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All Things Smashing: Monthly Update

by Iris Lješnjanin

With so much going on, we’ve made it our mission to help you stay on top of things. Of course, you can follow us on social media and subscribe to our RSS feed, but it’s nice to have an overview of the most important things in one place.

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Smashing Cat brewing a fresh, tasty cappuccino.

1,651 smashing members

A friendly community that keeps this website alive. With books, webinars, discounts and networking — for just 1 coffee a month. Join the family.

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Smashing Cat filming for Smashing TV.

New on Smashing TV

A channel where seasoned developers show how they design, build, work and play. Coming up next: TypeScript For Smashing People with Stefan Baumgartner (Jan 29).

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Just released

Meet “Inclusive Components”:
Accessible Front-End Patterns.

Our new practical book on building accessible and robust interfaces. From accordions and buttons to modals and tables. With bulletproof code samples. Written by Heydon Pickering.

Learn more about the book → A Smashing Cat peeking behind the Inclusive Components cover.

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Person Of The Week

Divya Sasidharan is a web developer who is passionate about all things Open Source. She has been spending most of her time on the front end of things and has come to appreciate the quirks of JavaScript and its frameworks. Convinced that there is a better workflow for building and deploying sites that doesn’t require a server, she is currently a developer experience engineer at Netlify where she speaks and writes about the JAMstack architecture. You can find her on Twitter as @shortdiv. Thank you for everything you do for the web community, dear Divya!

Featured Smashing Book

Design Systems

Meet Design Systems, a recent Smashing book in which Alla Kholmatova explores how to set up an effective design system to create great digital products. With common traps, gotchas and lessons learned.

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Design Systems, a new Smashing book