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25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots


Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye. For example, while we can see the fly on the wall, our eyes aren’t equipped to make out the fine details of the hairs on it’s face. This is where macro photography comes in. It gives us a glimpse into the world of the very small, which goes largely unnoticed by us as we hurriedly shuffle through our day.

In this edition of our Monday Inspiration series we present 25 beautiful examples of macro photography. A round-up of some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you. You may check out the links at the bottom of this post for further resources on the subject of macro photography.

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25 Beautiful Examples Of Macro Photography Link

Eye of a Tokay Gecko5
“A close-up shot of a Tokay Gecko. Their eyes remind me of old-fashioned keyholes. Thanks for looking!” The photo is taken by Alan M.

Spider macro

La force et la passion6
“She felt her strength and passion back by 1 small drop of water.”. The photo is taken by Leon Baas.

Macro Photography

High-Tech Jumper7
“Jumping spider on a DVD reading my data! Shot with a Canon 20D with a Canon MP-E macro lens.” The photo is taken by Coder.

Spider macro

Bubble Magic8
“Close-up of a wet leaf … taken with a Canon Powershot A610 :)” The photo is taken by Sophie.

Macro Photography

Lasius Vlavius9
“This yellow meadow ant is trying to find a way to dry ground after the rain”. The photo is taken by Leon Baas.

Macro Photography

Flower Detail10
Close-up of a very colorful flower, shot by MeLissa Stolte.

Flower macro

Frog’s eye
Photos are taken by Justin Dotson.

Macro Photography

Dewdrop Refraction11
Taken by Brian Valentine12.

Macro Photography

Water lily13
The photo is taken by Chun-Chih Fan (ddsnet).

Macro Photography

A flower14
The photo is taken by Indah Susanti.

Macro Photography

Another vision
The photo is taken by Kristina Buceatchi.

Macro Photography

A Flower
The photo is taken by Cyril Cattin.

Macro Photography

Igor Siwanowicz15

Macro Photography

Under a microscope

Macro Photography

Crane Fly16
This insect looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie.

Cranefly macro

A flower
The photo is taken by Chan Chen.

Macro Photography

Stunning detail of a spider.

Spider macro

8.365 I saw the sea18
The photo is taken by Lux Tenebra.

Macro Photography

Water & Rose
Beautiful colors.

Water & Rose macro

European hover fly in profile19

Hoverfly macro

Refracted Daisy20
You can see the refracted daisy in the blurred background.

Daisy macro

White Spider21

White Spider macro

Flower in water22
Amazing picture of a flower sitting in water. The reflection almost looks surreal.

Flower in water macro

House fly23
Simply wonderful photo.

House fly macro

Red Veined Darter24
Truly stunning macro of this insect covered in morning dew. Wow!.

Red Veined Darter macro

Resources Link

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Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    amazing pictures.. wonder what kind of lens / Cameras/settings they were using ?

    Hey , this would make a good topic if you can teach Photography novices few awesome tricks with Digital Photography..

  2. 3

    Awesome! =)

    Spiders are ugly! lol

  3. 4

    Crazy! You don’t get to see this kinda of thing too often. Nice post.

  4. 5

    Wow – just an amazing set of photographs! The last is just mind boggling. The timing to get that shot.

    Huge kudos to all the photographers!!

  5. 6

    Wonderful. But i fuckin hate spiders. :|
    What was God thinking about when he created spiders?

    • 7

      He was thinking the same thing when he created social misfits like yourself? This is going to be fun? :)
      Top Rate Photographs BTW, Very impressive!

  6. 8

    Brendan Falkowski

    September 21, 2008 3:46 pm

    The last one is great.
    The “Flower in Water” (3rd to last) is a well known Photoshop effect. Use your brain people, water doesn’t move like that in such a small area…

  7. 9

    wow – I love macro

  8. 10

    Great list of pictures!

  9. 11

    great detail! Hope to see more of em’! thanks smashing! ;)

  10. 12

    Awesome photos lol… Its Pretty cooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll………..

