Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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  1. 1

    Mobile usage has exploded over recent years with the introduction of new technologies. Now with the rollout of 4g wireless technologies the web is no longer something you browse while sitting in front of a monitor at a desk. It has evolved into something that consumers continue to embed into their everyday lives. Without being/becoming mobile, you will become extinct.

  2. 2

    Mobile is so important nowadays, because our whole life is mobile!

  3. 3

    Because mobile allows me to have the whole interwebz in my pocket.

  4. 4

    Mobile has become an extension of ourselves, with all the good and bad that comes from it. The “whole life fits in your pocket” concept is finally a reality

  5. 5

    Mobile is important because nobody really wants to sit at a desk.

  6. 6

    There are more internet-ready mobile devices than there are desktop PC’s!!!

  7. 7

    Sweet posters!

  8. 8

    Being mobile is not important – it is expected. The web should be accessible from everywhere, and the experience should be as good on a 3″ screen as on a 27″ screen.

  9. 9

    I would love to get one of those poster !! Actually, I hope I can get one cause i’m in France so… :)

    Mobile is so important nowadays. In France, we’re always a bit late compared to the US but m-commerce is moving forward very quickly. Two years ago, 400 million euros were spent on mobile in France. Last year, it was 1 billion (+150 %). It goes without saying that it’s gonna keep getting more and more important in the next years. We can’t miss the mobile wave.

    Would love the poster though :p

  10. 10

    On a current client project I found that levels of site usage between mobile and non-mobile users are fairly equal. However, those using mobile browsers are less likely to view more recent content. While desktop users peruse topic indexes and access the latest press releases and blog posts more frequently, those on mobile are more likely to land directly on a piece of content, consume it and leave.

    I think this makes it clear why we should continue to give mobile users the very best experience possible and focus on what they need from the site.

  11. 11

    It’s not about becoming mobile, it’s about becoming universal in your design philosophy and approach. Device-agnosticism is the way to design for the future and treat the web as a single platform with many facets, offering different user experiences. Focus on creating those experiences.

  12. 12

    Mobile is the technology dreamed of decades ago: always on, infinite connectivity among like minds and overwhelming info at our fingertips. Plus a stronger chance of creative minds flourishing when brought together.

  13. 13

    I preordered the Mobile Book and imo it’s the best Smashing Book i’ve ever read.
    In the next years there will be more and more free wireless spots, 4G is coming, so that many people will use there Featurephones and Smartphones for everything affecting the Internet.
    So we need more good and useable mobile site’s.

  14. 14

    Mobile is pivotal because it’s the shortest distance between your and the experience you used to HAVE to perform on a PC. Content creators need to remain cognizant of this because if yours is an experience you want to be desirable to others, it needs to look its absolute best across a range of devices or risk being looked over in favor of someone else’s work.

  15. 15

    Mobile is no longer just a secondary way of accessing information while on the go. For many people today, especially the younger generations, mobile is the primary interface to the interwebs. To ignore mobile is to alienate an increasing user base who are mobile-first users.

    It isn’t just the younger generations, either. My mom has become the iPad expert at the senior community where she lives, and her fellow residents have started coming to her for advice and training. Several of her students don’t have a computer, have never had a computer, and don’t intend to get a computer, but they’re perfectly comfortable using the iPad.

  16. 16

    Mobile is with us. In our pocket. In the bus, train and on the bench in the park. If you don’t have an eye on mobile, you miss the future …

  17. 17

    To connect to EVERYTHING!

  18. 18

    Mobile is the best way to get an idea what is going on. Everything happens anywhere and anytime and thanks to mobile development, you don’t need to miss a thing. Due to the massive growth in mobile developers Smashing’s Mobile Book really stands out as a standard every developer needs to achieve. With the posters it is possible to take a second every day and think about the importance of mobile developing without having to open the book before going to work. It would be a great reminder that everything is possible as long as the standards and reasons are top notch.

  19. 19

    There is also the need the “think” mobile to build sites or apps with a good performance. much html much more css. and it still looks like gfx

  20. 20

    Mobile usage is important today because of the way technology is evolving. Nowadays, we can’t stick just to big heavy laptops, we need smaller but smarter devices, the so-called smartphones. They’re currently a big part of everyone’s life and we need to adapt to this.

  21. 21

    Mobile is so important that we like to spend more time with our smartphone than with our girlfriends. And because of that we always end up having girls yell at us… Often on the phone :)

  22. 22

    Mobile has become the first point of purchase for retail and will continue to revolutionize all industries.

  23. 23

    Do the mobile posters resize accordingly to the place/room I’m about to bring them to? Neat!

  24. 24

    More and more websites are being accessed from mobile instead of the majority being used on a desktop. People looking for directions while in their car & sitting on the couch and watching tv while browsing on their smartphones are just a fraction of the cases where mobile is becomin a huge factor. Creating for mobile has become a ‘we must!’ everywhere instead of a ‘should we?’.

  25. 25

    Mobile is important – because we want to be able to check the news / blogs not only at home but also in the morning while sitting in the bus.

  26. 26

    Mobile has become the standard and if you are not mobile ready then your business/brand is losing customers

  27. 27

    The sole reason why mobile is important today and will continue to be important tomorrow is that this world is increasingly becoming more and more fast paced and more and more saturated with content. Mobile is the medium that allows mankind to access this content in real time and then go on to share it, use it, read it, enjoy it, laugh at it, reply to it, comment on it and bond over it at a moments notice from a million miles away.

    Mobile is keeping the world connected and entertained, and while there are those that may mourn the loss of letter writing and face to face communication, the truth is, mobile hasn’t eliminated these things, it has enhanced them, with animation, images, video, colour, speed, frequency, distance and ease.

  28. 28

    My mother surfs the net on her mobile phone with no trouble but still can’t work out how to use the scroll wheel on a mouse.

  29. 29

    Every successful business in the online environment is successful because it knows how to connect with the customers. Customer Xperience is of upmost importance. Since the ‘move into the cloud, stay connected’ trend continues, more and more customers use mobile devices.
    Therefor ‘going mobile’ is a must. (quod erat demonstrandum :) )

  30. 30

    It is not as much a question about importance, because there is no doubt that the mobile paradigm is here to stay. The important question is, how do we continue to implement, and standardize features that improve, and normalize the experience across platforms?

  31. 31

    Fresh designs! Theyd look awesome in my apt!

    The best thing about mobile is that it forces us to weed out all the extraneous design and development fluff of the flash days to deliver the core experience intended by a website. Purely to provide information at your fingertips without having to wait for a loader or navigate a confusing subnav. As a developer, I like to deliver 1 experience that has the same information flow on all devices regardless of make and browser of choice. So let’s keep making it easier for people to enjoy information on the web wherever they are.

  32. 32

    Mobile is not just a “phase” but it’s the future. I strongly believe fixed mediums will be almost obsolete soon. So mobile is not just important in relation to fixed mediums, but it’s of uttermost importance.

  33. 33

    Mobile is important nowadays because of our fast paced lifestyle. With so much going on in our busy schedules there isn’t enough time to sit in front of a computer to access information. It’s alot easier to grab your mobile phone or tablet to browse the internet while your running errands or waiting in line at the DMV. I personally find myself reading online magazines like “Smashing Magazine” and “CSS-Tricks” to expand my knowledge-base while running on the treadmill at the gym. It’s a great way to multi-task while people have alot going on in their busy lives.

  34. 34

    Everyone is mobile and mobile is everywhere!

  35. 35

    They said “never mind mobile, we can do it later”, I said “but! but…”, they said “no buts, no mobile”. Site launch. Now they cry “we need mobile”

  36. 36

    Designing low-bandwidth, mobile friendly websites is extremely important because mobile is an increasing amount of browser market share. The more we can do for our customers the more loyal they will be to us.

  37. 37

    What’s mobile? If I take a laptop to coffee shop, that’s pretty mobile. Not maybe because of the actual mobility related to travelling, but the possible presence and location awareness that will eventually come to us via web, and thus web based applications. That will be a nice and important game to play for every application designer, as well as UX people.

    If mobile is based on screen size and interaction mechanism, let’s say touch, the interesting question is that does it eat up the “normal” usage? Does it add up to mouse and keyboard usage? It affects choices we make, architectural ones and about everything that requires user interaction, and thus interaction designing. Responsiveness get’s us that far. We’re mostly interested in element positioning currently. I’d guess that term will get elaborated in the future.

    So yeah, mobile is pretty important, since if affects our decisions from now to unforeseen future, if we decide to keep the web as our platform for pleasure and business.

  38. 38

    Mobile is everywhere and you can be everywhere.

  39. 39

    Mobile is everywhere and is an upcoming market in the developing countries. It can be used on every place and every time you desire. Every person has now his personal computer into his pocket what we never expected a decade ago. People want to do the same on their mobile as on their workstation. Good times for mobile will come!

  40. 40

    Mobile is important because mobile is. We’re past the point of needing to justify the mobile experience. That’s like being asked to explain why having an internet presence is important. That isn’t to say that non-mobile channels are irrelevant. Each is simply a part of the ecosystem that users have come to expect.

  41. 41

    Mobile is accessible from anywhere, any time. Making it the most valuable of devices in todays world from both the business and consumer points of view.

    It’s all about maximising potential with every technology enhancement.

  42. 42

    Mobile is important, not just because it is everywhere, but the mobile explosion has led to the creation of the fundamental tenets of responsive design. Responsive design is important, because within 5 years we as web designers will have to adapt to a world where the web is expected to be shown on every screen, in multiple locations all around the home, the workplace, in social spaces & commercial venues. If we are to serve this new frontier, the user experience we provide will have to be seamless, and transfer between different locations & screens elegantly.
    Responsive Creation is not just a series of techniques, but a revolutionary perspective on design.

  43. 43

    Chapter 7 (designig for touch) was really useful.
    Oh, and I have a cool blank office wall that would really deserve such a great poster =)

  44. 44

    The best about mobile is that no matters where, you can stay connected. The posters are awesome! I want one!!! or two! :)

  45. 45

    Nowadays? Mobile has been important for quite a few years now. Just take a look at developing countries or big rural area’s where there are no banks available. Mobile micro transactions fill the gap. In some of these area’s, mobile phones are the main source of information as not everyone has a personal computer available.

    I guess mobile is getting more and more important as the amount of mobile users grows year after year. People from all over the world use mobile nowadays.

  46. 46

    The mobile aspect shows us how important issues like accesability, portablility, user experience, security and performance are.

  47. 47

    To not be mobile, means to be stationary, confined, or unable to easily move. When we think about life and how we interact, we think about change and evolution, the means of transformation. That is exactly what mobile has become to us today, and the way we are interacting with our environment. The one good reason behind mobile is, the fact we dont even realize how much we actually use it, it has become a norm in our behavior.

  48. 48

    Andrea De Carolis

    February 5, 2013 2:36 pm

    Kus for president

  49. 49

    Nowadays people approach the internet more and more with there mobile devices. It’s user-friendlier and people will use it more often than their laptop/computer.
    Avoiding this is impossible.
    Giving the visitors of your website a good experience is key.

  50. 50

    Mobile is important because our culture is always on the go. Developers work remotely, salespeople travel for meetings, etc. Unlike 15 years ago, it’s now possible to do your job (fully and at a high level) while traveling. This is what should drive developers to make sure their users have the same experience on their mobile device as they do at their desk.

  51. 51

    Mobile is everywhere these days. In the beginning websites and apps were created for computers mobile phones and tablets were as futuristic as jetpacks. Today we create website and apps for use whereever you want. At home, on the road, at work and even on the toilet you can now acces the whole WWW and everything that comes along with it. The mobile platform therefore is for every webdesigner or developer something to aim for and not for a computer only.

  52. 52

    Mobile device technology enables the escape from the bounds of our geography while working within the constraints of that physical space. With mobile devices, we can create additional layers of public & private community in the areas around us. We can place-shift ourselves, mapping remote places to our current physical context, and we can even add layers of perception to our physical world.

  53. 53

    Mobile like fat bottom girls makes the world go round.

  54. 54

    I think mobile is so important, because with emerging platforms like Ubuntu Phone, mobile might supersede desktop in a lot of areas. You can use your mobile device with a big screen and everything, if you want to. Otherwise: stay mobile. Exceptions would be very power intensive applications, but only for as long as those aren’t just done on a powerful server that streams the result … to your mobile :)

  55. 55

    Herzon Rodríguez

    February 5, 2013 2:45 pm

    Wow those posters look way cool! I’m already waiting for my book ha :)

    I think mobile is so important nowadays because it’s a personal experience, its carrying almost your whole life in your pocket, your photos, videos, memories, etc.! And there’s where apps come in handy, they help you to improve that experience.

  56. 56

    Mobile is important because what’s best than be online all the time?

  57. 57

    Mobile is important today because it is giving me the chance to win an awesome set of posters!

  58. 58

    Mobility is freedom!

  59. 59

    Mobile is important because every one is mobile today. With the ability to browse anywhere you need to have a mobile site that is clean and concise, that has just enough data to get the ideas across and not overwhelm the user. One must be proficient at mobile design to achieve this.

    These posters would look great in my studio and would cover up the holes that I have yet to sheetrock. jk

  60. 60

    Any time, anywhere, there is an opportunity to connect with someone via media it is a missed opportunity if you aren’t there.

  61. 61

    Mobile is quickly becoming THE communications/reference method of choice. If we want exposure, we have to pay attention to mobile design and development, or sink into the black pit.

  62. 62

    If you’re looking to drive business from emerging markets, the vast majority of those populations access the web from mobile devices.

  63. 63

    Technology is advancing, passions are changing and it brings mobiles into the picture. Mobile increases reach-ability and the best part, “they are always kept switched on, unlike a computer!” :D

  64. 64

    By mobile I understand small sized or responsive and it is important because of variety of devices available on the market. Average user doesn’t need more CPU then he gets in an iPhone – for browsing, social media and sometimes pictures. Mobile is not just important, it is becoming obligatory, because more and more people don’t need desktop computers anymore.

  65. 65

    The importance of mobile, just like any ecosystem, is defined by it’s popularity. Mobile traffic is growing fast and to reach most of our audience we have to take mobile into account.

  66. 66

    When designing for mobile first you really have to think about your content and how to get your message across. Always a good point to start with.

  67. 67

    With most mobile devices having two year contracts, people upgrade devices quickly solving the problem of a user having old outdated browsers that don’t render newer technology well. Perfect example, supporting IE for 6-10 years after the initial release.

  68. 68

    Mobile is important and becoming so even more every day, because it is an experience that people carry with them and it influences the way they live their lives.

