Free HTML 4.01/HTML5 WordPress Theme: Spectacular


Today we release Spectacular, a free WordPress theme that aims to provide a warm and pleasurable atmosphere for personal musings and ramblings. The theme comes in two flavors: HTML 4.01 and HTML5. Also, both German and English versions of the theme are included in the download package. The theme is cross-browser compatible and supports Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE7+, and FF. Support for IE6 is not available, though the theme works in IE6, too.

The theme was commissioned by Smashing Magazine and designed by Maleika Esther Attawel1 exclusively for Smashing Magazine. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.


Download the theme for free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.



Front page area (large preview)8

Table and content (large preview)10

Archives page (large preview)12

Post page (large preview)14

Comment area (large preview)16

Front page area (large preview)18

Comments view (large preview)20

Blog post (large preview)22

Thank you, Maleika. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

Feel free to suggest your ideas for the freebies you’d like to see on Smashing Magazine in the comments area below.


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  1. 1

    Beautiful theme..I like it..
    i should download it and modified the color little bit..

  2. 2

    It’s awful nice of you guys to offer something so nice for free. I appreciate you taking care of us in the community! Great work!

  3. 3

    I would delete the webkit-transitions on the more button/arrow (on the homepage) and the rss button in the footer. It doesn’t look nice with sprite images.

  4. 4

    Christopher Anderton

    January 10, 2011 6:01 am


  5. 5

    Thank you for all the hard work. Looks good!

  6. 6

    Wow, that’s great theme for free. I like it.

  7. 7

    Great theme, looks amazing.

  8. 8

    Very nice theme, well designed.
    However its quite slow to load and very hard to read; Maybe increasing font size/colour could help?

    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. 12

    Thanks for this carefully made template! Looks like a colour print on recycled grey paper. Also the round edges on the buttons and form fields are nicely made. Love it!

  10. 13

    Okay, this really *is* spectacular. Love the attention to detail. Far, far superior to most freebie themes.

  11. 14

    Really nice article (

  12. 15

    Now this is a great free theme.

  13. 16

    How do I “Change the permissions of the “uploads” folder to 777″? I’m trying to install this on our company intranet which we host internally.

  14. 18

    Dang that is a sweet template for being free! Thanks so much!

  15. 19

    This is fantastic. Thanks so much…may become the backbone to the new blog I want to start…

  16. 20

    Really love how much texture there is on this. Very nice!

  17. 21

    Das ist ja mal ein echt netter Zug, dass dieses tolle Theme auch in deutsch angeboten wird :-) Herzlichen Dank!

  18. 22

    This is a nice theme. Thank you for the hard work!

  19. 23

    Damn sexy looking theme. Thanks SM!

  20. 24

    gorgeous! thanks for sharing such a nice free theme.

  21. 25

    Really clean theme – this is why Smashing Magazine is so good! Keep them coming!

  22. 26

    Contrast a bit low no, making it a bit unfriendly to read?

  23. 27

    Andreas Ostheimer

    January 10, 2011 1:39 pm

    I love the looks of it but the readability of the text is bad in both IE and FF. I don’t know why one would use a this kind of font replacement as it really makes text almost unreadable.
    Otherwise great work with stunning details!

  24. 28

    Nice theme. I need to work more with WordPress.

  25. 29

    The body text is pretty much unreadable on a windows 7 machine, I’m sure it looks fine on your Mac but you should probably check it out on a windows machine to see what I mean.

    • 30

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 11, 2011 6:19 am

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve tested it on Windows 7 via Parallels and the text rendering displayed fine. Goes to show that I need a real Linux machine rather than relying on emulators. I’ll rectify the font-stack in the next update.


  26. 31

    Nice. Love the texture but I think it need more contrast on the text footer. Overall, great design. I love how the position of the contact form, very easy for reach.


  27. 32

    This theme is AWESOME! I just installed it… and is it just me, or is it missing the ampersand (ampersand.png) graphic on the front page? I’m displaying a broken image icon and the ampersand graphic is nowhere to be found.

    Still… amazing theme! Thanks!

    • 33

      Hi Sam,

      i faced the same issue no (ampersand.png) also it comes from root. :(


    • 36

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 11, 2011 6:00 am

      Sam and Rohith,

      thanks for spotting that! There’s a path issue I failed to correct. My apologies.

      In the theme’s index page (approx. on line 35), there’s this line:

      <img src="/images/ampersand.png" alt="And">

      The image path to the WordPress theme file needs to be changed to this:

      (just noticed I can’t post the code here, sorry). Please see this image for the code that needs to be added into the IMG tag:

      I’ll rectify this in the next theme update.


