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The Smashing Cartoons (Archive)


Cartoon #39: Web Battle

Smashing Cartoon #39

Cartoon #38: Designer’s Conscience

Smashing Cartoon #38

Cartoon #37: Modern Jobs

Smashing Cartoon #37

Cartoon #36: Back to work

Smashing Cartoon #36

Cartoon #35: Happy New Year

Smashing Cartoon #35

Cartoon #34: Wishes

Smashing Cartoon #34

Cartoon #33: The Beatles

Smashing Cartoon #33

Cartoon #32: iPhone 4, White

Smashing Cartoon #32

Cartoon #31: Cookies

Smashing Cartoon #31

Cartoon #30: Children

Smashing Cartoon #30

Cartoon #29: Search III

Smashing Cartoon #29

Cartoon #28: Search II

Smashing Cartoon #28

Cartoon #27: Search

Smashing Cartoon #27

Cartoon #26: New Experiences

Smashing Cartoon #26

Cartoon #25: Evolution (Some Things Never Change)

Smashing Cartoon #25

Cartoon #24: Food Delivery

Smashing Cartoon #24

Cartoon #23: Ping Without Pong

Smashing Cartoon #23

Cartoon #22: Open Standard Live Streaming

Smashing Cartoon #22

Cartoon #21: Face and Places

Smashing Cartoon #21

Cartoon #20: The Smashing Cartoons

Smashing Cartoon #20

Cartoon #19: Forbidden Apps

Smashing Cartoon #19

Cartoon #18: Twitter Birds II

Smashing Cartoon #18

Cartoon #17: Twitter Birds

Smashing Cartoon #17

Cartoon #16: Crime Scene

Smashing Cartoon #16

Cartoon #15: Hell’s Meeting

Smashing Cartoon #15

Cartoon #14b: Summer Holiday

Smashing Cartoon #14

Cartoon #14: Summer Holiday

Smashing Cartoon #13

Cartoon #13: How To Choose a Smartphone

Smashing Cartoon #12

Cartoon #12: Comments

Smashing Cartoon #12

Cartoon #11: The Flash Guy

Smashing Cartoon #11

Cartoon #10: Adobe vs. Apple

Smashing Cartoon #10

Cartoon #9: Jessica Talk Show (Cont.)

Smashing Cartoon #9

Cartoon #8: Jessica Talk Show

Smashing Cartoon #8

Cartoon #7: Smashing Team and Ricardo Gimenes

Smashing Cartoon #7

Cartoon #6: The Intern

Smashing Cartoon #6

Cartoon #5: The Intern

Smashing Cartoon #5

Cartoon #4: How to make money from iPad

Smashing Cartoon #4

Cartoon #3: iPhone OS 4

Smashing Cartoon #3

Cartoon #2: iPad

Smashing Cartoon #2

Cartoon #1

Smashing Cartoon #1


Smashing Pilot

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  1. 1

    I loved your work! So criative and, of course, I would love to win my caricature!
    I want, I want, I want ;-))

  2. 152

    Cartoons Very funny and very smart! Congratulations…

  3. 303

    I REALLY would like to be caricaturized by @behindcadi and @smashingmag

    Great job!

  4. 454

    Congratulations, very good!

  5. 605

    Adorei o trabalho de vocês, as caricaturas são incríveis e o humor ótimo !
    Já estou seguindo vocês no twitter e vou acompanhar sempre os cartoons =)
    Já tinha visto o trabalho do Ricardo Gimenes no layout do twitter do marcelotas e me encantei !
    Adoraria de ser caricaturada por vocês, quero muito.

    beijos, sucesso.

  6. 756

    Nice one ;-)

  7. 907

    funny, creative, intelligent and clean…. awesome !

  8. 1058

    Nice cartoons, this so creative! Congrats!

  9. 1209

    Hey, Ricardo Gimenes, Nice Job man.!!
    I’m, Brazilian so..” Bom trabalho”!

  10. 1360

    Sooo good !

  11. 1511

    Haha! I seriously love this section.

  12. 1662

    It’s really awesome
    so creative with the different concept
    i love it

    Thank you so much to share with us this kind of creativity to us which gives inspiration to develop such creative stuff always

  13. 1813

    Ramesh Vishwakarma

    May 5, 2010 10:37 pm

    hey… ! really nice….awesome.

  14. 1964

    carolina french

    May 6, 2010 8:17 am

    quero a minha caricatura tb!!

  15. 2115

    Great, very nice and funny comics!

  16. 2266

    Nice graphics..great job guys.

