Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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The Smashing team loves high-quality content and cares about the little details. Through our online articles, Smashing Books, eBooks as well as Smashing Conferences, we are committed to stimulating creativity and strengthening the web design community’s creative forces.

  1. 1

    Internet access through mobile devices is growing, and website designs should be adapted to this reality.

  2. 202

    So, why is mobile so important? well, i’m able to be connected to the world in real-time, 24/7 and virtually anywhere. It’s like i’m carrying my office, my home, my life in my back jeans pocket! So, how cool is that!? :)
    My life without mobile would be like my life without Smashing Magazine, a dark cold boring one…

    Great job Smashing Magazine on the Mobile Book, it rocks!!
    BTW: I would really love to get my hands on those posters so that i can decorate my new office, please take that in consideration xD


  3. 403

    Why is mobile important? Funny. What is not mobile today? Everything is spinning. We are just under false impression, because If something moves at the speed of light, time stops. Right? Right. ;)

    About the new book. I’m not even touching it without my gloves on. All that silver and bling-bling from the outside and top sh** content from the inside. Top class, as always. Well done SM Team!

  4. 604

    No joke, I want the posters…. BUT….
    Having said that, I have the hardcover Mobile book and it completely exceeded my expectations. Not only is the content wonderful, it’s one of the prettiest printed pieces I own. I only hope that I’ll get to work on a project that nice someday.

  5. 805

    Mobile is important because humans are mobile!

  6. 1006

    Mobile is important because you carry it even to the bathroom, it’s always with you like your brain!

  7. 1207

    Because I want to have the book in my pocket, not in my laptop

  8. 1408

    Aivaras Kasperaitis

    February 5, 2013 4:02 pm

    Just got my Mobile Book last week! Great Book!

  9. 1609

    I bought the Mobile book and just finished the Chapter 1. It really opened my eyes about how complex the mobile web is. It also prepared me to face my future tasks at work (which involves mobile projects). I am going finish the Mobile book during my long long Chinese New Year holidays. There is no better way to start a new year!

  10. 1810

    The Mobile Book was great … not to mention the Addendum. Thanks for these insightful articles, really enjoyed all of them.

  11. 2011

    Gorgeous! Would love to have these on my walls.

  12. 2212

    Matteo Fazzoletti

    February 5, 2013 4:04 pm

    Individual books were the original mobile devices. Now we can make mobile entire libraries of information.

  13. 2413

    Mobile is the first point of access.
    Mobile is always with you.
    We are already behind the curve.
    Brands and agencies are yet to understand how important it its to put mobile first.

    Ta, Aidan

  14. 2614

    Mobile is so big these days because it’s the closest we’ve come yet to actually having computers as an extension of our bodies in a non-medical/industrial sense.

  15. 2815

    Who doesn’t browse the web from the mobile nowadays? I LOVE a smexy looking mobile site.

  16. 3016

    I’d you’d seen the state of the office where I work you wouldn’t even ask why we should have them. I’m sure the carpet was a good idea in the 70’s…

  17. 3217

    Mobile is shaping the digital ecosystem for retail and media distribution. Nowadays we drag out iPhones and Androids to the shopping mall and ensure that we have the latest pricing a recent map or a digital coupon served via geofencing.

    Remember printing out directions on yahoo maps. Pffft! The digital age was still on paper in 1999.

  18. 3418


  19. 3619

    I’ve been reading the eBook version of the Mobile Book and it’s very informative. I just got my physical copy in the mail yesterday and the design is every bit as beautiful as the content is informative.

  20. 3820

    As a new dad, who writes for 2 websites and works as a demonstrator in Digital Journalism – I don’t think it’d be possible for me to keep up to date with all the news & technology I need to to do my work without mobile technology. Mobile internet allows me to check websites, plans classes and even get parenting advice wherever I am, whether on the train to work or feeding my son in the dark.

    Also without my mobile device, I wouldn’t have seen this competition – so mobile technology could also be responsible for me winning an amazing poster.

  21. 4021

    Why is mobile important? Well I am reading this on a mobile device.. seems important..

  22. 4222

    Mobile is more than important, it is what we need to design for FIRST now. Look at the numbers! it has surpassed desktop.

  23. 4423

    Mobile has changed the role of the web developer and this book was a perfect companion when I started down that road.

  24. 4624

    Mobile is so important today because it’s the evolution of media where we have information literally at our fingertips. From getting directions to watching a video or buying something while standing in line to buy something, mobile is the combination of all media combined into one handy device.

  25. 4825

    Mobile is important in three ways I can see:

    – Mobile brings technology to those to need it more easily. Think nurses providing home health care, or doctors looking up a patient’s med reaction background while on rounds.
    – Mobile makes technology more accessible to those intimidated by traditional desktop interaction. Smart phones and tablets are being readily adopted by older users who never touched laptops or desktops. I’ve seen nurses who never touched a computer in the hospital confidently learn tablets and new software in a day.
    – Mobile more closely meets the needs of users. I think it was Valdis Krebs who pointed out that people don’t want home phones, they want to talk to people, predicting the success of mobile. In the same way, people don’t want browsers or cameras or phones, they want to shop or read or take pictures or talk. Smart phones and tablets meet more needs, more readily.

