Freshen Up Your Walls With Creative Mobile Book Illustrations!

Our brand new Mobile Book was a labor of love. But the love doesn’t just stop there! We’re giving away 20 exclusive A3-sized (11.6 × 16.5 inches) poster sets designed and created by the oh-so-talented Mike Kus1, whose abstract illustrations are featured throughout the Mobile Book.

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Large previews: Mobile Landscape6 | Responsive Design7 | UX Design8 | The Mobile Book Addendum9

Mobile Book Poster Giveaway10
Large preview11.

I Want A Mobile Book Poster Set!

How can you get your hands on one of these posters, you ask?

All you need to do is comment on this post and tell us one good reason why mobile is so important nowadays. Or, if you already have the Mobile Book in your book collection, tell us what you like about it the most! Winners will be selected and contacted by the Smashing team on Monday, 11th of February.

If you haven’t got the Mobile Book yet, you can still get your book today12. The hardcover book features everything you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to be prepared for the future. If you aren’t convinced yet, download the free sample (PDF, 8.0 Mb) first13, a chapter on “Responsive Design Strategy” by Trent Walton.

Cheers and good luck!


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  1. 1

    Mobile is not just phones and tablets and 480px wide; mobile is everything that isn’t tied to a wall. The breadth of devices and, more importantly, experiences, users will have shows that “mobile” is no longer a consideration. Mobile – anywhere, anytime, on any device – is a necessity for support.

  2. 602

    Taking a mobile interface class. . .would love to get a copy of these!

  3. 1203

    Well, I’m writing this on a mobile – and many people I know have stopped ‘firing up’ their computers and use their super sized samsungs instead.

    Oh and I really need to put some good stuff on my board :)

    Thanks guys,

  4. 1804

    You’re on your way to a marriage seminar with your wife and you make a wrong turn. Tension mounts and voices get louder and things are about to blow up when you suddenly realize that Siri was wrong, and you are actually going the right way. You feel completely vindicated. Still married.

  5. 2405

    There is no mobile web it’s just the web with a shift in the usage of devices.

  6. 3006

    I m learning mobile designing it would be great if i get it

  7. 3607

    “84 percent of respondents said that they could not go a single day without their cellphones.”


    ’nuff said.

  8. 4208

    Why is mobile important?
    Mobile has become the synonymous for ubiquity.

  9. 4809

    Mobile is important because people don’t consciously differentiate between digital channels – what’s important to the user is task. If i want to check my flight status for example i don’t consciously consider whether i’m going to use my laptop, iPad or iPhone – or likewise whether i’ll use the pure web, mobile web or app — it’s whatever i chance upon that seems the easiest route to completing my task. Businesses looking to serve customers and win share in the marketplace need to deliver truly lean and device agnostic experiences and consider the implications for responsive/mobile from the outset — not as an afterthought.

  10. 5410

    Mobile is so important because people thrive when they’re spontaneous. Mobile let’s us be wild in the wild.

  11. 6011

    As developers we need to design content that can viewed, enjoyed and loved regardless if it is on desktop or mobile. Thank you smashing magazine for providing yet another invaluable source of information!

  12. 6612

    Soon we will leave our mouse on the desk and touch only a glass window! When you design for mobile you need to think about usability…

  13. 7213

    I use mobile devices in my classes. Students love it and I believe mobile learning is the future!

  14. 7814

    Everyone has one! It is a part of main stream society! Now to add those awesome illustrations! Hip!

  15. 8415

    Mobile is so essential because it is the newest space, the one we know the least about. Those who pioneer new mobile models and frameworks will be the “dot coms” of this era.

  16. 9016

    Because mobile is going to be even more important by tomorrow.

  17. 9617

    Mobile is important because it will untether the world from overwhelming infrastructure. It will allow more people access to global information at increasing speeds, adding to the pool of human effort. Mobile breaks digital class barriers.

  18. 10218

    As part of a social media company we understand the importance if mobile and we embrace the challenges and opportunities this brings along. Having these posters in our office would be a constant remainder of that commitment we’ve made to make mobile experience the best for our users. Thank you

  19. 10819

    Mobile is so important since its affecting all other devices and the way we’re using them. Laptops are becoming lighter and are now instantly switched on. Gadgets are communicating with them. try to think how do you feel when your battery is about to die…

  20. 11420

    Mobile isn’t the future, it’s the present. Technology has been playing catch-up to what we all know: we don’t need to work in the factories anymore – we can work and live in the place we call home.

    Mobile workers are happier, work harder and do better work.

    And it’s important for consumers. If you can pay with card at a market stall, because the grocer uses iZettle or Square, then it’s easy. Scrabbling for cash for the car park? Pay by card over the phone or by mobile app.

    Mobile is important, because it’s how we need and want to be. We’re nearly there on a technical level. Culturally – that’s what I’m looking forward to.

  21. 12021

    Mobile is very important nowadays because no one looks “up” anymore. Huge expensive billboards in the middle of Times Sq are just not being looked at as much as before. A lot of us have smartphones nowadays, glued to our hands and we walk while looking down at the screen, even through these busy streets. The users of today are now looking “down” and Mobile Book is an awesome bible to help you grab their attention & making their experience as simple as possible.

  22. 12622

    I was just on vacation in a place where I couldn’t get cell phone reception. I immediately realized how much my husband and I relied so much on that tiny Google icon to settle small arguments about some mindless fact or another. Mobile web is not just what everyone else is saying “important…” it’s quickly become a way of life. Settling arguments, one couple at a time.

  23. 13223

    mobile is the future … and yes, I am very interested in being mobile and stay in contact and create …

  24. 13824

    31% of all Americans only access the internet through their phone.
    51% of Black Americans only access the internet through their phone. (that’s majority!)
    88% of people without a high school diploma don’t have broadband internet access at home.

    As Karen McGrane would say, “If you are not making your information available on mobile – you are not equal opportunity.”

  25. 14425

    n a t h a n w a l k e r

    February 20, 2013 1:56 am



  26. 15026

    Mobile ist everywhere, everytime take your time to rest!

  27. 15627

    If I have any idea, I can save it on mobile and spread to the world.

  28. 16228

    Amazing! Very nice to draw some inspiration from some talent our there!

  29. 16829

    “By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people.”

    – Digital Buzz


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