Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: July 2012


We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for over four years now1, and we are very thankful to all designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month.

We continue to nourish you with a monthly spoon of inspiration. This post features free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for July 2012. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine2 by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

Sun In July

"…enjoy the sun in July!" Designed by Marco Palma from Italy/Germany.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 20123

Bilberry Tiramisu

Designed by Kwestia Smaku19 from Poland.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 201220

Message In A Bottle

Designed by Pietje Precies38 from The Netherlands.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 201239

Blind Duck

"Would you let a blind duck lead you through July?" Designed by Yellow Duck Web Design55 from Essex, UK.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 201256

Jeux Olympiques

"Olympic Games and july 2012 weeks calendar’s infogrpahics." Designed by Sherif Saleh68 from France.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 201269

Fourth Of July

Designed by Cortando Pixeles82 from Argentina.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 201283

This Is Summer

"Design for 10th anniversary of our youth ministry’ summer camp!" Designed by Lex Valishvili99 from USA/Russia.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012100


Designed by Leen Van Severen112 from Belgium.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012113

Cool Summer

"Even tough it is not summer in my country, I made a summer theme. A coolest approach to summer themes, tough, very fresh and “twilighty”." Designed by Marcos Sandrini122 from Brazil.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012123

Sweet Summertime In July

Designed by Anna Downer141 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012142

Up In The Clouds

Designed by Ioana Bitin (yoot)166 from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - july 12167

Art Is..

"A personal illustration for my new website and corporate identity i descide to share as free wallpaper! Hope you like it!" Designed by Frederic Christian191 from Germany.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012192

Summertime Picnic

"Ants enjoying a summertime feast." Designed by Tommy Digiovanni210 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012211

Do Zen

"The year is more than half-way through and this is a reminder to live life, be adventurist, and take a breather. Whatever the challenge is, Doers make it happen — they always find a way." Designed by Richard Hanley Jr.233 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012234

Hot July

Designed by Design19246 from Romania.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012247

Splash Dance

"Most Flamenco dances are fiery, passionate affairs, this one however is a bit soggy…" Designed by James-n-osborne267 from United Kingdom.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012268

Vintage Olympic Poster

Designed by Davide Vicariotto294 from Italy.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012295

Original Thirteen

"A throwback to the original United States Flag in honor of the 236th birthday of the nation." Designed by Geoffrey Sagers311 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012312

World Chocolate Day

Designed by Cheloveche.ru328 from Russia.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012329


Designed by Agata Maciągowska344 from Poland.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012345

Floral Thing

"Wallpaper which I created consists of my personal sketches of Polish herbs and flowers and custom typography. I wanted it to be light and simple with a hint of romantic feeling. I hope you’ll enjoy it!" Designed by Beata Kurek361 from Poland.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012362


Designed by Ajan Navaratnasingam374 from London, UK.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012375

Birdie Nam Nam

"I have created a pattern that has a summer feeling. For me July and summer is bright color, joy and lots of different flowers and birds. So naturally i incorporated all these elements in a crazy pattern." Designed by Lina Karlsson, Idadesign Ab395 from Sweden.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012396

Inspired By Henna

"I wanted to bring the organic, flowing art of henna to the digital world." Designed by Tara M Baker412 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012413

Jump Into Summer

"This is photography of my dog who is jumping into lake on our short vacation." Designed by Agencja Reklamowa Kalisz420 from Poland.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012421

Summer Essentials

"A few essential items for the summertime weather at the beach, park, and everywhere in-between." Designed by Zach Vandehey435 from USA.

Smashing Desktop Wallpapers - July 2012436

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month448!

What’s Your Favourite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Stay creative and keep on smashing!


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  1. 1

    More wallpapers with a high resolution would be better. There aren’t enough 2560×1440 resolutions.
    Otherwise, it’s a really good selection.

  2. 3

    Love the variety this time! However, I think there’s a repeat right now- message in a bottle?

  3. 5

    I like “Jeux Olympiques” and”Hot summer”

    Thanks all the designers.

  4. 6

    Good stuff. I like it.

  5. 7

    Jonathan Búcaro

    June 30, 2012 7:54 pm

    Great Collection! My favorites are Summertime Picnic and Hot July.
    Thanks for sharing d(^_^)z

  6. 8

    So many good picks this month. I made “Original 13″ my desktop wallpaper for July. Thank you!

  7. 9

    One of my favourite collections yet, they’re all so great! definitely need more in 2560×1440 though :)

  8. 10

    I LOVE the zen rock garden one….Its so peaceful :)

  9. 11

    Jeux Olympiques, Summertime Picnic & Message in a bottle are good one!

  10. 12

    Thanks to all the contributors!

  11. 13

    Message in a bottle! All very good … thank you!

  12. 14

    Quite a few nice ones this time, I saved 6 of them and will rotate the wallpaper this month.
    Thanks to all the designers!

  13. 15

    Cool Summer for me, thanks for sharing :-)

  14. 16

    Sun in July is OK!!
    Thanks, SM.

  15. 18

    Muhammad Waqar

    July 1, 2012 1:47 pm

    Why don’t people post 1366×768 resolution?

  16. 19

    “World Chocolate Day” will help me loose weight in July hahahah wishful thinking. But this one is on my desktop this month

  17. 20

    Do Zen! These smooth oval beach stones have always reminded me of the summer seaside I’ve got the same on my desk…

  18. 21

    Thanks SM for posting my wallpaper!

