“Meet the Team” Pages: Examples and Trends


In any industry where the people behind a company are as important as the company itself, you’re likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees. “Meet the Team” pages are popular among web design and other creative firms, but are also found on sites within various other industries. These pages are a valuable addition to any site where human contact is an important part of the industry. It adds a personal touch to the company and can lend trust to visitors.

There’s suddenly faces behind the names, and it becomes a “real” company to the visitor, rather than just another website. This builds credibility for many, especially considering how concerned many people are with online scams and phishing schemes. Adding information to a website on a company’s key employees is a simple but effective way to make that company stand out in the mind of its prospective clients. Below are a handful of trends and some interesting examples of “Meet the Team” pages.

In reviewing “Meet the Team” pages, a few trends began to emerge. While some are present on almost every site (employee photos), others are used less often (animations). All were present on at least a handful of sites, though, and are worth mentioning.

1. Employee Photos

Virtually all of the pages included here have images associated with each employee. Most opt for photos of each employee, though some opt for avatars or other images to represent each person. This is a great way to let an employee’s personality shine through while keeping the design professional and consistent.

Object Adjective1 has a simple team page, with a photo and brief bio about each member, as well as their contact information and a link to their downloadable vCard.


Considering how many professionals are likely to have LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media accounts, linking to those accounts can be a great way to let current and potential clients connect with employees. Some of the pages featured include only professional accounts, while others include virtually any account the employee has. Some sites use icons for each social media service, while others use text, or a combination of the two.

A word of warning, though: if employee accounts are going to be linked to a professional website, make sure the content they’re posting on those sites is appropriate and won’t damage the company’s reputation.

Chromatic3 only includes profiles for their leadership team. They include a pic and brief bio of each team member, as well as links to their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Each team member also has their latest tweet featured next to their profile.


3. Unique, Humorous or Campy Features

A lot of the sites featured have unique, humorous or even campy takes on the more traditional “Meet the Team” format. For some, this is done through the employee photos, while others have added in additional content that lets team members better express themselves.

Be aware, though, of how this information can come across to professionals from different industries. What might be acceptable for a creative site might not go over so well in the finance or legal industries. It’s also important to consider how a site’s visitors will perceive a humorous or campy touch. While it adds personality, if overdone or done in the wrong industries, it can come across as unprofessional.

Th_nk5 uses animated photos for each of their team members, and modal windows to display information about each team member.


4. Animations

A significant number of “Meet the Team” pages have incorporated some kind of animation into their designs. For most, this is done through employee photos or avatars, though some take it even further, with the entire page animated.

Ola Interactive Agency7 uses an animated meet the team page, with each team member’s photo part of the animation. Click on a team member and their profile appears, including links to their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and their email. It’s a very casual, fun page design.


5. Expanded Profiles

While many sites opt to only include basic information about each of their team members, others opt to include extended profile information. For some, this is done through the use of sliders or modal windows, but for others it’s done on an entirely separate page. Extended profile information is a great way to give clients and prospects more insight into the employees behind a company.

9miles Media9 uses photos of each of their members, which, when clicked on, display each person’s profile information, including links to social media accounts. It’s a simple but effective design.


More Examples

Below are twenty examples of great “Meet the Team” pages.

StationFour has a very clean and streamlined team page, though they inject a bit of personality by categorizing their employees as “The Chrises” and “The Non-Chrises”. They also include links to each employee’s LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and blog posts.


Efelle Media13
This is another simple team page, with a brief quote about each team member. Also included are links to each member’s full profile.


MW Design Interactive15
This is about as minimal as team pages get, with just a photo, name and title for each major member of the team.


Wax Creative Design17
Wax Creative Design keeps each team member’s information organized with an unordered list, but also adds personality to their page by included each member’s favorite cupcake.


HBCWeb.com keeps their meet the team page casual, with candid photos of each team member as well as a brief bio of each.


