Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2010


Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it. That’s why we have decided to supply you with smashing wallpapers over 12 months. And to make them a little bit more distinctive from the usual crowd, we’ve decided to embed calendars for the upcoming month. So if you need to look up some date, isn’t it better to show off a nice wallpaper with a nice calendar instead of launching some default time application?

This post features 75 free desktop wallpapers, created by designers across the globe. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free.

Please notice:

So what wallpapers have we received for September 2010?


"I made a 9 on the fence with nails and woolen to express the tension. It has come to the ninth month of 2010. Still working hardly and stressfully? Take it easy!" Designed by Ssu-Hua Chen10713 from Australia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 104

Autumn Skyview

"Laying on field watching the sky above, leaves are falling, autumn is coming." Designed by Jaro Mlkvy78257916 from Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 1017

Symbian World

"Scene from Symbian World." Designed by Anna Alfut27 from UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 1028

Melancholic Painting

"September always makes me melancholic, not sure why." Designed by Alex Roman48 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 1049

Autumn Paper

"Autumn is the season that’s most calming to me. Perfect weather, an array of colors, and a great source of inspiration to designers." Designed by Bogdan Lazar61 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 1062

Blue Fall

"A fun and intricate Illustration for the month of September inspired by Canadian scenery and the colors of fall" Designed by Avid Muse Design80 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 1081

Gold autumn

"When the leaves begin to change it means that autumn comes and schoolyear begins." Designed by cheloveche.ru101 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10102

My Daisy

"Do not under estimated the beauty of a little daisy." Designed by Esther Lau116 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10117

Colourful Relaxation

"A design based on a photograph by Olivia Bell133 – I ended up altering it a fair bit, but I just loved the original134 so I wanted to base a design on it. I hope you like it!" Designed by Sasha Bell135 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10136

Memorial Tribute

"This wallpaper is a memorial tribute to the heroes of 9-11-2001,remembering the events of that September day and the innocent victims of the whole matter." Designed by Nishith148 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10149

Summer’s End

"The Month of Ramadan is a time for many in which we fast, worship, and evaluate ourselves in order to strive to become a better person. Summer came and now it is leaving, the month of Ramadan came and now it is also leaving us and so this design is to show the tranquility, beauty, and spirituality of this month but at the same time show the power of these last ten nights." Designed by Arif Huda (Ihsaan|Fusion)161 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10162

My Chilly Beach

"Although autumn is calling, the beach is still a gorgeous place – even if chilly. Just a little reminder of summer and the fun it has brought – I hope you all have had a lovely summer (or winter for those in Australia etc) and have a wonderful new season, whatever it may be! Happy September :)" Designed by Olivia Bell327241176 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10177

Hues of Autumn

"As summer turns to fall, we enjoy watching the colors around us change to beautiful shades of orange. Enjoy this fun wallpaper on your desktop this season!" Designed by thunder::tech189 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10190

Origami flight

"Grab some paper, fold yourself a plane, and take flight!" Designed by Chris Alexander (Yipori)203 from England.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10204

Far Far Away

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your OWN sunshine. (Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book)" Designed by Juanita Ooi228 from London, UK (Originally Malaysia).

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10229

Ending of Summer

"Summer feels like it is truly finishing in the UK, we’ve gone from 20 degree weather to the 12/15′s and have spent an entire week immersed in rain! This photograph was taken during a brief dry spell – I thought it was a good representation of what we’re moving towards? even the grass looks sad!" Designed by Olivia Bell327241176 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10242

Wake Me Up

"This is how Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” makes me feel." Designed by Umer Tahir254 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10255

Love Birds

"Celebrate love and be free. Happy September to everyone!" Designed by Martina Skender267 from Croatia/Israel.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10268

The Browser

"Meet the Browser-The Rockstar of the Internet. Preloaded with vibrant colors, he is all ea_rss to the happenings of the world wide web. Ask him about anything and you’ll get a reply, so quick that will make you go-ogling at him. He is the happening cool dude with a goatee in all the chatrooms, forums and social networks. So Click Him! ;)" Designed by Pixel Pundits282 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10283

Back To School

Designed by Irene297 from Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10298

Wear & Tear

Designed by Christopher Lee310 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10311