  19. 22

    This is one of the stronger months, so many lovely wallpapers. Art is…, Hot July, and Vintage Olympic poster are my faves

  20. 23

    Richard Hanley Jr.

    July 1, 2012 7:03 pm

    Hey guys, for the DO Zen — I have some additional iPhone, iPad, and browsers wallpapers on my blog :)

  21. 26

    My favs are “Fourth Of July” & “Vintage Olympic Poster”

  22. 27

    Great selections! I chose message in a bottle, do zen, cool summer and floral thing for my weekly wallpapers.

  23. 28

    Cool Summer. Great colors, and soothing in 90-100 degree heat!

  24. 29

    Need more color, thanks a lot :)

  25. 30

    I like that recently.「Desktop Calendar Plus for Mac | Display your calendar on your original desktop picture」

  26. 31

    I am mystified at the ongoing posting of desktop wallpapers on various websites. When do people actually see their desktop? I pretty much never see mine. I have apps running that conceal it. And in any case I have no desire to see my “desktop”. It isn’t useful to me. What use is wallpaper?

    • 32

      I have dual monitors at work. I keep the Smashing Magazine monthly wallpaper on my laptop screen, while I use the large desktop monitor for working. I can see the calendar all day, and I’m constantly getting compliments as everyone in the office walks by me to enter the space. For me, it’s a nice monthly tradition — picking my wallpaper :)

    • 33

      So because you don’t see your desktop the wallpaper is of no use to anyone? If nothing else it’s nice to look at when the computer turns on in the morning. I really don’t see why you are puzzled by this, if you don’t see a need for one then don’t visit the posts that are giving them away.

    • 34

      I also have dual monitors and one of the two is less busy than the other.

  27. 35

    Cracked by Agata Maciągowska is super sexy. Kudos Agata, really liked the wallpaper!!

  28. 36

    I LOVE the “HOT JULY” :D but whole collection looks very nice this month! Good job everybody!

  29. 37

    The one from Brazil caught my eye ‘Cool Summer’. Lovely contradiction of terms.

  30. 38

    Cracked is most appalling and nicely done. I love this.

  31. 39

    My fave – Do Zen

    Maybe it’s the massive power outages & chaos … EYE now have electric, but still no fone, cell, or cable. All of our high tech gadgets need electricity! Or else a lot of cell towers fell down & went bam!

  32. 40

    FRISKO is messed up … back-to-back Thursdays making 8 days a week … my weeks are long enough already :)

  33. 41

    Cracked designed by Agata Maciągowska from Poland is my ultimate favorite for this month. The design is so different – I love the 3D look to it.

  34. 42

    I love Bilberry Tiramisu, Summer, and Do Zen.

  35. 43

    I’m using ‘Sun In July’. I love its subtlety.

  36. 44

    Great Collection! I like Cool Summer , Cracked , Floral Thing

    Very much rest of is also a great work

    Thanks For sharing

  37. 47


    Designed by Leen Van Severen from Belgium.

    This is my favourite for this month but there is calendar problem – you have 8 days in week – 2x Tuesday? :)

  38. 48

    All of the wallpapers are awesome! :D

  39. 49

    like Summer Essentials so so so much~~thanks for sharing~~

  40. 50

    Art is :-)

  41. 51

    Awesome, liked Do Zen

  42. 52

    OMG THIS IS THE BEST SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO EACH MONTH NOW………………………

  43. 53

    My iPad looks great with the “fourth of july” design!!!

  44. 54


    Any chance to include an option for designers to upload open-sourced (PSD) version of the calendars such that programmers like myself can build a dynamic app (say for iPads) … ;-)

  45. 55

    I liked the flamenco dancer, how creative!!!!!!!
    but am using the flag one for my wallpaper this month… to be traditional. :)

  46. 56

    Summer rocks

  47. 57

    There were so many good ones that I’ll be changing my desktop for each week of July so that I can enjoy the variety. Thanks designers!!!

  48. 58

    Excellent collection!

  49. 59

    Some lovely designs here, though I wish there were more that featured photography.

  50. 60

    Will be rotating between “Jump into Summer” and “Summer Essentials,” though it was a difficult decision this month!

  51. 61

    Hot July by Design19 for me! Lots of good work on the others, but the shark fin was what got me. :D

  52. 62

    “Cool summer” been so hot just seeing it refreshens my day……

  53. 63

    My favourites are floral thing, hot july and retro olympics! I’ll rotate them!
    Thanks, once more.

  54. 64

    Great сollection. :) My favorites are Blind Duck, Do Zen, Cracked and Message In A Bottle.

  55. 65

    definately Tiramisu and Splash Dance!!!

  56. 66

    I love this and look forward each month to the designs. Unfortunately Frisko’s dates/days are wrong

  57. 67

    alvaro valverde

    July 15, 2012 1:16 am

    great images for desk

    from Chile

  58. 68

    Great wallpaper collection!!!! My favorites:
    Jump Into Summer
    Summer Essentials
    Splash Dance
    Fourth Of July

  59. 69

    I love this website, the wallpapers keep getting better and better every month! Keep them coming :) GOOD JOB artist!!

  60. 70

    Can we have an option to download the wallpapers without smashing logo ? Sometime I feel it is intrusive.


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