Free WordPress 3.1 Theme: Splendio (With PSD Sources)


Today, we are glad to present a new freebie: a beautiful theme, designed by Vlad and Elena Scanteie1 which was developed exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is free to use in both private and commercial projects. The theme is based upon the Twenty Ten WordPress theme and requires WordPress 3.0 to run.

Visit the demo3 or a large view4.

The upper area contains a slider where you can place extra emphasis on your most important pages. The main area can include the content of your latest blog posts. On the right side you’ll find an overview of latest blog entries as well as the latest tweets.

The upper area of the sidebar features five latest comments. You can place any widget under it as it is defined as a dynamic sidebar. Also, right above the footer you’ll find a Flickr gallery in case you wish to showcase your latest shots. The footer itself is designed in a pronounced blue, giving it a nice contrast to the rest of the design. There you you can place your≈ widgets such as Pages, Categories, Archives, and others. A soft upper area, a useful middle area, and a strong footer are the essence of this theme.

Download the Theme for Free!

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.



The footer area.

Main content area.

The comments area.

Behind the Design

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Releasing a theme on Smashing Magazine is always a challenge for us at DesignDisease. A challenge we look forward to. ‘Splendio’ is a theme where we try to solve the empty space that exists around most themes with a joyful rhythm of lines and squares, complimented with a light color palette. The specialized header images complete the package, as it can be used both in a static or randomized manner.”

Thank you, Vlad and Elena! We sincerely appreciate your work and your good intentions.


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  1. 1

    Nice theme! I publish on my site. Thank you.

  2. 52

    It’s great! I like it, thanks

  3. 103

    Visually chaotic and could be very punk, but lack of contrast makes it just a schlager-punk. Pitty :)

  4. 154

    I am glad

  5. 205

    Very nice design great theme. Thanks!

  6. 256

    Links seem to be dead.

  7. 307

    The demo requires a password…??

  8. 358

    Yes, the live demo can only be viewed with a password :-((((((

  9. 409

    demo is not working .. pls check

  10. 460

    The whole designdisease Page is Password protected. It´s not the fault of #SM.

  11. 511

    Ok, I set up the different accounts, but now… how do I set a posta as a featured one?

    • 562

      If you are having trouble with the featured posts showing up make sure you installed ALL of the files including the featured slider files per the Read Me instructions.

      If you have done it correctly, your posting page will have a check box on it to allow you to select Feature in Featured Content Slider. Then it will show up. If it doesn’t work, you didn’t install the files correctly.

  12. 613

    Tested it, great theme with lots of potential.

  13. 664

    I can’t figure out how to add the Facebook and Twitter information to the menu links. I even tried to just edit the page template directly and it didn’t work. Anybody figure that one out yet?

  14. 715

    This theme is great and just what I was looking for. I am using it on my blog site about antiques and collectibles. I changed the colors (orange didn’t fit my style), got rid of the recent comments box, added my logo and got rid of the header picture.

    This themes works really well for my needs. I have never gotten a theme, free or purchased, that didn’t need some sort of modification to make it better.

  15. 766

    I’m in the midst of trying to use the theme, but I’m struggling to get the slider to behave as shown in the demo (image won’t sit to right, wants to sit below the text, crowding out the adjacent post. Any help gratefully accepted?

    Agree with the fellow who suggested some instructions would have been great (and good manners, even for a freebie).

  16. 817

    thanks, it’s great themes.

  17. 868

    Friends help find a plugin or widget is a slide show for this theme, and it is better this is a slide show that provided by the author here! Help is needed!! Author or people hear me!

  18. 919

    Not able to get the slider or flickr gallery to work. I re-installed couple of times, but same problem. Other than that theme is great!

  19. 970

    10/10 for this theme, amazing work…. I shouldn’t tell you but you should make it premium. I’ll ready to pay for it though i downloaded it free…

  20. 1021

    I found this in this theme…..(while scanning with Exploit Scanner)

    Often used to execute malicious code async:false,dataType:”script”}):c.globalEval(b.text||b.textContent||b.innerHTML||””
    Often used to execute malicious code p;f.indexOf(“javascript”)>=0)c.globalEval(a);return a},param:function(a,b){function d(j,n
    Often used to execute malicious code eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return(c<

    Is this the reason for making it free???
    to hack others websites???
    Checkout this article about these type of malicious codes:

  21. 1072

    This theme contains Malicious code for hacking, scan this theme with Exploit Scanner, a WP plugin….
    That’s why it is free….

