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Understanding JavaScript’s Function.prototype.bind

Function binding is probably your least concern when beginning with JavaScript, but when you realize that you need a solution to the problem of how to keep the context of this within another function, then you might not realize that what you actually need is Function.prototype.bind().

render: function () {

    this.getAsyncData(function () {





The first time you hit upon the problem, you might be inclined to set this to a variable that you can reference when you change context. Many people opt for self, _this or sometimes context as a variable name. They’re all usable and nothing is wrong with doing that, but there is a better, dedicated way.


A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients

Are you fascinated by dynamic data? Do you go green with envy when you see tweets pulled magically into websites? Trust me, I’ve been there.

A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients

The goal of today’s tutorial is to create a simple Web app for grabbing movie posters from TMDb. We’ll use jQuery and the user’s input to query a JSON-based API and deal with the returned data appropriately.


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