepage/links.phtml (this isn’t in the template directory, and it’s probably not the best way to fix this issue ). Add li tags there.

    • 154

      Vinh, I noticed exactly the same problem. I have been trying to identify if it’s a problem in the code or css as a result of upgrading from 1.4 to Did you find a fix or possible cause for the problem?

      I have installed the Hellowired theme into another site with fresh out of the box and everything looks correct. I am wondering what these ‘methods’ are calling, code or sql data? Who knows.

      Now how about some lovely links to show how to recreate the wheel…

      Lovely stuff!!!

  2. 205

    I just want to send a warning to anyone thinking about using the company SIlk Software ( for any work at all or using this theme.

    Contacting Hello Themes they put me onto this company to do the install and boy what a mistake that was.

    Once installed it never worked and if you have any issues they will not help you – or they will charge excessive fees to fix any issues.

    I paid to install the theme ($150) and only changed images on the site myself. I had it setup on a demo server and then requested they move it to live (same DB on same server, so all that needed hanging was URL’s in DB and clearing cache) They then requested a further $500 to do this simple task. I guess they trap a lot of non technical people this way.

    Since going live the site has never worked (no one can order anything and it has 100% to do with the theme not working with the Magento release they installed it with (I have tested it and it works with default theme) also want to charge excessive fees for fixing any of their own theme issues. Even then, they never actually get around to fixing it. Once it gets too hard for them they ignore messages continually.

    They continually ignore messages and emails requesting (even offering paid) help. So do yourself a favor and get a professional company to help you.

    There are many messages on here warning people about their ( ) practices and this also another warning. Rude, and incompetent best sums up.

    This whole process has been so frustrating, just a little courtesy and empathy from them would have gone a long way. Once a complaint is given they just basically wipe their hands of it.

    I own a little software company and if something goes wrong for a client we fix it for free.

    So install this theme at your own peril and do not under any circumstances deal with Silk Software or Hello Themes.

    Regards Peter

  3. 256

    Not show the category in top list, how can we show it ??

  4. 307

    Alexander Stepanets

    October 19, 2010 3:40 pm

    Very nice looking theme, thank you for sharing it! :)

  5. 358

    thank you for sharing it

  6. 409

    Thank you. Great theme.

  7. 460

    Peter, if you are still stuck with this theme, let me know, I can help you.

    If you are running magento 1.4.2 (which I am) you need to make a number of changes to the theme to make it work, especially if you are using credit cards.

    If it is something basic I can tell you what to do, if you need help fixing, I can do it for $50, at most.

    Hope that helps. just submit a support ticket at my site…

    • 511

      Hello Derek, i need help with this theme. I made some changes in the whishlist.xml for make it work, but some action buttons don’t work yet. Can you tell me what to do? Thank you!

  8. 562

    We’ve developed an extension (key:- magento-community/CueBlocks_Zoom ) which seems to be working with all themes except yours. We’ve identified that the following file seems to be conflicting: skin/frontend/default/hellowired/js/jquery.latest.js.
    If we remove this file, the zoom function works fine. Please let us know what you are using this file for and if there is a way we can resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  9. 613

    Sorry guys, where can I find documentation?
    I saw only video but this theme without doc is really useless.

  10. 664

    I installed the theme but have issues with the home page product sliders. can somebody please assist me. My site is here:

  11. 868

    Have found only one problem with WIRED scheme on the pages with custom option fields:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function setTemplate() on a non-object in /home/sites/magento/web/app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/View/Options.php on line 173
    Magento try to get catalog/product/view/options/type/select.phtml which doesn’t exist in


  12. 919

    Is this theme compatible with the latest magento installation? I’m running Magento ver. – and on some page loads get an internal server error 500.
    Anybody else getting the same problem?

  13. 970

    everything ok with hellowire theme, only problem is i can’t see “Place order” button at the end or checkout page, so unable to compelete the order.

    Anyone of you face this issue?



  14. 1123


    The theme is great I need small help in the product page how to the extra tabs like “We also recommend ” & “Additional Information”. Can I put attributes in additional information and use them for filter-ration. Please let me know how can I do that.

  15. 1174

    Great theme. thanks.

  16. 1225

    good.. one

  17. 1276

    Somebody~ Would you please how to install this theme to Magento?

  18. 1327

    There is a problem with this theme. is you check it with internet explorer 8 or 7, thwarting whole slider on the homepage shifts to the far right outside the html border which is pretty bad. i hope hellothemes are able to fix this issue. Im using the latest version with magento version 1.6.1.

    • 1378

      The same here man! The slider makes the whole page white. And the featured part shows the first 2 products on top of eachother

  19. 1429

    Hi, I have installed the theme on Magento 1.6.2 works great EXCEPT the slider, does any one know how to get this working?


  20. 1531

    I finally got this working… sort of! there was a missing ‘r’ at the end of the block id!

    But now ast the images fade the rest of the page fades as well arghhhhhh

    Someone PLEASE HELP! lol


  21. 1582

    I’m having the same issue with Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Everything after the slider fades slowly and then comes back in a 5 second cycle

  22. 1633

    If you have problem with blank screen when helloslide plugin is rotating images, use !important in “#slider” and “#slider .panel img” width and height.

    • 1684

      Can be you be more specific on the exact script and exact placement to fix the slider issue? This has been driving me crazy for 3 days.
      I have the exact same slider problem. The initial image looks ok and then fades to white that extends out to the right of the page, I also see a couple of lines in spanish to the right of the pictures, ex: “Aca va el otro comment”. I can also see the “Aca va el otro comment” in the static block code that they instucted us to paste from their installation instructions – I’m not sure why it’s there.
      BTW I’m on Magento
      Thanks in advance.

  23. 1735

    Am i missing something ?? I have set it as described above and changed to

    .wired-home { }

    .wired-home .slider { float: left; width: 674px; height: 328px; position:relative; }
    #slider .panel img { height: 328px !important; width: 674px !important;}
    #slider .panel span.comment { display:block;float:left;width: 674px !important;}
    .wired-home .promo-right { float: right; width: 265px; }
    .wired-home .promo-right img { margin-bottom: 22px; }
    .wired-home .promo-right img.last { margin-bottom:0px; }

    flushed the cache, deleted browsers cache and its still the same

  24. 1786

    Great Themes Collection… Have some more free magento themes for download at
    Thanks for sharing…!@!

  25. 1837

    i am new to magento, i have just installed the magento and trying to install the theme, but i am getting the following error after i upload app, media and skin folder. i am unable to login into admin as well

    Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

  26. 1888

    Thanks but how to install this theme. plz help!

  27. 1939

    Is there anyone who can share the hellowired documentation? (by Wetransfer or another site) Or send it to my mail ? would be great !

  28. 1990

    It seems nice to see that here is so many free themes for magento themes. So, I would like to list my one free themes on your blog. Please this new magento themes “Pink ” lips It’s totally free and no hassel to download any more.

  29. 2041

    So – where can you find the documentation about the static blocks etc. – I don’t find it on the offical page ?


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