Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: March 2011


We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one — desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for almost two years now, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.

We continue to nourish you with a monthly spoon of inspiration for the next 12 months. This post features 35 free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for March 2011. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame

"A tribute to some of the legends inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Designed by Gokul Nair3 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 114


Designed by Zayeem Khan18 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 1119

Spring Is Coming

"A cute idea of a factory producing leaves in preparation for Spring." Designed by Jusna Begum31 from UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 1132

Evil Plants

"This wallpaper is made for celebrate 2011 spring." Designed by Sticky Stuff48 from France.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 1149


"A daydream is a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake." Designed by Bruna Suligoj73 from Croatia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 1174

Forbidden City

"Illustration from on an original photograph of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China." Designed by Nic Dipalma96 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 1197

Good Time Cyclones

"Las Vegas, Nevada." Designed by Brad Cerasani229109 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11110

Creative Bubbles

"Creative Bubbles." Designed by Avish Khan122 from Pakistan.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11123

There And Back Again

Designed by Becky Rother137 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11138

March Hare

"Air in March is full of spring and it makes us see amazing things." Designed by Olivia Osik155 from Estonia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11156

Spring Is Here

"Let’s put away the winter coats and start enjoying the beautiful outdoors!" Designed by Corporate 3 Design170 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11171

Ah, Russia – The Famous Trio

Designed by Tihomir Budic189 from BiH-Republika Srpska.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11190

Galanthus Nivalis

"March is the first month of spring that we all looking forward to." Designed by Cheloveche.ru202 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11203

Chinese Impression

"Chinese opera always leave a deep impression on people. It always bring us the enjoyment of beauty." Designed by Lijingwen from China.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11217

Close To Paradise

"Mesa, Arizona." Designed by Brad Cerasani229109 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11230

There’s Always Hope

"When the dust settles and the rumbling ceases, we are able to see clearly once more. Faith in a new start pushes us forward despite our losses. Hope for a new horizon is a warming reality in which we can find assurance. We will discover love in unexpected places, and with a little luck we make it to the dawn of a new day." Designed by Elevendy242 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11243

Pi Day

Designed by Felix Grossar257 from Austria.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11258

Playing Indoors

"Momma always said not to play indoors. Nothing a little glue and a vacuum cleaner can’t fix." Designed by Mad Sprocket265 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11266


"Path to the beach at dusk, Phuket Thailand." Designed by Aaron Christe280 from Thailand.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11281

All Is Full Of Love

"All is full of love is a project about the lifes of 200 calendars. For the past five years, Denitsa Boyadzieva has been lovingly creating her clay and paper “walldolls” and featuring them on her blog. Each with its own character and story. ." Designed by Graphic Design Studio Punkt297 from Bulgaria.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11298

The White Stripes

"This wallpaper is a little tribute to one of the best bandof the last decade: The White Stripes. After I’ve heard thenews of their decision to make no longer music together,my theme for the march wallpaper was born. I’ve been inspiredby the “Seven Nation Army” video. Hope you like it!" Designed by Marco Palma from Italy/Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11314

Usher In The Year Of The Rabbit

"In the land of the shadows the “hare-ry” hand is king. Guised as the bringer of easter, mischief only awaits. So hide your eggs of chocolates and such from the hand dressed as a hare, whence come next year you’d have nothing to bare." Designed by Siewhui330 from Singapore.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11331

Sweet March

"Digital collage, based on past and coming spring. The idea is to make it eternal or at least make it eternal in our computers! Hope you like it." Designed by Soledad Martelletti339 from Argentina.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11340

Listen To March

"Just listen to March, the beautiful spring month~." Designed by Kayro C358 from China.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11359

Mimesis Art Prints

"Crossed Wires photographed by Lia Laroye. Calendar designed by Denis Leblanc." Designed by Mimesis Art Prints373 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11374

Breath Of Spring

"We waited the spring for a long time . And now we can take a deep breath and enjoy the flavor of the coming spring. It’s time to wake up!" Designed by Oxana Kostromina396 from Poland/Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11397

Creative Juice

"Let your creative juices flow!" Designed by Junior Rumbelow419 from England.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11420

March Flying

"March is the time when you can spread your wings and welcome the first rays of sun." Designed by Jaro Mlkvy442 from Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11443

Lion & Lamb

"March; In like a lion, out like a lamb." Designed by Brian Hauck453 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11454

