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Funny and Creative Animated Videos


The new year is just few days away; however, not all parties are planned, not all presents are packed and not all work is done. If you feel under the weather, bored or overwhelmed by the late shopping or working chaos, it’s just the right time to take a short break and get into the right mood.

To help you to achieve just that we’ve collected some excellent, funny and touching animated videos — for you, your colleagues, your friends and your family. You probably have seen some of them, but it doesn’t make them less funnier.

Enjoy the last days of the year 2007. Smashing 2008, folks!

Animated Videos Link

Kiwi! (YouTube) or Kiwi! (Quicktime)
The story of a Kiwi who spends his whole life working towards achieving his dream. Very sad, indeed. But so beautiful, and so touching.

YouTube Video

Scrat-Ice and Scrat-Shine (YouTube)
Scrat, probably the coolest squirrel ever, still doesn’t have any luck.

For The Birds

Pixar — Lifted (MetaCafe)
Pixar’s latest short-film “Lifted”. Apparently, aliens also need to learn how to drive.

Pixar Lifted

Funny Cat Cartoon (YouTube)
You probably shouldn’t show this video to your pets.

YouTube Video

For The Birds – McFly (YouTube)
Morality: Whoever laughs last laughs best.

For The Birds

Bonus Link

What Song Is This? (YouTube)
Can you guess what song is being sung here? It should become apparent at the middle of the video. Hint: don’t read the tags on the YouTube page. They contain spoilers.

YouTube Video

The World’s Most Effective Speed Bump (Gizmodo)
Here’s the perfect way to slow down those doggone kids driving their noisy pocket rockets, invading the neighborhood at high speed without regard to the peace and personal safety of the local inhabitants. Don’t try this at home. Please.

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  1. 1

    Mind blowing :|

  2. 2

    I know what I’m doing as soon I get home from work today… !

  3. 3

    Hahaha Scrat rules, it’s soooo funny :D

  4. 4

    great list, but i can’t believe you guys forgot “Gopher Broke”

  5. 5

    See, now you went and just did it…. I’m now going to be here for the next few hours watching this stupid computer….

  6. 6

    We want more!

  7. 7

    very short and poor list … smashing magazine should stick to what they do best and it’s apparently not covering animation news

  8. 8

    Great list indeed, i’d like to add purple and brown as well.

  9. 9
  10. 10

    thibaud, so why don’t you post something what you think IS funny? Everyone can just say – hey, it’s crap, move along!

  11. 11
  12. 12

    u should see Knick Knack, also made by Disney/Pixar

  13. 13

    Smashing Magazine ~ we smash you with the information that will make your life easier. really.

    unfortunatelly this is one of your posts that do not make my life easier, really…

    but thank you so much for THE GOOD STUFF!!!

  14. 14

    This is great, I love scrat, thanks for posting!

  15. 15

    Nice post!!

    One of my favourites:
    Sigg Jones

    Best Wishes!!!

  16. 16

    thibaud, quit complaining.

  17. 17

    I just have to love “lifted”. I guess, they invented the best user interface ever, over at Pixar ;)

  18. 18

    @andrej… yeah seems they had a stay with microsoft… srry just a geek joke, couldn’t resist ;)

    Well the list is awesome… although “Kiwi” doesn’t fall to funny category ;( man that clip almost made me cry. Thanks smashingmagazine for this little yet wonderful New Years gift.

  19. 19

    Hey guys HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :D Have fun with these vidz. m gonna hit the play button now :)

  20. 20

    Please dont post articles like this anymore, I get enough crap in my RSS feeds.

  21. 21


    scrat is ace, id love to see how they plan these and come up with the ideas. Great stuff.


  22. 22

    John… I doubt smashing publishes articles specifically for you.


  23. 23

    I dunno. I kinda miss the articles of usefulness already.
    While these are fairly amusing, this isn’t what most people come to this site for.

    Please don’t kill me. O_O

  24. 24

    Great to watch this funny animation..

  25. 25

    Those are definitely some of the greats!

  26. 26

    Oh! Amazing simply….!

  27. 27

    it is very interesting subject

  28. 28

    HOW ARE YOU!!!

  29. 29

    yes,very interesting,I like it,my little daughter also like it,hehe


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