To Five Smashing Years… And A Free Anniversary eBook Treat!


When we started Smashing Magazine, we didn’t expect anything. We didn’t have a grand master plan for a successful online magazine for designers and developers. We created something that we found useful and that we thought others would find useful, too. We did not lose focus, we relied on instinct more than once, we stayed patient, and we pulled the occasional night shift. That was 2006.

And then you came along.

You have passed the word along, left comments, dropped us emails. You let us know that we matter. You let us know that we are doing something meaningful. And you let us know that our humble work deserved your attention. And we listened — carefully.

Five years have passed, and the magazine has changed. That small, obscure blog of list posts and round-ups has evolved into a professional publication with a publishing policy, editorial structures and a house style guide. The Smashing family no longer has only two members, but rather a dedicated team of experienced authors, research assistants, expert advisors, editors and proofreaders.

We all do our best to bring you the trusted advice, techniques, tutorials, resources and opinions that Smashing Magazine is known for nowadays and that the Web design community around the world has come to rely on.

Smashing Magazine is a quality-obsessed, passionate team, but it is also you: you and every single reader who has been reading Smashing Magazine for all these years. Thank you for being with us; thank you for your support, criticism and encouragement over all these years. We could not exist without you.

A Smashing Magazine Anniversary Treat

Today, Smashing Magazine turns five. It’s hard to believe that the years have passed so quickly. Many things have changed, but when we look back, we realize how wonderful and sometimes even intoxicating the journey has been so far. And you — who made us what we are today — deserve a special thank-you.

To honor the occasion, we have a humble gift for you: the free “Best of Smashing Magazine” Anniversary eBook.

Free download on iTunes3
Free download on Smashing Magazine4 (.zip, 55 Mb)

The eBook is available in PDF, ePUB and Mobipocket formats. This eBook is our gift to you for your support, criticism and encouragement over all these years. We’d like it to be your very own memory box of your last five years with Smashing Magazine — something perhaps to bring back memories a couple of years from now. We’d like you to have a part of Smashing Magazine with you when you are on the go.

What’s in the eBook?

The eBook contains the best articles that have been published on Smashing Magazine in the last five years — and by “best,” we mean the most useful, most interesting or most inspiring. The articles have been carefully edited, proofread and updated for your convenience and reading pleasure on your eBook reader.

It discusses usability issues and the principles of effective Web design. It covers the guidelines for beautiful and effective typography, and it spotlights methods of responsive Web design. In addition, you’ll learn how to master professional Photoshop techniques, explore storytelling in your designs, and focus on three key areas to polish your content strategy. Never thought that harmony between designers and developers was possible? Dig in to see how the two camps can collaborate productively and learn from each other.

We are very thankful for the trust and confidence you put in us and we appreciate your loyal support. We want to keep your access to Smashing Magazine as comfortable as possible.

Cheers, dear friends. And here is to the next five years!

(al) (vf) (il)


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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.


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    Happy birthday!!!

    Continue with the good work!!


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    Happy anniversary and many thanks for a great birthday present. Best of wishes for the next 5 years.

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    Happy 5th B-Day and thank for the tons of awesome articles and other cool stuff :)

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    Happy birthday!!! Best magazine!

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    Happy Smashing Birthday and keep on rocking! :)

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    Umut Muhaddisoglu

    September 8, 2011 2:35 am

    Congrats to the Smashing Team. You are making a difficult job in an awesome way.

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    Happy Birthday for your 5th anniversary. Smashing Magazine has always been a source of inspiration. Even the long published lists (“500 best of anything”) were inspiring and informative. In the last two years the quality has increased enormously and it is getting harder and harder to keep pace with your output. Keep up your very good work! Let’s see how the next five years will turn out.

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    Cheers, dear SM!
    Wish you all the best!
    Many thanks!

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    Happy Birthday! And thanks for everything!

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    Happy anniversary my dear friends! Keep smashing us with valuable articles and creative projects =)

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    HapPy Birthday and Congratulations, 5MASHING MAG! :D

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    Happy birthday guys and well done for all the hard work. I stumbled by chance on your magazine a few years ago and I have been a happy and regular reader ever since.

    Have a Smashing birthday :-)

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    Congratulations and keep up the great work! You’re my first choice, come-to resource of web knowledge :)

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    Congratulations! You guys have established quite a name in such a small period of time. From just a blog to a well known source of inspiration and information. I have both of the Smashing Books and love them and your site is a daily must for me.

