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As most of you may already know, every second Tuesday of a month we send out an email newsletter to our subscribers (over 50,000 at the moment). Every newsletter issue contains exclusive, short articles that present recent design techniques, freebies as well as useful resources and tools. We work hard to make every issue special and useful, interesting and entertaining, and therefore your feedback is very important to us. (Feel free to take a look at the latest newsletter issue1).

Today, we’re particularly pleased to announce that our Smashing Newsletter is turning one year old tomorrow (yaaaaay!). To celebrate this special day, we’d like to give away some remarkable, must-have books. Besides, we’d like to look back at the last year and present you a selection of the most interesting articles from our previous issues. And, just for the record, the next issue is coming up tomorrow.

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The Smashing Newsletter has always been free of charge. We fully respect your privacy, and we would never share your data with third parties, nor would we ever spam you. You have our word. Join us today!

How Can You Win a Book?

Easy! Just share your thoughts about the newsletter in the comment section below to this post! What’s your opinion of newsletters in general? Who reads newsletters these days anyway? Is it a useful resource? Why do you read newsletters and which ones are you subscribed to?

Please do share your honest thoughts and personal opinion on the matter. In the end, we’ll randomly choose six readers who will win the book of their choice:


  • Hardboiled Web Design
    by Andy Clarke
    Five Simple Steps, 390 pages
  • Stunning CSS3: A Project-Based Guide to the Latest in CSS
    by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater
    New Riders Press, 320 pages
  • Making Ideas Happen
    by Scott Belsky
    99%, 256 pages
  • Art: The Definitive Visual Guide
    by Dorling Kindersley
    Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 612 pages
  • Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design
    by Khoi Vinh
    New Riders, 180 pages
  • The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images
    by the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism
    Taschen Verlag, 810 pages

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Alternatively, you can also pick up the exclusive bundle of limited Smashing buttons and stickers.

The “Best Of” Smashing E-Mail Newsletters

For a year now, the Smashing Newsletter has delivered 183 short articles in total, which all of our email subscribers have received regularly. The ones below were their favorites:

Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

For most of us, the Internet is a part of daily life, even if we don’t know everything there is to know about it. For things you’ve always wanted to know about the Web but were afraid to ask, we’ve found a book for you to flip through. Built in HTML5, this guide has it all, starting from the meaning of “Internet” all the way to open source and modern browsers.


The guide 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web6 is a brief reminder for anyone who’s curious about the basics of browsers and the Web. The neat little red man was illustrated by Christoph Niemann. (ik)

ProCSSor: Hassle-Free, Cleanly Formatted CSS

Not all CSS mark-up is pretty and cleanly formatted. Beautiful code can make editing and maintaining a whole lot easier. Ideally, this should be done from the beginning, as you create the style sheet; but sometimes we have to work on style sheets created by other designers who format their code differently. If you’re on a deadline, spending the extra time reformatting a style sheet can be quite time-intensive and not much fun.


That’s where ProCSSor8 comes in. This online tool allows you to submit your CSS (either copy and paste the code, upload the file or point to a URL) and choose from formatting options. You can save options and reuse them any time you run code through ProCSSor. You can separate properties and selectors across multiple lines, indent up to four levels with either the space bar or Tab key and even sort properties. The tool also has a “Columnize” mode, which groups elements into columns, making for a more elegant style sheet; you need to deactivate “Fail-safe mode” to use it, though—keep in mind that juggling CSS properties can result in rendering problems in browsers. (cc) (vf)

What Can You Make Out of Paper?

Nothing beats paper when it comes to brainstorming, mind-mapping or simply jotting down notes. Paper, one of the “Four Great Inventions of Ancient China,” has become a vital material in many industries and cultures. No surprise, then, that many artists experiment with the resource in untraditional ways. Paper-folding techniques, such as origami, have been popular for ages. This ancient Japanese practice of turning a single piece of paper into a genuine work of art is definitely impressive.


One could go even further with paper and produce, for example, complex shapes and sculptures and models from it. That’s what Richard Sweeny10 does. Richard says that his objects “are simple to construct, yet complex in appearance, and efficient in the way they are produced, both in terms of construction time and material used.” We have a hard time believing that his models are not as difficult to create as they look; they are truly beautiful and captivating.


If you’re looking for more examples of paper modelling, then head on over to the artwork of Polyscene12, and read the post “Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures13.” (cs)

Browser Details for Tech Support

As the operator of a website or online service, you know the problem: a gruff complaint to customer support because nothing works. And the customer, in his frustration, unfortunately forgets to provide further details.


Where does an admin or programmer begin when all they have to go on is “does not work” or “is broken”? You need details: about the customer’s browser and its configuration. A reasonable approach to the problem would be to start with some queries, which the non-specialist would be able to only partially answer: “Which browser? Well, uh… this Mozzarella.” “Cookies? I haven’t baked in years.”

When in doubt, send your customers to the website Support Details15. Their data will be automatically read out of the browser (including Flash version, operating system, cookies, JavaScript status, screen resolution, browser size and more) and can be copied, sent directly to you via email or saved. The free service uses Flash but can also complete its task without it. (sl)

Smarthistory: Inspiration from Rediscovering Art History

Having Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker as teachers, anyone would have picked art history as their favorite subject in school. Instead of relying on the large expensive textbooks usually used in class, these two professors decided to create their own audio guides to be used in the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These podcasts are not lectures but rather discussions that take place in front of the work being discussed, on the actual premises of the museum. This innovative approach to art history is at the heart of Smarthistory16, a free multimedia Web book that offers a perfect opportunity to review art history.


The website covers a wide variety of the artwork usually found in art history classes, ranging from ancient cultures to post-colonialism. In addition to the audio and video, Smarthistory contains articles and images organized by style and chronology. As a bonus, the user interface itself is worth looking at. The appealing design and intuitive navigation (which allows you to browse by era, style, artist and theme) makes this experience not only educational but enjoyable. (jb)

Insert a Layout Grid in Web Pages With #grid

While Photoshop and Fireworks are still the convention for designing websites, some designers are taking an alternative approach: creating mock-ups in actual mark-up18 (designing directly in the browser). In fact, many tools built into the browser can help you either prepare a quick mock-up or polish a nearly finished design. In particular, if you often do grid-based designs, you may find #grid19 extremely useful for adapting layout widths and alignments and for creating vertical rhythm on the page.


#grid is a little tool that inserts a grid onto the Web page. You can hold the grid in place and toggle it between the foreground and background. To display the grid, just press a hot key on your keyboard, and you can set your own short keys to switch views. #grid comes set up with a 980 pixel-wide container, with 20-pixel gutters, and assumes one lead of 20 pixels. You can download the source code (JavaScript and CSS) and use classes for multiple grids. (vf)

Free High-Quality HTML Email Templates

Designing HTML emails is tricky. Because of the lack of proper CSS support21 in many email clients, Web designers often have to resort to nasty coding techniques or restrict their emails to simple layouts. But emails — whether newsletters, corporate memos or communications based on generic templates — don’t have to be ugly and boring.

HTML Email Newsletter22

The Gallery of HTML Email Templates23 proves just that. The page presents 38 free HTML email templates (including PSD and HTML files), created by talented professional designers. Every template has been tested in more that 20 popular email clients, including Outlook 2010, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail and the iPhone. All of the Photoshop documents are layered and ready to be tweaked. You can download all of the templates for free (320 MB) and use them for any private or commercial project. (vf)

Creating Dynamic Footnotes With CSS and jQuery

In body copy, footnotes can be a nice solution to hide content that is not directly relevant; for examples, linking to a citation source, explaining a particular term in detail or discussing something off-topic. In these situations, footnotes let readers jump to this information when they need it, while allowing the writer to focus on the important things and not get lost in details.

But in their simplest implementation – using sup tags and linking within the page – footnotes aren’t very user-friendly. They interrupt the experience, requiring the user to click the link, read the information and then return to the page with the browser’s “Back” button.


Lukas Mathis has come up with an elegant solution25 to improve this user experience: his jQuery script shows the content of footnotes as soon as the user indicates that they are interested in it – i.e. when they move the cursor over the footnote symbol.

If the user’s browsing device doesn’t support mouse hovering, they can still jump to a footnote via its link. The script works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 7+. Alternatively, you could try the accessible footnotes technique26 or BrandSpankingNew footnotes script27. (vf)

LaunchList: The Designer’s Ultimate Website Check List

Every design project has many little details that one has to take care of before it goes live. Have you checked your content for spelling errors? Did you design a 404 page? What about the print style sheet? LaunchList28 helps you review important items before the big launch.


By default, the tool provides 28 items to be checked, but it also allows you to add custom items to the list. Each item can be commented on or crossed out. Once you’re done, you can send the report along with project’s details to multiple recipients via email. The email does not contain a direct link to the check list, but it has a plain text review of the things you have checked (along with your comments). If this tool is not flexible enough for you, you may want to look at the Ultimate Website Launch Checklist30, which is also available as a PDF download. (vf)

Getting Creative… With Money

Paper money has been around for over a thousand years. The currency is familiar to us; we trust it, and we humans are creatures of habit, often hostile to change. But that hasn’t stopped designers and illustrators from experimenting with their own versions of these monetary staples.


Many designers dream of being offered the chance to redesign the banknotes of their local currency or even contribute new kinds of legal tender. With all of the currency types in the world today, some more intricate than others, there is certainly no lack of inspiration to draw from. But when designers let their imagination run loose and try their hand at designing money, there is no telling what they come up with. For example, Xavi García has created a banknote by hand32 that reminds the user of the effort that went into its creation, replacing the currency value with the amount of time the note took to create.


And Dowling | Duncan34 has proposed a complete revision of US currency. You can see this and more impressive money design submissions at the Dollar ReDesign Project35 website. (ks)

Rounded Images With CSS3 and jQuery

Have you ever tried to apply the border-radius and box-shadow properties to images? If you have, you probably noticed not only that modern browsers display corners differently, but that the corners look a bit unfinished and broken. Webkit displays rounded corners but does not support the inset box shadow. In Firefox, the border-radius doesn’t display at all (see the image below).

Rounded Images with CSS3 and jQuery36

Nick La has come up with a solution to this problem37. The idea is simple: wrap a span tag around the image element. Then, put the original image in the background with the background-image property, and then hide the original image by applying opacity: 0 to it. Or to make it easier, just embed a jQuery code to generate span tags for images on the fly (which you’ll find in his article).

The technique works with any image dimension and works even if the width and height attributes are not defined. Obviously, the user has to be using a modern browser to see the effect. (vf)

Unsuck It: Rebel Against Marketing Jargon

Have you ever read a company’s “About” page and were left wondering what exactly the company did? Or read a page that talked about all the features and benefits of a product and that tried to convince you that the product was the best thing since Wikipedia… but that didn’t really tell you a thing? Marketing and business jargon is confusing or meaningless at best, and completely unintelligible at worst.


That’s where Unsuck It39 comes in. Enter any jargony word, and the online tool deciphers it and returns the true (unsucked) meaning. It’s useful for figuring out what a company is actually trying to say or for rewriting the horrible copy that a client has handed to you for its website. (cc)

Exposing Deceptive Design Patterns

Plenty of bad website designs out there are hard to use and serve only to frustrate users when one thing after another doesn’t work as expected. In many cases, these websites are designed by people who don’t follow common usability guidelines and best practices. Some websites out there, though, are purposely unfriendly. The designers who created them were perfectly aware of the effect their decisions would have. In fact, they designed the interfaces to deliberately guide users to do things they wouldn’t normally do.


DarkPatterns.org41 aims to expose these black-hat designs whose sole aim is to misdirect and deceive visitors. Anti-usability design patterns that are currently identified on the website include the “Roach Motel,” “Bait and Switch,” “Privacy Zuckering” and “Forced Information Disclosure,” among others. Examples of each are included, and visitors can add their own in the comments on each page. It’s a great website to show clients when they ask you to implement a questionable “feature” on their website. (cc)

The Grammar Cheat Sheet

Creating and publishing content has never been easier. Many of us have stumbled across useful and inspiring websites, only to be shocked by the lack of even the most basic grammatical competency on the part of the author. Following a few simple pieces of advice to improve your copy does not take much effort. The Grammar Cheat Sheet42 by Alexander Ross Charchar serves as a great guide in the language jungle.

The Grammar cheat sheet43

Never mix up your dashes again; learn how to set quotations marks; and remind yourself to keep paragraphs short and topical. Overall, it’s a nice little catalog of suggestions that would help every content creator meet the expectations of their audience. Take five minutes to peruse the sheet; your visitors will appreciate it! For a closer look at what else might go wrong, check out “The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)44” by Peter K Sheerin. (sp)

WordPress Admin Toolbar Bookmarklet: Blogger’s Little Helper

Small yet efficient, the WP-Toolbar bookmarklet45 will save a lot of clicks as you edit or update posts on your WordPress-powered blog. The bookmarklet gives you quick access to the entire administrative back-end directly in your browser’s window.

Just drag and drop the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar. When visiting your website, just click on the bookmarklet, and the script will add a graphical toolbar menu to the top-right corner. The menu has icons for all of the back-end menus, including Dashboard, Pages, Media and Users. To make it disappear, just re-click the WP-Toolbar button.


Say you are reviewing a post from your blog and want to quickly add a picture: you don’t even have to navigate to the back end. Just click on the Media button and start directly uploading the image. (If you are not already logged in, you will need to do that first.)

The tool does not give you access to anything you don’t already have. And unfortunately, the WP Admin toolbar doesn’t allow you to edit a post or page that you have loaded in your browser: you will need to select it from the list of articles on the “Edit posts” page. Still, this tool will save you a couple of clicks by giving you quick access to the most important back-end options. There is also a GreaseMonkey script47 that automatically loads the toolbar when you visit a particular website. (mm)

Baker eBook Framework: Better eBooks for the iPad

The iPad has become the digital reading device of choice for many people, thanks in part to its iBooks app. However, how would one go about creating an eBook for iPad? Of course, there are many possibilities: you could just use InDesign, OpenOffice or Apple Pages to generate the book in the ePub format, however you may run into formatting problems.


Baker eBook Framework49 is a nice new alternative. Based on HTML5, Baker makes creating a book for the iPad as easy as coding a basic Web page… even easier, considering it comes with a full framework for you to use. The idea is to give designers a set of templates to build HTML5 pages with a fixed width of 768px and use the power of WebKit for styling and animations. The format of Baker is HPub, which is basically one folder, book/, that contains all of your HTML files, all enumerated . It even comes with information on how to get your book into the App Store. It’s all free and BSD-licensed. You can download a sample book50 made in Baker for free. (cc) (vf)

Friends of Type

Friends of Type51 helps you discover great fresh visual content. Four creative fellows are responsible for the project which features type artwork from artists around the world, yet mainly their personal work. The project values typographic design and serves as a sketchbook, archive as well as dialogue.

Friends of Type52

All the creative posts are mainly meant to log ideas and aid you with daily inspiration. The posts are sketches and ideas around visualized language: a habit born out of the real-time collaboration among type artists. Don’t forget to drop by every last week of the month, when a guest designer is featured. (ik)

Responsive Images and Context-Aware Image Sizing

Since Ethan Marcotte coined the term, responsive Web design53 has gained a lot of attention in the Web design community, mainly due to its remarkable potential for flexible layouts that respond to the browser’s viewport for the best user experience. The main problem with such designs, however, is figuring out how to serve small images to mobile devices and tablets and large ones to desktop displays. At the most basic level, using fluid images54 and browser scaling to adjust the size of images would be fine, but it raises performance and speed issues.

Responsive Images: Experimenting with Context-Aware Image Sizing technique by Flament Group55

You could swap out different scaled images56 for different display sizes or use .htaccess files57 and some JavaScript to serve up different sized images based on the screen width. Another option is to use a service like TinySrc58: merely prefix all large images in your source code with a TinySrc URL, and the tool does the rest.

Rumpetroll Experiment: Ever Wanted to Be a Tadpole?

Yeah, me neither. But that’s what Rumpetroll59 (Norwegian for “tadpole”) lets you do. The project is a multi-player experiment created with HTML5, Canvas, JavaScript and WebSockets. Rumpetroll lets you be a tadpole that swims around in a gigantic virtual pond. You can even chat with the other tadpoles.


While Rumpetroll doesn’t seem to have a real point, and we have no insight into why it was created, it is a very good example of what can be built with modern technologies such as HTML5 and Canvas. By the way, it’s a Github project61, if you’re interested in diving into the code (pun totally intended). (cc)

Pop-Up Ping Pong

Developers are coming out with innovative games on what seems a daily basis. And sometimes we just need to take a break from our work and do something fun for a few minutes. Playing a quick game online is a great way to do this.


This new version of Pong63 is different from most online games. Rather than working in Flash or JavaScript, it works in pop-up windows. You get three pop-up windows to start. Two of the windows serve as sliders for the two players (you can play against another person or the computer) and one is the “ball.” You control your slider using the arrow keys or the A and Z keys. Other than that, it works just like an old-fashioned game of Pong. One tip: holding down a key to move seems to work very slowly (or not at all, at least on a Mac running Firefox); tapping the key repeatedly is better. Warning: sounds starts automatically. (cc)

Star Wars, Episode IV: Retold in Icons

Images can say more than words alone, and they can be a powerful tool for storytelling. Images engage and involve, they visualize data, and they condense large chunks of information in a compact and memorable way.

Star Wars is a legend. The story has been used for decades in a variety of ways: be it theatre performances or monochrome LEGO bricks, it still has a large and growing fan base. So while some fans are waiting for a new 3D version, there is now a convenient short form of the first part (which is the episode IV). And the best thing: it actually fits in this newsletter.

Star Wars: Episode IV. Retold in Icons64

Wayne Dorrington’s Star Wars: Episode IV65 presents the whole story of Star Wars: Episode IV in… icons! Not a single word is used in the design. A nice example of vivid, creative and original artwork. It’s also just fun to remember a great movie this way. (sl), (vf)

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    I subscribe newsletter as they keep me updated on the most important new of good sites (or music bands or clubs). I dont have to “check in” all the time but stil wont miss out.

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    Best blog and best newsletter ever, keep up the good work and informative stuff flowing. People wake up to your posts ;) cheers

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    Newsletters are pretty awesome in general, I think, but it definitely takes me a couple days to get to it. It’s like working out, you want to do it, and you know you should do it because it’s good for you, but it’s often hard to get started. But once you start, it’s a quick and inspiring read.

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    Your newsletter is perfect!
    keep doing the same: hi-quality but brief content!

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    I typically rely on RSS more, so newsletters for me just kind of get reduced to a checklist to see if I had missed anything in the feed. It’s just easier for me to read the individual posts on the fly rather than find the time to sit down and read them all at once.

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    SM is the best resource on the web for designers. I recommend it to everyone!