The Cobweb Field

"For a week we were immersed in a cloud. You couldn’t see into the distance at all, it was miserable but it did give us a wonderful chance for this photograph. I titled it “The Cobweb Field” as when I looked closer, it was literally covered in them. Quite amazing! Thank you to my models Sasha Bell325 and Rosanna Bell326, without them this photograph would be empty! Enjoy September Smashing Magazine readers! :D" Designed by Olivia Bell327241176 from England, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10328

International Day of Peace

"The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on September 21. It is dedicated to peace, or specifically the absence of war, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone. It is observed by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples. The first year this holiday was celebrated was 1981." Designed by Darshan Kore340 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10341

Colorado Wildflowers

Designed by Kari Andresen357 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10358

Victorian newspaper

"I am interested in typography and ornamental Victorian style.I wanted to present this calendar as a Victorian newspaper.Je m’int?resse ? la typographie ornementale et de style Victorienne.J’ai voulu pr?senter ce calendrier comme un journal d’?poque Victorienne." Designed by Sandrine Abraham370 from Paris, France.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10371

Earth Wind and Fire September

"I was born a hippie at heart and am completely in love with the old Fillmore posters from the 60s and 70s. Have a happy September with this Fillmore-style illustration featuring the lyrics to Earth Wind & Fire’s song “September.” Look closely into the disco lights for lyrics." Designed by Allison Doty380 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10381


"Cat and mouse, a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escape. We can do better than that, let’s start this month!" Designed by VCO Studios393 from The Netherlands.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10394

Mexico 1810-2010

"Commemorating Mexico’s bicentennial." Designed by Alicia Ramirez406 from Canada/Mexico.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10407

Nat 2010

"Nat 2010 stands for Nature 2010. A graphical representation of what nature will become during the start of this years autumn." Designed by Alec Leigh427 from France.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10428

Talk like a pirate day

"Ahoy, semptember 19th be th’ speak like a scurvy pirate day. Be a jolly scurvy pirate ‘n on 19th o’ Semptember speak like a scurvy pirate th’ whole day. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?" Designed by Vladimir Remenar440 from Croatia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10441

Summers End

"Take a look out of my little Forest." Designed by Christopher Krahlisch451 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10452


"It’s September, the Summer will end nearly? Don’t make Mimimi, and appreciate the last summer days." Designed by Sandra Heinzen464 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10465

A Tale

"Un poco de fantas’a no le hace mal a nadie :)" Designed by Srpn477 from Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10478

Parallel Universe

"The most tolerant ladybug ever :)" Designed by Bruna Šuligoj486 from Croatia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10487

Spring Origami

"Flying origami birds in the spring." Designed by Paula Laneri503 from Argentina.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10504

Ramadan Kareem

"I have design this wallpaper for the holy month of Ramadan Kareem." Designed by Waqas Khna from Pakistan.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10516

Oh Joy

Designed by Valerie Morgan528 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10529


"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Leaves! Photo by Daniel Furtado." Designed by Wezen Design545 from Brazil.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10546

Iran Guilan

"Guilan, is one of the provinces of Iran that have very desirable weather with beautiful nature.It lies along the Caspian Sea. This photo shows one of the beauty of this region." Designed by Arash Zad562 from IRAN.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10563

Bridge to reflections

"Autumn is that dreamy time when we remember all the good things happened through the summer." Designed by Jaro Mlkvy78257916 from Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10580


"We just got back from a camping trip where we spent severaldays in a tent, surrounded by redwood trees. It’s easy to forget there’s aworld outside our computer monitor sometimes, a world with only the noise ofwater dripping onto leaves and gentle breezes, a world that isn’t dividedinto pixels and margins. It’s important, sometimes, to take a step away fromthe blue haze of our monitors and step into the real world just to keep ourown sanity." Designed by Arcane Palette Creative Design590 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10591

Back to School

"When I would get a little bored in class I would doodle these little characters on my notebooks. Now that I am no longer in school, I still find myself doodling whenever I’m brainstorming for a project or need a little break from what I’m working on." Designed by Amy Vitale609 from Gilbert, AZ USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10610

Wake me up when September… ends

"A little friend hibernating. When the right time comes, he will rise & shine again." Designed by Alecsandru Grigoriu624 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10625


"Just a little something for Talk Like a Pirate Day!" Designed by Carly Dybka637 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10638

Sweet September

"My last September was so sweet with lots of memories with my best friend. So i decided to design a wallpaper for her. And here it is…" Designed by Aswani from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10652


Designed by Barney from Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10664

Cool Cat

"A literal wallpaper, this is an illustration of the coolest cat: the one and only, James Dean." Designed by 3 Roads Media676 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10677

