Free Prestashop and WordPress E-Commerce Theme: Velvet Sky


In case you’ve been looking for a nice e-commerce theme for your website or any ongoing projects, today we’ve got something for you. We’re releasing yet another freebie — a Prestashop and WordPress e-commerce theme called “Velvet Sky” which has exclusively been developed by DapurPixel1 for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The warm, natural brown colours within the theme portray much comfort and will hopefully provide your customers with a very calm and engaging environment in which they can find the items they’re searching for in no time.


Download the Theme for Free!

The Prestashop theme is released under Creative Commons; the WordPress theme is released under GPL. Both themes are free to use for private as well as commercial projects. There are no restrictions; you may modify the theme as you wish. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word!



  • WordPress 3.1+ compatible
  • Prestashop compatible
  • Custom homepage
  • Horizontal menu and submenu integration
  • Custom slideshow module
  • Combo slider on the homepage
  • One page checkout and guest checkout supported
  • Custom advertisement block module
  • IE7+, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome compatible

Blog-1 (large preview)10

Blog-2 (large preview)12

Blog-3 (large preview)14

Checkout-1 (large preview)16

Checkout-2 (large preview)18

Checkout-3 (large preview)20

Checkout-4 (large preview)22

Checkout-5 (large preview)24

Detail-1 (large preview)26

Detail-2 (large preview)28

Detail-3 (large preview)30

Detail-4 (large preview)32

Detail-5 (large preview)34

Detail-6 (large preview)36

Detail-7 (large preview)38

Home-1 (large preview)40

Home page 1 (click for a large preview)42

Home page 2 (click for a large preview)44

Home page 3 (click for a large preview)46

Behind the Design

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Attractive! Alluring! Beauty! Desire! Glamour is an impression that we wanted you to have by looking at this theme. Velvet Sky has become an e-commerce theme that provides an atmosphere full of charm. We did a lot of customization; the featured product on homepage, the category product page, the product details. Velvet Sky is our humble attempt to provide a feeling of comfort in shopping experience. We worked hard to make sure that customers can found the items needed without being confused. Support your customers well, and start out by building a personal relation between you and your customers. We hope that you’ll find the theme useful for your projects.”

Thank you, Arrie. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

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  1. 1

    Vladislav Melnik

    July 7, 2011 11:39 pm

    Great theme!

  2. 52

    Lol, I didn’t know that you can integrate e-shop functionality in WordPress. May be it’s time to explore more (*:
    Thanks, SM and dapurpixel

  3. 103

    Would be great if we can get magento version of the theme. Looks nice.

  4. 154

    Hii Jim, if you want magento version you can contact us by email (see our website for email address) . Thanks

  5. 205

    I love this theme, but I have a question. I used the wordpress one, but I assume I have to install some shop plugin to get it running. Could you please help me with some advice? Thank you in advance…

  6. 307

    I love this them ,… and its FREE
    I want use this them for my assignment which is due on 21st :(
    but cant install this on PrestaShop 1.4.3
    Can u guys plz send me a link to download PrestaShop 1.4.1

    plzzzz help me im a new comer and i have to submit my eCommerce(site implement ) assignment on 21st :((

    is there any other solution ?

  7. 511

    Love the theme, but the WordPress version is NOT e-commerce, also it has no footer and header which make it hard to implement new features.

  8. 562

    Verry nice job and i really like the way of service!

  9. 613

    I love the design, thanks! I just wish the original author for this post would note in an obvious fashion that the WordPress version is blog theme only, not an ecommerce theme :)

    It took me about an hour to figure that out, but that could also be because I’m pretty dumb. ;-)

  10. 664

    Hola, felicidades por el excelente tema, instale tal cual los pasos del archivo, en servidor local, pero por mas q intento no se porque no me aparece el carrito a la izquierda, es decir para hacer la compra, no aparece a la izquierda, hice algo mal? alguien puede ayudarme?? gracias de antemano

    • 715

      Primero ve a modulos/aplicaciones front office y checa si esta instalado, si es asi entonces entra a modulos/posiciones y les das en trasladar un modulo busca en la primera pestaña el que dice “Carrito” y en la segunda pestaña le pones que te lo mueva a “Left Column Blocks” le das guardar, te regresas a posiciones y buscalo en la “Right Column” y lo borras de alli y ya debe aparecer en la “Left Column”, espero te sirva.

