Rik is a Senior Front-end Developer working for Mirabeau in The Netherlands. He’s both a developer and a designer and loves to combine the two to create games, web products and other interactive experiences. Cycles to work each day while pondering the state and future of the web and has recently started to share his toughts with the rest of the community.

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Frizz-Free JavaScript With ConditionerJS

Setting up JavaScript-based functionality to work across multiple devices can be tricky. When is the right time to load which script? Do your media queries matches tests, your geolocation popups tests and your viewport orientation tests provide the best possible results for your website? ConditionerJS will help you combine all of this contextual information to pinpoint the right moment to load the functionality you need.

Frizz-Free JavaScript With ConditionerJS

Before we jump into the ConditionerJS demo, let’s quickly take a look at the Web and how it’s changing, because it’s this change that drove the development of ConditionerJS in the first place. In the meantime, think of it as a shampoo but also as an orchestra conductor; instead of giving cues to musicians, ConditionerJS tells your JavaScript when to act up and when to tune down a bit.


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