Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: October 2011


We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one — desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for over two years now, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.

We continue to nourish you with a monthly spoon of inspiration. This post features 28 free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for October 2011. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine1 by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

Oct Deco

"Inspired by the granite work at Grand Central Station. I imagine this being an engraved tile on the floor as the sun sheds its last gleaming moments." Designed by Frank Candamil2 from USA.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 20113

Tribute To Lennon

"I decided to make a tribute to a great singer and peace keeper because my dad was a fan of John Lennon and the Beatles, and while I was a child I’ve consumed the art of music more then any other art! This work is also for school, and I expect to have a good final average and become a graduate graphic designer! Peace." Designed by Daniel Faria from Portugal.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 201119

Autumn Grunge

"Autumn Grunge is a simple wallpaper that is heavily textured and helps you to embrace the fall." Designed by Colin Whitehurst31 from Philippines.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 201132

October Faces

"In a nice Sunday morning excursion I collected the most cute and fun natures presents of Autumn — chestnuts! With a spare pen drew faces on them for fun… and then, my idea was born! They are my October faces ;)." Designed by Alkminnie Nestoridou54 from Greece.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 201155

Halloween Spooky Background

"Spooky Cartoon Halloween wallpapers for October holidays with vintage texture." Designed by Benoit Chartron69 from France.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 201170

Singing Masters

"I found this passage long ago in a very old book of poetry. It brings to my mind the images of October — haunted graves, rusty iron gates, ravens, and bonfires." Designed by Heather St. Marie91 from USA.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 201192

Ghost Halloween

Designed by Tiago Santos from Portugal.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011106

Save Water Drink Rain

Designed by Marika Smirnova from Russia.

Smashing Wallpaper - october 11126

October Apples

"A simple beautiful photo for an elegant country-inspired desktop." Designed by Greyarea Snc148 from Italy.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011149

Crystal Nature

"This October you can let your imagination guide you through places that never existed — or maybe they do exist behind our screens!" Designed by Isaac Zakar161 from Greece.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011162

Frisbee Tribute

"I love frisbee. Spending time outdoors, on a sunny day, throwing the disk with a couple of good friends makes me very happy. This wallpaper is my tribute to the disk! :)." Designed by Danijel Gajan184 from Serbia.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011185

Dark River

Designed by Michal Loboz201 from Poland.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011202

Sweet Monster

"Happy sweet monster special for Smashing Magazine’s readers." Designed by Ryumina Elena218 from Russia.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011219

Colours Of Dream

"October for ComoYoDsg is a month of changes. Just this month my Web site is changing colours and layout. I want to share it with you with these wallpapers that form a part of my new design. Enjoy it!" Designed by Comoyodsg By Dovi Vausk231 from Spain.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011232

Design Is Life

"Design is Life with all its Patches & Shades in it. Design is so closely attached to everybody’s life with nature, lifestyle, fashion, trends and so many things around." Designed by Lucky246 from India.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011247


"Autumn is the mushroom season. Be vigilant. Do not abuse." Designed by Cheloveche.ru263 from Russia.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011264

This Is Halloween

"Scary bats and spiders, frightening skeletons, delicious candies and lollies and ominous black cats and carved pumpkins… All bundled up together and you have a perfect Halloween. Trick or treat!" Designed by Soraia Mendes from Portugal.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011278

Spectral Splendor

"A wide array of spectral colors break open, this October!" Designed by Sureshsathanur290 from India.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011291

Fallen Gold

"Elegant typography gracefully sits interlocked within a pile of golden autumnal leaves." Designed by Dave Hewer305 from UK.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011306

Creepy October

Designed by Roland Szabó322 from Hungary.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011323

Pale Docktober

Designed by Andreas Sofantzis337 from Greece.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011338


"The celebration wallpaper has flowers, sprinkles of vibrant colors and sparkles of fire crackers depicting Diwali on the 26th, the biggest festival of indians in the month of October brings in joy and happiness, peace and harmony." Designed by Hiren Rawal350 from India.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011351

Autumn Retreat

"A simple autumn we’d all like to enjoy." Designed by Allen369 from USA.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011370

Pretty Autumn

"”I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.”- Nathaniel Hawthorne”." Designed by Barney from Hungary.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011394

The Undertaker

"This is a photograph a “Felt Creature” that my sister made. I took this photo for her website and I thought it would make an excellent Halloween themed calendar for October!" Designed by Stuart Hamilton408 from Northern Ireland.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011409

Chorapo’s Famous Stew And Tacos

"A typographic treat from your favourite October slashers!" Designed by Ryan From Embarkr427 from USA.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011428

King Sorrow

Designed by Ladell Bryson444 from USA.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011445


"This is my tribute to the awesome and beautiful designed videogame “Limbo”. Enjoy and share if you like this drawing." Designed by Jonas Duri.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - October 2011458

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month468!

