Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: December 2013 (Christmas Edition)


We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. As designers, we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one: desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd.

This creativity mission has been going on for over five years1 now, and we’re very thankful to all the designers who have contributed and are still diligently contributing each month. This post features free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for December 2013. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your desktop wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine2 by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

Christmas All Around The Globe

“Christmas is celebrated all around the globe — in the winter as well as the summer. From north to south, east to west: Merry Christmas everyone! :-)” — Designed by Ricardo Gimenes3 from Brazil.

Christmas Around The Globe4

Christmas Time!

Designed by Sofie Keirsmaekers44 from Belgium.

Christmas time! 45

Ninja Santa

Designed by Elise Vanoorbeek59 from Belgium.

Ninja Santa60

The Deer In My Garden

“Every year at the onset of winter, a deer appears in my garden looking for food. I usually catch it early in the morning and we’ll be exchanging glances through the patio doors.” — Designed by Andrea Ludszeweit82 from Germany.

The deer in my garden83

A “Designer” Sweater

“My wallpaper combines two of my favorite things: sweater weather and designing!” — Designed by Monica Barron125 from New Jersey, USA.

A 126

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

“This wallpaper celebrates the classic carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Each day is represented with a cheerful illustration representing gifts. The days are actually counted from the day after Christmas, so the calendar stretches into early January. Since this wallpaper relies on details, it’s not appropriate for small smartphone screens.” — Designed by Daphne Firos138 from Cleveland.

The 12 Days of Christmas139

Modern Santa

“Santa should modernize, reindeers should not suffer!” — Designed by Arne Overstijns175 from Belgium.

Modern Santa176


Designed by Evacomics194 from Singapore.


The Mood Of Christmas

Designed by RootPickle Studios213 from India.

The mood of Christmas214

Polka Dots

“I’ve wanted to participate in this wallpaper series for awhile but could not figure out what to design for it. I got the inspiration for a polka dot pattern and thought it would be an interesting way to include the calendar.” — Designed by Janna Barrett231 from the United States.

Polka Dots232

Christmas In Pastel

Designed by Lénárt Lívia250 from Hungary.

Christmas in pastel251

Snow Angel

“Winter makes me think of all the fun times we had as kids playing in the snow!” — Designed by Rob Rijken279 from Belgium.

Snow Angel280

Frozen Mustache

“A cold day, I was in a park and I watch as a man was covered up to his ears and only protruded a big mustache. I was amused and decided that would be the theme for my new wallpaper.” — Designed by Verónica Valenzuela314 from Spain.

Frozen mustache315

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

“Lots of people are so busy and work far from their native homes. All of us try to be near our dear people during the holidays — even through difficulties and long distances. So I thought about this and decided to encourage those, who are rushing home for Christmas.” — Designed by Aleksandra Kucher329 from Ukraine.

I’ll be home for Christmas330

Xmas Roller Coaster

“Poor Santa! Christmas can be a roller coaster. Luckily he has string lights and lamps to guide his path, since Rudolph seems to be lost this time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team.” — Designed by Carla Genovesio372 from the United States.

Xmas Roller Coaster373

Happy Holidays

Designed by Bogdan Negrescu396 from the United States.

Happy Holidays397

Wild December

Designed by Christina Hewitt413 from Edmonton, Canada.

Wild December414

The Smashing Christmas

“Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind…” — Designed by Marielle Perikly Kokosidou446 from Greece.

The Smashing Christmas447

Christmas Crafting

“We like to do some creative crafting in preparation for Christmas. Some years ago we discovered the so called ‘Fröbel stars’, named after Friedrich Fröbel a famous german educationalist. This little somethings are easy to fold and can be perfectly used to pimp the wrap of your christmas presents.” — Designed by Christoph Pfeiffer and Florian Greiner489 from Germany.

Christmas crafting490

It’s In The Little Things

Designed by Thaïs Lenglez522 from Belgium.

It's in the little things523

Simple As A Tree!

“I just love to work with 3D and I totally love snow and gifts (who doesn’t like gifts?! :D)” — Designed by Ilse walschaerts545 from Belgium.

Simple as a tree!546

Triangle Christmas Tree

Designed by Zsolt Szilvai588 from Hungary.

Triangle Christmas Tree589

The Year Of The Horse

“An ‘oriental’ calendar.” — Designed by Kimberly Poison625 from Russia.

The year of the horse626

Handcrafted By Santa

“Santa has made a special handmade wallet for Smashing Magazine in his secret workshop and now he is off to deliver it!” — Designed by Atelier PALL640 from Romania.

Handcrafted by Santa641

Dream Flight

Designed by Pietje Precies653 from the Netherlands.

Dream Flight654

Lights Of Hope

“This time enlightens our hopes and best wishes of happiness for all.” — Designed by Marcos Genolet670 from Uruguay.

