Christian Krammer is web designer at one of Austria's biggest Newspaper called "Kleine Zeitung" where he worked for nearly ten years. He also is the proud owner of, a comprehensive website about CSS3. A large range of properties is explained there for you to learn and look up. Besides that he is the proud father of a 4 years old boy and a passionate gamer.

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How To Set Up A Print Style Sheet

In a time when everyone seems to have a tablet, which makes it possible to consume everything digitally, and the only real paper we use is bathroom tissue, it might seem odd to write about the long-forgotten habit of printing a Web page. Nevertheless, as odd as it might seem to visionaries and tablet manufacturers, we’re still far from the reality of a paperless world.


In fact, tons of paper float out of printers worldwide every day, because not everyone has a tablet yet and a computer isn’t always in reach. Moreover, many of us feel that written text is just better consumed offline. Because I love to cook, sometimes I print recipes at home, or emails and screenshots at work, even though I do so as rarely as possible out of consideration for the environment.


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