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Yesterday we described who we are1, and today it’s your turn to tell us your story. Looking back at where we’ve come from and where we are today, we see that one principle has not changed a bit over the years, and it is one of the core elements of our work: that is, we’ll go as far as it takes to deliver value and substance to you, our dear reader.

Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.
We’re celebrating our sixth anniversary. Apparently, the Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.

We measure success not by traffic and not by the number of advertising spots sold, but by the amount of value an article provides you with. And to measure that, we quantify the attention an article receives and the overall feedback it gets in comments, blog posts and social channels. We listen to you, and we listen carefully. Our team reads through each and every email and tweet sent to us, and we also double-check comments that get marked as “spam” and approve the legitimate ones. Every meaningful comment contributes to the discussion and helps us further improve the quality of our content. And that’s a huge deal for us.

Leave A Comment!

But with such rigorous standards and high expectations, failing is very easy. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to learn how Smashing Magazine has helped you over the years, what you like and dislike and what you’d like to be different in future.

And since the greatness of a birthday party depends on how much the guests are into it, we kindly ask you to share your feedback, thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Where do you live? How well recognized is Smashing Magazine in your area and among the people you know? How has Smashing Magazine helped you in your career? What has been the most memorable article for you? Which author drives you nuts most often? What do you miss in Smashing Magazine? Whether you feel like replying to all of these questions or just to one, we are genuinely interested in hearing what’s on your mind, and we look forward to reading your answers:

The Prizes

Among all the commenters, we’ll raffle 30 sets of exclusive poster prints. Each set contains six prints of some of the best entries from our “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World” poster competition. The prints are limited editions and were printed especially for this giveaway. They would definitely look nice on your office or studio wall!

Redesign The Web - Redesign The World Poster Prints2
Some of the best entries in the “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World”3 poster competition.

The Anniversary Schedule

As promised, we have prepared limited-edition prizes and special Smashing Book discounts. Please keep in mind that the event only runs for a limited time span (starting at midnight CET).

September 7 (Friday, tomorrow): 30% anniversary discount for printed books
Our print books are our editorial flagships. Well-respected experts in the industry contribute to our Smashing Books, delivering best practices and innovative techniques to the community. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely not let this special pass you by. Get a 30% anniversary discount on all printed Smashing books for 48 hours, e.g.

This is a chance to add to your reference library or to surprise a colleague or your department with a great set of Smashing Books.

30% on all printed books

Special eBook Discounts6

Be sure to keep up to date via the Smashing Newsletter7 as well.

We sincerely appreciate your time and support, and we look very much forward to your feedback!

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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Happy birthday!
    Thank you for all the great tutorials and of course for the great smashing books!

  2. 2

    Happy Bday SmashMag! Every single details of Smashing Magazine inspiring me. When I need a bit of creativity boost and not in the mood in reading articles, I randomly picked any Smashing Magazine archive and start from there. The pictures, the colors, the hue, the font, the gradient, the curve, the lines…sort of offer me a starting creative point. In the future I hope Smashing Magazine feature more rich multimedia contents and more tutorials(short or lengthy doesnt matter-both graphic and web dev) for webdevNdesign newbie like me.

  3. 3

    Happy BirhDay Smashing Magazines !

    Four year i’am here, thank’s a lot for all.

  4. 4

    Smashing Magazine has been a part of my digital life since 2008, you guys are awesome! Happy 6th Birthday, Looking good!


    I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win…

  5. 5

    happy birthday!!

  6. 6

    Wooo happy bday guys! :)

    I’ve followed the website for the past year or so. I think your articles are great and really really helpful. I’m just a hobbyist and your articles are still easy to read and understandable.

    Also love your monthly wallpapers! I think it’s great you showcase so many different designers across the web.

  7. 7

    Happy Anniversary Smashing Magazine, Thank you for bringing us knowledge.

  8. 8

    Hey happy birthday!

    I am writing form Italy and both me and my boyfriend are following you since long time!
    I am mostly interested in web design, social media and SEO ’cause it’s my business.
    Thank you for the giveaway BTW

  9. 9

    Happy anniversary Smash Mag!

    I’m a Technical Analyst from London, UK and I was recommended this site by a work mate a few years ago when I decided to delve into the world of web development. I started to frequently read the articles on this site and I gradually gained valuable information on development concepts, key points to keep in mind when developing efficiently and various ways to improve my work. I now check this site every day without fail!

    At first I was a beginner but now I consider myself proficient in coding; I believe this site was one of the main reasons I am now a professional in the development field. I have progressed from creating basic HTML/CSS sites for individuals to project managing and coding for larger corporate sites and CMS systems.

    I always recommend this site to anyone looking to get into coding and design and will continue to support the awareness of this site when I can.

    Once again happy anniversary!

  10. 10

    Happy B’day SmashingMagazine. Would like to say thank you so much. You are GOOGLE in the web and mobile world. Cheers!! to it and keep posting the amazing stuff..

  11. 11

    6 years! :) You have done well in these 6 years. Wishing smashing mag a smashing time ahead! Happy Birthday!
    I come here for sound advice on WordPress, some quick tips – its always refreshing to surf through smashing magazine. And ofcourse we all like the freebies.
    What could be improved – maybe smashing mag can have hangouts some time so the smashing mag fans can pick up some tips here and there.
    I am from Kashmir running a small graphic design studio – and smashing does provide inspiration indeed!

  12. 12

    Happy birthday and thank you for all the great work you put into great tutorials and articles. And of course for the great books, loved every single one =) Please keep up the good work .

  13. 13

    Happy B’day SM. You are one of my inspiration and favorite. Looking forward to see more info, inspiration and useful articles along the way when you get older ;).

  14. 14

    Abhilash Ramadasan

    September 6, 2012 11:17 am

    Congratulation Smashing magazine for completing your “6” Successful years.
    Regards to smashing cat :) Would like to meet him someday :)

  15. 15

    Every day, first thing in the morning, I am heading to your site looking forward to get new stuff to read and view. You enable us to be always on the front in terms of technology and design. Especially your galleries are an inspiring source. Even for the time I am offline, you provide your books.
    You definitely make the web a better place! Keep your quality!

    One negative issue: you shut down the smashing network news feed. :-( That feed was awesome and made it quasi impossible to miss anything in terms of web design.

  16. 16

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine !
    I have been following you guys almost daily, as a daily read with my morning cup of coffee.
    The thing i like about this place is probably not the daily update’s and articles,
    but the discussion that some articles tend to create between fellow webmasters and designers. Very usefull!

    I would say, keep up the good work!

  17. 17

    Happy birthday and thank you for all the great work you put into your tutorials and articles. And of course for the great books, love them!

    I’m an art student from germany, so this site is quite popular within my university. We often use interesting articles and tutorials to upgrade our work, so very helpfull so far – please keep up the good work ;)

  18. 18

    Smashing magazine was introduced to me during an internship while I was still at university. Since then it’s been my go-to for web tips, typography oggling and vectors. In my current job (an ecommerce graphic designer in London), there is a running joke between my old line manager and I – when I first started I had loads of interesting web design chat, and he would always ask me where I had read these things and how I knew all these random bits. I would reply “oh it was an article on a design blog – I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s called smashing magazine”. After that introduction, he became an avid reader and would start telling me all of the interesting articles he had read, always finishing with “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s called smashing magazine”. Even now he’s left, he still emails me about articles he’s read here, asking if I’ve heard of the ‘little known’ blog called smashing magazine.

    Anyway – happy birthday! Thanks for all the tips, anf for keeping me in the loop.

  19. 19

    Webdesign is a tough job, exploring all the cool stuff you do, without the chance to step further here in germany because people here are slow. Smashing Magazine has set standards for me since I started my carreer. Thank you so much for this!

  20. 20

    Yes – happy birthday Smashing Magazine! Thanks to help me learn about the web and improve my skills throughout all the years. Cheers!

  21. 21

    Just a quick thanks for all the great work you put here day in and day out.

    Keep on!

  22. 22

    You learnt me such amazing things through each of you posts!
    Just an amazing source!!

  23. 23

    Happy Birthday!

    As a web design student, SM has been a great source of information! All the articles are fresh and inspiring. The whole site adds perfectly to the material I get taught in school and allows me to expand my knowlegde.
    My carreer is only just beginning and I hope SM will be there until the very end of it!

  24. 24

    Love the SmashingMagazine website – great tutorials and information. And the books are also really cool – and more importantly correctly priced!! Would really love those posters!

  25. 25

    Oh dear! We already wished you a happy birthday yesterday on Twitter, but Smashing Magazine is such a muse and essential resource for our work that we have to wish you all the best one more time. Not just a year older, but a year better. Keep up great work! (Yeah, we want poster!)

  26. 26

    kathy kyle bonomini

    September 6, 2012 11:41 am

    i am confident i can count on you and your team to help with expert advice, inspiration, and insight. thank you and felicidades!

  27. 27

    Great tutorials and interesting reads that keep me up to speed with the forever changing web. And you always have the best free to use fonts. Thank you Smashing Magazine, you are truly awesome!

    Happy Birthday!

  28. 28

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    Thanks for all the great advice and resources that have helped to develop my skills and become a better web designer/developer :-)

    Please keep the great content coming!

  29. 29

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag.

    You helped me through a lot of problems and I also won a AppsWorld 2012 ticket :)

    Your awesome :)

  30. 30

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine !

  31. 31

    Hazzar for Smashing Magazine and congratulations on your sixth birthday. I applaud the success of your fine work! I know that I, and many others in the fields of design and development, would have much harder working lives without your daily doses of fantastic technical and inspirational wizardry!

    Thanks for helping my career out! And one more thing…may I please have a poster?

  32. 32

    happy birthday!!!! i read you everyday, and your books are so useful. thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, i’m learning and enjoying a lot!

