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I’ve been meaning to write this post but just haven’t had the time to do so. I’ve received several messages and emails asking me about fonts that I use on some of my design projects. I have a pretty large font collection. Some of them are paid, but a lot of them are free! First of all, I suggest investing in some of the best typefaces out there but I also suggest that you take advantage of the free resources that can be found online.

Anyway, I just want to share with you some of my favorite websites to obtain some high-quality typefaces that you can immediately start using on your projects. By the way, a lot of the free fonts on these sites can also be used for @font-face implementation as well.

Download Free Fonts from These Websites

Lost Type

  1. The League of Moveable Type1
    This website has a great collection of free fonts including League Gothic, which has really become popular. I would suggest following them on Twitter or subscribing to their feed as well.
  2. Lost Type2
    I just recently stumbled upon this website and they have lots of great fonts that are available for download. Although the fonts are free, I’m sure they would love your support so maybe donate a few dollars to them.
  3. Font Squirrel3
    This is a great website with tons of high-quality fonts that are mostly @font-face compatible. You can also download their fonts as @font-face kits and they also have a @font-face generator. This is definitely a great resource.
  4. Impallari4
    There are only a few fonts available for download on this site, but they are really nice. Lobster is a great font that has gained popularity and has even been included in the Google Font directory.
  5. FontFabric5
    They have a great freebie section with lots of nice fonts to download.
  6. DaFont6
    There are a lot of fonts on this site. Sure, not all of them are the best quality, but I usually go to this site if I’m looking for a font to use with a particular look or theme. For example, if I wanted to use an Indiana Jones font or some other type of movie font, I would just do a search on this site.

By the way, if you are a web designer and if you are looking for some free fonts to use for @font-face implementation, then I suggest Font-Squirrel7 or the Google Web Fonts8 project.

With Free Fonts Comes Great Responsibility

Now that you have visited these websites and have downloaded lots of free fonts, you need to learn how to use these fonts wisely. Here are some great articles that you should read to get you started on good web typography.

I hope that this short article was a help to you. What are some other great font resources and articles that I missed? Do you know of any other websites that offer goof, high-quality fonts for free? Please share it with us in the comments below. Thank you for your support!


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    BTW, you can download all the Google web fonts for offline use or self hosting as well…


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    Thanks for the share Jad… really useful list.


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    I use dafont all the time but those others are new to me. Thanks for the info!

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    We are property owners / managers and will forward this article to our graphics manager as we do everything inhouse. Thank you for some great font addresses. Randy & Russ

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    Thanks a lot for this post!! I really enjoyed :), BTW I wanted to read the suggested article “Web Design is 95% Typography” but the link is broken ;(

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    I’m not sure what you mean by installed and non-installed fonts. Do you mean dfleuats fonts that are installed by OS and fonts that you’ve installed yourself? Anyway, there’s a trial version at . So I would test it if I were you.


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