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Yesterday we described who we are1, and today it’s your turn to tell us your story. Looking back at where we’ve come from and where we are today, we see that one principle has not changed a bit over the years, and it is one of the core elements of our work: that is, we’ll go as far as it takes to deliver value and substance to you, our dear reader.

Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.
We’re celebrating our sixth anniversary. Apparently, the Smashing Cat has already got into the party mood.

We measure success not by traffic and not by the number of advertising spots sold, but by the amount of value an article provides you with. And to measure that, we quantify the attention an article receives and the overall feedback it gets in comments, blog posts and social channels. We listen to you, and we listen carefully. Our team reads through each and every email and tweet sent to us, and we also double-check comments that get marked as “spam” and approve the legitimate ones. Every meaningful comment contributes to the discussion and helps us further improve the quality of our content. And that’s a huge deal for us.

Leave A Comment!

But with such rigorous standards and high expectations, failing is very easy. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to learn how Smashing Magazine has helped you over the years, what you like and dislike and what you’d like to be different in future.

And since the greatness of a birthday party depends on how much the guests are into it, we kindly ask you to share your feedback, thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Where do you live? How well recognized is Smashing Magazine in your area and among the people you know? How has Smashing Magazine helped you in your career? What has been the most memorable article for you? Which author drives you nuts most often? What do you miss in Smashing Magazine? Whether you feel like replying to all of these questions or just to one, we are genuinely interested in hearing what’s on your mind, and we look forward to reading your answers:

The Prizes

Among all the commenters, we’ll raffle 30 sets of exclusive poster prints. Each set contains six prints of some of the best entries from our “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World” poster competition. The prints are limited editions and were printed especially for this giveaway. They would definitely look nice on your office or studio wall!

Redesign The Web - Redesign The World Poster Prints2
Some of the best entries in the “Redesign the Web, Redesign the World”3 poster competition.

The Anniversary Schedule

As promised, we have prepared limited-edition prizes and special Smashing Book discounts. Please keep in mind that the event only runs for a limited time span (starting at midnight CET).

September 7 (Friday, tomorrow): 30% anniversary discount for printed books
Our print books are our editorial flagships. Well-respected experts in the industry contribute to our Smashing Books, delivering best practices and innovative techniques to the community. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely not let this special pass you by. Get a 30% anniversary discount on all printed Smashing books for 48 hours, e.g.

This is a chance to add to your reference library or to surprise a colleague or your department with a great set of Smashing Books.

30% on all printed books

Special eBook Discounts6

Be sure to keep up to date via the Smashing Newsletter7 as well.

We sincerely appreciate your time and support, and we look very much forward to your feedback!

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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Happy Birthday from Sydney Australia.

  2. 352

    Heyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have a comment :D

  3. 703

    “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”
    Smashing Magazine has both of them.

    thanks for everything
    Happy sixth anniversary, Smashing Magazine

  4. 1054

    Hey Smashing Magazine!
    My thoughts to Smashing Magazine can be summed up in the following words.

    “Thanks for reminding me that there is no place for arrogance in the world of Design!”

    I have been a designer by profession since 2003. I’ve done print, sign, web and multimedia design during those years and love it. I have devoted many hours of my life to improving my skills, but sometimes, I tend to get a bit arrogant and think for a moment, “I’ve learned all that I can!” Then, just like its name, this magazine comes “smashing” down on that arrogance and presents me with a whole slew of new ideas, concepts and the push to move forward. Some of the articles, especially those on typography brings my weaknesses to light. Each day, I leave this website inspired and humbled by how fast the industry is growing. It is a constant reminder that I can never sit still in this profession or I risk being left behind. Sitting still is for quiet moments of inspiration, but never an excuse for laziness or taking the position of know-it-all.

    Beside this, I also enjoy the articles where the line between programming and design are blurred. My dream since high school was to become a designer who programs and vise-versa. It’s neat to see articles here that places their feet on both sides of that line.

    Keep up the good work Smashing Magazine. Keep us all from becoming arrogant.

  5. 1405

    Happy Anniversary Smashing team

  6. 1756

    Always love the articles here. Smashing Magazine Rocks. Greetings from Bangladesh!

  7. 2107

    Bon anniversaire “smacking” magazine !
    I live in Poitiers / France, I’m a regular reader since 2009, I’m 39 years old. I’m working at Cned, french administration for e-learning. It’s not always easy to me to read in english and It’s harder to write in english, sorry for my mistakes. It would be even more harder if you were writing in german, so thank you at all. Smashing Magazine is my number one reference for techno news in web technologies and web design. I had pleasure to read your articles about typography, this subject is not easy to find in other weblogs. I also like your tips about CSS. I have always Smashing Magazine in top line of my SpeedDial in Opera web browser, and every month I make my choice in Smashing Mag wallpapers to decorate my desktop. Yes, I’m a fan ! Some of us are also regular readers where I work. We’ve Smashing Book n°1 in our ressource library. Thank you for everything and keep going :)

  8. 2458

    You guys redfined the web world! Happy birthday SM


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