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Free Minimal, Swiss Design WordPress Themes (4 Themes)


In this post we release yet another freebie: an original set of four exclusive minimal, clean WordPress themes designed by Marios Lublinski1 and released for web design community. As usual, the themes are free to use for private as well as commerical projects. The themes are beautifully built with minimal and clean designs. These themes will come handy for artists, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers who’d like to have a clean, minimal portfolio to showcase their work.

The themes are simple but powerful, with a touch of traditional Swiss design and layout techniques. The unique style and design is what separates these themes from others. You will also be able to withhold the focus on your work, since you are the artist and should be in control of what the observer sees when visiting your site. Each one comes with a full video overview and support of how to use and manage it.


Features Link

A nice extra feature for this release is a detailed video overview for each theme. The video will walk you through thoroughly on how to install the theme and customize it:

  • Valid XHTML+CSS
  • WordPress 3+ Compatible
  • Support and Updates
  • Embraces Social Media
  • Firefox, IE7+8, Safari compatible

Download the Themes for Free Link

All themes are released under GPLv2 General Public License. You can use them for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the themes as you wish.

Minimal Theme Link


Studio Theme Link


Style Theme Link


Swiss Theme Link


Behind the Design Link

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“As you know there are thousands of free and premium themes out there for you to use. So why design another WordPress theme? Unless you design something unique and remarkable. Since everybody is focus on the Framework, Post Formats, Parent/Child, Genesis. I decided to focus on you, the artist, since I will spend exactly 3.2 seconds on your new website, I want to see something unique, modern and innovative. I want to see your work, I want to focus only on your work, NOT on the theme itself. I know there are thousands of beautiful themes out there, but once you put your work inside those themes, your work will have disappeared and the theme will stand out than the rest. This is not what I wanted to create — I want your work to be the main focus, and the theme just to be a support.”

Thank you, Marios. We appreciate your work and your good intentions!

Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Sexy, i love it! good job! follow me on twitter and I will put this to good use!!! @b18269

  2. 2

    Doesn’t have holes, it isn’t made form chocolate and it is free: It cannot be Swiss!
    Thanks anyway :-)

  3. 3

    I don’t think they work from SEO standpoint.

    • 4

      Why do you say that? Can you explain please.

    • 5

      I think the same !

    • 6

      Just because the home page doesnt have content on it, doesnt make it not SEO friendly. I glanced at the code quickly, its coded nicely. The inner pages allow for more content. Its not ideal, but doesnt mean it doesnt work for SEO.

      • 7

        Thank you Casey, Agree there is not a lot of text on the homepages, but I focus on visual elements, I know SEO is important, but you also need beautiful presentation.

        • 8

          Nope. “Beautiful presentation” is subjective. Getting your sites to appear on search engines and gaining traffic isn’t. When will designers learn that the web isn’t primarily an artistic medium? The web is a platform primarily for communicating information, and secondarily for selling stuff. When you design sites that are invisible to search engines, thereby limiting the amount of traffic to the site, thereby limiting the opportunity for people to consume your information and buy stuff, you’ve failed, period. It’s like making a beautiful painting and then putting it in an art gallery….in Antarctica.

          I will say that I do like the designs. Well done….I just think there should be more focus on the SEO aspect.

  4. 9

    Thank you guys! these are great!

    Less is so much more!

  5. 10

    The download links do not work :(

  6. 12

    Great job! .. but the links for demos aren´t working

  7. 13

    Simply amazing. Thanks!

  8. 14

    Great Job, very nice template !

  9. 15

    Broken links….. :(

  10. 16

    Download link is not working

  11. 17

    links broken :-((

  12. 18

    While I think these a beautiful I wouldn’t consider them minimal. Clean sure, minimal, not really. The term minimal is being way over used lately.

    from Wiki: Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.

    These just don’t fit that description for me. They feel too cluttered and I’m sure elements could still be removed to get each down to it’s most fundamental features.

    • 19
    • 20

      Disagree with this. Minimalism is not a strict definition, minimalism is about design where the aesthetics don’t identify the designer. If you compared this theme to other white minimalist themes, you’ll see that aesthetically there’s nothing really distinguishing about the design. They’re just, for all intents and purposes, white.

      What you describe is actually more along the lines of Ockhams Razor, which is not minimalism and the two should not be confused. Design does not have to be reduced to it’s simplest form to be minimalist.

      Just goes to show, wikipedia is not always a reliable source of information, especially definitions. In fact, had I quoted Wikipedia at University I’d have almost certainly been docked marks!

      • 21

        While I agree Wiki isn’t a source I’d quote in a school setting, we are not in a school setting. The description is one that the community as a whole has settled on and is used to describe minimal design often. Just because a design is white, does not make it minimal. There have been many famous “minimal” designs and art pieces that used nothing but color. What I was referring to is the fact that each is cluttered and tight for me to consider them minimal.

        When I think of a minimal website it should deliver just what is needed and nothing more. In a portfolio/blog theme, this means a name or logo, a nav menu, a preview to your portfolio, a single blog post and maybe an updates section. That’s it. Just in the first one we have three different types of posts (all in list format), an about section and a contact section in addition to what is necessary, all in a tight space.

        Give it some room to breath, let it out. Why utilize a background pattern if you can’t even see it (which I personally find distracting but some might like it). Like I said, they are beautiful and clean, but have a long way to go before I’d consider them minimal.

    • 22

      I so much agree to this one. Like I said anything in black and white doesn’t really mean it’s minimal. And this one’s way too confusing.

  13. 23

    Would love to try them but… Links don’t work ;(

  14. 24

    All the links lead to 404 pages.

  15. 25

    Julien de Gasquet

    January 27, 2011 7:46 am

    Very good design! I’ll definitely use one of those on some project.