Domo At The Playground

"I <3 Domo." Designed by Anca Varsandan691 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10692

Sweet September

"This is one of my first shots on the new Canon EOS 500D DSLR.Actually, raspberries grown in my garden,so I decided to photographthem a little. I hope you enjoy it." Designed by Dominik Levytskyi714 from Ukraine.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10715

Why Autumn

"A little reason for Autumn, From morocco… with love !" Designed by Adil Fattoumy from Morocco.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10729

Landscape in Santa Catarina

"Winter in South America" Designed by Marco Aurelio Fevereiro from Brazil.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10741

September Space

"Beautiful space wallpaper with desktop calendar of September 2010" Designed by Sagar763 from Bangladesh.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10764

Hello September

"Say Bye to summer, September is here." Designed by Jaro Mlkvy78257916 from Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10783

New Season

Designed by Eugenie Huard890793 from California, USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10794

Going to seed

"September calendar celebrates Autumn and nature Going To Seed. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf’s a flower. – Albert Camus”" Designed by Kim Carney812 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10813


"Random Idea…" Designed by Kris Koubaddy from United States.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10821

Welcome Autumn.

"Let’s give a big welcome to Autumn that will begin in September!" Designed by Marco Palma from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10833


"Don’t forget to take your umbrella with you in September. Actually this is more what August was like in Germany." Designed by Martin Kolb847 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10848

Happy Place

Designed by Kasper Nordkvist862 from Denmark.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10863

Time to Design

"The summer is ending, everyone is going back to school/work and the weather is starting to change. But this can be a good thing because now we have a good excuse to stay inside and start designing beautful things. Designed by: Robin de Jong from The Netherlands" Designed by Robin de Jong877 from Netherlands.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10878

Back to School

"To grow up, meet new friends and learn life." Designed by Eugenie Huard890793 from California, USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10891

Ramadan Kareem

"Eid ul-Fitr, This happy festival marks the end of the fast of Ramadan which is the Islamic month of fasting. I designed this wallpaper to dedicate my design for the month of Ramadan kareem." Designed by Vanshika Wadhwani from Bahrain.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10909

Welcome Ramadan

"Wallpaper I made on the holy occasion of Ramadan." Designed by Taghreed Alhaqbani921 from Saudi Arabia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10922


"Never Forget." Designed by Eric Hooper934 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10935

Kitchen Hymns

"During my time at NYSC, I was inspired abotu learning and observing a culture very new to me. Specifically was the body dimensions of ladies from the Southern part of Nigeria was something I want to hold dear to memory – not that I stare at them, but some things can not hide for long. This artwork shows a typical African lady having a swell time at the kitchen." Designed by Aroyewun Babajide947 from Nigeria.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10948

Falling Leaves

"As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change, use this desktop to give yourself a picturesque reminder of autumn." Designed by fifty2forty8 studios960 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10961

Note for Dad

"A simple reminder to all Dads to go home early :)" Designed by Aswani from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10974

Afternoon Bike

"Afternoon Bike" Designed by emily shirley986 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 10987


"Awesome autumn sunset, shoot in Norway just a few days ago.The photo was made at around 10 p.m. withvery little editing done to it, just to make the color pop a little more and remove a jet line." Designed by Nistor Mihai999 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101000

When leaves leave…

"September…when leaves leave…" Designed by Vy Phan1012 from United Kingdom.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101013


"A simple calendar hope you guys like it, i got the inspiration from a photo-manipulated imageIf you guys want to change anything or have any suggestions please let me know.Free to use but mention my name." Designed by Qayum Khan1029 from Afghanistan.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101030

Seagull Days

"A view from the Head Island Causeway in Boston’s South Shore. Photo-traced." Designed by Nate Green1040 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101041


"The illustration was created as a booklet for A Nursery Center, so, I used the sameillustration on the cover for a wallpaper." Designed by Fatima Alghafli1055 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101056

Through the window

"I always look up my windows when I am tired of starring the computer screen. It reminds me the weather outside at the moment or the time to eat dinner. I clipped off the word “September” from news paper and pasted it to my window, which notices me that it’s already September." Designed by Ssu-Hua Chen10713 from Australia.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101072


Designed by Megan Smith1086 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - september 101087

Join in next month!

Please notice that we respect the ideas and motivation behind artists’ work which is why we’ve given artists full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience through their works. And this is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

Thanks to all designers for participation. Join in next month1099!

