Warning and Danger Signs Part 3

This gallery presents the collection of photos submitted for the World Of Signage Photo Contest1 by the readers of Smashing Magazine. We received over 2,500+ photos from our readers across the globe, and present a selection of the most interesting photos in the overview below.

The topic of this gallery is Warning and Danger signs, signs that grab the attention of bystanders and alert them to any dangers ahead with their explicit content. Please notice: each photo has a certain license, provided in the description of the photo. Before using the images for private or commercial projects, make sure that the license allows you to do so. Also, you can click on the photos for a larger preview.

Please feel free to take a look at other submissions as well (links to other galleries are listed in the end of this gallery).

Warning / Danger signs

Iceland hot spring area

Iceland hot spring area [ large preview2 ]
"Warning sign that you are entering a geothermal area in Hveragerthi in Icleand." Photo taken by Caroline Baumann3 from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - iceland-hot-spring-area4

Icelandic sign hot water

Icelandic sign hot water [ large preview5 ]
"A warning sign showing the temperature of the subterranean water." Photo taken by Alexander Clemm6 from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - icelandic-sign-hot-water7

Safety First Signage

Safety First Signage [ large preview8 ]
"A contruction site ad posing with couple on the pool with safety first warning on the side and foot bridge above, the humor is as if the sign pertains to something that safety first should observed." Photo taken by Rocky B Gonzales9 from Philippines.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - safety-first-signage10

Beware of Falling Durian

Beware of Falling Durian [ large preview11 ]
"Durian is an exotic fruit that is known for their strong foul smell but delicious meat. It is grown in abundance in the Southern provinces of the Philippines. This signage was snapped during a trip at a Durian garden in Polomolok, South Cotabato. It’s not often that you’ll see such an unusual warning." Photo taken by Sheila Espanol12 from Philippines.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - beware-of-falling-durian13


End [ large preview14 ]
"A nice looking warning in Hong Kong about the end of a pedestrian zone." Licensed: Free use, just give me credit. Photo taken by John Mertens15 from USA.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - end16

No Durians! We Are Watching You.

No Durians! We Are Watching You. [ large preview17 ]
"Various warning signs inside Singapore’s train stations." Photo taken by Henry Soon18 from Singapore.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - no-durians-we-are-watching-you19

Jersey Harbour warning

Jersey Harbour warning [ large preview20 ]
"Jersey Corbiere Lighthouse causeway warning." Photo taken by Greg Bray21 from United Kingdom.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - jersey-harbour-warning22

Signage poison NYC

Signage poison NYC [ large preview23 ]
"Warning sign in a back alley in NYC, I think somewhere in Williamsburg." Licensed: © Sebastian Schöndorfer 2009. Photo taken by Sebastian Schöndorfer24 from Austria.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - signage-poison-nyc25

Deadly sea creatures

Deadly sea creatures [ large preview26 ]
"The “street” signs warning against deadly sea creatures can be found along the Okinawan’s (Japan) coastline. Obviously there is no swimming zone." Licensed: Photo was taken by myself. Photo taken by Piotr Domowicz27 from Poland.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - deadly-sea-creatures28

Vorsicht steilkante

Vorsicht steilkante [ large preview29 ]
"Handmade warning sign, photographed on juist, october 2005." Photo taken by Christoph Ellermann30 from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - vorsicht-steilkante31

Warning Signage

Warning Signage [ large preview32 ]
"Machinery warning sign." Photo taken by Kenneth Gerson33 from Canada.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - warning-signage34

Do Not Block

Do Not Block [ large preview35 ]
"Warning sign on a garage door in The Netherlands." Photo taken by Tammi Floccare36 from USA.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - do-not-block37


Trippin [ large preview38 ]
"Look at that amazingly dynamic figure. It gets your attention more than most other warning signs." Licensed: All Rights Reserved. Photo taken by Stephanie King39 from USA.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - trippin40

No Escape

No Escape [ large preview41 ]
"University for the Creative Arts at Farnham Public safety sign in Building." Photo taken by Navaneethan Shan from UK.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - no-escape42

Risk of Drowning in Spaghetti

Risk of Drowning in Spaghetti [ large preview43 ]
"Risk of Drowning, River Thames, London." Licensed: cc by-nd. Photo taken by Daniel Izod44 from England.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - risk-of-drowning-in-spaghetti45

Stop! Deep water ahead

Stop! Deep water ahead [ large preview46 ]
"The signage on the left advise visitors to use a proper entrance to access the reservoir. The signage on the right inform visitors about activities that are not permitted at the reservoir." Licensed: All rights reserved. Photo taken by Mo Zhuang Ze47 from Singapore.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - stop-deep-water-ahead48


FIRE!! [ large preview49 ]
"On the way towards ending our trip to Croatia the drive took us through a great deal of valleys and hills, all prone to drought and fire in the summer months, this sign just before a beautiful bay opening up to the adriatic caught my eye, almost as much as the sea itself." Photo taken by Mike Drummond50 from United Kingdom.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - fire51

Monsoon Morning

Monsoon Morning [ large preview52 ]
"Taken today around 8am from tube station." Licensed: Free. Photo taken by Yatrik Vyas53 from United Kingdom.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - monsoon-morning54

No Racing By Horse Drawn Vehicles

No Racing By Horse Drawn Vehicles [ large preview55 ]
"An unusual and confusing road sign near Worthing, UK on the A27 duel carriageway." Photo taken by Rebecca Harris56 from UK.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - no-racing-by-horse-drawn-vehicles57

Mind your step signage

Mind your step signage [ large preview58 ]
"Instead of watch yoour step, it says to mind it." Photo taken by Heya Basu59 from India.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - mind-your-step-signage60

Bike sign

Bike sign [ large preview61 ]
"Bike Sign." Photo taken by Anselm Christophersen62 from Denmark.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - bike-sign63

Dizin slope

Dizin slope [ large preview64 ]
"Dizin Slope of ski in the spring." Licensed: © Payam Hamzei. Photo taken by Payam Hamzei65 from Iran.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - dizin-slope66

Maxima 40

Maxima 40 [ large preview67 ]
"Max speed sign covered by snow." Licensed: Creative Commons Attribution. Photo taken by Pablo Perez68 from Argentina.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - maxima-4069

Winter Memories

Winter Memories [ large preview70 ]
"I just thought the sign of awinter ice sign on a day that was over 30C made you think of the coming winter." Photo taken by Walter E Pfefferle71 from Canada.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - winter-memories72

Mine field hrvatska

Mine field hrvatska [ large preview73 ]
"Driving by a mine field in 2006 in hrvatska." Photo taken by Albert Augustin74 from Germany.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - mine-field-hrvatska75

I bite

I bite [ large preview76 ]
"Taken at the shark tank exhibit in the Sydney Aquarium." Licensed: Full Copyright. Photo taken by Arthur Heng77 from Taiwan.

Wayfinding and Typographic Signs - i-bite78

Thank you!

Thanks to all participants for taking their time for preparing and sending submissions for the contest and creating a unique and diversified gallery presented above. We truly appreciate and respect your efforts and your time, folks!

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Katrín Svana Eyþórsdóttir is a media artist and designer from Iceland. You can follow her on twitter.

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