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The Smashing Book 2 is here. It’s printed (+ free eBook). It’s available651. And it’s being delivered worldwide at this very moment as you are reading this. All pre-ordered books have been sent out from our warehouse via air mail and should reach all countries soon. In fact, some readers have already2 received3 a copy4 of the5 book6. What didn’t work the first time with the Smashing Book 1 has been hopefully accomplished this time. We’ve worked very hard to produce a high quality, valuable book for you, guys. So here it is, the brand new printed hardcover Smashing Book 2.

Smashing Book 2

Smashing Book 27

Smashing Book 28

What’s In The Book?

The Smashing Book 2 is a printed book about best practices in modern Web design. The book shares valuable practical insight into design, usability and coding. It provides professional advice for designing mobile applications and building successful e-commerce websites, and it explains common coding mistakes and how to avoid them.

You’ll explore the principles of professional design thinking and graphic design and learn how to apply psychology and game theory to create engaging user experiences. We also feature interviews from experts on the future of Web typography and describe how you can publish a book on your own.

Well-respected professionals have worked with us to provide exciting and comprehensive chapters:

  • “The Principles of Great Graphic Design,” Matt Ward and Alexander Charchar,
  • Visible vs. Invisible Design (free PDF sample)9”, Francisco Inchauste,
  • “Designing Mobile User Experiences,” Mike Rundle,
  • “Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping,” Janko Jovanovic,
  • “Red Flags in Web Development,” Christian Heilmann,
  • “The Future of Web Typography,” Vivien Anayian,
  • “Game Design Techniques Applied to UX Design,” Christoph Kolb,
  • “When They Click: Psychology of Web Design,” Susan Weinschenk,
  • “Design Patterns on E-Commerce Websites (A Study),” Steven Bradley,
  • “How to Make a Book (Like This One),” The Smashing Magazine Team.

You will find more information below, and you can read a sample chapter—“Visible vs. Invisible Design10” (PDF, 5.6 MB) by Francisco Inchauste—for free.

Exclusive Artwork for the Book

The Smashing Book 2 features exclusive full-page illustrations for each chapter. And this is something special we’ve got for you. The illustrations were created by the talented Australian illustrator and our dear friend Yiying Lu, who is well known as the designer of the famous “Twitter Fail Whale11.” She has designed an exclusive new series called “Smashing Animals” for this book. (And by the way, you can purchase it as wall art on Yiying’s website12.)

Smashing Book 213

The Names of Our Readers and an Exclusive Poster

In November 2010, our readers and fans had the opportunity to add their names to the book14. We sorted through all of the participants alphabetically and created an exclusive double-page feature on pages 6 and 7. Overall, 2970 names form the “S” in Smashing—ASCII art at its best.

We’ve selected the winners of the A3 poster15 (.txt) as promised. And to make the poster a bit more special, we decided to put the entire contents of the book—every single word—in the poster. Take a look at the (large) preview16 of the poster (JPEG, 8 MB). The posters are being sent out at this very moment.

The Smashing Book 2 Is Available Exclusively In The Smashing Shop

… and nowhere else. The Smashing Book 2 is a hardcover book (the ebook is uncluded and free) with quality stitched binding, 360 pages and a size that is a bit larger than its predecessor. The price is again just $29.90 (23,90€). Also, we want to make the book affordable for everyone, so Smashing Magazine will pay the shipping costs and ship the books for free, no matter where you live in the world.

The new Smashing Shop.

And it gets even better: the book will be sent only via air mail (except within Germany). Delivery will take between 3 and 15 working days at most (you can check delivery times for your country17), and it will ship from Freiburg, Germany. Of course, if you are not satisfied or have questions, there is a 100-day money-back guarantee  in our Smashing Shop.

But That’s Not All, Right?

Right! Initially, the book was supposed to contain more chapters, but because most of our contributors delivered (much) more content than the book’s size could accommodate, we couldn’t include it all. (We could have added more pages, but then shipping costs would have increased significantly.) So, we are releasing four chapters as a free bonus eBook, called “The Lost Files.” This 140-page eBook is now available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket formats. Every registered user can download the book for free, no strings attached.

To download your free copy, just register in the Smashing Shop18 and go to My profile → My downloadable products. You can download the free eBook there. Again, you don’t have to buy anything: registration is free and takes just 30 seconds.


The free bonus eBook contains the following exclusive chapters:

  • “The Ultimate Web Design Questionnaire and Checklist,” by Kat Neville,
  • “Plagues in Web Design and How to Deal With Them,” by Speider Schneider,
  • “Interviews: Expert Tips From Renowned Designers,” by Steven Snell,
  • “Web Design Community: Where Are We Going?,” by Paul Scrivens (Drawar).