What’s your favorite?

What’s your favourite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comments! And have a smashing September, folks!

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    Some fantastic designs here! – Great work. – Think I’m gonna go with “Hanging” this month.

    Thank you!

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    love it, especially ramadhan themes.
    makes me want to join for next month ;-)

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    Is Autumn Skyview a subtle 9/11 reference? Cuz, it’s not really all that subtle. Ah, the beautiful autumn sky… colorful leaves alight in the cool breeze…. and a mammoth, low flying commercial airplane deafening the chatter of birds making plans for their fall migration…

    • 18

      Judy, I have the same reaction. Why else would a commercial airplane be in that wallpaper, I wonder?

      Man, I never thought I’d get worked up over desktop wallpaper.

      • 19

        Well, you two soured me on that image. I switched to Star.

      • 21

        Maybe to give the impression that you’re looking up at the sky as leaves fall down around you?

        • 22

          That’s how I took it. I’m from Chicago, and it’s a pretty common occurence in the suburbs to hang out in natural settings under flight paths and watch planes heading into and out of Midway and O’Hare.

  14. 23

    I picked Autumn Skyview, but several others were pulling at me. I love the macros.

    Judy, I didn’t think of it as 9/11 related. That’s a bit of a chilling spin. Just because it’s a jet in September doesn’t mean it’s near New York City nine years ago, but I don’t blame you for thinking of it. Perhaps that is much more in your frame of reference than it is in mine.

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    Awesome collection, sad that I couldn’t get in on it this month because I had so much going on.
    Good stuff, I really like something about all of them.

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    Best Regards

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    Matteo Palazzani

    August 31, 2010 5:43 am

    Ouch i’m not in the selected 75 calendars! I will try next month ehehehe! anyway, it’s an awesome collection of stunning works!! congrats to all the photographer/designer!

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      Why Autumn, Wet, Afternoon Bike, Going to Seed and Through the Window are my favorites. Hard to pick just one

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    This Olivia Bell Is Getting Better and Better ! Excellent :)

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    I’d like to thank all the artists for doing a wonderful job. I have really only one comment. I don’t care for any of the designs that reference 9/11. Not because I think they’re bad or because I think there should be limitations placed on subject matter—I don’t. For me, remembering 9/11 is still painful.

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    nice “Ramadan moubark” all of u

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    I always love looking through these every month.
    I have chosen my favourites in 3 different categories this time.
    (Typography, Creativity, Use of Colour)

    #1 Typography – Victorian Newspaper
    #1 Creativity – The Browser
    #1 Use of Colour – Chesnut

    I really love the colours in CHESNUT. very nice!!

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    I was surprised to see that September Space so prominently features my home province of New Brunswick, Canada. As always, a great collection.

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    Another great selection of fabulous designs!

    I’m using Layover for my wallpaper. I love the muted colors (with the pops of red) and the swirling design of the flight paths.

    Design-wise, Star is probably my favorite. It’s absolutely stunning. I think the grunge feel is implemented well, especially when complemented by the diagonal pinstripes. I just personally don’t want a 9/11-themed wallpaper on my computer.

    Of the ones with photographs, I think Parallel Universe is my favorite. I love the contrast of the bright, pretty ladybug with the dead stalk.

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    Yipori is back! Like it so much..It’s so cute.. I give Like This Icon for Mimimi, also =)

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    I really liked “Wear & Tear” by Christopher Lee. Did you do the illustration yourself?

    • 57

      Thanks…. it was actually taken from a vintage postcard from Oklahoma, early 1900′s.

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    afternoon bike…. my fav!
    but all are great as well :)

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    I’d like ‘Tension 9′ if it wasn’t for the horrific spelling error.

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      Soddit – I’ve stared at the Tension 9 wallpaper on my desktop since 1st Sept and I’ve only just spotted that cracking spelling mistake. Ruined!!

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    Great selection! Makes me glad that Win7 has a rotating wallpaper feature. It’s too hard to choose just one!

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    Nice selection, as always!
    I sent you my work, but it’s not here. How do I know, if it was rejected (and of what reason), or you just didn’t get it?

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    Blue Fall is mesmerizing. I will be happy to look at that this month on my screen.

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    Excellent selection! I always find something great on here, but this is your strongest month in a while! Keep the great inspiration flowing!