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    I subscribe to the newsletter and to the rss. The newsletter reminds me of the things I may have “saved for later” from the rss or gives me a second chance to see something I may have missed.

    I would like to see it sent a bit more. There is so much great content pulled together in the newsletter, that I think it really could be delivered bi-weekly to make it a little more digestible.

    Great stuff any way you slice it!

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    I have not yet read the newsletter, but I am subscribing today. Newsletters in general have gained a resurgence due to better delivery and reporting tools. Being able to target subscribers with specific content has made them feel much more personal as of recent. I find myself subscribing to more newsletters now than I ever have.

    Keep up the good work SM. I’m happy to offer you my inbox.

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    I enjoy newsletters that help me understand how to enhance the quality of my work, speed up my design process, and offer me something fun. The Smashing Magazine newsletter offers all of those, that’s why it’s the best!

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    Thanks, Smashing!

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    Must <3 SM Newsletter!

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    I haven’t been subscribed for very long and so far I have been impressed with the content of the newsletters. I really like tutorials and design inspiration which make it refreshing. I’m not big into freebies unless they’re really good. I enjoy learning about very useful tools and outstanding tutorials. My favorite way to connect is through my feed on Reader. It allows me to view all the new articles in my time. But I still like the newsletters as well. Keep it up.

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    I’ve founds lot of great ideas, concepts and help that i may have missed otherwise

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    If Smashing Mag is turning one year old, it should be #52 and not #27! The community demands regularity, but not at the cost of quality :) keep up the good work!

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    It’s getting harder and harder to get a relevant newsletter nowadays, and one that you feel is worth the effort of cluttering your inbox. The SM one is a good alternative to going through an (increasingly heavier) rss reader stream of articles. Whichever way comes easier at any given point, I make a point of going through every single SM article as there’s rarely anything worth passing over.

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    There is so many websites and news everyday, that I can barely keep track of everything that is passing by. The Smashing Newsletter let me know what happened and discovered articles or links that I might have pass by. It’s simple, clean and enjoyable :)

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    To be honest: I’ve never recieved the newsletter. I subscribed via Feed and that has brought me the newst and hottest SM News on my Desk(top)

    However – I just have subscribed to the E-Mail Newsletter to get 1. the chance to win and 2. to get a clue what is this all about ;-)

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    In all honesty, the Smashing Newsletter is one email that I love receiving!

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to hit up the blog everyday or if I do and find something useful ( which I usually do), I forget to come back and read up on it later. When the newsletter comes in and I see the article mentioned again, I am a bit relieved and excited.

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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    Yes I already belong to your newsletter, you guys are great. I would love to win, because I have heard a lot of great things about these books you are offering.

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    I tell everyone I know who does anything at all with the web—Smashing Magazine’s site is worth visiting every single day. And even if you do visit every day, it’s still worth subscribing to the newsletter.

    Every time I visit Smashing Magazine, I learn something. Without exception. It’s not the only site for web workers—there are several good ones—but it is the one truly essential resource everyone should follow.

    (And I would say that even if I weren’t trying to win a book. Honest.)

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    thanks for sharing those extremely useful articles with the world ;)

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    Thanks for providing such useful and interesting content!

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    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Whatever nerds, geeks, design gurus, and amazing creative minds are behind the Smashing Mag–I love y’all. I actually don’t subscribe to the newsletter anymore, because when I *did*, I was loving it so much, I was neglecting my homework to do other things like obsess about awesome websites you found interesting, or saving a ton of sweet textures and fonts you posted… you know.

    But I’m still your hugest twitter follower, and when I need some help with anything design-related, you’re honestly the first place I run to (In fact, I’m working on creating vectors from my Sharpie art, and I looked here first and didn’t need to look any further—I’m using this link:!

    I love you Smashing Magazine. You’re the top design blog in my little bubble of a world, but I know others feel the same. (Dontcha!?)

    Peace, Love, and Pixels,

    <3 Alyssa

  74. 74

    Chris Coppenbarger

    March 1, 2011 7:43 am

    I’ve been subscribed since Day 1 and look forward to every issue. I have them tagged and saved in Gmail so I can refer back to them when I want to. They are perhaps the best newsletter I get in my inbox.

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    I dont really read the newsletters, since smashing is my default page. I check out every article daily lol.

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    Really enjoy the newsletter, but wish it was sent more often!

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    The best newsletter in town. Period. ;)

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    I prefer the RSS, but i love the book and Newsletter, too ;)

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    I’m newish to Smashing Magazine, but I’m going to become a regular reader. The resources for a graphic design student are excellent!

    As far as newsletters go, I mostly read design/typography/visual/etc. newsletters, and I don’t think it’s uncommon for artists to read this type of thing. I’m only subscribed to a few (Smashing Mag included), but the list is growing!

  80. 80

    I subscribe to very few email newsletter. I much rather have my subscriptions into RSS instead. There’s already so much clogging up my inbox that I only subscribe to newsletters when there’s really no other way to RSS it. Besides Smashing Magazine, I only subscribe to three other newsletters, two from blogs and one from Moo.

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    I think that email newsletters are still a good alternative for the RSS feeds, so I’m still reading the most interesting ones ;]

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    I like newsletters, but i’m a little strict to the ones i subscribe, because some of them fail to deliver what i was expecting. If a newsletter is well written, not to much pub and gives you a fast access to what you are interested, for sure i’ll subscribe it, but unfortunatly that’s not the case in a huge part of them!

    SM newsletter is one of the newsletter’s that i save, mean literely! I have two or three #’s printed. I love it simply because not always i got time to read SM’s daily so i receive the highlights an top articles on a sweet SM newsletter! ;)

    Keep up with the great work and congrats for the newsletter!

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    I read the newsletter as soon as it comes out. For the most part I’ve found almost all of the newsletter interesting and read through each thing. I’d say about 60-70% of the time I actually click thru to one of the links. The bottom part of the newsletter is the part that I read the least.

    New on Smashing Magazine
    Smashing Network Highlights

    I think it’s because it’s just a list of links and there isn’t much content for me to read over. However, the title of a few have grabbed my attention enough to go to them.

    I love the newsletter. Looking forward to the next one!

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    Best newsletter out there!

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    Just signed up for the Newsletter so I cannot really answer the required questions for the contest but if the newsletter is anything like your website I will not have any problem to just love it! I consult your site for resources on web & graphic design almost daily and you have been the biggest help in making me grow as a designer and developer. Thank you all for all the great content!

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    March 1, 2011 7:48 am

    Can’t wait to start receiving these newsletters – they look really useful and interesting! :)

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    While I still subscribe to some email newsletters with quality content, such as MyFonts’ “Rising Stars”, I generally think that most newsletters on offer are quite useless. I discover news and new articles through Twitter and RSS. Luckily Smashing Mag provides through those channels as well :)

    I’d like to see some more personalisation in e-mail newsletters, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach. Just like Youtube gives me suggestions based on my views, I’d like Smashing to send me relevant articles based on my own article views. (Yes, I understand that it’s technically quite complicated :)

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    Probably the only NL I am really interested.

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    Being self taught, I’m constantly researching and studying in an ongoing attempt to hone my skills. I have found Smashingmag to be a valuable resource in that endeavor and the newsletter presents everything in a convenient, compact package.

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    How did I not know there was a SM News letter! Every morning I arrive 15 minutes early to work and switch on to SM! I am excited to see the new article and what I can learn!

    I have just signed up and am looking forward to some awesome News-letter-age!

    Oh and good way of getting people to comment :P!


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    Nothing beats a good dose of Chai Tea Latte and SM newsletter for me!

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    I love to be update, so the best way is always the awsome newsletter from The Smashing magazine !

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    I subscribe to maxdesign’s “links for light reading”, always has the best roundup of good articles / tutorials on front-end development.

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    I have the Smashing Magazine on RSS feed and check it on a regular basis. I am a self-taught developer and look to this site for insightful information when I run into issues.

    SM is the best newsletter.

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    Nice to hear that.
    Smashing Email Newsletter is always welcomed in my mail box and every single time read till the last piece of it. Always usefull content is included and links to usefull articles.

    P.S.: One of the most nicest newsletters i have signed for :)

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    Even though, I visit your website very often, it is always good to get a compact pill with new creative and useful ideas. This is exactly what your newsletter does.

    Keep it going guys, this newsletter is one of very few I read.

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    Just signed up for the newsletter. Not sure why I didn’t a year ago when I first started visiting the site. The site has an infinite database of information for me. I am a new comer to the design field.

    Thank you for your website!

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    I like to believe that I’m amongst the first to have subscribed to the newsletter. I’ve followed it since day 1 and expect it every Tuesday.

    What I find awesome about it is that it contains some really cool resources and information that you don’t normally find on niche blogs.

    Thank you for it,

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    Great newsletter with good content, well presented. Ok, i admit i comment only to win the books. But i really think what i said ;) That said, i can’t wait to receive my new SM Book 2!

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    I really enjoy your newsletter. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to go out to various websites to do research so I also receive an RSS feed on NetVibes so I can always see your latest articles. I am not a web designer per say (I work in a corporate IT group on internal web applications) and I don’t do any freelance work as of yet so not all articles apply but those that do are spot on and I often share them with my colleagues. I am currently in school for HCI and some of the articles have really helped me with papers and design work. Also, the timing of your Photoshop articles couldn’t have been more awesome as I’m currently taking a digital design (i.e. Photoshop) class! Thank you for your newsletters and keep them coming!!!

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    I love the newsletters, because it simplifies all of your wonderful content into one quick glance. I have very little time to search and hunt for information and your newsletter delivers all of the best work to me without searching. Thank you for a great year.

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    These days I look for simplicity in the newsletter. I have a ton of email to go through every day so when I get to a newsletter, I generally look for a nicely designed template with brief headlines and maybe 2 sentences per headline. That keeps me interested and I do click the links sometimes on articles that sound interesting. The newsletters I completely ignore are the ones that have no design creativity in them and look like a college essay with endless black on white text. It looks just like other email and I am not reading that much so I ignore it.

  107. 107

    Happy 1st birthday Smashing Newsletter!
    Its always been great to have you knock my email door everytime!

    The newsletter has been a great resource and I like how I can get a quick round up of things and keep myself updated!

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    I’ve enjoyed the newsletter. Looking forward to another great year.

  109. 109

    Launchlist and the Dollar Rede$ign Project were both AWESOME things to find out about because of the newsletter! They have had a serious impact on my design chops and inspiration!

  110. 110

    Jorde Vorstenbosch

    March 1, 2011 8:04 am

    I didn’t know about the newsletter, I was ‘only’ signed up to RSS, Twitter and facebook.

    Singed up to the email newsletter now that I see it has valuable content.

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    For the same reason i added your feed rss to my Reader, i subscribed to the newsletter because there is always at least an article i will be interested in.
    Thanks for your work :)

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    I love the newsletter. More often than not, with the amount of information circulating the web, I tend to miss great content from some of my favorite sites.

    Newsletters help me stay on top of the most important information in the field.

    Definitely a must have. (Especially since my RSS feeds are focused only on leisure activities)

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    I LOVE the smashing newsletter. It has so many great tips and resource links. Now that I think of it, it’s probably the only newsletter I am *willingly* subscribed to and actually read. In fact, I get excited everytime I see the smashing newsletter in my inbox.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND to every one!

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    I love newsletters when they give me something to learn about, keep me updated with what’s trending, and when they are designed pleasantly.

  115. 115

    I subscribed from the beginning and I’d like to see more content related to code (javascript!!)

  116. 116

    I recently found smashingmagazine and the content is amazing. I am new to the web design field and it has been really helpful reading this information. I am planning on buying the e-book bundle, those books look amazing!

  117. 117

    Not a big fan of newsletters in general; mostly because in most cases it involves self-promotion (not talking about SM one here) which I’m not interested in. I’ve got Google Readers for my RSS feeds and it’s easier for me to find articles there rather than in my personal inbox which isn’t available to me in the office.

    Having said that, looking at the content in SM Newsletter I may be inclined to subscribe even on my professional e-mail (for easier access for myself)…. :)

  118. 118

    The Smashing Magazine Newsletter is the only newsletter I read. It has a nice form, it is clean, well formatted and it has a high quality, valuable content. Keep it sending…

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    This is the best design/development newsletter so far. I really enjoy the newsletter, with tons of great information.

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    Smashing Magazine’s is the ONLY email newsletter I susbscribe to. There’s always useful stuff and it’s never dissapointing!

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    I love the enewsletter as even though I follow Smashing on twitter and check the main site regularly the newsletter always has some interesting articles that I hadn’t seen before. Keep up the great work!

  122. 122

    To be completely honest, it’s usually the artwork that attracts me to reading the article.

  123. 123

    Love your eNewsletter, especially when you have free icons or templates.

  124. 124

    Awesome Newsletter!

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    This is the first I’ve heard that you have a newsletter, but I’m signing up and looking forward to good things arriving in my inbox.

  126. 126

    Andrew Griffiths

    March 1, 2011 8:11 am

    I look forward to every update of “Smashing”. Its part of my everyday ritual of reading. Thank you so much for an excellent presentation of tips, tricks and tools for the hard working designer.

  127. 127

    I love the newsletter, also your twitter stream, because it’s the best source of inspiration for me. Also it’s always a good way to update my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, typocraphy, and so on – really nice!

    Winning one of those books would be really amazing, specially because tomorrow is my birthday and these would be fabulous presents =)

    Keep on the good work!

  128. 128

    The Smashing Magazine Newsletter is a very good read, If I don’t have time to read the newsletter I save it to read later and actually do read it.

    Keep the great content coming, its smashing and here’s to another smashing year!

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    I’m not a subscriber but after reading the content available in the newsletters in this post, I signed up. :)

  130. 130

    I don’t read the newsletters but i signed up as a gesture of support!

  131. 131

    Fresh tips and tricks are always welcome in my inbox. I learn something valuable each time. Thanks for all the hard work!

  132. 132

    Patricia Lupien

    March 1, 2011 8:16 am

    I love the Smashing Newletter. It’s a great way to catch up on design that I may have missed during the month.

  133. 133

    I’m a new subscriber as of today and I’m excited to see what I get in my inbox from Smashing!

  134. 134

    I enjoy a dose of inspiration through the SM newsletter and it always covers interesting and useful articles.
    Happy Birthday & keep up the good work!

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    I love recieving the Smashing Magazine newsletter. It’s something that’s pure and simple and informative in this fast-changing world of the Internet. Full of interesting articles as well as links to great articles online. Keep it up!

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    Adriana Atzimba

    March 1, 2011 8:17 am

    I follow the Smashing Magazine newsletter since number one, and read the blog since a while. When I receive the smashing newsletter my only concern is that sometimes I don’t have enough time for reading it all, and this is one of the few newsletters I like to read from top to bottom because all the articles are interesting and practical.

    I found very useful tools like the Grid javascript, and ProCSSor among others.

    Congrats for this first year and I hope you have much more
    Thank you a lot

  137. 137

    Renaldo Creative

    March 1, 2011 8:17 am

    Congratulations I like reading the Smashing newsletter. I have been reading it since day one. I cannot believe it has been 1 year.

    I recommend this newsletter to everyone.

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    Congrats on hitting the 1 year-old mark on the newsletter. I had no idea you all put out a newsletter. I find the articles that show up in your RSS feed to be interesting and useful, and undoubtedly will find the newsletter to be similar.

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    The Smashing Newsletter is a very Smashing. I enjoy receiving it and reading the contents inside.

    Keep up the Smashing Work!!!!

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    Never read the smashing newsletter, but love the site. Can’t wait to start getting the newsletter.

  141. 141

    the smashing newsletter is great, and directs me to topics i might have otherwise missed.

    i’m a college-level design instructor from madison, wisconsin – i can haz free buks nao? :D

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    I enjoy the Smashing Newsletter, it’s one newsletter I actually like to get!

  143. 143

    I Love SM eNewsletter :) Please Make it twice a Month now :P

  144. 144

    For some weird reasons i can’t receive this newsletter anymore. When i try to subscribe the newsletter again i get “ is already subscribed to list Smashing Newsletter”. M not sure what to do. :|

    P.S. I love reading the Smashing Newsletter, it’s got more content then any other newsletter.

  145. 145

    Love it! Can’t believe it’s only 1.

  146. 146

    Rarely do I save newsletters, but Smashing has it down. Very scannable and super useful links. Thanks for a job well done.

  147. 147

    Love the Smashing Magazine newsletter, always a welcome addition to my inbox! May there be hundreds more!

  148. 148

    my favorite newsletter by leaps and bounds. i always learn one new thing reading it. keep up the {fantastic, clever, quirky, insightful, bleeding-edge} work!

  149. 149

    i’ve been a regular to the site for over a year now and would like to say THANKS for helping a noob out :)

  150. 150

    I subscribe to SM newsletter to keep abreast with some of the contemporary techniques/how-tos in modern web design. I usually check the email from my iPhone and depending on my interest in the articles bookmark them for later use and trying out stuff. Excellent work guys, keep it up!

  151. 151
  152. 152

    What I find most useful is the links to the none Smashing Magazine stuff – I’ve already seem the SM stuff on the site/RSS feed. There are usually a few gems and it’s nice to have them sent to me rather than trawling the web for them.

  153. 153

    I personally think newsletters like yours are great, they are an almost dead practice, but its better to read excerpts before reading those big articles.

    I wish other good blogs started with this too

  154. 154

    Love the Smashing Magazine newsletter. You are the best!

  155. 155

    Personally, I feel that newsletters are a lost art. I know that people generally think of newsletters as spam, but that’s all there used to be in the era of Smith & Corona and Royal typewriters, before our lovely World Wide Web. The newsletter was an informative, artfully designed ‘website’ in it’s own essence. I’m glad that very useful sites, as, takes the time to create these newsletters, filled with material that I, as a freelance web designer | developer find most encouraging. Thank you guys and gals for all of the hard work!

  156. 156

    When I first subscribed, I was worried that the newsletter would just be an e-mail version of the exact same content I could find on the blog. (I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to way too many of those…) Although there is some content overlap, the Smashing Magazine newsletter stands on its own quite nicely–bravo!

  157. 157

    Just subscribed to the newsletter (well, I will once the link arrives in my inbox). I recently purchased the second book, and it’s great! I love the whimsical illustrations by Yiying Lu.