  33. 33

    Firstly happy birthday! in South africa you would be in your first school year…which is relevant because I have been designing for almost more than a year and smashingmag has been my main go-to site to learn everything webby. When I see that orange bird in my twitter timeline I go from coding mode to reading mode. Thank you for all the great content and for expanding my knowledge.

  34. 34

    Happy BIithday, SmahingMag!

    When will be the next MeetUp in your office!? :)

  35. 35

    Herzlichen Glückwunch SM!!!

  36. 36

    Happy Birthday ! Thx for all the amazing work!

  37. 37

    Happy Birthday <3 from Moldova, republic of.

  38. 38

    Monica Messaggi Kaya

    September 6, 2012 11:59 am

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!
    I’m a designer/developer – tough combination sometimes (it is not always easy to do both properly!) and your articles kept my sanity in check! I really like the technical stories and software/tools tips and tricks. But I have to say that some of my favourite ones are about Inspiration and how to let the “creative juices” flowing and instigate innovation. The latest post “Changing Perspective: A New Look At Old Problems” reached me in a moment of need! And so many other posts that helped me to either improve production or the creativity in my work. Many thanks for that and please continue writing great posts!!! :)

  39. 39

    Happy Birthday! Zum Geburtstag! С днем рождения! Joyeux anniversaire! ハッピーバースデートゥーユー

  40. 40

    Hi! Happy birthday Smashing magazine! I follow you always, and I learned a lot from you! You are a reference point in the web. Thanks of all!

  41. 41

    Happy Birthday SmashingMag!

    A truely big round of applause for insightful articles, useful commentary, a high frequency of posts and a wide variety of content. Please please please keep the opinionated articles coming, they inspire us all to comment and give our own opinions.

    One thing I’d love to see get a little more attention is any “friends of smashing” you have. My favourite thing about the web dev blog industry is the cross linking, I love to move from one site to another picking up the latest and greatest articles, tutorials and opinions.

    Great job – keep it all coming.

  42. 42

    Happy Birthday Mr/Ms Smashing! ~ As sung by Marilyn Monroe!!

  43. 43

    smashing magazine is my first web magazine because of its awesome content
    happy birthday Smashing magazine
    and special Thx to Smashing Team.

  44. 44

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the interesting articles you post!

  45. 45

    Happy birthday my Freiburg friends!
    Hope to see you grow and get better and better everyday!

  46. 46

    Smashing Magazine has changed my life

    After leaving school in 1999 I was left with a choice. Apply for college or go out to work? As the economy was booming at the time and it was so easy to walk into a job i decided to start working and skip college. I got my first job in mechanics which I did not like, however I stayed at it for four years before moving on and joining the building trade. The next six years were spent working on building sites in the cold weather doing a job I also hated. Then the recession hit and things just couldn’t get any worse. No job, no skills and what seemed like no future. Then one day I found a site called it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and a path had been set for me in my life. I suddenly started to think positive about my future and I am now half way through studying for a degree in computer science (distance learning) and working as a web developer.

    That is cutting a long story short of how the discovery of smashing magazine changed my life. I wake up happy, love going to work and love life. Find a job you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life. Never thought that was possible before, but now I know it is.

    If I had never stumbled across smashing magazine I would probably never have found the path I was supposed to take. Thank You.

  47. 47

    After five years of studying at the university, I was ready to take on the world (and a job). While domination has not been achieved, buta job has been landed and it was so very far away from what my Masters degree was in.

    One day, a co-worker said to me I should look at Smashing Magazine and suddenly I started to “get” what my job was about. I started to appreciate all the little details on web design, and design overall, and started to get a better understanding of what I could do, and should do, when working with clients and making everything better.

    So while Smashing hasn’t been in my world for more then a year, it’s been a year of redefining myself and what I see as the internet, and how it is built. I’ve started to understand more and see more, and Smashing has proven a daily source of insight and new ideas that I can bring with me to discuss at work or at home with my girlfriend. It’s made my life much more awesome, and thats really pretty cool. It also makes it really easy to say happy birthday, and thanks for (probably) keeping me employed

  48. 48

    Smashing Magazine did not help me become a better designer/developer/etc.. It’s true … it didn’t. Should they be blamed for this fact? Maybe…

    Now you’re wondering why i am bringing a critical point of view into discussion on the day SM celebrates its birthday. I am doing it because it is a correct point of view.

    The truth is the one stated in the first paragraph but with a little salt and pepper to be added.

    The salt and pepper states that SM did not help me become a better designer/developer but it did help me understand why i am working in this business, why we all create designs and code back-end interfaces which is, in my opinion, the true purpose of this website. The articles reach the deepest questions (about web tips, typos, vectors, layouts, responsive media etc.) you have about how you can become a creative mind and answers them in a way anyone can understand.

    That made me a better individual who, now, can look at the world with a different view!

    Thank you Smashing Magazine (+ all the staffz0rs) and have a happy birthday!

  49. 49

    Happy Birthday to you, the SmashingMag Team!

    I’ve been one of your passionate readers for 3 years now, adore everything – your books, website design, newsletter. I’ve been a content manager, a copywriter, and an advertising manager, so I do love your content style, and yes get inspired a lot by it!

    I’m from Minsk, Belarus, and can tell you that we have lots of Web and Digital companies, agencies, and studios, who keep an eye on everything you do. Hey, you are kind of trend-setters – so keep up the great work ;)

    That’s such a miracle I once found your website, googling for some content ideas. You are truly awesome, thanks for being with us all this time!


  50. 50

    Smashing Mag is invaluable to me; I use it to both be inspired by the work of others and also to keep up with everything that’s going on in the web design and development world. My favourite article recently has been the one on the Art of Staying Up to Date– something that Smashing Magazine helps me to do on a daily basis. I work as a graphic, UX, and web designer, and it’s awesome to have a place to go that has insightful articles and resources for everything. It can be overwhelming in the web world to keep up with everything that’s going on, so thanks for being so discerning and thoughtful in your writing– it’s saved me countless headaches. Thank you and happy birthday!

  51. 51

    Happy Birthday (belatedly – I ended up staring blankly at the screen after I came home last night rather than checking out SM)!

    I live in Sweden, and after graduating (bachelor in computer science) I ended up getting a job as a developer. We use WordPress a lot when it comes to developing for clients, and I can’t count the times I’ve ended up finding one of your articles when I needed something. Outside of that… none of my designs use faux bold/faux italic. I have implemented functionality to handle “smart quotes” in pretty much everything I do. All of these, I’ve gotten inspiration and knowledge from SM.

    My absolute favourite article?

  52. 52

    Happy birthday smashing mag!

    I’m pretty much a newbie into UX and webdesign so the Smashing books are being really of help for me. Definitely what I love the most is that authors give real examples of existing sites and designs allowing that way to really get the whole idea. I study design at university and practical example is exactly what most of my lectures are missing so you get a golden star on that matter.

    Keep going. Up, up and away

  53. 53

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the hard work in delivering the best content out there. You guys are amazing.

  54. 54

    Happy B’day and thanks for those awesome share and goodies. I learn something new everyday here :) Keep up the great work!

  55. 55

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    Looking back, I never went to an IT school(I was studying music) but here I am now working at one of the best Dutch IT companies!
    How? I remember I was really curious about coding but couldn’t find any good sources 5 years ago, then I came across Smashing and I always use your articles as reference since…

    I would not get the good source without you guys… I would prolly started the basic in a wrong direction, or just wasted so much energy filtering articles like a maniac.. so Thank you so much, I really appreciate every article you’ve been publishing!

    PS: Oh yea, super cool that you have an Indonesian in your team! made me smile when I read it :-)

    I. Setiawan

  56. 56

    Happy birthday! The articles you guys post has been invaluable to me since the beginning. Thank you!

  57. 57

    Happy birthday! I’ve been reading your articles for years. Your articles have made a big difference in how I develop and design websites. I remember when I suggested an article on Fireworks several years ago. Vitaly responded personally and in a few weeks, a Fireworks article was published on Smashing Magazine. I was delighted! Wishing you another six great years.

  58. 58

    Well, this is the school I “went to”, and where I learned the basics of web design. I still have much to learn, but here I am boasting about being a web designer, and all that is thanks to your good written articles, funny comics and handy tips.

    Thank you guys, and happy birthday!

  59. 59

    First of all I’d like to say happy birthday to you guys! It’s really great when we have beautiful and fantastic sites like these up and running for so long.

    Articles about typography and print design are the ones that I really enjoy. I can’t think of a particular one but I love them all! I just think there’s something fascinating about print. Some things I’d love to see are reviews on different products. I’m not sure if this has already been done but I haven’t seen one in a while.

    The only other thing would be to get articles published more quickly but after reading your article about the Smashing team’s ways I see that you have a very good reason for publishing slowly!

    To wrap it up I’d like to say thank you for the giveaway and I hope everything is great for your website moving forward.

  60. 60

    Happy Birthday! Smashing is a big hit in our office here in Ohio! You guys are great for fostering inspiration.

  61. 61

    Hey Smashing!
    I’ve followed this website since 25 April 2012. I recommended by a webagency here where i live in Stockholm, Sweden. Since the i’ve visited your website everyday i can which probably is everyday.
    I love reading about what’s developing in the web and being able to be in the frontlines and learn about what responsive design in, what’s new with CSS3 and how to adabt to retina screens.
    I must admit that i don’t usually look at the authors of the articles but i like most of what i read so i guess you are doing a good job!
    Keep it up and i’ll follow you into the end of the web!

  62. 63

    Love it :)
    I think you played a part in me getting my current job as I used you as a reference point of design inspiration and technical posts which my interviewer and director also held you guys in high esteem.

    Cheers for being pro’s.

  63. 64

    Congratulations and of course, a very, very, sweet, creative and fine Happy Birthday!!
    Time flies for both of us. For Smashing Magazine, publisher of great and helpful content for the web society and far beyond that, it must have been six crazy years, a blast from day one until today.
    For me, as a web designer and fan since 2008, many joy and brain development because of Smashing Magazine. Each time great, new content to look forward to.