Lights of hope671

Christmas Love

“December is known as a Christmas month and its inspired me alot to design this wallpaper.” — Designed by Prince Pal713 from India.

Christmas Love714

Rusty Autumn

Designed by Balkees Begum Abdul Samad748 from New York.

Rusty Autumn749

Minimalist Christmas

“Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year – full of colourful icons. This year, I would love to share these minimalist Christmas icons with everyone. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!” — Designed by Fiona Yap767 from Malaysia.

Minimalist Christmas768

Sailing Away

“When Christmas comes around, I like to think warm. I had this picture I took on a sailboat and wanted to inspire warm thoughts during the coming winter.” — Designed by Jonathan Shears from Fuzz Productions804 from Northampton, MA.

Sailing Away805

Starry Bethlehem

“I wanted to create an image that brought to life the thought of light bursting from stars onto the sleepy hills of Bethlehem. There is always wonderment when looking up at the stars at night.” — Designed by Rachel Litzinger821 from Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Starry Bethlehem822

Cherish The Present

“Cherish the present you are living, cherish the presents you are giving, hooray, december bells are ringing.” — Designed by Myriam El Khoury834 from Lebanon.

Cherish The Present835

Merry Christmas

“Imaginary Santa Illustration. Merry Christmas to all :)” — Designed by Zanetine Web Design865 from India.

Merry Christmas866

Christmas Decorations

“December is the month of Christmas markets all around Austria. Glühwein900 and various decorations are all around us. This photo was taken at one of those markets, and this is just a glimpse of all those gorgeous decorations..” — Designed by Sasho Ikonomovski901 from Macedonia.

Christmas Decorations902

The Collection Of Birds

“The collection of birds are my travels. At each destination I buy a wood, bronze, stone bird, anything the local bazaars sell. I have all gathered at a modest vitrine in my house. I have so much loved my collection, that, after taking pictures of them I then designed each one, then created a wallpaper and overdressed a wall of my living room. Now my thought is making them as a desktop wallpaper and give them to you as a gift.” — Designed by Natasha Kamou924 from Hellas.

The Collection of Birds 925

Geometric Series: Stefanie Sun

“The Geometric Series is a series of graphite-on-paper artworks that celebrates and commemorates some of the world’s most popular – and controversial – celebrities. Each artwork is completed using nothing but geometric shapes (mostly triangles), resulting in an interesting pseudo-3D portrait. This artwork is the third in the series, featuring my favourite Mando pop artist, Stefanie Sun (she’s from Singapore too!). Hope you guys like it!” — Designed by Teo Yu Sheng971 from Singapore.

Geometric Series: Stefanie Sun972

Abstract Penguins

“December is cold. Penguins love the cold! They are cute, like to snuggle and love winter. A perfect match!” — Designed by Pieter Van der Elst990 from Belgium.

Abstract penguins991

Freshly Baked Cookies

“I designed a wallpaper using skeuomorphism to show that it still can be used in design! Though it is not popular it still has a purpose.” — Designed by Debbie Burkhoff1007 from the United States.

Freshly Baked Cookies1008

Gifts Month

“I love December, because Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love to make gifts and like to receive some as well.” — Designed by WallpaperFX1030 from Romania.

Gifts Month1031

Winter Time

Designed by Billie Peeters1061 from Belguim.

Winter time1062

Winter Peace

“December is a month of peace due to the holiday but because of all the presents and decorations people forget the tranquility that this holiday brings. That’s why I desided to create a very simple wallpaper that shows the ‘winter peace’.” — Designed by Sebastian Navas1082 from Belgium.

Winter peace1083

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

“December is all about Christmas.” — Designed by Shofiyaa Abdul Samad1103 from New York.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!1104

Funny Owl Waiting For Holidays

Designed by Anna 1119 from Russia.

Funny owl waiting for Holidays1120

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all the designers for their participation. We encourage you to participate and join in next month1138!

What’s Your Favorite?

What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. 1

    Thanks a lot, nice work there are loads here to choose from, certainly inspires me to craft my own, as a way of spreading brand image as well, to clients, great!

  2. 2

    WOW, this December release is soo nice! So many cool ones I can’t even make up my mind. I guess I’ll go for “Handcrafted By Santa” cose’ my desktop icons stand out on that dark background and it’s nice to look at. Happy holidays everyone!

    • 3

      Yeah, I know! This December release is very nice! I couldn’t help but choose a lot of them for my desktop wallpaper. I will just have to make them rotate every once in a while. Thanks for providing high quality and sophisticated wallpapers for our desktop! I’ve been going to this website ever since 2011. I think I found this website when I was trying to find a high resolution desktop wallpaper of high quality for my iMac. But right now, I’m posting this comment from my ASUS laptop. Yep! Both a Windows and Mac user. =)

  3. 4

    I’m not a fan of Christmas-themed anything so I’m glad to see a few that aren’t pushing Christmas in my face.

