Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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  1. 1

    I’m very excited about this since all of the Smashing books are currently wishlisted for me. Thank you so much for also offering the collections as ebook versions!

    I recommend Smashing to everyone in the office.

  2. 102

    Mobile is important. People don’t have to wait until they get home to look something up, email a friend, etc. The holder of a smartphone has pretty much the whole world in their hands, there is very little you can’t do on your phone anymore.

  3. 203

    Hey, no hypocrisy! I want those fantastic posters :)

  4. 304

    As mobile devices become a global movement, the convenience, immediate access, and availability have changed the landscape of the web. China alone is expected to buy 235 million new smartphones next year (via NPR). As businesses conform and developers innovate, the platform is limited only by its diminutive size, but not in its ability to create a generational change in how we all receive and view our world.

  5. 405

    Mobile is important ’cause you can browse the web while on toilet. ;)

  6. 506

    Mobile is the quickest and most effective way to access any information at any moment.

  7. 607

    The Mobile experience has to be that much better than other digital platforms – mainly because it gets only part of our attention most of the time – we use mobile when we are walking, waiting, listening, and generally doing something else in addition to using this magnificent tool. So since attention is short – we need to make it count.

  8. 708

    I waiting for this book all December and almost all January, longing for the postman… And it was definitely worse the wait!

    The book is much more than the content, which is very precise, extensive, and accessible. The paper is thick and nice, the feel is great, the book looks amazing, and having some of it on my walls would be so nice.

  9. 809

    Just got my copy in yesterday!

  10. 910

    Beautiful prints!

  11. 1011

    Mobile has become the extesion of the office, the conection with family and friends, and if that wasn’t enough, basically you carry all the information you can think of in your pocket! A clear example of this, try leaving your phone at home for a whole day, check it at night, how many mails did you recieve? How many times did you need it to look something up or to see a map so you cand find a place? Where you aware of all the things that hapenned around you while you didn’t have your mobile? That is the clearest example of how important Mobile devices have become nowadays.

  12. 1112

    I NEED to order his book today!

  13. 1213

    It’s a way of life. Making the mobile experience usable and enjoyable truly enhances our lives. It feels like we are still in the beginning stages of mobile with so much more to learn so many ways to still grow in the area. It’s exciting and it seems impossible to even imagine what the future holds for mobile. What’s next? It’s an exciting question in the mobile space, the possiblities are endless so lets strive to make the mobile experience an enjoyable one.

  14. 1314

    Nowadays, Mobile is so important because information is everywhere, and we should get it quickly and easily. I want to take a bus, check schedules on my phone. I want to get news of my best magazine but i’m not in home, check my Ipad to read fresh news.

  15. 1415

    Gregorio Martinez

    February 5, 2013 3:24 pm

    Mobile is important because it is teaching us that we can not be rigid with our development / design.
    Being fluid/agile is the future as users start to view the web on different devices with widely varying sizes.

  16. 1516

    Thanks Smashing for sharing all those great stuff !

  17. 1617

    Mobile is the future. Eventually, everything we do will have the ability to be portable and mobile, like us.

  18. 1718

    Access to the internet via ‘mobile’ devices is growing at a staggering rate. If you are not designing and developing for mobile as well as desktop devices then you will be missing out on an important and growing cross-section of users. The responsive web is about providing optimised content for as many flavours of device as possible, not just mobiles / smart phones. I’m talking about portable gaming devices, tvs, fridge freezers etc…

    The mobile book is a very good read. Have completed the first 2 chapters. Great decision to go to town on the look and feel of the book. It is a pleasure to hold, smell (as in the quality new book smell) and behold (visually stunning). Would love a poster set. Keep up the good work.

  19. 1819

    Hey all, mobile is important because people are always on the move. People are impatient now-a-days, and with the rise of mobile internet are able to continue working as they travel. I’d like one of these posters to brighten up my office whilst I work :)

  20. 1920

    Tomas Danilevicius

    February 5, 2013 3:26 pm

    Mobile is the new desktop. And Mobile Book is the bible.

  21. 2021

    Mobile connects us to one another, anywhere, anytime.

  22. 2122

    Thanks for all!! Great ebooks!!

  23. 2223

    When looking around, more people are getting rid of non-portable computers, switching to mobile devices or easier-to-carry laptops. Doing that, mobile design as a concept is necessary – as people expecting design and possibilities to follow the double spiral of device development and consumer behavior. I’ve just got the book (educational library) – haven’t got any comments on it yet, but as all books from Smashing are total sell-outs at our library, I expect succes :-) and the posters sure would look nice in the library ….