  26. 5026

    Mobile book sounds cool. Posters are great. Do want.

  27. 5227
  28. 5428

    I teach Design, Engineering, and Technology in an urban middle school. Our school district recent adopted “mobile learning” in our classrooms and schools. I have to say that despite my initial reservations about it my students have surprised me with their knowledge, skills and know-how spirit! The information that I have found via Smashing has been invaluable for me as a teacher and as an individual! Thank you and keep it up!

  29. 5629

    Wow, awesome illustrations! I want a posteeeeeer!

    And why is mobile important? Because of the way it’s changing everything, since especific workers jobs till not especialized people lifes. It’s a new way to work, create, communicate, think, live. Wuhul!

  30. 5830

    These are just as awesome as the book! Please can I have them!

  31. 6031

    This book is my new Bible !

  32. 6232

    Mobile is the easiest way for us to be digitally connected anywhere and everywhere we go. So it becomes more and more important to us because it’s an instant connection to our friends, family, knowledge, products and services – and it keeps getting better.

  33. 6433

    Millions of people don’t even have a computer and home broadband connection. Mobile is not an option any more, it’s a requirement, if you want to reach a large chunk of the world.

  34. 6634

    Mobile is important because there’s no brain chip yet. Posters, please!

  35. 6835

    Mobile is so important because it is everything these days. It is the trendsetter, the leader of the pack, and all our other technology is just trying to keep up (just look at TV/DVRs for example).

    Most importantly, it keeps us connected more than ever before. We now can stay in touch with our loved ones, share moments as they happen, and be more productive in our work lives as well.

    If I had to choose one device over all others, it would be my phone.

  36. 7036

    Mobile is where everything is headed – instant access to everything. It’s only growing and becoming more important in our daily lives. It’s getting interesting!

  37. 7237

    Alexander Mielnicki

    February 5, 2013 4:25 pm

    Why is mobile so important you ask? It’s simple.

    People strive to stay connected no matter where they are. The number of smart devices has grown so much over the past few years, and will continue to grow exponentially into the future. Just a little while ago, Facebook’s mobile user base surpassed their desktop website. That’s crazy!

    Everyone wants to know that next thing, or piece of news, and the entire world is right there in their pocket.

  38. 7438

    Mobile is so important because it puts the Internet in the hands of more people (for those who can’t afford a PC), more of the time (people on the go), in more relevant ways (here, now).

  39. 7639

    Love the book and the abstract posters

  40. 7840

    Mobile is incredibly important because it’s being used. The bottom line is you’re either catering to your users or your not and those that do create happier users.

    My walls need your posters – they’re so so empty :(

  41. 8041

    I just received the hard copy yesterday and was really taken by the overall quality! It’s like its own little work of art, and I almost want to just continue reading the digital copy so that it remains in pristine condition.

  42. 8242

    you cannot possibly store all the real newspapers and games at the loo as well as in a mobile phone =) … of course this is only one nice benefit…

  43. 8443

    Simon Wolkenhauer

    February 5, 2013 4:30 pm

    Great posters!

  44. 8644

    One of the reasons mobile is so important to our profession is that it brings with it a lot of unknowns; and unknowns are what we, as developers and designers, live for. It pushes us to create, solve problems and develop new technology – and that’s what makes this industry so exciting.

  45. 8845

    These prints are beautiful! I want one!

  46. 9046

    Michael Youngblood

    February 5, 2013 4:30 pm

    Mobile is very important. Everyday there is more and more people disconnecting themselves from their desks which only leaves them with mobile devices to accomplish their goals. For instance, I believe if I am standing in a long line, I could save myself time at my desk if I start going through my email.

    Everyday I see the numbers rising on mobile site usage. It is crazy how much this world has changed be wise the world gave us good use of the Internet on our phones.

  47. 9247

    The funny thing is that I already wanted to contact you about these beautiful art paintings Especially the one with the face and all the colour lines. It fascinated me! This is it!
    If I don’t win or something, where can I buy a copy?

    Sorry, I could not read the book yet. The customers want me ;-)


  48. 9448

    The Best Access of Internet Is The One That’s With You

  49. 9649

    Mobile mobile – educational institutions need to get on board, and produce and anticipate what our students expect in a post secondary environment. These small devices have so much information readily accessed 24/7, and is by your side even on the night stand, Thank you for the free pdf. Love those graphics!

  50. 9850

    I’m not sure if I’ll get any of those gorgeous posters… But, here’s my shot:

    Because Mobile Is Always Be The Future!


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