Showcase of Beautiful Photography


Sometimes, a picture can be powerful enough to be inspirational material all by itself. To provide you with some inspiration for the upcoming week, this sunday we feature some truly beautiful and impressive images from talented artists and photographers worldwide.

Whether in black and white or in colors, they are all related by a strong sense of composition and an emphasis on lightening and colors work. All images are linked to their sources, which you are encouraged to visit. Other work of the photographers we have featured here is certainly worth discovering as well. Please notice that some images are available as prints as well.

Beautiful Photography

Amazing sleeping beauty, where the beauty is actually also the beast, by Peter ツ. Prints are available as well.

Beautiful Photography - dreaming2

Blue Sky3

Blue Sky4

Far And Away5

Far And Away6

Inside Capitol Hill7

Inside Capitol Hill8

The Endpoint9
By Jeannette Oerlemans.

Inside Capitol Hill10

Falling Up11

Beautiful Photography - 12

Song of Tide13
By Wira Nurmansyah from Indonesia.

Beautiful Photography - Song of Tide14

By Earl A. Jones.

Beautiful Photography - blue16

Bunny Bokeh17
Happy bunny bokeh wednesday, by Little Miss Patricia.

Beautiful Photography - bunny bokeh18

The Cat19

Beautiful Photography20

By tanakawho.

Beautiful Photography - abstract22

Ink Sea23
By Hermin Abramovitch.

Beautiful Photography - ink sea24

Fan’s Eye25
A macro shot by LauHi.



Beautiful Photography - falltuer28

By Konrad Bąk30.

Beautiful Photography - 31

Ant, The Driver32
By Raphael Guarino.

Beautiful Photography - 33

A purple leaf34
By National Geographic.

Beautiful Photography - 35

Flower Petal36
By Alistair Campbell.

Beautiful Photography - flower petal37

By Wysseri.

Beautiful Photography - keeper39

Who Feels Love40
By Ciuky.

Beautiful Photography - who feels love41

In The Mood 4 Love42
By Antonio Navarro Wijkmark.

Beautiful Photography - in the mood 4 love43

By Kleemass.

Beautiful Photography - tunnel45

By Skarphéðinn Þráinsson.

Beautiful Photography47

Susanna Majuri48
A disturbing yet insteresting serie of images by Susanna Majuri.

Beautiful Photography - susanna majuri49

San Torini50

San Torini51

By tEdGuY4953.


blue canary55
By Ursula I Abresch.

blue canary56

Bearded Dragon57
A macro shot by LauHi.

Bearded Dragon58

Ant (by Unknown)
Please let us know who is the author of this image in the comments.

Beautiful Photography

Light Paintings by Twin Cities Brightest59

Beautiful Photography60

Last Click

The Plugs61
Well, that’s not a beautiful photo per se, but we are confident that this image will spark your imagination for a more productive workflow — at least when it comes to handling cabels and plugs!

thank you god for showing me this picture xD62

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  1. 1

    the first shot is awesome

  2. 52

    Santorini and Blue Sky are beautiful, great finds.

  3. 103

    Beautiful images………
    i like it very much……….

  4. 154

    Amaging..! very inspiring..!

  5. 205

    I really like how the red flowers pop out around the wolf. The picture looks so crisp.

  6. 256

    I really like how the red flowers pop out around the wolf. The picture looks so crisp. Don’t know if someone else said this, but I’m not duplicating smashingmag.

  7. 307

    An aweeeesomeeee collections. Gracia..

  8. 358

    Thanks for this. Appreciate it :) Nice to see something different every now and then.

  9. 409


  10. 460

    You can see more interesting Photography @

  11. 511

    How, these are truy amazing!

  12. 562
  13. 613

    These kind of posts just make me more anxious to go travelling the world for a year.

  14. 664

    remake up photos or direct just from camera?

  15. 715

    As mentioned before. Don’t pass photoshoped thingies as photos. Many if not most will not even make it into a publication with relaxed rules on authenticity of photos. Beyond cropping, correctional dodging/burning or some filtering at the time of the original photgraph photos must be photos.

    • 766

      Post production is (and always was) an important part of professional photography, from the early days of film, right through to digital. These images aren’t supposed to be factual, they aren’t shot for the National Geographic or The Guardian.

      Once you hit the shutter button, all cameras carry out their own series of algorithms and compression techniques. Nothing is “direct just from camera” as Jimba so eloquently puts it. You may as well just say that using a digital camera is cheating because the camera uses it’s own processing algorithms before it saves the image from sensor to memory card.

