Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: August 2011


We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one — desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for almost two years now, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.

We continue to nourish you with a monthly spoon of inspiration. This post features 25 free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for August 2011. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine1 by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?


Designed by Vlad Gerasimov2 from Russia.

Lion 12 in Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: August 20113

64th Independance Day

"On the ocassion of the 64th Independace Day, I hereby salute all the martyrs and freedom fightersand dedicate this design to their sacrifice. Jai Hind!!!" Designed by Chandrakant Bagade17 from Bangalore, India.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1118

Before The Fall

"August stands just right before the Fall." Designed by Eject-studio38 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1139

Moths In The Night

"Moths fly in the dark nights towards the light. They are like thoughts that search for light to shine in the minds of the people." Designed by Olivia Osik51 from Estonia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1152


"In Soviet Russia, Circus Watches You." Designed by Cheloveche.ru66 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1167

Greeny Droplets

"The rain makes all things beautifull,The grass and flowers too,If rain make all things beautiful,why doesn’t it rain on you?Enjoy This Rainy Season." Designed by Shravan Mishra81 from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1182

Underwater Swimming

"Black boy enjoys underwater swimming with fish. They make bubbles that form caption of the month." Designed by Tina Kraљovec98 from Slovenia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 1199

August Lemonade

"August is here! and the hot weather too, what about drinking some fresh cold lemonade? it’s gr8!." Designed by Almog Shemesh113 from Israel.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11114


"Flutist – a strange occurence in the forest:)." Designed by Nina Magradze128 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11129

Sights Of Summer

"The sight of vibrant flowers during a summer stroll through the park. Photographed and designed by Michelle Bodamer." Designed by Michelle Bodamer147 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11148

Another Hot August

"From Spain, another hot august enjoying the beach." Designed by Celsiuspictor160 from Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11161

Summer Rain

Designed by Marcin Kopczynski176 from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11177


"Cat sets his tail on fire by accident." Designed by Pedro Rolo189 from Portugal.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11190


"Beautiful pink flowers reach up to the sky on a bright summer day." Designed by Kate Hunsinger198 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11199

Look To The Sky

"As much as it what fills the night sky perplexes me, it seems to make perfect sense at the same time. By day it is Las Vegas wedding photography, by night I tilt my head and lens skyward and look to the sky above the desert." Designed by Las Vegas Photographer211 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11212

Retro Rabbit

Designed by Verda Design228 from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11229

Orchid Flower

Designed by Beata Kurek251 from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11252

Summer Hunting

"Summer, watch it!" Designed by Anna Pochodaj264 from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11265

With Love To Mom

"Very excited to make my first wallpaper and submitting to smashing magazine. I would like to dedicate this wallpaper to my mom on her birthday this month." Designed by Neena P.s. from Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11277

Hang 10

Designed by Corporate 3 Design293 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11294

Dried Roses

"I deliberately put some bunch of roses at backyard of my house for a period of month. Then took some photographs and rendered in Photoshop." Designed by Saqib Akhtar Ghauri from Kuwait.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11310

Hidden Details

"Everywhere in your environment you can find something. And everywhere youfind some details which are so beautiful, but never really recognized by most of the peoplepassing by. So here is a detail from a hidden monument in a german garden. I thought that would beperfect for the calendar in august, the last totally warm month before autumn arrives andsummer 2011 will be a detailed memory in everyone’s head. Hidden for the most. But for those who takethe time to have a careful look, maybe shown in a little smile. :)." Designed by Dana Gerigk324 from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11325


"A grungy, parchment looking background with a hand-drawingof a tree that I didn’t finish in order to let the viewer fill it in with their imagination." Designed by Koepke Graphics347 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11348

Cows Of August

"The cows of August look a little bit different. Really fun to make, I hope you like it!" Designed by Design 311370 from Belgium.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11371

Yes I’m Emperor

Designed by Marcela Pe–a Rojas / Isonauta391 from Chile.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11392

The Growth Of Molo

"You can feed MOLO by taking photos and amaze how he grows up!" Designed by Molome434 from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11435

Wake Up! It’s August!

"Big thanks to Andrew aka JiBZz455 for some 3d modeling." Designed by Anatoly Moskaltsov456 from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - august 11457

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month475!

