James Rosewell is the founder of UK based providing real time device detection for over 750,000 web sites around the world. The open source platform he created operates at over 5,000,000 detections per second, 99.9% accuracy and contains over 28,173 device combinations. Prior to starting James spent 10 years running major mobile programmes for Vodafone, plus founded and sold a mobile marketing business. He’s passionate about delivering great user experiences cost effectively to the many and varied devices now connecting to the web.

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Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites

Editor’s Note: This article features just one of the many solutions for creating high-performance mobile websites. We suggest that you review different approaches such as Building A Responsive Web App, Improving Mobile Support and Making Your Websites Faster before choosing a particular solution.

People start to lose interest in a website if they don’t get a response within three seconds. Fulfilling this expectation for mobile phone users requires a different approach to usage analysis, design and testing.

Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites

This article expands on the techniques that Johan Johansson explains in his article “How to Make Your Websites Faster on Mobile Devices,” published in April 2013. We’ll demonstrate methods to identify how people interact with a website differently on mobile devices, and the design decisions that can be made based on this understanding.


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