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    August 31, 2010 11:29 am

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    They all look great though, nice job!

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    I love the detail in “Blue Fall”, the natural feel of “Wear & Tear” (closely matched by “Welcome Autumn”), the colors of “Why Autumn”, and the simplicity of “Hello September”.

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    The Ramadan designs are terrific, but I have to say that “Talk Like A Pirate” gets my thumbs up.

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    Thanks a lot for the calendars… :)

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    Wow! thanks for including my “A tale” in your selection

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    August 31, 2010 10:37 pm

    Hey! My calendar is here too! Nice
    And the others – good works this month! Thanks! ^_^

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    Some nice designs again – but:
    can we PLEASE have a few more smaller scales with different aspect ratios – many of the recent desktop calenders won’t fit my laptop screen at all.
    Its resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels doesn’t even allow me to rescale larger layouts as the text of the calendar gets too distorted. My only option is to save an image and re-crop it…
    My second laptop has a similar aspect ratio and poses the same problem.
    This might be more of an issue to me because I only consider graphics with the calendar in the middle; no good to have the calendar hiding behind my double height taskbar or my limited number of desktop icons

  90. 107

    Nice work, thanks for all the artist/designer/photographers who share this beautiful desktop wallpapers :-)

  91. 108

    Love these wallpapers, it’s a great idea. Is there any possibility of having some dual screen resolutions?

  92. 110

    WOW!! So many to choose! There aren’t enough days in September for all these fab calendars. As always, Olivia Bell’s are winners.

    Thanks to all the designers. :)

    For those who want to rotate their wallpapers automatically (but don’t have Win7), you can always use Juggler. It’s free & friendly. :)

  93. 111

    Nice collection, my favourite this month is ‘through the window’. The concept seems simple, but having the text made up of newspaper cutouts make it look more complex and interesting to look at.
    I also like ‘why autumn’ the colours (in particular the reds and oranges) represent autumn perfectly however i think the calendar would have worked better without the text box, as it is a little distracting from the image.

  94. 112

    hye thanks to the designers … i think this time i have downloaded the most…… the photography wallpapers were superb …

  95. 113

    most of them are awesome others are cool too :)

  96. 114


    everything very nice……

  97. 115

    Ultimate collection !!
    Thanks to SM and all the designers for sharing.

  98. 116

    My wallpaper for this month: “Note for Dad”

    • 117

      Thank u Dragonflex….atlast someone liked my wallpaper too :) This has given me so much confidense.

  99. 118

    Now, is it your webpage or my browser (which is admittedly really old and I can’t update it) that’s shoving all the text to the one side? I almost have to scroll for a good ten minutes to see everything!

  100. 119

    Excellent month! I’m glad to see more and more different designers being featured – I’m not a fan of having the Bells and Yipori featured EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!
    But this month I will have to change the image a few times to honor all of this month’s celebrations!!! woo hoo!!!

  101. 120

    75 beauties of fall compassion! Thank you for the inspirations. Thank you for the free offerings. “Thank you” for taking away a morning coffee break. Go Smashing!

  102. 121

    I like Tension9, but “stressful” is spelled wrong (there is not supposed to be a double F). Spell check, designers, spell check!

  103. 122

    I’m going with September Space…Thank-you, I love these wallpaper calendars!!!

  104. 123

    “Summer’s End” all the way, it’s sooooooo captivating and rich w/ meaning!

  105. 124

    John (UK - E.Yorkshire)

    September 1, 2010 6:33 am

    Thanks again all, ive gone with hanging! I did like the space one but it didn`t have a 1680×1050 display never mind hanging is great! Infact there all great, keep it up peeps.

  106. 125

    There are some really great wallpapers this month. I love the beginning of fall themes.

  107. 126

    I just wondering, Sasha Bell always appear every month.
    But I love her work. :)

  108. 128

    Really great set of designs this month, everyone! I admit, though, that I was disappointed to find that the two wallpapers I really wanted to use on my work computer (Summer’s End and Why Autumn) didn’t come in 4:3 aspect resolutions. Our office is behind the times in terms of equipment, so I’m stuck using a 1024×768 monitor. I’m finding lately that more and more of these wallpapers ignore the 4:3 ratio. I know that widescreen monitors are what designers use now, and I have one myself at home, but my day job still has older equipment. Just a thought for future wallpapers!

  109. 129

    One of the best collections so far… Couldn’t wait for the end of August, and rightfully so!

