Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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  1. 1

    Mobile is important because of the broad and immediate access and connectivity that it provides. Creating experiences that can be effectively and comfortably viewed and used on any device increases your possible reach and audience.

  2. 252

    Mobile is important because today’s students are all about mobile!

  3. 503

    How about a story on why mobile is so great? When moving into my new apartment, I had to pay an unexpected administration fee and they did not accept checks. Instead of having to leave and take care of the payment later, I was able to use my mobile device to set up my account on their website and pay directly from my bank account (which I also linked on my mobile). All done immediately, on the spot, while sitting at the apartment office. Thanks to my mobile, move-in was a breeze!

  4. 754

    Mobile is not the future, it’s part of our lives now. Just 2 years ago, I couldn’t imagine to own a smartphone, ’cause I found it useless. Now I’m proud to see that responsive webdesign will bring a breath of fresh air to our work habits.

    It’s the beginning of a new way of thinking, and we all take part in this new adventure.
    Webdevelopers shoud be aware of that, and everyone working for the Web should buy the Mobile Book to stay up-to-date ;)

  5. 1005

    I’m so excited that I got the bundle including The Mobile Book hard copy and the electronic version. I have it at my disposal at all times. Although, I like to carry the hard copy with me because it looks just devine.

  6. 1256

    Thank you for showcasing with Mike Kus abstract illustrations. They are beautiful.

  7. 1507

    Great designs and a good example of the use of vector images for scalable designs.

  8. 1758

    It’s about freedom: In the past we’ve had to adapt to technology but more and more, technology will adapt to us.

  9. 2009

    378,000 iPhones sold per day – that’s more than the amount of babies born per day (371,000)! There are over 1 billion smartphones worldwide and 25% of US internet users are mobile-only – numbers that will only continue to increase.

    If you’re not engaging mobile users, you’re in trouble.

  10. 2260

    Mobile is Important, because it’s Mobile… Nothing else needs to be said !

  11. 2511

    Another smashing achievement from one of the best blogs on design. One I recommend to my students for inspiration. I’m considering requiring some of you books as textbooks for my Internet technology courses. Is there an educational discount? Can I get an instructors desk copy?

  12. 2762

    Just when we as web designers finally had our hands on a decent number of pixels in web browsers, our world has once again been challenged by new technologies and the reality of mobile device prevalence.

    The new Smashing “Mobile Book” (which is lovely by the way) will expertly navigate us through the transition to more responsive design and allow us to handle the process with grace.

  13. 3013

    Mobile is the future and if you’re not willing to embrace this change to enable your visitors to enjoy your sites then shame on you.

    For example I’m answering to this competition using my mobile :-)

  14. 3264

    Mobile usage is increasingly growing as more and more devices hit the marketplace. Accessing the web on a mobile device is no longer something for ultra-techie folks. EVERYONE is accessing the web through their mobile devices. For some that’s actually their only means of accessing the web. So, now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to make sure your content is accessible via mobile devices. And not just some of your content….ALL OF IT!

  15. 3515

    With the growing distribution of smart phones and tablets (do you know someone who cant call such device its own?) people have the opportunity being online 24/7. so no doubt, browsing the web now takes place on various devices.

  16. 3766

    Beautiful posters, I want one! I’m happy to answer your question on why mobile is important.
    We want to access our information, accomplish the tasks of our busy life, keep up with friends and news, and do all of this from anywhere at anytime. We also expect a terrific user experience from whatever device we happen to use, whether we are on a laptop at a coffee shop, our phone in the elevator, or our iPad while watching tv from our couch. If my bank doesn’t allow me to transfer funds at the bus stop, and deposit a check from my phone the minute after someone hands it to me, then I’m switching to another bank. In other words, done well, mobile meets the needs of busy people, and nowadays, if it doesn’t, we are moving on to another company or app that will.

  17. 4017

    I have the mobile book and I love the cool colours so I want the posters too ofcourse.
    Shame though technology is faster than my speed of reading, but I am sure there are some monumental parts that will keep their significance for long.

    Why mobile is important, because pretty much anyone in the world can have it and just as we love the ability to call someone anytime, we love the ability to connect anytime. And non mobile web sites are as annoying as distorted sound while calling.

  18. 4268

    Mobile devices are what people have always within an arms length. Adjust to the user is the key here and the Mobile Book helps to do that with a complete guide about responsive and UX design as well as trends in the mobile landscape.

  19. 4519

    Mobile is important for a gob of reasons, many of which have been mentioned Another reason it’s important is that it’s going to become the new currency, or at least the means for carrying currency. This will not only provide convenience for consumers, it will also fuel the economy, and new forms of business, like mobile security/insurance, etc. Imagine never having to carry foreign money around again b/c your mobile device takes care of that for you. (Actually, that might be a little sad b/c I’ve always found other countries’ currency beautiful and fascinating…)

  20. 4770

    Mobile is important because it’s taking the place of print media such as magazines and newspapers. Example: Trips to the restroom =D

  21. 5021

    Mobile is so important because not only can you stay in contact with everyone but it provides for a quick way to share your design, edit wherever you may be + promote your work or that of another designer. We can’t get away from the personal connection with people, but we also can’t ignore the ever-changing world of technology.

  22. 5272

    Yes please send the posters to Smash Up my dull wall!

  23. 5523

    Evolve or Perish… It’s as simple as that!