What’s Your Favourite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. 1

    I like Celebration, beautiful!

    • 2

      I Like it… Not much submissions on Diwali this year though!!
      Nice attempt.
      Thanks :)

  2. 3

    Thanks for sharing my work titled Creepy October! All the other contestors’ calendars are super-cool! Smash on, Guys! =)

  3. 4

    WOW!! Our first calendar pubblication!!
    Thanks a lot Smashing! :D

  4. 5

    Oct Deco is looking at me from my desktop right now. As always, thanks for the great collection!

  5. 6

    Loving ‘Come play with…’ – great typography!

    Question for the designer though: how come it’s not Freddy, Jason & Michael? Not a criticism, just wondering.

    • 7

      Ha i know right, better with all first names or all last names…But those were the names i typed out and just rolled with it

      • 8

        Not sure that it’d be ‘better’ necessarily, just wondered if there had been a reason for it.

        Can’t blame you for rolling with it, top notch wallpaper! One of my favourites of all time.

  6. 9

    Chandrakant Bagade

    September 30, 2011 5:17 am

    Well done guys. I was not partcipated this month. I will come on with fresh new with creative and attractive in next month. I like “Limbostyle” and “Design life” wallpaper. “Limbostyle” is a cool and jhakkkas!!!

    Again thanks a lot for sharing nice wallpapers.

    Congrats guys!!!

  7. 11

    This is my first publication and I am very excited :D Thank you for choosing my wallpaper and congratulations too all the designers!

  8. 12

    Hard to choose, as usual:D But for personal reasons for this month I choose Creepy October-I’ll have a lot of stress during next few weeks, and I need a little pick me up. I think Creepy October does that for me:) Thank you SM and congrats to all the artists, I think you did an amazing job and I really respect your talents.

  9. 15

    Thank you for this opportunity was my first participation thank you for choosing my wallpaper :D

    Best regards

  10. 16

    Wow. Smashing mag is back i guess, Pale Docktober, Autumn Retreat and Fallen Gold are the best

  11. 19

    Nice work, and my favourite from this month goes to… “Design Is Life” by Lucky from India

  12. 20
  13. 21

    I look forward to these every month! My favorites are definitely Fallen Gold and October Apples, but I plan to have most of them on repeat! :D

  14. 23

    best collection in a long time! many great seasonal choices. thanks!

  15. 24

    Best one is ” Design is life” from Lucky. Sweet, simple and crisp

  16. 25

    That Oct Deco is CLASSIC, can the author reup without OCTOBER letters? thnx in advance!

  17. 26

    Wow, great to be added on here! I especially loved all of the other designs, great work everybody!

    Limbostyle is by far my favorite one on here! It goes great with the theme while doing something original and not expected! Well played!

  18. 28

    Some really great ones this month! I can’t ever pick… so I have a few on loop. New one every day! Love Autumn Retreat and Spooky Halloween Background the best.

  19. 29

    I wish there’s a 1280×1024 of the Lennon wallpaper…

    • 30

      I´m going to make that size Simon!
      Thanks to smashing magazine for select my walpapper.
      This was my first time lol

  20. 31

    I like King Sorrow! Really good work!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. 32

    Thanks for sharing, i like Limbostyle !)

  22. 34

    So many wonderful ones this month!! Am going to be changing my wallpaper background often! First fav, Halloween Spooky Background!

  23. 35

    Another good not great collection of October calenders. I love design is life the best. A lot of the halloween ones are pretty generic in my opinion.

  24. 36

    My compliments to Daniel Faria and his Tribute to Lennon.
    This is the first linear calendar design I’ve seen that’s inherently and intuitively readable.

  25. 37

    Great collection, everyone did a great job! My favorite this time has to be Autumn Grunge :)

  26. 38

    Nice to see a nod to the scary guys. I love the one from Ryan by Embarkr for that reason. Overall these are much better quality than last months I think.

  27. 40

    “October Apples” is quite neat, gets my vote!

  28. 42

    I love the Apple’s one too! It’s ok for a good usage of desktop.

  29. 43

    Last month was an trivial selection. This month, I found 4-5 that were really nice, IMO, and several that displayed a genuine creative talent.

  30. 44

    October Faces and October Apples gets my votes. Thanks!

  31. 46

    Can we reuse these images in our own software for backgrounds? What licensing do you have for these images? By any chance can you also post the links to the actual background images without anything written on them?

