Matej Latin is a Web, UX & UI designer originally from Slovenia. His passion for simple, clean & usable design drove him to Germany and Luxembourg where he currently works at Wondermags. You can follow him and find out more about his work on his website and on Dribbble.

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A User In Total Control Is A Designer’s Nightmare

How do you balance the creative control you give to the users, the usability of the product they make with your tool and the flexibility of that tool? We designers have always had a problem of handing over creative control to the general population — the basic users. There are two reasons for this.

A User In Total Control Is A Designer's Nightmare

The first is obvious: We are the ones who are supposed to know the principles of design and usability. Some of us were born with this feeling of what feels and looks right, while other designers have learned it — at least good designers eventually have.


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