Features Of The Book

  • Solid hardcover,
  • Quality stitched binding with a red bookmark,
  • 360 pages with full-color images on coated paper,
  • Free eBook included
  • Free air mail shipping
  • Worldwide availability
  • Smashing packaging
  • Risk-free purchase with a 100-day money-back guarantee,
  • Free eBook with four bonus chapters (140 pages),
  • Buy the book now!20

A Closer Look At The Book’s Chapters

Chapter 1: The Principles of Great Graphic Design, by Matt Ward and Alexander Charchar
This chapter looks at some key concepts of graphic design as they relate to modern Web design. It looks at a number of the central elements and methodologies that drive the act of designing itself, and it discusses the sometimes subtle but always significant divide between the merely good and truly great. You can read details about the writing of this chapter in Alexander Charchar’s article “Working Hard to Leap Buildings21.”

This chapter is about: The meaning of graphic design. The difference between good and great design. Timeless design. Relational minimalism. Importance of contrast, space and tension. Typography. Visual voice.

Chapter 1: The Principles of Good Graphic Design

Chapter 2: Visible vs. Invisible Design, by Francisco Inchauste
Basic principles and techniques of producing the visible layer of design in tools such as Photoshop are widely covered in books and online. Design is generally understood to be only what we see: a visual and primarily artistic medium of communication. However, the invisible part of design takes on several forms. When we design a website or application, we don’t (and shouldn’t) start from scratch. We start with certain patterns, and we need to understand their limitations in order to create effective solutions and experiences. Balancing invisible and visible designs enables us to create effective and meaningful interfaces for websites and applications.

This chapter is about: Seeing the invisible in design. Designing how users think. Mental models. Excise design. Design patterns and interface guidelines.

Chapter 2: Visible vs. Invisible Design

Chapter 3: Designing Mobile User Experiences, by Mike Rundle
The best apps work well, but building an app that looks good and works well isn’t easy. Designing a mobile app’s user experience is particularly challenging because it requires skill in a variety of disciplines: interaction design, graphic design, information architecture and ergonomics, to name a few. User experience design is a combination of disciplines, and so designing a fantastic mobile app calls for a combination of perspectives and skills.

This chapter is about: Building and selling apps. Peculiarities of mobile software. Principles of good app design. User interface design patterns for mobile apps. Visual design of mobile apps.

Chapter 3: Designing Mobile User Experiences

Chapter 4: Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping, by Janko Jovanovic
Every design process starts with an idea. Many ideas, actually. The truth is, only a few of them prove to be good, and the others are just bad. Many people believe that they have an excellent idea and know the path to realizing it, yet most fail. And that’s not surprising, because having an idea is not enough. Knowing how to choose an idea, shape it and develop it is crucial to success. This chapter describes the process of moving from abstract ideas to concrete solutions and explains the workflow, tools and techniques available when designing websites and user interfaces.

This chapter is about: Design process. Ideation through sketching. Storyboards. Techniques and tools. Wireframing. Prototyping. Testing and refining.

Chapter 4: Sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping

Chapter 5: Red Flags (Warning Signs) in Web Development, by Christian Heilmann
We spend a big part of our lives working hard to clean up and maintain products, rather than building great things to make the lives of our users easier. That’s just the way it is. If your code is hard to clean up, then you’ll be eating up even more time in the already short development process. Discovering that the product you’re having trouble extending or fixing is your own from some time ago is all the more aggravating. That’s when you start thinking that something must have gone wrong along the way. Well, something has. A few things will make good solutions go bad and start to smell, and this chapter goes over them.

This chapter is about: Building for maintenance, not the moment. Why HTML and CSS code goes bad. HTML painting and convoluted CSS syntax. Issues with JavaScript and back-end code.

Chapter 5: Red Flags (Warning Signs) in Web Development

Chapter 6: The Future of Web Typography, by Vivien Anayian
In the foreword to The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst points out that the underlying principles of typography are independent of any particular typesetting medium. Yet it is only after almost 20 painful years of setting type on the Web that designers can finally breathe better and apply the essential elements of style without compromising on detail or execution. Recent years have been pivotal in shaping the future of typography on the Web; what was unthinkable only a few years ago has become possible today, and it will get even better tomorrow.

You can read details about the writing of this chapter in Yves Peters’ short article “Some Thoughts On Web Fonts22.” The following typography experts generously contributed their time and expertise for this chapter:

This chapter is about: Evolution of Web typography. @font-face. WOFF. The open-source type movement. Font licensing. Web font services. Current problems in Web typography. Fonts Module and CSS3. Exclusive interviews.