  24. 2324

    Mobile is important because of the powerful mobile devices that allow individuals to even more connected than ever before. This provides the greatest opportunity to connect and communicate with clients and customers or anyone that you believe you have a message to share with.

  25. 2425

    Jared Hippensteel

    February 5, 2013 3:29 pm

    Love the book so far! Smashing Magazine is THE BEST resource online for us web folk!

    But woo-hoo for free things too!

  26. 2526

    I love Mike’s Designs. Would appreciate just one copy of those fabulous posters.

  27. 2627

    Mobile is important because of all the location-based enhancements that can be added to make content more interactive.

  28. 2728

    Caterina Maniscalco

    February 5, 2013 3:29 pm

    Why is mobile important? Because time is important. If we can save some of it by multitasking (ie buying Christmas presents online while being stuck on a bus in traffic) then that’s priceless…
    I love the posters :)

  29. 2829

    Beautiful artwork and important book. Smashing Magazine is awesome!

  30. 2930

    I was here for the free posters – but I’m ordering the book, looks great

  31. 3031

    From my own daily experience I’d say mobile is important because access to information has left the office/living room/internetcafé and has taken to the streets. And so has its design.

    As for the book: I love how it breaks down from a holistic view to the more specific issues regarding mobile design. You can choose what to read depending on where you are in mobile design as well as on your expertise. For me personally it is a great help moving into the mobile design area from the traditional web :).

  32. 3132

    That looks so cool. really nice design! I hope I get it!

  33. 3233

    I too want these awesome posters! Great article by the way.

  34. 3334

    We have to use our time travelling (by foot, by trains, by busses…) and since we are so busy this is the only realistic time to use Facebook and read emails.

    Why mobile is important? Because “Beam me up scotty” is not working!

    “Sent from my iPhone” :D

  35. 3435

    Easy: Mobile is important because so many people use mobile devices today. It also helps to force us developers and designers to focus on the most essential parts of User Experience and to deliver a product that is both functional and beautiful, while focusing on speed and compatibility. :-D
    love your books and these posters sure are beautiful!

  36. 3536

    I got a copy of the Mobile book at home. It’s one of this things you want to possess physically because it just has a nice feel :). I guess that is what you are going for.
    I think mobile is a relatively young but very interesting market. The technology is at least for me still stunning. This phones are faster than my first computer :).
    I think from a developer’s perspective it is a chance to create software in a more intuitive way and not to fall back to the old habits.

  37. 3637

    ‘mobile’ to me no longer means ‘on a mobile phone’ or ‘actually being mobile’. it’s a gateway buzz to a long overdue way of thinking. content and user experience are important. the browser, app, device, and setting in which a user attempts to access that content are 1000% ambiguous. when and if the ux can be enhanced for that access to your content by tapping into a particular device capability (like geolocation), then add it. but do not assume that just because the device location can be targetted, that the user is moving. assumptions are not future-proof.

    smashing magazine and its collection of books illustrate these and other points very well. thanks.

  38. 3738

    35% of traffic to one of our websites. Nuff said.

    1 please. :)

  39. 3839

    Haven’t had the time to read the book, but those poster will look good in our office ;-)

  40. 3940

    I have already ordered my book, can’t wait to read it!

  41. 4041
  42. 4142

    Great read with the Mobile book! Spread the mobile love, would love to have these A3 posters.

  43. 4243

    Mobile is the ever-expanding frontier of design and innovation. What we put in continues to yield beautiful results, encouraging us to press further into new and bolder territories.

  44. 4344

    Mike Kus is just awesome!

  45. 4445

    Wow, this all looks awesome. Can’t wait to see this in person. Thank you

  46. 4546

    Again a beautiful cover, hopefully the content makes me happy… :)

  47. 4647

    The almost universal use of smart phones and other mobile devices makes designing for mobile virtually mandatory.
    People want and are used to information at their fingertips. If you want your brand to be part of the public awareness it is essential to go mobile. Not forgetting the more traditional channels of communication, mobile is the new black.

  48. 4748

    Michael Brydebøl

    February 5, 2013 3:35 pm

    I really like the simplicity of the book and all those great mobile tips!

  49. 4849

    Love! I’m a huge fan!

  50. 4950

    Beautiful posters! I want one!!


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