Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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  1. 1

    I read in the bathroom….a lot. All across our great nation, improved mobile experiences are bringing back the fun in going wee wee!

  2. 302

    Mobile is important because now is actually the mobile age. Mobile is everywhere around us. People don’t go out without the mobile device. And… now is the time when you can say “I’ve lost my phone.” without everyone looking as you are crazy. 20 years ago this was not possible :)

  3. 603

    Because delay of my copy “The Mobile Book” and the waiting i will like a poster :)

    • 904

      Dear Dejan, don’t hestitate to contact us because of the delay at
      orders [at] smashingmagazine [dot] com
      Cheers, Richard

  4. 1205

    I just purchased the mobile book. I am eagerly awaiting the hard copy while reading through the online version. Mobile is our new way of life. I remember as a child having to stand in the kitchen to talk on the phone. We could never have imagined what the future would hold. We have everything at the touch of our fingers. It’s pretty amazing.

  5. 1506

    Mobile is important because…
    We can watch a dude fall from space in real-time whilst waiting to catch a bus. (Actually, I don’t wait for buses anymore as I use a mobile app to ensure I get there just in time).
    We can photograph friends doing shots of vodka through the eyeball on those kind of nights out where you know you gotta leave the Nikon at home.
    We can cheat at the local pub quiz… Oh know I didn’t.
    We can toss birds at elaborate constructions of evil pigs on the daily, something I always aspired to before mobile came along.
    Most of all it allows us to make a connection to another human being, anytime, any place, anywhere.*
    *Data allowance, signal and ‘the way you hold the iPhone 4′ permitting.

  6. 1807

    The mobile web is important because it enables us to more easily solve today’s problems today, so we can move on to finding better solutions for tomorrow.

  7. 2108

    Mobile is important, because I don’t want to stay on my desk all day, while my friends do nice stuff outdoors… ;-)

  8. 2409

    I would love the poster set; yes, please! :)

  9. 2710

    Why is mobile so important? Because these small devices can do almost everything from work to play. And that is why they are future,

  10. 3011

    Yesterday afternoon, trapped in my car in Chicago rush hour traffic, I found myself listening to NPR, as I normally do.

    When the correspondent began listing the sponsors who support the program, I snapped out of my traffic-zombie state to pay attention to one sponsor particular – a local personal shopping startup. And like any bored-to-death human being stuck in a car with only a smartphone at my disposal, I did what you might expect: I looked that baby up.

    But when I saw their website, my heart sank a little, for their own sake.

    A pixellated, blurry logo. Content I had to scroll sideways and down and diagonally to read, zooming all around. And, to be perfectly honest, I abandoned any interest in the poor startup and returned to sitting in traffic. Because it was so inconvenient – and yes, also dangerous – to get even a glimpse of this little fledgling company that it wasn’t worth my time.

    But it’s how we as humans have come to operate these days. We’re mobile creatures. We have to be. It’s the world in which we, unless we choose to deviate from modern standards of efficiency and connectivity, are forced to exist.

    That’s why mobile development is so important. In order to be useful to us, the web needs to keep up with us.

  11. 3312

    Most of the world accesses the internet via mobile, whether for convenience on-the-go or because it’s the only way they can afford internet access.

  12. 3613

    Mobile is making a huge impact on the web today and it’s reshaping our path and vision of the future. Currently there is too much clutter out there because everyone and everything wants to be a part of it, to contribute in some way because it’s “the next big thing”.

    We need to keep in mind that this is a very young technology with even younger behavior and habits, that what we have today will very likely be obsolete tomorrow. But once the dust settles down, current platforms and paradigmes evolve, new one emerges, I believe that will be the time when we can expect new exciting things to happen.

  13. 3914

    My book finally came in the mail and I cant wait to go through it. These posters are also pretty sexy!

  14. 4215

    Mobile is important because it’s easy and convenient to find information and entertainment anywhere without being tied down by wires and desks.

  15. 4516

    Mobile is important because it’s a new context where we can reach our customers. It’s a new space where we can create different kinds of experiences – experiences that touch users in ways unique to the medium. It’s important because it’s real, people are there, and as designers it’s incumbent upon us to understand it so we can meet users where they are.

  16. 4817

    We’ve already seen that the majority of people access the internet on their mobile devices, so naturally we need to be at the forefront of where things are going. If we can keep up with that and, if we’re lucky, lead the movement, then we can make awesome things. And that’s what we should do – make awesome things.

  17. 5118

    mobile | stillness and movement are the same

    But do not ask me where I am heading,
    As I travel in this limitless world
    Where every step I take is my home.

  18. 5419

    I believe that mobile browsing is around 25% now. That stat alone is a great reason to design with mobile in mind.

  19. 5720

    Mobile because nothing sits still anymore

  20. 6021

    Mobile is important, because it’s there with us every step of the way. It adapts to our needs and surrounding.

  21. 6322

    Mobile is the way we will have to develop if we as designers and developers want to continue our professional careers. The growth of mobile in developing nations ensures that this will be the preferred method of online interaction for many (if not most) of the coming years as more and more devices come online and the world’s demand for smart user based mobile interfaces becomes insatiable.

  22. 6623

    mobile is important because it is obviously the future. the smartphone getting better and stronger wie more and more useful apps. and in my subject the location and geo topic in the mobile world becomes even more important.

  23. 6924

    Víctor Malumián

    February 5, 2013 6:17 pm

    The book arrive just in time. Love the work you have done!
    Best regards from Argentina.

  24. 7225

    Mobile is important because it makes our lives easier… and more complicated at the same time!