  69. 69

    In my humble opinion:

    The future in usage and interaction with devices will be more and more on “mobile” devices rather than just a mobile phone. Tables etc will be more consumer friendly. Hardware becomes cheaper and people will let down there pc/laptop. Because just the simple reason its cheaper to afford, easier to cary around etc. The major shift towards this new medium/platform ain’t necessary an easy thing.

    How you can keep up with a the wide variety screenresolutions, hardware accessibility and gui elements come along with all the new Androids, Apples Microsofts and guess who will be more feeling free to enter this market?

    As a designer / developer we have to keep in mind that all this has one mother of f**k ups. “Identity”. If we can maintain the ability to communicate towards our clients and consumers than we have nothing to fear. If all these devices and techniques make the market more blurry , that we drown in our need to develop a new technique (how many bootstraps and gridsolutions are out there) then we are back in no time, behind our laptop and pc’s.

    Mobile is a good thing, but we have to keep in mind that all these extra’s will make it more difficult to maintain the identity of communication in the whole ranch of context.

  70. 70

    The future in usage and interaction with devices will be more and more on “mobile” devices rather than just a mobile phone. Tables etc will be more consumer friendly. Hardware becomes cheaper and people will let down there pc/laptop. Because just the simple reason its cheaper to afford, easier to cary around etc. The major shift towards this new medium/platform ain’t necessary an easy thing.

    How you can keep up with a the wide variety screenresolutions, hardware accessibility and gui elements come along with all the new Androids, Apples Microsofts and guess who will be more feeling free to enter this market?

    As a designer / developer we have to keep in mind that all this has one mother of -bliep- ups. “Identity”. If we can maintain the ability to communicate towards our clients and consumers than we have nothing to fear. If all these devices and techniques make the market more blurry , that we drown in our need to develop a new technique (how many bootstraps and gridsolutions are out there) then we are back in no time, behind our laptop and pc’s.

    Mobile is a good thing, but we have to keep in mind that all these extra’s will make it more difficult to maintain the identity of communication in the whole ranch of context

  71. 71

    The future in usage and interaction with devices will be more and more on “mobile” devices rather than just a mobile phone. Tables etc will be more consumer friendly. Hardware becomes cheaper and people will let down there pc/laptop. Because just the simple reason its cheaper to afford, easier to cary around etc. The major shift towards this new medium/platform ain’t necessary an easy thing.

    How you can keep up with a the wide variety screenresolutions, hardware accessibility and gui elements come along with all the new Androids, Apples Microsofts and guess who will be more feeling free to enter this market?

    As a designer / developer we have to keep in mind that all this has one mother of -bliep- ups. “Identity”. If we can maintain the ability to communicate towards our clients and consumers than we have nothing to fear. If all these devices and techniques make the market more blurry , that we drown in our need to develop a new technique (how many bootstraps and gridsolutions are out there) then we are back in no time, behind our laptop and pc’s.

    Mobile is a good thing, but we have to keep in mind that all these extra’s will make it more difficult to maintain the identity of communication in the whole ranch of context.

  72. 72

    mobile is important because it’s my alarm clock, it’s the firestarter of my design-workday!

    On a more serious note: mobile is important because it connects people from all over the world, designers, developers, customers & clients.. great way to work with people all over the globe and share inspiration and thoughts from out of your pocket!

  73. 73

    I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years. I have done simple mobil designs but more in the “silo” approach and not very responsive. I knew I had to learn RWD but instead of focusing on techniques, I wanted an overall, broad knowledge. I wanted to understand the “big picture” first, before I dove in headfirst.

    The Mobil Book REALLY opened my eyes, right from the first chapter about who influences what devices people buy and why Android isn’t the same on all phones. The technique samples and best practices throughout this book turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. This was the best learning investment I’ve made in a long time.

  74. 74

    This is really nice stuff! Can’t wait to post them in our office!

  75. 75

    would like to get my hands on these wallpapers. And remind me of the mobile book chapters when i look at them :)

  76. 76

    I’ll be blunt….mobile is great, but having those posters in my office is essential….


  77. 77

    Just because you own a phone that can do that…

  78. 78

    These are amazing!

  79. 79

    Sorry guys my browser was very enthusiastic by crashing and posting… Just read my post once or even ignore it. 3 times is indeed too much :)

  80. 80

    Sorry, I dozed off for a second. What’s a mobile?

    Thank you please

  81. 81

    Cause the World Wide Web fits in your pants.

  82. 82

    Mobile is such an important platform, not only because it growing rapidly, but also because it forces companies to rethink the way customers interact with their websites. Going from one channel, and in the future allowing the customers to interact through tablets, mobile phones, and changing channels on the go is very important.

  83. 83

    The Mobile Book is briliant and a much respect for the illustrators V! Keep up the good work!

  84. 84

    Mobile is now!

  85. 85

    Mobile is important because it would be a right logistic nightmare taking my iMac to the toilet to browse the web.



  86. 86

    Traffic to website from tablet and mobile devices is booming. As time goes on there is an ever need for your website to work cross platform on a range of devices whilst retaining structure and reliability. Whether this be in the form on a scalable website, optimised site or separate site/app all together for mobile.

    Definitely the way the web is going for the future.

  87. 87

    this book seems like a must-have and i am ordering it now. i should get frequent flier miles from smashing since i have ordered so many great products from them.

  88. 88

    Mobile is so important nowadays ’cause we’re all in a crazy Spanish Caravan !

  89. 89

    I am going to pick up the mobile book, it’s amazing how fast the shift has been. Even in traditional media. I am currently working for a large publisher on one of the biggest magazines in Canada, and I am currently re-imaging their digital space to reflect a more responsive approach!

  90. 90

    Hope not USA only :)


  91. 91

    Awesome posters!

    Really enjoying your Mobile Book: it’s helping me a lot in my recent HTML5 project for a client: from responsive layout options to page loading performance improvements.

    Looking forward to your next book releases!

  92. 92

    We started responsive design on all our sites about a year ago. At that point looking at analytics still told us that most people were visiting our sites on desktops. In mid 2012 that switched. The majority of people are now viewing the site we make on mobile devices. It’s more than just important. It’s necessary. We need to build internet tools for where people are and where they will be.

  93. 93

    Washington, DC lives and breathes mobile. Whether you’re on a train, walking to work, at work, or at a restaurant – people are on their phones, tablets, etc. It’s an unavoidable “side-effect” of our increasingly busied lives and, within reason, it’s for the best. There’s no more “waiting until I get home” or wondering for hours what the score to your favorite sports team’s last game was – mobile keeps us connected and allows us (web designers/developers) to reach our clients and our client’s clients anywhere at anytime.

  94. 94

    Mobile is the future!!!

  95. 95

    It’s been astounding to watch Mobile usage grow. I work for a university. Within the past year, an affiliate came to us and said they wanted a website. After it was built and launched we watched it’s usage trends. It’s one of the top five most visited sites in our system and almost half the traffic is coming from mobile. If the percentages increase by about 5%, we’ll have built the wrong website. What’s more is this website was designed by print designers and given to us. We made it as responsive as possible but it’s not to our standards. I’ve watched people try and use the website on their mobile devices and in just observing I get frustrated. It’s not something I would want to use if I didn’t have to. That’s the key, giving users an experience that they enjoy so they return. If people are viewing your site on mobile devices you better make sure that it is easy to use and doesn’t leave a bad taste in their mouth.

  96. 96

    Um, if your not mobile, your not mobile. Sorry, but I have a cold and just want a nice poster.

    Thx Smasher!

  97. 97

    Thanks a lot for creating the great book including the also great illustrations!

  98. 98

    Mobile presence is not just important it is mandatory – not only can you view a business on your smartphone, you can call them, map them, review them and share them with your friends all while driving! Just kidding: Don’t browse and drive.

  99. 99

    Nothing says mobile like bathroom Internet.

  100. 100

    Mobile is important because Desktop is sooo last summer.

  101. 101

    I’m very excited about this since all of the Smashing books are currently wishlisted for me. Thank you so much for also offering the collections as ebook versions!

    I recommend Smashing to everyone in the office.

  102. 102

    Mobile is important. People don’t have to wait until they get home to look something up, email a friend, etc. The holder of a smartphone has pretty much the whole world in their hands, there is very little you can’t do on your phone anymore.

  103. 103

    Hey, no hypocrisy! I want those fantastic posters :)

  104. 104

    As mobile devices become a global movement, the convenience, immediate access, and availability have changed the landscape of the web. China alone is expected to buy 235 million new smartphones next year (via NPR). As businesses conform and developers innovate, the platform is limited only by its diminutive size, but not in its ability to create a generational change in how we all receive and view our world.

  105. 105

    Mobile is important ’cause you can browse the web while on toilet. ;)

  106. 106

    Mobile is the quickest and most effective way to access any information at any moment.

  107. 107

    The Mobile experience has to be that much better than other digital platforms – mainly because it gets only part of our attention most of the time – we use mobile when we are walking, waiting, listening, and generally doing something else in addition to using this magnificent tool. So since attention is short – we need to make it count.

  108. 108

    I waiting for this book all December and almost all January, longing for the postman… And it was definitely worse the wait!

    The book is much more than the content, which is very precise, extensive, and accessible. The paper is thick and nice, the feel is great, the book looks amazing, and having some of it on my walls would be so nice.

  109. 109

    Just got my copy in yesterday!

  110. 110

    Beautiful prints!

  111. 111

    Mobile has become the extesion of the office, the conection with family and friends, and if that wasn’t enough, basically you carry all the information you can think of in your pocket! A clear example of this, try leaving your phone at home for a whole day, check it at night, how many mails did you recieve? How many times did you need it to look something up or to see a map so you cand find a place? Where you aware of all the things that hapenned around you while you didn’t have your mobile? That is the clearest example of how important Mobile devices have become nowadays.

  112. 112

    I NEED to order his book today!

  113. 113

    It’s a way of life. Making the mobile experience usable and enjoyable truly enhances our lives. It feels like we are still in the beginning stages of mobile with so much more to learn so many ways to still grow in the area. It’s exciting and it seems impossible to even imagine what the future holds for mobile. What’s next? It’s an exciting question in the mobile space, the possiblities are endless so lets strive to make the mobile experience an enjoyable one.

  114. 114

    Nowadays, Mobile is so important because information is everywhere, and we should get it quickly and easily. I want to take a bus, check schedules on my phone. I want to get news of my best magazine but i’m not in home, check my Ipad to read fresh news.

  115. 115

    Gregorio Martinez

    February 5, 2013 3:24 pm

    Mobile is important because it is teaching us that we can not be rigid with our development / design.
    Being fluid/agile is the future as users start to view the web on different devices with widely varying sizes.

  116. 116

    Thanks Smashing for sharing all those great stuff !

  117. 117

    Mobile is the future. Eventually, everything we do will have the ability to be portable and mobile, like us.

  118. 118

    Access to the internet via ‘mobile’ devices is growing at a staggering rate. If you are not designing and developing for mobile as well as desktop devices then you will be missing out on an important and growing cross-section of users. The responsive web is about providing optimised content for as many flavours of device as possible, not just mobiles / smart phones. I’m talking about portable gaming devices, tvs, fridge freezers etc…

    The mobile book is a very good read. Have completed the first 2 chapters. Great decision to go to town on the look and feel of the book. It is a pleasure to hold, smell (as in the quality new book smell) and behold (visually stunning). Would love a poster set. Keep up the good work.

  119. 119

    Hey all, mobile is important because people are always on the move. People are impatient now-a-days, and with the rise of mobile internet are able to continue working as they travel. I’d like one of these posters to brighten up my office whilst I work :)

  120. 120

    Tomas Danilevicius

    February 5, 2013 3:26 pm

    Mobile is the new desktop. And Mobile Book is the bible.

  121. 121

    Mobile connects us to one another, anywhere, anytime.

  122. 122

    Thanks for all!! Great ebooks!!

  123. 123

    When looking around, more people are getting rid of non-portable computers, switching to mobile devices or easier-to-carry laptops. Doing that, mobile design as a concept is necessary – as people expecting design and possibilities to follow the double spiral of device development and consumer behavior. I’ve just got the book (educational library) – haven’t got any comments on it yet, but as all books from Smashing are total sell-outs at our library, I expect succes :-) and the posters sure would look nice in the library ….

  124. 124

    Mobile is important because of the powerful mobile devices that allow individuals to even more connected than ever before. This provides the greatest opportunity to connect and communicate with clients and customers or anyone that you believe you have a message to share with.

  125. 125

    Jared Hippensteel

    February 5, 2013 3:29 pm

    Love the book so far! Smashing Magazine is THE BEST resource online for us web folk!

    But woo-hoo for free things too!

  126. 126

    I love Mike’s Designs. Would appreciate just one copy of those fabulous posters.

  127. 127

    Mobile is important because of all the location-based enhancements that can be added to make content more interactive.

  128. 128

    Caterina Maniscalco

    February 5, 2013 3:29 pm

    Why is mobile important? Because time is important. If we can save some of it by multitasking (ie buying Christmas presents online while being stuck on a bus in traffic) then that’s priceless…
    I love the posters :)

  129. 129

    Beautiful artwork and important book. Smashing Magazine is awesome!

  130. 130

    I was here for the free posters – but I’m ordering the book, looks great

  131. 131

    From my own daily experience I’d say mobile is important because access to information has left the office/living room/internetcafé and has taken to the streets. And so has its design.

    As for the book: I love how it breaks down from a holistic view to the more specific issues regarding mobile design. You can choose what to read depending on where you are in mobile design as well as on your expertise. For me personally it is a great help moving into the mobile design area from the traditional web :).

  132. 132

    That looks so cool. really nice design! I hope I get it!

  133. 133

    I too want these awesome posters! Great article by the way.

  134. 134

    We have to use our time travelling (by foot, by trains, by busses…) and since we are so busy this is the only realistic time to use Facebook and read emails.

    Why mobile is important? Because “Beam me up scotty” is not working!

    “Sent from my iPhone” :D

  135. 135

    Easy: Mobile is important because so many people use mobile devices today. It also helps to force us developers and designers to focus on the most essential parts of User Experience and to deliver a product that is both functional and beautiful, while focusing on speed and compatibility. :-D
    love your books and these posters sure are beautiful!

  136. 136

    I got a copy of the Mobile book at home. It’s one of this things you want to possess physically because it just has a nice feel :). I guess that is what you are going for.
    I think mobile is a relatively young but very interesting market. The technology is at least for me still stunning. This phones are faster than my first computer :).
    I think from a developer’s perspective it is a chance to create software in a more intuitive way and not to fall back to the old habits.