      • 37

        Nice! Thanks for the fix! We’ll still have to upload the ampersand.png to the images folder, right? Because, as far as I can tell, it isn’t included anywhere in the download. Again, many thanks!

  28. 39


    Posted here:

  29. 40

    Que groso que sos amigo! Спасибо!

  30. 41

    This is really a Good work, but the readability of the text is bad in both IE and FF (Windows machine).

  31. 42

    Great theme. Like the background texture. Thanks

  32. 43

    Very nice theme and cool writeup… Keep up the good work…

  33. 44

    Awesome Theme

    : Dinesh Saini

  34. 45

    It might look nice but design is about more than that, i can’t help but think there will be some accessibility problems with the color use.

  35. 46

    An other great FREE theme. Not sure I would use this theme as is, but would certainly look into the code and possibly use certain things.

  36. 47

    It’s a lovely design – I really like the textures. I have to agree with some previous comments though that the readability of the text is quite poor (on a Windows machine at least).

  37. 48

    Fantastic, thank you for such a great work. I will benefit it for my next work that is already in progress…

  38. 49

    I love the design! Now if only it could have a photo carousel since I’m a photographer and i’m done. 8-)

  39. 50

    fantastic! thank you smashing magazine!

  40. 51

    Like the textures you are using here!

  41. 52

    That’s really wonderful! Thank you!

    This note is really out of place, though:
    “I do not recommend the use of the HTML5 version in production environments due to the fact that HTML5 is still in Draft mode and Internet Explorer not playing ball (with Javascript disabled). ”

    Seriously? It’s 2011! :P

    • 53

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 11, 2011 5:42 am

      Hi Francesco,

      thanks for your comment. :) I personally am still a bit cautious with using HTML5 in production mode, which is why it comes in HTML 4.01 as well. This is just my very subjective opinion, however, and felt it was better to offer a version in the standard old HTML 4.01, thus leaving the choice to the user on whether he embraces HTML5 or HTML 4.01.

  42. 54

    Nice one :)

  43. 55

    It’s smashing template. Can’t wait in Joomla! & Drupal version, if any.

  44. 56

    Beautiful theme! I’ve been looking & looking for a theme for a non-profit…and this definitely fits what I’m looking for. Thank you for all the hard work :)

  45. 57

    so drab and boring. i’m sure the code is good :)

  46. 58

    WOW! This is a beautiful theme, and I can’t believe it’s free. Fantastic, thanks for all the work that went into this!

  47. 59

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  48. 60

    Where can i find the psd file? I only see a Windows Theme File…thanks!

    • 61

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 14, 2011 4:40 am

      Hi Alin,

      there should be three folders, the first being a folder named PSD. In there there’s a standard .psd file. Let me know.



  49. 62

    Thanks! fantastic theme.

  50. 63

    Is it just me, but when trying this I found that the Archives page has a problem:

    The formatting seems to break – i’ve had a look through but can’t see what the problem is.

    Otherwise, an exceptional theme. Well done Maleika, and thank you.

    • 64

      Right – sorted it – It appears to be a problem is the page slug is ‘archives’. Taken the ‘s’ off the end and it works.

    • 65

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 14, 2011 4:38 am

      Glad you sorted it out, Jono. If there’s anything else, let me know.


  51. 66

    It’s amazing theme, but i can’t load file after 93% (opera, ie, download master)… :(

    • 67

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 14, 2011 7:04 am

      Hello Malmut,

      I don’t think I understand what you mean with load? Do you have problems downloading the theme or uploading it?

  52. 68

    Thank you, Maleika… when upload theme something else… please comment this… :(

  53. 69

    What beautiful colors and texture. Very nice job!

  54. 70

    Wow, very nice theme! Very nice work. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Only thing that jumps out, the font and readability is not good. I’d change the font and increase it’s size.

  55. 71

    hella sexy!

  56. 72

    Leandro Caracciolo

    January 13, 2011 9:58 am

    Very nice job! Beautiful design!

  57. 73

    I’m having some challenges getting the featured post excerpt to render correctly on the front page. It seems to be floating off and above the title of the post. I’ve combed the code, and can’t quite figure it out. Any ideas?

    P.S. I’ve stripped out the content while I work on the implementation and design, so it’s all just dummy stuff, but that shouldn’t effect the template.