    Since I consider myself young enough to look forward for the next 60 years, I hope Smashing Magazine will at least be part of those next 60!

    Good luck and keep it up!

  64. 65

    Six years ago I was really happy when Smashing Magazine started. In our country there is not much opportunities to study web & design and Smashing Magazine is for a long time our no. one source of daily reading. We love your books and work! Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.

  65. 66

    Massimo BEMAGIKEY Roncalli

    September 6, 2012 1:49 pm

    Happy Birthday!
    Top di Gamma (TdiG). slang from italy ,traslate : range the top.


  66. 67

    sandeep parkhande

    September 6, 2012 1:49 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    My day starts with your article and ends with archives which I missed. I’ve been reading your articles for last 4 years. Your articles are always inspiring to me. Wishing you upcoming great years.

  67. 68

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I’ve been a web developer for 2 years now for a company in Liverpool, England and I was introduced to SM when I started by my lead developer. i check this site every day and I love the articles focused around mobile and responsive web design and development. SM keeps me up to date with the latest in the business to keep me at the top of my game and continue my learning. Thank you so much guys :)

  68. 69


    Ej peeps from smashing magazine just want to say it’s just worth it to read the articles about webdesign. There just so decent and well-written.

    Thanks to all of you,
    Regards from Bruges, Belgium

  69. 70

    Happy Smashing Birthday!

    I’ve been reading you since 2007, and I gotta thank you veryvery much as I learned a lot of basic stuff for my freelancer job. And keep on with your newsletter, that’s always more than useful!

  70. 71

    Happy Birthday Smashing! This site has been a great help as I’ve started my career in Graphic Design. Graduating from school this past spring and starting my first job, this has been a resource I use over and over again. Great ideas, new ways of thinking, and helpful articles. Thanks for all you guys do!

  71. 72

    Happy Birthday!
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Eid milaad saeed! or Kul sana wa inta/i tayeb/a!
    Sretan Rodendan!
    Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Eytyxismena Genethlia! or Chronia Pola!
    Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!
    Buon Compleanno!
    Vill Gleck fir daei Geburtsdaag!
    Sreken roden den!
    Selamat Hari Jadi!

  72. 73

    hey!! Happy Birthday!!!

    I’m From Argentina, and I check SM every morning!!


  73. 74

    Happy Birthday from London Smashing Magazine.

    Your magazine has inspired me and thus made me a better designer! (I hope)


  74. 75

    Happy Birthday, Smashing Magazine.

    While I haven’t been around your site for more than a couple of years, I have always appreciated the resources that you put out to the community that are both practical and accessible. I wish you the best going forward, and hope to see even more great content in the future.

    Thanks again,


  75. 76

    Wow, 6 years! Congrats! I have been following you guys for 3 years now and you have literally helped me start my freelance business from the ground up. I have learned so many different things and used so many of your useful tools to get me started. I live in a small town in VA where web design/development is still a niche market. With your amazing articles and tools, you have helped me establish a business and be able to obtain clients in an area that previously had no appreciation for quality design. I owe the success of my company to you guys…almost entirely!

    Thank you so much! I love you guys! =) Smashing Mag m/ ‘s!

  76. 77

    Happy birthday from Argentina. You have been in my feeds for a couple of years…

  77. 78

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for making sure my mornings start out the right way. This is the first site that I go to in the morning and wouldn’t change a thing.

  78. 79

    Happy Birthday!

    Your great publications and articles have inspired me to further my education on web design and development! Although I am only a Junior in high school, I really feel your articles have made a difference in how I design websites. I’d like to thank all the writes who have made this magazine enjoyable to read and truly smashing.


  79. 80

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine.. My hearty wishes and prayers to the team…

  80. 81

    Happy Birthday!!! There are a lot of excellent blogs about the web out there, but you’re my one and only true love :D
    I read Smashing Magazine since 2007 and there are still sentences, or pieces of articles, that resonate in my mind while designing or coding.
    Thanks to you I learnt to have a solid basis for my job, and learnt things that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    Thank you for all this years of awesomeness and please, stay right where you are forever! The web needs you.

  81. 82

    Happy birthday from Tennessee, USA.

    I enjoy the articles talking about best practices and those discussing design. What I miss the most is the free resources, such as icons which were a useful resource.

    Thanks for all you do!

  82. 83

    I already said all the mushy stuff in yesterday’s thread, so I won’t repeat myself except to say one more time: Happy Anniversary.

    I have a special place on my wall for a permanent monument to my admiration with your work.

  83. 84

    Happy B-day

  84. 85

    Smashing Magazine is well known by the design students at Kent State University! It is a great resource for design news and its always fun to see what the new desktop wallpapers are for each month! I love all the posted material for topics that I want to know more about such as wordpress and I know I can rely on the information posted here! Happy Anniversary!

  85. 86

    Smashing Book #1 changed my web design for ever. I improved 100% after finishing that little book and I’ve never looked at websites in the same way again. When ever we get an intern or work experience student in the office I tell them to look at smashing mag to learn from the best.

  86. 87

    Congrats SmashingMagazine!

    I am currently undertaking bachelor degree education in Web Development, and part of the previous semesters curriculum was a text called “How to make design sell”. After reading it, i found it to be quite interesting, so i asked my teacher where he got it from. He pulled out a very worn Smashing Book #1 and handed it to me. After flipping through it, it instantly cought my attention. I went home and started to do some research, and not long after i placed an order for book #1 and #2 and ebook versions for my kindle (later pre-ordered #3 as soon as it was available).
    Of all the years i have went to school, this was the first time in my life i bought books used in school for my own personal use. And boy am i happy i did! For one like me, who is originally an educated programmer, design is not my forte in the slightest so these have really helped me, and quickly brought me up to speed at my workplace, where no-one else knows about smashing magazine and the newest trends.
    Of all my web development related books, the smashing books receives the most usage, as they helped me greatly grow as a web developer.

    Congratulations again and here’s for six more years!

  87. 88


    Thank you for all the amazing content that you guys have been publishing.


  88. 89

    de Figueiredo Hugo

    September 6, 2012 3:06 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine !

    Without you, you would not be in the job I am right now ! Everytime I need to take a break to read something …. what do you think I do ? …

    I press one “Fav Button” on my browser ! … YOURS !

  89. 90

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. Love and wishes to ur team.

  90. 91

    6 years already?! Thanks for always having something that always catches my attention! Happy Birthday!

  91. 92

    Happy Birthday, Smashing!

    I entered the web development arena around the same time that Smashing was launched, and it’s now my go-to magazine for expert opinions on the web design and programming. I find that after a hot cup of coffee (sometimes before) Smashing Magazine is normally the first thing I do when I get to work in the morning.

    Since entering this field six years ago, I’ve lived in four different US States and three countries, including Germany (unfortunately I was not able to make pilgrimage to Freiburg), but unlike print periodicals, Smashing’s always been there with me. Thanks for all your amazing work!

    Happy six years, and happy sixty more.

    P.S. I’ll have those posters gladly…

  92. 93

    Happy Birthday-and keep up the good work!

    Thanks for the informative article on your workflow process and thinking–it’s good to see how others manage, and what can be adapted to improve our own processes. Not surprised that your team comes from such an ecclectic background–the cultural differences normally spark interesting interactions. Hope you continue to have many more years of informative writing on the Web and design in general…

    Bis dann–
    Veilleicht wenn ich wieder auf Familienbesuch in Hessen bin kann ich euch auch treffen!

    And, I’ll glady take a poster!

  93. 94

    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine!

    I discovered Smashing Magazine back in ’09 thru one of my panel members for my undergraduate thesis. I appreciate the great articles not only for the geek part of web design but the real life aspect of it as well. The articles are well presented and relevant to the the needs of an aspiring dabbler from some obscure corner of the world. Ever since, the site is on my bookmarks and will stay there. In celebration of your 6th year, let me extend my heartfelt thanks to everybody who made things possible for us to come back for our daily dose of SmashingMagazine.

    And who says that we can’t have too much of a good thing? Already looking forward to another good year and more to come from you guys. Cheers from the Philippines!

    P.S. I will get my hands on those books very soon…

  94. 95

    Great work! Those posters look awesome! You guys really share and create the best content out there!

  95. 96

    Happy birthday !!

    I’m following you from Bordeaux, France since 2 years and I love what you do!

    You’re my inspiration when I when I’m at an impasse or more simply, you make me discover some useful technical that always save my time.

    I’m not a professionnal, I do websites for my entourage and I learn always something when I come on your website.

    Thank you for all you do!

  96. 97

    Happy Anniversary Smashing Mag! As an entry graphic designer dipping her toes into web design I couldn’t ask for a better tool to guide and improve my work. As I’m starting out at my first job I google design questions a lot, and more often than not, I end up seeing an article from SmashMag in the results- which is always a sign I have found an answer. Your tutorials, articles, and more have the senior IT guys looking up to me! Thank you!

  97. 98

    I first want to say happy birthday and that I have been visiting your site for quit a few years now. I currently live in the Washington DC metropolitan area and I am just finishing up school at the Art Institue of Washington. I was really excited when I saw your first book come out because I was a great promoter of your articles (and still am). I was so excited that I pre ordered the book. Receiving the book was a pain though. I understand that you guys had to switch some things up and had to push back the date because of the publishing issues that you had. I wasn’t upset about that. At first I was upset about the customer service that I received when I asked about the status of the book, but now looking back I realize it was probably because of the high demand/ high stress of your first launch. So I accept that. I read through the teaser e-book that was sent out before I got the book and was telling everyone to go get it. When I received my book I was so excited. I started reading and found some great things in there that I didn’t know and was glad to share them with other people around me. After getting about half way through the book started to fall apart. That upset me because I was scared to let people barrow it. I felt, at the time, frustrated because of the fact that A) I had to wait a while (out of your control) B)I received poor customer service and C) poor quality of the book. Because of this I havent purchased anymore of your books. But like I said I still visit the site daily and still love reading the articles and I have downloaded some of your free e-books from your site. So I guess the feeling I’m left with is slit. I have great respect for the site and the articles and all of your writers but not so much for the hard publishing side of things. This isn’t a rant, just some feedback and I’m sure things have changed for the better. I’m just stubborn.