Chapter 6: The Future of Web Typography

Chapter 7: Applying Game Design Principles to User Experience Design, by Christoph Kolb
The ultimate goal of a business is simple: to engage as many people as possible in favorable interactions. These interactions could include buying a product, spreading the word, advertising or just generally becoming a fan. Such objectives clearly require us to explore paradigms and perspectives that go far beyond aesthetics and traditional user interaction. This is where game design theory comes in handy. We can apply game design to certain areas of interaction to create user experiences that engage people and bind them to the company. In this chapter, we will learn how to apply some of techniques and theories of game design to website design, user experience and business.

This chapter is about: Combining social psychology, game design theory and economics. Game mechanics: world, players and rules. Winning strategies for users and companies. Playbook and strategy for interaction designers. Game design techniques and real-life examples.

Chapter 7: Applying Game Design Principles to User Experience Design

Chapter 8: When They Click: Psychology of Web Design and User Behavior, by Susan Weinschenk
From the chapter: “I’m a psychologist by training and education. This means that I consider design in the context of the mental model of the user. Whether the design is of software, a website, a medical device, online instructions or product packaging, I can’t help but see it from a psychologist’s point of view. I enjoy applying what psychology research tells us about how people think, learn, play and work to design challenges. I take research and insight into the brain, the visual system, memory and motivation and extrapolate design principles from them.”

This chapter is about: Different views on design. The importance of social interactions. Unconscious decision-making. Social validation. Goal-gradient effect. Using distractions to grab attention. “Satisficing.” Mental models. Error handling. Inattentional blindness.

Chapter 8: When They Click: Psychology of Web Design and User Behavior

Chapter 9: Design Patterns in E-Commerce Websites (Study), by Steven Bradley
Designers of e-commerce websites have to take into account many things that designers of informational websites don’t. How to design the check-out process? How will the website establish trust so that visitors are willing to hand over sensitive credit card data? Common design patterns have evolved over time, and this chapter explores how well e-commerce websites match up with theory and best practices. What’s the average number of check-out pages for an e-commerce website? Do certain patterns emerge from the data to show how different websites approach such issues? Shopping websites were chosen and surveyed each based on a set of elements in several categories.

This chapter is about: Layout. Information architecture. Navigation. Color. Product, check-out and shopping cart pages. Wording and design of call-to-action buttons. Contact and support pages. On-site marketing.

Chapter 9: Design Patterns in e-Commerce Websites (Study)

Chapter 10: How to Make a Book (Like This One), by The Smashing Editorial Team
Holding your very own book in your hands for the first time is a truly remarkable experience. You suddenly realize that you’ve given your ideas—ideas conceived in some abstract state in your mind—a certain shape, a physical reality, making them tangible, visible and enduring. The feeling is overwhelming: it fills your heart with pride, in the way that a painter admires their creation. The feeling has not been alien to those who have participated in book manufacturing over the centuries, and yet experiencing it has never been so affordable and accessible as it is now.

This chapter is about: Printing a book on your own or with a publishing house. Writing, editing and preparing the book for printing. Pricing, marketing and fulfillment. eBook production: PDF, ePUB, Mobipocket. Print on demand.

Chapter 10: How to Make a Book (Like This One)


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to The Smashing Book 2.

Contents and Format of The Smashing Book 2

  • What’s the difference between The Smashing Books 1 and 2?
    Both books cover best practices in Web design and development, and they have similarities, but on a broad scale they cover different areas of design. Book 1 presents coding and layout techniques, color theory und UI design, while Book 2 covers psychology, designing for mobile devices, graphic design, wireframing and book production. They complement each other very well but are also distinct enough for standalone reading.
  • Is The Smashing Book 2 an update, a new edition or a completely new book?
    The content was written from scratch, specifically for the book. It’s a completely new book.
  • Is The Smashing Book 2 available as an eBook?
    Yes. It’s included. Mobi (Kindle), eBook and PDF.
  • What’s with the extra eBook (the “Lost Files”)?
    Initially, the book was supposed to contain more chapters, but because most of our contributors delivered (much) more content than the book could accommodate, we couldn’t include it all in the book. (We could have added more pages, but then shipping costs would have increased significantly.) Therefore, we released four chapters as a free bonus eBook called “The Lost Files.” The 140-page eBook is available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket formats. Every registered customer is welcome to download the book, even if they haven’t bought The Smashing Book 2.
  • Will the book be available in other languages?