  17. 2417

    oh man, this keeps getting worse and worse…..
    but hey you can’t say anything negative, because the ego of the “artists” gets hurt….

  18. 2870

    Nice graphics but not funny at all.

  19. 3021

    Maybe for those of us “on the outside” of these inside jokes you should include liner notes, or even a blog entry, about the topic that the cartoon is trying to make a satire out of. It could be an interesting way of creative a productive conversation and discourse about topics in web development, or just a way for your readers to be in on the joke. I personally don’t get the “Jessica Talk Show” one with the Cat snatching the twitter bird away at all. :(… I don’t like being on the outside.

  20. 3172

    so funny , i like it

  21. 3323

    piracy makes poor people happy, the blue bird makes a poor cat happy. You are very positive!

  22. 3474

    just gr8. the ipad one is awsome! good job! keep them coming!!

  23. 3625

    I don’t get the Jessica strip. Is the punchline just the fact that the Twitter bird gets eaten by the cat and it didn’t have time to say anything?

    • 3776

      Lay off, they’re web developers, not comedians

      • 3927


        While that is a good point, surely these are supposed to be comedy? And so should be reviewed as such. If web developers don’t want criticism of their comedy – good or bad – they should stick to web developing, and avoid cartoons.

        • 4078

          “they should stick to web developing, and avoid cartoons” – KAPOWWW –
          Thanks for clarifying Thor’s point.

  24. 4229

    This is how i see the twitter comic, same as how myspace was eaten by facebook that’s how twitter will be eaten by something else. Stuff comes and goes, nothing lasts forever. That’s why the “…next” in the last slide is there…

    I might be wrong, but that’s what i think the creator had in mind when he created this comic.

  25. 4682

    Cartoon #8: Jessica Talk Show
    BONJOUR !!!!!!!!! because in french ?

    I like your work :)

  26. 4833

    Rolando Peralta

    May 12, 2010 9:18 am

    LOL! fantastic, Ricardo Gimenes is amazing. This is the perfect combination with SM!
    I love this cartoon now and waiting to see more!!

  27. 4984

    Nice and funny., clean cartoon. personally I like it, even there’s some pictures I don’t understand, strangely the cartoons made me feel comfortable to be in this site., what software you’re using to draw it Ricardo?


  28. 5286

    from JORDAN, Awesome

  29. 5437

    Great…..very good. Thanks…

  30. 5588

    More Busty Blonde cartoons!

  31. 5739

    Where are their arms?! OMG! Other than that, they’re pretty good =)

  32. 5890

    Pretty funny… LOL :)

  33. 6041

    Please, make a animated version of this Cartoons!

    It’d be so cool! :-D

    • 6192

      I can’t agree with you more. Ricardo is the best artist with the funniest sense of humor x-) Keep going, Ric… You are the best!!

  34. 6343

    Prossssssto……………o4en krutoi!

  35. 6494

    they’d be better with arms. i know artist like to add their “thing” that sets them apart, “oh, that’s the guy that draws characters without arms”, but it just doesn’t work. the boobs on the boss lady look like her missing arms are crossed most of the times. just always include the arms and it’ll be much better, trust me brother :)

  36. 6645


    You’ve got extreme skill man! You can make a guide – how to draw so awesome characters and comics – I would like to learn it :)

    Your fan,

  37. 6796

    funny, creative and full of great illustration skills.


  38. 6947

    Really funny and very cool 8)

  39. 7098

    So funny :D

  40. 7249

    The artist can remain, but whoever is writing these things needs to be replaced.

  41. 7400

    creative with Funny :-)

  42. 7551

    What’s wrong with using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer?

  43. 7853

    Just love it ;)

  44. 8004

    Raicho Nikolov

    May 23, 2010 1:53 pm

    It will be good to put every picture on a separate page. Thus people can comment every single cartoon and also will be easier to share a specific cartoon via Facebook or Twitter.

  45. 8306

    Michael Hendrickx

    May 24, 2010 9:38 am

    Awesome, I love them!

  46. 8457

    Excellent & so funny!!! :-))

  47. 8608

    Cool Comic Stuff. Great Smashing :)

  48. 8759

    i like how you hide the arms and hand so you dont need to draw them if you dont “need” to draw them, NOT. thats pretty lazy and it doesnt look good. plus i dont think these are very funny at all

  49. 8910

    hahahah they are all really funny and hats off to those who did all of em :)

    thanks for sharing :D

  50. 9061

    do you get money from apple for these cartoons? ]> (

    • 9212

      yes, i´m sure they get some grants for this…bad publicity is better than no publicity.


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