What’s Your Favourite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. 1

    Awesome collection as always. I downloaded
    - Before the Fall
    - Flutist
    - Independence Day and
    - Summer Rain.

  2. 5

    Great collection! my fav is Before The Fall. :)

  3. 7

    Awesome designs. Congrats to all designers..

  4. 8

    Fantastic designs! I liked Before the fall and Greeny droplets.

  5. 9

    Loved the wallpaper – Before The Fall!!

  6. 10

    I think this isn’t a very good collection.
    Summer Rain and Before the Fall are both good photos. I choose the second because Summer Rain’s resolution is not enough for 27″ iMac.

  7. 11

    awsome !! love them all :)

  8. 12

    I’ve gone for Lion – seemed appropriate given the recent OS X upgrade. Orchid Flower and Circus were close runners up for me.

    • 13

      Vlad made that as a tribute to OS X Lion :)
      Its the only one I got from the collection!

  9. 14

    I love Orchid Flower, Summer Rain, and Hidden Details. :)

  10. 15

    64th Independence Day of India Wallpaper is great !!


  11. 16

    I love the first lion~~it’s so cute~~~

  12. 17

    The Summer Rain one is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks SM.

  13. 18

    I luv Lion so much, so cute, kawaiiiiiii :”>

  14. 19

    Thanks a lot!
    Lion and Summer Rain are great!

  15. 20

    Thanks to design 64th Independance Day calendar. I am from India and really happy to see that design.

  16. 21

    Thank you for a great free wallpapers again!

  17. 23

    Love the Indian independence day wallpaper…Other than that lemonade gets my fav shot..Rest all OKAY !!!

  18. 24

    Gr8 stuff!
    thanks everyone,

    my fev:
    before the fall
    look to the sky

  19. 25

    I choose Lion! Thanks!!! :-)

  20. 26

    Summer Rain!

  21. 27

    nice collection, but as i see some calendars dont have “days” mentioned, why wud people design calendar without that ? after all thats what a calendar is for, isn’t it ? wud appreciate a reply

  22. 29

    Molo is the cuuuuuutest :D

  23. 30

    Another great collection. The ones that caught my eye ==> Before the Fall; Greeny Droplets; Look to the Sky. They are all good; however, my fav that I’m using this month is Create.

  24. 31

    I look forward to this post every month! My favourites from this batch are:

    Moths In The Night
    Look To The Sky
    Retro Rabbit

    Thank you to all the designers xx

  25. 32

    Summer Rain – very nice.

  26. 33

    Greeny Droplets is so nice.

  27. 34

    Please post 1280×1024 resolution for Greeny Droplets.

  28. 35

    I like Greeny Droplets which is awesome.

  29. 36

    Before Fall and summer rain are very good

  30. 37

    Not the best collection, usually i have 5-6 favored ones. Summer rain is the one that caught my eye, such a nice job!

  31. 38

    I look forward to this post every month too, but I’m finding fewer each month that I like. They seem to be mostly cartoon or animated designs. How about something more conceptual for us grown ups?

    • 39

      I agree. This month is rather bland. Summer Rain caught my eye, but it is not in the right proportions for my crappy monitor. None of the others inspired me, so I didn’t set any as a background this time. I look foward to some new designs next month!!!

  32. 40

    I really like Greeny Droplets :)

  33. 41

    My Favorite was the “Growth of Molo”, so minimal and so soothing colors and cool textures!!
    Another Hot August, Hot cat and Lovetomom were my other favorites!!
    Good Collection here, but is it me or something else, I’m finding these wallpapers less and less attractive every month. Am I outdated?

  34. 42

    Nice, but August is Summer. So why is there not one nice beach or ocean background.

  35. 43

    Thanks SM for showing my Wallpaper “Moths in the Night”!
    My Favorites:
    Before the Fall – very good idea!!!
    Lion – so cute : )
    Flutist – beautiful!

  36. 44

    Love the creativity of all of them. So hard to choose a favourite but my top 4 picks are:

    Summer Rain
    Wake Up – It’s August
    With Love to Mom
    and Summer Hunting

  37. 45

    I love the first pic named “lion”, but I think it like a cat more. Thanks!