  137. 137

    ‘mobile’ to me no longer means ‘on a mobile phone’ or ‘actually being mobile’. it’s a gateway buzz to a long overdue way of thinking. content and user experience are important. the browser, app, device, and setting in which a user attempts to access that content are 1000% ambiguous. when and if the ux can be enhanced for that access to your content by tapping into a particular device capability (like geolocation), then add it. but do not assume that just because the device location can be targetted, that the user is moving. assumptions are not future-proof.

    smashing magazine and its collection of books illustrate these and other points very well. thanks.

  138. 138

    35% of traffic to one of our websites. Nuff said.

    1 please. :)

  139. 139

    Haven’t had the time to read the book, but those poster will look good in our office ;-)

  140. 140

    I have already ordered my book, can’t wait to read it!

  141. 141
  142. 142

    Great read with the Mobile book! Spread the mobile love, would love to have these A3 posters.

  143. 143

    Mobile is the ever-expanding frontier of design and innovation. What we put in continues to yield beautiful results, encouraging us to press further into new and bolder territories.

  144. 144

    Mike Kus is just awesome!

  145. 145

    Wow, this all looks awesome. Can’t wait to see this in person. Thank you

  146. 146

    Again a beautiful cover, hopefully the content makes me happy… :)

  147. 147

    The almost universal use of smart phones and other mobile devices makes designing for mobile virtually mandatory.
    People want and are used to information at their fingertips. If you want your brand to be part of the public awareness it is essential to go mobile. Not forgetting the more traditional channels of communication, mobile is the new black.

  148. 148

    Michael Brydebøl

    February 5, 2013 3:35 pm

    I really like the simplicity of the book and all those great mobile tips!

  149. 149

    Love! I’m a huge fan!

  150. 150

    Beautiful posters! I want one!!

  151. 151

    This has to be mine, I love his work and live by Smashing Magazine!

  152. 152

    Mobile is increasingly where we work – to ignore it is to ignore what is about to happen to you….do so at your own peril. Poster! Poster!

  153. 153

    Mobile design is important, because having a site that hasn’t been converted to an easy-to-use, beautiful mobile site can be a complete turn-off when shopping.

  154. 154

    It was love at first sight when I saw the Mobile Book on my hands. <3
    It´s nothing but a Master Piece.

  155. 155

    These posters are awesome! Mobile is important and necessary these days because it is only the beginning. Mobile app integration into your everyday tasks is just the start, soon many of our everyday things will hold the technological tools and applications that mobile devices have today. Eyeglasses, refrigerators, watches, you name it; they will all soon be devices that communicate to the user and create an all new user experience. Best to learn the mobile side of things because soon it will be everywhere and in everything.

  156. 156

    Mobile devices provide web access to millions of people who can’t afford a higher priced laptop/desktop – thus bridging the divide and increasing audience volume. *Mobile technology is thinning the barrier of entry to the web.

  157. 157

    This looks cool. Hope I win.

  158. 158

    Benjamin Ferreira

    February 5, 2013 3:39 pm

    Smashing Magazine changed my perspective on what is possible on the web!

  159. 159

    Because of improving mobile UX, better hardware and faster internet connections (like LTE), we are willing to use our social, shopping and gaming stuff (fun things!) more likely on Smartphones/Tablets rather than on big and complex desktop computers, which are often unfavorably connected to our job.

  160. 160

    I’ll take one! Would love to hang one over my desk for when I need some simple inspiration.

  161. 161

    I LOVE the new Mobile book. I have been moving into mobile development because of the needs and wants of my clients. The Mobile book has been a great way to learn all about it. I have also enjoyed the illustrations seen throughout the book and would love to hang it on my office wall!

    Thanks SMASHING for all the great stuff you post! I visit the site everyday!

  162. 162

    Alexandru Ionescu

    February 5, 2013 3:40 pm

    I think mobile is important because it’s a part of all your life, not just your office life or at home in front of your computer. It’s with you everywhere at any time, and you can access it whenever you wish.

  163. 163

    Mobile technology has generated a seismic shift in the way we communicate with each other and consume content. In almost equal proportion to the magnitude of that shift is the challenge faced by designers to create the perfect spaces and tools to facilitate that new communication and consumption. People today want to do more, communicate more, consume more content than ever, all on a screen that is often a fraction of the physical size of the monitors we were all designing for a decade ago. Mobile therefore presents us with the ultimate “do more with less” conundrum, and no one seems to be offering more sanely innovative solutions to that exciting problem than Smashing. Keep leading the way!

  164. 164

    I really want to get that cool posters, but it seems to me that “Mobile is important” doesn’t need to be proved. Just take a look around wherever you are – there is always someone using his/her mobile device!

  165. 165

    Mobile is important for online retailers. Initially, retailers were slow to react to the increase in mobile web usage and consumers turned their backs on those they couldn’t use from a smart phone. This leads to a change in User Experience, but it would be a huge mistake to then consider mobile a separate channel, or retailers will get caught out again.

    There is no such thing as a mobile or desktop user or even really a mobile or desktop site anymore – users are empowered to do what they like, when they like, where they like.

  166. 166

    About a year or so ago I didn’t think mobile was that big of a deal. Really, it’s just a small screen and why not use a laptop? Then I started working with a agency that has some big clients, one of them calls themself a mobile first company. Then I learned what mobile actual was and what it could be.

    I began to understand just how world changing the mobile platforms, and especially LTE, were for how computing and the users would be. Then it dawned on me why a thing like the Mobile Book and other ressources like it would be essential going forward. Because the world of mobile is even more demanding then that of the big screen web, users are different and the mindset needs to be different.

    Thats why it’s important to start talking about Mobile seperately from Web as a whole, and the book is a part of starting that conversation.

  167. 167

    The posters are awesome. I need’em. :)

  168. 168

    In addition to building a stylish and informative interactive library by purchasing the printed version of the mobile book, getting a set of these beautiful posters would definitely spruce up the “lab.” Also, did I see that there was a digital addition or update to the mobile book?

    • 169

      Yes, the Mobile Addendum eBook has been added to the Mobile Book zip file. If you need any assistance to download it please contact our support team at
      orders [at] smashingmagazine [dot] com
      Cheers, Richard

  169. 170


    Mobile is important cause it’s the future, duh. As a UX designer I realize that the whole world is slowly heading towards a more mobile world. We were a bit blindsided by the smartphone revolution that happened a few years ago, but now is the most exciting time to design for mobile! We no longer HAVE to use skeueomorphism just to give users the analogous comparison of how to interact with their devices. I’ve always said that UX design (and design in general, really) is all about problem solving, and there has never been such huge amounts of possibilities for what we can do to solve usability problems these days!! Thanks to Mike Kus for putting out such a great book, btw. A lot of REALLY great stuff in there!!

  170. 171

    My Mobile Book arrived in the mail yesterday. So excited to get crackin’ on it. Very awesome quality, is the Mobile Book.

  171. 172

    These look great and so does the book. A “want” on both.

  172. 173

    Mobile brings us the information when we want it and when we need it right to our fingertips! Gone are the days of running to the library or having to wait to get home or get to work to use the computer!

  173. 174

    Yes, please!

  174. 175

    Very nice posters, very nice book, will grab the book regardless.

    I don’t really differentiate “mobile” now, it’s fundamentally part of what we have to do. Emerging markets, have skipped landline/broadband internet entirely, and gone straight in at Mobile. I had a fairly high traffic post on my blog the other week and 40% of the traffic was mobile.

    I can’t fathom people who go to a huge effort to support ie7 but won’t optimise their site for tablets and smartphones. I think it’s a fun and interesting new challenge.

  175. 176

    Would love to see one of these adorning my poster wall :)

  176. 177

    These posters look great. Back in the 90s there were many images that had a face and a monitor or other graphic to create a somewhat literal interpretation of “interface” I got quite tired of it. The image with a face above on the other hand is pretty nice. Well done. I really hope I get the posters. It will be a nice addition to the innovation lab here at work.
    Several colleagues at work are reading the mobile book. I have it on my desk and haven’t finished it yet. Smashing always delivers excellent commentary and insight into the latest technology and trends. love it.

  177. 178

    Mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop-based access within three to five years. Mobile is more important now than ever.

  178. 179

    Loved the book! Especially Stephanie Reiger’s chapter on the future of mobile technology and how we need to think—not just on mobile web—but on the ramifications of how that mobility is changing all aspects of our everyday lives.

    Continue to put out great works, Smashing Mag!

  179. 180

    Mobile is important, since it is great to always have the possibility to look something up.

  180. 181

    The prints look amazing!
    More and more users are able to surf the internet from anywhere in the world via their mobile devices. This “new” platform provides a different experience to the user which will require new design patterns, architecture and functionality. Companies should look into creating and enhancing their mobile experience in a strategic manner because this channel is critical.

  181. 182

    Beautiful Prints.

  182. 183

    gorgeous illustrations!! can’t wait to get the mobile book!

  183. 184

    Mobile is important, because it keeps you connected with the world 24/7. Even more importantly, it also creates jobs and job security as mobile becomes more in demand.
    I conveniently check my emails and posts on Facebook, for example, as I receive a notification, rather than go home, turn on the PC and wait for it to boot. Having a PC is like going home to an answering machine. Mobile is the total opposite

    As for the posters: I could really use THOSE posters to hang in our office. They are amazingly beautiful and inspirational. Currently our office has naked walls and I have been browsing around for the perfect posters and found nothing until now.
    To win those posters would be the perfect birthday gift. (Yes, Feb 11 is my Geburtstag!).

    Is there any way to purchase those posters, if I am not a winner?

  184. 185

    Mobile is our latest challenge. People want the world at their fingertips and it’s our job as designers, developers, and strategists to figure out how to cram a whole lot of information, in an attractive way, to fit a screen the size of a business card. Can the user navigate easily in spite of their fat fingers? Does their 3G network provide the speed/file size we require for the desired user experience? What about mobile web vs. native? These are all questions we strive to answer in order to provide the mobile experience – the way everyone now relies on to connect to the web, to each other and from anywhere. Yay for mobile!

  185. 186

    Mobile holds the biggest potential since the personal computer adoption. But still, very underestimated by its users. Most people nowadays have a very capable computer in their pocket, that sits near them 24/7. Having such a device at one’s fingertips enables enormous possibilities in information accessibility and e-commerce, that benefits both users and businesses. (Oh, and developers as well!). And it’s up to us as designers and developers to make it as pleasant and usable as possible! And kudos to Smashingmag for the knowledge you bring to our community!

  186. 187

    Mobile is important because EVERYONE has one and EVERYONE uses the internet!

    Combine the two and what do you get?

    Interbile or… Mobinet


  187. 188

    Mobile is the future and has now huge importance in business strategies due to the growing percentage of people using mobile devices as daily internet-access devices :)

  188. 189

    Mobile isn’t just a popular new hype topic. The ever so large and still growing market of mobile and internet enabled devices is part of, if not, the future way consumers will interact with the content we have to offer. PC and also Mac sales have decreased in the last years. This trend will continue. Why? Not because people don’t want an internet enabling device, but because mobile device are much more fitting for most peoples needs. We as web and app developers need to focus on content and provide good presentational formats for the various devices which now surf or interact with the web.

    The new Smashing Mobile Book covers the various topics and also viewpoints about this new application class and therefore is a great read for everyone. Mobile devices are already part of our consumers everyday life. It’s time now for us producers to extend our knowledge and way of doing things. The Mobile Book is a great help for this, which is why I highly recommend reading it!

  189. 190

    I’m in! Can’t wait… we need more reference books. thanks for all the hard work!

  190. 191

    Mobile is important because not everyone in the world can afford a laptop/tablet/desktop. As connectivity grows around the world it seems that most can get their hands on a mobile device. That’s exciting to think that information can be available to a huge number of people through mobile devices!

  191. 192

    I find myself doing most interactions on the web with mobile devices. There are weeks that go by, that I turn my computer on just to do software updates :) I love my mobile devices.

  192. 193

    Customers are conducting their business on the go. They are researching your shop on their phone from the cafe next door. Present the information they want and they’ll be right in.

  193. 194

    Hi there! Those would perfectly fit on my offices wall :)

  194. 195

    My wife uses her iPad for everything she does on the internet. My daughters use their smartphones for checking email and websites. My retired mother uses her iPad for everything except for writing lengthy emails. My business partners use their smart phones for checking email and web browsing, and only use their full screen computers at work.

    If you want to communicate to the 95% of the world who are fundamentally agnostic about the way they access information, then the information pipe you build must be accessible to mobile devices. Otherwise, a fair proportion of the world won’t be able to hear your story.

  195. 196

    Mobile is the only way to multitask while you are on the toilet. Which can be long time to spend on only one task for some people.

  196. 197

    Making it mobile means making it simpler, more intuitive and adaptive. Something we as developers should try to embrace in all of our creations.

  197. 198

    Often times the mobile experience will be the first impression.

    More than ever people use their phones and tablets to explore new sites and media on the go. If you deliver a subpar experience to the mobile user, you are ignoring what will often be a users first interaction with your site. Having a well designed highly usable mobile site is the best way to impress first time visitors and earn there attention.

  198. 199

    Those posters are lovely! Mobile is important for so many reasons, but making websites that are easy to navigate and engaging on mobile devices helps make the web a better place to hang!

  199. 200

    In today’s mobile world, you don’t dictate how users view your content — they do. Makes us think mobile first!

  200. 201

    Convenience is everything, and so more and more users are using their device to access information rather than using a computer. Computer access is levelling off, while mobile is skyrocketing! And mobile has so much more to offer because of its native capabilities such as direct dial and so on.

  201. 202

    Internet access through mobile devices is growing, and website designs should be adapted to this reality.

  202. 203

    So, why is mobile so important? well, i’m able to be connected to the world in real-time, 24/7 and virtually anywhere. It’s like i’m carrying my office, my home, my life in my back jeans pocket! So, how cool is that!? :)
    My life without mobile would be like my life without Smashing Magazine, a dark cold boring one…

    Great job Smashing Magazine on the Mobile Book, it rocks!!
    BTW: I would really love to get my hands on those posters so that i can decorate my new office, please take that in consideration xD


  203. 204

    Why is mobile important? Funny. What is not mobile today? Everything is spinning. We are just under false impression, because If something moves at the speed of light, time stops. Right? Right. ;)

    About the new book. I’m not even touching it without my gloves on. All that silver and bling-bling from the outside and top sh** content from the inside. Top class, as always. Well done SM Team!

  204. 205

    No joke, I want the posters…. BUT….
    Having said that, I have the hardcover Mobile book and it completely exceeded my expectations. Not only is the content wonderful, it’s one of the prettiest printed pieces I own. I only hope that I’ll get to work on a project that nice someday.