  110. 130

    Summer’s End. Awesome!!

  111. 131

    I’m using “Layover” — been traveling all year and plan on one more trip before the year is out :)

  112. 132

    Great collection of wallpapers! Love Summer’s End! :]

  113. 133

    Best collection of wallpapers in months.
    We always go to the beach in September after the crowds have gone away. “Bridge to Reflections” reminds me of the most relaxing/reflective week of the year. Which is coming up in two weeks!

  114. 134

    The wallpaper “Melancholic Painting” is very nice, i like the effect.

  115. 135

    “Autumn paper” on my screen :)

  116. 136

    Every month talent displayed here always amazes me. This month I love “Autumn Paper”, “Ramadan Kareem”, “A Tale”, and the 1st “Summer’s End” listed. Bravo!

  117. 137

    it would’ve been cool if there was more with the mexico bicentennial theme..
    “summer’s end” is the best one this month in my opinion.

    • 138

      I agree with you, would have been nice to see more themes about Mexico, congratulations to Alicia

  118. 139

    Great designs. Thanks!
    I’m going for Nat 2010 on the laptop and Blue Fall on the desktop.

  119. 140

    did anyone notice the spelling error on “when leaves leave…”? September is spelled “Septemper”.

  120. 141

    i want a autmn feel. i mean it’s autmn but most of them are bright….
    because in some country sept mean it’s autmn….
    i wish the calendar matches with like the season and time
    i mean i like the ramadan theme

  121. 142

    Gorgeous selection for this month!
    But I have seen the background from “Why Autumn” by Adil Fattoumy from Morocco, on another site?! I thought that the entire design of the wallpaper had to be original and from the designer and not downloaded from the internet. Copyright?

  122. 143

    Wow. I am knocked flat on the floor, blown away by so many incredible designs displayed this month!

  123. 144

    Great work!

  124. 145

    I lurve the Layover wallpaper. So national geograhpical feel!

  125. 146

    Ending of Summer is definitely my favourite! :-)

  126. 147

    i love summer’s end by Arif Huda, what a great job.

  127. 148

    LIKE Summer’s End, International Day of Peace, and Spring Origami looks cute too!! .. and those ramadhan and eid theme, i like em! :)

  128. 149

    Starting the week on a Monday instead of Sunday on a calendar is not creative or innovative – it’s just brutally confusing and stupid; it shows how retarded you are as a socialized human being and over-developed as an illustrator with no common sense at all and trying too hard to be different, like that loser kid that gets picked on all the time in highschool and ending up in a studio apartment for the rest of his life.

    • 150

      And as for the kid who decided to start the month on a Wednesday because September 1st happens to be the 1st day.. well you’ve just pulled a dumb and dumber move.

      Usability and User Experience is a huge aspect of design and communications. Making a calendar confusing from the conventional calendar layout to be “different” is a huge fail in my opinion when it comes to proper “design” and it’s a shame that Smashing Magazine allows such calendars to even be published.

      Stick with the Sunday-Saturday displays on calendars.

      • 151

        @Jeff Kee : kid, don’t let your ‘usability smartness’ make you type retarded lines describing the designers. and remember to come outside your studio apartment once in a while to enjoy the fresh air! it really helps your brain

        • 152

          A. Not a kid, grown man and a business owner, not some starving artist.
          B. 2 bedroom + office (large enough for 3 big desks and 3 chairs) in one of the best areas of Vancouver (and Vancouver’s the most expensive in Canada)
          C. I play lots of sports, instead of computer games like Starcraft on my spare time. And I also see these things called women. So I think I get more than enough fresh air and sunlight.

          Get your head out of the sand – these artists can really learn some basics from a business owner who has a good sense of practicality along with common sense. By spazzing out at somebody like me, you only prove your own weaknesses, not mine. :)

          • 153

            rich kid, you had a point about those calendars starting from monday instead of sunday, well and fine. but your analysis about the ‘designers’ is what which is not needed.

          • 154

            Fair enough. I was having a cranky high-stress day, and when I downloaded one that I liked and thought “Holy shit today is Thursday?” and had a panic which was quickly resolved when I saw the mess-up of the weekdays, I just snapped. An older man with health problems could have suffered a heart attack with such confusion.

    • 155

      Just to let you know, in some countries it is customary to start a calendar on Monday. Smashing Magazine has international readership.