  38. 46

    The little lion is great! My Girlfriend will love it as her new desktop background.

    What would be even better: a tutorial how to make a fluffy image like this.

  39. 48

    Awesome collection! My favorite is: Lion. Thanks, ciao.

  40. 49

    Would be nice to have more 2560×1440 wallpapers.
    My iMac screen feels sad.

  41. 50

    “sights of summer” by Michelle Bodamer
    “summer rain” by Marcin Kopczynski

  42. 51

    Pretty weak this month.

  43. 52

    My favourite:
    -Cows Of August
    -August Lemonade
    -Hang 10

    • 53

      I’m glad you liked my wallpaper “Cows of August”!
      I really appreciate it :)

      • 54

        I like your Cows of August also.
        However, some resolutions have birds on the cloud to the left (E.g. 1366 X 768) but others don’t (E.g. 1680 X 1200). Any reason?

        • 55

          Thank you!

          No, there’s no reason for that. The birds where cut off in the resize & crop process I’m afraid. :(

  44. 56

    how about a pack at the end of the post with all the wallpapers for those of us who want to download all of them?

  45. 57

    Another great collection of fabulous talent.
    My favorite this month is Look to the sky
    Others include Lion, Circus, Moth in the night, and Underwater swimming

  46. 58

    I put “The Growth Of Molo” on my screen for august!

  47. 59

    Windows 7 Theme for this months awesomeness wallpaper is now available to download with 2 different aspect ratio for your choice :)

  48. 60

    Parabéns seus Wallpapers são maravilhosos…. todo mes eu busco alguns para alegra o dia… valeu… :)

  49. 61

    Another Great Month of Submissions!! I put up Greeny Droplets
    but plan to switch to Summer Rain in a few days….I also like Lion, Create, and Before the Fall.

  50. 63

    I hate that not all wallpapers come in 4:3 versions… not all of us have widescreen monitors. But other than that, great work!

  51. 64

    I am getting sick of people taking macros of flowers and putting some sub-par typography over the top and calling it done. Just sayin!

  52. 65

    Thanks to SM for featuring my wallpaper! Also to all of the people who took time to design the wallpapers for download. :)

  53. 66

    just made ‘look to the sky’ my august desktop. perfectly illustrates summer with its many nights spent outdoors, I love it! ‘orchid flower’ and ‘create’ are a close second and third. great job, guys, thanks!

  54. 67

    I love them all, but “Yes I’m Emperor” is the best!

  55. 68

    Great collection … as always …
    My favourite is the Flutist!

  56. 69

    I wish that they had some backgrounds for Ramadan

  57. 70

    Summer Rain is definitely my favourite!

  58. 71

    I love them all, but “Yes I’m Emperor” is the best!

  59. 72

    I love Marcela, very good, congratulations

  60. 73

    I love Lion, Underwater Swimming, Hang 10 and The growth of Molo :x
    @Tina – Underwater swimming: I think you made a typo: “Avgust” instead of “August” :)

  61. 74

    Francisco Nobre

    August 1, 2011 5:20 pm

    I loved “Summer Rain”. Very expressive. Poetic. Made me to think about the emergency of the water situation, about the happiness of the rain on the dry ground, on the dry lifes of the millions of peoples around the world.

  62. 75

    All are really great collection , I like 64th Independance Day.


  63. 76

    Wow nice collection here

  64. 77

    Nice wallpapers.

  65. 78

    Best Wishes For All The Designer – I am little Disappointment in this MONTH none of the design related to the month of RAMZAN.

    This is not BEST OF AUGUST 2011 compare to AUGUST 2010
    This MONTH is VERY SPECIAL for me so i look Ahead More MY BIRTHDAY FALLs On This month Only…

    Even though i Liked The “Dried Roses” Design

  66. 79

    64th Independance Day and Summer rain are very nice

    thanks for the great Wallpaper Smashing

  67. 80

    All Designer very good job. Thanks for the wallpaper, keep it up. Amazing work 64th Independence Day, we are proud to be Indian.

  68. 81

    64th Independance Day is very nice… but i think its little bit dark…but over all good job bro ;)

  69. 82

    summer rain!!!!!!!!

