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Smashing Free Font and WordPress-Theme

As our Smashing First Anniversary celebration ends, we'd like to wrap up our event with two further presents for each and every one of our readers. In August we've asked Jos Buivenga, a Dutch typo-designer who has created profesional freefonts such as Delicious to design a special typeface dedicated to the Smashing Magazine First Anniversary. Jos has agreed to get a "smashing" freefont done just in time. We've also asked Elena Gafita from the DesignDisease team — well-known for its professional Wordpress themes such as Blogging Pro — to design a special Wordpress-Theme dedicated to our anniversary. Despite deadlines Elena agreed and promised to get a "smashing" Wordpress-Theme done just in time.


Smashing Theme

Smashing Theme

Both free typeface and Wordpress theme were done in time. And we're honoured to give both of them away - for you and for free. Thanks to Jos and Elena for participation! Read more...

Free Fonts of the Month: FF Good, Segoe UI

Every now and again we take a look around, select "fresh" high-quality free fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually the time you should be investing in your current projects. We search for them and we find them, so you don't have too.

Segoe UI
Segoe UI

This month we've found two of them - FF Good and LTR Datamine Segoe UI. It's not quite clear if one is legally allowed to use Segoe UI, which is also presented below. Please read the license agreement carefully - it can change from time to time.


80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design

You don't like to scroll? Be prepared. (We warned you.)

Every now and again designers stumble upon the very same problem: the choice of a unique and beautiful typeface which manages to fulfill three basic tasks. Support the corporate identity, enrich the visual appearance and is compatible with the overall design. However, usually there are simply too many options you can consider, which is why you need time to find the option you are most comfortable with. Although the choice usually depends on clients' requirements, it is necessary to have some pretty starting points for your font decision.

FF Kievit

So which typefaces are "bulletproof"? What fonts can be used effectively in almost every Corporate Design? And what are the options for unique, but still incredibly beautiful typefaces?

We have answers. Over the last few days we've browsed through dozens of type foundries, read dozens of designers' articles about typography, analyzed font rankings and visited bookmarked font-related suggestions. So this post has 'em all. Well, OK, at least many of them.

Let's take a look at over 80 gorgeous typefaces for professional design, based upon suggestions from designers and web-developers all over the world. Most screenshots are taken from the foundries and provided specimens - particularly on and


7 Brilliant Free Fonts: Faceplate, Sling, Cicle

Every month we take a look around, browse through dozens of fonts collections and select most irresistible typefaces released recently. We collect most beautiful high quality freeware fonts, which can be used for private and/or professional projects without any restrictions whatsoever. If you've tried to find them once, you know how time-consuming the search can be. Indeed, these beauties can be quite hard to find, but the search is definitely worth it. We search for them. So you don't have to.

Fresh Free Fonts - Cicle Font |

Let's take a look at 7 free high quality fonts we've come across over the last 30 days.


Free Fonts Cheat Sheet

We all love high quality typefaces, particularly those available for free download: as provided by typo-designers or typo-foundries. Over the last months we've collected over 50 of them and presented them in our Free Fonts Section, which is being updated on a regular basis. So if you haven't downloaded these fonts yet, you probably should take a look at them right now.

However, 50 fonts are pretty much, so it would be nice to have some kind of quick reference for the best of them - to have them printed out and browse through them once you need to decide which font to use. Therefore we've decided to create a Free Font Cheat Sheet, which is basically a list of examples, which demonstrate, how the best high quality freefonts can be used for body copy.


Free Fonts of the Month: Geo Sans, OT Versa, Diavlo

We continue to collect most beautiful high quality freefonts, which can be used for both private and professional projects without any restrictions whatsoever. They are hard to find, but the search is definitely worth it.

Free Font - Mank Sans

Over the last 30 days we've managed to find few oldies such as famous Geo Sans and Mank Sans by Manfred Klein, but also some newbies such as Jos Buivenga's Diavlo. You might also be interested in further free fonts we've presented recently. Before using the font, don't forget to read the legal agreement carefully. They change from time to time.

If you like this series of articles, please spread the word, so that 1) we know you are interested; 2) many designers as possible can improve the quality of typography on their web-sites.


5 More Free Fonts: Chúcara, Preface, Colaborate

High quality freefonts are always nice to have, but usually they are extremely hard to find. Usually it requires much time and patience to get a lead on some gorgeous typofaces out there. Every week we take a close look around, visit dozens of typography-related sites, check out the latest updates and choose the best free fonts, which have been released or appeared over the last few weeks. And all the fonts we find are getting published immediately, here on Smashing Magazine. So what did we find this week?


Free Font of the Week: Romeral

Free high-quality fonts are extremely hard to find, but sometimes the time you've invested in the search is definitely worth the result you've got. A new freefont, designed by Juan Pablo De Gregorio, should belong to the collection of every professional web-designer: aside from optimal legibility, Romeral offers elegant style, rounded forms and clear geometric structure of its letters.


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