    I’m really curious about the Anniversary eBook too, but the zip file is not working at the moment.

  15. 15

    Happy anniversary my awesome resource! You are the best.

    P.S. Can’t download .zip file. Link does not seem to work .. check this please.

    Huge Thanks For All You Do!

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      Thank you for your kind words!

      The server seems to be experiencing some problems now. Please stay tuned, we are on it!

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      Hay Nick try to download through Download Manager. Same problem faced when I tried to click to download the Zip.

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    hey its your birthday! but you give us gifts instead??!!!
    haha. Happy birthday!!

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    Congratulation! Happy Birthday! :)

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    thanks and best wishes from France !

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    Happy B-day! Read you for about 4 years! You’re the best! Best wishes and a lot of new interesting posts, Smashing Magazine! =)

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    Thomas Giannattasio

    September 8, 2011 2:50 am

    Happy Anniversary guys! You’ve built a wonderful community and I’m happy to be part of the family.

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. Keep Rocking. All the best to Vitaly (vf), Sven (sl) and Iris (il).

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    Congratulations!!! Thanks guys you rock the net. Got some problems, i tunes store doesn’t work in Turkey (location only for US) and the Link does not seem to work?!?

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    Have a smashing birthday!

    Keep up the good work

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    Congrats guys!

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    Happy birthday!!!

    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

    Cheer!!! :)

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    Many many Congratulation!

    Happy Birthday! :)

    Keep Rocking & lighting others future!

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    Christian Krammer

    September 8, 2011 3:07 am

    Congratulations and happy birthday! You really deserve where you are right now. I am really proud to be part of this family as an author. Keep doing what you are doing!

    And of course thank you very much for the free eBook.

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    Happy Birthday!! Hoffentlich gibt’s Kuchen!!!

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    Thanks to the team and the best of wishes to keep the good work going and helping us in various ways. :)

    Have a smashing one guys ;)

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    Happy Birthday!

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    To many, many more smashing years!

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    Thanks for alla your hard work… e BUON COMPLEANNO smashing magazine!

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    Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag… und für die Zukunft! And thanks a lot for everything on Smashing Magazine!

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    Five Anniversary! :) We wait for 10th!

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    Happy Birthday and thanks for the book :)

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    Whoa, thanks for such a nice gift, and happy B-day!

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    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for the last 5 years! You rock!

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    Happy Birthday

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    Many many happy birthday :)

    Fantastic website.

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    Happy Birthday! What a wonderful present – very best to your team and thank you for all your hard work.

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    Happy birthday! I have always found here a great website, team and articles. Wishing you many years ahead!

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    Congrats! & thank you.

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    Nice! Thanks guys. I’ll download it for my ipad. Happy anniversary!

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    Please accept my most sincere congratulations. I wish you happiness, prosperity and success! Happy birthday!!!

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    Congrats and thanks for the eBook!

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    5 years is just a beginning …wishing u all a great journey ahead m/

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    Continue with the good work!! Wishing you many years ahead!
    I wish you happiness, prosperity and success! Congratulations!

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    Nice, happy birthday, Smashing Mag is great ! Perhaps could you explain why “Smashing”, what does that mean ?

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    Congrats and keep it up. Happy birthday. wish you all the best in the future

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    Happy Birthday and MERCI pour votre travail!

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    Happy 5th b-day! Hope you have another 50 smashing years to come! :)

    I have been visiting Smashing Magazine for a while now but this is my first comment here.

    I would like to thank you for all the great articles and inspiration you bring. And thanks so much for the awesome birthday gift :)

    Keep on doing what you do! :)

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    Happy Birthday :)

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    Woow! long way.. no very serious plans.. but patience. Great! Smashing Magazine.

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    Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!!!
    Keep up the good work!

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. Wishing you all the very best for up coming years.
    Was verymuch excited with download from itunes. But got disappointed with the message “currently not available in the indian store”. making this available on indian store will a welcome effort for the huge list of indian followers.

    Wishes again!!!

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    Happy webirthDay!!

    Thanks a lot for the book,
    keep it up!!

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    Congratulations Smashing Magazine. Keep up the good work.
    Hope the third edition of “The Smashing Book” will come soon :)


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    You guys have been an inspiration, even a savior at times, thanks for all the great content.
    To another 5 years.

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    Best wishes for your birthday, SmashingMag Team! No need to get better, you’re already perfect :)

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    Happy birthday in meine “Heimatstadt” Freiburg

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    Many Happy Returns “Smashing Magazine”… You guys really bring the best of the content for the designer community. Thanks for helping us shape up in the positive direction with your insightful articles and features.