  58. 76

    Nevermind. I sorted out the issue. Now on to tweaking the source graphics and overall look/aesthetics. Fantastic work, however. Really solid all around template. And if I could take a moment, may I also complement you on the installation and setup instructions that came with it. Much more detailed and useful than the normal instructions that come with most templates.

  59. 78

    Have I totally lost my mind or are the .psd files in both the Windows and Mac folders not actually .psd files?

    BTW: As many have said just a flat out stunning theme all around!

    • 79

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 14, 2011 4:37 am

      Tommy, that is a normal layered .psd file. Let me know what issues you have opening the file and I’ll try to help.

      • 80

        Never seen this before Maleika. Even downloaded the installer multiple times. On a Windows machine and the file shows up as a Windows Theme File. A screen cap is here:

        Any chance you could give me a direct link to the .psd file so I could try that. I just love this theme and would like to make some tweaks and use it :). Also, thanks for your help.

  60. 82

    Mind blowing ….. :)

  61. 83

    This is cool. Must take ages to get you head around stuff like this. Well written!

  62. 84

    I must be crazy – there is a “Windows Theme File” in the PSD folder and no PSD to be found.

    Also, where is the “Feature Image” panel for the homepage post thumbnails? Is it somewhere in the Appearance panel?

    Thanks, I really hope I can get this to work!

    • 85

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 14, 2011 1:51 pm

      Hi Mandy,

      the .psd file is included. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work. :/ I’ll have to look into that.

      The featured image panel is located on the right side (below the “Post Tags” panel) in your Edit Posts screen.

      Let me know if that helps,


    • 86

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 15, 2011 10:08 am

      Mandy, please download the PSD file from here:

      There seems to be a conflict with my filename and Windows. The issue will be resolved in the next update.


  63. 88

    @Maleika: Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful theme! :)

    p/s: Also – I know Firefox 2.0.x series is out of date, but just to let you know that the League Gothic font doesn’t seem to display in this browser for some reaso, so the default font type is used (which is quite large). This means that e.g. the title text stretches across the header, rather than just occupying the left space and the navigation menu at the top is also larger than in the demo.

    • 89

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 31, 2011 11:07 am

      Yes, it isn’t taken FF2 into account. Will think of supporting FF2 in the next update.



  64. 90

    This is an AMAZING theme. Thank you.

  65. 91

    Oh man, gorgeous work guys! I’m definitely about to try this one on my blog, thank you!!!

  66. 92

    that reddish color looks very annoying.. it’s better if it would be grey or white…

    • 93

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      February 2, 2011 12:16 am

      The PSD file is included (download from comments), so you can change the colors to your heart’s content. :)

  67. 94

    People behind this awesome template must be so generous. Thanks for being so helpful and kind guys. This serves as an inspiration for beginners to design even better. Got to grab this one and experiment it.

    Again, thanks!!

  68. 95

    This is a super sweet theme — nice work. I really like the bones and the design is so retro. Beautiful. I started noodling with it to fit it with a drop-down menu. Using the Menu widget I created a sub menu and couldn’t get it to work.

    Just a brief description of what I did. Created a new menu. I added all the appropriate pages and organized them. Added the menu to the primary location. Nada. It did however produce a gap between the parent page and the next link in the menu. Weird right? Did I break it or is there a drop-down menu cooked into the theme?


    • 96

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 31, 2011 11:08 am

      Hi Joem,

      there’s no pre-configured dropdown menu installed. But you should be able to do that manually. The theme won’t break, if you adjust the CSS accordingly, though I don’t know what CSS you’re using for the dropdown, but the CSS issues should be easily rectified. :)


  69. 97

    @Maleika – this theme is lovely all over. Thankyou many times over. I’ve installed it on a site, but made one judicious change to the top image to make it more relevant to the content, but I hope it doesn’t mess with the whole aesthetic… Hope you approve..
    I’ve also lightened the background gifs to make it more readable.

    One problem I’ve come up against is that the category pages previous/next navigation don’t link to older indexed pages within the category – just specific posts. I’m going to try to be less of an idiot and work it out myself, but just thought I’d highlight it…

    Again, thanks to you, and to Smashing, for this fantastic theme.

  70. 99


    Another beautiful design! Again I’m floored by your work!

    It looks great in Firefox and Opera using Linux and also FF, Opera and Safari in Win 7…IE8 is a bit problematic (when ISN’T it?) in that the blue shaded area in the featured image doesn’t show nor the graphic behind the category names in the footer. But since I rarely use either IE or Windows, it’s not a big deal to me. And I haven’t seen any problems with the readability either.

