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Photoshop Tutorials To Improve Your Modeling and Design Skills

You have to use Adobe Photoshop for a really long time to understand its potential completely. There are many things you can do using its endless features. You need to discover them and decide how to use them in new and innovative ways to create the creative, beautiful and realistic digital art. In this article, we look at Photoshop in a different way: as a tool for designers to create realistic objects and 3D models. [Content Care Nov/30/2016]

Below you’ll find over 50 Photoshop tutorials that teach you how to create beautiful realistic objects and 3D models. Let’s see what it takes to turn Photoshop into a design workspace.

We also have a plenty of tutorials on using Photoshop to improve the quality of your images:

Watches & Clocks Link

How to Draw a Watch5

Use layer styles and shading to produce a really nice rendering of an analog watch in Photoshop.


Create an Apple Watch7

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an Apple Watch in Adobe Photoshop.


Design a Vintage Clock9

Follow this step by step guide to create a cool vintage clock design with lots of detail.


How to Render an Apple Watch11

Learn how to render an apple watch from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.


Create A Pretty Nice Wall Clock13

Learn how to create a pretty nice wall clock in a few steps.


Screens Link

Apple iMac Tutorial15

How to create a realistic Apple iMac in Adobe Photoshop.


Create a Slick Black iMac17

What a black iMac might look like? Well, use a regular one to base it off.


How to Create an iPad19

In this tutorial you will learn you how to draw Apple’s iPad 2.


Create a Photo Realistic iPhone21

This tutorial will show you how to create a photo realistic image of Apple’s iPhone4.


Create a Cute Television23

How to create a cute detailed vintage television icon from scratch using Photoshop.


Create a Detailed Vintage TV25

How to create a detailed vintage TV from scratch using Photoshop’s vector editing capabilities.


Designing a Black Zune27

In this tutorial you will learn how to desgin a Black Zune 2.


How to Create a Photorealistic iMac 29

Use several basic techniques to create a vector style monitor and mouse.


Technology Link

Draw the Nintendo Wii31

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create the black Nintendo Wii.


Design a Detailed Audio Receiver 33

How to create a detailed audio receiver icon using Photoshop’s vector editing capabilities.


Designing a Portable Gaming Device Poster35

Walking through the making of an interesting, creative advertisement poster.


Create A Nintendo WiiU37

Learn How To Create A Nintendo WiiU From Scratch In Photoshop


Glossy Mouse Icon in Photoshop39

Create the Magic Mouse in Photoshop, though you could use these techniques to create other mouse design styles as well.


Cameras Link

Create a Digital Camera41

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a digital camera with wooden Accents using Photoshop.


How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera43

In this tutorial you will see a powerful combination of vector shapes, layer styles, and manual drawing to create a photorealistic camera.


Camera Lens45

Learn to create a Camera Lens in Adobe Photoshop.


Create a Detailed Camera47

How to create a detailed Fuji X100 camera icon in Photoshop.


Designing a Canon Camera49

In this detailed tutorial we will learn how to design Canon digital camera.


Draw a Leica51

Draw one of the most notable Leica cameras in Photoshop, the Leica M1.


Vintage Link

Create a Retro Mixtape53

In this tutorial you will earn you how to illustrate a retro cassette tape in Photoshop.


Vintage Polaroid Camera55

Create a Polaroid camera icon by the use of lots of layer styles and draw manually with the brush tool to achieve this realistic appearance.


Retro Game57

How to create a very easy, but really cool, 3D and geometric effect for a Retro Game Cartridge Design.


Retro Style Game Controller59

How to draw a Super Retro Style Game Controller for all you classic arcade lovers.


Roll of Camera Film61

How to create a roll of camera film using Photoshop.


Realistic Compact Cassette63

Combine the power of pixel editing in Photoshop and vector drawing in Illustrator to draw a realistic compact cassette.


Film Style Video65

Give a video a vintage feel and mock it up inside an old TV screen.