  205. 206

    Mobile is important because humans are mobile!

  206. 207

    Mobile is important because you carry it even to the bathroom, it’s always with you like your brain!

  207. 208

    Because I want to have the book in my pocket, not in my laptop

  208. 209

    Aivaras Kasperaitis

    February 5, 2013 4:02 pm

    Just got my Mobile Book last week! Great Book!

  209. 210

    I bought the Mobile book and just finished the Chapter 1. It really opened my eyes about how complex the mobile web is. It also prepared me to face my future tasks at work (which involves mobile projects). I am going finish the Mobile book during my long long Chinese New Year holidays. There is no better way to start a new year!

  210. 211

    The Mobile Book was great … not to mention the Addendum. Thanks for these insightful articles, really enjoyed all of them.

  211. 212

    Gorgeous! Would love to have these on my walls.

  212. 213

    Matteo Fazzoletti

    February 5, 2013 4:04 pm

    Individual books were the original mobile devices. Now we can make mobile entire libraries of information.

  213. 214

    Mobile is the first point of access.
    Mobile is always with you.
    We are already behind the curve.
    Brands and agencies are yet to understand how important it its to put mobile first.

    Ta, Aidan

  214. 215

    Mobile is so big these days because it’s the closest we’ve come yet to actually having computers as an extension of our bodies in a non-medical/industrial sense.

  215. 216

    Who doesn’t browse the web from the mobile nowadays? I LOVE a smexy looking mobile site.

  216. 217

    I’d you’d seen the state of the office where I work you wouldn’t even ask why we should have them. I’m sure the carpet was a good idea in the 70’s…

  217. 218

    Mobile is shaping the digital ecosystem for retail and media distribution. Nowadays we drag out iPhones and Androids to the shopping mall and ensure that we have the latest pricing a recent map or a digital coupon served via geofencing.

    Remember printing out directions on yahoo maps. Pffft! The digital age was still on paper in 1999.

  218. 219


  219. 220

    I’ve been reading the eBook version of the Mobile Book and it’s very informative. I just got my physical copy in the mail yesterday and the design is every bit as beautiful as the content is informative.

  220. 221

    As a new dad, who writes for 2 websites and works as a demonstrator in Digital Journalism – I don’t think it’d be possible for me to keep up to date with all the news & technology I need to to do my work without mobile technology. Mobile internet allows me to check websites, plans classes and even get parenting advice wherever I am, whether on the train to work or feeding my son in the dark.

    Also without my mobile device, I wouldn’t have seen this competition – so mobile technology could also be responsible for me winning an amazing poster.

  221. 222

    Why is mobile important? Well I am reading this on a mobile device.. seems important..

  222. 223

    Mobile is more than important, it is what we need to design for FIRST now. Look at the numbers! it has surpassed desktop.

  223. 224

    Mobile has changed the role of the web developer and this book was a perfect companion when I started down that road.

  224. 225

    Mobile is so important today because it’s the evolution of media where we have information literally at our fingertips. From getting directions to watching a video or buying something while standing in line to buy something, mobile is the combination of all media combined into one handy device.

  225. 226

    Mobile is important in three ways I can see:

    – Mobile brings technology to those to need it more easily. Think nurses providing home health care, or doctors looking up a patient’s med reaction background while on rounds.
    – Mobile makes technology more accessible to those intimidated by traditional desktop interaction. Smart phones and tablets are being readily adopted by older users who never touched laptops or desktops. I’ve seen nurses who never touched a computer in the hospital confidently learn tablets and new software in a day.
    – Mobile more closely meets the needs of users. I think it was Valdis Krebs who pointed out that people don’t want home phones, they want to talk to people, predicting the success of mobile. In the same way, people don’t want browsers or cameras or phones, they want to shop or read or take pictures or talk. Smart phones and tablets meet more needs, more readily.

  226. 227

    Mobile book sounds cool. Posters are great. Do want.

  227. 228
  228. 229

    I teach Design, Engineering, and Technology in an urban middle school. Our school district recent adopted “mobile learning” in our classrooms and schools. I have to say that despite my initial reservations about it my students have surprised me with their knowledge, skills and know-how spirit! The information that I have found via Smashing has been invaluable for me as a teacher and as an individual! Thank you and keep it up!

  229. 230

    Wow, awesome illustrations! I want a posteeeeeer!

    And why is mobile important? Because of the way it’s changing everything, since especific workers jobs till not especialized people lifes. It’s a new way to work, create, communicate, think, live. Wuhul!

  230. 231

    These are just as awesome as the book! Please can I have them!

  231. 232

    This book is my new Bible !

  232. 233

    Mobile is the easiest way for us to be digitally connected anywhere and everywhere we go. So it becomes more and more important to us because it’s an instant connection to our friends, family, knowledge, products and services – and it keeps getting better.

  233. 234

    Millions of people don’t even have a computer and home broadband connection. Mobile is not an option any more, it’s a requirement, if you want to reach a large chunk of the world.

  234. 235

    Mobile is important because there’s no brain chip yet. Posters, please!

  235. 236

    Mobile is so important because it is everything these days. It is the trendsetter, the leader of the pack, and all our other technology is just trying to keep up (just look at TV/DVRs for example).

    Most importantly, it keeps us connected more than ever before. We now can stay in touch with our loved ones, share moments as they happen, and be more productive in our work lives as well.

    If I had to choose one device over all others, it would be my phone.

  236. 237

    Mobile is where everything is headed – instant access to everything. It’s only growing and becoming more important in our daily lives. It’s getting interesting!

  237. 238

    Alexander Mielnicki

    February 5, 2013 4:25 pm

    Why is mobile so important you ask? It’s simple.

    People strive to stay connected no matter where they are. The number of smart devices has grown so much over the past few years, and will continue to grow exponentially into the future. Just a little while ago, Facebook’s mobile user base surpassed their desktop website. That’s crazy!

    Everyone wants to know that next thing, or piece of news, and the entire world is right there in their pocket.

  238. 239

    Mobile is so important because it puts the Internet in the hands of more people (for those who can’t afford a PC), more of the time (people on the go), in more relevant ways (here, now).

  239. 240

    Love the book and the abstract posters

  240. 241

    Mobile is incredibly important because it’s being used. The bottom line is you’re either catering to your users or your not and those that do create happier users.

    My walls need your posters – they’re so so empty :(

  241. 242

    I just received the hard copy yesterday and was really taken by the overall quality! It’s like its own little work of art, and I almost want to just continue reading the digital copy so that it remains in pristine condition.

  242. 243

    you cannot possibly store all the real newspapers and games at the loo as well as in a mobile phone =) … of course this is only one nice benefit…

  243. 244

    Simon Wolkenhauer

    February 5, 2013 4:30 pm

    Great posters!

  244. 245

    One of the reasons mobile is so important to our profession is that it brings with it a lot of unknowns; and unknowns are what we, as developers and designers, live for. It pushes us to create, solve problems and develop new technology – and that’s what makes this industry so exciting.

  245. 246

    These prints are beautiful! I want one!

  246. 247

    Michael Youngblood

    February 5, 2013 4:30 pm

    Mobile is very important. Everyday there is more and more people disconnecting themselves from their desks which only leaves them with mobile devices to accomplish their goals. For instance, I believe if I am standing in a long line, I could save myself time at my desk if I start going through my email.

    Everyday I see the numbers rising on mobile site usage. It is crazy how much this world has changed be wise the world gave us good use of the Internet on our phones.

  247. 248

    The funny thing is that I already wanted to contact you about these beautiful art paintings Especially the one with the face and all the colour lines. It fascinated me! This is it!
    If I don’t win or something, where can I buy a copy?

    Sorry, I could not read the book yet. The customers want me ;-)


  248. 249

    The Best Access of Internet Is The One That’s With You

  249. 250

    Mobile mobile – educational institutions need to get on board, and produce and anticipate what our students expect in a post secondary environment. These small devices have so much information readily accessed 24/7, and is by your side even on the night stand, Thank you for the free pdf. Love those graphics!

  250. 251

    I’m not sure if I’ll get any of those gorgeous posters… But, here’s my shot:

    Because Mobile Is Always Be The Future!

  251. 252

    Mobile is important because of the broad and immediate access and connectivity that it provides. Creating experiences that can be effectively and comfortably viewed and used on any device increases your possible reach and audience.

  252. 253

    Mobile is important because today’s students are all about mobile!

  253. 254

    How about a story on why mobile is so great? When moving into my new apartment, I had to pay an unexpected administration fee and they did not accept checks. Instead of having to leave and take care of the payment later, I was able to use my mobile device to set up my account on their website and pay directly from my bank account (which I also linked on my mobile). All done immediately, on the spot, while sitting at the apartment office. Thanks to my mobile, move-in was a breeze!

  254. 255

    Mobile is not the future, it’s part of our lives now. Just 2 years ago, I couldn’t imagine to own a smartphone, ’cause I found it useless. Now I’m proud to see that responsive webdesign will bring a breath of fresh air to our work habits.

    It’s the beginning of a new way of thinking, and we all take part in this new adventure.
    Webdevelopers shoud be aware of that, and everyone working for the Web should buy the Mobile Book to stay up-to-date ;)

  255. 256

    I’m so excited that I got the bundle including The Mobile Book hard copy and the electronic version. I have it at my disposal at all times. Although, I like to carry the hard copy with me because it looks just devine.

  256. 257

    Thank you for showcasing with Mike Kus abstract illustrations. They are beautiful.

  257. 258

    Great designs and a good example of the use of vector images for scalable designs.

  258. 259

    It’s about freedom: In the past we’ve had to adapt to technology but more and more, technology will adapt to us.

  259. 260

    378,000 iPhones sold per day – that’s more than the amount of babies born per day (371,000)! There are over 1 billion smartphones worldwide and 25% of US internet users are mobile-only – numbers that will only continue to increase.

    If you’re not engaging mobile users, you’re in trouble.

  260. 261

    Mobile is Important, because it’s Mobile… Nothing else needs to be said !

  261. 262

    Another smashing achievement from one of the best blogs on design. One I recommend to my students for inspiration. I’m considering requiring some of you books as textbooks for my Internet technology courses. Is there an educational discount? Can I get an instructors desk copy?

  262. 263

    Just when we as web designers finally had our hands on a decent number of pixels in web browsers, our world has once again been challenged by new technologies and the reality of mobile device prevalence.

    The new Smashing “Mobile Book” (which is lovely by the way) will expertly navigate us through the transition to more responsive design and allow us to handle the process with grace.

  263. 264

    Mobile is the future and if you’re not willing to embrace this change to enable your visitors to enjoy your sites then shame on you.

    For example I’m answering to this competition using my mobile :-)

  264. 265

    Mobile usage is increasingly growing as more and more devices hit the marketplace. Accessing the web on a mobile device is no longer something for ultra-techie folks. EVERYONE is accessing the web through their mobile devices. For some that’s actually their only means of accessing the web. So, now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to make sure your content is accessible via mobile devices. And not just some of your content….ALL OF IT!

  265. 266

    With the growing distribution of smart phones and tablets (do you know someone who cant call such device its own?) people have the opportunity being online 24/7. so no doubt, browsing the web now takes place on various devices.

  266. 267

    Beautiful posters, I want one! I’m happy to answer your question on why mobile is important.
    We want to access our information, accomplish the tasks of our busy life, keep up with friends and news, and do all of this from anywhere at anytime. We also expect a terrific user experience from whatever device we happen to use, whether we are on a laptop at a coffee shop, our phone in the elevator, or our iPad while watching tv from our couch. If my bank doesn’t allow me to transfer funds at the bus stop, and deposit a check from my phone the minute after someone hands it to me, then I’m switching to another bank. In other words, done well, mobile meets the needs of busy people, and nowadays, if it doesn’t, we are moving on to another company or app that will.

  267. 268

    I have the mobile book and I love the cool colours so I want the posters too ofcourse.
    Shame though technology is faster than my speed of reading, but I am sure there are some monumental parts that will keep their significance for long.

    Why mobile is important, because pretty much anyone in the world can have it and just as we love the ability to call someone anytime, we love the ability to connect anytime. And non mobile web sites are as annoying as distorted sound while calling.

  268. 269

    Mobile devices are what people have always within an arms length. Adjust to the user is the key here and the Mobile Book helps to do that with a complete guide about responsive and UX design as well as trends in the mobile landscape.

  269. 270

    Mobile is important for a gob of reasons, many of which have been mentioned Another reason it’s important is that it’s going to become the new currency, or at least the means for carrying currency. This will not only provide convenience for consumers, it will also fuel the economy, and new forms of business, like mobile security/insurance, etc. Imagine never having to carry foreign money around again b/c your mobile device takes care of that for you. (Actually, that might be a little sad b/c I’ve always found other countries’ currency beautiful and fascinating…)

  270. 271

    Mobile is important because it’s taking the place of print media such as magazines and newspapers. Example: Trips to the restroom =D

  271. 272

    Mobile is so important because not only can you stay in contact with everyone but it provides for a quick way to share your design, edit wherever you may be + promote your work or that of another designer. We can’t get away from the personal connection with people, but we also can’t ignore the ever-changing world of technology.

  272. 273

    Yes please send the posters to Smash Up my dull wall!

  273. 274

    Evolve or Perish… It’s as simple as that!

  274. 275

    I found this contest on my Flipboard. Mobile is critical for winning great art.

  275. 276

    The future is the mobile web!

  276. 277

    Mobile is moving beyond the desktop. Organizations need to rethink their content strategies for the new mobile paradigm (yes, I used the word paradigm). Free your work force, free your content.

  277. 278

    Mobile is important because we can interact anywhere with others while doing other things.

    Is a mini office you can take with you.

    You can get information from your mobile and not miss important emails.

  278. 279

    A large proportion of web users are browsing from a mobile device. You need books like Smashing’s The Mobile Book to bridge the gap between traditional design and the new era of browsing habits.

  279. 280

    Cool Posters. The look very useful for creative thinking. Which is very useful when designing for mobile, because of your space limitations you need to be very creative to give your app something that users are drawn to. Especially in this insane explosion of new start-ups, building an app can be a hard task because you almost need perfection to get the result you want.

  280. 281

    Mobile Is Always The Future!

  281. 282

    Mobile devices allow users to access content quicker than ever, this in return is creating new users with an even shorter attention span. As developers/designers, our task of keeping users engaged becomes increasingly difficult as each new device comes out. It truly is an uphill battle, but definitely worth the challenge!

  282. 283

    Mobile is important because there are more than 1 billion mobile users!

  283. 284

    the mobile book hasn’t arrived yet… but i bet it will be great like the others.