  158. 158

    It’s true that newsletter these days usually ends unread in garbage but i found them really really useful when those newsletters are from website like Smashing or some similar website/blog about design because i don’t really check every moment what’s new on website so, in that way, newsletter are great..i appreciate them a lot.
    But on the other hand, what i always expect but never see it coming, is a some small privilege in relation to “ordinary readers” of Smashing Magazine or any other newsletter on which i subscribe.
    Now, i’m not talking here about some super special treatment and free stuff in bulk but maybe little discount (5-10%) on some design/programing books or to share some nice tutorials exclusively for subscribers and stuff like that.
    I know that i will always read newsletter from Smashng or any other in which i subscribed..ok..maybe not always..but let’s say about 80%-90% of them i will read..but if there in that newsletter is something exclusively just for subscribers then i would most definitely say something like:
    “Oh, new Smashing newsletter, cooool <3 ! I wonder what they have prepared just for us this time! ^_^ " or "(2-3 day after first newsletter)Damn Smashing, are they going to send another newsletter during this decade, or what!" … get the point! :)
    …which means 100% not 80% of opened and read newsletters.

    ps. Smashing <3
    pps.Thanks in advance for the book. ;D

  159. 159

    Smashing Magazine is one of the smartest, most delicious sites out there today for designers and the like. I am always pleased to read through my feeds and find info, articles and freebies that I use in my daily life as a designer. BOOYA!

  160. 160

    Never used the newsletter before but subscribed after this post =)

  161. 161

    I’ve just signed up and can’t wait to start receiving updates!:)

  162. 162

    Love the newsletter. Always full of great tips and new ideas that I would never come up on my own.

  163. 163

    The smashingmagazine newsletter is the only newsletter I really read! (that means that it’s good :)

    In my personal opinion it would be better if the newsletter was more design-based. At this moment it looks like coding is the most important thing in it.

  164. 164

    Looking forward to reading the newsletter!!

  165. 165

    Being a fledgling web developer SM gives me something to aspire to. I read it daily and have learned so much about all aspects of design/development and best practices.

    I know some people do not like ‘top 50 xxxxxxx’ lists but I personally trust SMs’ opinion on the top things in the web world.

    Keep up the good work peeps.

  166. 166

    The Smashing Newsletter is fantastic, there always are useful things to learn and resource.

    Thanks for your hard work…

  167. 167

    Not only do I read the Smashing Newsletter when it comes, but I keep every one so I can always refer back to it. I love this newsletter! As far as other newsletters, I do read them. I subscribe to a few (some daily, some not-so-daily) and I try to read them all. Usually these newsletters are things that I want to keep up to date on anyways so I try to read the ones I get and unsubscribe from the ones that I don’t want.

    Keep it up Smashing!

  168. 168

    Already a subscriber to the newsletter. Im a web designer and find it an amazing resource and it easy to look through quickly and find what is available.

    Smashing Magazine definitely stands out in a crowded field of design blogs and resources. Keep up the great work!

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    The newsletter and as a whole is my first resource for inspiration when I’m stuck in bind. The newsletter gives me a great collection of new tricks to use at my job each month, and it is single-handedly resposible for helping me learned CSS and designing for WordPress. Keep up the amazing work!

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    It is one of the best newsletters and I guess from your point of view its great to get a list of subscribers – however I check my RSS everyday and read a lot of the SM articles and the SM Network articles…so perhaps would question the value of a newsletter – why not publish it all to the site as rss

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    March 1, 2011 8:47 am

    Very very cool!
    I’m big fan of SM for a years!

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    Here’s to you on one year in the books with your newsletter. Both your newsletter and your site and fantastic resources of expertise. And you offer your newsletter in mobile format…FANTASTIC! As a mid-twenties ecommerce web designer, I always turn to Smashing to stay ahead of the game!

  173. 173

    It’s been a good read. Thankfully there’s an HTML only so I can quickly skim what I missed in the last busy week or so of work.

    Now only if my Smashingbook #1 would show up any time soon. It’s starting to push past the two business weeks! How far away is Germany, really? Might as well have been ship from the moooooooooon!

  174. 174

    Always lights up my day when I get the newsletter – Articles that keep me from doing my work :p

    I’ve no complaints about it at all – Keep it up.

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    Happy Newsletter Bday ^.^

    I am subscribed to 3 or 4 newsletters and one of those is the Smashing one. I honestly prefer the Feeds. But yet again, I also loved the old Smashing forums…
    I don’t see the newsletter as “a must”, but I see 50k people subscribed to it, meaning is a great perk for the site.


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    I really use some newsletters, and the 3 reasons to read them are:
    – if they are a good summary of the most important content on that website, preventing me from visit the website just to see if it’s there any new stuff
    – if they are announcing new features on the website
    – if they are announcing some promotions

    Examples of newsletters that i read are (when it’s about products categories that i like), (promotions and interesting new books) and a portuguese forum about online bets (the newsletter talks about new features on that website).

    I just subscribe your’s, i’ll give you some feedback when i read it. I hope i can win that css3 book!

  181. 181

    I like the things that get featured in the Smashing Newsletter, but I wish the exclusive articles didn’t feel quite like advertisements for various things. Maybe some useful tips and tricks? Or even linking to an exclusive article that’s longer? Or what about quick inspiration – one thing that’s really cool that the Smashing Team found in the last month?

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    I really find the newsletter useful, providing valuable information. The only thing I dislike in some way is that images are resized and stretched in an odd way. That’s the way I see it at Gmail and my iPhone.

    Cheers! And congrats. (:

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    I look forward to every post every day. I usually forget about the email so when it shows up I am always pleasantly surprised. I think the timing is always right because I need time to digest and think about what I just read. And between the website, the book, the network and the newsletter, there is always something that keeps my mind going.

    I just finished reading Smashing book #1 and it’s chock-full of priceless information. I almost put it down because the first couple of chapters got a little heavy for me. But when I saw the 2nd book was coming out, I had to go back and finish the first. It gave me some great insight to put into practice while in the middle of my own website redesign. For me, Smashing Magazine is always on the fast track and I’m just a train robber trying to steal some goodies. Hoping to get the 2nd book on order soon.

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    However, I would like it if there were more in-depth articles as opposed to just links to short ones… Anyhow, it’s still excellent!

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    I don’t get the SM newsletter. I just have SM as one of my homepages, so I can read the post of the day when I get to work. Am I missing out? O_O;

  196. 196

    IMO SM newsletter is one of best ideas, it gives me some look on what’s “current” in design. It totally should be released more often. When i’m down with my inspiration, a scan through last three or four newsletters and latest rss news gives me idea-bomb.
    Keep it up!.

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    This is the only news letter I read! It’s full of valuable information. Keep them comen!!!

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    I am not a big fan of newsletters, I already get a lot of email that I barely have enough time to go through so newsletters rarely get viewed in my inbox. I prefer to pick a handfull of useful sites and do a quick scan at the start of every day, if something catches my eye I will read the article.

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    Smashing Mag is an awesome resource! I’m an in-house designer, so no budget for professional development. Smashing Mag helps me keep my skills sharp.

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    I enjoy most of the articles in the Smashing Newsletter. Although I do parouse the articles on here before most appear on the newsletter it seems. A perk could have some exclusive content to the Newsletter Subscribers, but that would be up to you since I know you want to spread the knowledge of Smashing to as many people as possible.

    I am a fan and appreciate all of the things you folks do for us when it comes to content and articles.

  206. 206

    Sigh, I’ve fallen in ‘lust’ at least with Smashing, and didn’t pay attention to the fact that you have a newsletter available. Shoot – I can’t wait to get it signed up and ready to rock and roll with new information!

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    my opinion is: I think it’s great. I really think so but i’m not quite sure because i’m not able to subscribe :D (i tried often…). I get this nice sql error but no newsletter:

    SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘584549-203026926′ for key 2

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    Smashing Magazine is where we learn new things & practice all time and they don’t stop teaching us. My wonderful resource I enjoy while working.

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    And always find a lot of interesting stuff and resources for work and inspiration.
    What’s more, a lot of it I keep in my bookmarks as incredibly useful information
    Thank you!

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    Gareth Partridge

    March 1, 2011 9:21 am

    I was introduced to Smashing Magazine about a year ago after being directed to the site by a friend and fellow web enthusiast.

    As a relative newbie to the discipline I cannot express enough gratitude to the Smashing team for the help, insight and inspiration their site has given me so early on in my hopefully long web designn/developent career.

    I call it a career as I recently published my first ever site to the gratitude of a very satisfied client. It’s not the most advanced site ever but a lot of the design ideas used to build it were inspired by articles posted on this site for which I am extremely grateful.. I feel like I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in such a short space of time and am eager to know much much more. I have the first Smashing Book and am due to buy the second soon and am certain it will help inspire future projects.

    So all in all a big thank you to all involved with the site. Without it I have no doubt I’d be considerably further behind in my understanding of the web and think there are likely to be many out there who feel the same.

    Thank you.

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    I believe, when you are recognized as a brand or as a trendsetter your real fans will subscribe and read your newsletter, even if some people says that is an outdated form of communication. I believe it is more personal, in a way.
    SM Newsletter truly is unique: short, well written and with exclusive content straight to the point.

    It is a must have in your (email) inbox…

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    Thanks for being a good friend of my web design passion

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    Thank you.

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    I love the newsletters, It is a refreshing source of information for design the web and all things related. keep up the great work.

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    I’m new to subscribing to the newsletter; in the past I’ve been steered to your great content from other sources. Looking forward to a regular diet of sweat and inspiration. (And happy anniversary.)

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    A friend turned me onto the site and the associated newsletter. I get various designer/graphic e-letters and publications and I especially appreciate the variety of issues which you will explore in each issue!. Keep up the good work! Keep all those links to services coming – you’re a great resource!

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    Proud of receiving newsletters… Always inspirational, fun and there is always something new to learn…

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    I never subscribed to the Smashing Magazine Newsletter before. I’ll have to check it out but I generally try to keep email as a means to communicate with other people. I have a lot of different services that send me coupons through email, which is cool, but I end up with an overflowing inbox, which is not cool. I would prefer to read articles through my RSS reader but if the newsletter provides different content, I’ll probably stick with it.

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    I’m a young student, and this newsletter is inspiring me to make my own opportunities, and not to only look to other people. Thank you!

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    All you do is really qualitative and for everybody from the new one to the professional ;)

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    Still, smashing newsletter cheer me up everytime…

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    Can I please win the free stuff?

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    It would be nice to have it in german …
    Good trip to springtime !

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    The email newsletter is the only email that goes into my junk mail that I read and really enjoy. The articles are interesting and extremely helpful and up todate in a time where technology changes every six seconds….its a great way to keep up and stay in shape haha…Keep up the great work and i look forward from pulling the lastest and greatest newsletter out of the junk folder as soon as i get it.

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    I read the newsletters from time to time, but most of the time I view the content on the actual site or via RSS feed. I do believe that the content delivered via any of the mediums is second to none.

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    here is the thing about newsletters.

    Newsletters are fine. if you are interested in them.

    Whenever you register to a site, the first thing you will notice a few days later….”Why did i get this stupid newsletter”… even though you just registered and never signed in for a newsletter, right? The Bad thing about newsletter is, that most sites MAKE YOU! get the newsletter to push their sites. I like newsletter you can freely sign in and sign out… there is one newsletter i am getting i cant turn off, nor can i delete my account? why is that? it just sucks.

    Anyway. If newsletter contain information i want to know about like here (yeah, true, i am interested), why dont subscribe? if i change my mind i can still unsuscribe (i trust you so far..! ) : )

    best wishes for one years!

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    Smashing Mag’s site and newsletter is a major compartment in my Design Toolbox and an important part of my morning routine – right after fuzzy slippers and during 1st cup of coffee. What can I say, you guys rock!

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    I think modern people with a thirst of knowledge are the ones who subscribe and read interesting newsletters. They are a useful resource indeed. I subscribe to newsletters that have to do mostly with design and music which are some of my principal axis in life.

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    At first I was sceptical about the newsletter because the newsletters I knew so far just wanted to sell something and were full of ads and their content was of no interest. But the SM newsletter was one of the first newsletters that were handy fo me! Great content! The SN is awesome!

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    I read these newsletters and keep them saved in a special folder in my inbox! The Smashing newsletters have always provided me with great resources for design inspiration and coding techniques!

    There aren’t many other newsletters I check out other than Smashing, mostly because they’re often spammy and are usually just trying to send me something, rather than sharing great info with me!

    I’ll keep reading as long as you guys keep posting ;)

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    Smashing news in any format is always welcomed! Congrats on your 1st year!

    I like a newsletter to tell me what it’s about within the first couple of seconds of me looking. Anything longer and I tend to hit delete.

    Information about new products and services is what I find most useful. Or alternatively something that does or could involve me. As Seth Godin would say I want “me mail.”

    I like an easy to use “unsubscribe” button as well. Nothing that makes me login.

    You get all of the above right… so keep up the good work.

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    Smashing News letter is just simply inform me the new useful tools and artilces that I’ve missed. Happy Birthday one year old News Letter.

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    March 1, 2011 10:41 am

    i’ve never received the news :(
    but i love reading smashing magazine every week and i just can’t wait for my first sm news and gift :D the book of symbols is for sure my favorite.
    cheers from brazil

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    Smashing Magazine > Awesome

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    the smashing newsletter — as well as the magazine site — are invaluable to me. I keep all of the newsletters in their own folder so I can reference at any time! thanks for all of the information!

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    I’ve actually never read your newsletter .. generally I don’t really subscribe to newsletters because I already have an inbox overflowing with email. However I am an avid fan of your website, and I look forward to reading your posts in my google reader everyday :)
    I always find good info on your site. Now with your newsletter turning 1, I figure I’ll give that a try too.. so maybe I’ll get into a new habit of reading newsletters now.

    Happy 1 Year!

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    Newsletters are great for sites/feeds with consistently high quality content that I don’t want to risk missing in my feed reader/Twitter. It’s a content safety net. Also handy for archiving/tagging/searching.

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    I subscribed to your newsletter because I love your articles and your books.

    The thing is I’m not a big newsletter reader. When it comes to Sashing Mag, I check the website and the twitter everyday, so I rarely miss anything.

    It’s the only newsletter I’m subscribed to (and I don’t remember why, since I follow your every step on the web), but I’m not going to unsubscribe by any means :)

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    I’m new to the Smashing newsletter but I’m impressed by the range of information presented. I think that’s key to getting readers to linger. That and great design.

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    Congratulations! I love Smashing magazine newsletter. It offers me another avenue to keep my abreast of new development in web design and development. I have two suggestions for you.
    1.If you can make a mobile version of the newsletter that would be helpful for people like me who read it on their mobile phones/devices.
    2. Try to cut back on ads. (I know you have to add ads but if you can cut back a little it will be awesome).

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    I find that newsletters are a great way to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry. Some of the useful ones I subscribe to, aside from Smashing Magazine, are Abduzeedo and Webdesigner Depot.

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    I like newsletters, the ones I enjoy or that have tips I’m interested in can stay in my Gmail and be there forever (with backupify, too). And, easily searchable.

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    March 1, 2011 11:08 am

    Congratulations for the Newsletter.
    Nice, beautiful and informative.

    And here’s a idea for a post: Newsletters!

    Hail Smashing Magazine! =)

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    So we will celebrate together. Tomorrow is my birthday !!!
    Congratulations! Love Smashing magazine :)

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    How can you not enjoy a friendly reminder of the latest and greatest things in graphic design. As a student I am always looking to learn and see what the best tricks of the trade are. Thanks for the continued help and inspiration over the years. O and Happy Birthday as well!

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    While I sometimes fall behind on reading each edition, I really enjoy the ‘bite sized’ format of the newsletter (compared to longer blog styles posts I’m subscribed to via RSS) and the links contained in each edition are very useful.

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    Just found your site recently; just now subscribed to the newsletter. I like the fact that Smashing has a variety of content – both helpful and fun – and that it’s organized around topics so I can find what interests me. I expect the newsletter will be the same.

    I only subscribe to newsletters that tell me succinctly up front what I have to gain by clicking further in. And, of course, with content that’s worth my time.

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    Although real-time communications are good, detailed analyses and weekly summaries are always priceless.
    And who does not like well designed newsletters.

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    Happy Birthday SM!

    SM is THE place for me to go whenever I have down time – to read, to learn more, for inspiration. The content is outstanding – it keeps my mind intrigued while learning to do something completely different. Thank you!!

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    Love the newsletters, and congrats on 1yr! Keep ‘em coming.

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    Me me me me me! Pick me, pick me!….

    Please =)

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    I think your newsletters are great. Very insightful with new and improving techniques for today’s designer.

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    Newsletters feel more ‘intimate’, perhaps because they arrive in my inbox. I only would sign up for newsletters from sites that I really find useful, e.g. Smashing Magazine!

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    HBD Smashing Newsletter!..

    E-mail Newsletters is a great way to deliver information to readers/subscribers – instead of having them visit their favorite web sites just to see what’s new, the web sites deliver them the information instantly through e-mail.. and it’s probably safe to assume that almost everybody checks e-mails right? cheers!

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    ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
    ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫
    ♪ Happy birthday dear Smashing Email Newsletter ♪
    ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫

    Thanks for delivering great content to my email inbox. I never once have thought about pressing Gmail’s “Report spam” button. You guys are good at what you do!

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    The newsletter is just another way that I can consume more great tidbits and sources from Smashing Magazine. I luv the blog, luv the books and luv the newsletter.

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    I love your newsletter. One e-mail packed to the roof with pixel related goodness.

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    I love Smashing Email Newsletter, it always keeps me up to date and informed of whats going on in the works of design!

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    I have been following the RSS feed unsure how the newsletter differs.

    Hopefully I will learn even more useful tools, resources and the latest news in web design/development.

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    I’m a backend developer now dabbling into a bit more of UI design. These newsletters have been immensely helpful in discovering neat resources and tips. I’ve already used so many resources in a few projects that all make me look great with clients but most importantly have allowed me to create better/cleaner code, conform to best practices and create better user experiences. I highly appreciate the quality of the posts and consider it a huge asset. Thanks for keeping it free! I look forward to receiving them. Keep up the great work!

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    Congrats on one year! Thanks for the information you provide in the newsletter!

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    HTML email gets rather a lot of stick in some places. Perhaps the solution is plain text email, with them ASCII graphics – except, no, not all email clients display plain text email in monospaced fonts. Oh dear.

  289. 289

    smashing newsletter…awesome..nothing left to say. ;)

  290. 290

    Vlad Zinculescu

    March 1, 2011 12:03 pm

    It’s like a little vacation when we receive the smashing nwl. All the office takes a brake and chats over the new content

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    Well if im not getting a book i’ll just go buy them. Just becuse you recomended them.

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    Newsletters are great. I don’t always have time to check my RSS reader or visit all of my favorite sites, but I do have time to check my e-mail. Newsletters are highly convenient because I don’t have to filter through what I think I should read and what I don’t have to read, usually the newsletter writer picks some of the most interesting articles for me to read.

  293. 293

    Hands down one of the most useful sites on design. I love the articles that discuss ways we can improve our users’ experiences with the websites we create.

  294. 294

    A year! Hard to believe. What with the books, the redesigned web site and the newsletters, you folks have kept busy providing a stream of wonderfully helpful, useful and thought provoking articles. Thanks for all the hard work, and here is hoping that circumstances let you continue the good work.

