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Yesterday we described who we are1, and today it’s your turn to tell us your story. Looking back at where we’ve come from and where we are today, we see that one principle has not changed a bit over the years, and it is one of the core elements of our work: that is, we’ll go as far as it takes to deliver value and substance to you, our dear reader.

Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.
We’re celebrating our sixth anniversary. Apparently, the Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.

We measure success not by traffic and not by the number of advertising spots sold, but by the amount of value an article provides you with. And to measure that, we quantify the attention an article receives and the overall feedback it gets in comments, blog posts and social channels. We listen to you, and we listen carefully. Our team reads through each and every email and tweet sent to us, and we also double-check comments that get marked as “spam” and approve the legitimate ones. Every meaningful comment contributes to the discussion and helps us further improve the quality of our content. And that’s a huge deal for us.

Leave A Comment!

But with such rigorous standards and high expectations, failing is very easy. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to learn how Smashing Magazine has helped you over the years, what you like and dislike and what you’d like to be different in future.

And since the greatness of a birthday party depends on how much the guests are into it, we kindly ask you to share your feedback, thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Where do you live? How well recognized is Smashing Magazine in your area and among the people you know? How has Smashing Magazine helped you in your career? What has been the most memorable article for you? Which author drives you nuts most often? What do you miss in Smashing Magazine? Whether you feel like replying to all of these questions or just to one, we are genuinely interested in hearing what’s on your mind, and we look forward to reading your answers:

The Prizes

Among all the commenters, we’ll raffle 30 sets of exclusive poster prints. Each set contains six prints of some of the best entries from our “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World” poster competition. The prints are limited editions and were printed especially for this giveaway. They would definitely look nice on your office or studio wall!

Redesign The Web - Redesign The World Poster Prints2
Some of the best entries in the “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World”3 poster competition.

The Anniversary Schedule

As promised, we have prepared limited-edition prizes and special Smashing Book discounts. Please keep in mind that the event only runs for a limited time span (starting at midnight CET).

September 7 (Friday, tomorrow): 30% anniversary discount for printed books
Our print books are our editorial flagships. Well-respected experts in the industry contribute to our Smashing Books, delivering best practices and innovative techniques to the community. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely not let this special pass you by. Get a 30% anniversary discount on all printed Smashing books for 48 hours, e.g.

This is a chance to add to your reference library or to surprise a colleague or your department with a great set of Smashing Books.

30% on all printed books

Special eBook Discounts6

Be sure to keep up to date via the Smashing Newsletter7 as well.

We sincerely appreciate your time and support, and we look very much forward to your feedback!

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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Moldován Eduárd

    September 6, 2012 6:12 pm

    Happy Birthday, #SM! Hope you keep bringing us the things that you now set the standard for.

  2. 152

    The posters are great looking! I remember that competition fondly – too bad I failed on the deadline. Ha.

  3. 303

    Andrew Richardson

    September 6, 2012 6:14 pm

    Hey Smashing,

    I’m a front end web designer working both a full time job for a software company and freelancing on the side.

    I love the consistency of your updates. It’s nice to hear a voice from the industry every day even if it’s not always relevant to me. I’m really interested in case studies of how other designers are working. Being the only web designer at my company I don’t get a lot of collaboration between other designers so it’s very refreshing when I get to see it on here. It helps me fill in the gaps of inefficiency, lets me know what tools and practices are being used and how other designers communicate.


  4. 454

    Happy Birthday SM! I loved reading your post and subcribed to your feed.

  5. 605

    Very inspirational!great posters too,love to have one

  6. 756

    Happy Birthday Smashing Mag!

    I seriously can’t thank you enough. Being a post-graduate of a small town community college, I need all the inspiration to design I can get my hands on. You guys give me what I come here for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. 907

    Smashing is great and I read daily!

    I was suprised a few years ago when seemingly every creative office I went in knew about Smashing and almost everyone in each office read daily too. Seems it never took much time for SM to make its presence known!

  8. 1058

    Smashing has helped me a TON! I am a web developer in Utah and I work for one company but I am constantly taking freelance jobs.

    My creativity and graphic design work is not the best, but Smashing magazine always gives me the inspiration I need! I love all the articles on current technologies and I especially love the mobile articles.

    However, my favorite thing are the contests! I absolutely love looking at the contests and their winners.

    Happy Birthday Smashing! You are very well followed in our marketing department! Keep the creative juices flowing.

  9. 1209

    Hey there, Smashing Magazine!

    I’m a part-time, freelance web designer from Roseburg, Oregon. Sadly, I can count the number of quality web designers in this town with one hand.