  98. 99

    Happy birthday!
    Thanks for all of the Smashing Books. It’s one of my favourite books out there. It’s nice to touch and great to read.

  99. 100

    Love those posters! I want one!!

    Happy birthday and keep the good work!

  100. 101

    My dear Smashing Magazine

    You have guided me from the first day at my first digital agency, having moved from a ATL ad background. You have lifted me up to the position of Creative Services Director at a UX design agency. You have even chosen my entry to the Redesign The Web poster competition as a ‘selected entry’. You have taught me so much, and yet you ask for so little.

    Eternally grateful and forever yours
    Marcus Marritt

  101. 102

    I’d love one of those posters!

  102. 103

    Happy Birthday!! Your books on wordpress and css have been a life saver. They also have been a great reference along with popping in here to learn little bits and follow tutorials to keep my skills polished and up to date! Yay Smashing! :)

  103. 104

    Your books have helped me so much. I work for a large ad agency as an art director, and your books have helped me to not only learn the basics (and some more advanced stuff) of coding, but how to communicate better with our talented crew of developers. Now that I can ‘speak their language’ and know what they need, the work we produce is better. Thanks, Smashing…

  104. 105

    Happy Birthday! you are one of the best websites on the Internet, I read your articles and find the inspiration for my works! thank you for everything SM and staff!

  105. 106

    Happy Smashingday! the best and the only one!


  106. 107

    Happy B-day!

    I have enjoyed Smashing Magazine for several years. It helped me develop and refine my skills from college to my first job to my current transition to freelancing in the mult-media world.

    While the articles and tutorials are extremely helpful and will continue to read and enjoy them, I LOVE the free wallpapers. Every Month I check in and see what the wonderful designers have cooked up for my screen.

    You Rock!

    • 108

      Happy Smashing BDay! I’ve recently graduated college and have only been following SM for almost exactly a year now, but you better believe I read AT LEAST one article a day.

      Graduating as a Web Application Development major, I enjoy the Coding section the most but have recently started gaining interest in WordPress as well.

      Like @TR, I am planning to start freelancing on the side within the upcoming year while continuing my wonderful job here in Chicago. Who knows where I’ll end up in the future!? Either way, I do know that Smashing Magazine has provided me with some unique inspiration every single day. You guys are the best!

      Everyone from my Web App Dev major at Illinois State University were avid followers of your online magazine! I would be proud to represent you all at my office with one of your beautiful posters :)

  107. 109

    Happy Birthday! Your site is awesome! Thanks for all the tutorials, showcases, articles and free wallpapers.

  108. 110

    Happy Birthday! You guys are awesome. I visit your website everyday! Keep up the good work.

  109. 111

    Happy birthday SM! My co-worker and myself are huge fans of the site, and the Smashing Books, and have found both to be extremely beneficial during our daily routine. Whether it be to look for quick tips, advice, tutorials, etc. Can’t wait to see where things go in the future for SM!

  110. 112

    HOLLER!! Happy bDay smashing mag! :D
    I would love one of these fantastic arts!

  111. 113

    I want a poster. These are sooooooooooooooooo legit!

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    I’m new to this site but, if there is one place that I find good articles everyday it is Smashing Magazine. I learn something new each time I come here. Thanks guys. I always recommend your articles to my colleagues.

  113. 115

    Happy Birthday, and very cool. Actually know one of the peeps that had their poster chosen… and having been a graphic designer in my previous life of 20+ years, it never lose it

  114. 116

    Im all for supporting the print industry! Send one my way!

  115. 117

    I read Smashing Magazine everyday in Detroit. Your set has helped me immensely by helping to fuel my creativity and expose me to great design. My only complaint is that you don’t have an easy to print option for your articles. I’d love to print some, and read them offline when I have time to delve a little deeper.

    Keep up the great work!

  116. 118

    I’m not a designer, but as a marketer your website has really helped my relationship with my design agencies. Its great to be able to read about what designers don’t like, what drives them nuts and what inspires them – it has meant that my agencies get both the dull boring stuff, but also the jump-off-the-wall, can’t-wait-to-get-to-work campaigns too.

    As a direct result of reading your site, my wastage (for example additional days of recoding our website due to miscommunication, or extra days needed to polish up a brochure) has been completely reduced. I know my designers of first name terms, could tell you ten personal things about them and as a result our business has benefitted as a result.

    I was never a bad marketer to begin with (others may disagree) but I can 100% guarantee that Smashing Magazine has made me better at my job.

    If you are ever in Southampton, UK let me know, i’ll buy you guys a beer!

  117. 119

    Those posters look pretty nice! Thanks for all the interesting content published here. Though not all are of interest to me, a high quality standard is maintained, which i respect alot.

  118. 120

    Love Smashing Mag and happy to see it is going strong. It has opened me up to so many new concepts and events I would have never otherwise heard of or gone to.

    Keep it going and i’ll keep visiting multiple times a day!

  119. 121

    Please return the Smashing Network!!!!

  120. 122

    I have been an amateur web front end designer/developer for a few years. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to make this industry my career choice. Your well written, easy-to-follow, and graphically pleasing articles have helped me catch up with the industry and find a endless buffet of new resources from where I can find inspiration, knowledge, and excitement. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wish you the best as you help us cultivate a more beautiful, practical and useful Web.

  121. 123

    Happy Birthday Smashing.

    I’m from Ohio & went to Bowling Green State University. Among us Visual Communication Technology students Smashing Magazine was very well known as an inspirational and educational resource.

    Even professors of our field would mention Smashing Mag as a useful tool.

    Now graduated and still working in Ohio, around the office everyone loves Smashing Magazine as much as me & everyone loves the useful articles from Smashing that teach, inspire, help & so much more.

    For me, this site is an at-least-once-daily stop.

    “What’s new? What can I learn today?”

    Congrats on 6 years and thanks, Smashing.

  122. 124

    Smashing Magazine has been such a great resource to me over the years; and it continues to grow! What I love about Smashing is the breadth of knowledge the writers possess; there’s such a huge variety of people with different perspectives and insights. This is crucial for any designer/developer/life-long learner. You guys foster an environment that speaks, “Never stop learning. Always keep bettering yourself.” This is also evident in the practical examples, as well as conceptual and theoretical studies of design, development, and all its meanings and applications.

    In short, Smashing has inspired me and made me a better designer and developer. I look forward to the many more years to come. Keep up the great work, everyone!

  123. 125

    Happy Birthday, Smashing Magazine! Your site is one of the first I regularly visit when I’m searching for resources, answers, and inspiration. Thanks for the great work!

  124. 126

    Smashing Magazine has been a huge inspiration and a great resource though out schooling and now, my career. Keep up the great work and Happy Anniversary!

    P.S. Smashing Cat was supposed to visit me in San Diego, but he never made it down. :(

  125. 127

    Hi There.

    Maciej here, from beautiful city of Chicago. Reading SM for a few years, you guys are awesome, and I want to thank you for all that neat articles and books you provide to web professionals.

    BTW. My birthday is in September too. ;)

  126. 128

    I missed the Anniversary deal! Still upset :( From the east side of the United States and all my designer friends subscribe to this so you’re doing well! Hope I get a poster to eliminate this pain of missing the deal yesterday … one can dream right? ^.^

  127. 129

    What I want more than anything in the world is a poster.

    I don’t know what I’m planning to do with it.

    Probably just put it up somewhere, admire it a bit, show it off. You know. Poster stuff…

  128. 130

    Happy Brithday! …and what a great giveaway!

  129. 131

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    A little about myself – I went to college in 2001 and graduated in 03 from the only web developer program at the time offered in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been a full time, self-employed web developer for the past 7 years and the biggest thing I’ve had to overcome has been breaking away from old tendencies (such as the table design model) and moving forward with the latest trends.

    It’s not an easy task for anyone to keep up with the latest design techniques, let alone someone who is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only am I responsible for the entire development of all projects but I also have to communicate with a couple of dozen clients each day through phone calls & emails. There’s simply not enough time in a day to shift through the hundreds of web articles, e-books or publications on a weekly basis to keep up to date and that’s where Smashing Magazine fills that void for me.

    I think I can speak for everyone by saying we very much appreciate all of your time & effort you do to give us the most relevant & necessary articles each day (which, not to mention are completely free!). I purchased the newest book for a nightly read and even though it took a couple months to ship here, those minor faults are easily overlooked when you have saved so much time for me in the long run.

    Reading through this site is part of my morning ritual, with my cup of coffee at 8:30AM and I know the same is true to several of my colleagues & friends. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    Cheers from Canada

  130. 132

    William Cunningham

    September 6, 2012 5:30 pm

    I am located in Columbia Missouri and have recently made a career switch. I taught third grade for 12 years, during that time I taught myself web design. I now design for a company that builds sites exclusively for veterinarians.

    While I was teaching I would visit Smashing Magazine often to follow current trends in design and to get inspiration.

    Now that I am designing professionally, I visit Smashing whenever there is something new posted, I find inspiration and resources that teach me something new all the time.

    Just yesterday I was reading Progressive And Responsive Navigation, by Jeremy Hixon. I will be using this article as a guide to help me re-design my navigation to better meet the needs of my customers.

  131. 133

    I want one of those posters and i am so in love with the smashing books. <3

  132. 134

    Happy birthday … your books … your tutorials … your articles and, obviously, your free wallpapers are absolutly awesome.
    You rock !!!!