  295. 295

    Why the newsletter is awesome:
    1) It’s simple
    2) It’s well designed
    3) Brings me great content and information
    4) It’s well written

  296. 296

    For hardboiled web design with stunning CSS3, I read Smashing Magazine.

    Making ideas happen can often be like pulling teeth. Without a definitive visual guide to art, ordering disorder is near impossible.

    Reflections on archetypal images are inspiring but like I said, I need my Smashing magazine to get the job done.

    Love you guys and gals!

  297. 297

    I have the newsletter since a short time and my first impression was very good!

  298. 298

    Congrats on the 1st year. I look forward to your e-mails. Unlike a lot of e-mail I get, yours get read from top to bottom. Keep the great content coming.

  299. 299

    I subscribed to your newsletter because you asked us to :)

    I follow your Twitter handle and usually that is all the design information I need to know. I am not a designer myself but have a strong influence on all the designs coming out from our camp, so need to stay updated on the latest design trends and most importantly how to use design to maximize the content intake. So whenever I have a busy week and am not able to catch up on your Twitter feed, the newsletter is a good summary.

    Would like to see more of timeless design articles, especially the ones with a marketing angle to it since that’s what I do for my bread, butter and beer. For example the game design principles chapter you have in your latest book, we need more of that.

  300. 300

    Great. Smashing mag’s newsletters are always marked as important in my mail client. There’s a lot of useful stuff, especially about CSS 3 and typography, so thanks.

  301. 301

    While I don’t read too many newsletters (really only few), I do like all smashing network stuff because it’s full of great information and news about trends in webdesign + contain zero junk which some other newsletters contain. It’s mostly catchy stuff which I do want actually read.

    I only read few more local newsletters of well trusted knowledge sources. The Smashing Magazine is on a top of them. GZ to anniversary

  302. 302

    Smashing newsletter is often the highlight of my inbox. Every issue I learn something new or find inspiration that offers insight into some aspect of web design or development that I can apply to my next (or in many cases, current) project. I’ve sung your praises on many occasion – don’t worry, I’m a fair singer.

  303. 303

    Smashing you rock!

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    Wow! 1 year! My baby girl just turned 1, too. It’s awesome. Congratulations to the proud parents!

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    Hey, I never noticed that newsletter before !

    I’m subscribing right now, because I really enjoy smashing magazine and the network posts !

    I’d really enjoy being picked for the free book too ;)

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    Congratulations on turning a year old! I look forward to the newsletter and can’t help but open it as soon as I get it. Thanks for all you do!

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    I like the idea of a newsletter but often don’t find myself reading them because they’re either not designed properly for mobile viewing or all of the stories are linked to an external site. Give the user the choice – to either view/read the whole newsletter within the email app or link to an external site.

    As far as which newsletters I subscribe to… Smashing, Sitepoint, & various E-Learning blogs.

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    Really great resource. Inspiring and makes me think. What more could you ask for from a newsletter?

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    I love the smashing articles! And I love playing around with html5 and css3. so your newsletter always gives me good inpsiration links!
    I aleady know which book I´d choose… ;)
    Maybe someday I´ll write an aricle here.


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    I don’t know how, but the fact that Smashing Magazine had a newsletter had completely escaped me until now! I can’t wait to see the pile of awesomeness that will arrive in my inbox.

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    I do not read too many newsletters these days but yours is still informational and resourceful. So keep sending them! :-)

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    I read newsletters because they are little bursts of knowledge often with a unique perspective on things. I’m learning web design and a newsletter like this opens the doors to the web world happening in the here and now.

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    Keep all the great content coming. From the Newsletter, to the books, to the articles and inspiration on your site. You truly are a contributing factor to my career. Thank you.

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    I love Smashing magazine! I just signed up for the newsletter today, but I’ve always gained valuable information from the articles featured on the site. It’s an excellent place to get your creative juices flowing!

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    Thank you!

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    Keep doing this amazing work!

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    Grats for 1 year !! I like the newsletter because I can learn from it and innovate.

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    Newsletters are cool. I love getting ones detailing fonts, trends, and other design goodies. It’s always great to see something come in my mailbox that’s inspiring or useful. Usually they are on topics I wouldn’t normally search on so that makes them even more helpful.

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    Congratulations for the newsletter, didn’t know it exist, don’t know why, I come every day to the site and never noticed the smashing newsletter.
    I normally read the newsletters that I get, 1st I scan to see if there is some useful information, if there is something useful it I’ll read that and go directly to that article, if the link doesn’t go directly for that article I close the window.
    That is not the case of smashing newsletter, it does have useful information, and the links can get us where we really want to go, the problem is that I don’t have the required time to read all the articles :).

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    Hello!Greetings from Croatia!
    First I have heard about Smashing magazine was in 2008. during my web design course.Since then I regularly visiting your site and I can tell your site is smashing with short but useful articles,side by side in following trends in web design. Keep it live.
    Best regards!

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    I like newsletters that are bold and colorful, well designed. Since I personally have a very short attention span I need things I’m reading to keep me interested so colors and illustrations work great because when the presentation is good it makes you want to read the piece all that much more.
    Also friendly written text, I like newsletters that are a little less formal and more chatty and friendly since they are a lot easier to read through and grasp the concept quickly, news with too many technological phrases get boring and I end up just deleting them.

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    Happy Birthday for the newsletter of my favorite magazine!

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    I get up to 5 emails a minute even with all my filters working at full speed to siphon content into subfolders, so an email newsletter has to work hard.

    The Smashing Mag newsletter is indispensible and *always* has at least two must click articles. It’s almost annoying that there seems to be so much superb content I keep missing!

    Love the newsletter though as it always flags things my RSS feeds have missed (and yes, of course I have the Smashing feed too!)

    Great stuff – please keep up the great research!

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    Your content is always spot on! I am frequently amazed to open up your letters or your website and see an article about something I am struggling with at that exact moment.

    Thank you for your hard work!

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    Newsletters usually find their way to my trash without being read. There are a few that I know are worth reading, and will, but that number is shrinking.

  330. 330

    I like that the newsletter is easy to scan quickly and usually has interesting content.

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    I prefer RSS. The news is interesting, if they offer something more – eg. code for a discount;)

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    The Smashing Newsletter is pretty helpful. I don’t always have the time to come to the website and indulge myself in an article; that’s when it’s helpful to have the information come to me in small snippets. Thanks Smashing!

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    Quality content everytime. Having recently made a point of unsubscribing from the majority of newsletters I’ve subscribed to over the years, Smashing Magazine is one of the few i’m happy to continue receiving.

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    As someone who designs and sends multiple e-mail newsletter per week, I have to say that I’ve actually come to respect and admire e-mail newsletters. Enjoy your newsletter Birthday and keep on sending!

  336. 336

    Newsletters are so annoying to code, and even worse to code well!
    There allways seems to be one email client that doesn’t want to render the way you like it :(

  337. 337

    I was not a subscriber until today. Looks like you have some great content! I don’t subscribe to a lot of e-newsletters, but I design and create a lot of business emails.

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    The newsletter simply reminds me of what has been going on at Smashing Magazine between my visits to the site

  339. 339

    Love it and still love it! :-)

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    It reminds me of the news letter from site point.

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    I prefer RSS too.Never miss a new article

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    The Smashing Mag newsletter always has something new and interesting for me. What I love about this newsletter is the short segments for each article. I can skim and find the things I am interested in quickly, rather than having to read a novel.

    Great work guys and happy birthday!

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    I’m a graphic/web design teacher that would love to add to his library…

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    I love the newsletter and the site! For a beginning designer and developer I find it helpful and reassuring to know that smashing magazine is delivering the best tools and resources and keeping me up to date with changing technologies.

    I just signed up for the smashing newsletter, but can reassure you, I will always scan through to articles I find interesting and give em a shot. Most the time, I use the information for future projects.

    Thanks Alot Smashing Magazine!

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    At first I would like to give you honest birthday wishes :)

    Newsletter is useful because often there’s no time to search for new resources, etc.

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    Roberto De Vivo

    March 1, 2011 2:47 pm

    I follow the twitter stream. It never really occured to me that the newsletter may contain some exclusive content. Newsletters in general don’t do much for me although the mark hurst and fontfont newsletters always are a nice read. I do think newsletters should contain some exclusive stuff which is not readily available on the twitter rss or website. Otherwise it is just another push medium that doesn’t add much to my already filled list of information streams.

  350. 350

    Its one of the only newsletters that I willingly subscribe too…lol

    And its good, could use some more freebies, but the articles are definitely helpful.

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    Well done folks on the newsletter. I enjoy reading it and a nice complement to the website.

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    I’ve just subscribed seeing that the ‘best ofs’ are amazing! It’s a great resource for web designers. Thanks!

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    I’m down to win!

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    Waiting for the Smashing magazine email takes me back, in a Scooby Doo moment, to an eager 8 year old waiting for my Beano magazine to be delivered. Yes I get that excited :)

    Congratulations and long may it continue!

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    Yes, it already has been a year. There is always at least an interesting point to be taken from each newsletter. As an advice, of what sort of material would be pleasant to read in the near future, I believe that I have not seen content about video elements in Web pages.

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    I (and my all webdev-friends) read the smash :)
    We wish lot of years more :)

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    I like it and read it.
    Keep it on, as it is.

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    I just finished reading the book too. I’m a fan

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    I subscribe to both the rss and twitter feeds, and still enjoy the newsletter and a nicely formatted summary and highlight of what’s been featured recently.

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    It’s a great addition to the business of the week; being able to flip through inspiration and ideas and techniques all in one place. Thanks for the year of it.

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    I’m in! Thank you for your work!
    My favourite newsletter ! :)

  371. 371

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. What’s your opinion of newsletters in general?
    They’re content is about 80% not interesting and not useful, but I keep check them for the rest of 20%, which is mostly rewarding.

    2. Who reads newsletters these days anyway?
    People looking for some new interesting and/or useful information.

    3. Is it a useful resource?
    To a certain extent, yes.

    4. Why do you read newsletters and which ones are you subscribed to?
    I read them for the amount of information which I find interesting and useful. I’m currently subscribed to Smashing Magazine’s, Site Point’s and Andy Clarke’s newsletters.

    Thank you SM for providing one of the best content that exist on the web and for the opportunities to win such great books!

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    Lot of great, useful advice from SM newsletter. I love the free tips!

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    Personally I have you in my Google Reader so I get all your content when it comes in which is great. I personally don’t sign up to emails anymore as I generally skim or delete them if I don’t have enough time.

    Still i think its valuable for the people who aren’t familiar with RSS feeds.
    So keep up the great work and congratulations on turning 1.

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    I think newsletters are useful as long as they have information that is relevant to me. If it’s not relevant, or becomes irrelevant, or starts trying to sell me stuff, I’m usually turned off.

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    Always liked to get noticed by good stuff and news from SM, since the first one.

    Just keep getting higher in the quality and diversity of the work you ensure to your suscribers.

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    Receiving the Smashing email in my inbox I always find productivity drops by around 60% in the day. Having found most of the new articles interesting, I view/read them then proceed to search on random things, getting deeper and deeper lost in the intricacies of the Smashing site, and the best thing is it doesn’t feel like a day wasted but a day gaining some fresh inspiration and insight!

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    I enjoy reading the smashing e-mail newsletter. If anything, it keeps me up to date on the latest happenings in the graphic design world and provides plenty of good resources that I would not have found or thought I needed. Thanks S.M, happy birthday!

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    March 1, 2011 5:02 pm

    Smashing magazine newsletter helps me get updated with the latest trends and practices that’s happening in the web industry. Congratulations on your first anniversary and a job well done! <3

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    I really like the newsletter- maybe a separate edition for things that aren’t directly web related? Great work, in any case.

    (Damn, I really want these books.)

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    Happy birthday SM!

    I don’t read newsletters except for a well designed and written like what you guys from SM are doing. Thanks guys! Free has never been better :D

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    Thank you!!!

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    I love it.
    And I hv read every post of smashing magazine.

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    The Smashing Newsletter is one of the few that I really take my time reading. Most others tend to be too self-promotional, have poor content or just simply not very well structured. Even though I check the site at least once a day the newsletter contains additional useful tidbits and highlights recent articles that I might have missed.

    Simple yet elegant design
    Great content (and lots of it)
    Professionally presented

    Something for other newsletters to aspire to.

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    I just signed up for the newsletter today, but it looks like a good one. I don’t subscribe to many newsletters anymore. It seems like for the most part I am able to get the content I want from site feeds now.

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    Well done, with many more years to come!

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    Smashing magazine has been a great site for inspiration. Although I check the website all the time, newsletters are great. Having all the tutorials and various design information located in a single newsletter saves me time searching for it.

    I think one way to really improve on the newsletter would be to give more subscriber benefits. Currently, the newsletter is mainly showing the popular articles that surface on the normal Smashing Magazine site. But if you offered download links for short e-books or videos that were entirely located from the newsletter, it would give readers more reason to be subscribed to it.

    This site really helped me in my college years, and I told my friends to subscribe to the newsletter. It’s great just having a newsletter that’s basically the hub of design on the web. Keep up the great work!

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    Smashing newsletters are a great way for me to keep up to date on the new things in the web. It is also a great way to learn about new things and start dabbling in them.

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    Smashin’ Mag’s newsletters are the best way to start my day – is check out the new articles and let it inspire and teach me!

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    You provide the best education for poor college web designers like myself. I applaud you.

    Thank You,
    Matt Zador

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    Happy Birthday duders.

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    Love the newsletter! Love the variety of content! Love finding interesting tidbits I wouldn’t have found otherwise! Love the timeliness! Love love love!

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    I love getting my smashing newsletter! There’s always something informative, inspiring or fun in it. It helps me stay motivated to work on projects and has the best timing. It seems like just when I’m about to give up on something there’s the answer right in my email :)
    Smashing job Smashing Magazine and congrats on an awesome year of great articles!!

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    Happy birthday Smashing Mag newsletter. Always make me smile when I see it in my inbox. Short, sweet and useful. :)

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    Smashing Magazine is a true source of inspiration. Whenever I’m struggling with a project I just click my way over here. My favorite part of Smashing Magazine is the wallpapers. Today someone commented on my wallpaper and asked where she could get something like that. She assumed I had bought it because it was so cool. I felt really proud to introduce her to the monthly wallpapers and to share the wealth of information. Good job Smashing Magazine and keep up the good work!

  399. 399

    I tend to use newsletters as the quick way to browse what is currently happening. If I see a headline that looks interesting I’ll open it in a new tab then check it out. Often though I’ll end up not clicking on a link at all.

    Still, newsletters are good, because it means I don’t have to go searching on websites because generally whoever is sending out the letter puts out the most interesting/up-to-date info which is great!

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    Great newsletter! As a graphic and web designer I’m always searching for new sources of inspiration and ways to improve my design skills. Your newsletter appears to offer both and I’m looking forward to receiving it every month.

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    I have read your great newsletter since the first edition and always learn and enjoy. Great job!

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    A newsletter with good summarize is great. It happens that when you read the news in the rss sometimes you miss some article, and it is good to have the newsletter as a reminder of important stuff.
    But I do prefer a weekly newsletter.
    Congrats for the year!

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    If I’m being honest there’s not a lot of newsletters I subscribe to anymore. But, I always find something interesting in the info that Smashing puts out. It’s just another way for me to stay connected and engaged to your magazine. I enjoy and read them.

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    I haven’t been receiving your newsletter, but I’m looking forward to seeing it appear in my Inbox. I’m a relative newcomer to your site, but have already determined it’s a site that I’ll be visiting on a daily/weekly basis to keep me up to date on the latest and greatest. Keep up the great work!

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    I ordered the Smashing WordPress book and it has been very helpful learning in the in’s and out’s. The website and newsletter’s also offer helpful tips and suggestions.

  407. 407

    Newsletters usefulness depends on frequency and content; your’s excellent from this perspective and I enjoy reading it since more than half an year.

    To me it provides useful information (and some not so useful, yet I’m not forced to read it, am I? :) on all sorts of design-related matters.

    I totally love the aggregation of information from other partner websites and I’d like to see it done on other newsletters I have subscribed to.

    Thanks for making my days brighter and smarter.

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    Happy Birthday, Newsletter!

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    Keep up the great work SM!

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    Newsletters in general serves a wide array of great information through its contents and purpose. Regrettably, some newsletters contains only promotional materials which ruins the very purpose of a newsletter. It gives information, the latest hot buzz, trends and novelties, and any other development regarding any subject matter. Personally, I love to read web development and graphic design related newsletters. It brings straight to the point facts that could help me a lot and most especially inspire me on doing my work.
    Thank you for inspiring me Smashing Magazine! Good day to you all =)

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    Congrats SmashingMag….

    on the question though, I usually tend to ignore newsletters… as I regard them as spam .. :D… BUT for some newsletters I skim through and read the links to find anything that I might like.. though this is for only the selected few though …

  412. 412

    Happy bday newsletter! I’m signing up for the first time. Love smashing mag!

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    Many thanks to your great and extremely useful articles. I am always looking for some good CSS tips. So off to reading!

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    Love the newsletter! It’s always a great resource of new stuff I need to learn. The Smashing Newsletter is one of the few newsletters I read in its entirety.

    Way to go Smashing Mag!!

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    The smashing magazine newsletter and articles are so great.
    Keep doing this amazing work!

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    Thank you Smashing Magazine for amazing high quality free content and endless inspiration! Happy birthday newsletter!

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    Wow, I was just visiting the Smashing site to look for an article on good practices in email newsletters and here it is right here. A free, useful newsletter with incentives for subscribing. Bravo.

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    Tons of wishes from my side.
    You guys had made a mark in the world of web.
    Keep it up with same zeal.

    One suggestion for newsletter, it will be better if in newsletter you will give introduction of latest or upcoming ebook randomly some pages, so that users can get good idea of SM ebook.

    Best regards,

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    It’s like a Acetaminophen for me,
    Thank you Smashing Magazine for all,
    I love Smashing Magazine.


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    The newsletter articles are very useful. It is up to date and give us the information in every field. I don’t miss the single article of it.

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    I am a web designer from sydney and found smashing magazine quite a few years ago whilst working for a development studio. This is the only site I check on a day to day basis for the latest article. I love all the articles and posts on the site and especially look forward to those on design as that where my passion lies. I am now working for a company with a team of developers underneath me and I always insist that they check smashing magazine regularly to stay plugged in to the web design/development community.

    Love your work guys, seriously great stuff!! Looking forward to what you bring to the table in 2011!

  422. 422

    Congrats on putting out 1 year of newsletters. I realize how difficult it can be to always come up an informative newsletter on top of all the great content you put on the websites – kudos to the staff!