    I really enjoy articles that give tutorials for CSS / html5 / Javascript / etc. I recently used the Pure CSS3 Slideshow tutorial and rolled my own. Fantastic! I also enjoy the posts where the author gets deep into a particular topic and really digs into the nuts and bolts of a technique or concept.

    Thanks for everything!!

  10. 1360

    I like ’em

  11. 1511

    since I started coding, SM has been with me. I’ve learned a lot from this website and its one of my favs. Im very happy you keep growing. Happy b-day SM!

  12. 1662

    My ex boss recommended reading you every day…
    Lots of things have changed in the meantime (…) but I still read you every day.

  13. 1813

    Well, for one more year you are the best. Happy Birthday ! and to many more. Keep inspiring us.

  14. 1964

    Happy Birthday, Smashing!
    I discovered your site 4 years ago when I was just a web design puppy. I’ve never stopped coming back. Your content continues to inspire and help me grow. I’m the web content manager at a university in the Greater Philadelphia area. I find myself drinking from your vast knowledge ponds on a regular basis as I try my best to push the site further along the road towards a prettier Interwebs. Thanks for the refreshments! Keep on keeping on!

  15. 2115

    A cup of coffee and Smashing Magazine mark the beginning of everyday at work. Here’s to a happy sixth, and hopefully many more to come!

  16. 2266

    Hello from Bangkok and Happy Birthday to you!

    I’m a Visual Designer at a news agency. Couldn’t describe in words how much you mean to me :)

    Thank you for being you.

  17. 2417

    Smashing Magazine makes me look like I’m super fancy and in the know when I read it in front of my friends. Thanks for all you do! :) Would LOVE to win a poster :)

  18. 2568

    Congrats on your 6th Anniversary! I just recently got into the field and I have learned quite a bit from Smashing. Your site is filled with great tips, tricks and advice that are relevant to even beginners like me. It’s an inspiration to see how far you’ve all come and I hope that someday I will be right up there with your guys.



  19. 2719

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! Thank you so much for providing such an amazing resource for all of us. You’re one of my top sites to visit for inspiration and articles.

    Winning a set of those beautiful posters would just be the icing on the cake! Not to mention how amazing they would look in my office. :)

    Keep up all the good work! Cheers!

  20. 2870

    Boy, giveaways sure do bring out the commenters, huh?

    I have been reading Smashing for about 6 months now. Through my formal studies, I was bred into a business and numbers guy, but Smashing has really taught me the value of solid design. So much so, that I’ve now completely back-tracked and immersed myself into the world of design and development, picking up as much as I can along the way. Enough to possibly warrant a completely different career path in the foreseeable future.

    Smashing, the magazine, the people behind it, and the fantastic discussions by many of the people here commenting, have all greatly contributed to my new found passion and been a huge inspiration for where I’m headed.

    Thank you.

  21. 3021

    I started reading your pages sometime during your third year, aka my first year of web designing/coding! Smashing has been and remains a powerful tool to keep me learning, thinking and making a better web.

    Many thanks to you all.

  22. 3172

    I would love to have one of this beautiful posters ;)

  23. 3323

    Hey Smashing!

    Your site/books are my go-to sources of information about 80% of the time. Some articles regarding design and pixel-pushing gave me information about issues that I never really considered, which in turn helped me make less mistakes and made me more efficient. Thanks to you, I now have a solid foundation in web-based typography, wireframing, responsive design and more! I keep up to date with your articles and continue learning about time-saving practices.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  24. 3474

    I have tip for you guys!

    I read your articles by Google Reader, and some time ago there where those awesome logo’s & graphics as advertisement above the articles. By time they got changed to some more ugly graphics/pictures. And due that change I was less interested in reading the articles. So maybe that’s a good idea to put it back, when I saw those stunning graphics I automatically clicked the article! :P

    By the way congratulations with the sixth anniversary, and I would love to get a poster!

  25. 3625


    I’m Finnish web designer and I’ve been reading for a year. I really enjoy the articles about HTML/CSS/JS. User interface and design articles have also been close to my heart. It’s really nice to hear thoughts from professionals around the world and get inspired by all the things people do.

    Thanks SM, keep up the kood work!

  26. 3776

    Happy Birthday Smashing! A few years ago I was introduced to your magazine and have been reading ever since. I love the wide range of articles, the inspiration, the wallpapers… it’s all good. Thank you!

  27. 3927

    Happy Smashing Birthday! Keep on keepin’ on!

  28. 4078

    I have been a nerd my entire life. I am now looking to strike out on my own in the world of free lance web design. Smashing Magazine is my go to resource to for….everything. It the starting point for all the web development/design research I do. Thank you guys.

  29. 4229

    Congrats Smashing Magazine!