    Not easy to say why something, that obviusly IS important, is important. So, what else is “obviously” important to us… maybe breathing could give an example. I wouldn’t want to be limited to my home or certain designated places to be able to breathe. And with all other obviously important things, it is the same to me.

    “mobile” gives mankind a little more freedom.

  284. 285

    I want the posters! The one I like most is the one with the dots, the one for responsive web design. The one for mobile landscape is also really cute. Yes, of course, I have the book and it’s so good that even my husband finished it ;)

  285. 286

    Mobile is everywhere, since larger screens they are able too give the user a good experience.

  286. 287

    Mobile is so important because that is how most people are connected these days. Everyone has their mobile device at their fingertips, so we need to provide our content in ways they can readily access it for the best experience.

  287. 288

    Well, as Mozilla claim: “The web is the platform”, and now more than ever the Web is everywhere. We should start thinking about the Web as the -universal- platform, and not about specific devices.

  288. 289

    Here is my mobile haiku:

    Touching, responding
    Simple yet captivating
    Go, baby, mobile!

    I’m actually thinking of the stylized dragon mobile in the nursery, but the fluidity and responsiveness of a beautiful baby mobile applies just as much to good mobile device design.

    Either one, my little 5-month-old stays mesmerized with it! All too soon he will outgrow one and be carrying around the other…

    Would love that poster set to put in his room!

  289. 290

    Oh my! My walls need some love.

  290. 291

    Why is mobile important? I think Steve Jobs said it best when he posited that people didn’t want another phone – people wanted to feel more CONNECTED to each other. Mobile can be an utterly human experience if guided to embrace the best of its potential.

  291. 292

    Even if with your mobile you can do all sort of incredible stuff, a good book is still the best way for learning.

  292. 293

    We spend more and more time on our phones and tablets. Just look the the sale for computers versus tablets now-a-days. Having a website that responds well to these screen sizes isn’t only a nice feature, but a necessity in todays world. Be it responsive designs (preferred), or a separate mobile website, people should be able to do most of the features on the desktop site, if not all.

    Learning how to make mobile websites and content is crucial to survive and keep updated. That is why I bought The Mobile Book, which I have had the delight to start reading now.

  293. 294

    “How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask? All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays.”

    :( comment whoring.

    Blatantly trying to attract user commenting not by insightful, provocative articles and writing but via troll-ish, click bait headlines and “contests”

    ” why mobile is so important nowadays.”
    ^ is that even a proper statement?


    It’s like an ecommerce newbie web guy promising “more clicks and traffic to yer website!” vs a sage professional offering more conversions, i.e. somebody actually BUYING SOMETHING.

    Substance, vs Flash.
    Nutrition..vs Calories

    Oh, and “Mobile is important nowadays” because being mobile implies movement, and my Doc always recommends at least one movement per day!

    Now where’s my poster for being a…good poster? :)

  294. 295

    Mobile has exploded as the means to get information and communicate socially and professionally. All designs must consider responsive design.

  295. 296

    It is a great help for people like me just step into this area…im still in the process of finish this book..

  296. 297

    Mobile is so important because it is a very personal platform. You carry it around with you wherever you go thereby allowing you to access a plethora of information (provided you aren’t wandering around in the Antarctica).

    It also allows for a more hands-on interaction unlike desktop. I think that is one of it’s biggest draws for people. You can touch it, turn it, speak to it and something cool (usually) happens.

  297. 298

    Mobile design is so important because we live in an age where people want things ‘now’. Mobile offers that convenience. You can be having a conversation, pull out your phone to search for a product, or research something and then get back to your conversation.

  298. 299

    All I have to do is comment on these beautiful posters for a chance to win one. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

  299. 300

    I love Smashing Mag. It’s the one e-news item I still read. I read it on the go. In fact, most everything I read is mobile in some way. I believe mobility makes our lives richer.

  300. 301

    Mobile is a dream come true: access the internet from everywhere.

  301. 302

    I read in the bathroom….a lot. All across our great nation, improved mobile experiences are bringing back the fun in going wee wee!

  302. 303

    Mobile is important because now is actually the mobile age. Mobile is everywhere around us. People don’t go out without the mobile device. And… now is the time when you can say “I’ve lost my phone.” without everyone looking as you are crazy. 20 years ago this was not possible :)

  303. 304

    Because delay of my copy “The Mobile Book” and the waiting i will like a poster :)

    • 305

      Dear Dejan, don’t hestitate to contact us because of the delay at
      orders [at] smashingmagazine [dot] com
      Cheers, Richard

  304. 306

    I just purchased the mobile book. I am eagerly awaiting the hard copy while reading through the online version. Mobile is our new way of life. I remember as a child having to stand in the kitchen to talk on the phone. We could never have imagined what the future would hold. We have everything at the touch of our fingers. It’s pretty amazing.

  305. 307

    Mobile is important because…
    We can watch a dude fall from space in real-time whilst waiting to catch a bus. (Actually, I don’t wait for buses anymore as I use a mobile app to ensure I get there just in time).
    We can photograph friends doing shots of vodka through the eyeball on those kind of nights out where you know you gotta leave the Nikon at home.
    We can cheat at the local pub quiz… Oh know I didn’t.
    We can toss birds at elaborate constructions of evil pigs on the daily, something I always aspired to before mobile came along.
    Most of all it allows us to make a connection to another human being, anytime, any place, anywhere.*
    *Data allowance, signal and ‘the way you hold the iPhone 4′ permitting.

  306. 308

    The mobile web is important because it enables us to more easily solve today’s problems today, so we can move on to finding better solutions for tomorrow.

  307. 309

    Mobile is important, because I don’t want to stay on my desk all day, while my friends do nice stuff outdoors… ;-)

  308. 310

    I would love the poster set; yes, please! :)

  309. 311

    Why is mobile so important? Because these small devices can do almost everything from work to play. And that is why they are future,

  310. 312

    Yesterday afternoon, trapped in my car in Chicago rush hour traffic, I found myself listening to NPR, as I normally do.

    When the correspondent began listing the sponsors who support the program, I snapped out of my traffic-zombie state to pay attention to one sponsor particular – a local personal shopping startup. And like any bored-to-death human being stuck in a car with only a smartphone at my disposal, I did what you might expect: I looked that baby up.

    But when I saw their website, my heart sank a little, for their own sake.

    A pixellated, blurry logo. Content I had to scroll sideways and down and diagonally to read, zooming all around. And, to be perfectly honest, I abandoned any interest in the poor startup and returned to sitting in traffic. Because it was so inconvenient – and yes, also dangerous – to get even a glimpse of this little fledgling company that it wasn’t worth my time.

    But it’s how we as humans have come to operate these days. We’re mobile creatures. We have to be. It’s the world in which we, unless we choose to deviate from modern standards of efficiency and connectivity, are forced to exist.

    That’s why mobile development is so important. In order to be useful to us, the web needs to keep up with us.

  311. 313

    Most of the world accesses the internet via mobile, whether for convenience on-the-go or because it’s the only way they can afford internet access.

  312. 314

    Mobile is making a huge impact on the web today and it’s reshaping our path and vision of the future. Currently there is too much clutter out there because everyone and everything wants to be a part of it, to contribute in some way because it’s “the next big thing”.

    We need to keep in mind that this is a very young technology with even younger behavior and habits, that what we have today will very likely be obsolete tomorrow. But once the dust settles down, current platforms and paradigmes evolve, new one emerges, I believe that will be the time when we can expect new exciting things to happen.

  313. 315

    My book finally came in the mail and I cant wait to go through it. These posters are also pretty sexy!

  314. 316

    Mobile is important because it’s easy and convenient to find information and entertainment anywhere without being tied down by wires and desks.

  315. 317

    Mobile is important because it’s a new context where we can reach our customers. It’s a new space where we can create different kinds of experiences – experiences that touch users in ways unique to the medium. It’s important because it’s real, people are there, and as designers it’s incumbent upon us to understand it so we can meet users where they are.

  316. 318

    We’ve already seen that the majority of people access the internet on their mobile devices, so naturally we need to be at the forefront of where things are going. If we can keep up with that and, if we’re lucky, lead the movement, then we can make awesome things. And that’s what we should do – make awesome things.

  317. 319

    mobile | stillness and movement are the same

    But do not ask me where I am heading,
    As I travel in this limitless world
    Where every step I take is my home.

  318. 320

    I believe that mobile browsing is around 25% now. That stat alone is a great reason to design with mobile in mind.

  319. 321

    Mobile because nothing sits still anymore

  320. 322

    Mobile is important, because it’s there with us every step of the way. It adapts to our needs and surrounding.

  321. 323

    Mobile is the way we will have to develop if we as designers and developers want to continue our professional careers. The growth of mobile in developing nations ensures that this will be the preferred method of online interaction for many (if not most) of the coming years as more and more devices come online and the world’s demand for smart user based mobile interfaces becomes insatiable.

  322. 324

    mobile is important because it is obviously the future. the smartphone getting better and stronger wie more and more useful apps. and in my subject the location and geo topic in the mobile world becomes even more important.

  323. 325

    Víctor Malumián

    February 5, 2013 6:17 pm

    The book arrive just in time. Love the work you have done!
    Best regards from Argentina.

  324. 326

    Mobile is important because it makes our lives easier… and more complicated at the same time!

  325. 327

    Mobile is important because that’s what your customers use. No more justification is necessary!

  326. 328

    Hell, I got a two-fer for ya. I have the book (on my iPad), haven’t finish but have enjoyed. As for your “why is mobile so important nowadays?” question, it’s simple. Users are accessing websites through mobile devices more and more each day, why WOULDN’T you build your site more accessible to them? Boom.

  327. 329

    For me… Mobile vs desktop, will eventually be supplanted by a singularity which I can’t imagine what it is. At the present mobile represents a user experience which doesn’t have the same input requirements as traditional computers, and services a different integrated need of location, GPS, information and services that enhances the way the user lives their life. Desktop doesn’t do this and could be thought of as focused on enhancing the productivity of work.

    Bring on the singularity…

    (it had better not be google goggles….) :)

  328. 330

    Mobile is so important because many users see the desktop as a fallback. People are clicking links from apps such as Facebook and Twitter and are visiting a site for the first time on a mobile device and if it doesn’t work many users will just go back and forget about it. Most importantly, mobile is causing more and more companies to realize the importance of accessibility.

  329. 331

    People are so busy and on the move so much so that their smartphone or cellphone is the only way they communicate, browse and get information. Having mobile sites makes getting information convenient and a lifesaver especially if you need information now and can’t wait til you get home.

  330. 332

    Smashing magazine is one of my fav blogs…nice giveaway :)…..the poster will be a great addition to my smashing books if I win one …….

  331. 333

    I need one of these to hang over the couch of my new flat! The reason: the glitter in my hands after playing with the book when I received it were reflections of the love I instantly felt for it!

    Thanks for all the hard work, guys. I hope I’m lucky enough to get one!


  332. 334

    My new workplace in newly built house needs those posters to move me into the future Web.

  333. 335

    Just got my copy book and started reading it this morning :D

    Besides looking great, it so far is doing a good job of bringing together technical expertise with overall strategy and ideas about where mobile design is at and possibly heading to.

  334. 336

    Inspiration can strike at anytime, from anywhere. Mobile allows us to capture that fleeting moment, expand and develop it, wherever we happen to be. We can even research and refine an idea before the impetus leaves and the next lightning bolt hits. Sitting on an idea? Mobile means that you can have it fleshed out before you’ve had time to find a pen and paper!

  335. 337

    First of all Smashing magazine is one of my fav blogs…nice giveaway :)….
    over the last few years mobile and tablets have given a lot of comfort and pleasure element in everything we do…right from games to surfing web to reading books…..because of this lot of people have started using mobile devices more than desktops….as a matter of fact i m typing this comment through my iPad……also the share of mobile web is ever increasing now,because of boom of tablets and mobile phone revolution initiated by ios devices…
    so we as developers should make the websites look good in mobile devices… the poster will be a great addition to my smashing books if I win one …….

  336. 338

    Awesome posters. Nice giveaway. I like free stuff that is great quality too! Let us see if I get lucky :-)
    Thank you.

  337. 339

    Mobile is the future. People want their everyday life to be simple, easier and connected at all times.

  338. 340

    clothes, shoes, wallet, phone.

    if you think about it, humanity can’t go outside their door without these essentials.

    it used to be clothes, shoes, wallet.
    then, clothes, shoes, wallet, phone.
    then, clothes shoes, phone, wallet.
    then, clothes, phone, shoes, wallet.

    nowadays, the first item we take when departing our home is our mobile. it’s the most important item in our life, because it tells us everything we need to know faster than we can grab everything and go.

  339. 341

    Cool illustrations! love the fact that they are not completely geometric but somewhat organic. Good work!

  340. 342

    Mobile is one of the most efficient way to be accessible and connect yourself to anything and anyone.

    Also got the beautiful Mobile book recently. Great content and stunning cover. Delish!

  341. 343

    Great contest! People are using desktop and even websites less and less. The question is always, do you have an app for that. Mobile is where you need to be to stay in front of your customers (in apps or mobile web sites), before someone else “stays in front of them”.



  342. 344

    The Mobile Book is awesome. I’m not quite through the entire thing yet, but have already put a half-dozen tips, tactics, and concepts to work! I have definitely used it as a tool in my box for current projects, and will continue to use it on all in the future… Thanks!

  343. 345

    Mobile is important, right now, because it is the cornerstone of global access to education. Because of this, mobile is something of a super hero; it will save the world!

  344. 346

    Simply awesome!

  345. 347

    Mobile is important because that’s exactly the way I live my life. On the move. Spontaneously. Connected.

  346. 348

    The mobile book couldn’t have come at a better time. Our company is revamping a mobile site.
    The posters are bonus. Crossing my finger that I’ll be one of the lucky people who will get these.

  347. 349

    Smartphones are rapidly being adopted by the masses, which causes a huge priority shift. I always hear people say, “Pocket check! Phone, keys, wallet!”, and of course “Dude, wheres my phone?” Given the amount of time people spend on their phones, it’s time to adapt our strategies to include mobile. If not, then your yesterday’s news.

  348. 350

    Mobile brings us all together, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or disability.

  349. 351

    I pre-paid for the Mobile Book at the end of October last year and when I received the book at the end of December within one week that book was read. I couldn’t put it down! The wealth of information along with the beautiful, yet simple, illustrations, has made this book one of the best ‘technical’ books that I own. It would be great to receive these wonderful posters and book because I can hang the posters in my office to admire, as well as give the book to a close friend who would definitely benefit from this gorgeous and knowledgable book.

  350. 352

    Mobile it’s “âge des lumières” in your pocket!

