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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: March 2009


Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it. That’s why we have decided to supply you with smashing wallpapers over 12 months.

And to make them a little bit more distinctive from the usual crowd, we’ve decided to embed calendars for the upcoming month. So if you need to look up some date, isn’t it better to show off a nice wallpaper with a nice calendar instead of launching some default time application?

This post features 45 free desktop wallpapers, created by designers across the globe. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free.

Please notice:

  • all images can be clicked and lead to the preview of the wallpaper;
  • you can feature your work in our magazine by taking part in our desktop wallpaper calendar series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?

So what wallpapers have we received for March 2009?

Paragliding Link

"Some people are made for the sky, some people are made for the Earth! Clear Sky, travelling and flying that’s what we are living for." Designed by Michael Gabris from Zvolen, Slovakia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Third Month of the Year Link

"Playing with typography." Designed by Nikola Lazarevic from Nis, Serbia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

March-09 Link

"I wanted to do someting with the avantgarde font, but because its very used and its very destinct I thought why not do it in 3D. I have never seen avantgarde in 3D (its probably done, but I havent seen it). Anyways, I wanted it clean but with some color to symbolize that its still winter here in sweden but the spring is coming right up with all its color." Designed by Pål Linder from Sweden.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Spring is coming Link

"Spring is coming soon and I can’t wait until the flowers start blooming again." Designed by Kathleen Verhetsel from Belgium.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Valentine Hangover Link

"I designed this for those who are sick of Valentine’s Day in mind. March may be pushing it to be hung up on some holiday but I think you have to keep the ol’ love box going all year. And it’s my birthday on the 18th! Yay! " Designed by Jason Jajalla from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Hug me Forever Link

Designed by Jana Jelovac from Belgrade, Serbia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Inspiration Inspired Link

"The motivation for this wallpaper is David Ogilvy one of the greatest minds in advertising." Designed by Martian Design Studios.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Space Invaders Link

"The inspiration for this wallpaper comes from the classic arcade video game Space Invaders. Since the game itself is very simple, I thought it was appropriate to make the wallpaper minimalistic too." Designed by Reinis Ivanovs from Riga, Latvia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Good Luck Link

"Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Though many think that it’s the “luck of the Irish” – Irish luck is indeed bad luck. (or at least that’s what I’ve heard) So this wallpaper is a play on that with the destruction of the 4 leaf clover and the words “good luck march” trying to actually wish everyone the best of luck for the month of march even though Irish luck is seen as bad luck." Designed by Lucas Tetrault.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Abstract Eastegg Link

"My work is for the march month, thats the month off the east time, i wont to rememenber that, the eggs, the rabits, anda the place where their live and eat: the carots. I creat a beautiful composition with that elements." Designed by Ana Fernandes from Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Lost Between Earth and Space Link

"Inspiration behind Lost-Between-Earth-and-Space came from feeling lost and confused. Sometimes you are not sure whether you are here or out there so. I created this wallpaper to constantly remind me to not always be like everyone else, to be different and to remind me that confusion is not a bad thing because it can lead to excellent ideas and great success." Designed by Marcos Garcia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

April loves March Link

"Following on from some of the valentine inspired calendars from Feb, I thought that maybe March could do with some loving to. A simple postcard from ‘April’ would spread the love." Designed by John Sheppard.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Pizzicato Wail Link

Designed by Laura Racero from Madrid, Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Madman Link

Designed by Manuel Ressel from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

March Spring Link

"This one is the Beauty of Spring. As we all know March is the season of Spring in the northern hemisphere, the beauty of nature can be seen in this season. Greenery all over the place makes the Earth look like Heaven." Designed by Shashank Goswami from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Crane Link

Designed by filip from Germany/Spain.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Random Assortment Link

Designed by Jon Victorino from Campbell, USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Ripe and Raw Link

"This wallpaper tells that with combining old and fresh designs you can come up with something that will attract different generations:) and also this pic was shot by my girlfriend who is a professional photographer and my source of inspiration." Designed by Roy Galve from Philippines .