  32. 49

    Hi, the calendars that I tried to download differ from the preview, in that the days are not shown.
    Am I missing something??

    • 50

      If you look there are two sets of downloads. One for the image with calendar and one for the image without the calendar. Make sure that you click the version With Calendar

  33. 51

    Autumn Grunge! Awesome~

  34. 52

    Wow, this really turned my day around. Oct Deco is my first submission and I look forward to more in the future. Was a pleasure to make and hope it’s just enough spook for the season.

    • 53

      for your first design submission, this is quite impressive. i love how you were able to translate your muse into this theme without being too literal. the styling and colors are so iconic. it’s such a great piece and definitely my first choice (well, that and it was the first one on the list, and for good reason too)! excellent work and i look forward to seeing more, frank!!

  35. 54

    Nobody submitted for Diwali festival

  36. 55

    “Chorapo’s Famous Stew And Tacos” by Ryan is so amazing! He should write a tutorial how to create so cool typo. Love it!


    • 56

      Thanks man, kinda just slapped it together

      • 57

        Ryan thank you for being such a loyal customer of my stew and taco truck. Please build Tom a collection of tutorials on your designs and in return I give you a coupon for 1 free taco and 1 free small cup of stew. Thanks, your friend Charapo.

  37. 58

    wow nice illustration

  38. 59

    Lovely choices yet again! You, and the artists chosen, have outdone themselves this month!

  39. 60

    My favorites are: Tribute & Oct Deco

  40. 61

    I like October Apples best …

  41. 63

    Another October has come! Thanks again for including my submission, Autumn Retreat. Last year I went with a blatantly Halloween wallpaper, but it seemed as though many people were unhappy that the holiday was shown so much favoritism. This year I wanted to be neutral and make something just for those who love the fall season.

    • 64

      Thanks, really like yours. Did you take the photo yourself? Where was it taken?

      • 65

        Unfortunately, no. It’s a very lovely stock photo that I purchased from Photo Dune. I processed it in Photoshop with what I hope are more convincing paint effects than the out-of-box brush filters can do.

  42. 66

    The Wallpapers are awesome, but where is the usual windows theme which comes packed with these wallpapers?

  43. 68

    My vote is for Autumn Grunge.

  44. 69

    When i saw the Pale Docktober,i said to my self…this is my home…Greece…and i was right .Andrea bravo!

  45. 70

    I like Design is Life. It’s too bad it isn’t in 2560×1440 format.

    • 71

      I know some of these people. Unfortunately, due to time and bandwidth constraints, not every size of every image submitted is always included. Worse comes to pass, just crop from a bigger size.

  46. 72

    Pale Docktober is amazing! definitely my favourite :)

  47. 73

    I love them!!!
    Download them every month!

  48. 74

    My fav: Fallen Gold :)

  49. 75

    i recognized those trees, the sea.. its greece. well done andreas sofantzis!

  50. 76

    I liked the one created by Zero Design. Nice concept

  51. 77

    Dark River, has something about it that reeks of Autumn and October. Very nice collection indeed.

  52. 78

    really awesome this time. thanks to all designer…

  53. 79

    I liked “Celebration” :x

  54. 80

    Sadly most of the wallpapers that I liked this month didn’t have my resolution :

    • 81

      Colin Whitehurst

      October 1, 2011 8:45 am

      Hi, I made Autumn grunge, did I make the resolution you need? If you want that one in a specfic res I would be happy to send you one custom!

  55. 82

    King Sorrow best!

  56. 83

    Autumn grunge is now on my desktop. Thanks!

  57. 84

    i liked Fallen Gold, Pale Docktober & Pretty Autumn.

  58. 85

    My fovorite day when it come new calender background

  59. 86

    Beautiful! Not much here for you if you don’t like Halloween, but some great illustrations this month, nevertheless.

  60. 87

    Thank you for all the great options this month. So many favorites!!

  61. 88

    My favourite is October Faces.

  62. 89

    “Spooky background” is what i set up for this month.

    This is an excellent idea. I look forward to contributing in the future. There were so many amazing ideas, it was hard to pick. seriously. Radical.

  63. 90

    “October Faces” jumped out at me and I can’t decide which little face I love the most! As another commenter stated, Smashing is back! The best collection in a few months has come together for October. “The Undertaker” looks absolutely awesome and I will probably set it up as Halloween draws near. Kudos to “Ghost Halloween” and “Halloween Spooky Background” : they are also great contributions.

  64. 91

    So good – thanks everyone for the superb contributions.