  351. 353

    Mobile is important because the way we use computers is changing and becoming an ever-increasing part of almost every part of modern society — from phones to cars to work to TVs to appliances! Android FTW BTW.

  352. 354

    Because more people will be accessing the web from mobile devices vs. desktops/laptops. Mobile devices are bringing the internet and computer power to poorer countries where people can not afford a nice shiny new macbook, but a mobile phone is within reach. And probably at least half the people you know are literally (read: figuratively) joined at the hip (or hand) to their mobile device already. Having a conversation with the top of someone’s head as they stare down at their phone, sound familiar?

  353. 355

    Wow! I’m still a beginner, and these are so inspiring! Thanks!

  354. 356

    Mobiles are important because they are easy to make and they keep babies occupied for ages in their cots…or is that the wrong kind of mobile?

  355. 357

    We still see mobile as a smartphone, however what we call mobile is a different way of interacting with the internet; a better way. Everything will move towards the mobile essence. That’s why it is important.

  356. 358

    because mobile is what the campfire used to be…

  357. 359

    As content creators, we cannot control the many ways in which our users choose to consume our content, whether it be on their mobile devices they carry with them at all times or on any number of the many other devices available to them.

  358. 360

    Smashing is my #1 resource for all things web. I love the work you do!

    That being said… those are beautiful illustrations. The colors are perfect for my new home that currently has bare walls :(

    I’d love to win!

  359. 361

    Mobile is so important today, especially for businesses because many people do research for purchases, trips, shopping, etc. right from their mobile device. Without that functionality, many businesses are giving up share of the market to the mobile-optimized competitors.

    I love these prints!

  360. 362

    Mobile is so important because people have their phones with them every waking moment of everyday… and sometimes when they are sleeping as well. Because of this, phone’s have become our tools for everything. Everything from price comparisons while shopping, to locking/unlocking your house. The real question should be “how can you NOT think mobile is important!?”

    Love you guys and I am trying to get my job to buy the Mobile book for our department. Can I be convincing enough to get our department a Smashing Mag library subscription, you ask? Maybe a new poster will help sway the boss-man. :) Either way, I will be getting that mobile book in the near future!

  361. 363

    Is mobile important? I work at a global interactive advertising agency. Every one of my Fortune 100 clients is using a “mobile first” strategy and omnichannel delivery.

  362. 364

    Mobile Web is *the* Web; the two aren’t mutually exclusive. For that very reason, the Mobile Web and Mobile methodologies are absolutely essential for *any* web project.

  363. 365

    When I was a kid I got super NES when playstation 1 came out. I got playstation 1 when playstation 2 came out. I got dial-up when broadband came out. I got portable cd player when the ipod came out. I got the ipod when the ipod touch came out. I have been using lowest model flip phone the phone stores will sell for the past 10 years while the sales of smart phones has surpassed the sales of computers. I am always a step, or two, or three, or four…behind the technology curve in my personal life, and I like it that way – it allows me to observe from a safe distance the trials and trends of the technology until I’m ready to accept one of them as a worthwhile convenient disruption of my daily activity.
    In my professional life however, I am a web designer and developer, and I have to try and keep up with the technology – at least staying at the same pace, but if possible getting a slight gain on it. Mobile is important because it has become a part of my job. It is no longer a bonus, it is a fully integrated and prominent component of web design. The sentence might have finished with something like, “…oh, and it can be viewed on an iphone too, so that’s cool” several years ago, but today the sentence begins with “The site will be viewed on mobile phones like this…” Mobile is important because it is what people are doing, and people are who hire me.

  364. 366

    Yo quiero!
    Es para adornar la habitación de mi bebé :D

    Espero entiendan mi español.

  365. 367

    Mobile is so important today because it’s with their use, access to information is so convenient. I have become addicted to my iPhone! I love the fact that when I have to wait for someone I can do some reading or play a game. Or, if I want to be skiing on a powder day, I can still communicate with my clients. I also find it so handy to be able to check account balances or even make a deposit. These wonderful smart phones have become a valuable appendage that even allows us to navigate the world more effectively – literally in space, and intellectually!

  366. 368

    Mobile is important for consuming information, not so much for e-commerce imho. I know for me, I don’t think I’ve ever made a significant purchase on my tablet/mobile, but I can learn a lot on the go.

  367. 369

    I’ve been following the content on this website for years and it’s wonderful that I can now have all the great information in the form of books and pdfs. You guys are doing a great job, keep it up. Looking forward to more great stuff from Smashing Magazine.

  368. 370

    I forgot my mobile phone at home one day… if you try that you’ll see why mobile is so important. All from booking workout, to a grocerylist to check a recipe to transfer cash to your card when you pay. It’s not even the future, it’s now.

  369. 371

    As a UX designer, learning and adopting true responsive design is very challenging. The engineers expect me to know all of the details and recommendations even though we are still discovering them. This mobile book is an Exceptional resources and I am excited to learn more.

  370. 372

    Mobile is important because it is mobile. Everything simply fits into a screen that sticks with you everywhere.

  371. 373

    Just ordered The Mobile Book. A must have. The artwork is stunning!

  372. 374

    I love this book! Very insightful on various problems I’ve encountered transitioning into RWD. These prints are great too and would look great in my office! :)

  373. 375

    Mobile isn’t going away, it’s the now and the future. These posters rock!

  374. 376

    one of these is going on my bed room’s wall :)

  375. 377

    Just received my book! can´t wait to start reading flipt through it and it looks fantastic! would love to have a poster for the wall aswell =)

  376. 378

    Mobile allows me to more meaningfully connect with the spaces I inhabit. Contrary to common thought that always having your eyes on your device makes you unconscious of your surroundings, I have found that mobile actually enhances my experience of physical spaces. I can find infinite information about the place I am in, when I am in it — discovering new cafes, the history of a building, the best snacks around the corner, and cult movie playing next door. Mobile technology enables a spontaneous yet informed exploration of the place I live and breathe everyday, with no gap between learning and living.

  377. 379

    Mobile design is important because we want our information and entertainment now. And we want to be comfortable while accessing it (i.e. not at a computer desk).

  378. 380

    Love Smashing Mag. I think the importance of mobile speaks for itself. I haven’t been on my laptop in over TWO days and i’m totally fine with that.

  379. 381

    Mobile has become the norm. Above and beyond the fact that yes, society is fast paced, and we don’t have time to sit down at a desk anymore, there is another reason that mobile has become a necessity. My current job, opened up my eyes to realize that those who can benefit the most from mobile web/applications are actually the low income families, who may not be able to afford a larger desktop. They use mobile because it is a more affordable solution to access the web and all it’s resources. I used to think of mobile as somebody web surfing on their iPad while talking on their iPhone, but mobile has become a lot bigger than that.

  380. 382

    Saying goodbye to newspapers, magazines and a host of other informational touch points that use to be physical to keep us connected with what’s important to us.

    Mobile is today’s access point to information, whether it’s an iPad, Android phone, or even a laptop connected to wifi at a Starbucks; mobile how we’re connected to each other and the day-to-day information we need.

  381. 383

    Mobile is important as it extends your brain on the go with everything beautiful the world has to offer.

  382. 384

    Mobile is important because … it’s mobile! It allows you to stay connected 24/7 nearly anywhere. Whether it be for work or for play, you have a computer in your pocket where you can gain instant access to communication, some gratification or a notification. yeah baby!

  383. 385

    Mobile is the way of the future!

  384. 386

    What I absolutely love about the book is that it’s just a simple pleasure to look at it. The whole layout is easy on the eyes and drawing attention to perfectly chosen illustrations and bold headlines.

    It is really important to make a book about design lovable, so that the readers get inspired while not getting distracted. Each of the works of Mike Kus just makes me walk into the book and wander around the patterns.

    Apart from the presentation, the content of the book is pretty helpful too. Love you guys because tiny details matter to you, and that’s what is valued in good work, whichever field it belongs to.

  385. 387

    Beautiful posters!

  386. 388

    fantastic book, fantastic posters ;) thnx

  387. 389

    If you aren’t thinking mobile first or at least mobile during design and development, there are complete design patterns that you would not even have access to or understanding of such as off-canvas layouts.

  388. 390

    The future is mobile, is an anagram of:- Our theism be futile

    Amen to that

  389. 391

    What can I say? A beautifully bound, beautifully presented book with top-class content to boot. The other Smashing Books have been great but this has already exceeded expectations and I’ve only read Part I so far. So having a poster of one of the Illustrations would be the icing on the cake – particularly if it was the ‘Responsive Design’ one!

  390. 392

    It gives access to the web when human beings are on the go.

  391. 393

    So many people I know barely touch a computer outside of work, but they use their mobile device constantly. Mobile is the way.

  392. 394

    REASON – Mobile Only Users

    There is a growing web user base of mobile only users.

    Whether users are from countries where people cannot afford computers to users receiving free smartphones from government programs to users like me that prefer to surf the web anywhere and everywhere; once you get used to mobile browsing, you begin to prefer it over pulling out a laptop, powering it up and logging in. Hense, mobile only users will become the norm.

  393. 395

    because the future is now.

  394. 396

    Because the future is important……

  395. 397

    Not sure what mobile books are but i love these designs!

  396. 398

    Love these abstracts!

  397. 399

    Simply put, mobile development is the most recent major product of innovation in technology, and will most likely be parent to whatever is next. Put into code, I would look like this:

    *edit, this comment section doesn’t like my fake html. So, forget that. Here’s this:

    innovation in tech.> electricity> computers> mobile computing> what’s next

    I think that perhaps exploring the ‘importance’ of something that has already arrived and thrived the way that mobile technology has is at some point kinda null–that is, I think it might be too accessible. The ‘importance’ of mobile technology is and should be what new exciting, important, and good things it will allow us to create, and thus expand innovation and technology into a better, shinier future.

  398. 400

    The book is amazing. The posters would be great inspiration pieces to hang in our office as we launch our start-up.

    Mobile is important because you can’t take a PC everywhere.

  399. 401

    Mobile is the way of the future. 20 years ago, not everyone had a mobile device, much less the thought of having one. Nowadays, everyone has one – even children/teenagers. In order to reach all walks of life, mobile is the way to go.

  400. 402

    Mobile is world in your pocket.

  401. 403

    Because everyone uses a mobile phone now. They have become the norm in our society.

  402. 404

    Simply a fantastic book. Buy it today.

  403. 405

    Mobile is so important nowadays, because what can you wish more to improve your flexible providing of quick needed information on the fly than googling for the closest hospital while crossing the road almost blindly :)

  404. 408

    Mobile because you need everything…now!

  405. 409

    The mobile sector of web design and development has so much import these days, as it has proved itself to be a major method for people to access the content we create with our expansive tallent and toolsets. As we put so much effort into the rendering of quality content, we should be thinking and designing towards all methods of access. Our new inclucive way of thinking of access methods is why responsive design has become so previlant, and will continue to be so.


  406. 410

    Mobile is important because it is the next frontier in UI innovations; still an open field that is not yet stale.

  407. 411

    Mobile is important because it is with you everywhere. People love having that access to unlimited resources wherever they go. It’s so convenient.

  408. 412

    I want the book for my day job, as a web developer, and one of the posters for my night job, as a quilter. Both would be wonderfully valuable to me!

  409. 413

    Francois Schlebusch

    February 5, 2013 10:15 pm

    Absolutely brilliant. One of those cases whe you go “Why didn’t I think of that?” I love the simplicity.

  410. 414

    The best about the book are the lovely images in it. And wouldn’t it be great to have these images hanging on my wall so I can get inspirated to create something great for mobile.

  411. 415

    Posters? Yes, please. :)

    Mobile is important because no one wants to lug around a 15lb desktop. Or a 1lb laptop.

  412. 416

    Our mobile expert left for greener pastures and I found myself suddenly needing to know a lot more of this stuff on my own. This was the first book I reached for; I already feel smarter.

  413. 417

    Mobile is important because, at the rate that phones continue to get larger screens, by 2020 they will have screens larger than today’s computers. This exponential growth can only be expected to continue.

  414. 418

    This book has become invaluable to me and my work team in developing next gen eLearning for mobile devices. Perfect timing is all I can say.

  415. 419

    Mobile just saves time in so many ways. Need directions? Bang. Need a word meaning? Bang. Tweet? Bang. Post? Bang. Get that song name…

    More time for living.

  416. 420

    Why is mobile important? The world is mobile, people are mobile, devices make is even more mobile than ever before.

  417. 421

    If mobile is not important, i’d chop my legs off now.

  418. 422

    Because Search is Local. The clients where I’ve redirected their desktop sites to the mobile sites I’ve built have seen increases in traffic and sales.

  419. 423

    You get back home after a hard day of sketching, managing, designing, creating and coding. Just need a little quiet but also feeding your perception. What can you do else than get some peace on your couch holding your tablet reading industry’s wisdom people share. Hoping to wake up a little wiser next day.

  420. 424

    some of these would look amazing framed on my walls!

  421. 425

    Mobile is important because it fits into your purse… almost always….

  422. 426

    Mobile is most important because it allows for a new level of engagement never before possible.

  423. 427

    The tablet revolution took off because people were spending their money on powerful machines, with overly complex interfaces to do very simple tasks, like social media, email and browsing the news. Simplification in the mobile environment targets the user and the tasks they need to do in a manner that matches the complexity of the task. Mobile design is important to ensure that over-compensation does not happen; that we do not oversimplify and rob the user of power when it is need. This is a time to intelligently target and design for the task people need to do.

  424. 428

    Mobile is important because the latest trends show a decline in people using desktops and laptops to go on the web. People like convenience so the tablet and mobile markets will keep growing over the years. Mobile is important because people can quickly take it out of their pockets to browse the web, or perform their tasks.

  425. 429

    Got the book. Have all the smashing books on board already. Enjoy them very much! Whats next?

  426. 430

    Mobile is the ultimate communications medium. Where we once had mass-media, we mow have nanomedia.

  427. 431

    Mobile is important because I should be able to browse any site while stuck in traffic.

  428. 432

    Mobile devices are likely to be the first computing devices capable of utilizing the web in acceptable ways for many, for reasons sometimes out of their control. This makes them vital towards creating a relationship with them in ways businesses, creatives, and all sorts of other people have to appreciate.

    Mobile devices are also important because you can experience the world wide web like their desktop counterparts as good as they can, if not better than them, on-the-go. For this reason alone they can’t be ignored if your job is to create a meaningful experience for a product, service, or initiative through the world wide web.

    Finally, mobile devices are important because what other device you can take with you to the bed, the bathroom, and beyond and be able to relive/enhance those moments.

    With such things in mind, mobile devices are very important. Any objections?