  25. 7526

    Mobile is important because that’s what your customers use. No more justification is necessary!

  26. 7827

    Hell, I got a two-fer for ya. I have the book (on my iPad), haven’t finish but have enjoyed. As for your “why is mobile so important nowadays?” question, it’s simple. Users are accessing websites through mobile devices more and more each day, why WOULDN’T you build your site more accessible to them? Boom.

  27. 8128

    For me… Mobile vs desktop, will eventually be supplanted by a singularity which I can’t imagine what it is. At the present mobile represents a user experience which doesn’t have the same input requirements as traditional computers, and services a different integrated need of location, GPS, information and services that enhances the way the user lives their life. Desktop doesn’t do this and could be thought of as focused on enhancing the productivity of work.

    Bring on the singularity…

    (it had better not be google goggles….) :)

  28. 8429

    Mobile is so important because many users see the desktop as a fallback. People are clicking links from apps such as Facebook and Twitter and are visiting a site for the first time on a mobile device and if it doesn’t work many users will just go back and forget about it. Most importantly, mobile is causing more and more companies to realize the importance of accessibility.

  29. 8730

    People are so busy and on the move so much so that their smartphone or cellphone is the only way they communicate, browse and get information. Having mobile sites makes getting information convenient and a lifesaver especially if you need information now and can’t wait til you get home.

  30. 9031

    Smashing magazine is one of my fav blogs…nice giveaway :)…..the poster will be a great addition to my smashing books if I win one …….

  31. 9332

    I need one of these to hang over the couch of my new flat! The reason: the glitter in my hands after playing with the book when I received it were reflections of the love I instantly felt for it!

    Thanks for all the hard work, guys. I hope I’m lucky enough to get one!


  32. 9633

    My new workplace in newly built house needs those posters to move me into the future Web.

  33. 9934

    Just got my copy book and started reading it this morning :D

    Besides looking great, it so far is doing a good job of bringing together technical expertise with overall strategy and ideas about where mobile design is at and possibly heading to.

  34. 10235

    Inspiration can strike at anytime, from anywhere. Mobile allows us to capture that fleeting moment, expand and develop it, wherever we happen to be. We can even research and refine an idea before the impetus leaves and the next lightning bolt hits. Sitting on an idea? Mobile means that you can have it fleshed out before you’ve had time to find a pen and paper!

  35. 10536

    First of all Smashing magazine is one of my fav blogs…nice giveaway :)….
    over the last few years mobile and tablets have given a lot of comfort and pleasure element in everything we do…right from games to surfing web to reading books…..because of this lot of people have started using mobile devices more than desktops….as a matter of fact i m typing this comment through my iPad……also the share of mobile web is ever increasing now,because of boom of tablets and mobile phone revolution initiated by ios devices…
    so we as developers should make the websites look good in mobile devices… the poster will be a great addition to my smashing books if I win one …….

  36. 10837

    Awesome posters. Nice giveaway. I like free stuff that is great quality too! Let us see if I get lucky :-)
    Thank you.

  37. 11138

    Mobile is the future. People want their everyday life to be simple, easier and connected at all times.

  38. 11439

    clothes, shoes, wallet, phone.

    if you think about it, humanity can’t go outside their door without these essentials.

    it used to be clothes, shoes, wallet.
    then, clothes, shoes, wallet, phone.
    then, clothes shoes, phone, wallet.
    then, clothes, phone, shoes, wallet.

    nowadays, the first item we take when departing our home is our mobile. it’s the most important item in our life, because it tells us everything we need to know faster than we can grab everything and go.

  39. 11740

    Cool illustrations! love the fact that they are not completely geometric but somewhat organic. Good work!

  40. 12041

    Mobile is one of the most efficient way to be accessible and connect yourself to anything and anyone.

    Also got the beautiful Mobile book recently. Great content and stunning cover. Delish!

  41. 12342

    Great contest! People are using desktop and even websites less and less. The question is always, do you have an app for that. Mobile is where you need to be to stay in front of your customers (in apps or mobile web sites), before someone else “stays in front of them”.



  42. 12643

    The Mobile Book is awesome. I’m not quite through the entire thing yet, but have already put a half-dozen tips, tactics, and concepts to work! I have definitely used it as a tool in my box for current projects, and will continue to use it on all in the future… Thanks!

  43. 12944

    Mobile is important, right now, because it is the cornerstone of global access to education. Because of this, mobile is something of a super hero; it will save the world!

  44. 13245

    Simply awesome!

  45. 13546

    Mobile is important because that’s exactly the way I live my life. On the move. Spontaneously. Connected.

  46. 13847

    The mobile book couldn’t have come at a better time. Our company is revamping a mobile site.
    The posters are bonus. Crossing my finger that I’ll be one of the lucky people who will get these.

  47. 14148

    Smartphones are rapidly being adopted by the masses, which causes a huge priority shift. I always hear people say, “Pocket check! Phone, keys, wallet!”, and of course “Dude, wheres my phone?” Given the amount of time people spend on their phones, it’s time to adapt our strategies to include mobile. If not, then your yesterday’s news.

  48. 14449

    Mobile brings us all together, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or disability.

  49. 14750

    I pre-paid for the Mobile Book at the end of October last year and when I received the book at the end of December within one week that book was read. I couldn’t put it down! The wealth of information along with the beautiful, yet simple, illustrations, has made this book one of the best ‘technical’ books that I own. It would be great to receive these wonderful posters and book because I can hang the posters in my office to admire, as well as give the book to a close friend who would definitely benefit from this gorgeous and knowledgable book.

  50. 15051

    Mobile it’s “âge des lumières” in your pocket!


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