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Urban Night Link

"March is that month when winter gives way for first signs of spring. The origin of the name comes from Roman *Martius* after Mars. I wasn’t able to catch Mars from my window, so I settled with Moon." Designed by Ilan Bresler from Israel.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Eat Sleep Design Link

"After a great deal of personal searching and staring moodily into still pools of water, I made the admission to myself that these are really the only things that I need on a regular basis. It also comes as a handsome 11×17 freely available on my web site." Designed by Colin Parks from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Clinging to Colour Link

"I designed this wallpaper as a typographic / abstract work paying tribute to my thoughts whilst creating it with the words inscribed. It was also an exercise of “less is more”, as the piece started out with many other elements and textures and was eventually reduced right back down to what you see today." Designed by John O’Nolan.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Magic Horse Link

"I like Magic and fantasy and full moon so I thought to do a fantasy with a full moon . . . finally I came up with this . . ." The wallpapers is based on the tutorial Create a magic night. Designed by Maya Sivalingam from Sri Lanka.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

St. Patrick Link

"This wallpaper not only touches on my faith as a Catholic but also my roots in Ireland. Using a St. Patrick Prayer Card. I created an aged wallpaper bearing St. Patrick along with a little information about him other than he drove all the snakes out of Ireland." Designed by Rachel E Cobb from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Computer Head Link

"This wallpaper features a watercolor of a guy with a computer monitor as a head, with a big eye on the screen. I work with computers a lot, and sometimes it feels like I’m turning into a computer zombie – you know, when 5 hours later you realize its 5 hours later." Designed by Nicole Hanusek from USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Colorful March Link

"March is my favorite month because it starts with my birthday ! :) it brings colors and fun in my life. thats why theme is colorful march ;)" Designed by Veerendra from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Gritty St. Pats Link

Designed by Chris Wylie from Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Spring Coming Link

"When spring’s coming you can feel it in your bones. I wanted to recreate this feeling with colors and textures. Simplifying things (too much): each month is a journey (car), but it can be creative (pencil) and magical (fractals)." Designed by PeHaa from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Stpatsday Spring Link

"I took a shot of the moss in the back garden to use one day in a design but have never found the need till now. With St. Patrick’s day coming up I thought it would be nice to add a four leaf clover sprouting out and highlighting this fantastic day, and add a blast of colour to peoples desktops." Designed by Gareth Brown from Birmingham, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Gritty St. Pats Link

The wallpaper was removed due to the copyright infringement.

Deep Underwater Link

"There are deep underwater fishes. All ocean creatures are wonderful, they always inspirate." Designed by Valeria Kuzminskaya from Ukraine.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Spring Tulips Link

"Spring is ready to begin, it is my favorite season of the year." Designed by Benedikte Vanderweeën from Ronse, Belgium.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Flowers & Fly Link

"Its part of the calendar cyclus, a series of artworks, painted on mesh gear. The flowers and the fly symbolize the reawakening of nature and life, the rise of spring, grey fades to colors…" Designed by Werner Wagner from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Detail Link

"Details are small, but they can make the different… or a big poo." Designed by Alexander Chludek from Germany.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Art Retro Motion Link

"I had some time off from school so I like to design and this is the result." Designed by Sipko Dijkstra from The Netherlands.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Martius Blindness Link

"This started out as a skull vectorization with numerology turned grunge piece with a symmetric touch march was originally named ‘martius’ after mars, roman god of war. This is the 3rd month of 09, a year of many wars; civil wars, financial wars & the never ending human wars.
In man’s quest for their own causes, they are seemingly blind to those around them while they have moved on, those left behind have to pick up the pieces and it never ends – satisfaction is not a permanent vocabulary in man’s dictionary. " Designed by Joy Lym from Singapore.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Colour of Love Link

"March is the month when people start impatiently waiting for early Spring; and Spring, among other things, associates with falling in love. To me the colour white symbolizes these feelings more than any other colour. And this design is also quite personal – about my own feelings towards that maybe special someone. The surrealistic touch of bits and pieces connected with strings is how we slowly get to know the other person." Designed by Signe Cāne from Latvia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Scrappy Love Link

"This calendar reflects my love of collage and texture. I love tiny details and layers of different styles and subjects. It also showcases a love of typography and tokidoki! Its a free flowing doodle." Designed by Cara Bonsdorf from Victoria, BC, Canada.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

First Blossoms Link

"First Blossom – a hand drawn tree that bursts into blossoms the first day of Spring (the 21st of March)." Designed by PeHaa from Poland.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

March Holi Link

"Vibrant Holi is the name I have given to this set. As you may know – “In INDIA Holi is celebrated in March and it is a festival of Colors, where people color each other with ‘gulal’ and play it with all happiness and enthusiasm.” So Say HOLI HAI!!" Designed by Shashank Goswami from India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Typo Link

