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“Magazeen”: Free Magazine-Look WordPress Theme


We love our readers. We respect the hard work of designers and developers across the globe. And we do our best to make the web design community stronger and the Web a little bit prettier. Therefore we ask talented artists and creative professionals to showcase their skills and release something unique and beautiful as a gift to the community. And when designers agree, truly impressive works see the light of day.

Today we are glad to release Magazeen — a free advanced WordPress-theme in a magazine-llok created by the talented WeFunction Design Agency. This bold magazine 2-col-theme was designed with the main focus being on typography, grids and magazine-look. It was created especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Download the theme for free! Link

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Wordpress Theme

Inspiration behind the design Link

As usual, here are some insights from the designers themselves:

“We’ve created the Magazeen theme to try and pump as much style and functionality into a WordPress theme to give people something they might not expect from their standard WordPress theme. There really is very few limits to what WordPress handle, so we’ve built in a lot of custom features and options to give people a little taste of what is possible, and how some small functionality tweaks can make a huge difference to the overall experience of browsing a blog. On top of that we’ve wrapped all that functionality up in a really cool and modern theme, with nice big title fonts, and a stylish colour scheme.

The Magazeen theme is packed full of cool features to really encourage your readers to explore new posts and similar items. The first thing you might notice is the jQuery image showcase at the top, which is fully automated and will display the image from the latest post, and the title above it without you having to do anything other than define the image URL in the custom field we have created which will appear on in your admin post area.

Wordpress Theme

Drop-Down Menu

The other cool and fully automated feature is the related posts drop down effect. It’s a simple idea, if you click the category of the full posts a drop down will appear with some related posts from that category. And if you don’t see a post you like you can always view the full category by clicking view more.

Wordpress Theme


The sidebar area’s have been created to give you a lot of control over the featured posts, and recent posts. Once you’ve installed the theme, you need to go to your Widgets area, and simply activate the “Magazeen Latest Posts”, and “Magazeen Featured Posts” widgets. You can easily control how many posts each feature displays, and using this widget will ensure the area is styled correctly with the post image showing correctly.”

Wordpress Theme


Thank you, guys. We appreciate your great work, your attention to details and the brilliance of the execution.

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  1. 1

    Thank you for a great theme.
    Despite there are so many WP themes around, you manage to come up with an extraordinary concept – simple, clean, neat, friendly, yet packed with lots of great features. Indeed, Magazeen is an excellent WP theme.
    Keep up the great Smashing work!!!

  2. 2

    Very nice theme. This is excellent.

  3. 3

    Nice theme, gj!

  4. 4

    and download to learn

  5. 5

    Nice one! Accept for a few minor JavaScript errors and the fact that it doesn’t seem to work perfectly in IE7. But I like it! Those errors should be fixed to get a 5 star rating.

    I’m gonna use this one so I will fix those my self :)


  6. 6

    Very nice, I like this one a lot. I think the future will see a lot more Javascript integration within WordPress themes, it really can add great new functionality.

  7. 7

    Simply great…

  8. 8

    Beautiful theme almost perfect, i download right now, :D thanks! guys

  9. 9

    Wow, that’s an awesome theme!

  10. 10

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    February 23, 2009 6:29 am

    Oh wow, this IS a beauty, your tweet Sunday wasn’t lying :)

  11. 11

    Congratulations, good theme.

  12. 12

    its awesome, but the reply comment feature is not available! :(

  13. 13

    Looks very cool.. Wonderful freebie !

  14. 14

    frickin sweet!

  15. 15

    Looking good guys, keep up the good work you sexy things!?

  16. 16

    A ha, smashing mag again comes up with something new and refreshing….

  17. 17

    This is truly a remarkable theme. I’m quite surprised after review of the demo that it is a “free” theme, a gift if you will. Only thing I couldn’t see was the “related” posts feature as described in the review above.

    Given from what i can see of the CSS, looks as though this theme would be highly customizable as well.

    I want to see more from this author, which is a great indication as to why provisioning readers with “free” items is such a great marketing idea.

    Thanks SM, and thanks WeFunction. Bravo!

  18. 18

    A very good template. Nice work!

  19. 19

    Quality theme, thanks for this

  20. 20

    Very cool theme. I would like to see on the official list of WordPress

  21. 21

    This is a great design but minor tweaks are necessary.
    What kind of design firm builds HTML pages with the H2 element in front of the H1?

  22. 22

    WOW! Thanks you guys! You are the best! Please, publish more WP themes!

  23. 23

    Very very nice looking. The most authentic “magazine” style Smashing Magazine theme so far I think.

  24. 24

    Amazing stuff, thanks!

  25. 25

    Great looking theme. Even if i don’t use WP this is a great inspiration thingy ;)

  26. 26

    amazing minimalistic design, great!

  27. 27

    Thanks for offering nice themes

  28. 28

    really nice, thanks ^^

  29. 29

    Wow! A Premium WP Theme Free for download.. Great Work !

  30. 30

    Wonderful creations!! Thank you for sharing this.


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