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    Love Smashing Magazine more and more. And would love to get one of the posters!

  134. 136

    Already congrats you yesterday :p so i guess I’m in for the giveaway!

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    Happy Birthday Smashing! Great site.

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    Smashing is my the most favourite magazine ever!
    Keep movin’ forward, guys! :)

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    YAY!! .. :) happy bithday guys! :)

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    This posters rocks! :)

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    May your birthday be smashing!! Gratuliere!!!

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    First thing to do every morning is to check out Hey, today could turn out to be even better if I could win some posters. Thanks in advance.

  141. 143

    A couple of weeks ago a friend showed me smashingmag and, suddenly, top favorite :) Happy birthday, and keep on posting these rly interesting material!

  142. 144

    Happy Birthday, SM! I read your site daily. Pretty slick Posters. I own a bunch of your books already and think these would greatly enhance my home and work offices! I would love to win!

  143. 145

    I’m a designer and web developer, and Smashing Magazine was the first design website I started visiting daily.
    I read your articles and visit the site for inspiration. If I google ‘best __ websites’ (sports, games, restaurants, whatever!), smashing magazine always shows the best results. I’m almost always using one of the monthly wallpapers.

    I do very much miss the smashing network; I really hope that will be a part of smashing magazine again soon.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Lots of hugs from the Netherlands & hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Smashing Magazine!

  144. 146

    The posters looking great.. maybe i can get one. Happy birthday.. and good luck for the future.

  145. 147

    also from Ohio. I have been involved for years in large content managements systems.. I am trying to re engage or re energize my creative side and am converting some community web sites to html5 and CSS3. Smashing is an essential part of my efforts to re engineer a) my web sites and b) my thought process. Thank you for the inspirations you provide

  146. 148

    I’d like to win a poster. I’d looking in buying some Books tomorrow. I’d done it today if there where a discount already ;)

  147. 149

    HBD Smashing

    I am a web/graphic designer working in San Diego. Every day when I wake up my computer at work, I check Smashing to see whats new. I’ve been depending on you guys to keep me informed on whats relevant, and what the future holds in our industry.

    I know Im not alone on this; I work all day, then moonlight as a web designer also.. so I dont have much time to mingle with other people in the design community. Smashing allows me that opportunity.

    Oh yeah and the monthly wallpapers, are my favorite way to start the month… Keep them coming!!

  148. 150

    I love the posts on WordPress, Usability, and Design. I also really enjoy the wallpapers and other freebies! Thanks for everything you do!

  149. 151

    Amazing Smashing Magazine!
    Kudos to the Vector Pro at Smashing Magazine!!
    Let me please have a beautiful Poster before The Smashing Cat finishing Birthday Cake!!

  150. 152

    Jeff Schwerdtfeger

    September 6, 2012 6:11 pm

    Happy Birthday Smashing!

  151. 153

    Moldován Eduárd

    September 6, 2012 6:12 pm

    Happy Birthday, #SM! Hope you keep bringing us the things that you now set the standard for.

  152. 154

    The posters are great looking! I remember that competition fondly – too bad I failed on the deadline. Ha.

  153. 155

    Andrew Richardson

    September 6, 2012 6:14 pm

    Hey Smashing,

    I’m a front end web designer working both a full time job for a software company and freelancing on the side.

    I love the consistency of your updates. It’s nice to hear a voice from the industry every day even if it’s not always relevant to me. I’m really interested in case studies of how other designers are working. Being the only web designer at my company I don’t get a lot of collaboration between other designers so it’s very refreshing when I get to see it on here. It helps me fill in the gaps of inefficiency, lets me know what tools and practices are being used and how other designers communicate.


  154. 156

    Happy Birthday SM! I loved reading your post and subcribed to your feed.

  155. 157

    Very inspirational!great posters too,love to have one

  156. 158

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I seriously can’t thank you enough. Being a post-graduate of a small town community college, I need all the inspiration to design I can get my hands on. You guys give me what I come here for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  157. 159

    Smashing is great and I read daily!

    I was suprised a few years ago when seemingly every creative office I went in knew about Smashing and almost everyone in each office read daily too. Seems it never took much time for SM to make its presence known!

  158. 160

    Smashing has helped me a TON! I am a web developer in Utah and I work for one company but I am constantly taking freelance jobs.

    My creativity and graphic design work is not the best, but Smashing magazine always gives me the inspiration I need! I love all the articles on current technologies and I especially love the mobile articles.

    However, my favorite thing are the contests! I absolutely love looking at the contests and their winners.

    Happy Birthday Smashing! You are very well followed in our marketing department! Keep the creative juices flowing.

  159. 161

    Hey there, Smashing Magazine!

    I’m a part-time, freelance web designer from Roseburg, Oregon. Sadly, I can count the number of quality web designers in this town with one hand.

    I really enjoy articles that give tutorials for CSS / html5 / Javascript / etc. I recently used the Pure CSS3 Slideshow tutorial and rolled my own. Fantastic! I also enjoy the posts where the author gets deep into a particular topic and really digs into the nuts and bolts of a technique or concept.

    Thanks for everything!!

  160. 162

    I like ‘em

  161. 163

    since I started coding, SM has been with me. I’ve learned a lot from this website and its one of my favs. Im very happy you keep growing. Happy b-day SM!

  162. 164

    My ex boss recommended reading you every day…
    Lots of things have changed in the meantime (…) but I still read you every day.

  163. 165

    Well, for one more year you are the best. Happy Birthday ! and to many more. Keep inspiring us.

  164. 166

    Happy Birthday, Smashing!
    I discovered your site 4 years ago when I was just a web design puppy. I’ve never stopped coming back. Your content continues to inspire and help me grow. I’m the web content manager at a university in the Greater Philadelphia area. I find myself drinking from your vast knowledge ponds on a regular basis as I try my best to push the site further along the road towards a prettier Interwebs. Thanks for the refreshments! Keep on keeping on!

  165. 167

    A cup of coffee and Smashing Magazine mark the beginning of everyday at work. Here’s to a happy sixth, and hopefully many more to come!

  166. 168

    Hello from Bangkok and Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m a Visual Designer at a news agency. Couldn’t describe in words how much you mean to me :)

    Thank you for being you.

  167. 169

    Smashing Magazine makes me look like I’m super fancy and in the know when I read it in front of my friends. Thanks for all you do! :) Would LOVE to win a poster :)

  168. 170

    Congrats on your 6th Anniversary! I just recently got into the field and I have learned quite a bit from Smashing. Your site is filled with great tips, tricks and advice that are relevant to even beginners like me. It’s an inspiration to see how far you’ve all come and I hope that someday I will be right up there with your guys.



  169. 171

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! Thank you so much for providing such an amazing resource for all of us. You’re one of my top sites to visit for inspiration and articles.

    Winning a set of those beautiful posters would just be the icing on the cake! Not to mention how amazing they would look in my office. :)

    Keep up all the good work! Cheers!

  170. 172

    Boy, giveaways sure do bring out the commenters, huh?

    I have been reading Smashing for about 6 months now. Through my formal studies, I was bred into a business and numbers guy, but Smashing has really taught me the value of solid design. So much so, that I’ve now completely back-tracked and immersed myself into the world of design and development, picking up as much as I can along the way. Enough to possibly warrant a completely different career path in the foreseeable future.

    Smashing, the magazine, the people behind it, and the fantastic discussions by many of the people here commenting, have all greatly contributed to my new found passion and been a huge inspiration for where I’m headed.

    Thank you.

  171. 173

    I started reading your pages sometime during your third year, aka my first year of web designing/coding! Smashing has been and remains a powerful tool to keep me learning, thinking and making a better web.

    Many thanks to you all.

  172. 174

    I would love to have one of this beautiful posters ;)

  173. 175

    Hey Smashing!

    Your site/books are my go-to sources of information about 80% of the time. Some articles regarding design and pixel-pushing gave me information about issues that I never really considered, which in turn helped me make less mistakes and made me more efficient. Thanks to you, I now have a solid foundation in web-based typography, wireframing, responsive design and more! I keep up to date with your articles and continue learning about time-saving practices.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  174. 176

    I have tip for you guys!

    I read your articles by Google Reader, and some time ago there where those awesome logo’s & graphics as advertisement above the articles. By time they got changed to some more ugly graphics/pictures. And due that change I was less interested in reading the articles. So maybe that’s a good idea to put it back, when I saw those stunning graphics I automatically clicked the article! :P

    By the way congratulations with the sixth anniversary, and I would love to get a poster!

  175. 177


    I’m Finnish web designer and I’ve been reading for a year. I really enjoy the articles about HTML/CSS/JS. User interface and design articles have also been close to my heart. It’s really nice to hear thoughts from professionals around the world and get inspired by all the things people do.

    Thanks SM, keep up the kood work!

  176. 178

    Happy Birthday Smashing! A few years ago I was introduced to your magazine and have been reading ever since. I love the wide range of articles, the inspiration, the wallpapers… it’s all good. Thank you!

  177. 179

    Happy Smashing Birthday! Keep on keepin’ on!

  178. 180

    I have been a nerd my entire life. I am now looking to strike out on my own in the world of free lance web design. Smashing Magazine is my go to resource to for….everything. It the starting point for all the web development/design research I do. Thank you guys.

  179. 181

    Congrats Smashing Magazine!

    And thank you all for your tremendous work, and for helping understand good design principles which I have integrated in my daily work.

    Keep it up.!

  180. 182

    Well I have only recently stumbled apon Smashing Magazine, what a find!

    An artical every morning is now a staple part of my working life. I enjoy it while I have a cup of tea pondering the upcoming day.

    Happy Birthday and I look forward to being inspired and entertained by Smashing for many more birthdays to come.