    Special thanks to:
    - Pretty Autumn
    - Halloween Spooky Background
    - Mushrooms :)

    Cant wait to use these.


  65. 92

    wow, lot of good ones this month

  66. 93

    nice ones this month. Allways hard to choose!

  67. 94


    my fav:

    Frisbee Tribute
    King Sorrow

  68. 95

    CELEBRATION , OCT DECO my vote !

  69. 96

    There are so many beautiful designs this month! I’ll take the ghost for my notebook and “Design is life” for my desktop pc. Thanks so much to all designers!

  70. 98

    My own design is Crystal Nature and I also love Mushrooms, Celebration and Autumn Retreat. Congrats to all! : )

  71. 99

    Great to see some good “non -seasonal” wallpapers in there. In this half of the world we’re enjoying Spring

  72. 100

    All the Halloween themed ones get my vote.

    That little felt creature is adorable…props to the sister.

    There were quite a few non-Halloween ones that I’ll also be using.

    Too bad there isn’t a way to download all 28 at once!

  73. 101

    Holy Advertisements! Did you add mor ADs to the sidebar, or is this smaller laptop just making it look insane.

  74. 102

    nice collection :) good work folks!! Proud to see my wallpaper next to all these great designs

  75. 103

    I like all of wallpapers above, but I love Crystal Nature wallpaper most. And then I like Ghost Halloween and Mushrooms ^^ I will use one of these wallpapers to my WordPress soon ^^

  76. 104

    Pale Docktober, Celebration and King Sorrow are my favourites :)

  77. 105

    I’m thrilled that my wallpaper was picked especially with the stiff competition!! My favorite backgrounds are ‘Halloween Spooky Background’, ‘Fallen Gold’ and ‘Autumn Retreat’

  78. 106

    I wasn’t able to make it this month unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll be able to submit another wallpaper next month!

    Good job to all the designers!

  79. 107

    my fav are “Pale Docktober” & “Save Water Drink Rain”

  80. 108

    I like Autumn Grunge, Save Water Drink Rain, Dark River, Mushrooms, King Sorrow…

    and DESIGN IS LIFE, LIMBO STYLE… is really fantastic!!!!!!

  81. 110

    So many nice designs again! Reminds me of why I love October so much (not to mention it’s my birthday month). Fortunately I have two screens at work, now they’re decorated by Singing Masters and Halloween Spooky Background. Thanks SM and the great designers!

  82. 111

    I just put up Pale Docktober. Loving it!

  83. 112

    Nice collection. My fav are:
    - Oct Deco
    - Fallen Gold

  84. 113

    Really beautifull photos! I love the pictures with the apples. In my opinion autumn is the best season in the year.

  85. 114

    Celebration is actually from an old tutorial about how to make something like that. I belief theres even a standard PSD included. theres nothing origional about this piece.

  86. 115

    This collection is…….bracing!

  87. 116

    This is my favourite time of year so there are always plenty of wallpapers I like :) I’m putting these on rotation:

    Oct Deco
    Autumn Grunge
    Halloween Spooky Background
    Singing Masters
    Pretty Autumn
    Limbostyle (that game was creepy!)

  88. 117

    Spectral Splendor!! =) Thanks

  89. 118

    Oct Deco = sweet & simple!

    • 119

      Thanks Paul. This is new for me as well. I have a tendency to often layer it up when given the chance but for this particular occasion it felt right to strip the hyperbole. Most holidays carry that overwhelmingness regardless, so I stuck with my zombie guts. ;)

  90. 120

    Autumn Retreat is great.

  91. 121

    Love the artistic ideas that you put together! Always hard to choose, but love coming to this site. Thanks!!

  92. 122

    I love the Undertaker! I haven’t stopped smiling since I made it my background. These are the best backgrounds I have seen in months.

  93. 123

    Love Oct deco. Give Halloween and fall colors equal attention. It’s a really beautiful look and looks great with all the other calanders that I’m roating on my 2nd screen.

  94. 124

    Theres so many talented designers out there, and the designs this month are just outstanding as always. Spoilt for choice. Theres so many that i like in this months line-up. but ive gone for King Sorrow! Although i also like Celebration alot.

    great work as always guys.

    Much appreciated indeed.

  95. 125

    me three!

  96. 128

    Nice Images, BUT
    1.000px × 625px is too small for a desktop wallpaper

    • 129

      This is the preview

      press beneath the links with or without the calendar and choose your resolution :)

  97. 130

    Save Water is the best! Marika thank you!

  98. 131

    you guys always rocks !! king sorrow is just ‘what a masterpiece :O’

  99. 132

    I love King of Sorrow, congrats to everyone!