      • 766

        Hola Cristhian, Mkhardyel,
        He instalado el tema. Llevo un par de días con él y he encontrado los siguientes problemas.
        La página va super lenta, no sé seguro si es a causa del tema.
        No aparece en el footer ni el newsleter, ni los logos de facebook y twitter que tanto me gustan.
        El módulo del blockbanner advertising custom, el de arriba, no parece colocarse en la posición correcta, tapa parte de la foto de los productos.
        Alguna idea? realmente me gusta este tema pero no sé como solucionar los problemas.
        Mil gracias amigos!!

  11. 817

    I tried installing this but everything doesnt seem to work on me. Any kind soul can help me install this for my store pls?

  12. 868

    Hi Darpurpixe and velvet sky funsl!!
    I must say that this theme you provided to the community is really really good!!
    I definitely appreciate it! and hope everyone else too!
    Fantastic theme, I am running it on the prestashop 1.4.3
    I am just before the finish of my own presta shop , but I am having problems with the Combo Slider and the default options on footer menu. My problem is with the language. I use Greek language . I want to change the titles of them to Greek ( new products to ‘’νέα προϊόντα’’) and Specials to ‘’Προσφορές’’ , and that because I am interest only to the Greek population and maybe my costumers don’t know read English. I have tried all the changes at the . tpl files but when I put Greek the letters disappears .
    Did anyone knows what I have to do to fix this issue? I try to change UTF-8 at ISO-8859-7 but nothing again..
    I want to changes only the characters (in Greek) and not the function of the comboslider and the footer links.

    Thanks and I hope someone has the answer.

    • 919

      you try to force-compile a check set to true, because after editing tpl files, must be in force compile, and to problems in prestashop Dapurpixel existing 1.4.3 version update, if you want please send message to contact Dapurpixel. : D

  13. 970

    Hello all. Despite several issues discussed here and more in-depth on the PS forums, I LOVE THIS THEME.

    Sadly, I had to revert back to PS to fix the comboslider issues. Not my preferred method, but all other suggestions failed. I hope that the true cause of the comboslider issues can be fixed for 1.4.4 and beyond.

    Unfortunately, the broken newsletter function issue is really detrimental to the use of the site. I have tried every suggestion offered on the PS forum with no luck (including creating the missing sql table for ps_newsletter). I find it disconcerting that the newsletter is broken on daprupixel’s demo site as well.

    Does anyone who is using this beautiful theme actually have the Newsletter block working without errors? If so please describe which version of PS, where you have the module hooked, any code customizations, etc.


    • 1021

      Same issues here with the newsletter block, apart from that this is an amazing theme. Hoping that as this seems to be the biggest issue it’ll be one of the first to be fixed shortly.

  14. 1072

    The theme for PrestaShop is very good but
    He still has some bugs, and developers do not always respond when it comes to technical support
    I sent three emails since its ecommerce site, subject to recovery on his topic on the forum prestashop
    And still no response

  15. 1123

    newsletter block is NOT working….if someone has the solution…or…with some way to disable it and put something else there…(like a banner)…

  16. 1174

    yes…the newsletter block is NOT working…@!$#$@!#$!
    if you give something..even for free…it must be correct…
    if you spend ours in somethink and you do not take correct results you feel…….

  17. 1225

    hi, would just like to ask, how to move left column to right column?

    tried editing the header.tpl and footer.tpl but it doesn’t work


  18. 1276

    What is caching this theme support at Prestashop 1.4?

  19. 1327

    I love Article Directory

    September 8, 2011 2:51 am

    It’s a hard time for almost most people to pull through and propser in this financial state. Just a number of web marketers and internet businesses really succeed. So, I be grateful for your content and I hope this will allow many more also to generate their unique strategy to successes. As a internet entrepreneur I am continue to a believer in the email marketing formula and I am also using safelist in my small business as an device to get new prospective customers.

  20. 1378

    Hi, thanks for great theme but need a guide to install for wordpress…
    i want to create homepage with sliders like in the demo but i cant… can you help me please?

  21. 1429

    We are proud of you .. continue to share …
    greetings health :)

  22. 1480

    can i remove from footer logo dapur pixel and etc about dapur pixel ?

