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Optimizing Performance With Resource Hints

by Drew McLellan

Many performance optimizations can be made when we can predict what users might do before they actually do it. Resource Hints are a simple but effective way that web developers can help the browser to stay one step ahead of the user and keep pages …

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Design At Scale: One Year With Figma

by Paul Hanaoka

Whether you’re a designer or developer, it can be challenging to stay current in this fast-paced world where it feels like new tools are Product Hunted on a weekly basis. If you’re working in a larger team, and especially if you’re working in an …

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Privacy UX: Better Cookie Consent Experiences

by Vitaly Friedman

This series of articles is about privacy-related design patterns. We’ll be exploring some of the respectful ways to approach privacy and data collection, and how to deal with those notorious cookie consent prompts, intrusive push notifications, …

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Understanding Subresource Integrity

by Drew McLellan

Every bit of JavaScript you add to a site is a potential way in for a hacker. This is doubly true if that JavaScript is hosted by someone else, such as on a public CDN. Subresource Integrity is a browser feature you can use to make sure that the code …

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Chris Eppstein, the person of the week

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Chris Eppstein is a Senior Staff Engineer at Linkedin where he makes tools for authoring stylesheets. He’s the creator of the stylesheet authoring framework Compass and on the core team of Sass. Passionate about open source, Chris actively contributes to the many open-source projects he uses himself and maintains some lesser known ruby libraries and rails plugins. Thank you for sharing and caring, dear Chris!

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