Formula 1

"We love Formula 1 at Fluid Creativity, in fact, we’re so excited that we’ve kicked off the F1 season by designing this desktop calendar for March 2011 for all of the Smashing Mag fans to download. ." Designed by Fluid Creativity466 from England.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11467


"Spring is almost here!" Designed by Agnes Swart513 from The Netherlands.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11514

Spring Is Coming

"The weather is getting a little warmer, some birds fly, spring is not here yet, but it’s coming soon." Designed by Fabrizio Giammatteo528 from Italy.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11529


"Winter has left the city. Maybe?!" Designed by Lotum541 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11542

Save The Date

"Tunisia and Egypt revolution… The beauty of freedom in two colors Red and Black." Designed by Sahra Tamo564 from Syria.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 11565

Join in next month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month577!

What’s your favorite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. 1

    nice wallpapers!

  2. 2

    Hey, Just as good as always, Thank you for posting them! ;)
    The “Save The Date” links seem to be broken tho!

  3. 3

    Loved the Breath of Spring, Evil Plants and March Hare

  4. 5

    nice design @Junior Rumbelow….liking your style there!!!! keep it up!

  5. 6

    All are good….btw are more resolutions coming, coz i use a 1366×768 and sure others also have different resolutions :)

  6. 8

    very nice collection.. Thank you very much for including my calendar (Save the date). I feel very privileged
    my favorite : Three (Designed by Lotum)

  7. 9

    Love them! Just added the ‘There’s Always Hope’ to my mix of wallpapers!

  8. 10

    Another wonderful wallpaper for another wonderful month. Thanks for the wallpaper.

  9. 11

    “Playing Indoors” gets it’s promotion to desktop background this month.

  10. 12

    “Spring Is Coming” on my wall

  11. 13

    i like Spring by Agnes Swart)) nice wallp in this month but not a lot….

  12. 14

    Another great collection!!!

  13. 15

    Spring is Here and Ah, Russia look great. Nice job!

  14. 16

    My first time featured on Smashing’s wallpaper post (Forbidden City) and I’m honored to be included with such amazingly talented designers. I am inspired by all of you. Thank you.

  15. 17

    I love Breath Of Spring and Forbidden City, and if it’s not too cheeky, I’d like to post a link to my wallpaper that didn’t make it into this month’s collection:

  16. 19

    My fav is “Close to Paradise” from Mesa, AZ. I live in AZ and absolutely love the landscape. This is a keeper for me! Thanks!

    • 20

      Glad you liked it!

      This was shot from Fountain Hills, overlooking Las Sendas with Red Mountain just peaking through on the right. It’s beautiful up there!

    • 21

      Mesa is a sh*thole. believe it, Ive lived there for 10 years now.

  17. 22

    Thank you very much for featuring my calendar!
    I really like the collection of this month. I love them all :)

  18. 23

    My favorites are….
    1. Good Time Cyclones
    2. March Hare
    3. Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame

    Thanks Smashingmagazine and contributors for wallpapers for this month :D

  19. 25

    1. Just Listen to March
    2. Spring is here
    3. Creative Bubbles
    4. Creative Juice

  20. 27

    ‘m glad you removed voting… it’s imho better this way

  21. 28

    Thanks for featuring me Smashing Mag!!! Really like this month’s collection!

  22. 29

    March Hare this time around. Love the color.

    • 30

      Thank you, Laura! : )

    • 31

      Olivia’s March Hare is also my favorite and it will be keeping me happy and looking forward to spring all month long. I love the many elements in this design, particularly the ‘crackle’ effect. Great work Olivia!

      • 32

        Thank you Anne! It`s so great to hear, that you like my picture : ) It was pleasure to draw this. And it`s important to get a feedback.

  23. 33

    These are BEAUTIFUL! It was so hard to choose. These artists are all amazing. I went with Anantara in the end and my desktop has never been more stunning

    • 34

      Wow, Thank you Lisa for saying something nice about my calendar! This is the 5th month that I’ve made them (1st time featured on Smashing) and believe it or not, your comment is the first feedback I have ever received, positive or negative, so thank you. I’m glad you like it :)

      Also thank you to Smashing Magazine for featuring my wallpaper among such beautiful work, I am honored.

  24. 35

    Ohh nnooo! I like the Creative Bubbles, but the calendar is incomplete. 31st of March is missing. Smashing, can you please fix that? Love it!

  25. 36

    Thanks SM for featuring my wallpaper “The White Stripes”!
    Feeling very honored!
    …Chapeau to all other designers!