  24. 5774

    I found this contest on my Flipboard. Mobile is critical for winning great art.

  25. 6025

    The future is the mobile web!

  26. 6276

    Mobile is moving beyond the desktop. Organizations need to rethink their content strategies for the new mobile paradigm (yes, I used the word paradigm). Free your work force, free your content.

  27. 6527

    Mobile is important because we can interact anywhere with others while doing other things.

    Is a mini office you can take with you.

    You can get information from your mobile and not miss important emails.

  28. 6778

    A large proportion of web users are browsing from a mobile device. You need books like Smashing’s The Mobile Book to bridge the gap between traditional design and the new era of browsing habits.

  29. 7029

    Cool Posters. The look very useful for creative thinking. Which is very useful when designing for mobile, because of your space limitations you need to be very creative to give your app something that users are drawn to. Especially in this insane explosion of new start-ups, building an app can be a hard task because you almost need perfection to get the result you want.

  30. 7280

    Mobile Is Always The Future!

  31. 7531

    Mobile devices allow users to access content quicker than ever, this in return is creating new users with an even shorter attention span. As developers/designers, our task of keeping users engaged becomes increasingly difficult as each new device comes out. It truly is an uphill battle, but definitely worth the challenge!

  32. 7782

    Mobile is important because there are more than 1 billion mobile users!

  33. 8033

    the mobile book hasn’t arrived yet… but i bet it will be great like the others.

    Not easy to say why something, that obviusly IS important, is important. So, what else is “obviously” important to us… maybe breathing could give an example. I wouldn’t want to be limited to my home or certain designated places to be able to breathe. And with all other obviously important things, it is the same to me.

    “mobile” gives mankind a little more freedom.

  34. 8284

    I want the posters! The one I like most is the one with the dots, the one for responsive web design. The one for mobile landscape is also really cute. Yes, of course, I have the book and it’s so good that even my husband finished it ;)

  35. 8535

    Mobile is everywhere, since larger screens they are able too give the user a good experience.

  36. 8786

    Mobile is so important because that is how most people are connected these days. Everyone has their mobile device at their fingertips, so we need to provide our content in ways they can readily access it for the best experience.

  37. 9037

    Well, as Mozilla claim: “The web is the platform”, and now more than ever the Web is everywhere. We should start thinking about the Web as the -universal- platform, and not about specific devices.

  38. 9288

    Here is my mobile haiku:

    Touching, responding
    Simple yet captivating
    Go, baby, mobile!

    I’m actually thinking of the stylized dragon mobile in the nursery, but the fluidity and responsiveness of a beautiful baby mobile applies just as much to good mobile device design.

    Either one, my little 5-month-old stays mesmerized with it! All too soon he will outgrow one and be carrying around the other…

    Would love that poster set to put in his room!

  39. 9539

    Oh my! My walls need some love.

  40. 9790

    Why is mobile important? I think Steve Jobs said it best when he posited that people didn’t want another phone – people wanted to feel more CONNECTED to each other. Mobile can be an utterly human experience if guided to embrace the best of its potential.

  41. 10041

    Even if with your mobile you can do all sort of incredible stuff, a good book is still the best way for learning.

  42. 10292

    We spend more and more time on our phones and tablets. Just look the the sale for computers versus tablets now-a-days. Having a website that responds well to these screen sizes isn’t only a nice feature, but a necessity in todays world. Be it responsive designs (preferred), or a separate mobile website, people should be able to do most of the features on the desktop site, if not all.

    Learning how to make mobile websites and content is crucial to survive and keep updated. That is why I bought The Mobile Book, which I have had the delight to start reading now.

  43. 10543

    “How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask? All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays.”

    :( comment whoring.

    Blatantly trying to attract user commenting not by insightful, provocative articles and writing but via troll-ish, click bait headlines and “contests”

    ” why mobile is so important nowadays.”
    ^ is that even a proper statement?


    It’s like an ecommerce newbie web guy promising “more clicks and traffic to yer website!” vs a sage professional offering more conversions, i.e. somebody actually BUYING SOMETHING.

    Substance, vs Flash.
    Nutrition..vs Calories

    Oh, and “Mobile is important nowadays” because being mobile implies movement, and my Doc always recommends at least one movement per day!

    Now where’s my poster for being a…good poster? :)

  44. 10794

    Mobile has exploded as the means to get information and communicate socially and professionally. All designs must consider responsive design.

  45. 11045

    It is a great help for people like me just step into this area…im still in the process of finish this book..

  46. 11296

    Mobile is so important because it is a very personal platform. You carry it around with you wherever you go thereby allowing you to access a plethora of information (provided you aren’t wandering around in the Antarctica).

    It also allows for a more hands-on interaction unlike desktop. I think that is one of it’s biggest draws for people. You can touch it, turn it, speak to it and something cool (usually) happens.

  47. 11547

    Mobile design is so important because we live in an age where people want things ‘now’. Mobile offers that convenience. You can be having a conversation, pull out your phone to search for a product, or research something and then get back to your conversation.

  48. 11798

    All I have to do is comment on these beautiful posters for a chance to win one. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!

  49. 12049

    I love Smashing Mag. It’s the one e-news item I still read. I read it on the go. In fact, most everything I read is mobile in some way. I believe mobility makes our lives richer.

  50. 12300

    Mobile is a dream come true: access the internet from everywhere.


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