  429. 433

    courtney kuhlman (@CourtneyKuhlman)

    February 5, 2013 11:58 pm

    The main reason mobile is important, is because it’s there, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We rely on such a small piece of technology, that we almost feel naked when without it.

    Mobile phones along with computers have taken us one step closer to singularity. Can you just image the future of mobile? No physical device, it could just be all in our minds… now time to start learning how to design for that.

  430. 434

    With people wanting to be constantly connected to Internet and all of its features, we are turning to mobile to provide that access, causing a dramatic increase in Internet viewing through mobile.

  431. 435

    Mobile is important because that’s where our customers are, plain and simple.

  432. 436

    Halla Kolbeinsdóttir

    February 6, 2013 12:17 am

    Responsive design is really the only way forward in website creation today. You have the same user accessing your site from their laptop, smartphone, TV and tablet device – why should they have to remember another url or be treated differently just because of the device they are using? A smartphone user isn’t necessarily in a hurry needing content to go, they might be in bed wanting to peruse your catalog or read your article. Let them!

  433. 437

    Mobile is important because it shows our true nature: we’re lazy. Not us developers though, we work harder to make sure our audience can be lazy. :)

  434. 438


    Mobile is there whenever and wherever you need it. Bedroom, office, couch, kitchen, toilet, car, train, airplane, bike, longboard, beach, pool, hills, park, museum, bar, restaurant, supermarket, concert, mall, walking, waiting, searching, boring, mad…

  435. 439

    If you don’t have a mobile book…
    …you don’t have a mobile book…;)

  436. 440

    Hey, Smashing Team! I really like your magazine and one day I intend to buy one of your awesome books! A poster for this fan would be great! Thanks :)

  437. 441

    Can’t ignore the world of Mobile Devices, they’ll be the first to turn on humans, starting an epic battle of Man Vs. Machine. IT’S IN REVELATIONS PEOPLE!!

  438. 442

    Why wouldn’t u build mobile would be a poor choice. Your removing your most important audience.

  439. 443

    William R. J. Ribeiro

    February 6, 2013 1:05 am

    Because the first chapter by @ppk is like a delicious hot chicken wings dish: it is delicious and spicy! Totally worth it.

  440. 444

    Because it is the most efficient entry to online access around the globe, mobile use has tipped. Everyone everywhere is going mobile! And so, Smashing Magazine’s Mobile Book is the ticket – with a proven track record of the best and most beautiful web development trends.

  441. 445

    Living and teaching in China at an American International School with students from 25 countries as well as attending conferences, workshops and visiting schools throughout Asia not only we, the teachers, but the students live mobile; in the class, at home and on the way back and forth to school, learning is a co-mobile experience.

  442. 446

    I definitely need to brush up on mobile!

  443. 447

    We’ve grown from having bulky super computers, to having personal home computers, to laptops, to now mobile phones and tablets. The trend is clear — technology is getting faster, cheaper, and smaller. “Mobile” is important because it is the present, and the future. We want to be able to access everything anywhere efficiently.

    As we move beyond the need to use physical devices with physical screens, things will change tremendously. Think about the impact that will have on how we design and develop…


  444. 448

    Mobile is so important, because the old paradigm of ‘9-5′ has been broken. Access from all locations, rather than a set point in your home.

  445. 449

    Mobile penetration is so much higher than desktop computers, TVs and other electronic gadget – it’s a must-do for marketeers to get a higher reach!

  446. 450

    this book goes right into what you need to know as a graphic designer from responsive sites to mobile strategies and useability and people are all about the flexibility of sites now.

  447. 451

    The Mobile Book made me smile and happy because its so beautifully made. One thing in particular stands out for me, the page ribbon. I wonder why not every book has that simple but incredibly useful feature.

  448. 452

    Because we have always been mobile, we just now have computers that can come with us.

  449. 453

    Fantastic book. The effort which the smashing team have put into this book has made me buy my first print book in years. Absolutely indispensable, as every client of mine nowadays insists on a solid mobile experience for their business.

  450. 454

    Mobile is important nowadays because mobile is getting more ubiquitous among people. It increases user’s efficiency; and with better mobile connection and infrastructure, mobile users will absolutely grow significantly over the next years.

    Newspaper >> Radio >> TV >> Computer >> MOBILE (now and the future)

  451. 455

    I live near a few universities. Do the mass numbers of students walking around have a laptop open infront of them? Do they have a computer tower next to them in the library?

    Obviously not. This is why mobile is important: it’s always there, always available.

  452. 456

    Eric "WizKid" Odom

    February 6, 2013 3:29 am

    Mobile is incredibly important to me as someone who works in the field, and is enrolled in school for web design and development. I’m in the process of redesigning my employer’s website, which is of course going to be responsive, and I’ve just ordered my copy of the book. The poster set would look really good hanging on my wall in my office!

  453. 457

    Mobile is so important nowadays because the usage of mobile is steadily increasing. Mobile devices are no longer just mobile phones, per se, but are becoming portable/mini computers in their own right, which users can use to do a lot more than just calling and texting.

    I like how the Mobile Book explains this and what we should do to make our websites/applications respond correctly and properly according to the device used to access it.

  454. 458

    Alexander Gounder

    February 6, 2013 3:52 am

    Like how Home PCs brought a large no. of people closer, Mobile is enabling the same amongst an even large no. of people… who never tell this date had the means to have their landline telephones, leave alone access to the internet.

    The power is visible in my country, India when an uneducated labourer flashes his mobile phone which has a PDF of his train ticket. imagine the amount of paper and other over heads the Indian Railways have saved by being a “little” mobile phone friendly…

    On a side note wouldn’t it be nice to let a poor Indian Kid win…

  455. 459

    The internet is accessed primarily through mobile device in today’s world, mainly cellphones and tablet devices. If media is not compatible with mobile devices it is less likely to be as effective as it was intended to be.

  456. 460

    What’s important about mobile web design and development is that now the web is literally everywhere not just in your house or the coffee shop anymore – and this means the possibilities are endless. We truly live in an exciting time.

  457. 461

    Mobile is the future of the internet. If toddlers and children today are tapping laptops and PC screens expecting them to be touch friendly what are their kids going to do?

  458. 462

    I am an elementary school librarian who would love to share this “out of the box” creative process with the gifted students I work with. They would be impressed and intrigued and would create their own mobiles that I know would be awesome.

  459. 463

    Web users are increasingly browsing using mobile devices, therefore we need to make sure they have a user-friendly experience on them… none of that pinching and zooming!

  460. 464

    Really, mobile is must important at this time because it’s very easy to get information from websites wherever we are.

  461. 465

    I already have The Smashing Book 1 and 2, all I can say if the Mobile book is the same, then I am ordering it today. Why do we need mobile. In South Africa today, there are more web users on mobile than PCs, I have a good reason to go mobile.

  462. 466

    Mobile is important because it’s a milestone towards a new generation of UX / UI. I believe the “tablet” type of mobiles will dissolve in a near future in profit of ubiquitous UIs (how about “Cloud UIs” :)). However, the mobile UI as it stands today is a necessary step towards this next generation.

  463. 467

    Because user are using more mobile devises nowadays and the book its a great example of that

  464. 468

    Because I phone and you phone.

  465. 469

    Because lots of people feel an irrational fear when they’re not able to get online for more than an hour.

  466. 470

    I’ve bought this book for my agency as nowadays, all our clients have needs concerning mobile, mobility, UX for small screens, access from everywhere, at everytime… So we need to think about that in all our projects and reading this book and smashing mag’s articles provides us a lot of help. Great book by the way! The “object” itself is as portable and as accessible as its content :)

  467. 471

    Mobile is not so important…better a cup of tea with friends…but my wall is sooo empty and your poster are soo beautiful :-)


  468. 472

    Mobile is and will grow even more important because it reflects and stimulates the merging between virtuality and reality. The internet is a layer of information, communication and function that becomes more and more intertwined with our daily lifes and will continue to do so. Mobile access to this layer (and the need for it) is a logical, almost inevitable progress which is still at the beginning.

    Thus there are exciting times ahead :)

  469. 473

    Mobile web-browsing marketshare will eclipse desktop-browsing. It’s extremely important to see the massive shift that is happening right now. Web developers should read the ‘Mobile Book’ by Smashing Magazine. I got it on the day of release – essential reading.

  470. 474

    Because it’s everywhere.

  471. 475

    Because everyone uses a mobile phone now. Mobile is the future.

  472. 476

    Mobile is such important as other communication channels. If web standards designate way of internet evolution, all media becomes important and useful. Mobile is the first sign of the direction, where everything is common, accessible and usable.

  473. 477

    Mobile is becoming the new web / ip landscape. No longer can we get away with just desktop web experiences. In order reach our diverse audiences mobile is an essentially component to making content consumption a richer experience. Second screen experiences will value add existing content delivery and as ip television become more integrated it will truly be a brave new world in digital, especially in mobile design and development. I can’t wait !

  474. 478

    The book is awesome. Simples. On a serious note however, I’ve only space in my office for a landscape A3 poster… do the posters come with their own media queries too?

  475. 479

    Mobile is ‘Smashing’ in a variety of ways. Humans have been communicating since the dawn of man. Be it with cave drawings or smoke signals. Due to accelareted evolution in multimedia, today you are constantly connected with the whole world through your mobile phone (or other mobile devices). Moreover, considering evolution won’t stop, mobile is an important intersection for what comes next. Augmented reality? Holographic imaging? Or perhaps biologically connected from birth? Who knows?

    A fun, bit scary, but ultimately smashing future ahead of us.

  476. 480

    Mobile is everything nowadays!!!

  477. 481

    When there is no one around there is this mobile; always with you. You’ll never feel alone.

  478. 482

    The whole book (The Mobile Book) is very informative. There are many things which I would like to say about this book but few important things are:
    1. I like the way you guys have mentioned Author details at the end of each sections. This gives us inspiration to be a contributor to SM.
    2. Important links as reference given in footer is just awesome.
    3. The quality of the book and the print is very cute and clear, more over its readable :-)
    4. I simply love Smashing Magazine Team :-)

  479. 483

    Nice posters! I really like the one with the circles, it looks like music thru an oscilloscope ^^

  480. 484

    Nice post

  481. 485

    We are always on the go – So computers must be with us !

  482. 486

    because my grandmother have just an old iphone to surf the interwebz!

  483. 487

    With mobile books you can carry a whole library around in your pocket.

  484. 488

    I know mobile is important, because every time my battery dies, I’m late for a job application.

  485. 489

    Mobile = Internet/Interactivity 24 Hours a day!

  486. 490

    Mobile is of a great importance because it is really personal. The mobile content is where you need it, when you need it and it’s straight to the point – just the way we communicate to each other. We are all in motion and we want, we do need the information to flow with us so we keep it handy and have constant access to it.

  487. 492

    Because the first thing I do as I wake up to turn on my smartphone and the last one before falling asleep is turn it off.

  488. 493

    yupyupyup i hereby submit a comment. lovely design!

  489. 494

    Mobile is important because, it let you access internet everywhere and everytime you want!!

  490. 495

    Mmm.. posters.

  491. 496

    Francesco La Macchia

    February 6, 2013 11:51 am

    I love this book, and… I love this illustrations…

  492. 497

    I Love!! i Love!!!
    Having come from the Mobile forward country in the world (KENYA) this is amazing!!
    Would love a copy!!

  493. 498

    Mobile design and development is important, why? … Because they new devices. We must always evolve and adapt our websites to how, where, and who is accessing the web.

  494. 499

    The future is mobile.

  495. 500

    Why mobile is so important nowadays ?

    Simply because Tim Berners-Lee said :
    The web should be accessible from any kind of hardware that can connect to the Internet: stationary or mobile, small screen or large.
    Follow the guideline of the www guru geeks !

    Haven’t already the mobile book just because i am a french reader
    Hope it will arrive soon :)

  496. 501

    Christian Hjortshøj

    February 6, 2013 12:21 pm

    Mobile is important because we are getting globalized. There is of course the general reason that mobile is good because it “is” mobile – but I see mobile as a way to globalize even more. Everyone is getting connected, even in some developing countries and especially the growing economies, like BRICS. Connecting is also globalization as globalization relies on connectivity. As Anthony Giddens says (roughly?): “Globalization also influences everyday life as much as it does to other countries”.

  497. 502

    Mobile is important, because it follows you wherever you are. It is not bound to static places, it’s always on the move.

    It is fast paced just like the live we are living!

  498. 503

    The reason why mobile is so important nowadays is simply the principle of impulse purchase and the way it can be exploited perfectly with mobile websites and e-commerce.
    Picture someone sitting in the park, having a glass of wine and checking out the new spring collection of his/her favorite store. Great product, limited stock, ‘early-bird discount’, sale!
    Billion dollar industry and growing.

  499. 504

    Mobile is so important because it’s the way we stay connected. It’s a lot easier to go online from a mobile device when you’re on the go than even something like a laptop. We’ve adopted a fast-paced lifestyle, and mobile has adapted to that.

  500. 505

    I don’t design for mobile I just design for the flexible web

  501. 506

    Mobile is standard form of communication these days, it makes life easier in your daily life, anywhere you are and keeps you busy when bored, also saves a lot of trees! you don’t have to read an article in the newspaper, magazine but simple go online in your mobile. It’s like having a mini computer all the time with you. :)

  502. 508

    Vincent van Scherpenseel

    February 6, 2013 1:49 pm

    First chapter by fellow Dutchman Peter-Paul Koch is absolutely fantastic. Really great to get a better understanding of the mobile ecosystem and why Windows Mobile needs to open up for change if it wants to succeed.

  503. 509

    Would love to get one of those! Greetings from Germany

  504. 510

    Why is mobile so important?…..
    …….Because there’s a growing generation of customers, and future customers, out there who have never known anything else.
    They were born with a PScontroller in one hand, and a Smartphone in the other, and they will determine the channels that they wish to use to do business with us. Not the other way around!
    If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a shop on the new high street.

  505. 511

    Mobile is important to me because it reaches the most diverse audiences. Almost everyone in communities of color has access to a mobile device, even if they don’t have a computer at home.

  506. 512

    For users (and the world at large), mobile is incredibly important as it brings the world to their doorstep. Millions of people now have access to important information and make contacts previously impossible.

    For designers (especially) and developers, mobile is important because it brings us one step closer to truly having our own medium; painters have canvas, sculpters have clay. Thinking about graphics and content, instead of the device they are viewed on, is what will bring the web into its own.

  507. 513

    Mobile is important because – it’s what everyone is using!

    Mobile is more affordable, more portable and more convienient than anything before it.

