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Developer’s Alarm: 200+ Hotkeys To Boost Your Productivity


There is nothing more valuable than the time we need to get things done. Over a long period of time time-saving techniques and solutions can turn out to be real life-savers. The more you use them, the more essential they become. Besides, using them in your favourite software applications, you can drastically increase your productivity, enhance your time-managment and improve both your professional skills and the quality of your work.

One of such time-saving features are Hotkeys (or keyboard shortcuts), which offer a powerful tool to get the result instantly – with a single keys combination. We’ve collected the most useful of them – for the most popular applications out there. Some shortcuts are trivial and well-known, but hopefully not all of them.

This post covers the most useful keyboard shortcuts for essential software applications users and web-developers can/should use on a daily basis – OS, Browsers, Music Players, Communication Tools, File Management and Coding. You will also find references to related resources – there you’ll find more specific shortcuts for your needs.

Please note… Link

  • Please note that a global hotkey can be used only by one application at a time. Some defined hotkeys might not work properly used with different active application windows.
  • Mac OS users should use Cmd instead of Ctrl and Option instead of Alt.
  • You can find a .pdf-version of this post in the article PDF: Five Smashing Wisdom Treasures.
  • The second part will cover graphics and design. You can subscribe to our RSS-feed1 to keep updated about our next posts. Stay tuned.
Developer's Alarm: 200+ Hotkeys To Boost Your Productivity

Windows & Windows-Applications Link

Windows Logo
1 Switches between minimizing all open programs and showing them all. Win + D
2 Opens the Run Window Win + R
3 Open System Properties Win + Break/Pause
4 Copy the selected item CTRL while dragging an item
5 Select / highlight a block of text CTRL+SHIFT with arrow key
6 Browse through windows in the order that they had been opened Alt + Esc
7 Copy the file CTRL + C
8 Paste the file CTRL + V
9 Cut the file CTRL + X
10 Undo CTRL + Z
11 Reverse last Undo action if possible CTRL + Y
12 Open Utility Manager Win + U
13 Open Windows Exporer Win + E
14 Open Context Menu Shift + F10
15 Navigate tabs on a tabbed screen Ctrl + Tab

Browsers: Firefox & Co. (Eng version) Link

Firefox Logo
16 Remove CSS styles Alt + V + Y + N (or CTRL + Shift + S with Web Developer’s Toolbar)
17 Restore CSS styles Alt + V + Y + B
18 View the source code Ctrl + U
19 View the source code of a selected code fragment Select the section, Shift + F10 and select “Show source code”
20 Start DOM Inspector Ctrl + Shift + I
21 Start Firebug F12
22 Add bookmarks Ctrl + D
23 Bookmarks Ctrl + B
24 History Ctrl + H
25 Reopen Previously Closed Tab CTRL+SHIFT+T
26 Bookmark all tabs CTRL+SHIFT+D
27 Back Alt + Left Arrow
28 Forward Alt + Right Arrow
29 Go one page back in your history Backspace
30 Add a keyword to a bookmark Go to your bookmarks much faster by giving them keywords. Right-click the bookmark and then select Properties. Put a short keyword in the keyword field, save it, and now you can type that keyword in the address bar and it will go to that bookmark. [Add Shortcuts4]
31 Jump to Address Bar Ctrl + L or F6
32 Go To Homepage Alt + Home
33 Decrease Text Size Ctrl + –
34 Increase Text Size Ctrl + +
35 Go To Homepage Alt + Home
36 Quick Search /
37 Jump to Search Bar Ctrl + K
38 Navigate in the tab history ALT + Left Arrow (back), ALT + Right Arrow (forward)
39 Open New Tab Ctrl + T (keyboard), Double Click on Tab Bar (mouse)
40 Close Current Tab Ctrl + W (keyboard), Middle Click on Tab (mouse)
41 Jump To Next Tab Ctrl + Page up or CTRL + Tab
42 Jump To Previous Tab Ctrl + Page Dn or Ctrl + Shift + Tab
43 Open link in a new tab Ctrl + Left mouse click
43 Select a Tab Ctrl + [1 – 9]
45 Move to a next link Tab
46 Move to a previous link Shift + Tab
47 Display all previous text entered in a text box and/or available options on drop down menu. Alt + Down arrow

Browsers: Internet Explorer 7 Link

Internet Explorer 7
48 Open link in new background tab CTRL+left mouse button or middle mouse button
49 Open link in new foreground tab CTRL+SHIFT+left mouse button or CTRL+SHIFT+middle mouse button
50 Open Quick Tab View CTRL+Q
51 View list of opened tabs CTRL+SHIFT+Q
52 Select the Address bar Alt + D
53 Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in new tab Alt + Enter
54 Jump to Search Bar Ctrl + E
55 Open New Tab Ctrl + T (keyboard), Double Click on Tab Bar (mouse)
56 Close Current Tab Ctrl + W (keyboard), Middle Click on Tab (mouse)
57 Jump To Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
58 Jump To Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
59 Select a Tab Ctrl + [1 – 9]
60 Open feeds CTRL+J
61 Move to a next link Tab
62 Move to a previous link Shift + Tab

Music Player: Winamp Link

Winamp Logo

To enable Winamp Global Hotkeys select the option Main Windows -> Options > Preferences > Global Hotkeys. You can define your personal hotkeys.

