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Work-Life Balance: Tips From The Community

by Ricky Onsman

How do you get the most out of both your career and your personal life? We asked the community to share their tips and advice on achieving a healthy work-life balance, and this is what they had to say.

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Karolina Szczur, the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Karolina Szczur is a front-end wizard who wears many hats at a given day. For years, she's been specializing in design systems, holistic design and building efficient, happy teams. Karolina (@fox on Twitter) is dedicated in spending her free time in making a positive change in our industry by speaking, mentoring, organizing community events and fiercely striving to push the inclusivity forward. Currently residing in Melbourne, Victoria, Karolina is working on product and performance at Calibre. She also has a cat. Thanks for challenging the status quo, Karolina!

Monica Dinculescu

Tiny Care Terminal

A little dashboard that takes care of you when you’re using your terminal? Yes please! Tiny Care Terminal reminds you about taking breaks, drinking water and looking outside. It also shows your git commits from the past 7 days.

Russ Weakley

CSS Slide Decks

CSS. A fantastic resource for learning the ins and outs of Cascading Style Sheets comes from Russ Weakley: 24 CSS slide decks explaining everything from the very basics to pseudo classes and positioning. HTML and accessibiliy slide decks will follow soon.

Jon Yablonski

Laws Of UX

Fitt’s Law, Hick’s Law, the Serial Position Effect. Do you know what’s behind the names? If not, Laws Of UX has got your back. The site explains the ten key maxims that designers should consider when building user interfaces. You can also print them out as posters and hang them on your office wall.

Marcy Sutton

Lint The Web Forward

A narwhal that helps you build better websites? Of course! Meet Sonarwhal, a new linting tool which integrates other tools and services, e.g. aXe for accessibility, SSL Server Test for certificate configuration, and more.

Jen Simmons

Easy Layouts With CSS Grid

Do you have difficulties grasping the difference between “implicit” and “explicit” in CSS Grid? Jen Simmons explains the concept and shows you how to do a common responsive image gallery in just two lines and with zero media queries.

Design Systems

Is your pattern library up to date today? Alla Kholmatova has just finished a fully fledged book on Design Systems and how to get them right. With common traps, gotchas and the lessons she learned. Hardcover, eBook. Just sayin'.

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