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Handling Unused CSS In Sass To Improve Performance

by Luke Harrison

Do you know the impact unused CSS has on performance? Spoiler: It’s a lot! In this article, we’ll explore a Sass-oriented solution for dealing with unused CSS, avoiding the need for complicated Node.js dependencies involving headless browsers, and …

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Inspired Design Decisions: Ernest Journal

by Andrew Clarke

In this third instalment of Inspired Design Decisions, Andy Clarke will teach you how to use frameworks to create layouts as engaging as in the well-known Ernest Journal. All it takes is an understanding of layout design and imagination.

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Writing Modes And CSS Layout

by Rachel Andrew

An understanding of CSS Writing Modes is useful if you want to work with vertical scripts, or change writing mode for creative reasons. However, they also underpin our new layout methods, and those ideas are increasingly being applied across all of …

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Which Is Best: A Loyalty Program PWA Or Mobile App?

by Suzanne Scacca

Customers’ loyalty does not come for free. While it would be nice if they were satisfied with a high-quality product with some extra bells-and-whistles thrown in, sometimes what’s needed to seal the deal is a rewards system. But when a client asks …

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Making Peace With The Feast Or Famine Of Freelancing

by Liz Elcoate

The feast or famine merry-go-round of freelancing can certainly be damaging to our bank accounts but more importantly it can deeply affect our self worth and mental health. I’ve learnt some strategies the hard way this year to combat the quiet times.

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