50 Wonderful, Inspiring Photoblogs

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Andrew Gibson is a photographer and writer. He runs Magical Places Fine Art, an online photography magazine and another great photography resource. More about Andrew ↬

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A photoblog is a very specific type of blog. Its focus is photography, and there are typically few words beyond a caption and comments. Photoblogs are easy to set up and maintain, and they make great photo galleries for photographers who are put off by the complexity of HTML coding or installing a CMS such as WordPress.

It’s because of this simplicity, not to mention the development of free yet sophisticated tools like Pixelpost, that photoblogging has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Photoblogs.org, for example, lists over 32,000 photoblogs! That’s a lot of photos, and a lot of photographers vying for your attention.

Dedicated as ever to making your life easier, we’ve handpicked over 50 brilliant photoblogs for your viewing pleasure. There’s a little of everything, including photojournalism and nature, landscape, street, portrait and travel photography. We’ve also listed some of the best photoblogging solutions, articles and other resources at the bottom of the post.

50 Wonderful Photoblogs

Vernon Trent

The photoblog of fine-art photographer Vernon Trent.


Chromasia David J. Nightingale’s photoblog with rich, lively colors, unusual perspectives and attention to details. photoblog2

Laurens Kuipers - Daily Photoblog

Architectural and landscape photography by Laurens Kuipers. photoblog3

Robert Kruh Photoblog The photoblog of Robert Kruh. photoblog4

Jeezo Peezo Photoblog Some beautiful portraits and black-and-white photos. photoblog5

Daily Dose of Imagery The photoblog of Sam Talayeh. photoblog6

Fine-Art Photoblog Nine talented photographers from six countries. photoblog7

Stuck In Customs The fabulous HDR photography of Trey Ratcliff. photoblog8

Exposed Planet Photos from around the world by adventurer and entrepreneur Harry Kikstra. photoblog9

Andreas Kaiser Photography Stunning black-and-white photos from German photographer Andreas Kaiser. photoblog10

Tree Swing Interesting set of photos from self-taught photographer Sean McKendall. photoblog11

:photoschau The photoblog of a German photographer Frank Boenigk. photoblog12

Pixel Candy The nature photography of Thomas Bonin. photoblog13

Here and Now Amazing landscape and nature photography. photoblog14

Really Japan Photos from Japan. photoblog15

MOMENTS LIKE THIS Beautiful landscapes from Germany. photoblog16

Filling the Frame Street and documentary photography from Argentina. photoblog17

Dawn Le Blanc Beautiful photos of flowers in black-and-white and color. photoblog18

Dutch PhotoDay Two photographers from the Netherlands. photoblog19

Daily Walks Photos from northern California, taken on walks. photoblog20

Photo of the Day PDN’s Photo of the Day. photoblog21

These Fleeting Moments Beautiful landscape photography by Jason Ertel. photoblog22

Moodaholic Inspirational photography by Kenny Wang. photoblog23

A Walk Through Durham Township The landscapes and people of Durham Township, Pennsylvania. photoblog24

Any Day The personal work of a Swedish photojournalist. photoblog25

Sarajevo 1992-1996 Photos taken during the 1395-day-long siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996. photoblog26

Whateverland A collection of photos by Archie Flor Cruz. photoblog27

Wink A wonderful photoblog from a photographer based on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Some beautiful photos of kids. photoblog28

Terrorkitten Photos from the UK and the beautiful Greek island of Crete. photoblog29

Japan Window Andy Gray’s photos from Japan. photoblog30

Framed and Shot The joint photoblog of a Norwegian couple living in Houston, Texas. photoblog31

Lumilux An impressive photoblog from an 18-year-old student in New York City. photoblog32

This is a Photo Blog A group of photographers who give each other assignments — and have fun doing it! photoblog33

Pixelgrain The photography of John Ryan Brubaker. photoblog34

Middle Kingdom The “Middle Kingdom” through the eyes of a photographer living and working in China. photoblog35

Istoica Innovative portraiture and fashion photography. photoblog36

Milou Vision Beautiful black-and-white landscape photography.

Electrolite The online scrapbook of advertising and commercial photographer Shannon Richardson. photoblog38photoblog37

1965 Evocative black-and-white photography from Japan. photoblog39

Last Click

Marta Wonderful photos, especially of children, from Spanish photographer Marta. photoblog40

Tom Robinson om Robinson, a London based location and portrait photographer, who finds himself most at home in all parts of the world. photoblog41

They shoot film They Shoot Film is a film-based photography website founded by Garrick Fujii, a dude from California.

Ann Street Photography Visual storytellers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg unfold tales of fashion, travel, truth and beauty. photoblog43

Matt Considine Matt is a professional travel and wildlife photographer, specializing in Nature, Wildlife, People, Culture, Lifestyle and Historic & Boutique Hotels. photoblog44

San Francisco This website presents a collection of things and scenes that I have found while walking in the streets of San Francisco. photoblog45

Polydactyle I practice the photo since 2008 . For fun and also … madness!

Christine Meintjes My journey as a photographer was not planned, it was rather chance (and most likely a little luck!) that kicked off one of the best rides of my life. photoblog47

The Big Picture The Big Picture is a photo blog produced by a select group of picture editors of The Boston Globe. photoblog48

Fashiontography Fashiontography is a place where I curate and share my finds of captivating fashion photography. photoblog49

Ken Kaminesky I’m a self made billionaire inventor, I’ve worked at NASA and CERN. Explored 8 continents including Atlantis. photoblog50

Photos and images have a strong ability to add color to a design that may be very plain or basic without the image. A well-chosen photo can complement the color scheme and give it more depth. In some cases a color scheme can be too overwhelming with lots of different colors of text, backgrounds, buttons, navigation, etc., but a picture can add far more variety of color without having the same downfalls.

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