    • 100

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 31, 2011 11:14 am

      Hi Mina,

      hmm…shows for me in IE8. I have to investigate this further as it’s meant to support IE8. Thanks!

  71. 101

    Theme is awesome but typography is not so good and take more than enough time to load.

  72. 102

    Amazing, retro theme. Love it. Using it without a hitch so far…

    Question for Maleika: Where is the one-column page template?? (no sidebar) – I saw this in the description on the Appearance Page for this lovely piece of work but it isn’t showing up in my page options….

    Ever so grateful –


    • 103

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 31, 2011 11:15 am

      Hi Tari,

      the theme currently doesn’t have a one-page-column. But great thinking. I might add one in the next update, so that it is closer to the options you have in the twentyten theme.


    • 104

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      February 2, 2011 12:18 am

      Pamela, I meant to address you rather than Tari below. Sorry about that!

  73. 105

    I’m having the same trouble with the initial appearance of the index page being incomplete. I uploaded the spectacular PSD separately from the HTML4 install files, but not sure I copied it in the right folder, since I’m a WP beginner.

    Can you help?

    • 106

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      January 31, 2011 11:17 am

      Hi Tari,

      don’t upload the psd file. It’s just there for reference. If you follow the instructions in the readme file, add some basic content (posts, pages, featured post, images, etc.) it should all come together. The naked theme without content will always look broken because many widths and heights aren’t fixed but extend with content.

  74. 107

    @Maleika: Thx for this swift wordpress theme!

    One thing I spotted though is that the background of the introduction section (#introduction) is slightly too deep. The margin-top should be set to 1px to fit it. Maybe you could include this fix also in the next update.. ;)

    Thx again for this beautiful theme!

    • 108

      Maleika Esther Attawel

      February 1, 2011 6:22 pm

      Sebsemilla, thanks for spotting that! Yes, fix will be added. The updated theme will follow very shortly!


  75. 109

    I can’t download the theme..

  76. 110

    May be the download’s link is broken … the download process can’t be completed ….

  77. 111

    Very nice theme. Great work :)

  78. 112

    it’s looks nice!

  79. 113

    Beautiful theme..would love to check it out but I can’t open the zip archive, unzip error says ‘End-of-central-directory signature not found.’ :(

  80. 114

    Beautiful theme..I like it..
    but, no picture alignment (post – html5)

  81. 115

    would love to check this out – download stops after about 4mb. any ideas why?

  82. 116

    It’s an amazing theme, i love it :)

    But there seems to be a problem with adding a button more in excerpt body of posts. On the index page there are shown all posts in their actual posts lenght where it should be only 30 characters with … & more button, any ideas why is that happening?!

  83. 117

    I’m always impressed by the quality of work I see at SM.

  84. 118

    Great theme! One question, and I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this: If a magazine were to develop a new website in HTML5, would this language be compatible (and readable) on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?

    I work at a small magazine where we are trying to get involved with the tablet, and we can’t decide what to do with our existing (read: obsolete) website. It seems to me that if we found the right programming language for the website, we wouldn’t need to do a tablet app. We could offer a pleasant reading experience on almost any platform simply by having an HTML5 website that’s mobile-optimized or has a mobile plugin. This theme sure looks like a solution!

    Just wondering. What do you think?

  85. 119

    This might be a crazy question but can anyone tell me what the pattern on the Layer 25 in the psd is? I’ve seen it before and thought that’s nice and never known how to describe it or re-create it.

    Awesome Theme as well!

  86. 120

    Hmmm… The header text widget does not work (html 5). I does not display.

    Does anyone have a fix?

    Thanks! :)

  87. 121

    Using html5 theme, if there is a space in the name of the blog, it will not display the blog name (only the first word) and will not display the blog tagline.

    Please can someone post a fix? (I’ve been trying with no luck).


  88. 122

    Oh my goodness… and the top navigation menu therefore will also not appear.

    The theme (html5) looks nice, but fails to work properly when using WordPress 3.1

    (I’ve not tried the html 4 version yet)

  89. 123

    Sorry peoples, I really like this theme, it well… Smashingly good.

    Unfortunately it’s a disaster zone when using WordPress 3.1x

    html5 version has a couple problems (1 is major) and the html4 version is a complete mess (in WP3.1x).

    I wish this theme would work properly with the latest WordPress. :(

  90. 124

    Nice theme idea, too bad it does not work.