  26. 37

    Pfft… no St. Patt’s day posters? Sad.

  27. 39
  28. 40

    The calendars are simply awesome, and just in time for my birthday on the first day of spring! Many thanks to all that contributed!

  29. 41

    The calendars are simply awesome, and just in time for my birthday on the first day of spring! Many thanks to all that contributed! “Daydream” is my fav

  30. 42

    Love “Spring is almost here!”

  31. 43

    The Sweet March Calender has an issues with the Thu and Wed being mixed up. Perhaps with was on purpose, but I don’t really see why. Other then that, its my favorite.

  32. 44

    How many tween-age girl wallpapers do you have to post. Most of these I’d expect to see on some screaming little girls school notebook cover as they run into 5th grade class.

    Whomever has taken over choosing these wallpapers needs to be replaced. In the last 2-3 months your selections have tended to the juvenile.

    How about some serious art work for April?

  33. 48

    Nice calendars! Spring is here is awesome! :)

  34. 49

    My favorite has to be the “All Is Full Of Love”. I’ve always thought clay animals were pretty cool.

  35. 50

    My favorite so far is There and Back Again. I love reading quotes and seeing JRR Tolkien’s words made me smile. :)

  36. 51

    I like the Pi day. Very conceptual. Also the March Hare which i have in my desktop. But i expected much more creative and fresh ideas about the start of spring..

  37. 53

    My favorite is Tolkien. Just added it. Thank you. :)

  38. 54

    So far my fav is Anantara! (but I liked it better when we could give “votes” for each wallpaper individually…)


  39. 55

    Ah, also, a special mention for the “african revolutions” one!

  40. 56

    Great lovely wallpapers, Windows 7 Theme Pack is available now :)

  41. 57

    Great collection.
    My vote: Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame

  42. 58

    dinesh thapa magar

    February 28, 2011 5:47 pm

    Very good wallpapers for march.

  43. 59

    I loved the Forbidden City.

  44. 60

    excellent as always!!!

  45. 61

    These are really beautiful all designer are all amazing. I love Creative Bubbles and all are great work. thanks

  46. 62

    Not many artists are supporting the 1440 x 900 resolution. I thought this was a very common resolution.

    • 63

      There are lots of 1440×900 wallpapers – or you could easily resize the 1920×1200 versions.

  47. 64

    Gr8 stuff as always… Thanks for all the people who contributed and making this march a colorful and vibrant month….

  48. 65

    Great collection….. Thanks SM

  49. 66

    Gud Works as usual.. Especially Anantara, White Stripes & Usher Rabbit are nice creatives. But the disappointing thing is no creatives published Regarding Woman’s Day. Lets hope for them in coming months..Kudos guys.

  50. 68

    Very cool . Nice collections

  51. 69

    Anantara is the best this month !

  52. 70

    None of them have a Wow factor..

  53. 71

    Seen lots of bokeh . Still, l like “Three”!

  54. 72

    Thank you so much for accepting my “March Hare” : ) Am honored!

    • 73

      Love your March Hare…best of the bunch! although…it’s really a combination of the March Hare and the White Rabbit ;) good job! :)

      • 74

        Thank you Kristyna! You are right. It is a combination of two Rabbits ; ) I couldn`t choose, because I like them both. And so I took a clock from White Rabbit and a teapot from March Hare : )

  55. 75

    Here there is no such thing called the wow in first time :(

    i am not saying nothing is good but there is no “wow” fector

    thats it :(

  56. 77

    this month’s best wallpapers by far

  57. 78

    “Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame” for me, might even keep it as my wallpaper past March! Nice work Gokul.

  58. 79

    catalin cimpanu

    March 1, 2011 1:46 am

    nothing that i like this month
    too bad

  59. 80

    You guys know that it’s not spring everywhere, right?

  60. 81

    All are really Good, except the number of them is less

  61. 82

    Galanthus Nivalis and Lion & Lamb are very good!!!

  62. 83

    F1 all the way – love this wallpaper, real talent!

  63. 84

    piotrek wajcowicz

    March 1, 2011 4:12 am

    I choose All Is Full Of Love :)

  64. 85

    awesome month guys! love’m all

  65. 86

    I like Spring is Coming and Chinese Impression. I’m glad I found this site; now I have beautiful wallpaper every month!

  66. 87

    A lot of them wowed me. I really adore the “All is Full of Love” series. I used their February desktop and I will be using their March one too. I hope they make more!