Payment, Costs, Shipping

  • Can I get a bulk discount?
    Yes, of course! Please contact us at sales@smashing-media.com52. We will be glad to answer all of your questions!
  • What are the shipping costs for my country?
    W e’re paying the shipping cost ourselves to make it possible for anyone to purchase the book, wherever they are in the world. We don’t have any hidden costs and haven’t made any tricky calculations.
  • What are the delivery times for my country?
    All books will be shipped via air mail to keep the delivery times as short as possible. You can find the anticipated delivery time for your country in the delivery times overview53.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We primarily support PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We use a secure connection, with 256-bit AES encryption and a GeoTrust Extended Validation SSL CA certificate.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
    Yes, absolutely! There is no risk involved. Our 100-day full money-back guarantee keeps you safe. Don’t hesitate to return your purchase. You’ll get your money back—no ifs, ands or buts about it.
  • I’m experiencing problems with the check-out?
    You can either check our Smashing Shop FAQ page54 or contact our live support team by clicking the “Chat” button in the upper right of any Smashing Shop page.
  • I have a problem not discussed here.
    Please leave a comment below, or contact our live support team by clicking on the “Chat” button in the upper right of any Smashing Shop page. We would love to help you any way we can!

Download the Free Media Kit, and Please Spread The Word

We’ve tried our best to make the book affordable and useful to every Web designer and developer worldwide. Please spread the word about The Smashing Book 2 in your blog posts and tweets. We really appreciate your support.

If you are planning to write an article about or to review The Smashing Book 2, please feel free to use the free Smashing Book 2 Media Kit55 (ZIP, 7 MB). The kit contains images, illustrations and photos that you might find useful for your article. Also, please don’t forget to tweet the link to the review with the hashtag #smbook2 so that we can track it and add it to our list of reviews. Your help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your time and help, guys!

Photos of The Smashing Book 2

Smashing Book 256

Smashing Book 257

Smashing Book 258

Smashing Book 259

Smashing Book 260

Smashing Book 261

Smashing Book 262

Smashing Book 263

Smashing Book 264

The Smashing Book 2 is here. It’s printed (+ free eBook). It’s available651.

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    Bogdan Silivestru

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    Thank you guys.

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    Smashing Media Customer Support

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    We’re sure #2 will be at your doorstep soon as well. :)

    The shipping is currently already heavily subsidized and shipping two books at once does not really make it cheaper, so there is currently no no point in a bundle, sorry.

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      Nope, not afraid. :) We don’t censor critical reviews in our shop either, so there’s no difference to Amazon in regards to reviews.

      The reviews are also generally very positive, so it wouldn’t be a problem either way. :)

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    Erick the designer

    February 3, 2011 3:05 pm

    Glad to see a nice hardcover on this book! I hope the binding job isn’t equal to the first book. I’ve had a few pages fall out, missing a few now. Definitely getting it either way though, provided a good read.

    • 511

      Smashing Media Customer Support

      February 4, 2011 2:25 am

      Please be assured that the binding is rock-solid this time. :) Anyone who already received the book can confirm that.

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    why my book has different cover ?! this pics have strong cover but mine has normal cover !

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      Smashing Media Customer Support

      February 4, 2011 2:28 am

      Hi davood,

      the Smashing Book #2 has, without exception, a hardcover. Either you ordered the first Smashing Book (which has a soft cover) by accident, or there has been a mixup. Please contact us through orders@smashingmagazine with more details (don’t forget to include your order number) so that we can help you.


  14. 817

    Just received my copy, only the pack is awesome and i don’t immaginate that is really inside!!! Thank you for this great book, first book gives me a quality UP in my work.

    There’isnt 2 without three :) waiting to read this one and your next creature.


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    When did shipping start, specifically for Canada? I know the expected delivery time for Canada is 3-10 days, but just wanted to know what to know when you started shipping before I start asking about my order.

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      Smashing Media Customer Support

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      Pre-ordered books have been shipped in a bulk process over several days. If you ordered during the pre-order period with the 20% discount, your book has been shipped on Jan 31st by the latest, possibly even a few days earlier.

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    with total = 60.80$..

    but i received only one book in a package with the above desc!!
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      Smashing Media Customer Support

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      Your books have been shipped seperately. The first book was shipped immediately since unlike the second book it was already on stock during the pre-order period. So don’t worry, your Smashing Book #2 is not lost, it is just still on it’s way.

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    Something that one wouldn’t expect from people talking about user experience and design principles.

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    The Smashing team is doing such a great work! :)

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    Book arrived this morning, looks really good on the whole but I happened to open at page 258 where there’s a bold statement saying that the best types of photos to use are those of people looking straight at the camera, whereas in this article from this very same site;

    Point 2 suggests NOT to use photos of people looking at the camera… with hard evidence to back it up. Would really like to see the evidence behind the “looking into the camera” statement if it’s available?