    But this theme is severely broken. Maybe the developer should check code, functionality before releasing it. The demo works, I’ve tried this theme installed on 3 different physical servers (using WP 3.1) and there seems to be div issues as well as others. I’ll bet that the code used in the demo and the one available for download are different. (At least I can surmise as much from the source code of displayed pages).

    Bottom line? Nice looking idea, but it’s not well implemented. Maybe the dev can revisit issues and clean up the code (who develops for IE6 for example? – Not many since Microsoft actively retired it). Just an opinion, (and yes I expect to get some fire for it) but looking at the code, it seems very much that the dev is not a professional, rather a hobbyist?

    This theme is not cross-browser or cross-platform friendly.

  91. 125

    I like this theme.

    Looking at the comments above , I tested this theme in different versions of WordPress. Both HTML4 and HTML5 versions work in WordPress 3.0.5.

    After version 3.0.5 the themes break (WordPress 3.1 and higher).

    I’ve not taken the time yet to explore why, but suspect that there might be a conflict between the admin bar (introduced in WP3.1) CSS and the style.css? Maybe an issue with post formats (also introduced in WP3.1), I don’t know.

    Just my 2 cents worth…

  92. 126

    Very nice looking theme and I’ve used it on a client site, but could not get Adsense to display anywhere until I took out the script line in the header: <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/plugins.js?v=1″>
    Now adsense displays fine, and I’m really having a hard time finding what removing that script has affected.

  93. 127

    Amazing theme, thank you so much :)

  94. 128

    Great looking theme, but Roger and Riger99 are speaking the truth. Serious issues with WP3.1…too bad the dev disappeared from here after Feb. 1st.

  95. 129

    Amazing theme, thank you so much.

    I have a problem with the menu. Not in the top, appears behind the logo ( Do you know what could be the problem?
    Thank you very much.

  96. 130

    Great theme, I’m new to WordPress 1.3.2 and as many of you, I noticed the HTML5 version wasn’t looking right (menu doesn’t appear and the title of the page doesn’t show fully).

    This is how I fixed it, before I get flamed I’m not saying this is the best way. To fix it you must edit the style.css file in a text editor such as NotePad.

    1) Open the style.css file located at /wp-content/themes/spectacular/style.css
    2) In the ‘header section’ inside the curly braces, add ‘position:relative;’
    3) In the ‘#site-name’ inside the curly braces, change ‘width:460px;’ to ‘width:860px;’ and change ‘position:relative;’ to ‘position:absolute;’

    I also noticed that the width of the top menu buttons are as wide as their children (even though the children are not displayed). If your main pages have no children pages than you don’t need to worry about this.

    So to fix this you can do:
    1) Open the header.php file located at /wp-content/themes/spectacular/header.php
    2) Go to line 70 and change ‘wp_list_pages(‘title_li=’)’ to this ‘wp_list_pages(‘title_li=&depth=1′)’

    I have tested it works in IE7, IE8, Firefox 4, Chrome, Safari.

  97. 131

    I’m having the same problem, the header navigation menu (built with wp_list_pages) it is displaying in the middle of the header.
    How did you solve it?

  98. 132

    I only used four-page menu.

  99. 133

    It’s very beautiful theme,but doesn’t work…i change everything.permissions…but the same:”spectacular_theme_en Stylesheet is missing.”

  100. 134

    It’s broken in WP 3.1.2 :( It’s a new installation. Firefox 4 and Safari aren’t happy with it. I tried the fix Sinbad suggested but unfortunately it had no effect on my installation.

  101. 135


    I think the download theme’s link is broke, can anyone to tell me where can I download the theme? Thanks

  102. 137


    I am attempting to format the into logo of my website. I want to have more control over how the text is displayed. I want the words “Entering the Profession: Wisdom for Emerging musicians” to be more artistically formatted.

    Can anyone tell me where in the code I can alter this?

    Any help is hugely appreciated. Please see my site at

    Thank you!

  103. 139

    To reset alignment of images and smiley, add the following code, line 552 :

    article img.wp-smiley {
    float: none;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    article img.alignright {
    float: right;
    margin: 0 0 5px 15px;
    article img.aligncenter {
    float: none;
    text-align: center;

  104. 140

    Agreed, this theme is entirely broken in WP 3.10 and above. Too bad, because it’s visually very attractive. I have the feeling the creator of this theme is more a designer and not a developer.

  105. 141

    What a gorgeous theme!!!

  106. 142

    I am really super impressed with this theme, but am having issues with the latest full release of WordPress which are similar to those outlined above.