  67. 88

    Spring is Coming by Jusna Begum is great!

  68. 89

    I really liked “There is always hope”. Great apocalyptic theme! Hope to see more like this each month.

    Maybe It’s because I’m a guy, but while all the “pretty n pink” wallpapers show some great talent and creativity, it’s not anything I would ever use as a background.

    • 90

      Dave from Elevendy

      March 4, 2011 6:22 pm

      Hey thanks! we were really influenced by all the unrest currently going on in the world, it’s a simple reminder that no situation is infinitely dire.

  69. 91

    I’m going with “Ah, Russia – The Famous Trio” this month, although I tried out “Daydream” and definitely considered “Breath of Spring.” I tend to keep a few icons on my desktop, so I kind of feel like I need to pick wallpapers that are a little less busy and also ones with the calendar well away from the top left hand corner. They’re all beautiful though!

  70. 92

    Wow, I have to say I’m very disappointed in these. They’re dark, dreary, depressing images. The colors are boring, the images are sometimes scary. Not picking any of these this month. :(

  71. 93

    have to say, not a single one i wanted to download :/

  72. 94

    My favorites are:
    1= Sweet March
    2= March Hare
    3= Spring Is Coming
    Thanks SM.

  73. 96

    Don’t know if this was previously said but I have an idea where you can take the best wallpaper of each month (source file) and compile a real calendar for the next year, in Print.

    What do you guys think?

  74. 97

    I really like Anantara and Daydream, so well done Aaron Christe &Bruna Siligoj!
    Also I really love the effects in Mimesis Art Prints, there really cool!

  75. 98

    Always love the first of the month so I can get a fresh desktop wallpaper made by the awesome designers you hand selected :)

  76. 99

    I like the “Close To Paradise” calendar. I live in Phoenix and I think I know the exact spot that photo was taken.

  77. 100

    Webmedia design

    March 1, 2011 10:10 am

    muy buenos los wallpaper`s sigan subiendo!

  78. 101

    There And Back Again, FTW. *Right-click, Save Image*

  79. 102

    I love Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame !!!

  80. 103

    Great designs, thanks to all who took the time to make these lovely wallpapers. This month There’s Always Hope was my favourite.

  81. 104

    Formula 1 wins for me this time :)

  82. 105

    It’s a toss up between “Sprint is Here” and “There And Back Again”. I love them both and will have to split up my month :) Good picks!

  83. 106

    i like:
    • eat, pray, rock
    • there and back again
    • spring is here
    • lion and lamb

    i love:
    • three

    great selection :) thanks!

  84. 107

    Chinese Impression
    Forbidden City
    Good Time Cyclones
    Close To Paradise

  85. 108

    Great Selection! My favourite pick is “Spring is coming” :)

  86. 109

    Love them all! Chose “Creative Juice” to help inspire me to get my own going in a new freelance job opportunity. Thanks!

  87. 110


  88. 111

    I choose Formula 1 calendar. Although I miss Olivia Bells.

  89. 112

    “March Hare” wins. Love the illustrative work!

  90. 114

    Nice collections. Thanks so much!

  91. 115

    love them all!

  92. 116

    There’s always hope, i like it!

  93. 117

    Cool wallpaper .. I love “Eat Pray Rock” .. I will put it on my blog

  94. 118

    @Avish Khan: Dude, “Creative Bubbles” looks great, but…is there any chance we could get that in 1920×1200 as well ?! Also, just like Lysanne noticed….31st March is missing !! :((

  95. 119

    “March; In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Designed by Brian Hauck from USA.
    is the best. And resonates well.. You come into office as Lion and during closing time..rush and slip away as lamb :-D

  96. 120

    What do I say? as usual brilliant display and mix. Make my month more interesting.Love the Egypt and Easter bunny wallpapers! Brilliant work team.

  97. 121

    Love “Tunisia and Egypt Revolution concept”… but where’s number 35? :)

  98. 122

    eat pray rock is cool.

    but why is the band KISS and BON JOVI not on the list?

    i’m not a fan but they also had their share. :D

  99. 123

    I should say this time the collection is very different. I remember last year during March there were loads of entries for ‘International women’s day’
    Galanthus Nivalis – I love the softness in your illustration.
    Evil Plants – Made me grin ;-)
    Anantara – You have very nicely captured the perspective in the photograph.

    cheers to all!