      • 156

        Thank you for the clarification! I always thought that maybe people were trying to be ‘cute’ or ‘different’ when doing the Monday start. This is another example of how American-centric we are by assuming that winter is in December, summer is in July and everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Love the diversity that Smashing brings to its readers.

    • 157

      In the UK calendars generally start on a Monday…

  129. 158

    That is a wonderful wall papers for this September. Thank you

  130. 159

    a very good selection this month. too good in my opinion, it’s too hard to choose just one.

  131. 160


  132. 161

    great autumn collection!

  133. 162

    I love Autumn Paper. The textures and color are so fitting for this time of year.

  134. 163

    As im going through a kinda mod rocker phase at the mo ive gone for the kool cat Mr James Dean (for the time being). Some really great designs here.

  135. 164

    Perhaps wallpapers with just photos should be grouped differently.

  136. 165

    What I say??’

  137. 166

    I liked the autumn paper the best.

  138. 167

    where are the good designers!!!??? cmon this are so not good wallpapers…. just the ones with photos are good….

    • 168

      I know, and half of them don’t know that it’s calendar convention to start the week on a Sunday, not Monday.

      The artwork is impressive on many of them, however.

      • 169

        Um, it depends on where you live, actually. For most of Europe the convention is to start the week on a Monday. I find it very confusing to see calendars with Sunday at the beginning of the week!

  139. 170

    How do I chose? That made my afternoon. Many to chose from but will likely try Autumn Paper or Blue Fall as my daughter will surely love the latter.

  140. 171

    Great works all!
    My favs:
    · Wear & Tear Designed by Christopher Lee from USA.
    · Victorian newspaper Designed by Sandrine Abraham from Paris, France.
    · Why Autumn Designed by Adil Fattoumy from Morocco.
    · Welcome Autumn Designed by Marco Palma from Germany.

  141. 172

    autumn paper is very simple and best!

  142. 173

    I would like ‘Layover’ a lot more if it wasn’t just a stock vector with the logo replaced and a few lines drawn over the top. As a designer it can be quite discouraging to see people take something, modify it only slightly and then claim that it’s their work.

    I have nothing against people using stock photography and vectors, but at least make it your own. I’m sure there are some people who put a lot of time and effort into creating wallpaper that didn’t make the cut this month. (Just to clarify, I didn’t submit any wallpapers in this lot or know anyone that did – I just like browsing each month for a new desktop.)

  143. 174

    photos wallpapers are nice but only hanging wallpaper caught my attention (from kris k. from states).

  144. 175

    i like blue fall :-)

  145. 176

    really hats off to all those who makes these amazing wallpapers

  146. 177

    thanks you so much! i love all :D

  147. 178

    Great Collection as usual

  148. 179

    Steal them

  149. 180

    Sehr schöne Sammlung. Gleich verlinken… Freue mich auf die Desktop Wallpapers nächsten Monat.

  150. 181

    The themepack download is corrupted! Is there another link I can use?

  151. 182

    This is all very nice, just as it is every month!
    But am I the only one a bit fed up with the bell sisters?

    • 183

      Totally agree with you Sjoerd. The Bells are extremely overestimated. Can’t find 1 reason why they are here every month.

  152. 184

    Like it! but a lot of designers forget 1024 x 768 resolution.. =S

  153. 185

    “New Season” is hilarious. Its on 2 of my computers for this month!

  154. 187

    Mto legal os papeis de parede…
    Mto úteis, e mto bonitos,
    Obrigado… Gostei mto!!!

  155. 188

    I like the “Summer’s End” wallpaper. It has kind of a mystical look that I like. It doesn’t have too many colors, so it won’t distract me from what else I have on my screen.

  156. 189

    Nice batch; my faves are Victorian newspaper, Parallel Universe, Back to School, Chestnut, September Space, Inspirations.

    Keep up the good work!

    • 190

      Hi Marie Elise!

      Actually there are 3 wallpapers called “Back to school”.
      If you talk about mine… Thank you very much! :)
      And if you like the style I drew it, you can find others on my website ( ) ;)!

      Have a nice sunday! :)


  157. 191

    I like September, because my girl friend born in this respected month. I like your Site, please send more wallpapers for my computer.

  158. 192

    Hello September will be adorning my desktop…simple & less clutter!

  159. 193

    Nice collection

  160. 194

    thank you very much. this months wallpapers are very nice.