    The live demo links are not working tho

  16. 26

    Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

    January 27, 2011 8:09 am

    Sorry for inconvenience, guys, the links are working (or the designer’s site doesn’t respond).

  17. 27

    Swiss theme live demo link goes to Vimeo. Nice sites!

  18. 28

    Nice clean design. I like it allot.

  19. 29

    All should be working now I just upgraded the server with MediaTemple, sorry for the incontinence ,
    Thank you,

  20. 31

    i’ve just been working on my portfolio site, and NOW u come with this awesome themes!?

    nice :)

  21. 33

    How great! thanks for sharing :)

  22. 34

    amazing job. love them.

  23. 35

    Christopher Anderton

    January 27, 2011 9:05 am

    Great work. It’s nice to see good looking free themes for WP.

  24. 36

    Thanks, Smashing! Fantastic stuff … still, I wonder when we’ll get over Swiss design …

  25. 38

    clean design, thanks Smashing

  26. 39

    These are amazing and major kudos to Marios. I think he nailed the idea behind the themes.

  27. 40

    i know it is just a wordplay… but “swiss design”.. come on

  28. 41 – used style theme
    and how to fix the preview to work properly on the main display? The proportions are not preserved, the image is compressed, stretched.
    This problem can be seen on the big picture on my site.

    • 42

      Hello Artem, yes the proportions have to be preserved because the image is compress inside the window, I might due a update in version 1.5 where it takes a portion of the image instead of putting everything inside, will keep you update

    • 46

      Hello Artem, Update is available v1.5 and it fixes the problem, enjoy

  29. 48

    wow its amazing. i like it very much. holy yeah !

  30. 49

    Great themes, though after firing up Firebug, I found they better fitted to minimal brief without the dotted background pattern.

  31. 50

    great work marios. super clean and simple designs. well done!

  32. 51

    Wow. These are really really great themes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such nice themes for free. Thanks a lot!

  33. 52

    I had to stop myself from a tirade of “you get great designed WP templates for free and you’re bitching about them not being SEO optimized? How ’bout you go pay for something else that is and STFU”

    but I stopped right there… oh wait… SNAP.

    That you for the contribution, Marios. It’s dedicated folks like yourself that keep the spirit of WordPress and communities around it alive!

    • 53

      Thank you Paul, I appreciate your positive comment, and people like you what motivates me to do those themes for free, you are awesome

  34. 54

    they look amazing! i’ll go right ahead and see what i can use them for! thanks

  35. 55

    As someone who has been looking EVERYWHERE for elegant, simple, and understated themes, I found these to be just beautiful! There are LOTS, HUNDREDS of themes out there but they are all super busy and cluttered with swirls, color, lots of stuff, just stuff. These themes do what they are supposed to, show your work of whatever it is that you want to show or blog about and the theme remains invisible. And they are FREE!!!!! :-) So, they might not be super SEO enhanced, but did he say these are FREE?? Yep he did! I will be trying them out. Thank you for the great work. :-)

  36. 56

    Wow, these look smashing! For those worried about SEO, you can always go to editor and enter your keywords and marketing message. Haven’t tried the themes yet, juggling too much stuff at the moment. But I love the themes and appreciate your work.

  37. 57

    Perfectly Nice, “Clear” design! It looks like a professional modern web of the big design firm. Thanks for sharing

  38. 58

    I love minimalist designs, it’s simple and straightforward to show contents.

    Thanks for the share!

  39. 59

    Whats up with the images being squished when loaded into the minimal theme…do you have any documentation such as a pdf?

    I will continue playing with it, love the look and feel great stuff! very fun.

    • 60

      Hey klc, yes the images have to be proportional, it takes the images and put them in the boxes, there is overview video, I might do a update 1.5 so it only takes a portion of your image so its not squished,

    • 61

      klc please update your them to version 1.5 and the images problem is fix,
      enjoy, thank you

  40. 63

    Thank you Marios!

  41. 64

    Wow. These are really really great themes

  42. 65

    Marios, you rule buddy!

  43. 66

    Marios, very impressive, thanks for the share! Contributors like you are the heart and soul of the internet!

  44. 67

    Thank you for all the positive comments, Just to let you all know I will be releasing at least one FREE theme per month, so you will have many unique and modern themes to choose from, for your next project or personal portfolio.

    Once again thank you for your support

  45. 68

    You know what trying to come out with something different doesn’t really mean that you scatter everything all over the place. The smashing magazine content is as always awesome but the theme yet again would be useless. No wonder I haven’t seen someone using an smashing magazine theme ever.

    And just because it’s black and white doesn’t mean it’s minimal.

  46. 69

    Amazing work and it’s free! Thank you so much for these refreshing themes.

  47. 70

    Beautiful, but already known.
    What the hell are you calling “Deutsch”?
    There are thousand designers worldwide doing this style.

  48. 71

    I am from switzerland. And these Themes definetivley have nothing to do with “swiss-Design”– but anyway – thanks.

  49. 73

    Once again some ‘minimal’ themes for WP. As a custom Joomla template worker and minimalist lover, I really jealous that there’s so much free wp themes with this style. I definitely will convert one of this into a Joomla template and release it again for free.

  50. 74

    Whats up with the images getting squished into the box? :S Doesn’t look good at all, the rest of it is beautiful though. Are you going to fix this in 1.5? And when will that be?

    Thanks in advance

    • 75

      Hello Cathrine, The update 1.5 is coming up this week, and will fix the problem with the images being squished,

      Thank you

      • 76

        That’s awesome, ’cause I’m a perfectionist and I totally loved your design! Thank you!

        • 77

          ’cause I’m a perfectionist – me too, please update your theme to v1.5 and it fixes the image problem, and also watch the videos on how to insert images, Enjoy


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