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    A big THANK YOU for all those great articles that you guys have been publishing over the years!
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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine
    A funny video for Wishes

    Thanks a lot for all this posts…and the shared knowledge

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    Happy Birthday!!! You are great!

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    Feliz Aniversário, Smashing Magazine!

    I really would like to thank you for everything that you have done for a lot of people everywhere! I used to say about you guys that you are a huge lighthouse spreading tons of knowledge from people which wants to change the internet!

    Once again, thank you for all and have an outstanding 5 B-Day! :D

    Alex Cesar.

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! Thanks for the eBook Treat! First time getting an eBook from Smashing Magazine. You guys are so great!. Wishing you all the best ahead.

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    I already got it on my iPad! I came across it last night while looking for a book to read on my car ride this weekend. Great timing…thanks for everything Smashing, you guys are the best!

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    Boas Oportunidades

    September 8, 2011 5:20 am

    Happy Birthday!!!
    You guys rock!
    Looking forward to the next 5 years.
    And thanks for the ebook :)

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine,
    keep shaking our world!

    Best wishes ツ

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    Smile & thank you.

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    Happy 5th! You guys are my daily read since years…

    Just too bad the book can’t be bought from a Belgian iTunes account. Any suggestions?

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine, you are THE creativity booster!

    Big Thank You!

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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the e-book – looking forward to reviewing the articles!!!

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    Happy Birthday!!! You’re the best!

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    Happy Budday!

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    LONG LIVE SmashingMagazine : )

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    Happy Smashing Birthday! Keep up the good work!

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    Congratulations SM and thanks for five years of helping the community grow in quantity and quality.

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    Congrats! Thank you for your inspiration, information and dedication for the last five years.

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    Happy Birthday ! Keep growing ! :)

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    Congratulations on this milestone, and a huge thanks to the huge contribution you have made to the web community at large… I’d say more than just to the design community. Thank you so much for providing the quality content for such a long time. Also, thanks to the community too, contributors and consumers alike, for keeping this site smashing all these years.

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    You say it’s your birthday,
    We’re gonna have a good time!
    I’m glad it’s your birthday,
    Happy birthday to you!

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    Happy 5th again! thank you for the ebook but the zip file isn’t working for me either.

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    Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything you do and making my self taught route for web and graphic design a possibility. Looking forward to many more years of SM!

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    Happy birthday! You are such a sweet people. Thank you very much for the great work.

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    Congratulations to each and every one of you! I’m a huge fan of all your work!

    It’s because of Smashing Magazine that I can keep up with new web trends and stuff that would be almost impossible to find somewhere else (in just one place).

    P.S. Thanx for the free ebook, I’m downloading it right now!

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    Happy Happy 5th Birthday Birthday Smashing .
    Our best wishes to all team of Smashing magazine & its all readers.
    Keep rocking…..

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    Happy birthday guys! Adding this one to the iPad :-) recently purchased and read the CSS eBook.. loved it! Keep up the amazing work, Smashing Magazine is in my daily coffee routine every morning to start the day and it will remain their for quite a while…!

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    Happy Smashing Birthday! Keep up the awesome work!

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    Happy anniversary, the book is great thanks again, not just for the book, but for day to day operations and quality.

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    Congratulations on the 5th anniversary. You goes are my primary ‘goto’ resource when I have a design issue.

    Thanks for all you do for the web community.

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    Well done guys!

    I can’t believe it is only 5 years.

    You are like a fine wine or cheese, getting better with age.

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    Thanks for the eBook!

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    Happy Birthday SM! Keep up the amazing work, all thumbs up! (wish, I had 10 of ‘em ;-)

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    Congrats and happy 5th birthday …..u are rock and roll…!!!

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    5 years – that’s Smashing guys!

    Cheers to another 5.

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    Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work!

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    I love the work you do!

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    Thank you for all the work you have done for us.

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    Glad to see you all going strong after five years! I know I’ve gotten a lot of good information here over the years, so congrats!

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    Thank you and happy birthday SM!

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    Congrats, Smashing Team!

    Happy birthday, and I hope to read you and participate in the Smashing fun not 5, but at least 25 more years! ;-)

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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for your great job!
    Thank you for the book!

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    Smashing birthday! Keep up the good work (for at least another five years)

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    Happy B’day :D many thanks for the ebook :D
    wish you all the best

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    Happy Birthday! Thank you for the ebook – Smashing Magazine ROCKS!!!!!!