Arc90 adds some punch to their meet the team page by having each team member’s photo change upon rollover from a straight-forward, business-casual-style pic to a candid shot. They also included a color-coded key for determining what each team member does.


Wildbit shows only one (random) team member’s profile at a time under the list of team members. They also include links to each member’s Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr profiles, if applicable.


AtlanticBT has a number of interesting features on their team page. Each employee has a photo that, upon hover, slides down to show their name and position. There’s also a drop-down menu at the top that lets you switch between their main photos, action figures, sports teams, movie posters, and favorite foods.


Blue Sky Resumes27
Blue Sky Resumes uses consistent photos for each of their team members, something that isn’t often seen. In addition to a bio for each team member, they also provide links to their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


MetaBroadcast uses a straight-forward and simple design, with icons for social media accounts for each of their team members.


2Cs Communications Ltd31
2Cs shows photos of their team members just below the header, with low opacity except for the active profile. Images also come into full color when they’re hovered over. It’s a great way to manage a large team, while still giving everyone equal space.


glue Isobar33
glue Isobar uses animated pixel artwork for each of their team members and Top Trumps-style profiles appear for each when clicked on. It’s a really unique and fun design.


CampaignMonitor uses brief profiles for each team member, accompanied by photos of each. What sets them apart is that in the background of each photo is a map, showing the location of each employee.


WooThemes uses a simple design that puts the focus on the founders of the company, but also gives plenty of space to the other team members. Links to Twitter and each team member’s blog are also included.


nGen Works39
nGen Works uses a simple avatar/name/campy title format, with a link to more in-depth profiles for each team member. It’s unique and fun while also maintaining a professional appearance.


BrightSpark uses a simple, one-column layout for their team page, with pics of each team member as well as a couple paragraphs about each.


Etsy takes a unique approach to their team page by putting different departments into separate columns, and displaying photos of each team member within that department. Each photo then links to more information about that employee. It’s a neat format, since it gives an immediate impression of how large each department is (the Engineering department gets 3 columns, and Support gets 2).


SmallBox uses a simple grid of employee photos, each with the person’s name and title underneath. What sets them apart, though, are the individual team member profile pages. In addition to the usual bio information, they include each person’s top 5 strengths in “StrengthsFinder 2.0″. It’s an interesting and personal touch.


Caxiam Group47
Caxiam Group is another site where the individual team member profile pages are what make it stand out. On these pages you can find a keyword cluster that describes the team member, as tabs that give information on their inspriations hidden talents, unknown facts, and more.


Tumblr has the simplest “Meet the Team” section of any site on this list. It just consists of the avatars of each of their employees, with a link to each person’s Tumblr blog. It’s simple but works well, considering what the company is all about.



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Cameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 6 years of experience. She writes for a number of blogs, including her own, Cameron Chapman On Writing. She’s also the author of The Smashing Idea Book: From Inspiration to Application.

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    I found this very helpful, my company is currently looking to redo their team page. Lots of great ideas!

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    Very Helpful!
    This is our team page http://easybit.it/noi Take a look!

  3. 203

    I am using WordPress and was looking for some easy way to make a Meet the Team page….
    Is there any plugin or page layout already ?
    Or I have to make the custom page for this ?


    • 304

      Did you ever find any WP plugins to use for “meet the team” page? I love these examples but I want to know how they were created. Thanks for any info you found out. Do you also have an example of what you ended up creating?

      • 405

        Did you ever end up finding wordpress plug-ins to help create neat pages like these? I’ve been searching everywhere–thanks!

        • 506

          Since no one has addressed this, I’ll chime in as an experienced Web/WordPress developer.

          Simply put, if you want the kinds of cool animations, and interesting layouts you see here, you’ll either need to code it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

          There’s no magical plugin to save the day, because truly unique work actually requires effort.

  4. 607

    Some really awesome designs here, thanks for sharing. Lot’s of the same though, too.

    Ever seen Monoface.com? A totally new, albeit creepy, way to show team members.