  70. 83

    last chance is very nice :)

  71. 84

    I like only one..
    - Lion

    Can any one say me how can i make wall for

    I also want to make.. :)

  72. 85

    The collection is really good but my Fav and the Best one is INDEPENCE DAY. I really loved it and looks awesome on my desktop. Thanks a Lot :)

  73. 86

    I super love the before the fall and Look to the sky!

  74. 87

    Awesome!’Before the fall”Underwater swimming’and’August lemonade’are my favourite!

  75. 88

    My fav is “Moths In The Night”

  76. 89

    Greeny Droplets is My Fav..

  77. 90

    this month’s wallpapers are the best!!!

  78. 91

    umesh y kharade

    August 2, 2011 1:24 am

    64th Independance Day …


    My salute to these revolutionaries.

  79. 92

    my definitely most favorite one for this month!


  80. 93

    “Before the Fall”
    Simple and powerful.


  81. 94

    Beautiful Wallpapers this month.
    I like Lion, Greeny Droplets & Dried Roses.

  82. 95

    I am glad that there are as many as three Polish cherries. Nice works:)

  83. 96

    Before the Fall and Greeny Droplets are my favorites. Thanks for putting together this awesome collection of wallpapers. Lov’em all!

  84. 97

    It’s flautist, not flutist.

  85. 98

    A really inspiring collection, but “Create” appealed to me the most. Wish we had some “Rain” or “Greeny Droplets” here in Texas!

  86. 99

    Great work!! It’s difficult ranking the designs.

  87. 100

    Please keep the entries coming people. I really love this month’s collection! Kudos to the artists (and SM as well, of course).

  88. 101

    Great collection…
    Genuine talent!!! Thanks a million!

    typo on: The Growth Of Molo –> htpp://

  89. 102

    Translated by Google:
    The beginning of each month, I will look at what a wonderful wallpaper waiting for my discovery. Like these with a cartoon-style wallpaper.

  90. 103

    Awesome…. Really Good Snaps

  91. 104

    Hang 10 is my favorite! I saw, I laughed, I downloaded. :) Why? The turtle is too cute!! I happen to own one and this is a cool way to honor my little Flakis.

  92. 105

    Thanks for including Independance Day wallpaper. I never came across such a nice wallpaper. It has all our national heroes.

  93. 106

    LION is the BEST! :D

  94. 108

    Nice Wallpapers,i like this….

  95. 109

    Every time I login here, and check the articles… I’m reminded the world is full of
    smart and bright artist with fresh and truly original ideas…

    Humble bow …

  96. 110

    altBRAnD Architecture and Design

    August 2, 2011 11:55 am

    Amazing collection, very inspiring range of designs, most certainly intend to submit an entry for next month. In the way of favorites:
    - Create (simple and subtle yet creative and inspiring, great concept)
    - Before the Fall (simply astounding, very emotive and full of motion)
    - Hidden Details (lovely idea, great to see an architectural detail here)
    - Summer Rain (amazing photography)
    Nice work Smashing Magazine, looking forward to the next collection.

  97. 111

    For Linux / Gnome users, you can create an automatic slide show with those Wallpapers by using my python script which can also download the right resolution wallpapers. Just search for Smashing Magazine Wallpaper Slideshow Creator.

  98. 112

    Cool collection

  99. 113

    Before The Fall, FTW

  100. 114

    Ha ha ha, Hotcat’s very funny.

  101. 115

    I was waiting for another installment by Patrik Bartas. Hope for a few more “August” choices. I couldn’t even find one to replace my “June”. Or the really pretty and dark “March” by Avish Khan. Hope for a little less childish selection next time around.

  102. 116

    Great collection! I like the lion wallpaper the most.

  103. 117

    Green is my favorite color, so I have to go with Greeny Droplets.

  104. 118

    Great designs …!
    i like 64th Independance Day ,Greeny Droplets….

  105. 119

    I love “with love to mom” thanks!!!

  106. 120

    SUMMER RAIN is my favorite ~

  107. 121

    My fave’s are Moths in the Night and Greeny Droplets! I want to participate next month

  108. 122

    Hello!, Is there time to upload a new wallpaper?