  100. 133

    Oh man, that Limbo wallpaper made my month! I Love It!

  101. 135

    you have forgotten to put smashingmagazine watermark on the “Halloween Spooky Background” !

  102. 136

    King Sorrow (el mejor de todos) the best

  103. 137

    I just love October’s wallpapers especially the “Autumn Retreat” wallpaper. It just gets you a great feeling (:

  104. 138

    All looks awesome…..great work :)

  105. 139

    Smashing collec!
    My fav: Oct Deco, Halloween Spooky Background

  106. 140

    they’re all beautiful, but my vote is for October Apples… i’m using it everywhere :)

  107. 141

    I like Crystal Nature and King Sorrow! Awesome!

  108. 142

    I really don’t understand some people’s use of the Vote Up and Vote Down buttons for comments! It seems so arbitrary…

  109. 143

    I love “This is Halloween”! It’s cute, whimsical and fun. It’s my wallpaper for the month. :) Thanks!!!

  110. 144

    My favorite was the “Mushroom”. I don’t know why but I’m fascinated with these types of arts lately. the colors are so pleasing and the whole set is amazing. The owl behind the halloween costumed guy (or ghost) and the mushrooms are beautiful.

    Also, Russian designers are great man!! Maybe the effect of growing up in snow, but their works are very bright and clean. I really am a great fan of Russian Designers!!

  111. 145

    Interesting that so many of these are Halloween themed, even though most of the designers are not from the US. I didn’t realize it had spread so far! When I lived in the UK as a child 20 years ago, it was still a quite a novelty…

    As far as I can tell, “Celebration” is the only one that references Diwali, which is a shame, since that could have made for some beautiful images!

    • 146

      I’m also glad to see this. I submitted a Halloween wall last year, as did others, but a lot of the comments seemed to be disappointed that the holiday was given so much preferential treatment. So, this time around, I made a brighter autumn-centric wall. And Halloween now seems to be more popular than ever. I’m glad. It’s my favorite holiday. ;-)

  112. 147

    So strange and mysterious….
    October isn’t so dark! October is a sunny month with little clouds and yellow leafs…

    I don’t like this october wallpapers smashingmag post.

  113. 148

    There are some pretty ones this month. I went with Autumn Grunge because a) I want a grid calendar with Sunday on the left, and b) it’s gorgeous.

  114. 149

    thank you in first and i want download all wallpaper in one file i saw its easy and i saw it can be monthly too very easy.
    tanks for all.

  115. 150

    Thanks for share great articles.I love “This is Halloween”! It’s cute, whimsical and fun. It’s my wallpaper for the month. :)

  116. 151

    I LOVE Singing Masters!! It totally embodies the spirit of October for me!! And October has always been my favorite month of the year!! Great contest idea!

  117. 152

    Thanks! its cool and nice!

  118. 153

    What, no BEER?

  119. 154

    Cellebration and Dark River.

  120. 155

    Design Is Life–love this!

  121. 156

    nice autum pics, i like it!!!

  122. 157

    Thank you guys for share those beautiful pictures..

    I really like October apples and celebration..

    But If I have to chose one is Celebration..

  123. 158

    Much better selection this month! Great job :)

  124. 159

    I liked Autumn Grunge, Frisbee Tribute and Spectral.

  125. 160

    Autumn Grunge is my favorite!

  126. 161

    picture of calendar is very nice. and fell it is real picture.

  127. 162

    my favorite is Crystal Nature

  128. 163

    Wow, I am amazed! There are some really amazing ones! I love all the cute cartoon-y halloween themed ones! The mushroom one especially is great! :D Thanks all you artists!

  129. 164

    This month I had a hard time deciding because they are so many great choices! I LOVE Colours Of Dream. Great work everyone!

  130. 165

    Fallen Gold is on my main laptop and Colours Of Dream is going on my netbook! I just love what the artist did with Fallen Gold…it’s perfect!

  131. 166

    I like Fallen Gold, thank you!

  132. 167

    Late to the party – but I love Mushroom, Autumn Gold, and Autumn Grunge. Although I also like all the Halloween themes. I’m a sucker for US holiday themes.

  133. 168

    Bravo Andrea for Pale Docktober!!!!

  134. 169

    I love them! :) but some of them don’t have the days? which makes it a bit useless though pretty.

  135. 170

    果然是十月,抽象+忧郁,喜欢Dark River

  136. 171

    Thanks so much <3

  137. 172

    What font was used for the Singing Masters?

    All are great!

  138. 173

    What font was used for the Singing Masters?

    All are great!

  139. 174

    When will be new wallpapers for november?


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