Sara has an endless dedication to content that matters and partners with major brands, universities, agencies, nonprofits, and spaces in between. Most of all, she partners with clients that care about their users, their brands, and making content work for both. Follow her on Twitter.

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Content Knowledge Is Power

“Content matters!” “Comp with real copy!” “Have a plan!” By now, you’ve probably heard the refrain: making mobile work is hard if you don’t consider your content. But content knowledge isn’t just about ditching lorem ipsum in a couple of comps.

Content Knowledge Is Power

Countless organizations now have a decade or two’s worth of Web content — content that’s shoved somewhere underneath their redesigned-nine-times home page. Content that’s stuck in the crannies of some sub-sub-subnavigation. Content that’s clogging up a CMS with WYSIWYG-generated markup.


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