  181. 183

    Whenever I or my friends are working on a website and are stuck or need help, I can always find or quote a Smashing article on the problems that everyone is having. Smashing has been so useful over the years, and I don’t know if I would be where I am today without it.

  182. 184

    All your work is beautiful and inspirational.

  183. 185

    Fantastic posters!

  184. 186

    PArticulularly, I don’t think you reply to every Tweet. I know I have sent multiple tweets to you guys, never a response.

  185. 187

    Definitely on my list of ‘must visit’ sites. Would like to see articles and tutorials categorized along the lines of ‘intro’ or ‘advanced’.

  186. 188

    I’d love to see more articles about interaction design and UX design!

  187. 189

    Happy B!

    Smashing is my number one reference site for design/webdesign/coding! Just love the clean site and the straight forward approach. I’m happy to see the site growing and becoming more and more popular.

    Congrats from Brasil!


  188. 190

    Happy B-day Smashing Magazine!

    I have been a web designer for 2 years now and i’ve been reading your articles for 3 years now. I have learned a lot and progressed so much as a designer just by reading your articles and books. I really appreciate what you guys are doing, and i really believe you guys make the web a better (and more beautiful) place!

    Thanks, and keep doing what you do!

  189. 191

    Regarding information and techniques that help me succeed in the “real world”, I can honestly say I have learned more from Smashing Magazine than from my college education. My graphics program in school was under the impression that 1 semester of photoshop, and 1 semester split between Illustrator and InDesign in a self-taught from a book would be ample instruction to be a modern designer…..

    I work in marketing in startup tech now and have thus learned how to wear many hats at once, including web page design, vector illustration, and photo editing. Your site is an invaluable resource, even if all I am looking for is inspiration. Your articles consistently show me better and more efficient ways to think about and solve at design problems.

    Thanks for being awesome! Seriously!

  190. 192

    This contest is awesome!

  191. 193

    I’ll be waiting my posters in Perú!! ;)

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    hi .. it feels a little coincidence that I saw your related tweet, because I will soon have my birthday ;) it feels a bit impressive too, inside, because I started working in 2006, in a web developers company, a small business, in an attractive team, young enthusiasts, the site was a cozy home while surrounded by the atmosphere of a college town and everyone had a headset :D for concentration to the limit ;) and we had a crazy soft friend, who at one time, with a camera in his beak, jumped with a homemade parachute from our balcony.. it was our plush green frog! ;) (so a frog as a teddy bear, don’t know the english word for it :s) so .. I was touched by your story, because it was / is for me, a good time, a good memory, worth celebrating, and the enthusiasts of that time, were some of your early readers : ) it’s great that you keep that atmosphere going, cherish it!

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    I’m from Brasil and I used to live in Canada when I first heard of Smashing Magazine back in 2009. This year I quit my job and today I have my own design company in Brasil and I would say that smashing magazine have a important role in this process, I always search for references and learn with articles from you guys.
    Thanks and congrats for the great job! You guys rocks!!

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    Smashing Mag is my #1 site to turn to for industry articles and ideas. I actually miss the Smashing Network, it used to be a great mash up of great industry articles, constantly updating and hugely pertinent to any ongoing project. Monthly Wallpapers are great but I also miss the regular industry trending fonts and freebies.

    Keep up the great work, and maybe post articles more frequently, still #1

  196. 198

    Your site is a daily read for me, and I’m especially excited at the recent emphasis on Fireworks articles. The outlines I distribute to my Community College web certificate students are full of links to articles you have published…everything from working as a free-lancer and the related client issues and legal documents/contracts to the more technical CSS/HTML and coding articles to the philosophical…thanks for a great resource!

    Oh, and your books and e-books are recommended reads and fill a gap.

    Keep the great information coming! And Happy Anniversary!

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    I live in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean – France), and SM seems well known for everyone interested in Web design or programming. The most memorable article for me was the article of Alma Hoffmann – “I draw pictures all day” (

    Keep rocking SM!

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    Happy Birthday Smashing!

    I find the articles on Business Development and Organizational Practices to be the most useful. One of my personal favorites was “Taming the Wild Mind.”

    Here’s to several more happy years to come!

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    Since I opened my agency 3 years ago in Venezuela, Smashing Magazine is the way I keep up with the world. Many of your articles have given me an edge in all of my web-related knowledge, in a way that my agency can offer quality service that stands out from our competion. Thanks a lot, keep it up.

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    Those posters look great. I really should have contributed to the contest, but I had so much going on. I have the first Smashing Book, and it’s great. Definitely going to complete the collection sometime soon. I keep coming back for the great content, variety of articles, and overall level of quality and design-know-how.

    Thanks, keep it up.

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    I always find that Smashing has great articles and other free things that make my day when I stop to have a read. I really love that there are books that I can also read, since I am one of those people that prefer reading a physical book rather than on a screen! What I dislike about smashing is that for this contest I have to leave something to dislike, I really dislike that. Other than that keep it up :)

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    Your articles have always been inspirational and full of valuable information.
    Each time I open up your website I am left with a million tabs that I would love to read!

    Hope I get those scrumptious prints mm.


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    Aaaaand I want the posters! Please choose me!

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    I was brought on as the sole designer (print and web) and have transitioned into also doing most of the front end design/development as well. I wouldn’t have been able to make as smooth of a transition without your guys’ help every day. My favorite part is the articles are usually less about how to do something (tutorial-like), but instead bring up a discussion point about the web or design.

  213. 215


    I am pleased to congratulate you on your 6th birthday. Your posts never cease to inspire me, making me explore and delve deeper into the realm of possibilities on the web. Thank you for producing such insightful and valuable content that has helped me grow as a web developer.

    Thanks a bunch, and here’s to more years of solid content.
    Daniel Kao

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    Happy Birthday! I’m looking forward to Vitaly Friedman’s speech tomorrow in Zurich at the Frontend Conf :)

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    Smashing magazine was my first webdesign related site that I added to my bookmark. Introduced by the guy whose job I took over( he wasnt fired, he took a better job). He said if you want to do anything fancy to a website or learn stuff go to this website and that website was “”. I learned a lot since then…Thank you.

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    Happy Anniversary Smashing Magazine!

    Originally as a developer and now as director of software development, Smashing Magazine, the site and books, have greatly helped me improve or at least better understand “current” design principles. I also greatly appreciate your articles about the “business” part of being a designer/developer. It is always great to hear what has worked, and what hasn’t, to save the rest of us from making some of the same mistakes.

    Thanks, congratulations, and keep doing a great job!


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    Well, now that I know you pay author for the article, how do I submit an article?

  218. 220

    I’m still new to the world of web creation, but I owe you a world of thanks.

    Of course, I benefited from all things web and tech throughout my whole life, yet it has only been since this past March when I was hired as a web content writer that I have had to dive headfirst into the world of web creation. Thanks to your your site being one of my most helpful resources I am creating a new career path for my self as both writer and designer for the web.

    It helps that you were highly recommended. My co-workers and networking friends learned from you and now I am doing the same. Naturally I gravitate toward your articles on content, but I also hungrily devoured all of your pieces and examples on infographics, which has fueled my drive to create one for my company.

    Cheers on your anniversary! May you continue to report on the future of technologies once we have evolved past Google glasses and simply have cell phones implanted in our brains at birth.

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    I’ve followed you guys for the majority of my web development career. I’ve used your resources many times when starting new projects. Thanks for all the hard work.

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    Happy birthday Smashing Magazine ..!

    I am a .NET developer from Turkey and I do not work on anything about, or even related to, design. And this is why I love Smashing Magazine so much.. Seriously, why do I follow a a site daily if it doesn’t cover anything about my job, work nor hobby? Trying to carry my aesthetic point of view to the next level, to follow trends or to maintain an opinion about UX and UI..? It doesn’t matter because curiosity kills the cat, but not this time!

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    Happy birthday!
    you are very popular between web designers here in Iran. I know many of my friends that love to have a smashing book (because of your wonderful job) but they can’t buy. Here we don’t have access to paypal or any online payment system. nice story is some of my friends buy your books by their friends who live outside of Iran. They try to see and touch your published work with all of this difficulties just because of your stunning job.

    keep up wonderful work.

  222. 224

    I’ve got all Smashing Magazine books and I’m proud of having them.
    I learned so much thanks to you !
    If I had to choose a word to define what Smashing Magazine shares it would be : Quality !
    I’m in lack of words to tell you how thankful i am !

    I hope my english is not too bad :)

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    They told me I can be anyone, so I became a commenter!

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    Happy Birthday!

    I am in the DC area, government. Quality in this area tends to be secondary to quantity. Not only that, but the many Many Many people who sign off on work and who think they are designers or usability experts is ridiculous. It has made my career a challenge. Mostly a challenge to stay fresh and motivated. I find myself unsubscribing from things such as Smashing Magazine and filling my reader with cooking, sewing, or crafts with the kids to fill my creative needs.

    However, everytime I get a project I can really sink my teeth into and want to be inspired. Your the first site I always go back to. Your information is extremely current, relevant, and very well designed.

    I have to admit that my colleagues, even if they know your site, don’t take the time to keep up with where technology and the web is right now. So…no matter how many times I forward articles, they aren’t seeing them!

    I <3 you guys, and am subscribed now!

    (I just started a new job and this government agency is 0% like the 2 agencies I was describing above :)

  225. 227

    Congrats on your continued success these past six years — up and to the right for the next six as well! —

    Coming to you from Seattle, WA — where I’m pretty sure there are more Smashing readers than Starbucks locations; a rare feat.

    Best wishes

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    Happy birthday to my favorite design mag =) I’m not really a designer (am a web developer) but I’ve learned so much from SM that I can’t help but think about design even in every day life. Thank you!

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    I think the beautiful thing about Smashing Magazine is that it’s like a good girlfriend. It makes us laugh sometimes when we’re stressed, it looks great and gets better with age, and it supports us in our tireless efforts to innovate, work hard and grow as individuals.