  22. 1123

    i falling in love with this theme… :)

  23. 1174

    Very good tip.

  24. 1225

    How do I remove this code from vrednonosny theme?
    Как удалить этот вредноносный код из темы?

  25. 1276

    Free is good, but that’s ugly and apparently the creator doesn’t like frank opinions given the ratings on people saying what they think.

  26. 1327

    Hi there,
    I like very much this theme – many-many thanks to Vlad and Elena!!!
    I understand that this theme is free and what we can demand?
    It is very pity that this NICE theme has some problems – it will be GOLD without them.
    I am not “programmer” but I would like to ask all interested to make some necessary improvements in this theme to make it “almost” perfect.

    I checked this theme with Theme-Check plugin and it found many errors in codes…
    It is impossible to attach all file but some brief fragments are:

    One or more errors were found for Splendio
    • WARNING: Found wrong tag, remove widget-ready/ google-fonts/ flickr-rss/ from your style.css header.
    • WARNING: Found wrong tag, remove content-slider from your style.css header.
    • WARNING: thumbs.db Windows thumbnail store found.
    • WARNING: readfile was found in the file images/headers/randomheader.php possible file operations.
    Line 26: readfile($headers[$random]);
    • REQUIRED: The theme doesn’t have post pagination code in it. Use posts_nav_link() or paginate_links() or next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link() to add post pagination.
    • REQUIRED: get_settings found in the file functions.php. Deprecated since version 2.1. Use get_option() instead.
    Line 34: $time_difference = get_settings( ‘gmt_offset’ );
    • REQUIRED: License: is missing from your style.css header.
    • REQUIRED: License URI: is missing from your style.css header.
    • RECOMMENDED: Text domain problems in tag.php/ single.php/ search.php/ loop.php/ index.php/ header.php/ functions.php/ footer.php/. The twentyten text domain is being used!
    • RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_custom_background() was found in the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for the background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this functionality.
    • RECOMMENDED: bloginfo( template_url) was found in the file header.php. Use get_template_directory_uri() instead.
    • RECOMMENDED: Author URI: is missing from your style.css header.
    • INFO: index.php The theme appears to use include or require. If these are being used to include separate sections of a template from independent files, then get_template_part() should be used instead.
    Line 17: <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-featured-content-slider/content-

    May be we could improve this theme?!
    Thanks for attention.
    Your replies highly desirable.

  27. 1378

    This is absolutely gorgeous! The best WP Theme I’ve ever seen!!!

  28. 1429

    I must be missing something. If I try to install the theme via Upload of the .zip file, I get:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    If I unpack the .zip file and copy the Splendio folder into my wp-content/themes folder, I can activate the theme, but there is absolutely NO options or settings link in the WordPress Appearance menu.

    I’ve tried searching for help with this issue, but find nothing to indicate anyone else has had this problem.

    Oh well.

    • 1480

      Dan, I had the same problem. No style.css so installation failed.

      I really like the fresh look of this theme, but the comments about vulnerability / malicious code disturb me so much that I am not going to use it. I do think it’s a shame that the developers did not respond to that comment.

  29. 1531

    I love your splendio theme and have used it in my wordpress blog. I want to ask you how can I change the body text size in the posts because the blog is in chinese characters and the default size is too small. I am not familiar with html codes. Thanks again for your great work.

  30. 1582

    Lovely! I’m using this theme in

  31. 1633

    Estellei Preuettb

    August 10, 2012 2:31 am

    IЎ¦ve recently started a site, the information you offer on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  32. 1684

    You have to edit the Header.php file. For Twitter find the line that has a class=”s2″ href=”#” title=”Twitter. The # is where you put the URL for your twitter.

  33. 1735

    How to make working also the share button?


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