  4. 5

    The 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900 versions of Starry Bethlehem are not linked to the correct design =/

  5. 7

    Awesome. But there’s something wrong with The Mood Of Christmas’ resolution. 1280×720 is 5342×3000, and I think the rest is mixed too.

    • 8

      Iris Lj. (@smash_it_on)

      December 2, 2013 12:54 pm

      Hi Matt, Hi Hodak,

      Thanks for the pointers. Unfortunately, some files were not properly generated by the wallpaper tool — we’ll have to fixed them the good ol’ fashioned way: manually! ;-)

  6. 9

    Hi Everyone!! Hope you like our wallpaper. If you need a custom resolution please ask and we’ll try to “deliver” it! Happy Holidays!

  7. 11

    I’m not a fan of Christmas or winter in general, but these wallpapers are great! If I had to pick a favorite, I think the one that stood out to me the most was the Modern Santa, reindeer shouldn’t suffer =).

  8. 12

    Wow these are really good! thank you so much for sharing! These have gave me inspiration to create a christmas wallpaper with a calendar.

  9. 13

    This may be the best set yet! Usually I can pick one quickly, but all of these are too awesome!

  10. 14

    Grapsas A. Filippos

    November 30, 2013 7:09 pm

    Great collection of wallpapers for December! I really enjoyed Smashing Christmas. Thanks!

  11. 15

    Awesome collection.. Hope to see such kind of posts in future also…

  12. 16

    I saved nearly all of them! It is going to be hard to choose which one to use out of all the beautiful designs!

  13. 17

    Starry Bethlehem 1440×900 brings up an image for Winter Peace

    Here’s the link:×900.jpg

    Beautiful imagery as always.. I’ve visited nearly every month for the last 3 years or so.

    • 18

      Iris Lj. (@smash_it_on)

      December 2, 2013 12:59 pm

      Hi Brandy,

      Thank you for following Smashing Magazine for so long — we sincerely appreciate it :-) As I’ve mentioned to Matt and Hodak above, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and will be fixing the errors asap.

      Thank you for your time and understanding :-)

  14. 19

    December release is awesome!

  15. 20

    Thank u so much :) I’ve just downloaded one, it looks like a pie in the sky. Fantastic.

  16. 21

    One of the best collections in months. Great job, designers!

    As usual, big thanks to SM for continuing the Calendar Wallpaper series.

  17. 22

    So many lovely choices this month.

    One problem, though, with Abstract Penguins. The dates are wrong. Dec. 1 is Sunday, not Saturday (if the weekends are supposed to be the highlighted ones).

    • 23

      The contents of Abstract Penguins belongs to last year, not 2013 ( i.e. the dates are right, but the year is shifted). I still love it – it’s so innovative to think that week begins with Tuesday!

  18. 24

    Aww some nice wallpapers design, and then again cuz of work I couldn’t design one, but this has been one of the best christmas/december wallpapers

  19. 25

    So many nice wallpapers this month! Thank you editors for selecting my design again! :)

  20. 26

    It's a Shape Christmas

    December 1, 2013 10:43 am

    You forgot about… “It’a a Shape Christmas” – for people who love shapes, christmas, illustration & animation!

  21. 27

    nice collection, my fav is Snow Angel :) happy december you all

  22. 28

    So so many great choices this month! May have to change one once a week, or twice a week to get all these on my computer. Very nice job!!

  23. 29

    WOW, there are so many wallpapers for December. But I didn’t see any wallpaper created by Chinese designers, and in China we celebrated Spring Festival more often than Christmas. Hope I could see some wallpapers about Spring Festival ! Anyway, thank you guys! I’ve recommended smashing to my friends!

  24. 30

    “Night flight” is absolutely stunning on my laptop desktop! I chose after thinking a lot. Thank you! I I also keep as alternatives “designer sweater” and “freshly baked cookies” that bring in mind family christmas. Also beauriful is “Christmas in pastel”, and the origami design, so minimal.

  25. 31

    MANY great ones this month! I think I love “Starry Bethlehem” the best, but it was a tough choice!

  26. 32

    Was waiting for this Calenders this year. You guys are doing great job in creating Calenders every year :)

  27. 33

    So excited my design was selected! Thank you! Now I plan to contribute every month.

    My favorite is “Triangle Christmas Tree.” Maybe I’m partial because my decorations are all black and white. :)

  28. 34

    I’m currently using Starry Bethlehem, but with so many wonderful December wallpapers, I’ll probably switch it up several times this month!

  29. 35

    Thank you so much for selecting our calendar again this month.