    All the tips and insights you provide on web design industry is has really helped me in my budding career as a web designer. I always learn something from the articles and especially appreciate the insider knowledge that you provide (like what problems to avoid, tricks of the trade, etc), that has saved myself from having to learn those lessons the hard way. It’s all great stuff!

    Thanks for all your hard work! It is appreciated by most of us here.

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    Great Work as always Smashing Magazine, this is the one stop shop for all your design/web needs. Keep up the good work.

  424. 424

    I’m not technically a graphic designer, but I just wanted to thank SmashingMag for helping me pretend.

  425. 425

    I subscribe to a LOT of newsletters. To be honest, I don’t read 90% of them carefully, however the TITLE is usually what nails it for me. If the title mentions something I give a darn about, then I’ll read it. So if I see “Newsletter #13″, it’ll never get read. If I see “Form Validation in 3 lines of JQuery” you might get my attention.

    Past that, make it easy to find the info I just read in the title. I hate when I open the newsletter and there are 100 stories, and the one I was looking for is buried in a link in a paragraph about some other topic… why? Put the title story at the top. Put other stories of interest near it to entice me to read them, but don’t HIDE it.

    That’s my 2 cents

  426. 426

    Congrats on going through for a year successfully !!
    I subscribed to your newsletter expecting some really good stuff because I love this site. And I’m glad I did it, because these newsletters are a great pack of updates, freebies and resources for me.

    Honestly, I’ve subscribed to a lot of other newsletters but they rarely excite me after I read one or two of them but I’m stuck to Smashing newsletter and I have marked it important in my priority inbox. :D

  427. 427

    I enjoy visiting the site because you always have fresh content that pretty much hits the mark with my interest. Even if an article doesn’t directly apply to what I do for a living, it really covers theory and process, completely. I didn’t subscribe to your newsletter until I read this post. I think it’s partially because I visit the site so often in my bookmarks. Congratulations on your first year! I generally subscribe to music newsletters, because it provides information about new music arrivals (, and because of the equipment I need to purchase for work. Your newsletter appears to be simple and informative, something I would like to read when I get to work in the morning. The content on your site is very well organized and I generally feel like I don’t find better articles than I find on your site. Thanks for the hard work.

  428. 428

    To be frank Smashing Magazine is my default site.. when i open a browser each time the default sites are Google, Office mail & Smashing magazine which are stored using coffecup addon ( not sure ).. And SM gives lots & lots of new design trends, ideas,Programming analysis..Keep sharing and we are always supporting and following u..

    Senior Web designer..

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    Happy birthday……. :)

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    First of all, congrats to smashing magazine and its team for yet another achievement. Six months before i subscribed to smashing magazine newsletter. Newsletter from smashing magazine’s full intention to make the user aware of current technology and practices not like other self promoting advertisement.

    As a web designer, i realize how smashing magazine is helping me and the web industry to grow and letting us know the pioneer in the technology.

    Thank you Smashing magazine.

  431. 431

    Yay for Smashing Magazine that has taught me so much!
    Newsletters are OK, but I think it matters a lot what sort of email server you are using to check them. For instance, when checking email on gmail, i completely avoid newsletters since it is an extra click for me to access it. When I am checking my mail though Mail on Apple on the other hand, I will almost always read through newsletters since I get a chance to see what news and graphics are inside and catch my attention. My favorites have to be Flavorpill and other news aggregating ones, since they supply me with info I am least likely to find elsewhere that day. (News I wouldn’t ind on for instance. )
    :) Cheers

  432. 432

    I just subscribed, so I’ll let you know what I think later.
    I assume it has the same quality and usefulness you always deliver.

  433. 433

    Happy Birthday Smashing Newsletter!

    I mainly use the newsletter for anything I missed from your website. You also provide excellent links that I would’ve never found on my own.

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    can’t live without Smashing magazine, it’s like my virtual food, gained so many knowledge from you guys, keep up the good work!

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    Smashing Magazine rocks! i just ordered the new Smashing Book 2, i have all the ebooks, and i didn’t realized (until now) that there’s a newsletter – happy birthday! i subscribed :)

  436. 436

    Love This Blog – keep it up

  437. 437

    Nowadays, “information train” goes very fast, as my old IT teacher said and if you oversleep it goes without you. Of course everybody would like to keep inside that train. So newsletter would be that tool which every day keeps you in touch with information by giving portions of most tendentious news.

    I read newsletters just from trustful sources, because I know, responsible people working there to give readers most important information of the day or week ect.

  438. 438

    Been visiting smashingmagazine for a while now, but never bump into newsletter. I browse for a few minutes and found out that these newsletters are amazing!

    Anyway, congratulations.

  439. 439

    Congrats for making it into 1 year and more subscribers/issues to come!

    I still read newsletters but I only read when the title interests me, otherwise, i just delete it. So I hope that you guys have more exciting content and creative titles to hook me.

  440. 440

    i love the newsletter. i think of it as a filter of the internet. you weed out the bad stuff and just give me the cream.

    p.s. i hope i win a book too!

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    Smashing! I like the simplicity of the newsletters, straight forward and to the point with great articles easy to navigate and informative headings.
    Great work and thanks for the book.

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    I like to click links. That’s really all. I click all the links to see if they are interesting. Good stuff.

  443. 443

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    Every time I start my browser, the first website I’m going to check for new articles is SMASHING Magazine. I allways find new great articles which are well written and easy to follow and it’s really a pleasure reading them.

    I would also really appreciate it, if I win one of the six books.


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    Smashing Newsletter is a prime example of a newsletter. Browsing through hand-picked and relevant (well, most of the time) links each month is something to look forward to. Think I’m exaggerating? No, really — it’s that good! ;)

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    I love the Smashing Magazine newsletter. I’ve been receiving it since the very first one and have loved every one I’ve read. It is literally one of just a few newsletters that I fully digest. I make sure not to skip a single part of it.

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    March 1, 2011 11:19 pm

    I subscribed to your Newsletters so i can stay updated on new article posts here in Smashing Magazine. It also reminds me to read great articles and that i shouldn’t be spending most of my time in social networking sites and time waster stuff.

    Please don’t stop sending me those newsletter. Happy 1st Anniversary SM Newsletter!

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    So quick the time passed by. Just like yesterday it was the anouncement about the lunching of Smashing Newsletter. And since that moment every week there’s a always a nice surprise in my inbox.

    And I want to share one thing with all of you here: I’m a programmer myself, write desktop applications. Web design and development was only a hobby for me. Yet once upon a time in the CodeProject newsletter there was a link to some article on Smashing Mag and I went by it. Since then I read it on a regular basis – along with some other resources – and time passed by, so I became also a fully capable – and consider myself a pro – web designer and developer, and that helps me earn some extra money. And also web and desktop go side by side in my work, help and support each other. So, thank you, Smashing Mag!

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    Basically smashing newsletter inform about new tools, technology, tricks and all the tech information up to date. so its help me to get the idea what is going around rather me going all over the internet and check, it makes my life easier . Happy Birthday Smashing News Letter.

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    Simply, inbox is very intimate and important for me and if I’m subscribed for newsletter surely I will read it.

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    The content is always of a high quality, when I know the content is going to be good Ill open a newsletter everytime. I like the index, havnt seen that before and it works well. Awesome look and feel. Pls Pls can I have a book! :)

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    You deliver the best articles around the web design community.
    Congratulations for your goals!

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    Time flew apparently. The newsletter’s already a full grown toddler. It ‘s one of the few newsletters i’m eagerly awaiting. Most of my newsletters are quickly scanned and archived. The Smashing one’s can stay in my inbox for a few days (until i’ve read all the articles that are interesting to me). Till next Tuesday !

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    Thank’s a lot for your great work.

    A french webdesigner

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    Keep up doing the great work!

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    Thanks Smashing Magazine very much.

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    Smashing Magazine newsletters has helped me a lot, as newbie in the web design world I have a lot of things that i need to understand..a LOT of things, and the newsletters are like a preview of the new things that make me excited to learn more. Once I browse over it, the next thing I do is to check the links and get all the freebies and grasp all the info that I can get! Great work Smashing Magazine !

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    I really like the SM newsletter, the reason for that is the simplicity of the layout and the easy/short items to read. Maybe a downside are the various items, most of the times there are just a few items/topics that take my interest (yes, I understand the purpose of the newsletter). Keep them coming!

    Besides that I really like the table of contents.

  463. 463

    I’ve never been a big fan of newsletters – the idea that someone might drown you in a pile of information you don’t actually need has never been appealing. Smashing Newsletter, however, seems to know exactly what I want to read when having that first cup of coffee in the morning: specific guidelines and coding tricks ‘n tips mixed with sweet inspiration from all sorts of mediums, to keep me going. Smashing Magazine’s newsletter is, hands down, the only newsletter I am currently subscribed to (and I’ve never looked back).

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    What I like about the newsletter is that the articles are not posted on So, if you subscribe, then you receive unique articles.

    What I would prefer to read most in the newsletter are HTML5/CSS3/jQuery techniques and ‘Tips and Tricks’ on that platform.

    Keet it up!

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    I rarely subscribe newsletters, because most of them are useless …
    But I doubt that this will happen with smag´s newsletters, because you have the most amazing news about design. If I follow you on twitter, and read the site almost every day, why not receive your newsletter ? :) And of course, winning a cool book isn´t a bad idea :)

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    I am not a huge fan of newsletters that provide a weekly/monthly summary of articles since I’m usually using RSS to get these articles as soon as they are published.
    I tend to prefer newsletters which contain extra links and information that isn’t available at the time the articles are first published.

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    I generaly prefere to read news in rss reader, but there are few newsletter in my mail box. I only subscribe if I’m sure I’ll get some content, that isn’t available on a web page, I mean some bonus content, that is worth to wait for. I’ve never used your newsletter, but I decided to give it a try :)

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    I’m following RSS feed, so I hope that you do not post the same stuff on the mailing list.

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    I just subscribed the newsletter today and had a look at previous editions. Very good and compacted useful knowledge.

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    I have to say, in a mass of daily/weekly emails and newsletters, I always enjoy seeing the Smashing Magazine Newsletter in my inbox. It offers me chance to sit back and review what’s happening, offering tips and tricks, great resources and all with the added value of saving me precious time.
    I am quite selective over which newsletters I subscribe to – Keep up the good work as I won’t be hitting that unsubscribe button any time soon.

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    So everytime I get a newsletter mail from you is realy happy time for me.
    Please, keep on going!
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    THanks for the link for 960 grid which used in Browser, i was looking for this.

    Waiting for the SM #1 and #2 Book at door step

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    Always looking forward to receiving a newsletter from you!

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    As my Career has progressed I have taken a more business focus and for me, news letters like this keeps me in the loop of great design and new technologies. Thank you for the effort team and congratulations on the Birthday!

  492. 492

    Like many, one of my daily work rituals is to check what’s new on the Smashing site, network posts too and I constantly find information that is both fascinating and often relevant to current tasks I have, leaving the rest to inspire me to experiment with new techniques in my spare time.

    I didn’t know there was actually a newsletter, though if I had I’d imagine it was filled with recaps of the content currently on the website. Given your mention of newsletter unique content and such, I have swiftly subscribed.

    More things for my brain to digest is always good.

  493. 493

    I like the SM Newsletter a lot. As a feature request It would be nice to have a button that would add items from the newsletter to a “read later” list in my account.

  494. 494

    I’ve just signed up to your newsletter! I’ve just read a few and already found a lot of new things to try out! A very useful and inspirational resource to have to read in the morning :)
    Still, since I’ve discovered this website, I’m always on it at work whenever I have a minute. So congrats to one year! Keep posting!

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    March 2, 2011 1:39 am

    A big happy birthday.
    I have to say, in a mass of daily/weekly emails and newsletters, I always enjoy seeing the Smashing Magazine Newsletter in my inbox. It offers me chance to sit back and review what’s happening, offering tips and tricks, great resources and all with the added value of saving me precious time.
    I am quite selective over which newsletters I subscribe to – Keep up the good work as I won’t be hitting that unsubscribe button any time soon.

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    Great Read

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    Congrats for 1 year in newsletter. :)

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    Technology is changing everything in my opinion and I see the future business models adapting to this. It wont be long before we all have super fast broadband allowing us to stream live video and data feeds in real time, mainly to mobile devices, and other smart home technologies.

    So what will that mean for us designers/developers? Well interface design will become our primary focus, content will still be king, but the way in which we as internet personalities, interacting with one another and our clients, will have to become more face to face and less text based in our explanations and projects. We are already seeing a huge increase in video tuts for example! – Smashing Magazine and other media companies like them will embrace this with open arms, and so we will need too. Open transparency and live client projects in collaboration with others from all around the globe, in real time… hmmm *Lightbulb*

    Anyway, my point is, what you have right now is educational, informative, and a joy to read. Any good designer/developer should be receiving your Newsletter, but the future is not that far away; maybe you need to be considering something a little extra special, something that is video based, almost TV channel style. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be looking at the likes of and offering a designer/developer internet TV channel, using email and subscription based feeds as a way of promoting the next programme due to come on air.

    I would love (and happily pay a subscription for) to see an internet based TV Channel that gives me industry specific news, tutorials, creative profiles, reviews, and an opportunity to interact with other like minded creatives’ on a daily basis. Its an idea…

    If anyone else out there agrees, then speak to me, just reply to this email and we can exchange details. lol

    Seriously though, Smashing magazine does a great job and although I think Newsletters are going out of fashion since blogging appeared, keep up the good work. Innovation is the key, think bigger than the net itself but use it as the platform for greater things that we all known it is…

  499. 499

    Congratulations for your first year! As many possible to come.
    I like very much your work on the website, newsletter and books. I found your articles very useful and well documented. I found a lot of inspiration in it but also practical solutions.
    All the best.

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    I’ve been reading smashing mag content for over a year now, been impressed with every post – so much good tips, tricks and useful things!

    Congrats on the year, hope for many more!

  501. 501

    I’d love to win one of those books. I’m subscribed to the newsletter because I know there’s going to be something useful in it. Most issues there’s been something in that’s been a great help, but it’s also easier I find to search and skim through if there’s something I know was in one I could use at the time.

    I generally don’t find newsletters all that great. Some have just been inbox clogs and if I find they are they’re usually hard to unsubscribe from too. I’m only subscribed to the thinkvitamin newsletter as like smashing magazine I feel I can trust them.

  502. 502

    Szabolcs Szakacs

    March 2, 2011 2:02 am

    I personally almost never subscribe to newsletters because usually it’s not worth it. The information I get in them is most of the time something that I already read on the internet or something that I’m not really interested in.
    There’s one newsletter that I kind of like, although it’s almost spam. It contains a daily quiz which could make me win a movie or a movie ticket every day with only one click, nothing more.
    I believe Smashing Newsletter is something that I won’t regret subscribing to. It has become a really strong brand associated with trust and quality. I hope I will keep this belief even after getting the newsletters.

    On the other hand… CONGRATULATIONS and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!

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    I love your newsletter. I look forward to it arriving in my inbox, and spend way too long exploring all the links – when I really should be working! ;)

  504. 504

    I like the newsletter because it’s got no news in it, rather very useful links to resources I didn’t know existed. Kudos.

  505. 505

    Newsletter these days works for people that doesn’t stay up to date, so they can see the most important posts of a X webpage or blog. RSS have replaced them in general I guess. Maybe for those people it is a useful resource, for me: they are not.
    I think I am subscribed to one or two (ISO and SmashingMagazine) so I can see if I missed some interesting news.

  506. 506

    I really only subscribe to two newsletters (well, three now). The Escapist’s newsletter and a newsletter about fonts. Both of them, because I don’t visit their sites often, so catching up on some interesting looking articles is always fun.
    For the same reason I didn’t subscribe to the SM newsletter, since I visit it daily. However, reading this makes me believe there’s extra material in the newsletter. Sign me up!

    I think newsletters are great when you get them at a moment where you don’t have much else to do. Lunch, just after work, those times. Beyond that, they get archived to look at later and of course that never happens.

  507. 507

    George Antonakos

    March 2, 2011 2:22 am

    Yo! Happy birthday SM, may the GOD of Web Design, shine your way to awesomeness!!!!
    Keep up, cheers from Greece :P

  508. 508

    Though I love Smashing Magazine, and still enjoying reading the Smashing books, I can’t stand newsletters. They keep stacking up at my Inbox and I can never find the time to read them. I follow Smashing on Twitter and read the articles, good enough for me!

    Keep up the amazing work.

  509. 509

    This is one of the newsletters that I really read.

    :D Thanks guys!

  510. 510

    Dalibor Simacek

    March 2, 2011 2:30 am

    I’m curious about your newsletter, since I’m a fan of the SM but usually don’t apply for any newsletters. And the chance to win one of those great books persuaded me to give it a try :)

  511. 511

    I have just signed up for the newsletter. I’m new to design and used Smashing Mag on facebook all through my studies and found so many helpful hints. I’m thrilled to think I’ll be getting a newsletter in my inbox now on a regular basis. Good on Smashing Mag – you are great for new designers as well as established ones.

  512. 512

    Happy B Day Smashing Newsletter ! I year of awesomeness in my emails box

  513. 513

    I’m a frequent reader of SM for about three years now, and lately I just don’t have the time to check the website. I do check my mail (way to often :P) – So a newspaper seems to be a great way to be updated!

  514. 514

    Michael Krueger

    March 2, 2011 2:38 am

    Absolutely fabulous! New subscriber, and I have got to say that the newsletter is fantastic! Replete with useful information. I’m hooked after one perusal. Thank you so much!

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    Michael Collins

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    Love Smashingmag. :) Congrats!

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    I think the newsletter is very informative. It’s a good way to find out about what’s happening. It keeps me updated with all the latest news and any articles that I may have missed. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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    your newsletter is one of the most interesting and refreshing emails i get.
    i always find a new thing that helps me with my work.
    continue this way!

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    I never subscribed to the Smashing Magazine newsletter previously. I always check for new articles on SM every morning and have been doing for more than a year so I never saw the need to. I like to keep my email account empty so I don’t tend to subscribe to newsletters.

    Cheers for the great articles and showcases.

  519. 519

    Newsletters are good to be constantly updated with latest news / happenings on a subject / website / field or something. I rarely read newsletters these days but if an instresting subject or topic is there in the newsletter then definitely read it. Sometimes newsletters can be a good resource. I am subscribed to many newsletters including sitepoint, evanto, web marketing, sperpa, dp, thinkvitamin, searchengineland, yaro starak, wordtracker, istockphotos, adobe, etc to name a few. And recently smashing magazine newsletter. I read SM regularly everyday but never subscribed.

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    Generally, I don’t subscribe to newsletters as they rarely contain truly useful info. Smashing Email Newsletter might tempt me though…

    Happy 1st anniversary!

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    Just subscribed to the newsletter for all the exclusive good stuff I won’t be able to get my hands on otherwise.

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    Happy 1st anniversary!

