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Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout

by Rachel Andrew

In some ways, we are all still so new to CSS Grid Layout. A lot of folks keep asking about best practices that are available out there. Rachel Andrew ran a survey and shares the results as well as her thoughts in this article.

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SmashingConf Toronto 2018

Live sessions exploring how experts design, build, debug and think. With Dan Mall, Lea Verou, Sara Soueidan, Seb Lee-Delisle etc. A different kind of conference. It doesn’t get more practical than that.

Explore all speakers and topics → Welcome SmashingConf #noslides, a brand new conference in Toronto, full of <strong>interactive live sessions</strong>, showing how web designers design and how web developers build — including setup, workflow, design thinking, naming conventions and everything in-between.

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Val Head the person of the week

Person Of The Week

Val Head has been moving things around for quite some time. Over the decade, she’s been writing, speaking and teaching about motion and web animation and how to apply them properly in user interfaces. Val is the author of Designing Interface Animation and she curates the UI Animation Newsletter. Val currently works as a design advocate at Adobe, and she goes by @vlh on Twitter. Thanks for keeping the web in motion, dear Val — your efforts are much appreciated!

Lukas Bischoff

Paul Slab, A Free Slab Serif

Everybody loves a good font freebie, right? Paul Slab is a fresh and minimalist slab serif that works well as a display font just like for body copy. It can be used for free in personal projects.

Ben Schwarz

Introducing Calibre CLI

Calibre is known for making it easy to identify performance bottlenecks. Now its new command line interface Calibre CLI makes improving and automating performance monitoring even more straightforward. Ben Schwarz wrote up in detail what CLI can do for you.

Design Systems

Is your pattern library up to date today? Alla Kholmatova has just finished a fully fledged book on Design Systems and how to get them right. With common traps, gotchas and the lessons she learned. Hardcover, eBook. Just sayin'.

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