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8 Fresh WordPress Themes

Nice Wordpress Themes are quite hard to find. Particularly if you don't know where to begin your search from. Google returns literally thousands of results, but not all of them offer what you personally consider to be quality material.

Some useful references are therefore always useful to have nearby. In fact, some beautiful designs are always useful to get inspired - i.e. if you are going to develop your own theme.

Our collection of 83 Beautiful Wordpress Themes might be a good starting point. And some fresh Wordpress Themes released recently can be helpful as well. Every once in a while we take our time, search around, select most beautiful releases and present them to our readers in our posts.

Let's take a look at 8 Fresh Wordpress Themes.


Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Let's put it straight - simplicity is more complex than you probably think it is. To design a web-site in user-friendly tones, presenting all information and removing unnecessary details isn't easy. In fact, many designers don't manage to find the right mix between details and their presentation on the screen, which usually results in an information overkill and/or decreased usability. However, some designers do manage to find the right balance and create usable, elegant and clean web-sites with simple layouts.

We've selected some of them. 49 simple, clean, sometimes even minimalistic designs, which all stick closely to one single principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid!. You can also download the whole KISS-gallery in PDF (7,2 Mb) - the document includes high-resolution screenshots and the list of all showcased web-sites. Please do not copy the list, but refer to it with a link.

Update: We've been buried as inaccurate/spam on If you don't think that this post is inaccuarate and you don't see any spam here, keep digging us and let us know your opinion in the comments.

Recently we've suggested few start points one could start learning simplicity from. If you are looking for inspiration, you'd probably like to check

we've selected recently.


CSS-Based Navigation Menus: Modern Solutions

Navigation menus have to be intuitive, precise and easy-to-use. One simple, basic principle, which is common for all kinds of nav bars you would ever want to use for your projects. In fact, navigation menu is probably the most important element in web design: after all, it is being used more often than any other element on a given page. Therefore it's important to make sure that your visitors will find they way around the site structure - however complex the latter might be.

So how do designers cope with a challenging task to create an attractive and usable menu? Which results can be achieved? OK, that's a tough one. Let's take a look around.

Below you'll find 53 beautiful and user-friendly Navigation Menus and solutions web-designers came up with using basic CSS styling.

PS: Over the last few months we've reviewed CSS-Based Techniques, CSS-Based Forms and CSS-Based Tables and CSS-Based Footers (yes, some of these techniques use not only CSS, but also JavaScript and PHP). You'll find even more CSS-related articles in our CSS Section.


Fontin Sans: Free Font of the Week

We continue to collect high quality freefonts, which can be used for both private and professional projects without any restrictions whatsoever. A nice found of the last week is Fontin Sans, a new sans font released by Jos Buivenga few hours ago.


45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs

Sometimes it's just amazing to see, which level of usability, legibility and visual appeal can be achieved using some basic design techniques. In fact, some talanted web-developers manage to deliver powerful, functional and gorgeous web-design in "look-and-feel"-style, which is easy to use and nice to see.

Recently we've listed 50 Beautiful CSS-based web-design of 2006 and chosen some of the most beautiful and inspiring dark web-designs. Now we've selected 45 more fresh, clean and impressive designs. Let's take a look.


Google Gadgets, Widgets and Moduls

If you've never used it before, you'll want to give it a try: Google Desktop is a handy tool, which enables you to search within your personal data in seconds. Fresh Google Gadget Plugins can make your search even more efficient, particularly if you are searching for videos, images or non-plaintext-files; besides, as web-developer you can also use numerous Gadgets and Moduls to personalize your sidebar and put some useful tools or web-services on your personal desktop. We've chosen some of the most interesting extensions, plugins, gadgets, widgets and moduls, checked them out and listed below - in a brief and descriptive overview. Links checked: July/14. 2008.


5 More Free Fonts: Chúcara, Preface, Colaborate

High quality freefonts are always nice to have, but usually they are extremely hard to find. Usually it requires much time and patience to get a lead on some gorgeous typofaces out there. Every week we take a close look around, visit dozens of typography-related sites, check out the latest updates and choose the best free fonts, which have been released or appeared over the last few weeks. And all the fonts we find are getting published immediately, here on Smashing Magazine. So what did we find this week?


Printing the Web: Solutions and Techniques

Users don't read, they scan. In fact, after many years, reading online still didn't manage to assert itself against reading offline. Therefore long articles are usually printed out and read on paper. However, not every page will be printed out correctly by default - sometimes layout doesn't fit, sometimes font size isn't chosen properly or leading simply isn't big enough. It is also important to include some further references to the printed version of the page, so users can get back to you, once they've read the printed version of your article.

Good news: web-developers can control the way web-site looks on the paper.To make sure that no data will lost and the legibility of content remains optimal after the printing, you can, of course, use CSS.

There are many options and techniques you can use developing print layouts. Here is a quick overview of some interesting solutions you can use to generate print layouts "on the fly".


83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

Sometimes it's just like searching for a needle in a haystack: if you've ever googled for free and quality Wordpress Themes, you know exactly what we're talking about. Most designers love to create Wordpress themes, so they can demonstrate the quality of their work and add some fresh works to their portfolios.

However, most Wordpress themes are either used too often (Kubrick theme, now K2, is definitely overused) or just have nothing to offer - particularly, if you are looking for a free, impressive and professional design. However, sometimes search is worth it. In the gallery below you'll find 83 free Wordpress Themes you probably haven't seen yet. All themes offer quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface.


Best of January 2007

We continue to collect the best web-development-related sites, articles, references, tutorials and freebies released or published online over the last month. Below you'll find a list of useful resources you shouldn't have missed in January 2007. Links checked: July/04 2008.


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