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JAMstack Fundamentals: What, What And How

by Vitaly Friedman

The web is wonderfully diverse and unpredictable because of wonderfully diverse people shaping it. In this new series of short interviews, we talk to interesting people doing interesting work in our industry and sharing what they’ve learned.

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Building A Component Library Using Figma

by Emiliano Cicero

Figma has become a very popular tool for web and product designers, mainly because of its focus on design teams and team libraries. This article aims to help you avoid mistakes and assist you with the building of your own Figma component library.

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New on Smashing TV

A channel where seasoned developers show how they design, build, work and play. Coming up next: Designing Landing Pages That Convert (And Look Great!) with Laura Elizabeth (Jun 27).

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SmashingConf Toronto 2019

Improving accessibility and front-end workflow, refactoring, security, interface design patterns, CSS Grid techniques, performance, Git and how to write better JavaScript.

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Jules Forrest, the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Jules Forrest is a senior product designer leading design systems at Credit Karma. She focuses on creating internal tools that help teams ship high-quality and accessible products. Jules also built Women Who Design, a directory of accomplished women in the design industry. Outside of work, she likes experimenting with CSS Grid on CodePen. Thank you for sharing and caring, dear Jules!

The State Of CSS 2019

Having surveyed over 10,000 developers, the first ever State Of CSS report is here with interesting insights into the current state of CSS, the tools which are being used, and the techniques which are gaining adoption.

Featured Smashing Book

Design Systems

Meet Design Systems, a recent Smashing book in which Alla Kholmatova explores how to set up an effective design system to create great digital products. With common traps, gotchas and lessons learned.

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Design Systems, a new Smashing book