  109. 123

    My picks..

    - Independence Day
    - Before the fall
    - Greeny Droplets

  110. 124

    Love it

  111. 125

    I have a bunch of faves in this batch: Greeny Droplets, Look the the Sky, Create, Yes I’m Emperor. Very nice work.

  112. 126

    I just love these wallpapers. You guys rock!
    Thanks for this awesome post.

  113. 127

    Hi everybody thanks a lot for you wallpaper’s but i love Summer rain, before the fall, grreny doplets, the growth of molo and Wake up August anf of course day of mom!!!!

  114. 128

    Hehe, I`m using the Flutist as wallpaper…Hotcat is very nice as well =]

  115. 129

    My top 10*, in Smashing order:
    1) lion 2) circus 3) greeny droplets 4) sights o summer 5) hotcat 6) photographic 7) look to the sky 8) retro rabbit 9) summer hunting 10) yes I’m Emperor

    *I liked more, but these were my top dl’s

  116. 130


    I love

    Moths in the night

    Thanks everyone :P

  117. 131

    64th Independence day ;)

  118. 132

    ‘Look To The Sky’ is my favourite. Love the colours.

  119. 133

    hy hy ha ha?

  120. 134

    I downloaded “Hot Cat” and absolutely love it. Just fyi, I tried linking to the artist but link doesn’t work….

  121. 135

    it’s a playful month !! love it.

  122. 136

    So many amazing artists! I’m in awe.

  123. 137

    like Independance Day ;)

  124. 138

    i love greeny droplets……….

  125. 139

    thank you so much i love these wallpapers!

  126. 140


    Before the Fall – The way I feel about Summer ending

    Moths in the night – Reminds me of a simpler time

    Greeny Droplets & Summer Rain – Love summer storms

    Cows of August – Evocative of the Midwest & fields of green

    Lion – just darn cute

  127. 142

    The best of all-
    Summer Hunting
    Orchid Flower

  128. 143

    awsum collection … keep it up =)

  129. 144

    I didn´t understand the shadows of the “Cows of August” The idea is fine!

  130. 146

    Very nice walls..

  131. 147

    I just love them!

  132. 148

    Thanks all guys for beautiful designs :)

  133. 149

    I downloaded
    - greeny droplets
    - sights of summer
    -with love to mom
    - dried roses
    Like me all great collection!!!!!

  134. 150

    Like It… Independence Day Wallpaper :)

  135. 151

    Hi,, I Like the most “64th Independance Day” created by the Chandrakant bagade. “Vande Mataram”

  136. 152

    My favorite is Hidden Details, in my opinion, is the best.

  137. 153

    definitely summer rain – thx for the great pics

  138. 154

    Swimming under water is my favorite. Congratulations you guys. =)

  139. 155

    Nice works. Thanks for those wallpapers

  140. 156

    I love these desktops! I love choosing a new one everymonth. Mostly it is hard to pick because they are so great every month. I choose one for my office and one for home. My students choose the ones for the student computers in my office. I like to see what we all like. I chose “bubbles” for work this month because I love being in water. I chose “create” for home to inspire me. Thank you for these wonderful desktops that add joy to the day!

  141. 157

    Some of us use 30″ monitors… why are there no longer 2560 x 1600s available?

  142. 158

    Yes I’m Emperor is most creative ever seen here .. liked all others too..

  143. 159

    My favourite is “Greeny Droplets”

  144. 160

    Would anyone be able to tell me what font was used on the calendar for “Circus”?

  145. 161

    I love “I’m the Emperor”. Artistic, beautiful, and makes me smile.

  146. 162

    Hotcat was my favorite this time around. I also liked Before The Fall, Circus, & Summer Rain.

  147. 163



  148. 164

    Not only is Look to the Sky my favorite, I also found the image without the calendar and plan to use it again! (Although I’d love the same one with calendars with the same look and colours for the next months as well.)

  149. 165
  150. 166

    i need something in pink…………:P

  151. 167

    I love all of these wallpapers but my favorite is “Wake Up! It’s August!” wallpaper. I like the colors that they used. Since blue and orange or compliments, they look well together. Plus I like how it’s so simple yet it tells a story.


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