  508. 514

    I work for a local government in a high-income area, and the majority of constituents are on smartphones far more than desktops. I recently made our site responsive and have gotten lots of positive feedback :)

  509. 515

    Over the past umpteen months we have watched the steadily and sharply increasing rise of Mobile Users accessing our content on the fly. Hard to miss when you take a seat anywhere in the mainstream world and people-watch for a minute. We are beyond “connected” to anything and everything and we stop just shy of demanding the content be friendly enough for the devices we choose to find it. Or do we, “demand it”.. I know I cuss and moan throughout the day when I come across a site that hasn’t taken the initiative to think about ME. Oh well? Hardly. Mobile IS very important.

    As a user, I expect site owners to cater to my needs. Heck, I use a phone with a 1.2Gb processor and 16Gbs of SD-RAM. Give me the good stuff, so I can find the information I am looking for quickly and without hindrance. Give me a site that was built for my display! Mobile friendly is coming to mind here.

    As a developer, my job is different and hardly as concise. However, with respect to bandwidth and/or latency I don’t want to chew up some of my users data plans, either but I DO want to give them a site that caters to their device/display while making the overall UX more enjoyable. I can do that because Mobile is “important.”

    It’s a fundamental fact that we must consider a users needs in order to better develop for them. We make a list of those needs and check them off one by one prior to succumbing to the ritualistic keyboarding of code. One of the first questions we consider is: What equipment is being used to access the content or otherwise surf the web? That answer can be diverse but I have watched “mobile” devices climb it faster than any other.

    There was a time not too long ago when “Mobile” wasn’t on that list at all. Then there was a time when it showed up! For me, 84.3% of the last 30 days worth of users to the websites I build and maintain used their phones to access the content. This makes Mobile profoundly “important” to me and well worth consideration if I want to keep those users.

    Kudos to the the guys who labored over The Mobile Book.This is the kind of book that you do not just “read”. You read, study, absorb and apply what you learned with a book like this.The writings in the Mobile Book will keep me busy for years and change the way I develop forever.

  510. 516

    i’m disappointed in this.

    why beg for comments ? :(

    Is SM a “grown up” publication or not?

  511. 518

    Mobile is important because of its large market share- if you don’t build a website easily usable by mobile, you’re potentially losing a large chunk of business.

    Mobile is forcing the push to thoughtful design. Now, considering how your page will look with multiple screen sizes is more important than ever.

  512. 519

    With the power of portable computing increasing and the cost dropping, mobile is the most important and expansive platform going. It’s far more frontier and varying in connectivity (browser, apps, operating systems) which increases challenges for developers.

    You guys do great work, and it is near daily reading for me.



  513. 520

    José Luis Almagro

    February 6, 2013 4:03 pm

    Aside from the content of the mobile book, wich is extremely relevant, the greatest thing about it is the design. It’s simplicity reflects nowadays importance of design and most of all content! For exactly that same reason i absolutely love the minimalistic poster designs of the oh-so-talented Mike Kus. Praise Mike! :-)

    2013 Will be the year where mobile will take over desktop. A milestone we cannot ignore. The beautiful world of the web will dramatically change this year, in a positive way. We keep on making steps towards a perfect (responsive) web :)

  514. 521

    Why is mobile important? Because its integration with our lifestyles has forced us as designers to rethink everything we once knew. It’s not about just being cool or pretty anymore (not that it ever was). But now more than ever, it’s about focusing on what is truly useful and important—and not just to us, but the people we are serving. Perhaps, what’s even more significant is that this thought process is shaping more than just mobile designs…

  515. 522

    Mobile is important because everyone needs information on the go, and they need it now.

    Because of their size, they provide a level of portability unmatched by any other device. And because they’re (pretty much) always connected to WiFi or a mobile data connection, you can access all information available on the internet right on the spot.

    Provide a good interface to mobile users so that they can find the information they want, when they want it, and you’re doing everyone a favor.

  516. 523

    According to the International Telecoms Union, mobile will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014. In addition, the barriers to purchasing a internet-enabled phone are much lower than personal computer. Given these statistis, too many companies are still not thinking of “mobile first” design or product decisions.

  517. 524

    The illustrations are amazing I would love a set, soooo nice

  518. 525

    Kaitlyn Claiborne

    February 6, 2013 5:01 pm

    Mobile is so important for a lot of reasons, but it all stems from the fact that the popularity of the mobile internet is on the rise, projected to surpass those who use the internet from their desktop in 2015. When you have so many users coming from a device that is significantly different from the traditional desktop monitor, it is important to make some changes to make the experience just as good for these users as those visiting on their desktop.

  519. 526

    True story:

    I live on the fourteenth floor of a high rise building in downtown Chicago, IL, USA. Waiting for the elevator to hit my floor, I decide to do some light reading on my phone (the article I read was just “Smashing”). Seeing me grab my phone out of my coat pocket, my girlfriend decides to check movie times, but gets distracted with Facebook, then emails, then Instagram. I hear the elevator slowing down as it approaches my floor. The door opens, and the car is packed with people… all using their smartphones! Enjoying the article I’m reading, I opt to take the next elevator.

  520. 527

    Mobile is important because Apple and Android market share continue to increase, meaning more people consume their information via a mobile device.

    Here are some stats as reported in ComputerWorld 9/2012:
    Apple control 33.4% of total marketshare
    Android control 52.2% of total marketshare

  521. 528

    To have any form of business branding online and it not be formatted for mobile is a clear message to your customer that you do not have the time or interest in making their experience with your company a seamless, pleasant experience. Mobile technology has been out long enough for any and all companies to react to it and adapt their brand. Companies who don’t adapt and react to this technology are sending out the message that they can’t be bothered with their user’s experience.

  522. 529

    Success in the future world lies in mobile. As society and technology becomes more individualized and personal, mobile will help people make their dreams a reality because it is always at hand.

  523. 530

    Mobile is important for one thing – data. Data on the go, data always at hand, and essentially outsourcing our meat-ware. It is also important for generating data. Instead of people having fixed locations for data we can now track where they are, who they interact with, what they are looking at, and all sorts of fun metrics.

  524. 531

    convenience :)

  525. 532

    Why? because everybody’s got one!

  526. 533

    Why is mobile so important?

    Mobile means freedom. People who is working, walking or waiting in a line is able to keep the important things on place and time by mobile.

    Personally I think that now days if the computer is an important personal articule, our mobile is even more, I can go out of my home without computer, but I can’t imagine doing it without cell phone for example.

    That means that we give a more important place to mobiles like cell phone in our life than all other tools that we use every day.

    BTW. the posters are amazing :) !

  527. 534

    One good reason why mobile is so important nowadays you ask.

    Mobile is the future, mobile is the growing interface for which users use. Many people use mobile phones to browse websites on the go and aswell at home. And even though so many people use it, most websites aren’t made compatible for mobile phones and now, mobile phones need to adapt to websites not really compatible with them.

    We can all agree that viewing a website that is made for desktops on a mobile phone can be difficult, problematic and irritating. Therby we will prefer a mobile friendly website over a “desktop-only” website.

    So the reason why mobile is so important nowadays is that in the end it is the only way to keep your visitors on your site, and the only way to keep your agancy competitive in the market.

  528. 535

    Mobile is important because is used by many people, help Designers to Focus on Content and is a “handy” tool everytime everywhere! :)

  529. 536

    Mobile in hand, you’ve got a walkie-talkie to the whole world. The global show-and-tell. Our personal, handheld C3PO. And, when pressed, a suitable backup flashlight. We can finally share most anything with most anyone. Learn crazy stuff, quickly. Watch cats jump into bathtubs. A veritable garbage disposal of data. To think, just this morning I’ve learned about tricks Elvis Presley taught his pet monkey, the sport of extreme vacuuming, medical applications for platypus venom and a house covered with Union soldier tombstones. All on mobile!

  530. 537

    Mobile has extended web connectivity into the bathroom…enough said!

  531. 538

    Mobile is important because it is everywhere.

  532. 539

    I think it’d be more harder to think of a reason mobile ISN’T important today. But of course mobile is important! Many last minute decisions are based on how fast and how easy a site is when I’m on the go. A great example is out in an unfamiliar area looking for a place to eat. I’ll go to the first place that has a great mobile experience. If I have to wait for 30 seconds to download half a full website for a place, I’m not going. I may not even go in the future based on a crap experience with their mobile version. (it’s happened)

  533. 540

    Wow these are great! Why is mobile so important? Because everyone is walking around with a smart phone and it is now more important to create a site to function properly and to look the best on their mobile browser.

  534. 541

    Answer: Audience. Disregard mobile and you ignore a significant, and growing, percentage of users. Mobile shouldn’t be a priority, it should be THE priority.

  535. 542

    Mobile is important because it is in everyones pocket these days.
    And I need this posters to cover up the ugly DOTA posters my coworker has. XD

  536. 543

    Mobile is important because it presents an entirely new set of restrictions and limitations, but for every door mobile closes, it opens all the windows in the house.

  537. 544

    Its important because if this site wasnt optimized for mobile I wouldn’t be sitting here on the subway reading about the importance of mobile and thinking how awesome those illustrations would look in my studio… :-)

  538. 545

    I ordered the Mobile Book late last year for the agency I work in as a front-end designer and after about 5 weeks of patient waiting (I’m in Australia) I finally have it! :)

    When I’m done reading it, I’ll probably display it somewhere people can see it, because of how nice it looks!

    And why is mobile important? You just gotta look at the market share and sales of mobile devices. Also, everything looks about twice as good on a mobile screen. Would love to get my hands on one of these posters!

  539. 546

    I like to think I’m a reasonably intelligent person. I’m a successful professional in my mid-twenties, and I tend to pick up on things pretty quickly. However, one major area in which I’ve always been lacking is a sense of direction . I get lost ALL THE TIME. Walking, in the car.. on the bus… The biggest reason, hands-down, that mobile has become an essential part of my life? Maps.

  540. 547

    Uh.. Duh.. Mobile is important because it is everywhere and ever expanding.

  541. 548

    ..because a lot of us would otherwise still be hackin’ away at actionscript :)

  542. 549

    Mobile is important because desktops are difficult to fit in one’s pocket, five mile extension cords are impractical, laptops held to one’s ear to make phone calls are awkward, and also… PvZ on the toilet during work hours.

    Poster me.

  543. 550

    …because how am I supposed to be a chin-stroking, bohemian designer-type on the go? It is so hard to enter my comments into a carrier pidgeon. He doesn’t like it.

  544. 551

    Mobile is important now simply because technology has advanced to the point that we are able to make computers that fit in our pockets and this idea has resonated with millions. Today it’s smartphone and tablets. In the future it will be all kinds of devices with embedded sensors that can talk to each other. The internet will become much more pervasive yet more invisible as a seamless part of our everyday lives.

  545. 552

    Our world has been being increasingly Mobile-oriented preference. Contected devices. Smart applications. Web facades. They all demand intricate common grounds to be tailored as universal design. So I need the right bible of Mobile-intensive course to overcome design problems. Yeah very lucky, I bought it- read it- and thank it!

  546. 553

    Mobile is important because People are mobile, … anytime, everywhere … even me.

  547. 554

    Because almost 3/4 of us are now going online purely via their mobile phone:)

  548. 555

    In a constant connected World Mobility plays a Huge role. Also the Posters are awesome:)

  549. 556

    The book is very good, the first chapter by Peter-Paul Koch is really a good introduction and overview of the mobile world. I just finished chapter 2, which gives good references to solutions for common problems. We at Netsupport ordered the book + ebook, and the ebook is very good to read on a iPad. The book itself is solid and hardcover and a little bit heavy to carry around…

  550. 557

    One good reason that I can say is “It will allow me to do what I wanted to do anytime, anywhere without any question, but my better half ;)”.
    And the second comment goes here

    God said “I need something which can reduce the distance between my humans, I need something by which they can talk, watch, like, share whatever they have and they want, I need something which can accompany in their lonely life, which make them smile, cheer, know, motivate and brings back them into life”, So god created mobile phone and it became important !!!

  551. 558

    Mobile is extremely important as more and more people are viewing websites on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Providing a consistent user experience across a multitude of devices shows that a) you have the skills to make this a possibility b) that you care about your end user and c) that you place importance on your brand visibility in all digital areas.

    Failing to implement or even consider the various ways in which your end users interact with your brand and services will become a very clear indication that you actually don’t care and this will ultimately devalue your brand and turn your customers away.

  552. 559

    Mobile is like the illustrations represent. A minimalistic yet dynamic way to comunicate, create conexions and enjoy the feeling of being connected. It’s a simple concept but with an emerging response.

  553. 560

    Loved the book ! A poster would be awesome !

  554. 561

    Because people are never more than a few thoughts away from their phone.

  555. 562

    Richard Bastiaans

    February 7, 2013 12:19 pm

    It’s a nice book, I can recommend it! I like the part on UX design for mobile.

  556. 563

    Mobile today is a standard form of communication. It has developed from a lifestyle thing to a way people are working and keep themselves informed everywhere.

    Altough I like printed books ebooks are practical because you can search for some content and they are easy to take along. And in our business things become obsolete quickly, so it’s easier and often cheaper to use a ebook. This is also a reason mobile devices become more and more a normal part of our world.

  557. 564

    Mobile is soon to overtake laptops and PCs as the prime device to access the internet.

    Ignoring it is the same as the people who dismissed the first iPad as an overpriced toy that no one needs!

  558. 565

    I have and love The Mobile Book. I most appreciate that while the book carefully outlines the philosophies behind mobile design, its advice on implementation is very practical and never veers into dogma. Rather than tell readers how to go about performing tasks, it gives the readers an arsenal of questions to ask to decide for themselves the best approach for a particular task or project.

    And the ribbon for saving your place in the book is very welcome. If only every book had one of those.

  559. 566

    I just want a poster…

  560. 567

    Because it saves us a ton off time in everyday life. It’s just that simple!
    That is our most important resource, isn’t it?

    Woo hoooo poster…. :)

  561. 568

    I would love these on the walls of my new place. Free would be cool, but I’d be happy to by the entire poster set. Please let me know who to contact.

  562. 569

    … because mobile is all in one device:
    1) Telephone
    3) Camera (photos + Videos)
    4) Music Player
    5) Video Player
    6) Game Device
    7) Notes, voice recorder, reminder (productivity)
    8) Email/Internet and communication
    8) … and Millions of apps are available which makes your life too much easier and global.

  563. 570

    I think the fact that most people now have access to some kind of mobile/smartphone means that design for mobile has become ever so important. How many times have you thought about looking up something on the internet and only had your mobile to hand to check it out?

    I think there is a definite need to emphasise more focus on design for mobiles, but in a way that works alongside traditional web design to come up with a happy medium.