63 Turn volume up CTRL + ALT + Arrow up
64 Turn volume down CTRL + ALT + Arrow down
65 Play, Restart or Unpause Winamp window: x
66 Pause CTRL + ALT + Home (Winamp window: c)
67 Play CTRL + ALT + Insert (Winamp window: x)
68 Stop CTRL + ALT + End (Winamp window: v)
69 Previous track CTRL + ALT + PgUp (Winamp window: z)
70 Next track CTRL + ALT + PgDn (Winamp window: b)
71 Rewind 5 seconds CTRL + ALT + Arrow Left (Winamp window: Arrow Left)
72 Fast Forward 5 seconds CTRL + ALT + Arrow Right (Winamp window: Arrow Right)
73 Toggle repeat r
74 Toggle shuffle s
75 Add file l
76 Add directory Shift + l
77 Randomize playlist CTRL + Shift + r
  • You can use further Winamp shortcuts:
    Winamp Global Hotkeys
  • Control iTunes using keyboard shortcuts: Hotkeys for iTunes
  • Control Last.FM using keyboard shortcuts: Autohotkey Script for Last.FM

Communication: Thunderbird Link

Thunderbird Logo
78 Go to next message F
79 Go to next unread message N
80 Go to previous unread message B
81 Increase text size Ctrl + +
82 Decrease text size CTRL + –
83 Mark message as Read/Unread M
84 Mark as junk J
85 Mark as not junk SHIFT + J
86 View message source CTRL + U
87 Compose a new message CTRL + M, CTRL + N, Cmd + Shift + M (Mac)
88 Reply to a message Ctrl + R
89 Get new message for current account CTRL+T
90 Get new messages for all accounts CTRL+SHIFT+T
91 Open a received message CTRL + O
92 Send a message now CTRL + Enter/Return

Communication: Google Mail Link

Google Mail
93 Compose a new message c, + c allows you to compose a message in a new window.
94 Reply to a message r, + r allows you to reply to a message in a new window.
95 Forward a message f, + f allows you to reply to a message in a new window.
96 Go to inbox g then i
97 Puts your cursor in the search box /
98 Move to the next message n
99 Move to the previous message p
100 Report spam !

File Management: Total Commander Link

Total Commander

101 Activate left menu or deactivate menu F10
102 Compare file lists SHIFT+F2
103 Create new text file and load into editor SHIFT + F4
104 Copy files (with rename) in the same directory SHIFT + F5
105 Rename files in the same directory SHIFT + F6
106 Minimizes Total Commander to an icon SHIFT + Esc
107 Go to previous/next dir of already visited dirs ALT+left/right
108 Open history list of already visited dirs ALT + Arrow Down
109 Select all CTRL+NUM +, CTRL + A
110 Deselect all CTRL+NUM –
111 Change to parent directory (cd ..) CTRL+PgUp or Backspace
112 Jump to the root directory (most European keyboards) CTRL+
113 Jump to the root directory (US keyboard) F7
114 Sort by name CTRL+F3
115 Sort by extension CTRL+F4
116 Sort by date/time CTRL+F5
117 Sort by size CTRL+F6
118 Show all files CTRL+F10
119 Show only programs CTRL + F11
120 Show user defined files CTRL + F12
121 Show file properties ALT+ENTER
122 Directory branch: Show contents of current dir and all subdirs in one list CTRL + B
123 Open directory hotlist (’bookmarks’) CTRL + D
124 Connect to FTP server CTRL + F (Disconnect: CTRL + SHIFT + F)
125 Multi-Rename-Tool CTRL + M
126 Copy current path to cmd line CTRL + P
127 Quick view panel instead of file window CTRL + Q
128 Open new folder tab and activate it CTRL + T (CTRL + SHIFT + T, open new folder, but don’t activate it)
129 Exchange directories CTRL + U
130 Exchange directories and tabs CTRL + SHIFT + U
131 Open dir under cursor in new tab CTRL + Arrow Up
132 Jump to next tab CTRL + TAB
133 Jump to previous tab CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
134 Jump to a file/location CTRL+ALT+Letter(s)
  • Use Global Keys with Windows Explorer:

WordPress Link

Wordpress Logo
135 bold Alt + Shift + B
136 italic Alt + Shift + I
137 blockquote Alt + Shift + Q
138 Unordered list (ul) Alt + Shift + U
139 Ordered list (ol) Alt + Shift + O
140 List Item (li) Alt + Shift + L
141 code Alt + Shift + C
142 ins Alt + Shift + S
143 del Alt + Shift + D
144 link Alt + Shift + A
145 more (Read More tag) Alt + Shift + T
146 Publish an article Alt + Shift + P

