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Color Paper: A Free WordPress Theme


We are offering you the opportunity to showcase your work in our magazine by releasing a high-quality freebie. We try to keep high standards and we have high expectations because we want our readers to really see what you, as a designer, are capable of, what one can learn from you and why you should be hired. Average freebies usually get average publicity: we want you to get the best publicity and the biggest exposure from our magazine. Therefore, we want your work to stand out. Please contact us111 if you want to feature your work in our magazine.

Many designers take advantage of this opportunity; in fact, we are receiving more and more emails regarding freebie releases. Please note that we can’t answer all emails, but we read each of them. However, to get featured on Smashing Magazine, you really need to show us something that makes you different than the “usual” crowd.


Today, we are glad to release Color Paper: a free professional WordPress theme, created by the DreamTemplate3 team. This theme aims to combine visual appeal with clean typography and vivid design elements. It was created especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Download the theme for free! Link

The theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (details of the license4). You can use the theme freely for all of your projects, without any restrictions. However, it’s forbidden to sell or redistribute the theme without both the designer’s and Smashing Magazine’s permission. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish, but if you are planning to release your modification, please ask our permission first.

  • live demo5
  • download the theme (.zip, 1.8 Mb)
  • download the PSD (.zip, 24 Mb)

Showcase of the theme Link

Here are some detailed screenshots of the theme:

Feature block at the top of the layout, with a style switcher on the left-hand side

List of articles on the front page

Comments styling

Sidebar styling (upper part)

Sidebar styling (bottom part)

Thank you, guys. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

Last but not least… Link

We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists. You might not know it yet, but we may feature you in one of our upcoming posts.

If you would like to release a free high-quality font, a WordPress theme, some wallpapers or an icon set, please contact us111. We would like to support you (both financially and with the broad coverage of Smashing Magazine).

You may be interested in the following free WordPress themes as well:


Footnotes Link

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SmashingConf New York

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  1. 1

    This theme has a great look but when I installed it on my blog, it breaks the how blog look. The featured post breaks how my latest post look and it breaks the whole view and consistency of my blog(Image 1). I have a sideblog widget in my blog, this theme also breaks it(image 2). Also RSS button is at the bottom of the side bar. I think that’s not a good practice when you want more subscribers to your blog. There are some other formatting problems. I think it’s better someone can put the fixes to those problem. It’ll help new users to tweak there blog to work with this nice looking theme.

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Nice theme!
    Soon I let my free wordpress template dissolve you.


  4. 4

    Thanks for the theme.

    I do have a question though. I’m trying to teach myself css and i really want to pick this bad boy apart. Is there a way to view these php files in dreamweaver from my computer. I don’t really want to put them on my server I just want to see any changes I make to it.

    Great post. Didn’t mean to highjack it :S

    • 5

      Hi, i use Notepad + to edit and view php files! Works like a charm!

  5. 6

    Sweet theme. I think I might use this one in the future.

  6. 7

    Hello, a really really beautiful theme there.

    Anyway I can obtain the PSD source for this?

  7. 8

    @yeah: Your best option would be to install WAMP (or MAMP on OS X) and then install WordPress on localhost, then install your theme on that. Then you could just go to http://localhost/ on your machine to test it out without uploading it.

  8. 9

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    October 30, 2008 3:57 pm

    @Adam: we just sent an e-mail to the designers. We hope they’ll share the PSD with us.

  9. 10

    Very cute.

  10. 11

    Hi, nice theme, thank you.

    How do I get the “read more” function to work? If I have a long post at the top it overflows into the lower sections and messes up the layout.


  11. 12

    hot, i was going to do the torn paper thing on my upcoming blog though.. now I don’t want to look like a copy cat

  12. 13

    @Adam – You control that through your normal WordPress admin. There is a “read more” button you can click to insert a read more tag in your Post controls when you’re writing a post.

  13. 14

    I concur with Adam the first! Lovely theme, and a PSD would make me squee. I’d be so grateful for the chance to peek under the hood of a nice theme.

    Well, staring at the php is technically “under the hood” but not quite as immediately visual as seeing some nice layers. :)

  14. 15

    awesome thanks so much guys, this is a little ripper

  15. 16

    its awesome.

  16. 17

    Danillo Nunes

    October 30, 2008 6:19 pm

    Nice theme.

    But why a “Share-alike” license, if I am “forbidden to sell or redistribute the theme without both the designer’s and Smashing Magazine’s permission” and to release a modification, I need ask your permission first?

  17. 18

    @yeah – maybe you can install Apache like XAMPP and test ride it before loading up your server – Cheers

  18. 19

    As usual, another great free wordpress.
    The .PSD would be great.

    Great work guys.

  19. 20

    WOW! Amazing Theme!!!!!

  20. 21

    superb! what will be in the future? smashing magazine & designers are rocking!!!

  21. 22

    Excellent theme. Can’t wait to use it.

  22. 23

    I’m definitely going to use it!! thanks for sharing!!

  23. 24

    nice theme…. thanks

  24. 25

    I tried this on 1900×1200 res and it looks great! THANKS!

  25. 26

    nice theme

  26. 27

    Awesome! I like the date tabs at the end of every posts.

  27. 28

    all those great themes in the past are very stylish and are really outstanding. as a daily visitor of sm i have to say im very thankfull and happy to get such great designwork for free.

    what i miss, on nearly every theme that was released in the past is – a great archive page.
    all designers were concentrated in the layout and the look of the first page. i think a perfect view in a archiv ( archive-page ) is needed too. what do you think?

    my english isn´t the best, please excuse me :)

    i would rather use a nice styled archive page then a flickr plugin in the mainpage. i would rather use a lifestream plugin then twitter alone….

    but this work is smocking hot and i really really love it. aggregado is still the best. thx you ftl and thx sm

  28. 29

    Nice theme ! Looks very good.

  29. 30

    I like it! Nice idea & fresh inspiration – thanks!

  30. 31

    That’s good lookin’!
    But boy, is it huge: almost 1.5 MB to load for all the stuff. Maybe you can try to shrink the images a bit more.

  31. 32

    I thought all WordPress themes are released under GPL license – WordPress authors didn’t make a license exception for themes or plugins. There was a long discussion about this on several blogs and conclusion was that you can create and use a theme without having to release it under GPL (because GPL applies only on distribution) but if you want to sell or release a theme, you need to stick to that license. Of cource, this doesn’t apply to design/artwork.

  32. 33

    mantab gan!!!

    good job! i love this one!

  33. 34

    This is beautiful! Thank you!

  34. 35

    I like it, especially the “featured block” with the color changer. What irritates me a little bit is the large blue block/stripe in the background… Just an opinion, don´t hit me! ;-)

  35. 36

    Superb. I can see a lot of influences over here… and the combination is, like I said, Superb!

    in 2 weeks half of the blogs will be dressed with this theme.

  36. 37

    @Danillo Nunes

    Why should you be able to sell a theme someone has kindly offered for free?

  37. 38

    Katherine Navarro

    October 31, 2008 5:59 am

    I installed the theme but I’m getting this error –
    Call to undefined function the_title_attribute() – referring to line 6 on index.php

    Can anyone help? I’d really like to get the theme to work on my blog. Thanks.

  38. 39

    wow… thank you.

    It really helps checking out the code and see at how cleanly pros develop themes.

  39. 40

    Whoa – great looking theme! Good job!

  40. 41

    well put together and a great theme…thank you very much for this!


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