    Also check out http://www.copio.us/team. Cool use of slide out windows to show info….very app-like.

    • 708

      ** update **

      Our team has doubled in size in the past year, so our old design wasn’t working anymore. The new page (copio.us/about/) does a better job of conveying who we all are together as a team. We found that as our team grew, it was overwhelming to read detailed info for each person in order to form an opinion of who we all are.

      I love how the new page sums it up with “We’re a team of artists, scientists, & digital advocates.”

      ‘Nuff said.

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    Nathalie Soeteman

    January 8, 2011 9:22 am

    Just what we needed, thanks! :)

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    Come meet Glucoz’s “sweet team” !

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    I was disappointed in all but the th_nk team’s pages.

    I’m looking for something interesting, not too flashy, that’ll bring a smile to our team’s faces. Any ideas?

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    This ones very funny, I like how they have taken the mikey out themselves. Not to serious.


  9. 1213

    I can’t stand the way some of these pages are done, very much a case of “oohh, look at me! look how wonderful I am!”

    Makes me cringe. Just keep it simple, straight forward, and NOT pretentious.

  10. 1314

    Very nice teampage (best i`ve seen yet) Ii think it`s creative and funny :) http://www.tribal.nl/over-ons/medewerkers

  11. 1415

    Mark Manchester

    May 8, 2011 6:17 am

    There’s a fine line between having a “fun” team page and appearing professional, which also depends on where you sit as an agency. If you’re a creative or design agency it’s a lot easier to get away with something wild – but not so if you are a digital marketing or search engine optimisation agency (especially if you’re B2B).


    The URL above has standard about us section (scroll down to see the team) but when you mouse over the images you see a “lighter” side to the staff members.

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    Fantastic Collections…

    Thanks CC… :)

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    Thank you, thank you thank you for producing this feature.

    You have helped me massively in my quest to make a dull static page into something special. Just need to get the money to develop.

    You rock!

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    We are looking to add a team page to our website localstomper. We thought about adding it to the home page and having it fun and serious. Our team has a lot of credibility, so we thought adding bios and fun info might be a good idea. What do you think?

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    An superb read, thank you. It really is getting harder and harder to sift through all the garbage on-line these days.

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    Atlassian :) About Page. Cool toy-people http://www.atlassian.com/company/about

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    http://adresgezgini.com/ekibimiz you should check our company’s our team page. There is a button “Ekip Ruhu” Clicl it and see our real faces… :D

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    I was working on redesigning our team page and the article and the comments give a lot of ideas so just wanted to thank everyone. Here is how our team page looks right now: http://www.idyllic-software.com/ruby-on-rails-developers

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    Try to make our team page simple and clean, just like our name card – http://qiito.com/about/team

    Hope you guys like it!

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    I kinda recommend this plugin for wordpress for your team page : http://codecanyon.net/item/meet-the-team-plugin/4126778


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    I’m pretty proud of our staff page. Make sure to click into a bio and hover over each person.

  22. 2526

    Darren WIlson

    May 7, 2013 4:22 pm

    i got to say it, there are some pretty awful examples of creative ways to have a meet the team page looking, it lines up like they are just friends sites of the writer.

    http://9milesmedia.com/about/ for instance is terrible.

  23. 2627

    We also went for the clean look for our about/team page. See what you think.


  24. 2728
  25. 2829

    Jeffrey Carandang

    August 6, 2013 3:36 am

    This wordpress plugin is kinda awesome for your website page too : Meet the Team Shortcode

  26. 2930

    Very cool! I am about to redesign my website and really gave me some ideas!

  27. 3031

    Our Meet the team page doesn’t use last names or social profiles for privacy issues but we do use consistent photography to highlight our team members and their roles along with a little bit of their personal lives to build relationship pazdental.com/meet-the-team/

  28. 3132

    Great article, thanks for the examples, they’re great ideas.

    Also, for the “We are Atlantic BT” example all I could think of is “We’re all White People”.


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