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    Since coming across Smashing Magazine around 3 years ago. My knowledge has been vastly improved. It is always a pleasure to read all the exciting articles, keep up the terrific work.
    Happy Birthday!!


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    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for the book but mostly for all those inspiring and useful articles. I enjoy it each time. Well Done! Wish you much success in the future!

    All the best!

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    Happy Birthday and congratulations for the best magazine on webdesign and development.

    Keep up the good work and at least 5 more years of great content.


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    Panayiotis «prince» Velisarakos

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    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine! Keep up the good work!

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    Happy Birthday!! txs for the book.. it is GREAT!!

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    Happy Birthday Smashing !! And thank you for the Anniversary e-Book!

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    Happy Birthday! And thank you, not only for the free eBook but also for always putting out great material and being a consistent source of inspiration!

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    We call your site the Bible in my office its one of the few sites I visit daily and one of the few sites I can turn to for advice when working on projects.

    Thankyou very much SM

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    Happy Birthday!!! and thanks for your great job !!

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    Felicidades por los cinco años!!

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    Happy Birthday!!! Love your site!!! Thanks for all of your hard work and for inspiring people all around the world!

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    Can’t wait to read it! The articles look pretty interesting

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    Dear SM. Congrats on five years of being awesome. I find it quite annoying that I can’t download your e-book directly, since the book is apparently not available in the Danish iTunes store yet. Could you please link directly to a .pdf instead of the .zip file?

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    Herzliche Glückwünsche zum Jubiläum.

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. We are with you. Keep it up

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    Today is also my birthday. Happy Birthday all around!

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    Happy 5 year anniversary to all the people involved in making Smashing Magazine what it is today. You all make our world a better place. Seriously! Thank you so much and I’m looking for many more years to come! Congratulations!!

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    Oh, you certainly do matter. Smashing is my first stop every day. It’s a rare thing in this day and age to have a resource that lives up to it’s own high standards again and again. You guys and girls are AWESOME!!!!! Happy happy 5.

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    jason @ mobile website design

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    Just found you.

    Just downloaded your present to us!

    Just saying thank you.

    Just saying Happy Birthday.

    Just saying!

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    Happy birthday guys! and thanks for all your hard work.

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    Laura McGuigan (@grafxnerd)

    September 8, 2011 12:53 pm

    Congratulations on 5 years guys. I think I’ve been watching from the beginning—reading, learning.. Despite all the resources out there, I still turn to you guys first. :) Go and celebrate, and thanks for the eBook!

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    thank you for this excellent compilation!!

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    Why not just post a link to the epub rather than a zipped file? That way we don’t have to unzip it on a pc and then transfer it to our devices? Oh… it’s 55megs. Nevermind!

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    Here’s to another 5 years. Smashing Magazine has been an inspiration and teacher to me since I discovered it back in 2008. Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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    Cheers & Keep it coming guys!!!

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    Cant wait to get stuck into the book, it looks amazing!
    Thanks for all your great work for the design industry and I hope the next year goes strong

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    5 years!!! OMG! It feels like you just started recently!.. Time is flying.
    p.s. can’t get the book with the iTunes Ireland account :-(

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    happy birthday my favorite website ! stay as you are ! the best

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    u r the best… so nice , so helpful
    All the very best in future
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    You guys are WONDERFUL and I am looking forward to the Smashing Book #3!

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    Keep on the great work!

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    I’m glad that you are online, wish you to grow bigger and many all have a lot of happy time with SmashingMagazine :)


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    Many thanks for your efforts over the years – I’ve learned heaps, found a stack of resources, bought the books and generally benefited hugely from your vision. Happy Birthday – may there be many more!

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    thanks for the e-book treat!… delicious! ..;)

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    “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Indonesian Store.” :(

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    Congra888888888 s
    Wish you many many returns of the day….. HaPPy Birthday Smashing ………

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    and all the best wish from Indonesia

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    Wishing you all the best for your every steps.

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    I learned a lot thanks to.
    I would like to thank all those who labor to the site.


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    iTunes says the book isn’t available in iTunes New Zealand. Is there a workaround?

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    Happy Birthday! Thank, you for the ebook. I really enjoyed reading the Smashing Book 2. Keep on that good work!

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    Thanks Smashing, and Happy Birthday!!! You are one of the best resources for budding developers on the web. You should be proud guys!

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    Thanks for all the knowledge you give us, the readers and keep up the good work!

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