  161. 195

    missing the september sentence :(

  162. 196

    My Daisy and Why Autumn are on the PC’s at work and Domo at the Playground is here in my house. My girls are probably going to put Spring Origami, Origami Flight or Friends on their own computer. Lovely array for all different tastes and styles!

  163. 197

    The first one is great, but oh no there’s a typo :s! “stressffull”

  164. 198

    I like the symbian world.. :)
    that’s great..

  165. 199

    I choosed the little creature called Domo, it inspires me to make one with my Red Hand Gang Dunny Thanks for the share and happy september for everyone!

  166. 200

    Tons of nice wallpaper here..
    But, if i have to choose then i choose “Back to School”
    Pretty simple but nice and funny! :D

  167. 201

    My monthly wallpaper update, thanks for sharing, once again!

  168. 202

    Joomla Outsource India

    September 5, 2010 11:17 pm

    excellent wallpaps. I always wait for new months creativity :)

    thanks for the sharing.

  169. 203

    The collection for September 2010 is awesone and inspirational I like it in and out

  170. 204

    Very Cool

  171. 205

    Great round of calendars for September :)

  172. 206

    thank you so much speacialy for ramedans wallpapers because i am muslem………………..
    so good

  173. 207

    Some really nice ones. I liked the Ramadan ones, but it would have been nice to have some for the High Holidays as well (Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur), our most holy days of the year.

  174. 208

    Oh, very nice. Thanks a lot!

  175. 209

    These are super awesome, thanks. My favorite is September Space and it totally works with my sci-fi vibe in my creative projects right now.

  176. 210

    I loved the Victorian Newspaper :) Big fan of smashing magazine wallpapers :)

  177. 211

    All are very nice. But I like the below lot. very nice designs. Thanks.
    Bridge to reflections, A Tale, Mimimi, Colorado Wildflowers, Summer’s End, Tension9

  178. 212

    “Hanging” is my favourite!

  179. 213

    Cool selection. I took the one with Domokun.^^

  180. 214

    Not as nice as august was … :(

  181. 215

    This the best collection ….came across. Loved the ideas

  182. 216

    so nice
    smashing magazine wallpapers is the best

  183. 217

    Love Blue Fall

  184. 218

    Some nice ones here, but i would like to see some more mellow backgrounds that doesn’t distract that much…

  185. 219

    nice collection.. cool… :-)

  186. 220

    I must say that a September calendar with a plane flying behind falling leaves is a bit over the top for those who remember what happened this week 9 years ago.

    The imagery is not really uplifting to someone who had this tragedy happen way to close to home.

    Does anyone remember what happened? It was only 9 years ago.


  187. 221

    Liked the Nat local. Meanwhile chek out my site at

  188. 222

    Thank you for these great wallpapers ! I always watch out for the next month !

  189. 223

    They are rea;;py special this month. Thank you sooo much

  190. 224

    That’s a nice collection ^^~

  191. 225

    great collection of calenders are you doing it next month?

  192. 226

    Is there something wrong with 2560×1440????!!!!

  193. 227

    As usual great wallpapers thnx for all.
    Every month i cant wait to see collection for each month.

  194. 228

    This month i have loved “Going to seed”. Thank you very much!

  195. 229

    all are superb and i love this month….coz ma b’day comes in same month……..n wallpapers hav proved that septmber is a beautiful month
    thanx…..4 uploads… ;) :) :)

  196. 230

    “Ending of Summer” and “Layover” are my favourites.

  197. 231

    I live in Santa Catarina.. A beautiful wallpaper that shows our winter! :)

  198. 233

    The Domo one is my favorite one. I am very proud of all the designs here. This is some great work.

  199. 234

    good idea
    i like it

  200. 235

    Good One’s Guy’s

  201. 236


    Obrigado pelo apoio…

    Sou um paulistano que adotou Santa Catarina..

  202. 237

    awesome collections

  203. 238

    Truly beautiful selection this month. I had a hard time choosing but my favorite was Summer’s End. Every time I catch sight of it on my desktop, I have to stop and just look at it awhile. Thank you.

  204. 239

    I love Summer’s End, September Space, and my favorite, Layover. Great selection!

  205. 240

    I likeee………….all. very nice.

  206. 241

    great design…..
    who design that…?

  207. 242


    I want to submit a design (desktop calendar) for next month. Let me know the procedures to post my design to Smashing Magazine.

    I am waiting for your positive respnonse.

  208. 243

    thanks for all
    i like ramadhans wallpapers


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