Communication: Microsoft Office Outlook Link

Microsoft Outlook Logo
147 Switch to Mail CTRL + 1
148 Switch to Calendar CTRL + 2
149 Switch to Contacts Ctrl + 3
150 Switch to Tasks Ctrl + 4
151 Switch to Notes Ctrl + 5
152 Create an appointment CTRL+SHIFT+A
153 Create a contact CTRL+SHIFT+C
154 Create a journal entry CTRL+SHIFT+J
155 Create a meeting request CTRL+SHIFT+Q
156 Create a message CTRL+SHIFT+M
157 Create a note CTRL+SHIFT+N
158 Create a task CTRL + SHIFT + K
159 Check spelling F7
160 Forward the mail CTRL + F
161 Search the text F4
162 Switch to Inbox CTRL+SHIFT+I
163 Switch to Outbox CTRL+SHIFT+O
164 Send Alt + S
165 Reply to a message Ctrl + SHIFT + R
166 Check for new mail CTRL+M or F9
167 Compose a new message CTRL + N
168 Open a received message CTRL + O
169 Mark as read CTRL + Q
  • You can define your own global hotkeys within Skype: Main Window -> Tools -> Options -> Hotkeys.

Communication: ICQ Link

ICQ Logo
170 Simulate Double Clicking on System Tray CTRL + SHIFT + I
171 Activate and Deactivate User Window CTRL + SHIFT + A
172 Close ICQ Control + Shift + I and then Alt + F4
173 Send a URL to a contact Control + Shift + F6
174 Change status Alt + S + <PgDn>
175 Receive incoming message Control + Shift + I
176 Select a buddy Insert + <Character>

Image Management: ACDSee Viewer Link

ACDSee Logo

177 Decrease the magnification of the current image (zoom out) – (minus sign)
178 Increase the magnification of the current image (zoom in) +
179 Copy the current item to a folder ALT + C
180 Move the current item to a folder ALT + M
181 Rename the current item to a folder ALT + R
182 Show the properties pane Alt + Enter
183 Display or hide the status bar b
184 Display or hide the menu bar Ctrl + Shift + M
185 Open the current image in the default editing application CTRL + E
186 Open the Convert File dialog box CTRL + F
187 Copy the selected portion of an image to the clipboard Ctrl + Insert
188 Open the Rotate/Flip Images dialog box CTRL + J
189 Opens the current image in Edit Mode, and activate the Adjust Exposure tool Ctrl + L
190 Open the current image in Edit Mode, and activate the Resize tool CTRL+R
191 Clear the current selection CTRL+Q
192 Save an image CTRL + S
193 Close the viewer windows CTRL + W
194 Rotate the current image 90-degrees clockwise Ctrl + Alt + <right arrow>
195 Change the image color depth to Black and White Ctrl + Shift + 1
196 Open the batch image processing menu CTRL + Alt + B
197 Opens the current file in the default system application Shift + E

Coding: Ultraedit Link

198 Toggle Word Wrap CTRL + W
199 Insert current time/date F7
200 Find matching brace (,[,{ or },],) CTRL + B
201 Reformat Paragraph CTRL + T
202 Tag list CTRL + F8
203 Convert selected text to lower case CTRL + F5
204 Convert selected text to upper case Alt + F5
205 Invoke the spelling checker CTRL + K
206 Toggle column/block mode ALT + C
207 Set bookmark CTRL + F2
208 Go to next bookmark F2
209 Insert user-defined template Alt+0-9 or Shift+Alt+0-9
210 Scroll up one line keeping cursor in view CTRL + Up
211 Scroll down one line keeping cursor in view CTRL + Down
212 Display function list F8
213 Go to next paragraph Alt + Right
214 Go to previous paragraph Alt + Left

Bookmarklets Link

If you’ve used them once you’ll never be able to work without them. Bookmarklets (or Favelets) are tiny Javascript-Snippets, which are stored within a bookmark and add particular functionalities to the browser you’re using.

We have collected the most useful of them. And listed them in a comprehensive post Bookmarklets, Favelets and Snippets14. You might be willing to check them out.

Footnotes Link

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    Elliott Cross

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    Great list! Helps save me some time, and answered some questions about some of the problems I have been having. Guess I can start getting some of the hotkeys the same for each application now that I use to keep it easier to remember!

    Can we get this in .pdf format? Maybe with one app per page?

    Thanks a ton for all of your useful articles!

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    Great List! I try to use shortcuts whenever possible ( too bad they only work on computers)

    I would also recommend this site

  10. 10

    Some errata and additional tips…

    * Tip 32 and 35 are identical.
    * The info about “ctrl + Page up” / “ctrl + Page dn” for tips 41 and 42 are swapped. Ctrl-pgdn is for skipping to next tab, and vise versa.
    * In Windows, you can hit Win+L to lock the workstation.
    * In Windows, you can hit Win+M to minimize all windows, and Win+Shift+M to restore all windows. This is different from Win+D, which is a toggle between “Show The Desktop” and “Show Open Windows” — the same function you see in the context menu for the task bar.

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    Jennifer Wilson - Agent Solutions

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    WOW…awesome resource. I would also be interested in a PDF if available.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    There are for Fx and IE but no for Opera, weird.

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    Great resource!

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    Using Launchy is great for productivity boost, but never using a mouse ( well, not never ) makes that little extra all the sweeter.

    E. Benus of ERB Tech Blog

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