  23. 1531

    Yeah god job.
    I think this is the best theme for free.

  24. 1582

    Brilliant e-commerce design… and for free PrestaShop
    I run Presta and I’m going to update to prestashop_1.4.4.1. There is any problem with the latest prestashop installation?? I’m asking before update
    Thank you so much for you hard work!

  25. 1633

    this theme is looking great, is there any documentation for them configuration in site. for example my site buttons are not changing, they are showing default ‘add to cart’ buttons. please if you have documentation, please send me.

  26. 1684

    why i can’t download this theme? also nini bobo for ps 1.3.6.. any solution?

  27. 1735

    Great Theme!

    Unfortunately I still haven’t got the Nivo Slider working in the front-end. I’m using Prestashop

    In the back-end everything is working properly.

    Hope you can help me out

  28. 1786


    Very good theme, I would like to know how I can change the names of products in the “Combosliders”?
    In “leading products” and “new product” I can not find the code that allows me to change this data.

    see image:

    Thank you.

  29. 1837

    Perlengkapan Bayi Murah

    November 17, 2011 12:14 am

    Wow, i think this is a great theme for free…thanks

  30. 1888

    This is a fantastic theme thanks to all involved. I have one small issue in that I don’t know how the featured products works. I am a newbie with PS but managed install and set it up in a couple of hours and the new products part of the combo slider works perfectly but the featured products isn’t showing anything. Will this populate when someone purchases something or can I populate it with products that I want to?

    • 1939

      I think you have just to add products on the home categorie. Those are the ones that will show on Featured Products.
      The question I have, is where can I change the name of “Featured Producs” and “New products” ?
      I tried to translate from the backoffice but always get an error message…

  31. 1990

    I am loving this theme!!! I only have one problem and hope someone can help, my left bars are in the center instead on the left side and the products are below it. Thanks!

  32. 2041

    My logo has moving down and if I change the settings under “jbx_menu” modules. I have tried to reset the module, and delete it and then upload it again but nothing works?

    Anyone who can help?

    Excuse my bad English :/

  33. 2092

    Same problem here, i want to make the logo above of the navigation but when changing it in the themes/header.tpl nothing change at all

    please anyone who can help?

  34. 2143

    I got a problem. How can I move the “comboslider” module to “Top of Pages”? thanks

  35. 2194

    Can anyone tell me the colour of the brown?

    I am inputting a personal made logo but I need to know the background colour.

  36. 2245

    how can i remove the velvet sky logo at top left hand corner in WP…..I was able to remove at the footer in the main index file, can’t seem to find the”velvet sky” one at the top left in order to remove it…. can anyone help me?

  37. 2347

    Just like others, I am getting the “Bad Configuration” prompt when I try to upload this module/theme…can anyone please help? What do I need to do make it work?

    • 2398

      what are you using 1.4.7. or Prestashop if your using anything but this theme will not work

  38. 2449

    This them is only compatible with Prestashop but where can i download this as prestashop has new one now ?

    Also the problems people seem to be getting is because they have the latest prestashop 1.4.7. and the theme will not work with it

  39. 2551

    Your theme is the best I find in the Internet. But I have a few questions as a newbie in Prestashop:

    1. I’m puzzled at the way to install the theme. There is folder called modules which includes a few modules. Some of them are system modules. I need to overwrite the ones in system modules folder. The question is if Prestashop release a new version and I want to upgrade. What should I do?

    2. Before install your theme, there is an animation effect (by the way, my Prestashop is when I click “Add To Cart”. After installing the theme (even before I copy the modules folder), this animation effect disappear. Can you give me an advise on which part I should check for this problem?


  40. 2602

    No slider page for wordpress theme? Yahh…… Sayang sekali.. :(
    untung baru coba-coba doang di media gratisan.
    Btw, I’am proud of you guys. Velvet Sky is the best design i’ve ever seen.

  41. 2653

    Arrie is really talented. The theme look amazing and catchy, especially I like a product description page, it is well thought-out, features all necessary elements including “send to a friend”, social sharing buttons, etc., but still quite roomy.

    Well done!

  42. 2704

    After you download it, how do you install it?

  43. 2755

    Does this work in pretashop

  44. 2806

    really beautiful…..

  45. 2857

    yes this site is beautiful


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