  100. 124

    Hey guys I read the information you presented here and wanted to encourage you to continue to add more. It was really interesting to me and I will likely be back and will share it with my friends. Keep it up .
    i’m also started blogging at:

  101. 125

    i like the (save the date ) one
    its very interesting for who live in middle east ..


  102. 127

    I like Sweet March, but the days Wednesday and Thursday are switched….. oh well…

  103. 128

    They are so good! Please continue publishing them, every month I select one for my PC. This month my favourite is the March Hare, but the quality is generally oustanding.

  104. 130

    Thanks, I like every design

  105. 131

    All of the works are creative. My favourite is the “March Hare” :)

  106. 133

    Always my favorite day of every month… new wallpaper day! Really love this set. Thanks Smashing Team =)

  107. 134

    very beautiful. thanks a lot

  108. 135

    I love Spring is Coming! I got it on my desktop at work and will put it on my home one too!!! Well done Jusna :)

  109. 136

    Breath of Spring is my favorite!! But also love All is Full of Love

  110. 137

    “Spring is here” my favorite! Thanks!

  111. 138

    I’ve downloaded Sweet March wallpaper and I noticed an error on the weekdays.
    It’s Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Wen, Fri and Sat.

    Wednesday is Wed and Wed is before Thu.

  112. 139

    I downloaded Sweet March wallpaper but the weekdays are with errors.
    It’s WEDnsday and not WEN. And Wednesday is before Thursday.

    Still it’s a lovelly wallpaper. Congrats Sophian

  113. 140

    ‘There & Back Again’ and ‘There’s Always Hope’

  114. 141

    i like:
    rock eat pray
    close to paradise
    pi day

  115. 142

    So difficult, they all keep getting better with each month!

    March Hare by Olivia is on my desktop
    Anantara by Aaron- I love the lantern
    Spring by Agnes – toy sheep are ace !
    Galanthus Nivalis by Cheloveche

  116. 144

    Thanks very much! I like “Lion and Lamb” the most. lol

  117. 145

    found my favorite saying- Not all those who wander are Lost!!! downloaded it without even blinking,,, thank you smashing mag!!!

  118. 146

    amazing works!
    fell in love with the Daydream.

  119. 147

    Once again, phenomenal display of talent.

    My favorites this month are: March Hare, Spring is Here, Listen to March, Sweet March, and of course I always love Cheloveche’s designs (Galanthus Nivalis)

    btw – What happened to the “Thumbs Up” icon? I really liked that feature.

  120. 149

    The first one (Eat Pray Rock) is brilliant! It’s my wallpaper for this month!

  121. 150

    They’re all so great! My favourites are:
    Breath of Spring
    Chinese Impression
    Ah, Russia – The Famous Trio
    Eat Pray Rock

  122. 152

    Best Wallpaper Month so far!

  123. 153

    Formula 1 – first of all (and already on my desktop)! It was a wonderful surprise when I saw my favorite sport among the other walls.
    Second – Daydream – very interesting perspective of the photo.
    Just keep it this way. I’ll continue to return here every month to supply myself with the new wallpapers :)

  124. 154

    very nice. how to download?

    • 155

      Just click on the size of wallpaper that you need (under the image) and save it on you desktop.

  125. 156

    my favorite : Three (Designed by Lotum)
    Tks a lot~!

  126. 157

    Silverstone is spelled wrong on the brilliant F1 wallpaper.

  127. 158

    wow!! these wallpapers a lovely and creative and my fav is rock n roll!!

  128. 159

    Anantara is my favorite — thank you very much!

  129. 160

    Thank you very much for featuring my March Wallpaper.
    and Thanks to all for liking our wallpaper.

  130. 161

    my fave : breath of spring, daydream and spring is here.
    nice works !

  131. 162

    My faves are:
    spring is coming
    evil plants
    Great wallpapers this month

  132. 163

    There were only a handful that I would select to look at every day, but my favorite is Anantara. Beautiful work! Thanks.

  133. 164

    Spring Is Here wallpaper is nice one

  134. 165

    Awesome collection.. Cheerzz to your efforts! After a long time could use some really creative creations!

  135. 166

    I love coming here every month. I actually use the calendar, though, and there seems to be a trend away from a usable calendar in favor of design. I’m going to have to do some editing to make my pick (still haven’t decided! :-) ) for the month usable.

  136. 167

    My fav. : “Three” (Designed by Lotum from Germany)

  137. 168

    Wall papers are good in quality. keep up the good work.