    I’d propose but the Mrs. would never understand.

    Happy Birthday!

  228. 230

    Brandon Barringer

    September 7, 2012 2:38 am

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I live in Reno, Nv. Most people I talk to read your magazine. If I find someone who doesn’t, I promptly notify them of their mistake. Myself, I wake up to you everyday. My usual morning consists of coffee and Smashing Mag. I have you set to open in one of my tabs when I start my browser.
    Your Magazine has helped me to keep up on current technologies and techniques, therefore making me a better designer.
    I owe you guys my career. Have a happy birthday, and many more to come

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I have been an avid reader for years & I hope to be for many more. The articles you have published over the years have helped me along the way as I started freelancing & eventually started my own design studio.

    Thank you so much for all the resources & inspiration over the years & have a wonderful birthday celebration!

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    Happy B’day Lads and Gals of smashing Mag!

    LOVE! your site and use it daily! be lost without my morning cup of coffee and smashing article!
    Keep up the good work!

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    I always look forward to reading your articles and your website is an excellent source of modern, relevant and interesting articles.

    Love the posters and would be awesome to win a set. Good luck everyone!

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    Happy birthday SM!

    I am from New Mexico , I used to be application developer in C# and due to the demands I had to learn webdevelopment and I have found SM to be a great Just-In-Time resource which lets you grasp things within minutes. I really learnt a lot of things be it CSS or HTML5/PHP. Hoping you celebrate similar success in future. You guys rock!! m/

    (I subscribe you guys in twitter, which is how I gotta know about your B’day! ;))

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    Wow, I’ve been visiting Smashing Mag for a long, long time. It has evolved to become quite the web resource for designers and developers. As a grad student in Minnesota, I’ve done my best to spread the word about this fine, fine publication. Keep up the wonderful work.

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    I became an avid Smashing reader through college. It’s articles greatly helped me with design projects. It still continues to teach me things now that I’m amidst the actual art & design world. I like to think it has made me a better designer.

    Happy Anniversary, Smashing!

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    It is great that the web allows access to anything in the world no matter where you are from.

    Coming from Honolulu, Hawaii, we don’t get many conferences out here and have to rely on webinars or websites to get the latest information on what is going on. What better place to go for information than Smashing Magazine? I am an instructor at a local community college and explain to my class there are experts that can define things that I sometimes can’t and the best place to start is with your website.

    I enjoy the monthly wallpapers the most as well. There is such a range of creativity and ideas displayed.

    Happy Birthday!
    – Chris

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    your my favorite design mag =) I’ve learned so much from you guys that I can think about design even in every day life. Thank you Guys! Keep it up

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    I love browsing the monthly desktop background submissions. The pieces on proper technique especially on responsive design are quite practical.

    Hopefully Many more years of Smashing.

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    Happy Birthday SM :)
    I’m living in Gods own country ( Kerala, India.). Seems this is the right moment i need to thank smashing magazine for your valuable and create posts. In my career starting time ( as a ux designer ) i was not aware about the scope of my job , and industry demands. Really proud to say due to your impact , your articles I’m aware about my job. I’m aware about different sections in design industry. I’m aware about new trends. Now my job is my passion.

    Indeed every day i will spent some time on SM. I had sent some wallpaper calendars (unfortunately thats calenders not published yet ).

    Dear SM like google you are a wonder. Keep growing , keep inspiring. You guys leading from the front.

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    Greetings from Barneveld, Netherlands,
    The mixture of design and programming, content and writing makes Smashing Mag. a perfect website for me. It is one of the few websites I daily check for new articles.

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    I read your site everyday. I like how you evolved so much in last 2 years as i was never a fan of your round-up posts. I’m more of a content lover type of guy. Thanks for providing some really useful articles in last one year.

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    Smashing magazine Team,

    First of all congratulations for your sixth anniversary :) .

    I am a very much avid follower of this in-depth informative site.This URL is very much added to my bookmark and I read the new articles daily also do keep track of the old articles as well.

    Off-lately I gained wonderful tips from the below article:

    Keep pouring such wonderful articles! :)

    Rohit Yog

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    You are the great beginning of my day.

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    Yay, smashing party & happy birthday!

    I’m a web developer in Brisbane, Aus working for a creative media studio. Most of our web devs know your site. Unfortunately our designers are lazy so we have to send them links to your articles sometimes to keep them in the fold..

    There are so many little articles and tips that have helped or inspired me it’s hard to pick one. But I remember reading an article on Responsive Design you guys published about 18 months ago and remember thinking, wow, I couldn’t agree more with this ideal. I did some more research, put together a quick demo and gave a talk at one of our company’s knowledge sharing events. It’s taken a while to catch on but is now being implemented in all our major upcoming projects. So thank you for inspiring me to inspire my peers to make the web a better place for all devices.


  247. 249

    Happy Birthday! I’m from Italy. I do not remember how I first found you but since then I always read you for inspiration. There is no favourite post but most of your post are useful to find solutions for me. Thanks!

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    In a web over-filled with informative websites (good or less-than-good), Smashing Magazine is growing into a one-stop place for me. Quality and efficiency!

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    Hola desde España, seguid así y felicidades por el aniversario.

    Happy Birthday.

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    I’ve been around since the beginning: crafted sites in tables, designed animated gifs in web safe colors, and created flash websites and animations. I now see repetition of old ideas in new ways. Remember dashboard navigation 3D buttons on websites? Just look at Yahoo’s page in December of 1996 (in the way back machine). It’s dejavu all over again!

    In just 16 years there has been so much change to keep up with.

    Thank you for making it easier for us to keep up and stay ahead. :D

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    Happy Birthday SmashingMagazine-Team!

    I love the website! wooohoooooo! :o)

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    I’m an italian Web Developer and since i started to use my first computer back in 2007 I grew up with you.
    From firsts html tag to the last css techniques, you are always able to satisfy my curiosity, training me gradually as developer.

    And now, every day before starting work, I read your beautiful posts for new ideas and inspirations.

    Grazie mille e buon compleanno!! :)

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    .LuD. @ SmashingMagazine powered.

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    A friday without Smashing Magazine, is not a friday :-)

    Best wishes from Germany

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    The latest most incredible article for me was The MVC Jungle :)

    Keep up the great work and never lose your passion.

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    Love all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa!!

    What I love about Smashing Magazine is the fact that they in depth articles about industry specific issues and topics. Every day I have to put a different hat on while at work, whether it is design, UX or development and it’s great that smashing magazine gives me the resources to do those jobs to the best of my abilities by staying up to date what’s happening out there.

    The only critique might be that some of the articles get so long that I get tired just from reading them, but when I actually do get around reading them I do understand why they are so long.

    Thank you very much for all the hard work through all these years. We appreciate every little piece of effort.

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    nice posters! i would like to win :)

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    I’m Camille. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduate but I decided to take my career path into Web Designing field. I’m a Web Designer in Singapore and your website keeps me inspired. I love the freelance stories and tips for web designer articles. Lots of it!

    More powers to Smashing Magazine! Keep it up!

    I hope I can get a copy of your posters ♥

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    I learned a lot from smashing magazine, mostly how to create responsive design for my clients. Also my desktop looks good because of the monthly wallpapers.

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    I always read your articles and your books inspired me a lot! Thanx!!

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    Keep bringing that inspiration!

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    Happy Birthday SM!

    I started as a designer/developer in late 2009 and at that stage smashing had just started teasing us with the new possibilities presented by HTML5. I learnt more and more about HTML and discovered a whole ream of interesting design and styling ideas, all through SM.

    Even when I wasn’t working in the industry, the humourous and welcoming style of the newsletters kept me interested in my chosen field. It even helped me get the job I have now.

    No matter how many articles I read or tutorials I follow, I always come back to SM to verify what I’ve heard, just to make sure it’s right.

    Thanks for being a great resource, and may you keep on informing for many years to come :)

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    Happy Birthday SM. I am a web designer from Kolkata, India. And reading SM has been one of my daily routines for the past six years. Thanks for enriching our profession.

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    I love smashing magazine! Here’s to six more years!

    Also I want a poster for my wall :p

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    6 years – Congratulations!!!

    I am a web designer in the east of the UK. Over the past 4 years smashing magazine has helped me progress in so many ways. My eyes have been opened up to new concepts, technologies and best practices. For me the site and books have been invaluable for keeping me on my toes, for opening the door to progress further. It is my first stop every morning in my browser.

    My favourite articles have been on the subject of UI and UX, to be totally honest as an inspiration site and for making you think about “design” on the whole no other site really makes you take notice of what’s happening and what different people are doing.

    Be interesting to see what people are saying in another 6 years from now.

    Much love to the smashing team

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    I’m a WordPress developer from Sydney, Australia. I particularly find the WordPress related articles of most use. Thanks for all the awesome articles you have published.

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    happy birthday smashing magazine!

    really great website and great articles.
    i always recommend reading smashing magazine to my frontend-team.

    thanks for inspiration and helpful input.

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    Smashingmag always updates me about the latest trends and inspiration in www and hope it will do so for a long time.

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    HBD !

    I’m a .NET and web developper from Belgium.
    I’m really interested in UX !
    Smashing Magazine is listed in the web section of my feed aggregator and I love it because it’s a great source of inspiration and sometimes a treat for the eyes !

    I often share your articles with my coworkers and some of them like that (the other don’t like the ui part of an app…)

    I hope you ‘ll post nice articles for a long time !

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    I’m web developer from Poland and… I love Smashing Magazine. I have one of your books – great BTW. I read SM over 3 years now and I’m so happy that you are :).
    I use bunch of coding tutorials form your articles – it’s helping me a lot. I’m very gratefull for!

    Happy Birthday!

    my best regards

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    I am a front end/UX/Wordpress developer from Albania.
    I read your site on a daily basis, sometimes reading twice (or more) the same article. I’ve also read all of your SM printed books.
    I wanted to read more on the business side of web development or UX.