Other Models and 3D-Objects Link

3D Wood Cup67

How to create a 3D cup from scratch in Illustrator and how to apply some texture to it in Photoshop.


Striking Matchbox69

Create the cover design, the striker on the matchbox from a pattern, and placing the cardboard texture on the box.


Super Shiny Pencil 71

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a pencil icon in photoshop.


Wine Bottle73

Create a Realistic Wine Bottle Illustration From Scratch.


USB Key75

How to illustrate a USB key floating in the air and reflecting on a surface.


Photorealistic Apple Remote77

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a shiny new apple remote.


iPod Shuffle From Scratch79

In this tutorial you will learn how to re-create an Apple iPod Shuffle by using the original image as a reference.


Compass Icon81

Design a detailed, metallic Compass Icon in Photoshop.


Making a 3d scene83

In this tutorial, you’ll be creating a nice 3d scene using 3d models.


Classic Guitar85

Learn how to design a Classic Guitar from Scratch In Photoshop.


Bamboo Fun tablet87

How to draw a Photorealistic device Bamboo Fun tablet from scratch.


Stylish Wireless Phone89

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a great looking Wireless Phone.



Draw a retro Star Trek style communicator, a voice communication device used in the original Star Trek series.


Bangin’ Woofer93

Illustrate a woofer and make a simple wood texture for the background.


Sweet Donut95

In this icon design tutorial you will learn how to make a sweet and tasty donut icon from an initial sketch.


Takeout Coffee97

Learn how to design a realistic Takeout Coffee Icon.


Futuristic Bicycle99

Create a futuristic bicycle icon from scratch using some basic Photoshop tools.


Easy 3D Globe101

How to create a nice 3D globe in Photoshop using basic tools.


3D Snooker Ball103

How to create a realistic 3D snooker ball in Adobe Photoshop.


Footnotes Link

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Vailancio Rodrigues is a web ninja who bakes semantic muffins. Apart from that he is also interested in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Photography and knows little bit of Physics due to his college education . He is from Goa - a beautiful tropical paradise in India.

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    Great article!!

    Although, now I must admit that I’m very disappointed in Smashing Mag for having a “Vote Yes on Proposition 8” ad on here!!! That just made me lose A LOT of respect for this site!!

    How about picking ads that relate to the content on your site, like you’ve usually done so well with???

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    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    November 3, 2008 3:00 pm

    @Tyler: could you be more specific? Where did you find this ad? Not in the sidebar, right?

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    @Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

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    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    November 3, 2008 3:06 pm

    Will Leffert is right.

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    Thanks for posting my realistic bottle of wine tutorial. This is a great list, with several tuts that I hadn’t seen before.

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    Yeah, I just hate how these horrible ads get through!!!

    BUT, I’m over it!! I’ll blame AdSense!!! LOL!!

    Great resources SM!! Keep up the great content!!

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    Nice collection.

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    Yeah, I love the car examples

  11. 11

    Steven McCurrach

    November 3, 2008 6:22 pm

    I love some of those speaker and TV tutorials.
    Quite a few things here that will surely be useful for future web designs I make for clients.

    Thanks a bunch.

  12. 12

    Great list of some pretty sweet tutorials.

    I saw “Yes on Prop 8” google ads served up on several sites today, including!

    But knowing how those ads work, I don’t blame site owners.

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    I like these a lot. Bookmark it…very useful post.

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    Very nice list of tutorials!

    For the people who don’t like ads: Use firefox and install the plugin Adblock Plus, and almost no advertisement will apear on any website.

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    Nice.. but is this site turning in to a tutorial site for photoshop and illustrator? More good examples of web stuff!

  18. 18

    Shine, this site provides tutorials of Photoshop + Illustrator to let the users create MORE interesting web stuff. I think, such a round-up of issues increases the richness of this site. And that’s why I’m always turning back to here. Should SmashingMagazine never close down! Well done.

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    For this kind of art I’d recommend using 3d apps like Maya or 3D Studio Max instead of Photoshop.


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