  138. 169

    Calítoe.:. (Cristina MJ)

    March 6, 2011 4:54 am

    Sorry if I sound ungrateful but… No references to Carnival at all? I’m a bit disappointed. Well, thanks all the same. :)

  139. 170

    love the wallpapers so much.

  140. 171

    Liked all but i selected for March Lion and Lamb – also for green color, very inspiring!

  141. 172

    March Bubbles by Avish Khan of Pakistan does not contain March *31*. FYI

  142. 173

    I Think “There’s Always Hope” was my favorit , nice great design and inspire me !! nice one

  143. 174

    thanks for good calenders

  144. 175

    I like something calm and gentle:

    Troy was perfect.

  145. 176

    Why is Sunday not the first day of the week in most of these calendars?
    Sunday is the beginning of the week in North America.

  146. 177

    Kimberly Carney

    March 7, 2011 5:04 pm

    Beautiful selection! Great job everyone! The fun and whimsy of All Is Full Of Love has stolen my heart. ;) And the serenity of Anantara.

  147. 178

    Delicious for my desktop.

  148. 179

    Reythiel de Guzman

    March 8, 2011 1:09 am

    Thanks! Nice collection for the month of March.
    I love the evil plants, sweet march and breath of spring.

  149. 180

    Anantara and Sweet March are awesome!
    I can put every day a new great wallpaper thanks to smashing mag

  150. 181

    A nice mix of wallpapers this month, but the one that really caught my eye is Save the Date – what an awesome, ORIGINAL concept! :)

  151. 184

    March Flying!!

  152. 185

    nice wallpaper. i like it

  153. 186

    Creative Bubbles is my favorite. although larger versions would be welcome

  154. 187

    You know what frustrates me the most about SM wallpapers? The fact that you have to have the SM logo plastered on EVERY wallpaper. And some logos are even larger these days. Why don’t you release a wallpaper with a big SM logo, and leave it off all these others that I’d use if it weren’t for the logo?

  155. 188

    My favorite is the “Not all those who wander are lost” quote by Tolkien. Thanks!

  156. 189

    My fav theme is puruty) More simple, bright, pure wallpapers, please.
    Thank you.

  157. 190

    Thanks mate nice sharing :)

  158. 191

    My fave out of this set is the Forbidden City.

  159. 192

    There’s Always Hope –> Simple but means a lottt LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

  160. 193

    I liked all calendars, especially “eat, pray and rock!”

  161. 194

    Nice, thank’s.

  162. 195

    on Spring the calendar is too low and I cannot see it on my screen.

  163. 196

    Spring Is Here, Antara

  164. 197

    Sweet March
    The calendar is wrong. Last time I check Thursday came before Wednesday. And Wednesday is abbreviated Wed, not Wen. What a way to ruin a perfect calendar.

  165. 199

    My mom likes Sweet March but my fav is Spring Is Here :) anw all wallpapers are beautiful

  166. 200

    very nice! thanks

  167. 201

    Is it just coincidence that “There’s Always Hope” has been put into March-Theme and designed by 11 aka Elevendy… and what happend on March 11 in Japan. Or might it be prediction, seriously a bit freaky.

    • 202

      Dave from Elevendy

      March 23, 2011 7:08 am

      Our hearts go out to the people of Japan, this was no prediction or conspiracy, just an amazing coincidence. It really is an enduring message.

  168. 203

    Thank you,very beautiful~

  169. 204

    its been my little happiness changing wallpapers every month
    thank you every one so much !
    its beautiful!!!

  170. 205

    The F1 rock ! very smart one !

  171. 206

    Hi its really great there is error and issue in ” Creative Bubbles ” wallpaper march has totally 31days but there is only 30 days.

  172. 207


  173. 208

    I love the black one with white numbers!!!

  174. 209

    I love “breath of spring” and really desktop wallpaper calender gud for inspiration, I shared it on Twitter :)

  175. 210

    Love the calendars every month! but, where is the first set published? the best was the one … can you post it again or direct me to the right place?

  176. 211

    it’s sooooo cute♡♡
    thank you for your work, & Mad Sprocket

  177. 212

    This reminded me of something I was watching on the TV the other day.

  178. 213

    Budiman Indrajaya

    August 15, 2011 10:10 pm

    Wow, great wallpaper SM, i’ll use on of it for my cover desing. Thanks a lot

  179. 214

    very good

  180. 215

    The wallpaper is pretty good.

  181. 216

    I’m using Spring is Here – it’s beautiful! I also adore “Breath of Spring”


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