    Have a nice party and don’t drink too much :)

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    These posters look great. Would look even better on my wall. I have been reading Smashing Magazines for a while now just to keep up in the design world since it is rapidly changing all the time. You guys keep me up to date and always in the loop.

    Thanks Smashing and Happy Birthday

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    I discovered your site a year ago and return to it almost every day to read your articles. Good inspiration, great wallpapers and great responsive site! Thank you.

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    Happy Birthday! SM

    You are the always inspiring guys and i used to show the skills i learned from SM in front of my colleagues and they got surprised to see where i would have knew this thing. :) Now i am having a good team of 15 people in my office and we all regularly look for SM for all the things going in our web world. Now I am looking for these posters to paste on office walls :)

    My best Regards to Smashing Magazine. Keep on rocking guys…

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    Congrats to all the years of hard work, and wealth of knowledge you’ve provided to the design community! I am a front end developer in New York, NY, and share many of the posts with my coworkers. The hot trend for us now is mobile development, and Fireworks utilization. Plugins galore and responsive standards are making their way into our workflow. Thanks for everything.

  285. 287

    Happy sixth birthday!

    I hope there’s many years and articles to come!

  286. 288

    Yes Smashing Magazine! I brought the Anthology a couple weeks back, shame you’ve now but them on sale! But they are still worth every penny I paid. I’m quickly getting through them! My colleagues are a little frustrated I’m turning into a smart-arse!! HAHA!

    Anyway, lots of love from London.


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    SM helps me keep up with web trends & techs, inspires me for my graphic works and helps me communicate my work with the monthly competition. From Athens thank you SM!

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    Smashing magazine is my first daily design (and lately coding) inspiration source.

    Thanks and happy birthday, many more years of inspiration for such an inspired community!

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    Thanks for 6 years of awesomeness SM!

    I have my fingers crossed I’ll get a brand spankin new poster by my desk that my coworkers can fawn over. (I mean, who wouldn’t? They’re gorgeous)

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    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I’m happy to say that you guys were around when I started really digging into my freelancing career; and it couldn’t have been better timing! I love all the helpful tips and resources you provided. I’d like to see more specialized books in queue…. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Keep it up!


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    Smashing Magazine is not only educational, it is also inspirational. Keep up the great work! Happy Anniversary, Smashing Magazine!

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    The most happiest birthday to Smashing Magazine crew!

    I am a Kazakhstan-based amateur graphic designer and web developer. I have often met references and translations of SM articles in IT blogs. I decided to finally visit your site while looking for nice free fonts for a typography contest.

    It has really changed my world. I fell in love with type and admired typography ever since. Nowadays working with typography is my biggest pleasure. It wouldn’t happen without your collections of awesome fonts and vintage typography!

    I also have a request. It would be really awesome if all that free typeface goodness was gathered in one place, like a huge article with examples. In other words, it’s easier to scan one 200-font post than 4 of 50-font posts.

    Best of the best wishes, hello from Kazakhstan! You people are truly awesome!

  293. 295

    I like what Smashing Magazine offers now quite a bit. The only thing I would add are detailed tutorials of various web design/development techniques. The articles on those subjects are great, but a step by step tutorials section would be a great way for you to expand your reach and your audience.

  294. 296

    Smashing Magazine is the best Design Blog/Magazine for me! Thanks for 6 Years!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!
    Your articles have always inspired me in many ways and I have learnt a lot of great stuffs fom your articles. One thing that I really miss is the smashing network. It was so amazing to see all the amazing posts together under one section.
    I have all your 4 books and they are amazing :) . So , if i recieve the poster,it will b a great addition to my “Smashing” collection. Haha
    Lastly, I wish you all good luck for coming years and thanks for everything ur doing for the design and web community :)

  296. 298

    Im not a designer myself, but you guys guys make me wish i were. The combination of business with design is perfect for anybody looking to actually create something practical. Articles featuring a mix of e-commerce with design are my favorites.

    Im from Canada, and your site is well know among my work buddies.

    Keep being awesome!

  297. 299

    I’m from just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I am a giant fan of the Responsive Design articles that Smashing throws up. I also LOVE that your site puts its money where its mouth is and looks great on all devices.

    Happy Anniversary kids!

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    Smashing Magazine is always my first online stop for the best articles in web design, SEO, web project management, and everything else! I remember back in 2008, I was taking a college course in “Web Communications” and I had the chance to present the class with my favorite website online. SM was my first thought!

    Question: What are some good general tips for a web site freelancer who is building a website for a graduating High School Class, say, of 1967? This is an audience I have never really considered developing/designing for. It seems like the SEO would be a particularly unique challenge, depending on which classmates of ’67 already know about the site, and classmates who have not yet discovered it. Seems like a niche market…your thoughts?

  299. 301

    Hailing from Kansas City, MO here. SM has been a wonderful resource for me as I have launched my career as a front-end web developer. At work, on Fridays, I usually make it a priority to scour the web and learn new things about my field. I always start at SM and continue onwards. The broad spectrum of issues covered is great, and the site itself is a joy to read and use.

  300. 302

    Happy birthday! You guys have helped me grow as a designer in so many ways!! Also, my desktop would probably not be as cool without all the wallpapers I religiously download hehe. Now if only I had some posters to match it…

  301. 303

    Ramiro Silveyra d'Avila

    September 8, 2012 3:14 am

    Happy birthday! You are amazing, always read. And the posters are great! Greetings from Argentina.

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    Love your articles. Used a lot of your content when working on our last mobile web development project. Keep up the great work!!

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    I have all the three editions of these series of wonderful books and there has been vast improvement if I compare first issue and the third one. Choice of topics, printing and binding all have been top notch. Without any formal background in Graphic design I have learnt so much from these books and your website and keep learning everyday.

    As I was preparing myself to learn responsive design to meet the requirements of my future clients, your third edition arrived in time with the theme of “Redesign the Web”. Every article in it was an eye opener and so educative. Its companion book was another wonderful addition. Instead of reading here and there these twin books cleared all my doubts and gave me clear vision for the future.

    Articles like Techniques for building better user experience, Redesigning with Personality and Workflow Redesigned were too good.

    The icing on the cake was that my name was published on the front page and my BIG THANKS for that.

    Keep up the good work :)

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    Your magazine is a guiding force for newbies and pros alike. I always find fresh ideas being discussed here that offer a new insight to projects I’m working on. Thanks and congrats for maintaining fantastic quality.

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    I own all your books and appreciate all the posts that are keeping me up2date. Keep it going!


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    My name is Jamey Laroche and I’m from Ottawa Ontario Canada. I was Fraud Analyst at a bank for 7 years before I took out all my savings, went back to school and became a web/multimedia developer. One of my professors was a huge fan of yours and would share a recent article when he felt it meshed well with that day’s class. After a few really cool articles, I decided to check you out on my own. I’ve been a fan ever since.

    My favourite part of Smashing Mag has to be your Twitter feed. Not only to you post links to your cool articles, you also post links to cool stuff from around the net, proving you are in this for the design and not just the clicks. Also, I have to admit that when I need quick colour palette ideas for a client, I often refer to Smashing Book 2’s “chapter” pages.

    So happy happy birthday Smashing Mag. I hope making this site brings you as much joy as I get from reading it. Don’t stop the magic!

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    I just happened onto your magazine this past year. Looking for mobile web development tips and I came across one of your ebooks. Purchased an entire set and they remain a part of my go-to references when working on special projects. Thanks and happy anniversary! Ray, web developer from Lewiston, Me.

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    Also, I find your website is an awesome way to be aware of the new trends, to find solution or to simply be inspired.

    Happy anniversary to the whole team !

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    I am always reading the articles here at Smashing Magazine and the amazing books You are selling.
    It’s great stuff and I am often using it in my professionel life as webdeveloper.
    // Kaare Roager

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    I’m on the 3rd year of my job now, and checking out Smashing Magazine has become an almost daily habit. Being the veritable source of knowledge, information, and inspiration that you are, you have helped shape my ability to do “magic” with the web and I cannot be thankful enough. I will be reading more from you guys in the future, that’s what I’m sure of.

    Cheers and more power to the team!

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    Ive need reading your issues since day 1 and gained tons of inspiration. Thank you and keep on the good work

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    Honestly, every improvement and change that the team at SM comes out with is generally awesome. I love how the site has changed over the years–definitely for the better. Keep at it!

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    Thank you for all of the things you’ve put up here and keep rocking!

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    /* though you may not see it directly, remember that you’ve inspired many of us to be better at what we do */

    Thank you

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    Cheers and keep up the smashing work :)

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    Here is a picture my baby and I made for y’all :)

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    Smashing Magazine has both of them.

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    Hey Smashing Magazine!
    My thoughts to Smashing Magazine can be summed up in the following words.

    “Thanks for reminding me that there is no place for arrogance in the world of Design!”

    I have been a designer by profession since 2003. I’ve done print, sign, web and multimedia design during those years and love it. I have devoted many hours of my life to improving my skills, but sometimes, I tend to get a bit arrogant and think for a moment, “I’ve learned all that I can!” Then, just like its name, this magazine comes “smashing” down on that arrogance and presents me with a whole slew of new ideas, concepts and the push to move forward. Some of the articles, especially those on typography brings my weaknesses to light. Each day, I leave this website inspired and humbled by how fast the industry is growing. It is a constant reminder that I can never sit still in this profession or I risk being left behind. Sitting still is for quiet moments of inspiration, but never an excuse for laziness or taking the position of know-it-all.

    Beside this, I also enjoy the articles where the line between programming and design are blurred. My dream since high school was to become a designer who programs and vise-versa. It’s neat to see articles here that places their feet on both sides of that line.

    Keep up the good work Smashing Magazine. Keep us all from becoming arrogant.

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