"My motivation is my imagination =D" Designed by Filip Skundric from Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

How Should I Fly Link

Designed by Sinem Şenol.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Japanese Girl’s Day Link

"This calendar design is inspired by kimonos, origami birds, and the Japanese holiday Girl’s Day, which is on March 3rd each year. March 3rd is also my sister’s birthday, so I made this for her." Designed by Viil Lid from Norway and Honolulu, USA.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

"I shot this picture in Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu. The lady was standing still for a long time. Her calm face added more intrigue to the scene n im taken aback by that." Designed by Karthik from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Birds Return Link

"Swallows and cherry blossom not only represent spring but are omens of good fortune. This wallpaper is about the birds finally coming back after winter and having a good gossipy catch up on all the news. Things are getting brighter. Listen out in the mornings and you’ll hear them." Designed by Suzie Knight from Leeds, UK.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Them Link

"I used the picture as a starting point for a charity event poster that i’ve done recently. i liked how it turned out and i decided to make a wallpaper." Designed by David Gheorghiţă from Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Green Life Link

"I came up with this theme after I took one of my photographs and played with it in Photoshop. It’s my interpretation of spring and everything coming to life again during this month. Dark and gloomy days make way to sunny days and nature blossoms again. " Designed by Anca Varsandan from Timisoara, Romania.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Hair Link

Designed by Martin Dörsch from Austria.

Smashing Wallpaper - march 09

Join in next month! Link

Please notice that we respect the ideas and motivation behind artists’ work which is why we’ve given artists full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience through their works. And this is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

Thanks to all designers for participation. Join in next month! And smashing March, folks!

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  1. 1

    amazing works, those inspiration pieces really made my day – what can be better then inspiring wallpaper on desktop!

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    My favorite is “Spring is coming”! :)

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    Mithun Sreedharan

    February 27, 2009 6:42 am

    Wow Really Nice!!

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    Wow, really excelent collection this month!

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    This is the reason I look forward to the first of every month. Love the collection!

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    I say, “Crane” is my favorite!

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    Yes, one of the post I always look forward to!
    I think Gritty St. Pats is very nice.
    And I love the humour in How Should I Fly!

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    Nice… I selected Space Invadres… oldies return to life! =)
    Thank you SM…

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    So glad your keeping this going, some amazing designs in here!!!! thankyou muchnesss

  11. 11

    These are beautiful and SO inventful! Great work to the artists and Thank you.

  12. 12

    Great wallpapers. I think Maya Sivalingam and her “Magic Horse” piece should have given some credit to Alvaro Guzman and his tutorial

    . . . since she did almost exactly the same thing.

  13. 13

    They aren’t bad but I liked the Februray ones more ! – Nice work though.

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    Fantastic collection (again) – thank you so much for keeping it going!

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    I like the last one.Very creative work.. thank you so much ;)

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    But must say this background is already posted here in the (Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers Post? And you guys approved, Wow!?

    (no offence, just a question)

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    These are awesome! The Space Invaders calendar is my favorite, but unfortunately, that is a March 2008 calendar, not 2009!

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    Wow. How do I choose?

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    Hug me forever very good. Thanx. My notebook get a new wallpaper ^_^

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    Great way to start a new month. Awesome wallpaper collection!

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    Nice ones. The absence of 1280×1024 sucks though.

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    some others are grat, too though

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    Jessica, Space Invaders simply has monday as the first day of the week, it’s not for March 2008. Glad to hear that you like it, though.

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    Could you start publishing these in higher resolutions? Like 2560×1600?

    Those of us with 30″ Apple Cinema Displays are feeling… ummm… *ahem*… well, disadvantaged.


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    Why all the wallpapers for wide screens only? :(

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    Thank goodness I have three computers–more to enjoy! Much better selection than previous months. Glad you’ve kept this going, SM!

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    Jennifer Chiappisi

    February 27, 2009 9:14 am

    Am I crazy or does the ‘Gritty St. Pats’ theme look a heckuva lot like the Apple theme featured on Smashing here: and linked to ???

    Now again, I might be crazy but the ‘Ben.a’ listed at the Flickr link as owning that design probably isn’t the Designed by Chris Wylie from Canada that supposedly designed this ‘Gritty St. Pats’ theme.

    If this is the case I hope something is done about it.


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