      Antje, you seem to think cropping, dodging and burning is acceptable but nothing beyond that. Why? You’ve started to manipulate the photograph at this point, so where do you draw the line? Once you start to crop an image you change it’s composition; you can drastically alter an image with simple cropping, but you seem to think this is OK? Could I add a slight vignette to bring my subject out, or would that be cheating in your eyes? What about that aeroplane I didn’t notice in the sky when I shot my image, could I clone it out? Why not? Photographers have been doing these techniques in darkrooms long before Photoshop.

      The commenters complaining about these photos being manipulated and therefore somehow less worthy, less artistic, or less impressive really need to take a closer look. Most of these images have been sharpened, had curves and tones adjusted but very little beyond that, there’s nothing that’s been done here that couldn’t be done in a darkroom.

      • 817

        Most ‘photos’ are montages of other people’s stock photos. Not straight shots souped up a bit.
        Cropping is just like framing at the time of taking the photograph. It is part of the original work. Dodging and burning are just like contrast control required techniques to make the end result as much as possible as the situation previsioned at the time of the photo.
        Manupuled photographs may be an art form in itself like painting or drawing but have always been considered unaccepetable for documentary, press and reportage.

        • 868

          I’d like you to point out a single image on this list that’s comped from stock photography.

  16. 919

    Lol its “Santorini” (Σαντορίνη) and not San Torini :D

    Nice pics anyways.

  17. 970

    Great selection of inspiring images.

    Photography like this sure lets you see how amazing the world is underneath the everyday rubbish.

    Also posts like these aren’t all that bad, I’m sure us designers and artists could use some inspiration now and again to refresh our view of things.


  18. 1021

    Great collection!

  19. 1072

    That first image is ridiculously awesome.

  20. 1123

    Nand Kishor Singh

    July 15, 2010 8:57 pm

    Nice collection of gr8 photographs!

  21. 1174

    Patrick Wieczorek

    July 16, 2010 12:32 am

    Liked the last pic (cabel holder). In a practical sense, it’s very mind opening ;)

  22. 1225

    amazing pictures!

  23. 1276

    Definitivamente que son excelentes fotografías. La proyección, la simetría, la perspectiva, el color, el momento, el estilo, todo, todo,… Realmente son especiales. Transportan.

  24. 1327

    featured @

  25. 1378

    Simply wonderful!

  26. 1429

    This should be in the list! anything from is incredible!

    He did a twilight style shot for the Old Spice Guy!

  27. 1480

    I like the photographs but there is a LOT of post-processing. I don’t get it. In my opinion, a photograph loses its credit the moment you over post-process it. I absolutely despise HDR photography. To me photography is art and not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of effort to “make” a photograph. “Taking” photographs is very easy…

    If you want to see some inspiring photography, try Steve McCurry or Raghu Rai. Their photographs tell a story…

  28. 1531

    love it , i want to be a amazing photographer like those talented people :)

  29. 1582

    Look at these
    κατασκευή eshop

  30. 1633

    Awesome photography! very inspiring! I am going to use some techniques on my next shoots. Take a look at my studio work and let me know if you like my works.
    Thanks. Bluepoly Studios Photography

  31. 1684

    Great, thank you.

  32. 1735

    I think the fact that ‘Bunny Bokeh’ is before ‘The Cat’ adds to the whole idea of the cat hiding, almost waiting for it’s prey to walk past. Both beautiful images.

  33. 1786

    Wauuuuu, that is Sickage!!! I’m speechless…………………….. :-)

  34. 1837

    Last pic is very informative.

  35. 1888

    amazing and beautiful photos, they are incredible. This collection is so great as the collecton of photo”Around the world in 24 hours”

  36. 1939

    The second one is in my country Morocco <3
    fantastic pictures!!!

  37. 1990

    Awesome pictures, mind blowing…….love it

  38. 2041

    I am the author of the picture ANT.

  39. 2092

    is a very nice . thanks for GOD alot.

  40. 2143

    stunning photographs your collections are just stunning am the author of

  41. 2194

    Beauty full, amazing photography is a very nice

  42. 2245

    vibhu chauhan

    May 8, 2012 8:21 am

    nice work…….keep working on this stuff

  43. 2296

    I was going to say the exact same thing. Technically flawless, but utterly lacking in spontaneity and “soul”.

  44. 2347

    Same here, a master photoshopper does not a beatiful photo make.


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