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    Loving the Newsletter digest!

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    Good to have this :) Keep being awesome :)

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    Hi, tried to sign up for the newsletter and got some nice SQL errors… SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘584549-203031242′ for key 2.

    I did however get an email to confirm my subscription.

    About Newsletters I don’t like them spamming my inbox. That’s if they come everyday. High quality newsletters that turn up now and then are just a treat and I bet the smashing newsletter is one of those. Basically I think they are old fashion though. I’d rather subscribe to twitter or rss to get updates. In addition, the content of a newsletter could easily be turned into an News-Article or something.

    At least, I think that’s how the world functions today = Clean Inbox but cluttered Twitter account ;)

  529. 529

    Stunning CSS3 please:)
    Got the Making Ideas Happen-YES
    Smashing Book-just reading it but very probably YES
    Newsletters-YES great type of resource.

  530. 530

    I’m not subscribed to many newsletters. I only get 4 I think and SmashMag is one of them.
    I ordered the newsletter for my mobile. That way I can keep track of things easily and stay up2date without having to visit the website on my phone.

    Keep up the good work and read you later,


    (P.s.: Dunno if it’s important to enter the same email address in the comments which I use for my newsletters?! I use a different one for the newsletters)

  531. 531
  532. 532

    Well, I personally do not know any better way to keep myself up to date in any question concerning webdesign and related topics.
    Concerning the newsletter I had to find out that I had to keep them: too many important topics for me to work out to just read and delete.
    Thus, your newsletter becomes more and more important as the question of time management becomes more sensitive elsewell.
    One of the things I like most is the language of the tutorials that gives space for “not-knowing”, didactical help, relating to sources and always friendly handshaking. Thank you for this.
    And for sure, I’d like to win one of those books.

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    Great people, great work!

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    just heared about the Newsletter and subscribed immediately.

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    I am only subscribed to Smashing newsletter. My first and only love. Suits my needs perfectly and keeps me up to date. You made me smarter, thank you for that :)

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    When you find a site that excites you, opens up areas you’d previously ignored, invites you to read everything on display, helps you follow articles/resources to solve the un-solvable, you MUST bookmark that site. This what I find with Smashing Website.

    Subscribing to the Newsletter was a no brainer!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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    Un gran blog con los mejores recursos e ideas de la Web!! Seguir así!

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    happy birthday ;)

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    I love this newsletter, and I would love to win one of these books. I already have the first Smashing book and am ordering the second. Great job guys.

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    Happy birthday!

    The newsletter inspires me for making new things on the web and notices me about the latest trends in web. Keep those awesome emails coming!

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    smashing is my bible! thanks for the lightening throughout those years!

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    Happy Birthday! =)

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    Happy birthday! I just subscribed to the newsletter so I can’t wait to see what great info I can get from it. Thanks for the great resource!

  544. 544

    Thomas S. Lindstrøm

    March 2, 2011 5:00 am

    I think newsletters are a good way to ensure yourself that you aren’t missing something important. If one is a reader of, for example, Smashing Magazine and go on a vacation, or go to a place without an internet connection, newsletters are a good way to catch up.

    Well, I’m unsure about other people, when it comes to reading newsletters, but I do. I mean – why not? In most you’ll find exclusive content, and being up to date on anything is better than not being.

    I read the Smashing Magazine newsletter, the EA Games newsletter and the Nintendo Newsletter. The gaming related ones are a good way to get a sneak peek on the newest games.

  545. 545

    I just want to say that the newsletter content is good , I read it because you guys provide fresh bake news about web stuff … for us people in the field of web , I just want to say its awesome, . I do think newsletter are still useful, but for me Im kinda busy and havent have time to read it but I keep my weekends to read SM news

    Mabuhay! (long live) SmashingMagazine

  546. 546

    Great first year!
    Your newsletter is very useful in terms of information, inspiration and knowledge, whether it’s for designer or developer or everything in between.

    I hope you will stay for a very lonnnnnngggg time until the internet is down to it’s lifespan of existence!

    Keep it up! Awesomeness!

  547. 547

    I read this newsletters since the first one! Not all the newsletter, I must confess, but I look at it and choose the articles I want to read. Usually, I find something very interesting and I spend part of my morning on it. Sometimes I choose something new to learn (like the sliding jquery labels on the first newsletter) and sometimes I pick up something to inspire or have fun (like the vintage logos on the 13th)…. And, after reading it, I save the newsletter to keep a record to the future. Thanks for the great work and congratulations!!!
    ps.: wishing to win a book!
    ps.: why the new smashing book is not available to choose from those books here? (I have the first one and it´s great!)

  548. 548

    I subscribed to the newsletter because I noticed I didn’t make that much time to read my favourite blog!

    And when I get the newsletter I always end up reading more articles on your website. So keep up the good work!

  549. 549

    Happy 1 year anniversary !

  550. 550

    Happy birthday!! Love your newsletter!

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    I really like get this newsletter.. love the content and the simple but attractive design of it. Congratulations SM!

  552. 552

    I don’t read many newsletters. I subscribe to less than five, and glance through most. Smashing Newsletter is different–I always find one or two interesting articles that piques my curiosity and gives me inspiration as a designer. You do a great work, thanks!

  553. 553

    Have a smashing 1st! Your newsletter and blog are by far the most diverse and consistently interesting online design resource I’ve found. I particularly love getting links to snazzy tools and tips
    straight to my inbox…. Keep up the stella work!!

  554. 554

    I love this newsletter (it’s the only one I read besides RSS feeds). It has interesting links in it I never would have seen elsewhere.

  555. 555

    Happy birthday!
    The Newsletter is fine, keep it up!

  556. 556

    The Smashing newsletter is definitely a nice break from the regular spam and advertising “newsletters” we get on a daily basis. Great content…keep it coming!

  557. 557

    Pretty sure I’ve been subscribed since the first issue of the newsletter. Even though I check the site faithfully, I always find at least an article or two that I’ve skipped over or missed, and for some reason, I’ll often feel more like re-reading articles I’ve already seen when it comes to my phone in a perfectly-formatted e-mail.

    Keep it up. The Smashing Newsletter is the only one that I subscribe to, and it’s always a treat to see in my inbox.

  558. 558

    LOVE the newsletter, I always learn something new!

  559. 559

    Recieving the Smashing Magazine newsletter is like a breath of fresh air! Reading through it inspires me to design better, think outside the box and just gets the creative juices flowing in general. Thanks for the equally brilliant newsletters and site!

  560. 560

    Glenn Van Bogaert

    March 2, 2011 5:20 am

    Every time I am reading through the email I can definitely find some useful tips. The email has a simple, minimalistic design which makes it easy to focus on the articles in the newsletter.

    I definitely keep reading these newsletters.

  561. 561

    Smashing magazine does so many things right. I’m quite amazed. And this is one of the few newsletters that I’m not unsubscribing to after a while. Keep it up guys, and yes, send books! ;)

  562. 562

    Yours is the newsletter I use as the standard for my company. Instead of “blasting” sales jargon and non-stop promotions we have transformed our campaigns into a comprehensive collection of industry specific links, articles and information. Our customers now look to us as a resource and an expert, which, by default makes us the first company they think of when they’re ready to buy. Instead of hoping they remember that pamphlets are buy three get one free, we know they recall the articles we shared about their communities and the issues affecting them.

    Thanks Smashing! For being a beacon of sanity and quality in a world of anything for a dollar and “I don’t care, just make it happen.”

  563. 563

    Ioannis Belegrinis

    March 2, 2011 5:21 am

    A newsletter in our inbox needs to be as USEFUL as possible. As more and more people get engaged with the medium as their main way of contact, keeping e-mails low is a necessity.

    If a newsletter such as the s.m. one lets me pre-read the titles of important daily/weekly articles in an instant then the newsletter is useful enough.

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    Dmitry Chebakov

    March 2, 2011 5:21 am

    Usually I don’t like newsletters, but you have made a really great one that I love to read and always waiting for.

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    Steve Robillard

    March 2, 2011 5:22 am

    I am subscribed but the first thing I see in every issue is a slew of site advisor warnings about unsafe links. As I am sure you can imagine this is neither the best first impression nor your intent.

  566. 566

    Smashing Magazine is definitely in my top 5 design resource websites. Even though I don’t always have time to read everything, the email never gets deleted without me first looking through it for inspiration or new ways of doing things.

  567. 567

    Though I love Smashing Magazine, and still enjoying reading the Smashing books! But the newsletter filling always my inbox… so i don’t like these ;)


  568. 568

    Your example for processr shows the selectors un-alphabetized. I tried out processr and indeed it does put selectors in alphabetical order. Maybe you should swap out that image of the optimized css for one that is more optimized ;-)

    Anyway, I find that if the author of a newsletter is reliable and trustworthy it can be a very concentrated source of relevant material, often more so than a Twitter feed or other resource. I really like the “links for light reading” newsletter that Russ Weakley writes for the Web Standards Group.

  569. 569

    I love the newsletter, especially when I’m really busy and my RSS feed piles up. the newsletter is another opportunity to remind me of the great articles that are being written on SM and in its network – and always seems to arrive just when I need a fresh burst of inspiration!

  570. 570

    István Tóth-Tarnawa

    March 2, 2011 5:24 am

    Certainly, not all newsletters are a joy to receive, but yours is always a ‘yaay’ to be seen in the mailbox—you are somehow able to pick very interesting content and put it together so the ingredients are very delicious :-) However, I’m having the same problem as other fellow commenters, I’m just not able to digest this amount of information, when the letter comes, I start to browse more and more faster, in a clicking and exploring frenzy, then I crash at the end, realizing I should have not spent so much time on these delicacies (I guess that is not a fault of the newsletters, though :-)).

  571. 571

    I’m really interested in these books. I want to improve my skills in web design and I’m sure that I’ll be able to do it with these books.

  572. 572

    I love the down to earth / practicality of the posts published on smashing magazine. They are most of the time great real examples of code, industry news, useful links, everything that a community needs to grow and learn . Your newsletter is exactly the type of to the point, fuss free piece of information I want to receive and read

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    I love Smashing Email Newsletter! It always has relevant articles that help me in web design and development. Thanks!

  574. 574

    Is the only newsletter I receive with unique content, and that’s awesome. All the other newsletters I know only replicate the original website content.


    (and great books giveaway!)

  575. 575

    I’ve saved every Smashing Mag newsletter since I signed up to receive them and I have 11 in my email. There’s always been something in them that I go back to weeks or months later.

    As a, mostly, self-taught web developer I appreciate the work and creativity that goes into good design and Smashing Mag is one of my tools to hone my skills set. Things I’ve picked up from you guys have helped me on at least a dozen projects in the last year. Everything from printed fliers to web applications. Keep it up!

  576. 576

    The newsletter is my way of keeping up on the best discussions on the forum and I really enjoy the technical articles.

    Happy birthday!


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    I’ve been a subscriber since you started the newsletter – and it’s absolutely the best on the subject of web design and development. Paired with your always-interesting tweets, it’s a great window into this huge world of web.

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    The smashing magazine newsletter is the only newsletter that i wait on every month. There is always good information in the letter, hope that you keep it going: )

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    Keep up the good work!

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    thanks for being up all the time.

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    las newsletters creo que engloban muuucha información sobre lo que tiene el sitio!
    Lo que si me parece es que deberían ser un poco más seguidas. El sitio se actualiza a diario, así que por que no hacer algo un poco más seguido, cada 1 semana quizás, en vez de esperar tanto tiempo para el envío de otra newsletter.

    Muchas veces en el día a día del trabajo no tengo tiempo para ingresar al sitio, pero la newsletter es la excusa real y gancho que me atrapa para ingresar al sitio a ver su contenido, de hecho ahora mismo pasó eso, jeje.

    Un saludo grande y sigan así que está bárbaro!!!

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    Usually I don`t read newsletters and I don`t sign up for them. The first time I signed to the smashing magazine newsletter was becose you were doing a giveaway, so I thought I could end up win something. But it turns out I enjoyed recieving the newsletter in my email, I can check the articles that I find useful or interesting directly fron the link in my email, saving me time .

  585. 585

    Congratulations on the one-year anniversary! Here’s looking forward to many more birthdays :)

    Personally, I subscribe to very few email newsletters in favour of RSS feeds, but the Smashing Newsletter is of an inbox-worthy quality – plus it’s a nice read for a Wednesday afternoon tea break!

  586. 586

    Normally newsletters are a big pain in the you know what but I can safely say that when I see the Smashing Newsletter I feel a little joy. I put whatever work I am doing aside and read the new design goodness hoping to (and usually) learn something new, or find out about a very useful resource.

  587. 587

    I enjoy the Smashing newsletter because the main content is different from the site, it’s not just a RSS to email, it’s a well curated list of design related links, totally worth subscribing to. I find the bottom links useful too, because with so much content created by the Smashing network, I don’t have time to read it all, but I don’t wan’t to miss the highlights.

    I believe that email is not dead at all, I’m subscribed to a couple of newsletters, mostly from font foundries/stores.

    Happy Birthday and keep up the good work :D

  588. 588

    E-newsletters are a great way for companies to communicate with their customers. I look forward to getting updates on products, services and other subjects that, if left up to me to do on my own, I would loose track of. I open and read an them when I know theirs something in it that will directly benefit me. I subscribe to many, most of which are informational or educational.

  589. 589

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    Just wanted to say that you can pride yourselves on the quality of work you guys produce. I always have faith that IF I’m going to invest my scarce time into learning something new I can do it from content you guys produce or recommend so having you as a trusted learning source is invaluable to me.

    I rarely have time to read the whole newsletters but I always do a quick scan and lock away in the memory banks things which pique my interest so I can come back to them later. Keep up the good work and would love a copy of that CSS book or the ideas one cheers!

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    Your newsletter is the only one that I always read the day it arrives.

  591. 591

    The newsletter continues to a be a brilliant publication! Congratulations on its continued success!

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    I’ve been subscribed to the Smashing newsletter since day 1 and thoroughly enjoy the concise, yet information-packed mailings. Even on my busiest days I can still peruse the contents and pull out a couple of valuable nuggets. Thanks for all the hard work!

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    The Smashing Newsletter is the best source for all your web communications. I thoroughly enjoy reading the articles.

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    Happy Birthday,

    E-Newsletter is the best part of any company’s marketing, through a E-Newsletter anyone can promote his/her company.

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    Happy Anniversary/Birthday!!! I love this newsletter and this site. I look forward to it in my inbox and spend way too much time reading it and checking out all the great information that is always in it. That usually leads me to the site, where I spend even more time checking things out and learning all kinds of interesting tidbits.

    Great job and I hope I win any(all) the books you have available!

  596. 596

    Happy Birthday. The newsletter is the one email broadcast that when it arrives I look forward to reading and save it for the evening to read with a mug of tea to thoroughly digest it all from start to finish.

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    Cristian Antohe

    March 2, 2011 5:42 am

    I love a well designed newsletter.
    Keep up the good work!

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    Happy birthday to the Smashing Mag Email!
    Although I’d love to win all of those books, no Smashing Book 2 as a prize? :)

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    I get a good number of e-mail newsletters, but the Smashing Mag newsletter always gets read from end to end. I always find at LEAST one valuable resource in it and, unlike most newsletters, it always gets archived for future reference.

    Keep up the excellent work.

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    I love the newsletter for all the tips and tricks it gives, plus new product review etc!

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    Tuomas Tielinen

    March 2, 2011 5:44 am

    I don’t subscribe to many newsletters mainly because i haven’t got the time read them.
    Your newsletters allmost allways have something interesting and are high quality.
    I’m mainly interested about development related stuff.

    Keep up the good work.

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    This newsletter is actually the only one I’m suscribed to. The reason is that some days when I’m swamped with work and miss some pretty good posts, so this newsletter helps me keep up with a lot of interesting reading.

    I’d like to win one of the books because I really don’t have a chance to buy them (in Venezuela we have a lot of restrictions for buying thigs online that aren’t in our own currency)

    Keep bringing you great posts!

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    Thank you guys, so much for all the wise, funny, educational posts!!
    Happy B-day!!

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    I don’t have much time to read newsletters but if I don’t read the Smashing Newsletter I would be wasting time.
    Happy anniversary :-)

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    Here’s my winning comment for one of the books……don’t change a thing!

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    I saw Smashing Magazine 6 months back, and subscribed to the newsletter the same day. Since then, it’s been my habit to read smashing magazine daily – as the new blogs are posted. Sometimes I look over old archives or search for information I’m interested in. Well, guys, you’ve really boosted my creativity by your tutorials, guides, inspiration showcases and everything that is up there.

  609. 609

    I’m selective in choosing which newsletters subscribe because very often they just contain a sum up. I prefer those which fresh information to the sum up. In this case they are useful because they add a plus to the standard RSS or twitter following and increase the newsletter relevance.
    I’m subscribed to Smashing Mag and to Sitepoint ones.
    Happy Birthday! I’d like to win one of those books. All of them are valuable but if I have to choose I would like to have “Making Ideas Happen”.
    Thank you!

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    I love the Smashing Newsletter! It brings to my email information things I need to look at without any effort on my part. Keep up the good work!

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    March 2, 2011 5:52 am

    Firstly, I would like to wish a very happy b’day to the Smashing Newsletter!

    In this age of blogs, Smashing Magazine is cream of the crop. By far the best design blog I’ve ever come across. But unfortunately I don’t get time to read/visit SM. So, the newsletter is my window to the the design world. I’ve subscribed to tons of newsletters and this is the one which I eagerly wait for.

    Kudos to the SM team!

  612. 612

    Congratiolations on the one-year anniversary !
    I personally never subscribe on a newsletter. This is the first time I really enjoy having mail from a blog! It really helped me out with some problems and inspired me to design great stuff. Also I never ordered a book online. When I found out Smashing Magazine was selling the version 2 of the book, I really wanted to have it! Now, after finishing the book, I love to have more and more great designer and toolkit books.
    Greetz from The Netherlands!

  613. 613

    Yours is one of only two newsletters that I haven’t unsubscribed from almost immediately. I’m still always excited when I get a fresh one!

  614. 614

    As a developer, I know I don’t have a good design eye. But I can be trained. Smashing Magazine is the number one resource I use for that.

  615. 615

    I still have every copy of your newsletter sat inside my gmail with a special Smashing Magazine tag just for it! Easily searchable as it is such a valuable tool, both professionally and personally. Long may it last. Congratulations all at smashing magazine! :D

  616. 616

    David Fitzgibbon

    March 2, 2011 5:54 am

    I love how simple it is and that it’s just a few points highlighted. It’s nice because you know it’ll be reasonably to the point, have a few interesting things you may not have seen, and generally not try to sell you things too much.

    It can seem a little lifeless though? Maybe that’s the wrong word. It could do with more character I think. Give it a voice or something?

    It is great though!