    And thank you all for your tremendous work, and for helping understand good design principles which I have integrated in my daily work.

    Keep it up.!

  30. 4380

    Well I have only recently stumbled apon Smashing Magazine, what a find!

    An artical every morning is now a staple part of my working life. I enjoy it while I have a cup of tea pondering the upcoming day.

    Happy Birthday and I look forward to being inspired and entertained by Smashing for many more birthdays to come.

  31. 4531

    Whenever I or my friends are working on a website and are stuck or need help, I can always find or quote a Smashing article on the problems that everyone is having. Smashing has been so useful over the years, and I don’t know if I would be where I am today without it.

  32. 4682

    All your work is beautiful and inspirational.

  33. 4833

    Fantastic posters!

  34. 4984

    PArticulularly, I don’t think you reply to every Tweet. I know I have sent multiple tweets to you guys, never a response.

  35. 5135

    Definitely on my list of ‘must visit’ sites. Would like to see articles and tutorials categorized along the lines of ‘intro’ or ‘advanced’.

  36. 5286

    I’d love to see more articles about interaction design and UX design!

  37. 5437

    Happy B!

    Smashing is my number one reference site for design/webdesign/coding! Just love the clean site and the straight forward approach. I’m happy to see the site growing and becoming more and more popular.

    Congrats from Brasil!


  38. 5588

    Happy B-day Smashing Magazine!

    I have been a web designer for 2 years now and i’ve been reading your articles for 3 years now. I have learned a lot and progressed so much as a designer just by reading your articles and books. I really appreciate what you guys are doing, and i really believe you guys make the web a better (and more beautiful) place!

    Thanks, and keep doing what you do!

  39. 5739

    Regarding information and techniques that help me succeed in the “real world”, I can honestly say I have learned more from Smashing Magazine than from my college education. My graphics program in school was under the impression that 1 semester of photoshop, and 1 semester split between Illustrator and InDesign in a self-taught from a book would be ample instruction to be a modern designer…..

    I work in marketing in startup tech now and have thus learned how to wear many hats at once, including web page design, vector illustration, and photo editing. Your site is an invaluable resource, even if all I am looking for is inspiration. Your articles consistently show me better and more efficient ways to think about and solve at design problems.

    Thanks for being awesome! Seriously!

  40. 5890

    This contest is awesome!

  41. 6041

    I’ll be waiting my posters in Perú!! ;)

  42. 6192

    hi .. it feels a little coincidence that I saw your related tweet, because I will soon have my birthday ;) it feels a bit impressive too, inside, because I started working in 2006, in a web developers company, a small business, in an attractive team, young enthusiasts, the site was a cozy home while surrounded by the atmosphere of a college town and everyone had a headset :D for concentration to the limit ;) and we had a crazy soft friend, who at one time, with a camera in his beak, jumped with a homemade parachute from our balcony.. it was our plush green frog! ;) (so a frog as a teddy bear, don’t know the english word for it :s) so .. I was touched by your story, because it was / is for me, a good time, a good memory, worth celebrating, and the enthusiasts of that time, were some of your early readers : ) it’s great that you keep that atmosphere going, cherish it!

  43. 6343

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!

    I’m from Brasil and I used to live in Canada when I first heard of Smashing Magazine back in 2009. This year I quit my job and today I have my own design company in Brasil and I would say that smashing magazine have a important role in this process, I always search for references and learn with articles from you guys.
    Thanks and congrats for the great job! You guys rocks!!

  44. 6494

    I love posters.

  45. 6645

    Smashing Mag is my #1 site to turn to for industry articles and ideas. I actually miss the Smashing Network, it used to be a great mash up of great industry articles, constantly updating and hugely pertinent to any ongoing project. Monthly Wallpapers are great but I also miss the regular industry trending fonts and freebies.

    Keep up the great work, and maybe post articles more frequently, still #1

  46. 6796

    Your site is a daily read for me, and I’m especially excited at the recent emphasis on Fireworks articles. The outlines I distribute to my Community College web certificate students are full of links to articles you have published…everything from working as a free-lancer and the related client issues and legal documents/contracts to the more technical CSS/HTML and coding articles to the philosophical…thanks for a great resource!

    Oh, and your books and e-books are recommended reads and fill a gap.

    Keep the great information coming! And Happy Anniversary!

  47. 6947

    They are just Smashing!

  48. 7098

    Happy B-day. Thoose posters would look great on my wall ;)

  49. 7249

    Happy birthday ! Your site is a great help and a great learning source for me, thank you !

  50. 7400

    I love the content on Smashing, though the one thing I wouldn’t mind more of is Adobe Fireworks tutorials.


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