Dmitriy Fabrikant is the developer half of the designer-developer partnership that founded Specctr. (UI designers use Specctr to quickly create design blueprints containing the essential type, color, and spacing information developers must have to turn design into beautiful product, all from inside their favorite design tools.) Before stacking bits as a web developer, Dmitriy stacked bricks as a real estate developer. In real estate development no one would dare start construction without a blueprint. Working as a front-end developer Dmitriy saw it happen all the time, often to the project's detriment. That's why when talented designer Chen Blume approached him with the idea for Specctr, he knew they had to build it together. The links for this article were saved and organized using Knovigator. A simple bookmarking tool Dmitriy built to organize the content he liked around the way he searched.

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Introduction To Developing Fireworks Extensions (They’re Just JavaScript!)

One of the most powerful features of Adobe Fireworks is that you can extend its functionality. Almost anything you can do through Fireworks’ interface — and even some things that you can’t — can also be achieved by writing a simple JavaScript extension.

Introduction To Developing Fireworks Extensions (They’re Just JavaScript!)

Fireworks extensions are of two main types: commands and command panels. If you find yourself repeatedly performing a tedious task, you could write a command to automate the process and save yourself a lot of time. Alternatively, if you are missing a particular feature that would improve your workflow, you could write a more complex extension — a command panel — to implement it.


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