    • 1837

      Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine)

      February 8, 2011 3:15 am

      Mikey, that’s a very good question. Actually, the choice of types of photos depends on your objectives and goals. If you’d like to focus user’s attention on some specific details or a feature area on your website, it’s better to use photos on which eyes look at this area.

      However, if you want to make users connect with your site and leave a lasting impression, it’s better to use photos on which eyes are looking direct in the camera.

      The point in the article you are referring to is backed up by an eye-tracking study; the point in the chapter in the Smashing Book 2 refers to the study conducted by Dr. Susan Weinschenk who has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University.

      I hope it helps to clarify the issue, Mikey.

  28. 1939

    My copy has finally arrived. I feel reluctant to throw away the nice little smashing box it came in. I didn’t purchase the first smashing book so I can’t compare the quality but I will say that this book is well put together and the bookmark is a useful addition.

    My only annoyance really is that there are some light scratches on the cover, otherwise all is good.

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      Smashing Media Customer Support

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      The estimated delivery times to the states are 5-10 business days, so there is no need to worry, yet. Also, there was a strong blizzard – it might have interrupted the postal service.

      On the other hand, shipments have already been received in the USA, so we’re confident that yours will arrive soon as well.

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      Smashing Media Customer Support

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      Thanks for ordering! Pre-ordered books have been shipped by January 31st. The estimated delivery time to the United States is 5-10 business days. We think most books should have arrived in the states by now. If yours hasn’t, it will probably arrive this week.

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      Estimated delivery times to Australia are 6-10 business days, so it should arrive this week. Thanks for ordering!

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        He lives in the same town as me.

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          Smashing Media Customer Support

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          That is indeed unusual, but doesn’t necessarily need to be a reason for worry. We shipped such a high number of books initially, that the postal service probably had to process them in batches and not necessarrily sorted by town. Your’s probably just went on the next flight or something similar. We’ve had similar split deliveries in the past.

          However, it is really getting time for your book to arrive. So if it doesn’t arrive this week, please contact us through and we’ll investigate. Don’t worry, we will make sure that you receive your book.

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    Jens Ahrengot Boddum

    February 15, 2011 2:24 pm

    Like Ferdy said, it’s a real shame you aren’t making this as an ePub for the iPad. You loose a purchase from me as well with this decision.

    The content looks very interesting, and i enjoy reading articles on your site, but i’m just not going to buy it in this form. I mean it’s a frickin’ book about web design, so what’s the point of having to sit in front of a computer while reading it if you want to check out the links et cetera in it?

    I really, really don’t understand this decision.

    • 3214

      I would say the decision here is a simple matter of avoiding piracy.

      No eBook version = no piracy (well somewhat lol)

      I mean i have an iPad which i use for reading eBooks so i get wanting the electronic version (hell i would have bought it) but in the end, as long as i get the content i’m happy :)

      Plus realistically i’m sure in 6 months time or so, they’ll release in eBook version to make some extra money for the authors after people have picked up the print version :) so just be patient.

  43. 3265

    Must have book!! I hoping I’m one of the five winners!

  44. 3316

    I am waiting my preorder book. The first book (Book 1) I recived 4 days after i payed, now is Feb 16 and i stil didnt get my copy.

    BTW I’m from Croatia

    • 3367

      Smashing Media Customer Support

      February 17, 2011 1:52 am

      Pre-ordered books to Croatia should indeed have arrived by now. Can you please send your order details to We’ll check your order and make sure that you receive it.

      • 3418

        I just recived my copy of the book :)

        Thank you Smashnig Magazine Team for your concern and your fast investigation :)

        New book was sent 18.02. and I recived today :)

        PS Thanks Helen :)

  45. 3469

    Most books on any topic these days are filled with 10 or 15 pages of good content and the rest is fluff and filler. This book is good content from cover to cover.
    I’m ready for book #3!

  46. 3520

    Just ordered it. Thanks for featuring my portfolio site! :-)

  47. 3571

    Jean-Paul Rossetti

    March 3, 2011 2:56 am

    I received my copy, and can confirm this second book rocks (and not only for featuring my name ;-). Hope the third will improve again !

  48. 3622

    Just received my copy in the mail. I have to say that this book is, by far, one of the worst typeset books I have come across in quite some time! I don’t know who you chose to do the layout for it, but he/she/they is a rank amateur.

    That being said, the content is pretty good so far.

    Maybe next time you should consider a professional typesetter. Just sayin’.

  49. 3673

    Looks like a great book. Do you offer desk copies of the book for Educators? I would consider using this for my web design classes.

  50. 3724

    Im obliged for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.


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