  617. 617

    I subscribe to a bunch of newsletters, but yours is the only one I actually read every week. There are always so many neat links in it and I always spend way too much time looking into them.

  618. 618

    Santiago Melluso

    March 2, 2011 5:56 am

    I never had the time to keep track of each news on Smashing Magazine. The email issues help me to focus on the best articles, and to have a birds-eye view of the pace of the industry. Keep it up!

  619. 619

    I love Smashing’s Newsletter and I’d love to get my hands on one of them there books!

    I don’t subscribe to many as they are usually too spammy and too salesy (is that a word?). I like any newsletter that is generally going to; a) help me out, b) is interesting to read, c) gives me inspiration.

    The only others that I subscribe to are MyFonts, Font Font and Envato.

    Keep up the good work and thanks :0)

  620. 620

    Smashing Mag newsletter and MyFonts newsletter are by a million miles the best things that make it to my inbox! Great job keep it up!

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    Paolo Sacchetti

    March 2, 2011 5:58 am

    …well, newsletter is a big world, big part of it made of spam. Indeed, this is not the case of Smashing newsletter: truly useful. Keep up!

  622. 622

    I love the Smashing Newsletter. I don’t always have time to visit the site, and the newsletter is so well laid out highlighting the top articles that I can quickly get up to speed on what’s new at SM. It’s my favorite newsletter!

  623. 623

    I don’t have any time to spare, so the SM emails provide just the right dose of inspiration and relevant industry information. I just wish I could get through the whole list before the next issue comes out!

  624. 624

    Paul Crittenden

    March 2, 2011 5:59 am

    I’ve actually recently been on an “unsubscribe from everything” kick but the Smashing Newsletter has not received the axe. It always delivers useful content that I actually want to read. I usually learn something new in every issue. Thanks!

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    Wow! I’m brand new to Smashing and am already overwhelmed with the loads of information. I’m saving all of the issues I receive in my inbox. Excellent work, brilliant resources…brava!

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    Your newsletter is great. It’s a great source of inspiration for me, for both print and web design. Both Smashing books are great, too! Keep up the good work!

  627. 627

    Has is been a year already?
    Wow time flies.
    It seems like just the other day I signed up for the first newsletter.

    The newsletter is great because it gives me all the good stuff I may have missed.
    Keep up the great work guys and all the best for another great year!

  628. 628

    Some time ago I unsubscribed from most newsletters I had signed up for, as most just weren’t worth reading any longer. Smashing Magazine was not one of these, in fact it goes straight into my Priority Inbox!

  629. 629

    Keep up the great work! I enjoy reading the Smashing Newsletter when it rolls into my inbox, especially when you all reveal something useful that I haven’t found before – like a new framework or web app – or just things that amuse me (like the iconic Star Wars rendition).

    It’s one of the few newsletters I actually read all the way through.

  630. 630

    Often I dont have time to open specially greader, or enter the site, but to review the email box I always have time…

    I dont know why, but i read emails always from beginning to end, on websites, usually scans and read the selected content, therefore I subsribe only a few newsletters, where content is very important for me.

  631. 631

    Happy birthday SM,
    Your emails are a huge time saver. No need to go looking for inspiration or new ideas when your email contains them all in one place. In a time when junk mail and useless emails are so plentiful your email is a welcome sight in my in box.

  632. 632

    Very useful, very digestible nuggets of information and advice. Smashing Magazine helps me keep on top of design/web tech. Every article is useful and relevant. When time is limited that’s invaluable. Happy Birthday. Thanks for the articles. Keep ‘em coming. ~Mindy

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    The Smashing Newsletter is the one of the few newsletters that I subscribe to, and it’s wonderful! It always includes such useful info and resources. Thanks!

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    Kris Van Herzeele

    March 2, 2011 6:06 am

    the newsletter is a handy update in case you forgot to check the website a few day, it keeps remminding you and it’s always showing some good handy tools.

    It might be handy to have multiple newsletters covering only one technology/design, for example a dedicated newsletter about hml, css & javascript, and another newsletter about typography & design, and so on.

  635. 635

    Happy Birthday!!!! Smashing Magazine and newsletter are by far my number 1 source for finding cool tips and tricks! The information has helped me develop my career in fabulous new ways. Kudos!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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    I love this newsletter because there’s always at least one thing in every issue that is inspiring and also at least one that’s informative. That’s a knock-out combination every time.

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    Wow! I am totally new to this scene and I’m loving the smashing newsletter!!! The content is amazing and its refreshing to have such great resources available. Thanks for your great work and I would LOVE to win a book to help me out as a newbie!!

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    I heard about this thing called Smashing, and I was like “what the heck is that?” Then I subscribed, and now I know. Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration.

  639. 639

    Newsletter marketing has to be one of the least expensive methods of promoting yourself. If double opt in methods are utilized, you’ll end up with an audience that looks forward to your communication, but only if you provide something of value. One easy method is to provide something that cannot be found via your website, such as exclusive content or special pricing.

  640. 640

    Happy birthday! The newsletters are clean, easy to read and contain interesting content. They help me keep track of some of the articles I may have missed on the site during work times.

  641. 641

    Lets face it if you’re reading this you’re a probably a web designer, graphic designer or programmer looking to get an edge and improve your skills. There’s something we all know being part if this world and that is – content sucks. Clients can’t write to save their lives, they want blinky sparkles on their site because it looks ‘jazzy’. They don’t know crap.

    This newsletter (and the site itself) has helped all of us deal with ‘them’ in ways I never through of. Just reading the newsletter and the site articles inspires new throughs and ideas – even if they have nothing to do with what I’m reading.

    Smashing is inspiring ! Happy Birthday !
    Keep it up – and keep it coming

    -Jon ( just a programmer )

  642. 642

    Christopher Mansfield

    March 2, 2011 6:11 am

    I never sign up for Newsletters but I love the Smashing newsletter. Primarily because of the quality and diversity of the content. My favourite part is the ‘Smashing Network Highlight’s’ as I have seen or skimmed most of the ‘New on Smashing Magazine’.

    I understand the need to primarily focus promoting your own articles and products but for me and the way I use Smashing Magazine it would suite me more if the Newsletters focused more on the Network Highlights.

  643. 643

    I really like reading Smashing Magazine newsletter because it always shows me useful resources and its content is different from the blog. Mostly newsletters shows the recently content of the site, but few show new content, like Smashing Magazine does. I can´t suggest anything to improve, I think it´s really good! I always read it! And it doesn´t seem it passed one year!

  644. 644

    I’ve always loved Smashing Mag! Long time reader and the newsletter has always been a best of things. I always see things I’ve missed in my busy schedule. I can’t think of anything you can do better, really. Maybe, more great content, more often! :) SmashMag is the industry standard in my book.

    Thanks for being so Smashing!

  645. 645

    Life is a little bit draining at times…

    … and people have forgotten how to stop, think and take in what they have around us. Every second, when you have a spare moment, it feels like a waste to not check some tweets, read your emails, or catch up on facebook. In this sense, newsletters are another thief of this pondering time, and another thing to have to read while in those gap moments on a train, bus, or in a queue.

    I like to think of myself as a lazy programmer, thus I don’t want to do anything twice, and all I want to keep in my head is where I can find what I have read. Instead of retaining all the information I read, I need to retain where I read it and where I can find it again if I need more info. Tweets move too fast, you have to absorb while the information is hot, else it is time consuming trying to find the information again.

    Newsletters aren’t. They persist, they sit in a happy world where I can index and search, and thus, once I skim read, I can keep in my head the tools, techniques, and tricks that Smashing Magazine supply with awesome clarity and editorial brilliance.

    You help me make time to stop, think, and absorb – invaluable, in this information overload world – Keep up the great work!

  646. 646

    I love the news letter mostly for the value it provides. It is very easy to grab a chunk of emails and wipe them off my mail inbox because overtime you lose interest or the value provided deteriorates. Every suceeding newsletter fails to build up on the expecatations of the previous.

    I love the way smashing magazine’s newsletter is not restricted to mediocrity or overtime diminshed value. Better and more insightful resources are collected and provided.

    Most of all though. It’s the best place to be in touch with the graphic design and web world by the sheer amount of quality it provides.

    As Seth Godin would say, ‘ smashing newsletter is remarkable ‘

  647. 647

    You got too much good articles and information and freebies. My bookmark folder is full of smashing-articles and links. I bow my head and pray to the almighty internet god that I’ll have time to catch up one day. Your doing great and keep it up!!!

  648. 648

    I’ve enjoyed the newsletter when I’ve received it. It seems to have gone in my spam folder for quite awhile before I noticed. It probably has something to do with the settings in my office but it might be worth looking into if you have a lower read rate than expected.

    To answer your questions though, in my personal experience with newsletters, many of them tend to be rather boring and have generic information that is either already known to me or can be easily found.

    The great thing about the SM Newsletter is the links to external sites I’ve never seen before. As an example from your previous edition, Isotope and Initializer were great and I hope to continue to see quality links like that.

  649. 649

    I prefer rss over newsletters but it’s impossible to keep up with the oversized smashing network feed (not a bad thing to have so many posts!! i just dont have the time to check everything!) so i subscribe to the smashing newsletter so i can see only the highlights of the week.
    I would like to win the Hardboiled Web Design or Stunning CSS3.
    And thanks for the great site, resources you aggregate from all over the web and new book (which i bought but still din’t started to read)!

  650. 650

    Being a e-newsletter designer myself, I know it’s difficult to keep readers attention span within the confines of style-sensitive email clients. However, every month Smashing Newsletter delivers diverse, stimulating, SHORT articles on topics that keep me wanting a little more!

    Thank you, SmashingMag!

  651. 651

    I have learned a ot of new stuff from the newsletter. I first heard about HTML5 & CSS3 with you guys, that makes me feel I am up to date on my field. That is why I love Smashing magazine’s newsletter, I actually have a folder on my iMail to keep them on archive.

    If I will change something it will be the format, for it to go wider, that will be brilliant.

  652. 652

    Great new letter. One of only I few I get via email. keep up the great site.

  653. 653

    Philippe Gaboury

    March 2, 2011 6:17 am

    I subscribed to the newsletter from issue 1 and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I don’t necessarily read up on everything you send but I find something interesting in each newsletter.

    I’d love to see more articles about best practices and how they evolve.

    Thank you for the great work!

  654. 654

    Its nice to get as information about web development/design from as many resources as possible.
    Keep up the good work.

  655. 655

    I love the newsletter, and is one of the few I actually look forward to getting. Keep up the great work!

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    It’s obvious that Smashing Magazine goes through some serious research to give us all, only the best resources. I know when I receive the weekly newsletter, there’s always going to be something new, I’ve never came across, and something that is useful. In general, I feel like the newsletter is solid and worth every second of our time.

  657. 657

    This is literally the only newsletter I subscribe to.

  658. 658

    I love Smashing Magazine, check it almost daily. I find it to be just the right amount of technical / designerly banter. Consistently fresh and always insightful, Smashing Magazine is the perfect start for my days at the office.

  659. 659

    Happy Birthday! These are really goods e-newsletters! Keeps me in the loop of design information. Thanks!

  660. 660


  661. 661

    I love your Newsletter! What i like is that you guys are not spamming me with 5 newsletter a week. The Amount of Newsletter is great and comes always to the right time :) Keep up your good works!

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    I subscribed lot of news letters but I accepted yours only…. I love it….I appreciate smashing for a kind work. Thankyou

  663. 663

    Your Newsletter is a must for any web developer / designer. Well design, respect the best practices, font size is perfect, readability 100%, color scheme 100%, image weight is not too heavy, you did a great job. But as everybody know content is king and your content is just priceless.

  664. 664

    Thanks for all of the years of inspiration Smashing.

  665. 665

    The newsletter is one of those things that lets me be sure that I am keeping up with what’s going on. It is one of a small number upon which I rely to ensure that I am not left behind when things are happening. I would say that it would be worth paying for, but don’t want to give anyone too many ideas.

  666. 666

    The newsletter is a good resource for me, along with the blog a quick glimpse at topics that I find very interesting and useful. Thanks for everything.

  667. 667

    I think this is probably the first newsletter that I have actively signed up for. I think the reason I remain subscribed is that the content is always fresh and not just a rehash of the blog itself (which I subscribe to through the RSS feed). The stuff mentioned in the newsletter is also good quality, and there’s been a few tools and tips that I’ve saved for future use.

    Additionally, the content isn’t overwhelming, and it’s the perfect length to read during a break or on the bus on my mobile.

    So, keep it up. It’s really good!

  668. 668

    I love the newsletter and reading the articles. This is the single best email I receive to keep me up on web development and design. Keep up the good work! Keep it coming with the HTML5 development articles as well.

  669. 669

    I love everything about Smashing Magazine! Keep smashing, guys! Cheers from Sri Lanka! :)

  670. 670

    Davis Christensen

    March 2, 2011 6:30 am

    Always inspiring and always worth a few minutes to read it! Please keep up the good work! The photos make it easy to skim through and see what matches my interests. Thanks for making reading a newsletter so painless!

  671. 671

    I am underwhelmed by most of the newsletters I get, but I’ll have to give yours a try.

  672. 672

    I do think that newsletters are valuable, even more-so today then in the past. In my experience, I’ve overextended my blog RSS Subscriptions, I don’t have time every day to go and see what contented is updated.

    A well written newsletter will take the highlights of what I’ve missed and compile them for me so that I can glance over, or take interest in, what might have otherwise been lost in my RSS Stockpile.

  673. 673

    The only newsletter I’m subscribed to. Keep it up!

  674. 674

    I’m subscribed to the Smashing Email Newsletter to see if I missed any
    interesting articles and to remind me to visit your site again!


  675. 675

    The newsletter has proven invaluable to me several times. I’ve discovered tools that I immediately found uses for to improve productivity. The inspiration from Smashing Magazine, often featured in the NL, has made me a better designer. I love the mix of teaching, inspiration, and all-around web fun that the newsletter brings.

    My biggest recommendation for improvement would be to pick a “resource of the month” that puts a stamp of approval on a tested web resource such as a library tool, coding app, design app/site, etc.

  676. 676

    I look forward to reading the Smashing Email Newsletter because it never fails to expose me to new trends in design, new tools that can make my life easier and articles on how to implement emerging best practices. Keep up the good work!

  677. 677

    Smashing is great. I don’t get to read every newsletter fully, but make an effort to as much as possible. It’s like having a design-saavy friend come say hello regularly. Thanks so much for your info…keep it up please!!

  678. 678

    I don’t subscribe to a lot of newsletters because it becomes to much to keep up with, but I do like Smashings!

  679. 679

    Like many of the other users, I believe that the traditional format for newsletters is no longer valid. Most of the information I used to get via newsletters I now obtain by browsing RSS feeds. The Smashing newsletter is a great example of what a modern newsletter should be: short articles which provide user access to content people want to use. It’s not about the number of words but the quality of the links provided.

  680. 680

    Thanks for not sucking!

  681. 681

    Jonathan Wagener

    March 2, 2011 6:40 am

    The Smashing Magazine newsletter is really the only piece of email that I actually look forward to reading. There are always at least 3 or 4 useful tools/toys that I find interesting.

    I would say keep up the good work and keep em coming :). Would love to win one of those books too :D.

  682. 682

    Some of the other comments mentioned a “stamp of approval.” I view Smashing Magazine as somewhat of a neutral resource. My first reaction to some of the “stamp of approval” posts was that of “sounds like a great idea” but thinking about it more makes me realize I don’t really want Smashing Magazine to turn into a “Consumer Reports/Gizmodo/Lifehacker of web design.” Creating a badge that states “Smashing Magazine Approved” would take away from the valuable neutrality I see in a lot of the reviews. As an alternative, maybe a badge like “Smashing Magazine Reviewed” would be better with a well-marked “pros” section and “cons” section. This would help me decide for myself as well add more authority to the collective voice of Smashing Magazine.

  683. 683

    I like the newsletter because I find I struggle to keep up with reading my RSS feeds, but the email comes less frequently and I like to be informed every once and a while on new things like that. Keep it up!

  684. 684

    I’m only subscribed to highly informative, useful and interesting newsletters. Smashing Email Newsletter is definitely one of them. It’s a smashing newsletter!

  685. 685

    I really love the smashing magazine weekly newsletter and always wait for it with eagerness. It really helps me know about certain useful websites, it provides me information about the online tools that help me a lot in my designing process. I always love reading the articles as they inspire me a lot.

  686. 686

    I LOVE getting the Smashing newsletter in my email. I normally read my email in the morning before I get out of bed. The days that I receive the newsletter, it takes me extra long to get out and start my day as I look through just about every link/article you guys include. Great resources :) Thanks and keep up the great newsletters!!

  687. 687

    I thought I was subscribed to the newsletter (I remember subscribing to something) but now I see I didn’t get a bunch of the newsletter (though others I did receive) I do get a periodic update of new Smashing articles though, is that another newsletter? Confusing…

    I love Smashing and it’s articles, if turns out there are multiple newsletters, I suggest bringing it back to one, or making it clear which one people can subscribe to. If it is just one, how come I didn’t get some of the articles?

  688. 688

    As soon as I saw that the new smashing newsletter was out today, I knew what I’d be reading first at work! I almost always find something useful or interesting in your newsletters. Thanks for keeping me focused on the latest trends and techniques! I also get a few sitepoint newsletters, but I rarely read those all of the way through and tend to trash them quickly.

  689. 689

    When Smashing announced they were doing a newsletter, I was most excited! I signed up hoping that the content would be every bit as engaging and useful as the quality content posted on the website. Needless to say, you didn’t let me down.

    In fact the Smashing Newsletter is the ONLY newsletter that I subscribe to now. I really like how it contains a mix of Smashing content and links to useful services/tools/resources/inspiration from around the web!

    Keep up the good work, and happy one year anniversary!

  690. 690

    The fact that I’m commenting shows how much I value both your website and your newsletter. I never comment on blogs because I have just so many other things to do. But, I want to express how great of a job I think you guys do. You don’t post 20 useless articles a day like so many sites. Instead I find almost all of your articles to be of interest. The same goes for your newsletter. I look forward to receiving it each month and save them after I’ve read them. I don’t know that I have any suggestions to make. The content always seems to be a good balance covering different fields of design and the layout is clean and easy to read. Great, or should I say, smashing job!

  691. 691

    I absolutely love this newsletter. im always interested to see what new cool tools and information ya’ll have to give. keep up the good work i cant wait for the next newsletter:)
    thank you very much!

  692. 692

    I am definitely a fan of the Smashing newsletter! I do feel that most newsletters do nothing more than clog up my inbox, but I know that there’s always AT LEAST one great article that actually teaches me something I can use, or provides me with new design inspiration. The Smashing newsletter is conveniently formatted so I can easily skim through it to find those articles I’d want to read. And honestly, I look forward to the new desktop wallpapers each month ;)

  693. 693

    Happy B day! keep on sending cool stuff!