  30. 36

    Nice work! I must admit I like the most my fellow romanians work, Handcrafted By Santa. Just awesome!

  31. 37

    Long time I didn’t see such a nice collection!
    Many are very nice, but I would point out “Triangle Christmas Tree” and “Starry Bethlehem”

  32. 38

    I have picked “Designer Sweater”. Feels warm and welcoming.

  33. 39

    I love all of them! What a great selection! Fantastic job, designers! :D

  34. 40

    Awesome wall papers! really beautiful work around the world. Waiting for Christmas.
    Thanks to all designers and SM for all sharing… cheers :)

  35. 41

    There were SO many great designs that it was difficult to choose this month! Dream Flight,The Collection Of Birds and Minimalist Christmas were my favorites.

  36. 42

    Wow – so many great ones this month. Thanks to the designers who sent in submissions and to Smashing mag for keeping this great wallpaper gig going. I come here the beginning of every month. Hope designers continue to be inspired next year!

  37. 43

    Thanks! Love them :)

  38. 44

    I really like a few of them!!! I can’t pick just one yet. Thanks and congratulations for these works!!

  39. 45

    Wow guy’s and girls can you make it any harder to chose???? Great choice . really thanks heaps to all the artists… Have the best holidays ever ;-)

  40. 47

    AWESOME ! i like the : Snow Angel :)

  41. 48

    Love these picks! Very lovely themed wallpapers to choose from!

    I designed a not-very-christmasy wallpaper and submitted, bummed it didn’t get picked but you can grab it here!

    Thanks for checking it out.

  42. 49

    There are some beautiful wallpapers up, but I noticed that only the Starry Bethlehem one comes close to the meaning of the Christian celebration of Christmas that countless people hold near and dear to their hearts this time of year :( Wish there were more to enjoy.

  43. 50

    amazing selections this month. I noticed there are more 1280X1024 resolution options, thank you!!

  44. 51

    A nice selection this month and great to see a few that aren’t about cold & snow for those of us in the Southern hemisphere.

  45. 52

    Sailing Away is my favorite…. I liked it a lot

  46. 53

    These designs are beautiful, but I’m confused…
    Why is there not a single design that contains the true meaning of Christmas – Christ’s birth?

    Santa is fine, and I understand he’s a big deal this time of year, but it would be nice to see even one design to choose from that has a nativity or a dove or SOMETHING in reference to the true meaning of Christmas, since that is what half the world is celebrating this December.

    And while we’re at it, I didn’t notice any Channukah designs either.

    Please consider this next year. Thanks, guys.

  47. 54

    Gorgeous collection! I’m glad to have my wallpaper between great artists.I’ll Be Home For Christmas is my favorite, it’s so cute!
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Very merry Christmas to everyone!

  48. 55

    Nice Collection :)

  49. 56

    I like most of them~they are fun!thanks for sharing!

  50. 57

    Great! Thanks a lot :)

  51. 58

    WOW, Think 360 Studio’s Wallpaper Featured :)

  52. 59

    This is great! It has given me a lot of inspiration! :) Thank you very much.
    I live the simpler, more elegant designs.

  53. 60

    i love the funny owl waiting on the holidays image!

  54. 61

    The “Snow Angel” one was easily my favorite (used it on my work computer) but there are a lot of really nice ones! Looking forward to what Jan will bring.

  55. 62

    I enjoy most of the designs! Thank you all!

  56. 63

    I’m a bit disappointed by the guy who made the “Get Ready To Explore!”-design. This is one of the original iOS7-backgrounds:

  57. 65

    Starry Bethlehem! What a gift!! Thank you Rachel, it’s so gorgeous!! :)

  58. 66

    Quite a few great ones, but what’s with the (by todays standards) low resolutions? I’m missing HiDPI versions.

  59. 67

    Well done everyone, these are beautiful. My favourite for this month though is The Collection of Birds. :)

  60. 68

    Merry Christmas! I have made a Christmas themed wallpaper too, so please visit to see the wallpaper and to download it! (6 different sizes)

  61. 69

    I think the only unique creation is ‘Triangle Christmas Tree’ by Zsolt Szilvai!!!

  62. 70

    My favorite is the Freshly Baked Cookies. The rest are simply awesome! :)

  63. 71

    “Dream Flight” is fantastic

  64. 72

    The Deer in My Garden and Starry Bethlehem– wowsers!! The deer makes me think of my brother’s style of art–very beautiful!

  65. 73

    A lovely selection – but only two reference hot weather! Half the world celebrates this time of year in the basking glow of the sun, not the snow. And not everyone celebrates Christmas! Would love to see a more diverse ‘picture’ of Christmas/New Years in next years selection. Other than that, good work! I’m picking the Sailing picture for my desktop this month.


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