    I would absolutely *love* to see a revised version of the theme(s) (both the HTML 4 & HTML 5 versions, if possible) which would be compliant with WP 3.1 and above…

    Or perhaps there is someone out there who has discovered some work-arounds that they’d be able to share with us!

    Thanks for putting this gorgeous theme out there for folks!

  107. 143

    official cheap tory burch sale

    August 24, 2011 10:18 pm

    I am really super impressed with this theme, but am having issues with the latest full release of WordPress which are similar to those outlined above.

    I would absolutely *love* to see a revised version of the theme(s) (both the HTML 4 & HTML 5 versions, if possible) which would be compliant with WP 3.1 and above…

    Or perhaps there is someone out there who has discovered some work-arounds that they’d be able to share with us!

    Thanks for putting this gorgeous theme out there for folks!

  108. 144

    AN AMAZING ONE-OF-A-KIND Get Paid Plan..!

  109. 145


    I can’t seem to find the “Uploads” folder, could someone please tell me where it is located?


  110. 146

    I think I need to start using wordpress a little more. I see many websites having them but I am still using a static html site. I feel it is easier but I do like the fact that wordpress has like 1 million plug ins that I can us…lol

    Anyway thank you so much for this article.

  111. 147

    This theme is not broken, read the readme.rtf file, the contents of the zip file need to be put into specific locations and then it works fine, even in 3.1.2.

  112. 148

    العاب اون لاين

    November 24, 2011 12:07 pm

    Perfect mind from you to us keep going to us ..

  113. 149

    I have followed the instructions in the readme file (I could not locate the “Uploads” folder but did transfer the “images” folder) and have everything working… EXCEPT the ampersand “&” in the phrase “Slightly older musings & ramblings”. The “&” image is not showing. Help anyone??? Thanks

  114. 150

    I also just realized that my background boxes (on the homepage behind my posts) are not showing. What do I do? Thanks

  115. 151

    Wow, I love the look of this.
    I write for a magazine and maintain its Web site. Is there a way to put basic photos along a sidebar that will act as ‘ads’ linked to our advertisers sites?
    How customizable is the template without tampering with the codes behind it? I’m not quite that smart.

  116. 152

    Hello guys. May I know if what plugin was for the images ? And how can i edit Slightly Older Musings and Ramblings ? Thanks

  117. 153

    While the use of texture and color is nice, the overall design is horrible for at least one reason: the body text font size is so small that it is unreadable.

    Frankly, anyone who designs a website without using at least the size that these words are written in for the body text has zero clue about usability or design.

    I’ve skimmed through SmashingMagazine’s wordpress templates and most of them are really embarrassing.

    Do not use this theme. If you do, none of your readers will stick around to read what you say.

  118. 154

    I must show some thanks to this writer just for bailing me out of this circumstance. Because of exploring through the online world and coming across strategies that were not helpful, I was thinking my entire life was done. Being alive devoid of the strategies to the issues you’ve fixed as a result of this guideline is a crucial case, as well as the kind that might have in a negative way damaged my entire career if I had not noticed the blog. That skills and kindness in handling the whole lot was tremendous. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t discovered such a thing like this. I am able to now relish my future. Thanks a lot very much for your high quality and result oriented help. I will not hesitate to refer your blog to anyone who should get assistance on this issue.

  119. 155

    Great theme, love the layout and look. I know some have commented about the font being too small, but that’s ridiculously easy to adjust by making some small changes to the css file.

    I’m having a weird issue with Adsense. For whatever reason, all that shows up is the “Your Ad Here” piece on the side of the ads, but none of the ads themselves show up – and it’s not just the text, the box itself is missing. I’ve tested on the Twenty Eleven theme and it shows up fine, so it’s not an issue with the ads. Any idea what’s going on?

  120. 156

    More theme problems with the latest WP 3.4.1 release. Custom menu feature doesn’t appear to work and the nav bar completed dropped down from the top. The & is missing in the image folder so it doesn’t appear. As far as previous complaints about font size, that can be remedied by going into the CSS and changing it to something larger.

    • 157

      I run my blog with WP 3.4.2 and SPECTACULAR theme – everything fine.
      There was a problem after theme installation, but i have read help and configured WP as was described there – everything fine!
      About & – you should move ampersand.png to root of WP to images/ampersand.png
      or change theme header for full path to image: /wp-content/themes/spectacular/images/ampersand.png

    • 158

      I have the same Problem here with the navigation bar, help needed! :| Where can I change the Nav bar position?

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