  694. 694

    Happy Birthday and congrats!!! :)

    Newsletters are very important to me, since they allow me to stay up to date with the latest novelties about the web industry, they have clear and concise valuable information which I find certainly inspiring and useful. I’m currently suscribed to SM newsletter and have to say that it’s definitely a must-read for those who are looking to improve their skills, it doesn’t matter if they are developers, designers, copywriters, etc.


  695. 695

    Loving the work guys!

  696. 696

    I love getting this enewsletter and look forward to it in my inbox. it’s been a huge help to me professionally and helped me learn about tools and tricks of the trade that I’m genuinely interested personally. But most importantly it provides me this information in a beautiful and easy to digest format. Thank you for all your hard work.

  697. 697

    I think that the newsletters, and Smashing Magazine in general, are incredible resources. I subscribe to a couple of newsletters from different organizations, but Smashing Magazine is the one that I always read as soon as I see it in inbox. I love the clean, skimmable layout and just the value of the resources discussed in the article. It’s a great way to stay current in the web/design world, and I always feel like I’ve taken away something of value. Even the newsletter ads are interesting and relevant!

    Great work, great writing, and great value. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!


  698. 698

    The Smashing Magazine newsletter has been a perfect way to keep up with the website and latest happenings in times when I have not been able to visit the website.

    The newsletters quick overviews and nice images deliver the right amount of information in the time necessary.

    Thanks SM!

  699. 699

    I depend on the newsletter for professional development and to keep my elearning skills up to date.

  700. 700

    Smashing Mag and its newsletter have been a continuous source of inspiration, education and motivation for me in becoming a better web developer. It’s an exciting time in web design and to have a place like smashing to gather and publish relevant content is a blessing. Keep it up and never never stop!!!

  701. 701

    I generally hate newsletters. Somehow I don’t consider my inbox a place where exploration starts. But when Smashing newsletter was announced I decided to give it a try and unsubscribe if it does not live up to my expectations. Well, i’m happy I did so.
    You guys have proven that newsletter can be catchy and interesting, that newsletter can make you leave it unread in the morning so that you can fully enjoy it during lunch break because you know it’ll have something there that’ll make you click and explore and share and think about.
    Great job and great addition to the magazine!

  702. 702

    Marc Friederich

    March 2, 2011 6:57 am

    I got a filter to add a label and skip the inbox so I usually read newsletters later but I made an exception for yours ! You rock !
    Oh and I like it because it’s a kind of backup or a resume of what is happening on twitter network (what web worker discuss about). You provide good content and you write your point of view not only reposting existing news.

  703. 703

    Hi SM!
    Happy birthday. My birthday present to you is my subscription! I’d love a book!!


  704. 704

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I read the Smashing Newsletter because I don’t want to stay in school forever, but I want to keep learning. I always find new perspectives and new information. There is always a dazzling array of creative magic that others produce that inspire me, and new ideas that are likely to be the newest alchemy of design and coding. I would love one of the randomly selected, lucky six.

  705. 705

    I love the magazine and I love the newsletter. I just wish I had more time to explore it. The newsletter is an excellent way to get a high-level view of what’s new.

    How do you guys keep up and produce so much excellent content? Thank you for your wonderful work!

  706. 706

    I like it because it isn’t just a rehash of content I’ve already seen at the site; it gives me more useful links and articles to check out.

  707. 707

    I am subscribed for some deals and special offers from online retailers, but yours is the only newsletter I am currently receiving. I love the fact that I get it first thing in the morning and I at least skim through every article before starting my work day. It goes great with my coffee and it is an excellent source of knowledge and inspiration. I have always been skeptical about newsletters, but you guys made me realize that just like with any other media, there is something for everyone, you just have to find it.

  708. 708

    Opening up a Smashing Newsletter is always a great way to start my work day. I open it up and always have something interesting/informative and educational. There is always a great combination of technical and visual inspiration. Congratulations and keep on rockin’!

  709. 709

    Your newsletter is the only one I read consistently. I like the content. In particular, I love any coding tricks/insights. Recently I read the article by Jon Raasch about coding for mobile. I then ended up purchasing the book “Mobile Design for iPhone and iPad.” What great resources!

  710. 710

    My problem is that, though I love newsletters (especially ones with actual content), I just leave them in my inbox, meaning to get back to them, for-like-ever… That’s probably my issue though, not the actual newsletters’….

  711. 711

    It’s only recently that I discovered the value of Smashing Magazine to all things related to web technologies. It’s challenging and inspiring at the same time because I have so much to master technology-wise and the Smashing team is doing a top job to keep us informed of the latest and the greatest.

  712. 712

    I’ve been a subscriber since smashing e-mail newsletter numero uno (1, one, één, you get the point) and I’ve only got one point to make:

    It’s just too big! I love all the information you guys manage to cram in the newsletter and I really love reading it. But sometimes I open the newsletter, I think ‘I don’t have time for all this right now – I’ll read it later’ and I’ll completely forgot about it.

    All that information never reaches me if that happens. It’s not all the time, but certainly 1 out of 4. So I’m missing 25% of the valuable information you send me because the newsletters are just so long :)

  713. 713

    Thank You!

    I love Smashing Magazine. It has always been my favorite resource. It’s my most reliable starting point for whenever I’m working on a new project or researching a topic. . . And now all of that and more can be summed up in a useful collective newsletter.

    I look forward to the Newsletter. It helps me to stay on top of things in the Web Design and Development industry; which can be a daunting task these days. Not only does the newsletter review the articles of the recent weeks, but it also features tools and other inspiration from around the web. The simplicity and strength of this newsletter are truly unmatched, and I am forever grateful for the SM Team’s work.

    Happy Anniversary! Keep up the fantastic work!

  714. 714

    Brittany Johnson

    March 2, 2011 7:14 am

    Smashing Newsletter is by far my favorite newsletter to read because you do focus on giving your readers something they can actually use and get value out of, not just something they can read and/or speculate. You also choose your content carefully, in that you ensure it speaks to your audience by focusing on web design, user experience, etc.

    I believe many people still read e-newsletters because they are easy to access. I also think it is important to have an RSS because e-readers are also popular (which you also have).

    Other newsletters I subscribe to are Search Engine Guide, WordTracker, and Jakob Nielsen. I find Jakob’s Alert Box and Smashing Mag’s newsletters the most useful and my favorites to read! SM especially because you are not trying to sell me anything or make me pay to download a case study, but rather pushing useful info out.

    Thank you SM!


  715. 715

    I love Smashing Mag because it is chock-a-block full of great tips, information, inspiration and ideas. Best of all is the presentation of it. Cleanly designed, your website is a joy to read. I’m sad to say that I did NOT join the newsletter service before this posts nudging. But as of yesterday, I am a subscriber and I’m sure it will be a decision I won’t regret! Thanks, Smashing! Oh and Happy Birthday!

    p.s. That “Star Wars, Episode IV: Retold in Icons” item is brilliant!

  716. 716

    Victoria Shearer

    March 2, 2011 7:14 am

    I keep all of my SM Newsletters because they are such an awesome resource! I often forward them to friends too.

  717. 717

    Geraldine Scott

    March 2, 2011 7:17 am

    One of the best and most anticipated e-newsletters in my inbox!

    It has given me so many ideas and the confidence to build websites that are more dynamic and useful. Thanks for that.

    Congratulations Smashing Magazine!

  718. 718

    Kristoffer Kjelde

    March 2, 2011 7:18 am

    I Really enjoy to read your newsletter. Nice and very inspiring stuff. Congratz with the first year!

  719. 719

    Not sure if it’s laziness, jadedness or simply lack of time (probably a mixture of all those things!) but I find it really hard to stay abreast of web development issues – the Smashing Email Newsletter is something I can keep in my inbox and spend a couple of hours with when I get a bit of downtime. I love it.

  720. 720

    I always spent sometime reading the newsletter. Whenever I opened up my email and saw the newsletter, I’ll make sure I have extra time to spent for that. Not to mentioned the blog magazine itself has been my favorite “must-read-blog” list everyday.

    Wish me luck with the book giveaway!

  721. 721

    There are some great resources and ideas in these newsletters. Thanks for creating a wonderful resource that we can use to help make us better at what we do. Keep up the good work and thanks for all of your hard work!

  722. 722

    I like the newsletter because I know I missed some of your posts, be it on twitter (I’m not on constantly) or even on your website (I use your RSS feed on iGoogle via feedburner, and it doesn’t update nearly often enough to keep up with your posts).

  723. 723

    I don’t subscribe to TOO many magazines, but I DO subscribe to Smashing Magazine. Always informative, helpful tips – and not too frequent (but just frequent enough!). Keep up the good work!

  724. 724

    I love the newsletter. Is great when it arrives in the inbox and give me a general view of the things that happened. Great as a general view.

  725. 725

    THANK YOU! Thank you for teaching me so much about coding, art, tips, tutorials, typography, print and web design and so much more! It takes me a long time to go through each email because I read pretty much every single article, which then of course links me to related articles, and so on. I currently have you open in 3 out of my 6 tabs in my browser! If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

    You, Smashing Magazine, are my go to website (and my archived emails) when I’m researching anything for design or coding (whether it be inspiration or tutorials), which is a lot. And how can I forget, you’re also my monthly desktop background.

    Thanks for being so smashing.

  726. 726

    I really like the newsletter. I look forward to every issue and I never have enough time to just read you blog everyday so its great that you guys have a summary of the best of the best from Smashing Magazine and its Networks. I only wish you guys could send it out more frequently.

  727. 727

    I actually ignore newsletters totally, deleting them right after opening, but I noticed that I use sites which I get newsletters from a lot more often than others.

    (if I get to win a book, please make sure it’s not “Making Ideas Happen” as I already bought one and got another one as a present :) )

  728. 728

    I honestly didn’t sign up before for the newsletter b/c i though it ‘would be like the other’ newsletters i’ve received in the past. Boy was I wrong!

    This newsletter has great stuff, that complements the website (not a dry boring version of it like most newsletters are).

    Like the website, the newsletter is part of my daily read.

    Please keep up the great work!!!

  729. 729

    The Smashing Email Newsletter is a must-read in my inbox. You are a major contributor to my transformation from programmer to web designer. Thank you.

  730. 730

    Great newsletter. Congrats on 1 year!!

  731. 731

    I’m apart of the camp that feels over-saturated from newsletters about everything from clothes to code in my inbox, but I have to admit I can’t say no to quality content. This is a reminder to actually unsubscribe from fluff everytime i subscribe to something new.

  732. 732

    I love getting the newsletters because they are full of great ideas and resources. I’m always looking for inspiration and this newsletter has tons of it. I use the site regularly as well. Congrats on a Year Well Done!

  733. 733

    Happy birthday Smashing Newsletter!

    I am a very lazy guy, when searching for information other than the needed at a given moment, so I really love bundles that I can digest slowly and at any time. Newsletters are perfect for this kind of information consuption, and SM’s is probably one of the best out there at the moment. This is mostly due to the efforts put by the team on quality selection, writing and editorial.

    I believe that newsletters have a huge potencial when compared to other (more realtime) technologies like twitter and RSS for instance. That is, the fact that they just stay there waiting for you to be available to read them (instead of being lost in the timeline if you are not paying attention). In a world that moves at light speed, it is nice to, at least that once in a week, take some time to calmly read through the most interesting articles. (good) Newsletters provide exactly that, a perfect summary for your weekly/monthly zen reading period.

  734. 734

    I actually just signed up to receive the newsletter – so I look forward to receiving it and poking around it. I can tell you that I signed up because I was noticing that several of the stories that I was picking up on others’ feeds were bringing me back here. Clearly, I had to see what you have to offer.

    I have to say that I’m impressed so far!

    Happy Anniversary!

  735. 735

    I love your newsletter. It talks a lot about latest happenings in the design world and makes my life easy to surf around and get to know the latest.

    Now about these lovely books as giveaways. Worth having all of it.

  736. 736

    Happy Birthday SM!

    I’ve been a long time subscriber to your newsletters and honestly they really are some of the most interesting creative I’ve ever seen. You’ve always have the greatest content on the web.

    I hope that the next year will be just as good to you guys and I wish your writers well! The web industry wouldn’t be the same without you guys

  737. 737

    Jeff Christiansen

    March 2, 2011 7:47 am

    Enjoy the newsletter especially the mobile design tips.

  738. 738

    Love the newsletters… Thanks for all you do!

  739. 739

    There exist some sources, from where I have subscribed regular-basis e-newsletters.
    I’m not all-info-collector, but it is sometime helping me to reread some useful articles again from my own “repository” which is independent from original (usually web-based) sources life-cycle.
    Working with my e-mail in one place is sometime more effective to organize and maintain than surfing in wide internet. The last one needs some free time… And my laziness suggests to leave the machine work to machine…
    Actually I use both methods (surfing and e-mail managing)…

  740. 740

    Just Subscribed to your News Letters
    Lets see :P

  741. 741

    I don’t know how they do it but every time I receive the newsletter it amazes me, almost every article seems to peek my interest.
    Keep up the good work!

  742. 742

    I’m just beginning to explore web and design options and can be overwhelmed with all of the information available. Smashing Magazine is a must-have resource, helping me stay focused with new ideas and never-boring information! Thank you for providing the essentials and congratulations!

  743. 743

    Love the newsletter. Have been reading it from the beginning. There is ALWAYS good information to be read. Keep up the good work! Love it!

  744. 744

    I have just signed up for the newsletter, but everyday for the past year I have come to to keep up with all the articles and inspiration. This site has been one of my best resources and I thank you for your diligence in keeping up with it.

  745. 745

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve really loved getting your news letter. I didn’t know it was only 1 year old! I must have been getting them from almost the start then.

    Your website and e-mail newsletter have been invaluable to me over the past year as I started my freelancing career. In the beginning I had time to sift through all of the Smashing Network articles and choose which ones to read, but as time went on I had more client sites to design and less time to read. The newsletter’s “Smashing Network Highlights” has been really useful to me and I find it does happen to turn up some of the ones I’d be most likely to read.

    Thanks again guys and girls, and keep it up!

  746. 746

    I think they are a great tool to offer if the content is strong enough. Normally I dont ever subscribe, but I am subscribed to you and 1 other site. The information and freebies here are invaluable, for years. I think people like the idea of newsletters when its something they care about – hence my addiction to Smashing (I have you, drudge report, and facebook open on my browser every morning when I start up the computer). I read newsletters because I aim to take whatever information is offered.

    I would chooooooooose Stunning CSS3: A Project-Based Guide to the Latest in CSS please :)

  747. 747

    You guys seriously offer a wealth of knowledge. I would still consider myself a beginner, but with the tutorials and inspiration you guys offer I am constantly able to grow and make better sites for my company and side projects.

  748. 748

    You Newsletter is a great resource that helps to supplement your site. Often I find myself going back to your previous versions in my inbox because I remember an article that deals with the current situation at hand that I am dealing with. Keep up the good work smashing team and thanks for everything!

  749. 749

    Happy Birthday to a Smashing newsletter. I read it to keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the web world. I like the fact that the articles are varied – even though I’m a developer I still enjoy reading about design stuff. Keep up the good work :)

  750. 750

    I love this subscription. So many fantastic ideas out there. Truly inspirational!

    I have added these books to my must-check-out list. Would love to win one!

  751. 751

    I love receiving the Smashing newsletter! Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up on all of the content on the website, but the newsletter highlights articles and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t click on an article in the newsletter.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  752. 752

    Smashing have more than often come to my rescue with the latest trends within our industry whether topics on usability or mobile their findings have made a great impact in my life as a designer. Thanks and a happy birthday :)

  753. 753

    Newsletters have lots to learn and lots to try

  754. 754

    I like your newsletter because it’s both quickly skimmable and often has information worth reading. I usually only skim newsletters – with SM’s I actually click on the links and read. It’s usually a good mix, too, between tech and aesthetic subjects.

  755. 755

    I never subscribe to newsletters because if I do then I get excited about them for the first 2 or 3 letters then they become junk mail and sit in my inbox for a few days with my intentions being to read them before I finally just throw them out. Smashing Mag’s newsletter on the other hand is one that I have never gotten tired of, it is the one newsletter that actually offers great information throughout the letter every single time. Thanks for putting together a newsletter worth receiving and saving for that matter!

  756. 756

    I’m a newer subscriber of the Smashing newsletter, but an older visitor of the blog. I have all the two Smashing Books, and my name are in the #2! haha. It’s so cool to make part of this family. Thanks SM

  757. 757

    I’ve always appreciated the newsletters, particularly when they contain new information not found in your posts. They always provide useful links, too!


  758. 758

    I am always awaiting the next newsletter! I have always enjoyed reading them and what they have to offer. I am a loyal fan of Smashing Magazine and regularly browse and search the site.

    This is about the only newsletter that I read now a days. All the other ones are just crap in my opinion. Smashing Mag has the best of the best at what to offer in their newsletters. That is what brings me back to them!

  759. 759

    Great newsletter! One of the few that I really look forward to receiving. I always find something new and interesting. I don’t know how you manage to keep coming up with such great stuff but keep up the good work!

  760. 760

    Hi everyone,
    congratulations for the great job you’ve done,
    I’ve learned a lot of things reading your newsletter. And now, I wish to learn even more if I earn these books :D
    really intersting information
    keep in these way

  761. 761

    Damien Harrison

    March 2, 2011 8:16 am

    I love how the smashing newsletter only comes out monthly meaning I feel less spammed which equates to me visiting a lot more throughout the month.

    Keep up the good work.

  762. 762

    The Smashing newsletter is always a worthwhile read; it’s a great way to make sure I’ve not missed anything useful on the Smashing Magazine site or in the Smashing network. A great source of info and inspiration.

  763. 763

    I love the smashing mag newsletter. There is always one or two really unique things that I learn that make me look cool among all my design friends. :)

  764. 764

    This newsletter is one of the few I look forward to getting.


    With over 20 years of programming background and practically none in design I’m glad the Smashing Newsletter and Smashing website are available to help me design better websites.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  765. 765

    I love the content provided by this site and newsletter and have been using it as a resource and tool for almost a year.

  766. 766

    I always look forward to the smashing magazine newsletter. My favourite ones are those that include web apps for developers and designers that I would NEVER have found out about otherwise.

    Keep up the good work!

  767. 767

    I’m a new Smasher (did I just make that up?), and absolutely love all the super high-quality content you deliver. I’m a web/graphics/interface/whatever designer kinda on the side, and subscribe to your feed. Almost every day has something useful or at least interesting. With the popularity of RSS feeds, in some cases a newsletter isn’t even needed anymore, but I think it serves a purpose to pull together the best articles during the time period, even for RSS subscribers. And it’s certainly useful for those who don’t subscribe to a feed. Keep up the good work!

  768. 768