  11. 13

    Wonderful. But i fuckin hate spiders. :|
    What was God thinking about when he created spiders?

    I guess if spiders were not there we couldnt have come out with a wonderful movie called Superman! lol Anyways, nice collection of pics..

  12. 15

    Some stunning photos!

    Don’t like spiders though, but the rest are beautifull!!!!

  13. 16

    Oh my god, the photos of insects are freakin’ AMAZING. Great job once again Smashing Magazine.

  14. 17

    all great photos but that last one is truly amazing.

  15. 18

    Very beautiful!

  16. 19

    I love macro shots, many photos are only point and shoot, but other have so many work behind :)

  17. 20

    THis is jus so cooooooooooooool…. Jus Awesome!!

  18. 21

    realy cool

  19. 22

    Arthur Henrique

    September 21, 2008 9:02 pm

    Reeaaalllyyy coolll gallery!! The details are sou beautiful… tks smashing mag! =D

  20. 23

    Amazing shots, great.

  21. 24

    Those are really stunning photographs. Thanks a lot for sharing them. Check out some of my pictures at:

  22. 25

    Curt Simon Harlinghausen

    September 21, 2008 9:44 pm

    Amazing pictures. Just great article.

  23. 26

    Very amazing! I love the shots.

  24. 27

    Could anybody give an advice what camera to buy (not too expansive) to make such pictures?

    • 28

      It probably doesn’t matter anymore, but shots like these primarily come from a specific lens, not a specific camera. That lens is a Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro Lens for Canon SLR Cameras. You can pick one up new for about $1,050 currently. Used, you may be able to get a great deal and spend only a few hundred bucks or so, but that’s rare.

      You’ll also need an SLR (single lens reflex camera), preferably digital, and any Canon dSLR will do, really. I was getting great stuff back when I had my 5 megapixel 10D.

      Finally, for a minimum setup, you will want to get a good light source. That can be daylight, a flashlight, a studio flash, an on-camera hot shoe flash, or a dedicated macro flash. The little pop-up flashes on the camera are worthless at the distances these images are created because the flash is blocked by the lens. An external light source is absolutely necessary if you go above 2x magnification. Naturally, Macro flash is best, and those start at about $500 for a decent one and go up from there.

      If you want to shoot macro on a budget, get some extension tubes and a cheap dSLR. Be sure to bring lots of light and lots of patience. Extension tubes can run you between $12 and $200. You may have some difficulty getting very high magnifications without a bellows, and you’ll need a lot of light and a heck of a lot of patience and perseverance. Shots like those are darned difficult to achieve.

      Have fun. :)

  25. 29

    great!!! really impressive work! love it

  26. 30
  27. 31

    its very..very.. awesome, i love Crane Fly

  28. 32

    amazing photos !!!

  29. 33

    eeew…. some are a bit creepy but oh my how do they get some of those shots!!! Amazing stuff.

  30. 34

    Jehzeel Laurente

    September 22, 2008 9:32 am

    this is truly awesome! :)

  31. 35

    Awesome shots. If anyone prefers butterflies to spiders as I do, I’ve got some examples of those here.

  32. 36

    Amazing photos I have never seen such details.

  33. 37

    Fantastic selection! But some of them are edited I guess?

  34. 38


  35. 39

    amazing shots, the last one is unbelievable! Well done Tim and the Smashing Team a brilliant collection of fascinating photos…

  36. 40

    These are SO amazing – I hope I´ll ever get that far with my own camera!
    Thanks for this collection!

  37. 41

    Andrei Gonzales

    September 22, 2008 3:04 am

    As somebody who does a bit of photography, I can honestly say that a good amount of those photographs had used some pretty expensive (USD1400+) lenses. Others were fixed afterwards – still great shots though.

  38. 42

    Einfach genial. Mehr bitte.

  39. 43

    Awesome, I am luving it!

  40. 44

    great photos, loved the cat.
    so many of these are flora/fauna, do people ever use macro photography for inanimate things? buildings, reflective surfaces, metals,… does anyone maybe have some examples of these?


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